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  • Morning Bell: The Jobs Obama is Leaving Behind

    Yesterday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar testified before the House Natural Resources Committee on the Department of the Interior’s Fiscal Year 2012 Budget proposal. When pressed by Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) about the de facto offshore drilling moratorium the Obama Administration has inflicted on his district, Sec. Salazar responded: “When you look at the production within the Gulf of Mexico, even in the midst of the national crisis of the Deepwater Horizon, the production has remained at an all-time high.” This is an audaciously out of touch statement. According to the Energy Information Administration, the Obama offshore drilling moratorium will cause a 13-percent fall in domestic offshore oil production this year, which translates to a loss of about 220,000 barrels of oil a day. That means lower GDP growth for the nation, higher gas prices for all Americans, lower tax revenues for the federal government, and most importantly, fewer jobs for Americans living in the Gulf region.

    Today, the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report showing that the U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs in February and unemployment fell to 8.9 percent. While it is always great news that more Americans are finding jobs, the reality is that the economy could be doing much better. Since the Obama recovery began 20 months ago, the national unemployment rate has fallen only half a point, from 9.4 percent in July 2009 to 8.9 percent today. Contrast those anemic results with the robust job growth that occurred during the Reagan recovery in the ’80s. By the 20-month mark of the Reagan recovery, unemployment had dropped from 10.8 percent to 7.5 percent – a 3.3-point drop.

    So why was the Reagan recovery so strong and why is the Obama recovery so weak? Just look at the best job markets in 2010 according to Gallup: “More than half of the 10 best job markets in 2010 were in energy- and commodity-producing states.” And what has President Obama done to help this job growth spread? Nothing. In fact, his cancellation of drilling permits across the West and his offshore drilling slowdown have undoubtedly slowed job creation in this sector. So what have been the hot job markets in the Obama Recovery? Gallup explains: “Reflecting the growth of the federal government, the District of Columbia was not only the second-best job market but also the second-most improved job market in 2010.” The Department of Labor Statistics confirms Gallup’s analysis: Since President Barack Obama was sworn into office, the private sector workforce has shrunk by 2.6 percent while shedding 2.9 million jobs, but the federal workforce (excluding Census and Postal workers) has grown by 7 percent while adding more than 144,000 jobs.

    In his first Inaugural Address, President Reagan said: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. … In the days ahead, I will propose removing the roadblocks that have slowed our economy and reduced productivity.” President Obama, however, sees a growing federal government as the cornerstone of his economic vision. As the nation’s unemployment continues to hover around 9 percent, we’ll see which vision the American people prefer.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: The Jobs Obama is Leaving Behind

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      3-4-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      The Problem is -

      Obama doesn't understand -


      The Problem is – the MURDOCH HATE OBAMA EMPIRE.

      They have finally convinced a majority of the public





      Their NEXT Goal is – To END Soc and Medicare.

      That Blitz began today with a WSJ FRONT PAGE ARTICLE ABOUT Boehner.


      Resa Gilmore

      "I think you mean "common Cents" as in liberals believe all our Dollars and cents must be shared…."

      *** Thanks a LOT.

      We must NEVER lose our sense of HUMOR.

      Did you ever see a C smile?


      On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Tim Carey wrote:

      I totally agree with you Resa.

      ***Thanks for the Email Tim.

      Issues can ONLY be solved when there is discussion.

      So, keep 'em coming.


      Particularly in the case of “having to share” my “common cents(sic)” with people on S Security, Medicare, VA care – don’t suppose that you would know (or be related to ) anyone in that category, would you? A few of the examples of how the “Guvmint” functions.

      *** The GOP wants to END

      Soc Sec


      and VA Care.

      Soc Sec can be EXTENDED IF –

      2 Changes to Soc Sec are made –

      1. Remove the Pay-in-Cap

      So, ALL pay on EVERY CENT THEY EARN.

      2. Add Soc Sec to Income from Investment Profit.

      That way – Soc Sec would Last Forever.

      And, they are NOT being talked about.


      I have gone through the countless # of emails I’ve received from here and added up what can be considered as “common cents (sic)” and I’m sorry to say that the cumulative total doesn’t equal $1.00 !

      Gotta love hypocrisy !!!

      *** Don't you mean – Gotta love the GOP and HF.


    2. George Colgrove, VA says:


      Origins: 1250–1300; Middle English extorcion < Late Latin extorti?n- (stem of extorti? ). See extort, -ion

      In general, extortion is the act of securing money, favors, etc. by intimidation or violence

      Extortion is the offense or crime committed by an officer who abuses her position of authority by corruptly claiming and thereby taking, as her fee, money, or other thing of value, that is not due, or more than is due, or before it is due.

      People in authority or in other means of power (public or private) practices extortion by the illegal or inappropriate use of their official position or powers to obtain information, property, funds, or patronage by force, by threats, or by any undue exercise of power, undue exaction, or overcharge. Such officials misuse their authority by the act of unjust exaction – or the act of obtaining or wresting something by force, especially payment, by demand.

      Exaction is an unfair or excessive demand or levying (by the misuse of authority) for something especially money, by force or authority.

      Wresting is the act of taking something such as control or power from somebody in the face of opposition or resistance.

      Means and method of such threat or coercive actions include blackmail or the threat to divulge discrediting information, withhold services, cause physical harm by some violent act, kidnapping or containment or imprisonment of the victim.

      Extortion typically involves charging an exorbitant or unfairly high prices or an excessive amount of money for something by oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest.

      Extortion is synonymous with blackmail, coercion, compulsion, exaction, fleecing, force, gouging, highway robbery, oppression, overcharging, plunder, pressure, rapacity, shakedown, squeezing, and threats. Related Words are Cheating, Chiseling, Defrauding, Skinning, and Swindling.

      Do you feel like you are being shook down by the feds? Your state goverment? Your local government? Have you been threated by the IRS? Has services been threatened to be taken away (police reductions, schools eliminating sports or arts)? Do you know someone in jail for not paying taxes?

      Public officials (especially at the federal level) through the good will and trusting nature of the general public have devised ways to intimidate the average citizen to pay, against their will, exorbitant amounts of money to cover their personal wealth and privilege as well as covering the costs of their personal persuits, theories, studies and interests. We have an IRS that uses legal brutality and threats of imprisonment to gather federal revenue. This includes taking wages, investment and property from individuals and corporations to compensate for what they believe we the people owe them.

      When using public dollars, public officials are required by the trust we the people have in them to use each dollar as if it were the last. To squeeze every last bit of value out of that dollar. Public workers have to be more efficient with those dollars than the private sector, because they are not growing that dollar in their revenue stream; they are simply spending it. To increase the value of that dollar, public officials need to by personal sacrifice and “laser like” attention to detail make every dollar worth two. But when public officials are compensated twice what a corresponding private sector employee would be (thereby making that dollar worth half); when these public officials enjoy travel and other obnoxious perks not afforded by even the largest corporations, yet alone the common citizen; when these public officials workers in government offices are bleeding financial resources; when these public officials get kickbacks from corrupt corporations or unions, this amounts to “undue exercise of power, undue exaction, and overcharge” for services we the people originally asked for – or not. Current practices mostly by the federal workforce and by a majority of the rest of the public workforce is making the dollar worth less and less. Not only that, in a more agregious way, they are extending their reach by taking funds from people who are not even born, people who will for decades have no voice in where that money went. This is the worse kind of extortion and beyond criminal.

      If we want social security, a department of education or a department of defense, we want it for specific purposes. It is not there as a means for public workers to become independently wealthy or for corporations to get a slight of hand grab for cash by some back-room deal.

      When federal workers are bussed at our expense to Wisconsin to protest against the taxpayer or when they, at our expense protest in DC it is clear that their intensions are to further their cause at our cost. We the voters know the cost of government all over is very high; that there are far too many people in it and that they are not effective in their assigned duties.

      Our dollars being taken by all governments are not growing by the personal sacrifice of the public workforce. It is shrinking because of their greed for power and privilege. Congress is failing to address this very basic root of the problem, which can be easy to solve and would receive massive support from the people. In essence we are under a national shakedown by each and every public worker who will not see that they are taking too much for doing so little. Especially at the federal level and in places like Wisconsin, public workers are in an extortion scheme by forcing us to pay exorbitant taxes beyond what duties they are assigned to do, rather for their personal gain.

      This cannot be sustained. We the taxpayer and the voter are allowing this to happen. They have power over us by intimidation only – and only if we let them. We have the vote and self-determination and those are by far the most powerful tools a human has – so long as governments do not suppress those natural rights.

      We started the process in Nov. 2010. We need to vote these people out of office, we need to clean out federal offices of the dead wood and we need to get public compensation to be in line witht he private secto – NOW! We need to start forcing these new congress people in 2012 to adhere to our wishes. We the people can nullify the corrupt and criminal contracts that were made. If Madoff can go to jail for life for doing the exact same thing, so can the public officials and union heads that agreed to and signed those criminal contracts. Madoff is right, government is a ponzi scheme. But where Madoff was just a devious investor, the federal government and local governments have the power of intimidation. Where Madoff made his funds off the stupidity of celebrities and democrats, the federal government is making off with our fear of them.

      We need to stop this extortion.

    3. Nathan, Columbia, MO says:

      I heard this report this morning as I drove into work. My first thought was, "What about the unemployed that have stopped looking for work?" I don't put a lot of stock in the figure that the feds use because it only counts the unemployed that are still looking for work. Where are the statistics on TOTAL unemployment?

    4. Clifford F. Eike, Wi says:

      Obamanomics has systematically destroyed private sector jobs and real private sector job creation in an effort to make more citizens dependent on government handouts for their very survival. The regime wants everyone to look at a benevolent Washington rather than to individual responsibility for solutions. This scheme is deliberate folks. It is designed to entrench and consolidate power in the welfare state and its state corporate sponsors.

    5. Len, Alexandria, KY says:

      I wonder how long " Where Is Waldo" type of Economic understanding by the self appointed "leader" of decision making will take to finally accept the FACT that him signing the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts have reduced Unemployment from 9.7% to the just announced 8.7%…. His figures unless they are not TRUE!

    6. Jeffery Saddlemire says:

      Why hasn't the IMPEACHMENT process begun? BHO is keeping on the most distractive path with his commitment to GM, GE unions for $35,000 to $45,000 battery cars that get from 45 to 100 miles down the road before an 8 hour charge is needed. The average person can't afford to buy a car like this nor would they think this is even a good idea, Plus solar power for your home at an average cost of $38,000 per home to install…….Makes no sense at all. This so called President will go down in history as the worst President ever, he makes Jimmy Carter look good.

    7. Will in Des Moines, says:

      It is so refreshing to hear the truth for a change instead of spin on what is really happening today. Thank you.

    8. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Haven't we yet learned that Obama and his lackeys will say or do anything, deceive and lie, to get their agenda passed the American people. Salazar is doing Obama bidding while thousands of Gulf Coast jobs are disappearing, many forever, due to oil field support companies, as well as small businesses, that depend of oil field workers and their families.

      OBAMA DOES NOT CARE! He has an ideological agenda to "transform" this nation into his dream of a totally government controled society, i.e. Communism. If that means that hundreds of thousand of it citizens suffer, so what. He and his leftist that support the radical environmentalist movement will be happy.

      Wake up American! Open your eyes to what Obama is attempting to do to

      our country. He will not stop until we stop him.

    9. Mike, Chicago says:

      Obama is still a socialist.

    10. charle labounty says:

      Well of course BHO has hurt the oil drilling jobs. He thinks we should not be allowed items that make our standard of living any higher than the poorest country in the world —– that's part of his "world government plan".

      What I really don't get is why Gulf Coast States don't start drilling in their State waters. I've contacted my state representative and state senator asking them this question. I get "politic speak" responses about it not being on the agenda and the subject is too cool to pick up.

      I live in Florida and my state rep and senator are Republicans — I don't get it!!!!

      What's the hold up ?????????????? —– drill baby drill !!!!!

    11. Donald Symank, St Lo says:

      When are we going to begin impeachment proceedings against the likes of Salazar for lying to congress?

    12. Yellowbird says:

      Secretary Ken Salazar publicly and purposely lied with his statement regarding gulf oil production yesterday. One of our major problems in government today is the complete lack of honor. I feel we the people should demand immediate termination of an individidual for this action. This would certainly apply in private industry.

    13. Billy Wilks, Moss Po says:

      Salazar's statement is not "out of touch". It's a bald faced lie, but that's the MO of this administration, i e , unemployment numbers, etc.

    14. Robert, North Richla says:

      Here we go again! Big, Bad Obama is doing this and doing that. Where is Congress? Did we not win a big victory in November? The next day Heritage said "Get to Work" but in 60 days John Boehner has run away from his promises and $100 billion (in promised spending cuts) has been reduced to $61 billion, then $4 billion and defunding Obamacare is off the table. In the budget extension vote, we saw 335 representatives (79%) vote for business as usual; while 85 democrats proved they belong to a radical, kook fringe; and worse, only 6 republicans showed the courage,and guts, to stand on principle. Boehner is proving to be more incompetent that Dennis the Menace.

    15. Scott Carver says:

      I agree with this article. This country needs more energy production jobs. I happen to live in the Montana area of the Bakken Field. The Bakken Field has been predicted to possess more oil then the remaining Middle East Fields. So why haven't we choosen to invest more in this field. This could greatly alieviate this nation's dependence on foreign oil imports. But it won't happen until we get the US Government to stop roadblocking us.

      We also need more Oil Refineries. The one's we possess now are running at capacity, and it is this lack of capacity that contributes to the high gas prices. The more oil we can refine, the lower the prices of gas and petroleum products. But until the EPA and Interior Department get out of the way, this won't happen. Another road block is the "Not in my backyard" attitude that prevents both refineries and neculear reactors to be built. If we want to be energy independent, we are going to have to accept that these facilities need to be built somewhere.

      This is the infrastructure that America needs to develop, not "high-speed rail", nor four-lane highways to nowhere. We need to build power-plants, pipe-lines, and a modern powergrid that incorporates oil and coal fired power-plants, neculear reactors, wind generators, and solar power plants. Think of all the jobs that would be created to construct and maintain this new infrastructure.

      Of course, this does us no goods if this is done by the public-sector or by their Union masters. This needs to be done by private sector companies, using non-union labor. That way, the economic benefit would go where it is most needed. To the lower and middle class laborers, rather then the previliged "Unionized Middle-Class". Local companies need to be used as often as possible. On the job training would create a new core workforce who has intimate knowledge of the intracies of the local infrastructure.

      It has long been said that the Oilfield is one of the few industries that one can enter right out of high-school and start at over $20.00/hr. By following my plan, we would create a whole new industrial class at that level. Think about it. Hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs that anyone willing to break a sweat would be able to do.

    16. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      You call this the Obama Recovery which began 20 months ago?? LOL!! Unemployment down to 8.9%?? I’d have to respond to that with Joe Biden’s bleeped out comment on the passage of Obamacare!! GET REAL!! 8.9% is still higher than any point in GW Bush’s 8 year tenure. In fact, it’s the highest since the big recession caused by that loser Jimmy Carter nearly 3 decades ago. IMO, the 2012 election can’t come soon enough. As I often write, it’s a large % of the American voters who are responsible for most of our woes. And it’s good to see them wise up, as they did in the elections of 1980, 1994 and 2010. But sadly they have such short memories. IMHO, people should never forget how disastrous Jimmy Carter and BHO have been as POTUS, and thus should think twice before voting for today’s leftwing statist Demon-crat Party ever again!!

    17. Dinah Garrison Fairb says:

      This comment is about the Quinnipiac poll. How can so many people in this country still like Obama–not his policies, but the man? I don't like to use the word "lied" but he has lied over and over to us. Case in point: Yesterday I heard an audio of him saying that he has not raised taxes once since being President, but has lowered them. That is flat-out not true. IF he had said income taxes the first part might have been true but he didn't. He said taxes. He has raised taxes on several things and now, according to the government lawsuit, is trying to add taxes to our medical insurance. Well, he might claim it as true since it wasn't ONCE. How many people pay attention to what is happening? I'm afraid not nearly enough.

      Sen. Salazar's "out of touch" statement is another, shall we say, fib. Why do they keep getting away with these statements?

    18. Shirley Woodward, Pl says:

      Why aren't our Congressmen demanding that we start drillng in the Gulf again to help this Nation? Also There is more Oil and Shale in the Bakken mines than other oil producing countries. Drillng in the Bakken mines should also be stressed on a daily level.

    19. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      It's difficult to compare job growth today with 25 – 30 years ago as the U.S. has given away millions of its manufacturing jobs since the de-industrialization of America first began under the Reagan Administration in the 80's.

      Barack Insane Obama is just the frosting on the cake of a long line of corrupt politicians who function as wholly owned subsidiaries of the international banking families.

      As Americans we are woefully ignorant as to how the world actually works. We just pay for it…and pay for it…and pay for it.

    20. Ed, Reno Nevada says:

      Here we are again, staring down the barrel of $4 a gallon gasoline. If you know everything you can't learn anything. I've come to the conclusion that phrase describes this administration. Any rational person knows solar and wind aren't going to solve our energy problems but that seems to be the solution for these folks. I wonder if Obama has a job lined up at GE when he leaves office. That would explain his pushing wind turbines and electric trains.

    21. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Contact Hornbeck Offshore in New Orleans to get the true picture of what is happening in the Gulf Coast. Oil rigs are leaving and the future is dismal for the oil industry. Obama et al clearly have a death wish for the oil industry in the Gulf. Perhaps George Soros, the puppet master, and his interest in off shore drilling with Brazil might have something to do with it. Follow the money.

    22. John Ottley, Alphare says:

      Not only from the standpoint of employment, but let's look at the imapct of the Libyan oil interruption on the overall economy. If Obama really understood economics, he would immediately rescind the drilling moratorium and do all he could to expedite the pipeline from Canadian shale oil. Alas, he has demonstrated consistently that he does not understand economics.

      Even his hero, FDR, didn't know how to deal with an economic depression other than to do everything he could to incite Hitler to declare war. That didn't work until after Pearl Harbor.

    23. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Why not be as brave as Hans von Spakovski? Call this a Conspiracy because that is what it is. Progressives have infiltrated and taken over our United States Government and are inflicting Damages, and I mean actionable Damages in the sense of Impeachment. Why would Obama destroy the Oil Drilling Industry in the South? He isn't stupid, he isn't uninformed. Obama is a member of a Conspiracy that actually wants to create that Perfect Storm (Glenn Beck calls it) from which the entire American Way of Life comes crashing down.

      I am so tired of people like Mitch McConnell, can't call Obama what he is a Third Generation completely Indoctrinated Communist! What is it about Communism Mitch doesn't understand? It always turns to murder, so what about that makes Obama a "decent man?" What is 'decent' about engineering a Man Caused financial Disaster in the Housing Market? That is Damages! Oh! And Communizing Student Loans? What is 'decent' about insisting on Bankruptcy for America, as if that were not plain destruction of America?

      If I were an international Criminal and cabeled the U.S. I would destroy their Energy Industry? You guys would have me arrested! Look, I don't see the difference, Obama single handedly caused the loss of a whole Industry of jobs! No terrorist could do so much! Conn, don't you think your credibility will be damaged if you don't call it "Conspiracy?" You have given us absolute proof of Damages, are you ready to call for Impeachment? That would be Rule of Law, well, that is if there is any Rule of Law left in America after Democrats spent a hundred years undermining it! Look! Governor Walker can't see the High Crime of his wayward Senators! Can't even see it!

      Out of Wisconsin we could see a legal Revolution, one that takes back the Laws of Treason, Conspiracy, Perjury and High Crimes. Somebody actually Prosecute the half vast Left Wing Conspiracy! Walker could do it! He could save America with his example!

    24. Kevin H, college par says:

      As each month passes, you and Heritage have to try harder to make Obama look bad and he just keeps putting up better and better numbers.Only someone with extreme bias would ctiticize 12 straight months of private sector job growth. Goign from average of more than 700,000 job losses to adding 200,000 jobs in 2 short years and yet you still remain critical.

      To compare to Reagan is a joke. Obama has done far better when it comes to job growth in an economic environment that is far worse than what Reagan had.

      When Reagan took over, unemployment rate was 7.5. It increased to 10.8 over the next 2 years. At the same point in Reagan's presidency to where Obama is now, Reagan saw the rate rise 3.3 points and it took him anotehr 20 months (44 total) to get the unemployment rate to the same as when he took over.

      Constrast that with Obama taking over when unemployment sat ay 7.7 and 25 months latet having it sit at 8.9. That's an increase of 1.2 over his first two years.

      Unemployment rate in Reagans first two years = increase of 3.3%

      Unemployment rate in Obamas first two years = increase in 1.2%

      And Obama had a far worse recession to deal with and far worse deficit and debts to deal with when he took over, not to mention 2 wars.

      Compare the performance of the markets and GDP in the first 2 years of each president and you'll see Obama has far outperformed Reagan. Not even close. Obama is no Reagan, he's a far better president than Reagan.

    25. laurie from hawaii says:

      Do you want to be a government slave employee working at the mercy of the thug administration? If you are his "friend" you might get that big job, rather than based on your worthiness and your love of your career. Everyone working for the government? Government owned everything as in communist China and Russia. If you have never been to a acommunist country as a visitor, you can not understand how paralyzed the poor victims are. And by the way, how are they counting unemployment? I bet by the unemployment claims.

      The cut off my husband because there is a limited number of months you can receive it. So it appears that there are less unemployed. What a farce! You can trust this thug mentality as much as the Chicago Mafia.

    26. Frank, Florida says:

      Obama is shifting productive private sector jobs to a growing market of non-productive government sector jobs. The long term effect of this trend on the economy is very bad. At some point (perhaps we are there already) wealth & productivity will start to decline & we will enter into a death spiral downwards to a crash landing unless we drastically cut back on spending in the government sector. This is obvious to all except the Democratic & Republican Progressives who think they can social engineer the government & our economy better. I would support an 18% of GDP cap on Federal spending… except I think the cap should be MUCH lower as we phase out all the Unconstitutional Federal programs never intended by our Founding Fathers (like many Federal Departments & "entitlement" programs). Let the States do them, if they want, & let the citizens of those States "vote with their feet" by moving into or out of Big Government States.

    27. Enbeuu says:

      Ronald Reagan we all know took on the labor unions and didn't bow to their pressures; this POTUS, has not done anything like it. China is now such the larger competitor, too.

    28. Bobbie says:

      The President has done far more to protect himself from accountabilities as he hires more government employees to hide behind which prohibits the growth of the economy. Reagan improved the economy and looked down on no one. Obama steals from the hard work and independence of the people he insists are lowly, to pay for his high paying, no accountability, make-work, unproductive force of feds.

      President Reagan knew his place and protected our freedom. President Obama is doing everything he can stepping over the line to convince people, government control IS freedom. Reagan led with integrity. Obama leads with deceit, cover-up, manipulation, coercion, coded messages….

      Capitalism keeps us free. Government keeps us oppressed.

    29. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      The new figures are a fake, they do not take into account those whose benefits have run out, those who have NEVER been in the wrk force, and are looking for jobs, like those who just finished school, how about those working part time because that's all they can get, etc. They also reflect part time jobs that are seasonal, Many firms hire for inventory and now landscaping firms hire extra workers, these are temporary jobs, most of these people Need and want full time regular jobs. My son is now off 8 mos.no positive leads, and his benefits will soon end, then he drops from the count. Maybe we can get Trump to build a couple of refineries and start a new Oil Co. TRUMP OIL, all USA oil. BHO does not know how to run a business, he doesn't need to he has Geo.Soros other Commmies telling him how to do it. Now is the time to stay united and gather more into our fold to defeat this socialistic group from endng this country that our fore fathers gave lives to build.

    30. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Frank, Florida,

      Your comment hit it on the nail. By saying we keep federal spending at 18% GDP, while saying we need to cut programs and entitlements leaves just one thing to spend money on – - – the biggest money pit of the US. The DoD.

      Conservatives seems perfectly fine spending loads of taxpayer dollars on a DoD. Rush even said he is willing to go into deeper into debt for defense spending. Current spending is 6 times what China spends and 10 times what Russia spends. I feel we can have a strong military by reducing administrative bureaucracy within the DoD and by eliminating redundant programs.

      However, these conservatives seem to want to push those savings into more defense spending. Well the only place those dollars could go is contractors. It just makes me wonder if these conservatives have massive stock holdings in defense contractors and stand to make a big return on these opinions.

      Ideally, government spending should stay the same regardless of the GDP. By following the GDP, (assuming it goes up – which it has) government gets bigger. Government gets bigger, and then we need something for these people to do. We get more waste and more regulations to keep these useless people busy. Baseline DoD budget (for war and basic budget items AND vet benefits) has hovered around $460 billion (in 2011 dollars). Since 9/11, we have quickly ramped up that amount to double the base line. The federal budget since the 1950's has hovered around $1.8 to $2.2 trillion.

      Non-security, non-mandatory spending has hovered around $350 to $400 billion (2011 dollars). Mandatory spending is heading out of the roof. More importantly, taxes have hovered around $2.2 trillion, though just before the collapse in 2007, taxes did cap out at $2.6 trillion.

      I believe federal spending should be a constant and thus it is take of the GDP should decrease in percentage. Taxes should always be capped at $2.1 trillion and the total budget should be forced to match it. The budget should be allowed to be adjusted for inflation only, not this baseline voodoo that the feds currently do.

      In 2011 dollars, the DoD should never top $460 billion – if they need more, it would be nice if they prioritized rather than waste so much. Wars should be paid for by temporary funding – matched by a tax increase (to keep people involved in the decision), which is terminated after the war. Non-mandatory, non-defense should be capped at $350 billion (or less, depending on the cuts). We need $500 billion for interest n the debt. Finally, we need something like $350 billion to start paying down the debt. That leaves $440 billion for entitlements.

      It is all we can afford. We have become a poor country due to the greed and incompetence of the federal workforce. We cannot increase taxes, because we need to start building an economy – something that will take years to take root.

    31. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Just a little FYI Ken Jarvis. Self employed people pay the entire 15% SS tax labled "Self Employment Tax." on their income. Employed people pay 7.5% and their employers the other 7.5%. While your solution sounds great on the surface it will be a diaster to the economy if implimented. Employers and business owners will simply raise their prices to cover the increased costs – remember it is the consumer that ultimately foots the bill. But overseas employers are not subject to our taxes. Three guesses where manufacturing jobs will go at a faster rate than now. Becareful what you ask for – you might get it.

      The solution is to give up this idea of being a European style Nanny State and return to self reliance. Detroit is the poster city for 'The Great Society." Come visit and see its results. Google Linda Lee Tarver and learn the outcome of being self reliant. She is a wonderful person with an inspirational story.

    32. Karen, Tucson, AZ says:

      Our U.S. senators and representatives must stand up and denounce the use of presidential executive orders for anything other than what is allowed for in the Constitution. Pres. Obama is not the first president to use executive orders incorrectly, but he needs to be the last. Contact your congressional representatives and let them know you want them to stand up in congress and deny this usurpation of the division of powers. Pres. Obama does not have the Constitutional power to stop offshore drilling. He is overstepping his authority and he needs to be stopped.

    33. Jeffery Saddlemire says:

      BO's agenda as documented:

      . Endorsed spreading chaos in the Middle East.

      • First banned and now slowed down offshore oil drilling.

      • Considered curbs on fracking (horizontal drilling to unlock shale deposits in the Northeast — a potent new source of oil).

      • Imposed a carbon tax on domestically produced coal and oil through EPA mandate.

      • Proposed an end to tax advantages designed to encourage oil drilling and exploration.

    34. ARNOLD CARL TAPP - H says:




    35. Pingback: One Black American » Defining Obamavision: Wish. Hope. Pray.

    36. Art Cote, Peoria, AZ says:

      I really wish that administration spokespersons and opposition talking heads were NOT such accomplished liars.

    37. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Mr. Madoff stated it correctly, the whole thing is one great ponzi scheme. You keep berating Barry O, for his 2 years of destruction of the U.S. The life-long Republicans and life-long Democrats have been playing quid pro quo for many, many years to destroy the country. When is the last time they missed a pay raise? Social Security is a is a joke, medicare & medicaid is a joke, the money is worthless…Barry O. is doing what he said he would do. Stick a fork in the golden goose that every Republican & Democrat in Washington have been feeding off for many years.

      Heritage, get it right…any politician who has been in Washington for the last 10 or 15 years has gotten fat off the public…

    38. Frank, Florida says:

      @George Colgrove, VA

      You certainly are correct about the DoD spending being too high. Not only must there be waste in it still, the USA also needs to rethink how our military is deployed & how often it should be sent around the world. Do we really need hundreds of bases around the world? Do we really need tens of thousands of troops still in Europe & South Korea? The threat from the USSR is gone & South Korea can afford to pay for more of its own defense. We cannot afford to be the world's policeman. We should be strong enough to deter an attack against us, period.

    39. Linda, Louisiana says:

      What more is there to say – Mr. Colgrove did an excellent job of analyzing the Nation's problems and how the Obama Administration is slowly by surely squeezing the private-sector-working person and/or those who retired in good faith of receiving Social Security and Medicare. Mr. Colgrove has hit the nail on the head, so to speak. Obama is working hard to do just what President Regan said was wrong with the Nation – too big a government and too many federal employees (remember he can control both of these). I've never seen a President who can write laws without any input from the U.S. Citizens or their representatives in Congress, and I suppose Congress is just going to sit back and let him do it. Can't they stand up to him?

    40. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I will add an additional comment. I believe, if the People and their representatives in Congress would totally cut out lobby activities, it would eliminate many problems of why the people in power (the President, Congress and others) vote the way they do.

      Now we do need a means for the People to hear from those running for elective offices what their intentions are, if elected, and how they will incorporate their views into legislation. The only solution I have, is The Government/The People approve X amount of dollars from OUR Budget for those who are running for elective office to use to get their message out.

      We all know we have overkill on the amount of media/speeches, etc. they use for political purposes. How many times do we have to hear, "If elected, I will do such and such." Eventually, those hearing the ads eventually turn a deaf ear to them.

      We all know that those who are elected are influenced by those who make huge donations to the campaign. We also know that many companies and individuals make donations to both party represemtatoves. It appears that those benefitting the most are members of the news media (TV, Radio, Newspapers) and those who print up posters and flyers.

      The huge amount of dollars given to the campaigns by unions, organizations, and such could be used to expand their own business operations, to hire additional employees who will spend those wages creating the need for more products and more workers hired to meet the needs of those who would hired through company expansion. Those who were hired to meet those needs of the original hirees will thusly have purchasing power for their own needs.

      It doesn't take a so-called highly educated economist or a rocket scientist to see that job creation and wage earnings is a cycle that repeats itself over and over as more and more money is put into the economy. There must be funds for job creation which could come from big sums of monies saved by not making huge donations to campaign funds.

      I can remember the time when a block to check or not to check was put on our Income Tax Returns to contribute possibly $1 for compaigning. If all the people would do this, and I know we would not reach 100% , the balance up to X amount of dollars decided on and put into law, could be taken from the U.S. Treasury.

      Please, someone kick this around, maybe the Tea Party People. It will have to be initiated and pushed by the American Citizens because not many members in Congress or the President will want to do it initially. We, the People, still have a vote. I firmly believe it can work. As I said, how many times do we have to hear, "I can do this. I will do that," and with us knowing they cannot always do what they say or even blatantly lie about it. We have seen that, haven't we.

    41. Hermes C LIBERTY New says:

      Of course Reagan followed the Right Path. Is there any chance for Obama to see the light? little. So what is the solution? The government, even this salutary 112 Congress cannot solve in depht this massive destruction to give the right name of Bigs (spendings, governments, borrowings, erreonous re-distributions etc). Haven't you seen them eying at our oil reserves? Only one solution: a r-Evolution.

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