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  • In Pictures: Bush Vs. Obama On Gas Prices

    As Americans continue to feel the effects of President Obama’s anti-oil agenda at the pump, defensive liberals are circling back to a familiar line of counter-attack: blame Bush.  The media vacuum on gas prices has made this line of attack all the more promising with very little national coverage being given to the president’s destructive domestic drilling agenda. Unfortunately it misses an obvious point.

    President George W. Bush was mostly attacked for wanting to drill too much (or being “cozy” with the oil industry), while President Obama’s policies are rooted in unilaterally shutting down the domestic oil industry amidst rising prices and a struggling economy.

    Yes, the price of gasoline reached historic levels, rising above $4/gallon during Bush’s second term, but that wasn’t due to a lack of trying to increase domestic supply. U.S. domestic supply is but one factor in the global price of oil, and thus gas prices. But when a president purposefully chooses to decrease our domestic supply by 13%, with hopes of driving that supply even lower, and objects to U.S.-Canadian pipelines and new forms of exploration, discovery and friendly importation, the price consequences are real, and should be scrutinized.

    During the first twenty-six months of President Bush’s first term in office, the price of gasoline increased by 7%. At the end of his second term, the price had decreased by 9% from the time he took office (adjusted for inflation). During the first twenty-six months of Obama’s term in office, the price of gasoline has spiked over 67% with no relief in site.

    Clearly, other mitigating factors were at work between those two time periods. U.S. demand is one such factor, as is global supply disruptions, cartel pricing and the cost to refine and distribute, but the current price spikes obligate serious people to scrutinize our nation’s energy policy.

    President Bush’s response to $4/gallon gasoline was to lift presidential and congressional moratoriums on expanded drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf, a move that many critics say came too late. But what about Obama?

    Some on the right have criticized Obama for having no energy policy. This is wrong. Obama’s energy policy is working exactly the way it is designed. This administration knows that unless the price of fossil fuels skyrocket, expensive alternative energy sources, no matter how heavily subsidized, will continue to be unattractive to American consumers.

    Obviously, this risky desire to have high gas prices is a punitive policy that foolishly ignores how Americans use petroleum. While oil is largely a transportation fuel, solar and wind can only contribute to our electricity demands. Oil accounts for less than 1% of our electricity demand.

    The liberal fascination with developing expensive vehicles that run on electricity doesn’t change that: 1) Solar or wind powered vehicles don’t commercially exist; 2) The cars that do run on electricity, or even battery-powered hybrids still require gas; and 3) the high cost of the alternatively fueled vehicles makes them largely insignificant in the auto market and cost-prohibitive to the average consumer.

    Sure, it would be ideal to have a national fleet of cars that are inexpensive and run on cheap and widely available alternative sources of energy. But the markets have demonstrated this reality is nowhere close to fruition. And when you try to hasten that reality by artificially jacking up the price of gas, the economic effects are felt largely by the poorest among us and disincentives business owners from hiring as their fixed operating costs increase.

    Think about it, who feels the pain of an extra $1 at the gas pump? The rich guys that the left demonizes or the middle-to-low income wage earners who balance their budgets by the penny, not the dollar? If the only cars available on the market were $40,000 Chevy Volts, would a Lexus or BMW consumer be hit hard, or would the family looking for a barely affordable mode of shuttling their family be affected? Consumer Reports said Obama’s heralded Volt “is an expensive way to be green.”

    This economic, energy and transportation reality—the here and now—is why President Bush called for more domestic oil exploration at the same time he called for an end to our “addiction” to oil. You cannot shut down one job-creating industry while you hope another emerges. Hope is not a smart energy strategy.

    This week, the Obama administration began floating the idea that depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is a viable response to rising oil prices. The SPR is where America stores roughly 700 billion barrels of oil in case of a catastrophe. Its drawdown would have a marginally positive affect on gas prices for a very short time period. Once that supply is partially or completely eliminated, we would be back to square one. In other words, the action would be purely political and designed to politically disguise a terrible energy policy.

    President Obama must stop killing energy jobs, hurting American business owners and penalizing taxpayers at the pump in order to score unrelated points with his environmental base. Obama needs to end the EPA practice of imposing regulations on refineries that increase the cost of oil production. He must stop looking to raise taxes on oil producers while heavily subsidizing other energy industries.

    And Obama must at least end his de facto moratorium and get America back to the domestic supply capabilities we had just two years ago. As Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) told Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in a hearing on oil prices this week: “In January 2009 there were 16 permits issued. The next year there were 12 and this January, only two. We’re so far off the historic level. We’ve got to get it back up as quickly as possible.”

    This time, in this economy, with these transportation and energy realities is not the time for Obama to curry favor with eco-liberals by raising the cost of living for the average American family. President Bush may have wanted to increase the drilling status quo by too much in your opinion, but surely we can all agree that intentionally decreasing our domestic supply makes little sense today.

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    77 Responses to In Pictures: Bush Vs. Obama On Gas Prices

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    3. Mike Williams, Nacog says:

      This is just more of the left wing liberal socialist control that this president is putting on us daily. Time for change, real change that takes us back to being the greatest country on earth. Time for liberal, socialist ways to go under, time to take care of business the way it should be. Time for political correctness to go away. Time to do what we need to take care of our country.

      • jake12 says:

        There's no denying the gas price hike under Obama… but seriously? C'mon, this is an incredibly dishonest comparison. First of all, during the first 26 months of Bush's term… we had a gigantic recession that lasted from 9/11 until, yep, 2003. The stock market was also flat. So was the general economy. Further, in the part of Bush's term NOT represented (uh… 2003 until 2008) we had an EXPLOSION of gas prices that was then mitigated only by another giant financial collapse… on Bush's watch.

        During Obama's first 26 months, the market recovered some 70%+ and the economy broke out of a technical recession to grow again, albeit limited. And the supply-demand dynamic that was in place for oil pre-Obama started to heat up again too… only to be further compounded by the Deepwater drilling disaster (you can't blame that on Obama) and widespread collapse across the Middle East (also a long time in the making and not completely disconnected from the imbalances caused by Bush's eight years of policies in the same region).

      • Manny says:

        LOL… why don't they show what happened to gas prices after Iraq? As Bush final years were ending, what happened to gas prices?? China and India's consumption in 2000 to 2010.. please…

    4. Big Oilbama says:

      What most people don't get is that by being so-called Anti-Oil, President Obama is actually pro-Oil.

      Big Oil has for years been perpetuating the myth that drilling = more profits and no drilling = less profits. This is decidedly not the case as anyone who's studied basic supply and demand would tell you.

      No drilling = less supply = higher prices without higher costs associated.

      More drilling = more supply = lower prices with higher costs associated.

      This is the big oil big con…and it's not surprising therefore why Obama has received so many donations from the industry. It's getting more costly to drill for oil in the harder to get to reservoirs…why spend more, when keeping supply down makes you more money?

      This President is deeper in the pocket of Big Oil than most people can imagine.

      • David M says:

        You are right about supply and demand. Unfortunately you are dead wrong about what Big Oil has been, as you say "perpetuating." No one is saying that more drilling + more profit MARGIN!!!! That's ridiculous! You have postulated an absurd proposition, and then set out to prove it wrong. You must get this right if you are going to be in the debate at all. The principle at work is the exact opposite: IF WE PRODUCE MORE OIL, THEN SUPPLY INCREASES, AND THE PRICE GOES DOWN! This is what conservatives have been saying, and they are right! And yes, the margin of profit goes down, but the utilization value increases, which means that more people can afford to drive more– to go out to dinner, to go on vacation, to go see relatives, etc. There is always more consumption when prices go down, which results in higher units of product sold. I am not concerned at all about how much profit an oil company gets– free markets will take care of that. You and Obama are dead wrong. You are confused. Obama knows exactly what he is doing, and his plan, as the article pointed out, is working to US demise exactly as Obama intended it.

    5. Nicolai Alatzas says:

      Annually we see an average of 6.5% increase in the cost of fuel. What good does it do to show cost comparison of fuel a decade earlier? Lets go back a decade earlier even and showcase the cost of Energy during the Clinton Admin which barely changed over the entire administration. Show the people the entire graph and overlay Middle eastern conflicts and presidents responsible for those conflicts. That will begin to show the people where the true gas hikes come into play.

    6. Bobbie says:

      didn't the gas prices also go up due to democrat legislation of taxation during Bush's term?

      There is no excuse for the gas to have ever gone up under the current administration except for devious ones. Now, Obama is holding this country back in every way he promised to support it! Like ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! NATURAL RESOURCES ARE ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY WHERE WIND AND SOLAR ARE NOT. America(ns) can't be held back by the President's "special interests!"

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    8. Allison Dunaway says:

      I sung Bush's praises when he was was in office it feels good to be right but at the same time it's scary what a mess Obama has made of our country


      • jake12 says:

        Well then, you must be tone deaf… love Obama or not, your choice… but exclusive of any opinions on the current administration, Bush was an all around disaster for this country and one we will not recover from for a long time to come, if we ever do.

        • Justin100 says:

          Jake, I completely agree with you. Yeah Bush would come off great to an uneducated person. Ever looked at how much debt the US is in? Trillions. 1,000,000,000,000. Man look at the zeros. Long long long time before those numbers can be recovered.

          • Paul says:

            Now all you have to do Justin and Jake is look at the trillions your boy Obama has added to the national debt i less than 4 years…way more than Bush. Obama can't play the Bush card any longer with any credibility. He owns this economy and his plan has always been to knock the US off of its perch and make it pay for it's "indiscretions" . That is what you get when the voters elect a man who disdains the country he is suppose to lead and support.

          • Paul Kennedy says:

            Actually it is not so hard to blame Obama…for a moratorium on drilling , refusing to okay the Keystone pipeline, and pushing (to the exclusion of proven resources) for alternative energy sources that aren't ready for prime time. Oil is the fuel that runs our economy and we have a lot of it but this administration refuses to drill for it because of their allegiance to the environmental groups regardless of the cost to working Americans and/or the damage to our economy.

    9. Darrell W. Coe Holly says:

      Obama has no idea what to do !

    10. westie says:

      Yet the Obama / Clinton boosters will never give up their default talking points as they swarm to protect the indefensible administration.

    11. John Cantoni pa. says:

      Your chart is deceptive on 7/7/2008 the price of gas was $4.12 George Bush was president at that time.It's hard to blame either President when we get our oil from countries that have turmoil.

      • mdce126 says:

        I don't know where you live but gas prices where I live never got to $4.12

        • RCD501 says:

          Look it up. It was a national average. Maybe you only got to 3.99. Maybe other states say $4.60+ The national average was $4.11 in 7/08

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    13. Bobbie says:

      John, the chart shows the first two years of each President's term. Yes, all Presidents are to blame for neglecting America's energy independence. And any President that hides behind a government entity proven to be corrupt inept and incompetent (EPA) giving government entities more credit than reality, is dangerous.

    14. Bob, TX says:

      The price of gasoline depends primarily on the futures price of crude oil traded on world exchanges-which in turn is heavily dependent on perceptions of future crude oil supply vs. demand. By his defactor offshore moratoriam, cancelling lease sales, cancelling existing onshore federal leases & reclassifying public drilling-accessible land to wilderness status, Obama clearly is limiting future supply & adding to the current price of gasoline. I curse him & Salazar every time I pass a gasoline price board – which means I curse them a lot. They both deserve to be gone in 2013.

    15. Andy says:

      So convenient to leave out that little gap of time when gas prices under Bush were at their worst. So Republican like.

      • big al says:

        Amen!!!! Glad to see there is someone on this site with a brain!!!!

        • Paul Kennedy says:

          @ Andy So liberal like to ignore Obama's drilling moratorium in the gulf while giving Brazil 2 billion dollars so they can drill in… the gulf. Yes, gas prices were at or near $4/gal under Bush but he didn't restrict exploration like your guy. At this rate, with Obama's polices, gas price will rise to or exceed those under Bush. In 2008, Obama's Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu stated, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

        • Big D says:

          Nice to see both of you have a brain!!! Too bad you don't use them.

    16. Arby Arizona says:

      The Oil companies have a surplus of gas on tankers floating around waiting for the price to rise.

      Crony capitalism worked very well for the Bush Administration.

      "Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wicked of men will do the most wicked of things for the greatest good of everyone."

      John Maynard Keynes(Keynesian Economics)

    17. Mark Danyluk, Plymou says:

      The article has an error. The SPR contains approx 700 million barrels, not 700 billion. If it were billions, it would be enough to supply the US for over 95 years at our current consumption rate of approx 20 million barrels per day.

      • Giovanni says:

        you are correct mark the article is wrong on that account there is between 698-727 milloion barrels in the SPR.

    18. Cristian, Katy Tx says:

      We could be pumping right now.

    19. Tim, Missouri says:

      Please stop manufacturing stories on questionable data – oil prices wouldn't have gone up with a Republican in office? I doubt it, even with massive drilling. There is more demand than ever all over the world. And suggesting that we give oil companies carte blanche to find and extract oil without oversight (relieving EPA regulations) would lead to more disasters such as the Gulf Spill, which harm more than just the economy.

      Obama has problems, but please write about real issues. The American public is tired of politics, AND JOURNALISM as usual. Cut the sensational garbage.



    20. Max says:

      It speaks of the degnerate state of our political conversation when someone is stupid enough to benchmark oil prices on the basis of a 26 month timeline that conveniently validates ever infantile prejudice Mr. Cooper holds.

      The President does not control oil prices, the holy and sainted "Free Market" does, but of course, leave it to the Heritage Foundation- the think tank where no thinking is required- to find fault with Obama on oil prices that rise and fall based on what happens in a trading pit.

      Next wee, Mr. Cooper will hold forth on sunspot actiivity. Working title : "Global Warming Theories- Threat or Menace?."

      Christ, what a pathetic article.

    21. KB in Houston says:

      What's been overlooked here are the oil commodity speculators on Wall Street. That is the main reason the price of oil goes up or down radically. We only take in about 2% of Libyan oil in the U.S. so the only people who make money are the suits in New York. Specualtion is fine for things like airlines and such, but it needs new rules. Every time there's unrest like this it's psychological, prices go up, then the ripple effect goes all teh way to food, transportation and plastics all the way down the line, causing inflation, and it never goes back down…devaluing the dollar even more. Tapping the SPR has never worked in the 3 times it's been done. It's always had the opposite effect. So you know that the intention is for some other reason.

      • Nancee says:

        BINGO!! You are so right!!
        It is just like buying GOLD. Get everyone to buy, then the price goes up and then those that bought in a the beginning, sell, and make a mint.
        Stop blaming Obama or Libya or what ever country is going through some war.

    22. Bobbie says:

      Andy, silly. Both Presidents have their first two years in office. Why would they show President Bush's worst year (run by democrat majority) and not compare the first two years (same time frame) each of them were both present? That's balance.

      It's gotten worse sooner under President Obama within the same time frame as Bush and he isn't acting on any good judgment when he's been given many sound solutions to increase employment and grow the economy..

      We can only make the obvious assumption by the actions of the President himself, Obama's worst will be worse and yet to come.

      All the President has to do is make the appropriate decisions from the many solutions that will increase employment and grow the economy and the world would be a better place.

    23. Jim says:

      It is unfair to compare just the first few years as a comparison. As someone else pointed out gas was much higher in 2008. The better comparison is showing prices before 2006 when the democrats took office. Ultimately its congress that has power while the president’s powers are extremely limited. He can only encourage and set the tone in Washington then sign the bills. I’m not blaming just Democrats for the price, but I am for their majority lack of response as well as the minority republican lack as well . Same scenario that is going on now. Remember they held hearings with Exxon, BP heads etc and showboated and nothing ever came of it.

      I'm willing to bet speculation has more to do with the prices than anything. If we drilled more of our own energy and invested in energy that is cheap and works like nuclear it would help to stabilize prices. Take a look at the DOE’s graph on Gasoline historical prices. From 1994 till well past 2000 prices maintained a fairly steady price then fluctuations went all over the place. I personally blame the gas price in 2007-2008 for the eventual bursting of the housing bubble. It put those who could barely afford their bills and loans over the top and started this death spiral.

      The question is will something be done now or will congress wait until our double dip recession and a ‘real’ depression before lifting a finger.

      This partisan stuff is killing our country. as far as the 'Republican oil cronies', look at the top 15 political donors and what party they give to. Oil is to Rep as Unions are to Dem. http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php

      A politician is a politician. Don't think because he's a republican or democrat he is somehow better and looking out for 'you' while the other side is 'evil'

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    25. Max says:

      @ Bobbie:

      This article and your comments are is the most specious rubbish I have ever seen.

      First, to benchmark oil prices based on a time frame like this is like comparing school grades to pregnancy statistics. One thing has nothing to do with the other, espciallly since random events control the price of oil, NOT policy.


      THERE IS NO PHYSICAL SHORTAGE OF OIL OR GASOLINE. Supply has NOTHING to do with the price spike.

      And this comment : "All the President has to do is make the appropriate decisions from the many solutions that will increase employment and grow the economy and the world would be a better place."

      He's already done that. Last year over 1 million jobs were created, It took George Bush only SIX WEEKS to lose that many. You're not going to see job growth come back as in prior recoveries because as any economist will tell you, housing is the first thing to bring you out of a recession. That is not in the cards this time, thanks to the pump and dump scheme the banksters turned our housing market into.

      Thanks to the very policies this "Foundation" has supported, we will not have a normal economy until the end of this decade, no matter who is in office.

      Amazing how the same people who have such contempt for their government and its institutions, now expect that only government policy can solve our problems.

    26. Dale, Texas says:

      What would happen if after Obama depleted the Strategic Oil Reserves and we actually had a crisis develop? There is NO alternative. Domestic drilling could not be ramped up quick enough and the Hybrids/Green vehicles still could not be sustained. Could this depletion be a strategic move to push over the edge of energy consumption? This Energy Reserves should only be used when we do not have another way to manage energy supply/consumption. I believe there are other steps that should precede tapping into the Energy Reserves.

    27. Bobbie says:

      Max- WOW!

      I don't allow my mind to be influenced in the manner you allow your own.

      WOW! – MAX – WOW!

    28. Kurt Kuban, Wayne, M says:

      I've got some issues with the Obama administration, but pinning the price of oil on him is ridiculous. And for all the comments about what he has done to this country are simply misinformed. This report came out today on the state of the economy:

      "Record earnings fueled by the highest profit margins since 1993 are giving executives more leeway than ever to boost dividends as the bull market enters its third year.

      Margins will climb to 8.9 percent in 2011, the highest level in at least 18 years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg on non-financial companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index through March 11…

      A total of 95 companies led by Aetna Inc. (AET) and Carnival Corp. have raised dividends as the fastest economic expansion in six years and five straight quarters of earnings growth increased confidence among chief executive officers."

      Reading so-called stories like these one would think there were no dangers to letting Big Oil drill anywhere and anytime they want. It's as if the Gulf oil spill never happened.

    29. Nathan Ala says:

      Neither BUSH nor OBAMA care about what the gas prices are when are you all gonna see they DO NOT CARE or else they would do something about it. they are not for the people no of them are the ones that really were got killed before they were able to take office or got booted from office really quick this country is secrewed so deal with it time to go back to the horse and buggy times im gonna do like to omish i bet i save more then you all will. OBAMA and BUSH were and still are IDIOTS and are not looking out for this country this is what makes people question if they are proud to be an AMERICAN……I mean come on sometimes i question it….

    30. Max says:

      @ Bobbie-

      You said it.


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    38. Gregg, CA says:

      Of course, the article doesn't mention that Bush's numbers include the time-frame after 9/11 when gas was around $1 because nobody was travelling.

      At the end of the day, Neither President has anything to do with the price of Gas. It's ludicrous to blame them.

    39. Marconi Darwin, Anch says:

      Nice sleight of hand! Why not show the full term under Bush, because the first 26 months barely covers the Iraq invasion, when the problem began

    40. Todd M says:


      Before we blame the president…demo or repub. BLAME the gas/oil companies

    41. Robert says:

      Did you seriously leave a six year gap in that chart? Wow…

    42. Wetzel says:

      Gasoline is not as high now as it was under Bush.

    43. guest says:

      This is so biased it's almost infuriating. We all know that gas skyrocketed in the middle of the Bush administration and the author of this piece decides to cherry pick bad dates to prove a point that goes against our memory and the facts. Infuriating bias.

    44. aprilnovember says:

      Please read. There is no doubt this is deliberate. I can't understand why he's being allowed to get away with this.

      Guns, Butter, Jobs, and Birth Control
      by Daniel Greenfield http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2012/02/guns-butt

    45. willye says:

      So it was ok for crude and gasoline to set record highs in the summer of 2008? Bush's response was the great recession..that really worked great to bring crude and gas prices down.

    46. willye says:

      Also blaming Obama for the increased price of gasoline is rediculous when you consider that oil and gas production have actually INCREASED during his presidency while consumption is down.

      Now the increased production may be in spite of and not because of Obama's policies and lower consumption is due to the ongoing recession, but it would take a moron to argue that this has led to higher prices. There is obviously something else going on, but the morons would never look for it.

    47. Larry says:

      Question for the people of the great state of Louisiana, how many jobs and how much tax revenues has Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) cost you and your state?

      But who cares you all are getting the free obama money!

      Wake up!

    48. Please update with today's prices, etc. Thanks!

    49. What everyone seems to not talk about is being environmentally friendly would be having things done under far stricter guidelines we do have here, do accidents still happen? yes but we also learn from then too. Would it be far riskier to ship oil half way around the world every day while terrorists see the opportunity to cripple the very life blood our country depends on. It's only a matter of time before they start sinking these tankers causing global disaster and financial devastation with no supply and unreal cleanups we can't get to. Why take this chance when we have what we need right here? Are we prepared to escort every tanker thousands of miles every day and when they do sink who gets blamed for it???? WE DO,this will cause wars in it's self were not ready to fight. National security is more at risk every time we use middle eastern oil, that's a pretty easy concept to grasp. We have no choice but to harvest here where it is safer and creates jobs and lowers prices and world terror threats to a mess we can't clean up, and who pays for all the millions of gallons lost and billions for cleanups???

    50. datruthiness says:

      selective aren't you? the price of gasoline increased from $1.60 per gallon when Bush took office in January 2001 to $4.40 per gallon in July 2008

    51. datruthiness says:

      selective aren't you? the price of gasoline increased from $1.60 per gallon when Bush took office in January 2001 to $4.40 per gallon in July 2008

    52. bkd says:

      What this doesn't tell you is gas at one point was $4.28 under GWB

    53. Diana says:

      Oh, boy..here we go again. During the Bush administration I remember the $4 @ gallon of gas and the democrats blamed Bad Boy Bush, and the oil companies posted greater and greater quarterly earnings. During the Obama administration the price of gas is creeping up to George's high prices. This time it is no longer George's fault but Bad Boy Obama's fault and the oil companies will again post the highest quarterly profits ever. Funny how that works. Doesn't seem to matter which Bad Boy is in office, it is all their fault. The circumstances and the politics may differ but the bottom line remains the same, the public pays the price and Big Oil makes the profits. Market manipulation or presidential intentional greed? No matter…it is always better under your own personal party affiliation, damn the liberals or damn the conservatives. Take your pick and continue your sputtering every time you fill up. It will always get better when the good guys (the ones you always vote for) are back in office. Or will it?

    54. jason says:

      is this a joke …..look at an overall view on gas prices in the past 20 years and you will see that it started to increase at a rapid rate under bush and that it suddenly "dropped" at the end of his term …then it started increasing again under his term leaving obama with the challenge of fixing it and honestly neither of the presidents have done thier job but at least obama isnt literally retarded like bush is but he cant be that stupid …after all he did rig floridas votes 12 years ago (ps im a republican and i completly disagree with the way the republican party is using negative propaganda to bash on the democtatic party ….this is not the america our fathers dreamed of …2 partys in power bashin the american name itself to gain power in goverment ….the world sickens me)

    55. 2 Way Street says:

      Step 1. Find a mirror
      Step 2. Ask yourself " did I howl at Bush when gas prices spiked during his presidency?"
      Step 3. If the answer is yes the clear your throat, be consistent, and give Obama some equal grief

    56. here check this out smarty pants!!

    57. Parousia70 says:

      This is really weird. sounds like the conservatives here want to nationalize domestic oil. All this talk of "we" need to Drill "here" and such….

    58. You're kidding right says:

      Eh…why is there no graph of the huge spike in Bush's 2nd term? Oh yeah, liberal media bias….Right…


    60. the moderate says:

      G.W Bush inherited the Clinton surplus, and low gas prices. G.W Bush gave Pres. Obama a massive deficit, and the highest gas prices in the history of the country, to mop up. Under W's watch we were paying $4.79 national average at its peek. Far righties will always look for excuses to bash and shift the blame.

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