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  • Morning Bell: How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher

    Yesterday, for the first time since September 2008, the price of a barrel of crude oil topped $100 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. But while the recent unrest in the Middle East has had some marginal effect on rising prices, the most significant factor has been increased oil demand worldwide. That is why, long before the recent protests even began, analysts were predicting $4 a gallon by this summer and $5 a gallon by 2012. Anyone could have predicted that the recovering world economy, coupled with the continued growth of India and China, was going to push oil prices higher. So if an Administration wanted to keep gas prices down, they could have mitigated increased oil demand by increasing domestic oil production. But that is not what the Obama Administration has done. Instead of increasing domestic oil supplies, the Obama Administration has cut them at every opportunity, and Americans are now suffering because of those choices.

    Back in February, when the protests in Egypt were first unfolding, Energy Secretary Steven Chu was asked what the Administration could do to combat rising world oil prices. Chu responded: “The best way America can protect itself against these incidents is to decrease our dependency on foreign oil, in fact to diversify our supply.” It is now one month later and the Administration has not updated its talking points. Pressed on gas prices yesterday, White House spokesman Jay Carney said: “We are also, as you have seen over the past two-plus years, very focused on the need precisely to develop other energy sources so that we are not as dependent on foreign oil as we have been in the past.” So what are these “other energy sources” the White House has been developing? How does the White House plan to “diversify supply” to reduce gas prices? The answers are corn, wind, sun, and electric cars. And they won’t help a bit.

    According to Heritage analysts Nick Loris and John Ligon, Obama’s energy policy consists of: increased biofuel production, increased electric vehicle production, and increased renewable power production. These are all terrible public policies. The major source of biomass production, corn-based ethanol, produces less energy per unit volume than gasoline, contributes to food price increases, costs taxpayers $4 billion to produce 2 percent of the total gasoline supply, and has dubious environmental effects. The electric cars the Obama Administration has invested in are prohibitively costly, do not fit the needs of the American consumer, and are also environmentally suspect. The other sources of energy the Obama Administration is subsidizing and promoting—wind and solar—not only make up a minuscule 1 percent of America’s electricity generation but are entirely irrelevant to gasoline supply in the transportation sector.

    But not only has President Obama failed to diversify our energy supply in any meaningful way; he has actually proactively moved to cut our own domestic energy supplies:

    • First, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar canceled 77 leases for oil and gas drilling in Utah in his first month in office. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, there are 800 billion barrels (a moderate estimate) of recoverable oil from oil shale in the Green River Formation, which goes through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. This is three times greater than the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia.
    • Then last summer, President Obama needlessly instituted not one but two outright drilling bans in the Gulf of Mexico. The Energy Information Administration estimates that President Obama’s offshore drilling ban will cut domestic offshore oil production by 13 percent this year.
    • Last fall, Interior Secretary Salazar announced that the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic coast, and the Pacific coast will not be developed, effectively banning drilling in those areas for the next seven years. At least 19 billion barrels of easily recoverable oil lie off the currently restricted Pacific and Atlantic coasts and the eastern Gulf of Mexico.
    • President Obama has also failed to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil lie beneath a few thousand acres that can be accessed with minimal environmental impact. Those 10 billion barrels are equivalent to 16 years’ worth of imports from Saudi Arabia at the current rate.

    “The Obama Administration is repeating the mistakes of President Jimmy Carter’s failed energy policies, which marred his term and stigmatized the 1970s. They are leading us straight into another national energy disaster,” Steve Forbes warned in Politico yesterday. And what would that “energy disaster” cost the American people? According to The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, an increase in the per-barrel price of imported crude oil by $10 in the first quarter of 2011 and by $20 in the second quarter would reduce gross domestic product by $20 billion, drop potential employment by nearly 100,000 jobs, and increase gasoline prices by 18 cents per gallon in 2011 alone.

    Yesterday, Carney said that “the president is extremely aware of the impact that a spike in oil prices can have on gasoline prices and therefore on the wallets and pocketbooks of average Americans.” If that is true, and if Energy Secretary Chu really has recanted his belief that Americans ought to be paying $8 a gallon for gas, then the President must completely reverse his entire energy policy so far by allowing Americans to develop our own natural resources, issuing permits in a timely manner, and removing regulatory and litigation delays on energy projects.

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    106 Responses to Morning Bell: How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      Surely, NOBODY believes Obama wants higher Gasoline prices.

      3-3-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI on March 2nd, 2011 at 3:11pm said:

      Ken – thanks for your explanation. I now understand that I should stop working and rely on the government to avoid paying taxes.

      *** Ben – THAT won't work.

      Find and Replace – From NOW on when you see the word

      LIBERAL – do a Find and Replace with


      Murdochs Propaganda Machine is working to eliminate


      and replace it with GOP BS.

    2. Teresa, AZ says:

      We have listened to this president tout the benefits of "alternative energy" and heard about that it necessarily cost more than current fuel. The higher cost of gas will push Americans to buying hybrid/electric cars. In addition, if fuel prices remain high solar, wind, etc. will finally become viable. But to what cost? It appears that cronies of this administration will see huge financial gains while the public is left paying three to four times for energy.

    3. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      And George Soros is grinning all the way to the bank. This is well documented in James R Kenna's book We've Been Had. Follow the money trail to discover the truth.

    4. Ray Joynt, Holland M says:

      Maybe it's time to listen to T.Boone Pickens and his plea for CNG to power our cars and trucks ? He's only been advocating it for the last 40 years !

    5. Linda Maddox says:

      My family has done the responsible thing. We have sold our beautiful home in Carlsbad, California and moved to Wildomar, CA. The cost of houses is cheaper and taxes are low.

      Now comes the higher gas prices. It seems to me this administration wants all of us to be in the poor house. They never do anything to help the economy.

      We need to start drilling now. We need to start using our natural resources, not be dependent on foreign countries. I guess Sarah Palin's motto, "Drill Baby Drill" is right on!

    6. Jjay - Louisville, K says:

      HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH !!!!

      You have proven over and over that you will try ANYTHING to discredit the winners. HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH !!!!

    7. Gary C, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      Stripping politics out of the equation, I’m impressed with environmental groups’ results and public perception…..and we need to study it. How have they managed to shield themselves from a public backlash and more importantly, how have they managed to control non-production in the face of $5 per gallon gas? Bottom line: how are they able to get a pass while the answer’s right in front of us and we aren’t allowed to get to it? The oil reserves may as well be on the moon.

      Before you blast me as some eco-terrorist, just stop and think about it. They and by extension the President, Cabinet and regulatory agencies are Teflon and bullet-proof (ooh, is that inflammatory rhetoric; if so, please forgive me.) Now I wonder how much damage it would take to the economy, security and our financial well-being for us to start drilling? Could we transport it? Refine it?

    8. patriot55 says:

      Opening up drilling exploration and building more refining and nuclear power plus an all the above search for alternatives is the prudent course of action bit this president and his administration have goals 180 degrees from those positions

      They have been clear that they will nudge us to $5.00 or higher gas prices. The odds of them willingly moving in that direction are about the dam as khaddafi abdicating his power.

    9. Dennis Newman, Bloom says:

      The rant that ethanol production increases food prices has been thoroughly shot down. Are you doing your own research or reading the AP wire?

      Read – "Land Availability for Biofuel Production" in Jan edition of the journal Environmental Science and Technology. This study by Univ. of Illinois and Univ of Central Florida might be new info to you. It sounds like you have an entrenched position on ethanol and no facts will get in your way.

    10. Arkie says:

      There are many articles on the President banning oil drilling off the coast of the United States. these articles must be tied to the increased oil drilling by foreign countries off our shores for the America people to get a good idea of what is really happening to the price of our oil.

    11. Jim Scarborough, Fre says:

      This is an absolute disgrace in everyway. When are we going to have a President who is going to promote a Short Term Plan to solve a Long Term Problem, Bush included. Starting with an ill conceived plan is NOT what we want or need. Obama and his Cronies are totally lost when it comes to solving a problem, any problem. We need more jobs and lower Energy prices to improve our economy and Obama is doing neither. He continues to prove everyday that he is not qualified to lead a marching band much less the Country!

    12. Armin Geist, BG, Ohi says:

      Maybe it is time the Americans go on the street and get rid of this tax racking in mess in Washington including Obama. Greed, greed and more greed, like it is also going thrugh all Industries at this time.

    13. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      I keep howling to the universe that Mr. Obama, his handlers and his minions hate this country and its culture. There objective is nothing less than destroying American Exceptionalism and dismantling the progress of over 230 years.

      When I wrote the piece "Chaos – Could That Be The Real Agenda?" http://catharticnotestotheuniverse.blogspot.com/2
      it seemed farfetched to many, however, as each day goes by and each new destructive act comes out of this administration manipulated by Mr. Obama's puppeteers it seems to gain in relevance and become more frightening.

      Thank you Heritage for howling with me.

      G.Hugh Bodell

    14. David Bowdre Califor says:

      We have lisitned to the Bio-fuel, wind, solar, and electric car nonsense for over 30 years and non of it had worked. It's time to do what we have always knowen will work drill within our own boarders. The American economy and way of life is on the line. We are fighting to save our homes, families, and western civilization. Perhaps it time to stop worrying about inconvenienceing some reindeer, butterflies, and little fish and start worrying about saveing America.

    15. Spiff, USA says:

      We are still going through the process of an "on the job trainee" phase for this President as he has no previous experience in leadership, decision making, or a fundamental grasp of this nation or the world at large! What is happening with our "energy programs" is no different then forcing a half baked medical plan on the Nation. No plan, no concept of reality!


    16. Sandra Lee Smith, Ca says:

      And the greatest "joke" of this all, is that when the administration is figuring the inflation rate, the costs of energy and food are NOT included, even though they are 2 of the greatest factors in how inflation impacts EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

    17. Mary............WI says:

      Obama and all his czars are a laugh. Even the "scarecrow" had more brains.

      Drilling needs to resume in the Gulf and must be allowed in Alaska, Utah, Colorado and anywhere else in the USA in order to become self-sufficient. We won't be so dependent on the mid-east and their crude oil prices will probably come down.

    18. Rich Rogers Phoenix, says:

      While I always enjoy your informative posts, let's be serious, does anyone really think that this administration wants to do what's best for "We The People", this country, or gas prices. All this discussion is becoming worthless.

    19. Frank, Florida says:

      Ether knowingly & with premeditated malice, or by ignorance & incompetence, the Obama administration always seems to worsen any crises the USA is in. A debt crisis? Answer: more spending & higher debts & if all else fails PRINT MORE MONEY (watch the Dollar fall in value, gold/silver prices surge & inflation erupt)! A medical crises? Answer: The monstrosity of ObamaCare (the path to socialized medicine which will be the end to traditional American medical supremacy in the world)! An out-of-control & increasingly Unconstitutional Federal Government? Answer: More Czars, more Federal regulations, more costly Federal programs & Federal takeovers of private businesses! Loss of American freedoms? Answer: Renew the Patriot Act! An energy crises? Stop drilling & don't look for new nuclear power plants! America continues in steep decline. Wait & watch to see what happens when the US Dollar loses its place as the world's reserve currency. I'm not sure how that will all play out, but I bet it won't be pretty.

    20. John R. Maravich says:

      The Obama Administration is leading the way to make America a second class country. Abundant energy is the key to a successful and growing economy. Obama and company are doing everything posssible to make energy scarce and expensive in the name of "less depedence on foreign oil". When will the American people wake up to the hoax of the Obama Administration? I can't wait for the election in 2012. The results of the 2010 election give me hope.

    21. Oscar Brown, Jackson says:

      This energy crisis is a clear indication of whether the president's disastrous policy is caused by ignorance or intent. "By their fruits shall ye know them."

    22. Robert Boyer Wright says:

      The American puplic are now being forced to pay the price for having THE MOST IGNORANT leaders in the ENERGY SECTOR that could possibly be found. That is not to mention BHO, a leadership that seems not to know &/or not understand the long range impications. Could go on & on, but the above is what the majority of the American population seem NOT TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robert

    23. Victor Barney, LeHig says:

      P.S. June 15th of this June is a total lunar eclipse and there will be another total lunar eclipse on June 15th, 2014! The Bible(written word of our Creator) says that such eclipses must occur before our Hebrew Creator interrvenes in our affairs and before we totally destroy ourselves! Watch!

    24. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      America is of course in grave danger , we have placed legions of our enemy in our Federal Government, both elected and non elected( appoint Czars). Our decline since January 2009, when the enemy took command of our nation, is shocking to say the least.Our economy is in serious decline, citizens cannot find jobs, Larbor Unions are taking over State Governments and raping the State Treasury, paying huge wages to Union Thugs while they riot in our streets and turn the Governmental institutions into a Toilet, they spread their filth over the building. They use the floors for a toilet instead of using the proper facility, womens used Kotex also decorate the floors spreading unsightly and sickening waste unfit for decent paople. Wisconsin is just the start of these immoral Union

      thugs, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana will be next.

      Decent citizens must rise up and Vote to have every State outlaw Union for the Public Sector, State Governments cannot be allowed to form Unions designed to take from the taxpayers and give to union members and their politicial friends.

      Look at Wisconsin!!, do the replica of "1930's Brown Shirts",make you happy?

    25. Robert, North Richla says:

      Conn, we still have a Congress, don't we? What is John Boehner doing to help our energy industry? What is John Boehner and the House doing to push the administration on energy? What are republican senators doing? Nothing, nothing, and more nothing. This is an every day job. What are the governors and their attorneys general of the energy states doing? I can't speak for Alaska, Louisiana or Oklahoma but I can tell you that Rick Perry does not know the difference between a pipeline and a toll road. Big, bad Obama is only as strong as the RINOs make him. What are the state legislatures doing? We have several avenues available and we should create some new ones to defeat these socialists. Stop whining about Obama and start asking the liars some tough questions.

    26. RUTH SC says:

      Can't we get oil from other countries, beside the middle east? there has to be a way to become independent of arab oil. I won't even mind paying 5 dollars a gallon if I am buying a product that does not help the middle east. When we get rid of the problem in the white house and go back to thinking about Americans and what is best for America, we will start to create jobs, from the private sector. If we drill for oil—-jobs if we build wind machines——jobs if we install more solar systems—–more jobs, so why do we not have these things in place? why do we not have clinics in more cities with doctors working off their student loans at a decent rate and less people going to the ER with a runny nose? There are solutions for every problem in our country, but as long as the spending continues at a rate we will never be able to pay, we will never make a come back. Start with replacing the people who are spending us into oblivion. God Bless our country, God bless Americans.

    27. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Impeach him, he is either too incompetent to be President or he is doing nothing so he can kill America. Let him go be a tyrant in the Middle East, that seems to be where his heart is.

    28. Tony Bunn, Brick, NJ says:

      My sentiments exactly. Quit trying to re-event the wheel when we already own the solution to this problem.

    29. GotFreedom says:

      We believe that the President's policy is intentional to benefit the likes of GE/Immelt by supporting alternative energy sources, as well as Soros. Just watch, when he goes to Brazil later this month–any bets on whether America will start getting more and more of it's oil from Brazil/Soros/Petrobras (who is drilling in the Gulf of Mexico) with the rationale being that since the Middle East is in such turmoil, America must turn to another part of the world in the interim?

    30. ThomNJ says:

      Jarvis needs to get his head on straight. obama stated as far back as the campaign season that he wants higher energy prioes. His entire strategy consists of artificially driving up the cost of traditional energy in order to make his substitutes economically viable – except that won't work. One cannot jack around with economic foreces on a large scale like that without creating a disaster somewhere in the process, because you simply cannot anticipate and plan for everything in the marketplace – and that is precisely what he is doing, creating a disaster.

    31. nugy,texas says:

      48 billion fraud in medicaid and they want to raise taxes

    32. Jacee says:

      My questions are: Why does the federal government even have a say in where or when oil companies drill? Who allowed them to decide? (Speak up congress!)

    33. Robert, North Richla says:

      Education. U.S. refineries do not pay $102 per barrel. They purchase oil on long-term contracts, and they loaded up on cheap oil in 2009. They purchase Middle East oil because it is a fraction of the cost of U.S. oil. The oil companies are not to blame. Speculation has ruined our U.S. energy markets, thanks to Phil Gramm and his attempt to save Enron. Hedge funds run by George Soros, T.Boone Pickens, Ted Turner and others buy oil futures in an attempt to make 50-100% on their money. If we had a functioning Congress, we would open up ANWR (over 10 billion barrels); build the Keystone pipeline (to open up our markets to Canadian and Montana/N.D. oil; we would re-open the Gulf of Mexico to deep-water drilling (using newly developed safer equipment and faster response capability) and we would close the Gramm loophole which allows (previously) illegal trading in our energy futures. Send John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell a message: "get off your butts, and stop lying to U.S."

    34. John, Alabama says:

      I have been running Ethanol in my vehicle since we got it in southern Alabama not because its cheaper or better for the environment, but because it does not rely on foreign oil as much. I don't have to give quite as much money to the people who want to blow me up.

    35. Jim Buzzell says:

      Below is an email response I sent to my shipmates in response to an email to me about boycotting buying gasoline to solve this problem of high prices. I think it is appropriate here. This aricle is correct, we need to get the government out of our lives, our businessess, and out of interferring in our states' rights. Please read my response below.

      To All My Shipmates: GOOD MORNING, USA! This sounds great, but basically, it boils down to We the People controlling how often we drive our cars, and how far under this plan. Once the supply of oil to the refineries out paces the demand the prices will go down; supply and demand.

      Now the demand is down the prices are down because the demand is lower; them we start driving at our previous normal rate of travel, and the demand goes back up, the supply cannot keep up with demand so the prices go back up, and we are forced to start curtailing our driving habits again to reverse the cycle. Insane!

      So what is the answer?

      #1 we have built few if any refineries in the US in the last 40 years, the existing refineries are obviously old and worn out; with a serious maintenance issue just to keep them running, and that does not even start to address the federal regulations placed on the those producers, most of it costly.

      #2 is oil independence meaning we do the same thing we have done with natural gas (NG), raise our production, and delivery to meet the demand for all fossil fuels.

      Now you say we just cannot do this in our United States of America; I disagree.

      We have enough crude oil in this country, all 49 of our 50 states to meet our demands, and still have enough left over to export.

      Realize, we currently import no NG, what we use in the US comes out the ground in this country, and where there is NG there is crude oil. Lets take one state as an example, and lets use mine, North Dakota; we currently have one the largest crude oil plays in the US; we are drilling, and producing both NG, and crude oil at a rate that is ok, but could be better. By better I mean a transportation system that can keep up with ability to bring the oil out of the ground, and transport it to the refineries.

      Currently all of North Dakota's producing wells are choked down because of the lack to transportation to keep up with the capability of those wells to deliver, and this will, until corrected, also affect the ones yet to be drilled.

      The State of North Dakota, and the oil producing companies of Halliburton, Continental, EOG, Whitting, and the others are working on improving the delivery capabilities, but to many things stand in the way of expediting this process, and is not our state, it is the burden place on North Dakota by our federal government who needs to approve everything these companies do in our state, with some exception. Take away this bureaucracy, and the speed at which things get done increases measurably.

      The Fort Berthold Indian Reservation is in the process of building a new refinery; that refinery would never have been approved except for the fact it is on an Indian Reservation; this is not bad, it is just an explanation for the fact one of our biggest problem in our nation is our out of control federal regulatory process, and government.

      Now back to my original premise; if you take the crude oil production capability of every state in our union, producing crude oil, and improve the transportation capabilities from well to refinery there would be a surplus of oil sitting in the refineries' tanks waiting to be processed in fuels we use in our cars, trucks, tractors, etc., and therefore enough crude oil to satisfy our normal demands for these products; with one exception the ability to refine, no new refineries except the one I mentioned. Supply and demand, its there to be refined, but cannot, so the demand is low at the refinery while the supply is high, and sitting in the tanks.

      So you see there is much to be done in congress by getting our regulatory departments in order, eliminate those that stand in the way of our oil independence, and our freedom to do business as we are capable of doing, and get the hell out of our lives.

      I by gas as I need it, I just do not make as many trips as I normally would, and at my age that may not be all that bad. So the boycott is alright, it just does not solve our problem of oil independency.

      That's my story and I am sticking to it! And remember vote in every election!

    36. Robyn Hobbs says:

      Looks like President Obama may have to stay home in Washington, since fuel for Air Force One will be so expensive. Or will he advocate another loan from the Chinese to fuel that airplane? Staying home more may give him time to ponder how he can really help our country in its energy stress, among many of our challenges, like cutting spending that would really make a difference, not just the paltry billions he has so far proposed. Or fostering real control of the illegal immigrant influx. Or understanding that lowering taxes for everybody, will benefit our economy. Could go on and on…………

    37. Charles Rino E. Nort says:

      How can a President get away with violating his oath of office as Obama has repeatedly done. This country will be destroyed from within unless we take strong action now. This President's policies are intentionally destroying our country.

    38. BETTY, LEAVENWORTH, says:

      This President will not approve drilling permits. I believe it is because his heart is with the fools around the world who hate our capitalistic society. (even tho it is the only one that really works.)So hold on folks, this is going to be a rough ride until the Repubs. get in in 2012.

      All of his so called policies have been against the country. He absolutely needs to be impeached to save us all.

    39. Jeff says:

      since oil is fungible we can never actually stop buying Arab oil … if not directly but buy buying oil on the world market we effeect the price and they benefit no matter who actually buys their oil … in fact we import most of our foreign oil from those nasty Canadians …

      If you look at energy indepence from a contenintal scale we could easily stop importing non North American oil is we where to start drilling our own reserves …

      and we could keep the environment just as clean as it is today …

      remember oil is not pollution to the ocean, it is a food source that has been leaking into the oceans for hundreds of thousands of years …

      Obama will be toast in 2012 if gas gets to $5 or if it stays above $4 and unemployment stays above 8% … toast … he can't talk his way out of those 2 statistics …

    40. Roger TN says:

      Regarding ethanol. The big corporate farmers are getting the benefit of high grain products. If we used 100% of the corn grown for ethanol, approximately 10% of our current needs would be satisfied. If the real cost of ethanol were paid by the consumer directly, there would be zero market. Between our waste of grain products and the inflated dollar due to monitizing the debt, third world countries will soon see how this administration is concerned about feeding them.

      As far as electric/hybrids, where does the power to charge them come from? Since our predominant enery sources are fossil fuels, all we are doing is providing a false sense of comfort to those that really don't need or use them. This is just moving the tailpipe to another location.

      I'm all for the alternatives, but lets get them up to speed before doing something even more stupid than we are today.

    41. Norm Klevens says:

      Surely the president does not want higher gas prices ? Moratorium, a visit to one of the night show hosts, saying I wanted the price to go up, but not so fast. People who say he doesn't want this are blinded [something about where the sun does no shine, I won't say]. This strategy [how can it be a policy which infers it is in writing] is just among all of the other destructive measures this man child has taken against this country. This one though will change the course of the rest of his life as signs are he wants a second term his wife does not] and with gas prices at $5.00 or more [they are $4.00 in LA LA Land now] he is toast. Now that I think about it more, I would be willing to pay $5.00 a gallon and I drive for my living, if it is as I think it is, the one issue to send him home to his residence in Chicago [that he has visited 1 time in 2 years].

    42. Mike from Long Islan says:

      Also, there hasn't been a new oil refinery built in the United States in thirty years. We are now stockpiling imported (from Canada) crude oil in Oklahoma at a rate that is requiring the building of new tanks to hold the surplus. The price of gas at the pump here on Long Island is averaging $3.80 a gallon today already. But we pay alot more for gas here because of the high gas taxes. Remember the first oil shortage back in the '70s when doctors and lawyers were riding motorcycles to work (like in England after WW II)? Well, it could happen again right here in the good old U.S.A. !

    43. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      The destruction of our domestic energy supply can not continue. Even the administration realizes that oil shortages would result in a national security threat to our country but the damage continues. This intentional destruction of our domestic energy is grounds for treason charges against all in this administration involved in this action.

    44. R Castillo Newark, N says:

      It is frustrating to watch people chaising their tails because of gasoline prices raising. Of curse Obama is going to keep on stalling national oil production, it is part of his agenda for the infamous New World Order.

      US is the Middle East of Natural Gas, if we had two fingers of forehead we'd realize that this is the energy source of the future and that by putting all motorists consuming natural gas the nation would save billions a year.

      Governors of States, rich with this gas, could begin extraction almost immediately, new technologies are available in order not to damage aquifers making the extraction ecologically safe.

      I don't think Governors would need Obama's permission to give an economical relief to their constituency since the President has failed to do so.

      Americans should rally, especially those who depend on motorism to bring bread to their tables, and insist that this plentiful source of enrgy be tapped and start to become the substitute for gasoline.

    45. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      " WHAT A CROCK ". Rather than extracting our own sources of energy in the form of fossil fuels, ( of which we have an over abundance } , we pay to retain our magnificent Fifth Fleet in Bahrain to keep that ditch, ( the Suez canal ) open.

      For the sole purpose of allowing foreign fuel to be exported. While we get robbed not at gun point, but at the gas pumps. While being subjected to the tune of the

      "Gore-ball Warblers", expounding on the virtues of alternative fuels. None of which has proven to be cost effective. The amount expended to maintain those wind mills exceeds the value of energy produced, as does the harvesting and distillation of corn and other produce.

    46. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Does this HF author not understand Obama is NOT "repeating the mistakes of Jimmy Carter". Obama is not imcompetent, stupid, or naive. This is exactly why the BP spill damage and the failure of the well's BOP so important to Obama's justification to stop all drilling, thus delibertly cause gas/diesel prices to skyrocket. In turn, this will cause every product (from food to soap) to become more expensive, which will adversely effect the retail markets, which will cause our capitalist system to faultier, with Obama waiting in the wings with socialism.

      However, this will also force us to be even more dependent on oil from foreign sources which will accomplish Obama ideology of "spreading the wealth".

      to third world countries.

      For the sake of God, just look at what Obama and his lackeys have openly admitted! This is not a "mistake". This is Obama's agenda. Open you eyes and recognize our American way of life is under attack by Obama and his ilk.


    47. charle labounty says:

      Wake up people!!!

      This is what BHO wants.

      We are all supposed to be equally poor — that's the communist's mantra.

      It's the change he campaigned on — and we didn't listen. (I did — I knew he was a communist – and he believes that is a good thing)

    48. richyard ey wasco ca says:

      drill baby drill

    49. Charles says:

      For people so bent on taking government out of any equation, why aren't you looking to business for answers instead of blaming the government?

      Business seems not to care about long term solutions. Rather, it seems they are concerned for immediate gratification.

      Also, the current administration has, though environmentalists would not prefer, recently granted BP, of all companies, ability to start drilling in the Gulf again. They have also encouraged sustainable energy companies in other ways.

      Blaming is not an answer. If you don't have solutions of your own, stop complaining.

    50. Barb in WI says:

      When will we all wake up and realize that Obama hates this country, our Constitution and our way of life? He hates capitalism, liberty and Amercian exceptionalism. He is a marxist through and through if you read his history and associations. That is, the history that is not being kept under wraps. He is doing everything he can to ruin our nation and economy. Consider all the damage done in just 2 years. If he brings us all to our knees it will be easy for him to establish his marxist utopia, we will all be in the same miserable social justice utopia and life will be "fair". Correction: not ALL will be in the same miserable utopia. Obama, his puppeteer George Soros and other political elite will be laughing and roar "let them eat cake!" Wake up America. You've been suckered!

    51. paul,the villages fl says:

      Face it! This administration is out to destroy this country. The ironic part of this situation is the fact that when the socialists and islamists take over they will be the firsts ones to be shot in the head.The states don't need federal approval to have industry come into thrie state.Why don't they approve drilling on their own.

      It's time congress starts serving the people who elected them and not worry about their party's agenda. Those who don't should be voted out in the next election.Start drilling bring manufacturing back into this country. Indivually we need to stop buying foreign things, which are usually junk.

    52. Gary C, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      Frank Florida, correct observation. My question: why do people constantly turn to fed gov't for answers/fixes when they're the ones causing it? Why don't folks take a step back and look at them as the culprit, not the savior?

      Also, why does a gov't shutdown always favor the dems?

    53. rosemarie douglass says:

      B C

      it is well known that sorow was trown out of frence and europa , i`m from there ,

      he should be in prison , he swindelt money out of people as the other on , that is now in prison

      europa dont let him back in



    54. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      There are times that I think to myself, "Self, you are belaboring your point by serving it up over and over with a different menu title." But then I say, "Self, if you have to eat the same stuff everyday this current administration serves up as "a new dish," then don't grow weary in saying the same thing over and over. So….Always remember that our President is an avowed Socialist in his political beliefs, and remember, also, that he has surrounded himself with those of like persuasion. He will not be fulfilled until we become like all the other socialist countries of the world (and of course, to be properly humiliated before the world, we will have to take our place at the bottom of the list. His political philosophy can be condensed as follows: "We can never bring about economic equality for all Americans" (this is a given). "We can, however, bring ALL Americans to the lowest common denominator in terms of economic equality by making sure that everyone becomes poor – except for those of the elite and ruling classes." Making the cost of owning and operating a motor vehicle accomplishes three things: 1) The public will be forced into using public transportation, and 2) In this way, travel (movement) of the American people will become extremely limited (which, by-the-way, was one of the goals of Communism). 3) The cost of living will skyrocket, putting everything out of the reach of the common working class.

    55. toledofan says:

      It's just appaling to see the greatest country on the face of the earth be decimated by a bunch of radical, arrogant kids who have little, if any common sense. We waste one year on doing some of the most fiscally irresponsible things regarding the stimulus and then we spend the next yeart wasting almost the entire time on healthcare, we can't make a budget and a political victory is the repeal of the DADT policy. Yet here we are; unemployment is still at 10% or higher, home foreclosures are still on the rise, the deficeit in two years has ballooned by a couple of trillion dollars, projections are for a deficeit of 17 trillion over the next 10 years, and today the price of oil went up to $102. Not only don't this administration have an energy plan, there is are no plans for anything to get us out of the soup. And to top it all off our President thinks the tea-party is a racist organization. Oh well, one thing for sure, he's starting to make Jimmy Cartyer look like maybe he wasn't that bad after all. Just a joke!

    56. Beacon01 says:

      I ws hoping they would impeach Carter when that fool was ruining the country.

      You can imagine how I feel about this new fool.

    57. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Hey Dennis – just do a search on the 'Lie of Ethanol' and you get articles like this (from 2007) that show that there are always "unintended consequences" if mandating ethanol as a certain % of fuel.


      Liberals never quite get that government causes problems, it doesn't solve them. Let the free-market work the way it is supposed to with regulation – not overreach and subsidies.

    58. Bruce Piepho, Sierra says:

      Does the constitution or the states grant the federal government control over the production or usage of our minerals and resources such as oil?

    59. Kevin H, college par says:

      Thankfully, President Obama understands the need for alternative energy and has funded research for it. Finally, we have a president willing to take on big oil and the royal families.

      The current prices are still a dollar under where they were in 2008. It's odd i don't see any papers or blog posts on how the Bush Administration's energy policy was screwing things up – when it was much higher under President Bush. Very interesting indeed.

      The far right can complain all they want about how bad a job President Obama is doing, but the numbers speak for themselves. He took us from the edge of anotehr great depression created by conservative policies and has created great GDP growth, job growth, and market growth. S&P 500 had doubled since the stimulus passed, DOW has nearly doubled since stimulus has passed, jobs and GDP have grown continuinally since stimulus has passed, yet ignorant conservatives and politicians claim it was a failure. Shows they don't care abotu facts and are biased by partisanship.

    60. Henry.Illinois says:

      The only "alternative source of energy" that is coming from the White House is the hot air blown by the community organizer and his cronies.They are clueless as to what to do.

    61. Richard Brandlin, Ar says:

      Dennis you said Dennis Newman, Bloomington, IL on March 3rd, 2011 at 9:55am said:

      The rant that ethanol production increases food prices has been thoroughly shot down. Are you doing your own research or reading the AP wire?

      Read – “Land Availability for Biofuel Production” in Jan edition of the journal Environmental Science and Technology. This study by Univ. of Illinois and Univ of Central Florida might be new info to you. It sounds like you have an entrenched position on ethanol and no facts will get in your way.

      Here's the thing. The reseach indicted the the totality of the earh's surface that could be used for bio-fuel crop production, with minimal impact. That has nothing to do with the current practices which divert up to 40% of the US corn crop to ethanol production, which by the way, is a net negative if one compares the energy value of the ethanol to the energy required to grow, manufacture and distribute said product. I read a summary of the article and understood their research proposition. I wonder if you did.

    62. robert las vegas says:

      Appears there is no one in the Obama administartion thats knows anything about the oi/gas industry. Why arent we converting more to the use of Natural gas?? or are they too ignorant to figure that out.

      An over abundance of natural gas and we are kissing OPECS behind

    63. Skip Morgan, Honolul says:

      Alternative energy sources cannot compete with fossil fuels without large subsidies unless you make the cost of fossil fuels much higher and attach a carbon tax to assure they are on par with non-fossil sources.

      The administration is purposely driving up fossil fuel costs by the only means they presently have at their disposal…creating a domestic shortage. Thus, they make wind and solar more attractive no matter how impractical it is or achievable.

      It is a diabolically naive strategy and rather obvious if you look at the administrations actions and failed legislation attempts. Forget what they say, look at what they do!

    64. John Lamb says:

      It is clear that this administration is trying to bankrupt each and every one of us.

      They don't seem to care about the working poor. Such as the people who work at McDonalds or Burger king who make minimum wage. Housekeeping people who will be out of work because they can't afford the rent ,fuel,insurance, an other cost.

      they want us on the welfare line. The more social programs they can drum up. The better they like it. Soros is the one who would gain from this communist state of mind after all he has caused the failure of several countries before he moved here he is just doing the same with America.

    65. Matt West Festus, Mi says:

      There is no lack of supply in the United States – in fact they are building more storage facilities on OK. Long term – increase domestic supply, but this mess really is the traders on Wall Street.

    66. IncrdUlous, Texas says:

      Ok, the majority of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico, NOT the Middle East; only 44% of U.S. oil imports are from members of OPEC, the international oil cartel that is dominated by Middle East producers. Canada and Mexico are the two largest single sources for imported oil in 2009. The U.S. oil resource base is depleted to the extent that it can't produce the 3.3 billion barrels of crude oil the U.S imported in 2009 (not to mention the additional refined products imported). Domestic oil is far more expensive to produce than oil in most other regions, especially OPEC nations. Increased reliance on domestic oil would put upward pressure on costs and prices. Increased U.S. production would have little impact on oil prices. The price of oil is determined in a global market by a complex array of forces including speculation, weather, geopolitics, decisions by OPEC, and most importantly, by market fundamentals; at the margin, producing decisions made in the U.S. have little influence on this process. The only way to make sure that the price of oil does not affect the US economy is to STOP RELYING SO HEAVILY ON ALL PETROLEUM PRODUCTS.

      And the reason there were drilling bans in the Gulf was, THERE WAS A GIANT OIL SPILL IN THE GULF! Dear doG!

    67. JGNY says:

      There is some small good in this. The idiots who voted for this man will now be soaked for the price of oil. To bad we all will as well. When Bush was in office, Oil spiked and Bush was blamed everyday in the papers and the media. A constant drumbeat that he and Haliburton and Chaney were getting Rich off of the oil prices. Obama is President……..a big yawn from the same Media. He is given a pass because he cares. of course when the left yells about the oil price, he will put more money into the Fed heating program for low income people and try to tax the hell out of Exxon.

    68. Jill-Maine says:

      What does it take for America to finally realise that the man in the white house hates this country and all the people in it. Nothing he does is pro America.

    69. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      And with our energy situation the way it is, America has invested in the oil exploration & drilling operations off the coast of, Brazil. Now, wonder who happens to own or have a major investment in such operations?? Guesses??

      Wind & Solar could only supply a very maximum of 18% of our needs, and that may be a serious stretch or reality. So, they cannot make up for the fossil fuel sources we now can no longer depend on. Unless & until we make energy cheap & adopt polices for actual technical research & development of those two potential resources, we face disaster. W/ no revenues to fund such research, what we get are high prices, a stagnant economy, even fewer jobs, and an invitation to become a third world nation.

      No thanks!

    70. Bobbie says:


    71. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Barry O is working hard to keep the U.S.A. pristine, so when the Chinese take over it will be an environmental paradise. Then they can do to our country what they are doing in China…rape, pillage and plunder the land to remain the economic king of the world.

    72. Pingback: What Social Truce Among Conservatives? « American Principles in Action

    73. Dave, Pinehurst, NC says:

      Of course this President wants energy prices to be higher. He wants them to be high enough that his precious, currently economically unfeasible, alternatives will then be competitive.

    74. jim delaney says:

      Congress needs to step up and start pushing an all-the-above energy policy NOW!

      Also, the States should get their backs up and start drilling NOW with or without the blessings of His Imperiousness, Barack the First, probably the most imperial presidency in our nation's history. Waiting for things "to work out" is no longer a viable solution. We're facing an national energy crisis with ideologically-driven kids in charge in DC. Enough is enough. We need to push back! These thugs understand nothing else.

      What is wrong with the energy-producing and energy-rich States!? What the hell are they waiting for? Total economic and political collapse. Sickening!!!!!!

    75. John, Michigan says:

      The Federal Government owns roughly one of every three acres in the United States. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages more of this Federal land than any other agency – about 245 million surface acres as well as mineral rights to 700 million sub-surface acres. The BLM is responsible for issuing leases to oil and gas companies for use of this public land. If you read the Mission Statement for the BLM, it it is clear to see they are focusing on "the Administration’s goals for a new energy economy based on a rapid and responsible move to large-scale production of solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass energy."

      Leases are blocked to review potential for global warming. (see http://www.nytimes.com/gwire/2010/04/09/09greenwi

      Here is their record in Wyoming: "The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has issued just 51 of nearly 1,200 oil and gas leases sold at its 11 lease auctions since June 2008. Environmental groups have protested 1,297 of 1,351, or 96 percent, of leases offered" (see http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/article_1

      Make no mistake, this president has an agenda. A Green Agenda. And he is not afraid to bankrupt the country in order to achieve it.

    76. Jimmy Higginbotham I says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen, several have stated the ills of this Obama Administration. Face it, Obama hates America and wants to "bring it down." If you have followed closely what he and his cabinet members have done, along with the aid of the Dem's in Congress, every policy move has lead to more and more increases in every day expenses. This man is obviously not qualified to be our President. He is taking suggestions that are worthy and not listening; then he turns around and puts policies in place that failed in the past – but his are 10 fold in their failure. America did not become the wealthiest, strongest, and most advanced country of the world through socialism; we did it with capitalism. No system is perfect, no government is perfect, but we do know what is the least successful. You cannot "tax" into prosperity, wealth, and advancement in technology. When you "take from the rich" to equalize for the less fortunate, you weaken a society. The rich have taken all the chances and risks that comes with the entrepreneurial spirit; that helped our great country to be the strong leader of the world; the richest, the stongest, highest standard of living, leaders of the world. Only the uneducated, lazy, shallow people of this country support and believe in this man and what he and his "cronies" are doing to this great country. To travel the world and apologize for our greatness is truly pathetic and causes the US to appear "weak." This opens the door once again for our enemies to feel confident in attacking us in any way possible. Get ready, 9-11 may seem like "child's play" compared to what we may experience in the coming future. I just hope there are enough of us with the will and the drive to rebuild this country to what it once was. Have a good night ladies and gentlemen.

    77. Ted, Houston says:

      Limited drilling in the Gulf; every Gulf state governor is a Republican. Oil shale in the Rockies; two of the three Rocky Mountain governors are Republicans. I have not heard any mention of such an obvious fact by Fox, Rush, Hannity, Medved, Savage, etc. Perhaps the president's view is that if these states don't vote for him or democrat; he'll just halt oil production in those states? Seems like pretty simple grade school politics.

    78. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      1 – Obama cares about himself and his privileges, nothing else, not even his family. (You notice Mabelle never stays with him but travels by herself

      whenever possible. – All on our dime, of course.)

      2 – Whatever happens in federal government is regardless of his "actions"; his minions do as their socialist policies dictate.

      3 – Put pressure om American oil companies to just go ahead and drill, and tell EPA not to worry about – permits – "We'll apply for them when we complete our responsibilities to the USA and our shareholders."

    79. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      As they said in September 2008, DRILL, BABY, DRILL!

    80. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Alternative energy is not the answer. The only truely viable alternative has been with us for the for the last six decades in the form of nuclear fission. The safest and cleanest fuel that exist today. Couple atomic energy with an agressive program to tap our own oil reserves and in a few years America would be energy independent. It would also go along ways toward solving our unemployement problem while reducing our deficet problem. It also would remove a serious threat to our security from mideast oil countries cutting off our supply of oil.

      Once we establish energy independence we can invest in true research and development towards making other alternative energy sources effecient and affordable. Electric cars that run on solar power, not electricty that is produced from fossil fuels for example. This may take 20-40 years to accomplish the new technologies that will be necessary. However with nuclear power the electric car is more viable that with petrolem produced electricty.

    81. Jamie, North Carolin says:

      Oh Mr. President we Americans need just a little more "CHANGE" so we can afford another gallon of gasoline.

    82. George, Cape Cod says:

      Lets see, traded in a 93 Town Car with a V8 Interceptor motor for a 07 Chevy Cobalt with 4 cylinders and a considerably smaller tank ( 18 gal to12) .And now I will have to pay what i was paying in 2008 to fill my Cobalt? We need to drill, and get off the teat of the Middle East oil ! Let the thing in the Med play themselves out, as the people are growing a set and taking their lives back, and throwing dinosaurs like Khadafi and Mubarek out of power! The people are going to look for direction for their new found independence.We don't need to fight every battle there, we can prove, and this is if they ever want , that they have a friend.

    83. Heritage member greg says:


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    85. Bill M says:

      It is abundantly clear that Barack Obama wants higher gasoline prices. "Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket…" dont be stupid in thinking it is not in his agenda. He wants America to be no better than any other country and eventually to fall into line with a one world government. With some place like Zimbabwe as the world leader bewcause as he stated we are no better than the other countries.

    86. Dave, Raleigh, NC says:

      I really can't believe some of the ridiculous comments on here. You people who are trying to argue that ethanol is a sustainable, renewable biofuel must not be listening to your own spokes people. Even Bill Clinton has recognized that it's not sustainable.

      Farmers, the guys who GROW the crops, say they can't sustain the output. Corn drains the land of nearly all of it's nutrients, and therefore one field cannot be reused over and over for corn production.

      Beyond that, you can go to the energy required just to PRODUCE ethanol. There are so many ways to destroy that stupid argument that it's not even fun.

      We have to use our own oil supplies. I do think that we need alternatives to oil, but lets get on our own oil before we start hitting the research hard on alternatives.

    87. cindi says:

      "predicting $ 4 a gallon by summer" it's over $4 a gallon here in California!!! stop this madness!!

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    89. mike hutchings says:

      how many lobbyists for mid-eastern oil are there standing between the good of the country and fthe common treson of greed over country…and who benifits with a weakened AMERICA….and who benifits from a poverty rate held artifically above the normal level of the human condition…a level.that is a constant percentage of the population no matter what bright idea seeks to bring it down…. and then who benifits from polices designed to expand the role of big brother and make every day hardships a governing responsibity….. every problem is a crisis that only the well manicured and well manured can handle…. we are told….who is it that benifits….and who is it that pays the bill…..down the road they tell me..

    90. William says:

      Oil is a sustainable resource, produced deep within the earth and pooling in vast reservoirs as it reaches the surface, and they've know this for decades. Don't believe me? Ask Dr Mendelev, the man that gave us the Periodic Table of Elements. Read about it here:

    91. Phil Highland Falls, says:

      Great article.

      Saw it referenced on another blog.

      I laugh when I continue to read about the importance of developing battery technologies that allow battery powered vehicles to reduce fuel consumption while saving the environment.

      How do these batteries get charged and disposed?

      Where does the energy come from that is used to charge these vehicles?

      More often than not the energy to charge these batteries comes from coal power-plants and the batteries have to go through an expensive, disposal procedure to minimize the negative effect they have on the environment.

      We are years away from developing the technology we need to wean ourselves from oil. Let's not destroy the American way of life, our economy and the environment while we're still getting there all the while watching India and China race ahead on the world's economic stage.

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    93. movingtothefarm, CO says:

      Can someone from the Energy Dept. tell me what green energy we can use to power jets, heat our homes (without back-up), fertilize the fileds and plants (without a cow), produce; ink, bubble gum, crayons, dish soap, deodorant and tires?

    94. Bobbie says:

      Ken Jarvis, you have to accept reality before you can apply common sense. And your "common sense" seems to be more like "wishful" or "influential" thinking."

    95. Bill Mason Norfolk, says:

      Planned by Obama to force prices higher with a higher demand for gas causing a depressed economy. Also, helping his union buddies at GM to push the Volt.

    96. john w. blackwell says:

      to the people who wanted a change you got it but the change want buy a gallon of gas.wil it be too late when people wakeup and start to take action.do we have someone we elected to stand up and demand we start drilling now??i do not see anyone with the guts to stand up.we have elected a bunch of wimps that are so concern they might hurt someone feelings or greed have overtaken them we get this kind of pretend leadership.i voted for a person to repersent the people but i was fooled he has not live up to his promise.what happen? GOD BLESS AMERICA you guys elected should be made to live under the same rules you make thats when we can all be americans again.

    97. Peter, Boston says:

      The current occupant of the oval office has driven down the value of our dollar with his wealth re-distribution policies, handing out hundreds of billions of our tax dollars as well as our childrens and grand childrens tax dollars to the least deserving. Do you suppose that could have anything to do with our now devalued U.S. dollar and with what that dollar will now buy the average American? Vote the guy out ASAP!

    98. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      Based on his current leftist policies, his appointments of "progressive" czars who actually enforce many of his leftists policies and based on his personal history as a radical extremist of the Marxist/socialist Saul Alinsky school of "community organizing", Obama is committed to politicizing every possible issue for the purpose of polarizing us into ideological camps of "progressives" vs. "conservatives". This is classic class warfare and he is doing it very successfully. If he can successfully divide us, he can successfully conquer us. Stay focused on the facts and be steadfast in your commitment to liberty and freedom. The 2012 election cycle will be here before we know it; he CAN be defeated.

    99. randydutton says:

      Why does the Heritage Foundation ignore other serious resource missteps?

      You fail to acknowledge the rare earth element monopoly China holds over the world and high tech industry. The dwindling exports of REEs are being used increasingly to make 'green' technology such as 4000 pounds per large wind turbine, but which reduce all other industries access to the supply.

      You fail to acknowledge that biofuels are accelerating the use of the dwindling phosphate reserves, without which, American agriculture becomes much less productive. Estimates are that biofuel is reducing the 30 year supply to 20.

      Ethanol damages or destroys many of our 300 million open cycle engines, and vehicles. Read the OPEI and auto manufacturer reports!

      Obama promotes a policy that will further erode the US economy by forcing industry, government, and individuals to fix or replace many of the equipment and vehicles that would otherwise run smoothly on gasoline.

      MADE IN CHINA becomes more common on equipment and vehicle parts. General, the Chinese government thanks you for increasing their business.

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    101. Robert, Roanoke,VA says:

      After world war 2 we started to turn over control of the worlds oil to arabic nations instead of drilling for it ourselves and we need to have some leaders with some backbone to reverse that trend. After all, the very first oil well in the world was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania called "The Drake Well" and here we are, buying oil from people who want us dead. How ironic is that?

    102. william hoffman, coo says:

      for one thing i am glad that some one who has clout in the media finally verifies what i have known,that obama was going to be a lame duck like jimmy carter was; but i would like to add that those who do not remember the past are comdemed to repeat it, is that americans seem to forget that after carter ,we got reagan and as my memory serves it is that the reagan administration capped more oil producing wells in the united states that it is mind boggleing and started an avalanche of ecomomic down falls for most americans that the trend of this whole sell of our right to life of survival is leaving the american people almost dead from choking on a life saver, point blank! our leaders have been selling us out since our declaration of independance,we just traded an english arostcrocy for and american one.our goverment and the rich havent realized that you cant squeeze water from a rock and by putting the grip on 98% of americans once they've milked the cow dry"we the people"all their going to get is gravel to sand to nil. we as a people need to take back our country. the only problem is we'll end up with the same ole samo, sooner or later. truly it is the people of this country who is at fault and that by becoming complacent we have as a whole made it o.k. for our goverment to legally date rape american citizens. i mean "DUH" if your lucky enough to even have a job, you wont be able to afford to drive to work "if your lucky enough to have a job unless you move to china" is that what their really saying to us, better yet what are we as a people going to say and do,if we let them keep doing what their doing, sooner or later you wont be able to afford to drive that 54" plasma T.V around, then what will you be willing to do. when did we trade our heritage and our civic responsibility in for and allowing "we as the people" to become impotent slaves who by their voicelessness are saying"it's back to an empty cotton gin ya'll"!

    103. Paul DE. says:

      This admin could care less about the price of gas at the pump as long as it supports their green agenda.We have ample supply of oil, natural gas, and coal in this country not to be held hostage by the far east. This is reckless disregard for our security and our economy. The real goal / agenda of this admin is to control financial, health care and energy.

    104. cindy mccoy says:

      When will this president wake up? When there are NO AMERICAN jobs????? And why are we funding our enemies???? Let us gey ou own oil!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

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