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  • Lunch With Heritage Online Chat - Crises in the Middle East

    From Egypt, to Libya, to Tunisia people have been crying out for freedom. What do these protests mean for America? Join us right now! We are joined by Heritage’s Director of the Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, Jim Carafano. Jim will be taking your questions about the future of Middle East with all the revolutions taking place, and the impact it will have on American foreign policy.

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    3 Responses to Lunch With Heritage Online Chat - Crises in the Middle East

    1. Mary Ann Shelton, Al says:

      Dear Mr. Carafano and Heritage Foundation scholars,

      Perhaps you are aware of the separation of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Grandy from WMAL 630 AM March 2 or March 3, 2011.

      Please help the Grandys continue to be heard on this subject, as they are an effective team.


      Mary Ann Shelton

    2. Nancy Jensen Pewauke says:

      It seems to me the only way to prevent catastrophy, globally, is to dismantle the Obama machine; with its CZARS, Soros and Unions. It seems to me their big

      power grabs will come through crisis that they promote and encourage. They don't want solutions to the middle east crisis. They don't want solutions with the Mexican border. They don't want to drill oil in the gulf. They are promoting and supporting chaos for the goal of more power. So, what ever the solutions from Heritage, pundits, or any other think tanks. This president has agendas contrary to what civilizied, peace seekers want. It is not incompetence. There is a goal for complete global chaos. Nothing we can do unless someone wants to be bold and charge Obama's DOJ with high crimes and misdemeanors.

    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Thanks James, I don't mean to be a Troll (somebody who makes a website seem stupid with their comments.) I would like to express the bigger picture, ten, maybe twenty years out. You can bust your brains trying to logic out what Obama and his gang are doing. Sure, their Foreign Policy makes no sense at all. To make sense out of it you have to realize Obamunism has an End Game consistent with the Green Crazies who think "There are too many people! We need to reduce the Earth's population down to one billion! To save the world!"

      Why would the Obama Administration and all those Union, Google and Community Organizers promote a world wide uprising in the Arab World? The Lesson of Chernoble is that Nuclear War is Survivable! That is horrifying, but with our new cobalt weapons, EMP and all, nuclear war will be thinkable in the future. My question is do the Green Crazies clearly in charge of EPA intend to reduce our population, setting up the Arab world to make war on us, knowing we would destroy the Islamic billions? I am not at all scared by al Qaeda compared to the One World Obamacrats. I believe them, they want to rule the world and are equally evil as al Qaeda! Picture a boot smashing a human face and it never stops! Picture an Earth with only one billion of us left!

      If Progressives are so evil as to destroy the San Juaquin Valley just before a World Food Shortage? If they will drive food prices up so high that people (even Americans) will revolt? (That's the Ethanol Plan, to burn up our corn so as to starve the world!) None of it makes sense unless you see this evil for what it is!

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