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  • Canseco on Calderon, Obama, and the Border

    Today, President Barack Obama will welcome Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the White House.  As Senior Latin American Policy Analyst, Ray Walser, aptly described in his latest WebMemo, the atmosphere will be tense given the February 15 murder of U.S. immigration agent Jaime Zapata and recent Wikileaks revelations from the U.S. embassy in Mexico City questioning the coordination and effectiveness of Mexico’s security team dealing escalating violence and bloodshed because of narco-violence.

    And yet, there are so many critical issues at stake of mutual concern for both countries beyond the headline grabbing security concerns.  As our third largest trading partner while sharing a 2,000 mile plus border, trade, border management, environmental and energy issues are all of vital importance to healthy US-Mexico relations.

    We recently had an opportunity to interview Rep. Francisco Canseco (R-TX) representing the 23rd congressional district in Texas, that includes close to 750 miles of the US-Mexico border, to ask him about today’s White House meeting between President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

    Rep. Francisco Canseco agreed with us in our assessment of the importance of a stable and secure US-Mexico border and the need to cooperate with Mexico in its fight against the drug cartels and criminal elements.  In addition, Rep. Canseco spoke about the need to support our ally and friend during this critical juncture in Mexico history.  The complete interview can be here:

    Interview with Rep. Francisco Canseco

    Indeed, today’s latest face-to-face meeting between Presidents Obama and Calderon is an important opportunity to underscore our important relationship with our neighbor country to the south.  Beyond economic and political concerns on both sides of the border, our relationship with Mexico stretches back centuries.  In these trying times for Mexico, it is important that President Obama does not squander this opportunity with President Calderon to elevate the importance of our country’s commitment to supporting a stable, secure and democratic Mexico.


    Israel Ortega is the Editor of Heritage Libertad, the Spanish language page of The Heritage Foundation.

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    8 Responses to Canseco on Calderon, Obama, and the Border

    1. West Texan says:

      Congressman Canseco is my representative. He brings a stability and appreciation for our state values and American freedoms. Thank you for sharing the congressman's interview.

    2. Carol,AZ says:

      The Prez also asked Congress for $10, billion dollars to give to MX.

      Open borders America!

    3. West Texan says:

      PS: I have to applaud President Obama's response to an uninformed Mexican reporter regarding our 2nd Amendment during the Obama/Calderon press conference. As typical, the reporter couched his question in a heavy handed accusation linking their nation's violence to our country's gun rights. To Obama's credit, he clearly stated the 2nd's constitutional standing and his support for U.S. citizens' right to keep and bear arms. Obama rightfully said the concern is to stop the illegal transport of guns south. Dang if he didn't forget to ask Calderon to stop sending Mexico's criminals north.

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    5. Carol,AZ says:


      West Texas, you should have told Brain Terry, about his, 2nd amendment rights, when he was forced to utilize bang bag rounds on America soil , and shot in the back by a cartel terrorist with AK-47.

      Last time I checked, dead, is final. No second chances.

      sadly, he's not hearing your clapping.

      Are you really from TX?

    6. West Texan says:

      To AZ, Why the crude remark? As senselessly tragic as this border agent' murder was, I wasn't referring to a federal agency's use of force policies. The topic was about Obama's verbal support for our constitution's 2nd amendment guarantee. And yes, I'm Texan-American and proud of it.

    7. Bobbie says:

      Love you guys, West Texan and Carol! Oops, gotta go make a birthday cake!

    8. Carol,AZ says:

      Yes, it is our Constitutional right West TX…which I will always support..

      BUT PLEASE ……………………….

      At least read the newly released info. about ATF's straw purchases here in the States, of guns, (over 400 ) that have been proven to be sold to, rouge cartel front men: fully organized by our own ATF.

      One was traced to the murder of Brain Terry.

      At least read the article (s) that Brain Terry was using bean- bag ammo to defend himself, a story certainly not exposed had it not been for his family that insisted, it be brought front and center, currently under investagation, by HLS.

      I'm certain you have a better description:

      but Isn't that like shooting a squirrel with a water pistol ?

      There IS the total disconnect about the entire handling of the border with no leadership from our Federal Government,

      to protect Americans first, and certainly those who are protecting us.

      Has anything changed in West, TX ? Are you and American rancher and farmer safer there, compared to two years ago?

      This is NOT about our rights to lock and load West , TX.

      This is about the act of a Federal agencies obstruction to put Americans protecting us, in certain harms way and in this case, death. I'm certain You, understnd that.

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