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  • Monthly Archives: February 2011

    Was Lincoln the Father of Big Government?

    On February 12, America will celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 202nd birthday, but will conservatives celebrate his legacy? Lincoln is a pivotal figure in American history, yet some conservatives are wary of him. Lincoln, the Left proclaims and the Right fears, is the father of big government. Conservatives shouldn’t be fooled. If … More

    Don't Be Fooled by Article V Conventions

    The idea that there might be a simple fix to all our problems has seduced many thoughtful and well-intentioned men and women over the ages. If only we could do this, then all would be well. We stand with our persevering friends and allies.  But let’s not be fooled.  By … More

    National Security Space Strategy 2011: Time to "Act" Instead of "Control"

    The unclassified summary of the National Security Space Strategy (NSSS) of the Obama Administration was released in January 2011. The NSSS is supposed to provide a guiding principle for the next 10 years for all government-related agencies that use the information provided by the U.S. space assets. Unfortunately, President Obama’s … More

    Federal Job Training Programs Plagued by Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement

    Help Wanted

    In the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, numerous unemployed but hard-working Americans have turned to federal job training programs. These programs, held up as a beacon of good government by politicians, are actually riddled with fraud, waste and mismanagement, according to a new report from … More

    What Happens When Economists Skip Econ 101

    Suppose the government forces a company to take all the money it would have paid person A and use it to hire person B instead. How many jobs have been created? If you said, “One direct job, one indirect job, and a number of uncounted induced jobs,” call the University … More

    An Opportunity to Defund Obamacare

    So far, the House GOP is not including Obamacare among the programs proposed for de-funding next week. Why not? Although the Appropriations Committee has produced a bill that de-funds many other programs, it does not undo the billions of dollars that the last Congress appropriated to implement Obamacare. That omission … More

    The Senate's Letter to Prevent the Space Code of Conduct: Issues Remain

    On February 2, 37 U.S. Senators signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seeking information about the Obama Administration’s reported plans to join the European Union Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities. The letter is a step in the right direction for the Senate, which needs to … More

    National Marriage Week: What the Collapse of Marriage Means for Children

    The decline of marriage in recent years not only signals trouble for the men and women missing out on the stability of the institution; it can also threaten the future success of children born outside the economic protection of marriage. The 41 percent of children born in the U.S. to … More

    Morning Bell: Bernanke Helps Defuse "Default"

    Our federal government is currently $14.1 trillion in debt. The vast majority of the American people believe this number is far too high and on track to go far higher. Fortunately, Congress created a mechanism to force itself to reexamine its spending habits when budget deficits got out of control: … More

    High Speed Funding in President’s Budget Means More Waste of Taxpayer Dollars


    Elected officials in Washington finally seem to get it that something must be done to reduce federal spending. Last week, House Republicans unveiled a plan to cut $74 billion from President Obama’s budget request for this year, and members of the Republican Study Committee have proposed an even more ambitious … More