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  • North Korea Outbreak Offers Opportunity for U.S.-China Cooperation

    News sources are reporting that North Korea is confronting a major outbreak of hoof-and-mouth disease. This virulent disease can be dealt with only by destroying infected stock and quarantining farms that are suffering the outbreak. Given the condition of North Korea’s food stocks, which have remained low, this additional disaster suggests that the North Korean situation may soon become even more dire.

    At the same time, the potential for this disease spreading to China—and beyond—offers an opportunity for Sino-U.S. cooperation. When the disease hit South Korea, beginning late last fall, Seoul scrambled to obtain sufficient vaccine for its livestock but has nonetheless suffered major losses. China, whose track record of combating SARS and avian flu is mixed at best, would likely suffer even more substantial losses if hoof-and-mouth disease were to spread from the Korean peninsula into Chinese rural areas.

    Washington has the opportunity to generate actual substantial cooperation with Beijing by offering assistance to Chinese agriculture and veterinary authorities in tracking outbreaks of the disease and coordinating treatment, as well as providing additional supplies of vaccine. Such measures would provide an opportunity for concrete progress in Sino-U.S. relations while endangering no U.S. national security interests.

    At the same time, such cooperation can serve as a reminder that North Korea constitutes a threat to Chinese well-being, and not simply as a source of political instability on the peninsula. North Korea’s opacity and backwards economy clearly put China at risk, including the health of its farms and its population. The U.S. government should take this opportunity to press the Chinese leadership on coordinating more closely in dealing with North Korea.

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    3 Responses to North Korea Outbreak Offers Opportunity for U.S.-China Cooperation

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Add Pakistan to that and yes, there is a lot of reason and purpose for the US and China to work together. The poeple of China loves America and moreover loves conservatives. Love him or not Nixon did wonders for America within the borders of China. The Chinese I know still have deep regard for Nixon as well as all other repubican presidents.

      I believe China can be a good place once the tyrant leadership yeilds to the desire of a more open government. The US has had the luxury of being the sole superpower for quite some time. It is not likely that will continue since China is building up. I think it would be beneficial economically, politically and for national security for the two countrys to work together.

      After saying all that, America shoudl not loose anything in this relationship. Our freedoms and liberties should be 100% intact.

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    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I wouldn't put it past China to use our Technology to introduce Hoof and Mouth into our cattle purposefully. China is cut throat when it comes to Economic War. Look at the American Shoe Industry? Gone to China! I still remember Mad Cow. Ask me, it was another Progressive attack on American Agriculture. We get them thrice a year whether we need them or not! Ask Toyota if Economics is dirty tricks?

      George Colgrove, I always appreciate your insights. China is our best hope if, and that is a big IF, they can afford to embrace Representative Democracy. No! Not just any Democracy! Representative Democracy. Nixon's gamble in China did pay off, they have State Socialism with greater Economic Freedom. Now China actually has more Economic Freedom than the United States! Now that we have a Totalitarian Dictatorship forming in the Obama Administration? It is a race. Will China beat America in the contest of genuine Liberty?

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