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  • The 38th Thwarted Attack: Bomber Uncovered by the Actions of Concerned Citizens

    Yesterday, the FBI arrested Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari for the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. His arrest marks the 38th successfully thwarted terrorist plot against the United States since 9/11.

    The FBI, with the help of concerned citizens, should be applauded for stopping the plot before it was able to mature. At the same time, it also highlights key failures of Congress and the Obama Administration in homeland security.

    According to the FBI, Aldawsari, a 20-year-old Saudi citizen and student at South Plains College in Lubbock, Texas, sent numerous e-mails to himself outlining “nice targets” for his planned attack. This ambitious list included military targets, dams, nuclear power plants, a nightclub, and the Texas residence of former President George W. Bush.

    The plot was uncovered when Aldawsari put in an order for a chemical needed to make his improvised explosive device. Both the chemical supplier and the freight shipping company became suspicious of the order and reported it to the FBI and local police.

    Surveillance of Aldawsari’s e-mails also turned up a list of further steps to carrying out his attack. These included acquiring a forged U.S. birth certificate and multiple driver’s licenses. In a plan somewhat reminiscent of last year’s attempted Times Square bombing, Aldawasari seems to have been intent on using these documents to obtain rental cars to use in vehicle bombings.

    Aldawsari’s arrest should make two things clear to the Administration and Congress. First, his attempt to acquire a fake birth certificate and multiple driver’s licenses clearly demonstrates the importance of the REAL ID program. While all states must be fully REAL ID compliant by this May, the Administration has allowed the program to languish over the past two years. This is a harsh blow to homeland security.

    Second, the nature of Aldawari’s plot shows just how important powers authorized under the PATRIOT Act and FISA are. By not acting promptly to renew the three sunsetting provisions of these acts, Congress is failing in its responsibility to protect the American people.

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    15 Responses to The 38th Thwarted Attack: Bomber Uncovered by the Actions of Concerned Citizens

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      "Bomber Uncovered by the Actions of Concerned Citizens"

      This service was for free by “we the people” – I wonder about the 37 other thwarted attempts. Exactly how were the overpaid feds part of those thwartings? I have read countless articles that say it was foreign investigators and detectives (who cost their countries far less than the US feds cost us) who were the ones who did the thwarting. We often were the Johnny-come-lately’s. The underwear bomber was "caught" because his bomb failed. The rest of this work was normal and regular police work. As stated by Heritage the policing powers are already available to local police departments.

      This work could have been done without giving a federal office any invasive powers any dictatorial future president would want. The local police departments can do the work.

      In times of needing to cut back, the FBI can easily be replaced by Federal Crimes Units (FCU) in every state and city police departments. By the definition of this new service, each FCU will be required to work with one another in cross state federal crimes of homeland security needs. If not needed the FCU will return to local police duties – thus no idle public employees.

      Extending your questions about these three abilities already found at the local level, why should the local police departments who employ far more talented and dedicated police officers and detectives at a fraction of the cost of a fed, should they have to wait for the feds to arrive and get caught up to the local investigative needs?

    2. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      You can add the unprotected, porous, southern border as another gross failure that is most certainly being exploited by Jihadis.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    3. Bobbie says:

      Thank goodness for the citizens and the actions taken by the FBI!

      Can we sue members of government for failing to do their job, as individuals in civil court? to hold accountable!?

    4. jeff, nyc says:

      Reapplying powers in times of emergency only – the patriot act abuses constitutional — and possibly human — rights – is the wrong thing to do.

    5. Martin, Abbotsford says:

      "His arrest marks the 38th successfully thwarted terrorist plot against the United States since 9/11"

      This is almost comical in the degree of error.

      You're talking about a 10 year period in a population over 300 million.

      There's 38 white supremacists stopped every single year building bombs and trying to blow up Jews, blacks, Latinos, etc.

      Why their pipe bombs and gas refinery mass murder plots apparently don't count is a little disturbing.

    6. Roger Baxter. Batavi says:

      Like most of the other attempted attacks that have occurred recently, this one was uncovered by concerned citizens, or people that were on hand at the time. None of this had anything to do with the unconstitutional "Patriot Act" or the damnable DHS. I cannot believe that Heritage continues to support these abominations. Consertvatives cannot continue to allow the continual erosion of our freedoms. Please give up on this.

    7. rice,US says:

      Umm yeah this guy was here legally on a student visa this has nothing to do with the border.

      He researched how to make bombs on the internet

      The former presidents house was only a POSSIBLE target

    8. Jill, California says:

      Bobbie, your question should be expanded …

      Can we sue these incompetent and corrupt government officials … and make sure that not one dime of taxpayer money is used for their defense?

      I'll be darned if I want my taxpayer money going to defend our current administration.

    9. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The problem is this political correct policy of not profiling because of the fear of the word "racist". The "1984" plot of a "Real ID program" is not only an infringement on all US citizens, but is completely useless if the Obama government does not screen every persons coming into our country with Middle East connections as well as close our Southern boarder. I am always amazed at those like this author, who are willing to expose every American to "show me your papers", but will not consider racial profiling to save American lives.

    10. Carol,AZ says:


      The answer is "yes;"

      All citizens, can sue the Federal Government, for failure to protect us.

      Recently filed by the State of AZ , our state is currently suing the Fed. Gov. for failure to protect all of the USA, by holding AZ hostage and NOT protect the unprotected S/W Border.

      We have a war going on in North America. Don't ever doubt it there.

      Also filed by the State of AZ:

      The Ranchers' Association, has filed a joint lawsuit for failure to protect their ability to run their ranches, that cut near the unprotected border areas. Some of these holdings are in excess of 2000 acres.

      This lawsuit stems from the murder of one rancher and recently another rancher being sued by illegal border crossers he found on his property.

      As an AZ citizen the law states;" Federal Agents have to interdict."

      The rancher correctly called the B.A.finding a number of illegals crossing his land.

      Before the illegals were deported they got a slimy immigration lawyer and claimed, "pain and suffering," in court.

      The lower court sided with the four illegals, awarding over $70,000 to be paid in damages .

      The case has been kicked up to the Circurit court , and hasn't been heard yet.

      One rancher testified: That in one year, he has found 18 dead bodies on his property also adding, " prayer rugs, paper work on bomb making" and other things too gross to mention.

      It' s has been up to AZ in all ways, to bring the rule of law, over this issue to the rest of America.

      Meanwhile Americans are dying on American soil and in also in MX.

      Thousands of Americans, that live on the borders areas and have made their living for generations, are living in fear, 24/7.

      The question must be answered once again hoiw long must this go on?

      What would you do there, if you were invaded by foreigners' form over 100 countries, representing every part of the world, What would you do if they moved- in to your home, your property and disallowed you to live and work where you live.

      That the place we have arrived at, here for over two years,over this issue.

      Our Constitutions grants us the God given rights, to live here in America without fear.

      To both posters from the great Sates fo VA:

      AZ thanks you, for your recently passed laws, and standing firmly in VA, over tighter enforcement on all issues in your state for State's Rights.

      Thank You my fellow Americans.

    11. Samuel says:

      America has been educating these bombers for years and will continue to allow them in America and in our schools. How stupid is the American government?

    12. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      What ever happened to common sense? How about a Constitutional Amendment that says Government Officials have to do sensible things and not do stupid things? Seal the border! We have been screaming about it for decades! Something so clearly common sense you could argue the government is negligent, even criminal in its failure! Gosh! Homeland Security should actually make the homeland secure! Do ya think? But Oh! No! Put border guards down there without weapons and without doing the work of guarding! Just call it 'security' never mind what it really is!

      I've had it! The Democratic Party was usurped by Communists and no longer Represents American interests. That is the only way to understand why they do so many stupid things! They aren't stupid! Progressives know perfectly well they are destroying the American way of life! They are failing to do their duty on purpose! Nothing else makes sense. That is why they defy Common Sense. They are disloyal, they are dedicated Communists who care nothing about Representative Constitutional Democracy!

      I think the whole Terrorist threat is just smoke screen so that Americans won't look at the real threat to National Security! Yeah! It is the Half Vast Left Wing Conspiracy taking over and making us all slaves.

    13. Bobbie says:

      Thank you Jill and Carol. class actions suing against individual members at the court costs paid out of the pockets of those treasonous government members derelict in their duties! Time for these criminals to pay for their crimes without other peoples' money! Wish we were in position to start the humiliation process…

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