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  • In Cuba, Castro Marks an Anniversary By Unleashing the Hounds

    As Muammar al-Qaddafi clings to power by ordering his troops to shoot on their Libyan compatriots, across the globe in the Caribbean one of his last remaining global buddies is doing his best to keep the lid on his own victims. Fidel Castro, presiding over the wreckage of what was once the thriving island of Cuba, stepped up repression today, the first anniversary of the hunger-strike death of a dissident leader, lest others take to the streets.

    Castro’s political police are imprisoning Cuban dissidents to prevent them from marking the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a simple bricklayer who was sent to prison on March 20, 2003, for “disobedience” (yes, an adult person can be so charged in Castro’s Socialist paradise for speaking his mind) and died on Feb. 23, 2010 — after two months on hunger strike.

    Blogger Yoani Sanchez, one of a handful of dissidents in Cuba to have access to Twitter, has been sending Tweets all day detailing who has been held under house arrest.

    According to Sanchez, such opposition figures as Jose Urbino, Zaldivar Maria Antonia Hidalgo, Caridad Caballer and Luis Felipe Rojas have been surrounded by government goons in the city of Holguin.

    Even the “Ladies in White,” a group of spouses of political prisoners who meet and march through the streets, their dignity held high in the face of heckles and punching by government goons, are being blocked from meeting today, according to Sanchez. She quotes Lady in White Berta Soler as saying that 13 of her fellow Ladies are being held by police inside a house and that other dissidents have had their ID papers taken away by police.

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    5 Responses to In Cuba, Castro Marks an Anniversary By Unleashing the Hounds

    1. William Downey, Worc says:

      The Castro brothers have obviously been paying attention to the Jasmine Revolution, and certainly are not going to encourage non-violent protests. Of course the greater fear is that a non-violent protest would turn into revolution as it did in Libya. The brothers must have some concern that the military would not support an order to fire on demonstators. The rank and file is afterall Cuban and have friends and relatives who disagree with the regime.

    2. John Minnesota says:

      Castro, a sorry legacy of the Kennedy era. So many have suffered and died, too many!

    3. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      You will not hear Obama say anything against these actions by Castro. Obama is incapable of making decisions on foreign policy. Heck, he can't make decisions on anything except not to enforce our laws.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Thanks for the update, Mike. Too bad so many evil things are going on that Americans are swamped! There is insufficient outrage because the truth of what is going on is so outrageous on so many fronts that we can never be outraged enough! You would think the Progressive Socialists would be bringing down Fidel and his brother, but no! They want to bring down Wisconsin, Illinois and California! Go figure! The abomination which is Cuba has been supported by the Obamamaniacs! The Left Wing just loves Che and Fidel! I am so sorry for the dissidents in Cuba, but I am really sorry for the loss of Representational Government in America! Cuba is our American future! That is what Obama has in mind for America! Let's not lose the fact, what Communism really means!

      Obama has set up his own Dictatorship in the Agencies! He is going after Americans in every conceivable way and against the Congress' specific Intent! Everything you said about Cuba is being done in America but it is False Prosecution, destroying Industry, and destroying Representative Government! It is just as sad for Americans to lose their jobs and homes and families. Federal Agencies coming down on Americans is just as horrible as Castro doing it! Or Hugo Chavez! The fact Obama is doing it doesn't make American repression somehow better.

    5. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Confiscate all the welth of Michael Moore since he believes in socialism and give him a one-way ticket to Cuba. Do the same to Soros. Those are bunch of communists that made money using the freedom of this country and capitalism. Let them get a taste of the Cuban paradise.

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