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  • Tales of the Red Tape #1: We See Dead People

    Images of bloodless corpses and gasping babies would have to cover at least 50 percent of each cigarette pack under regulation proposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although smoking rates have declined steadily for the past 40 years—down 52 percent since 1965—and every kindergartner can recite the evils of tobacco use, the FDA claims that current warnings are “ineffective.”

    According to the agency, there’s a “worldwide consensus” that tobacco health warnings should feature pictures of dead people. At least that’s the practice in the progressive places cited by the agency, including the Cook Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, and Romania.

    Given teens’ current obsession with all things zombie, the gruesome images will likely prove highly popular as collector’s items.

    Tales of the Red Tape is a special series on The Foundry that exposes some of the more egregious federal regulations that have multiplied by an unprecedented degree in the past year. Americans are now besieged by the torrent of do’s and don’ts that places an unsustainable burden on the economy and erodes Americans’ most fundamental freedoms. To learn more about this surge of red tape, visit The Heritage Foundation’s Regulations Page.

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    18 Responses to Tales of the Red Tape #1: We See Dead People

    1. Paula Brooks says:

      If I want to smoke myself to death… thats ok… but if I was control over my reproductive system…. thats not… got it.

      • "If I want to smoke myself to death… thats ok"
        You would merely be ridding Al Gore's world of a useless eater. No biggie.
        "but if I was control over my reproductive system…. thats not"
        Well, even today, some people are still squeamish about murdering children.

    2. Daron, Florida says:

      They can add anything they wish to the packs but it will not be effective against current smokers like me. As for teen smoking, the worse and more gruesome it is the cooler, that is the way it was when I was a teen eleven years ago, and that is the way it is now.

    3. Rainer says:

      Unfortunately, the link to the regulation doesn't work. Would love to see how they actually wrote this proposal!

    4. judy fine says:

      Put those same labels on bottles of alcohol! Show pic. of wrecked car with caption "family of 4 killed by drunk driver". Show statement saying causes cirrouses of liver and heart disease. Raise tax on alcohol too. Too many "up town" people drink; they'll never touch a seriou ban on alcohol because of the high class cliental they'd lose!

    5. Bobbie says:

      Where's the evidence? Where are all those death certificates that say the cause was due to second hand smoke? Or smoking at all?

      Obviously the intent is to make it cool looking so kids will keep smoking to pay the taxes the government really wants out of those cigarettes.

      If claims are going to be made by government, something of significance has to accommodate their claim. Where are all those tax monies from cigarette purchases really going? It's said that it goes into the costs of those whose health has been effected by smoking. I know for a fact it isn't applied to everyone that smokes. You have to be qualified beyond being a smoker? Government does it discriminatingly.

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    8. DarrenK, Tampa says:

      I am a non smoker. I am 48 years old. I have watched the Ad's about smoking and what it does all my life. Adding a picture to a warning is not going to make any difference.

      I am sure that the FDA will also be issuing pictures and warnings about abortion and it's dangers. Oh …never mind that's a womens' choice to do what she wants to that baby. We all know that abortion is safe and nothing ever happens….

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    10. Rick74, Manassas, VA says:

      All this does is open the market for cigarette pack holders (see your cell phone!) in team colors, zodiac signs, cartoon characters, favorite American Idols …

      … hey, wait, I feel a patent application opportunity happening here.

    11. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The whole Tobacco fiasco was Junk Science. You'll notice that in the Tobacco Settlement absolutely no Victims got money! Only the Captive Media benefitted! All that money went to support the Progressive Liberal Press with cheap Stop Smoking ads. It never was about the Victims! The Tobacco Industry was one of those reliable Cash Stocks! They paid Dividends! Any American could get a decent Stock Return on Investment, just buy Tobacco! It was a mainstay to the American Markets! Then! The Progressives and their RINO buddies all jumped aboard the gravy train! Get the money! Get the money!

      You will notice the macro economic fact that American Health did not improve when Tobacco use went down! No effect! No public healthcost bonus! If anything American Health got worse! Nope! It never was about Tobacco, health effects nor anything like that! It was all about stealing money (even from victims) and paying off the Captive Media!

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    17. Marie says:

      I am a Respiratory Therapist, I deal with the effects of people smoking everyday in my job. It is a horribly addictive habit and it is awful to watch people gasping to take a single breath. That is what smoking does for you……

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