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  • Morning Bell: Help Libyans Free Themselves from Qadhafi's Murderous Regime

    Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi, the longest ruling Arab leader, appears to be on the verge of becoming the latest authoritarian leader to be ousted by his own people.

    Massive crowds of protesters have taken control of Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city, and much of eastern Libya, long a hotbed of opposition to the regime. Libya’s repressive regime has reacted with ruthless violence, shooting at peaceful demonstrators from rooftops, helicopters, and warplanes. At least 233 Libyans have been killed since the protests began on Thursday, according to Human Rights Watch.

    Although Qadhafi once enjoyed substantial popular support on the Arab street due to his confrontational anti-American, anti-Western, and anti-Israeli policies, the mercurial Libyan tyrant had recently become irrelevant in regional politics and increasingly unpopular and isolated within Libya. The quirky Qadhafi, long-plagued by major mood swings, became a hated figure for many Libyans. His murderous police state created bitter resentment and fierce opposition, while his erratic regime wasted billions of dollars on white elephant projects and massive oil revenues monopolized by a corrupt elite. Despite Libya’s oil wealth, an estimated one-third of Libyans live in poverty. More than half the population is under 25 years old and faces a bleak economic future due to high unemployment, estimated to run about 20 percent.

    Urban middle-class youth have played a leading role in galvanizing popular opposition in Libya, just as they have in Egypt, Tunisia, and elsewhere. One of the common ingredients found everywhere there is political turmoil in the Middle East is the huge Arab youth bulge that has put enormous political stress on governments, like the proverbial elephant swallowed by a python. Authoritarian one-party states have not been able to keep pace with the growing demands of their impatient young citizens who are growing increasingly resentful of the misgovernment of corrupt and ineffective bureaucracies.

    The rising influence of young Arabs, assisted by new technologies that have enabled them to organize through social networking Web sites, has amplified the power of the demographic tidal wave, sweeping away unresponsive regimes that are unwilling or unable to meet the demands of this new generation for liberty, prosperity, and political participation.

    The Obama Administration has called for restraint by governments confronted by the legitimate demands of their own citizens. But it should distinguish between mildly authoritarian regimes in need of reform such as those in Jordan, Bahrain, and Morocco and the harshly repressive regimes led by mass murderers in Libya, Iran, and Syria.

    It is time for the Obama Administration to go beyond a call for restraint and demand that Qadhafi resign and stop murdering his own people. While Washington undoubtedly has less influence with Libya’s dictatorship and other anti-Western regimes than with pro-Western governments, it may have more influence with their oppressed people than is commonly recognized. At a minimum, an American call for Qadhafi to step down could influence Libyans sitting on the fence to come down on the side of regime change.

    It is time to test the proposition advanced by Syrian dictator Bashir Assad that only pro-Western regimes can be ousted by their own people. The Obama Administration should demand that Libya’s tyrant halt his mass murder campaign and depart Libya. If Qadhafi and his violent supporters refuse, as is likely, then Washington should work with like-minded allies and other countries to impose sanctions on the regime, support Libya’s opposition, and assist them in the difficult transition to a democratic government.

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    59 Responses to Morning Bell: Help Libyans Free Themselves from Qadhafi's Murderous Regime

    1. Robert A. Johnson Da says:

      It is long past time for the community organizer to be more than a puppet for the "progressives" at home. If he wishes to be thought of as other than one who wishes to destroy that which productive, moral people here in the US have built over the past two and a quarter centuries, he must drastically and rapidly change his mode of operation and objectives.

    2. BARB, MN says:

      Our government is being completely hypocritical….Hillary Clinton decrying the bloodshed in Libya…when the USA has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, has caused the deaths of over a million Iraqi civilians…and is spending over 15 BILLION a month on the war effort…while 12 to 15 million in the US are unemployed.

    3. ThomNJ says:

      Well, I hope that I am wrong – but I disagree with Heritage on this one. I say stay out of all the turmoil in the Middle East Arab nations – I think it is very likely to be a case of "be careful what you wish for". As much as I'd like to see a number of Middle Eastern despots taking a dirt nap; I would rather the enemy we know than more radical fundamental islam in its wake.

    4. Mary............WI says:

      The Muslim Brotherhood is still lurking in all these protesting Mid-east countries. I believe they will sell the youth a bill of goods by promising no more Sharia law but then turn around and rescind the sale so to speak. Is a caliphate developing? Sure looks to be a good possibility to me.

      And just a short note about the March 3rd protest in DC by Muslims living in this country…. I hope that our elected politicians will NEVER cave into the demand for an Islam state in America. This is OUR country and we abide by our Constitution for our laws……there will NOT be Sharia law in this country….the American people will NEVER allow it.

    5. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      What will we do -

      when the Whole Arab World is UNDER MUSLIM Control?

      Women – Wear that Burka.

    6. William Downey, Worc says:

      Administration policy is as usual one step behind the events. Our government leaders have to stand up and say enough is enough, stop killing your own people and go.

      Support those that advocate in what started as a non-violent revolution and help those in the Libian military who are strong enough to refuse to fire on fellow citizens.

    7. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      The youth in the Middle East want to advance their lives in to the 21st century, out of the Middle Ages Ruling Class System. Obama and Hillary Clinton want to throw the U.S. backwards and the rest of the world into the Middle Age Ruling Class system, Hillary as MA and Obama (Soros) as Pa.

    8. Ares says:

      Let's remember it was the Libyan government that brought down the PanAm jet. Our government didn't bail out PanAm and thus PanAm dissolved. Then the perpetrator was brought home to a heroes welcome. Libya is beginning to reap the fruits of their labor.

    9. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Barb – it’s Muslims killing Muslims that is the problem. A close friend served in Iraq and reports that citizens felt safe when US soldiers were present. Citizens would come to him daily and kiss the American Flag on his uniform. Now maybe he could have been the only one to experience this – but I doubt it. Unfortunately the rules of engagement hindered his ability to go after the enemy but with the help of other countries he got the job done. Also, name a conflict between two democracies in the last 20 centuries or so – or at least in the last three hundred years. Democracies don't attack other democracies. While I am not into nation building I feel that giving nations the opportunity for self determination is in the world’s best interest. Sadly, we seem to be the ones providing this chance.

    10. Charles, Texas says:

      If anyone is under the delusion that the removal of Qadhafi will result in a Jeffersonian democracy taking hold in Libya, the delusion will soon be replaced by the reality of yet another Islamic 'republic' that will be as repressive as the regime it displaces. The only person who can take any great pleasure in the Libyan horrors is UBL, whose own chamber of terrors is only another flavor of the totalitarian government of Qadhafi. We abandoned a relatively non-violent dictator in Egypt and cannot, without looking totally stupid, now support Qadhafi. Neither can we pretend that his removal will end well for the West. There is no place in the Middle East where the soil will grow seeds of democracy except, perhaps, Iraq, and that is probelmatic at best. We should stop supporting dictators solely for the oil they produce and start drilling in our own soil for its replacement. We cannot continue to ignore real-world facts. We need fossil fuels and we need them now. The only place we can get them without supporting totalitarian regimes is from under our own territory. For now, at least, 'green' won't cut it!

    11. Tony, Missouri says:

      History demonstrates that the rise of Islam is the result of one strong leader, needing an organized army to take over Saudi peninsula. The tribal influence is still present. With the advent of instant communications and desire for liberty among the young, male and female is flaming this situation. Be assured for it to work a strong leader must emerge in their midsts. That need for a strong leader has been the heart of their dictatorships! How to comprimise. Barb in Nn. Note that suicide bombers have killed more civilians on purpose than the misdirected effects of troops attempting to assist! Check todays paper!

    12. Jim-MN says:

      It looks as if our boy Pres is getting cornered on about 5 different fronts. Do you ever notice that the boy wonder Pres goes AWOL when the jig is up for him? Voting Present will not work for him like it did in his past and limited political career.

      This trim back the Unions issue spreading across the country are going to finally do him in. The Obama Puppet of George Soros will not be saved by spinning the government shut down next week. It is the Progressives last stand to the reality of the Liberal & Progressive ideology bankruptcy. They have been exposed. By the Tea Party masses which are the common sense people that have finally said enough is enough.

      Gas will get to $4.00+ / gal by Memorial Day. Starting the beginning of the deepest recession this country has ever seen by Sept11. The boy wonder Pres will be powerless to turn around.

      Impeachment proceeding are not far behind for Boy Pres. and his Czars

      Hey Barb-MN. How do you like those cookies? We will also take back the State of MN from parasites like yourself who prey upon us producers to support your subsidized life style. Tax the evil rich as your battle cry will no longer work for you Liberal and foolish Dems. We are now coming after you.

      Does it not feel great and make us proud as the new generation of Conservative leadership begins to emerge across the country. The biggest story that has gone un-reported is the coming power of the Republican State legislators. It’s about time they show some balls and stand up to both Marxist Dems & confront the Unions, but more importantly, to the stuck on stupid liberal media.

      If all the Dems can do is run away with their football and go crying to the biased Media plays right into our conservative agenda. Such fools the Dems must think of our voting public.

      The populous is with you Reps. Take it to em..

      Is it not ironic that the Progressives dream President will be the person responsible for the demise of its all controlling Union base.

      It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

    13. CE DEMOSS says:

      I have empathy for the Libyan people, but the problem is a internal and we should not be involved. They will not welcome our advice or interference. It would serve us well to stay out, as history has shown clearly.

    14. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      It's disturbing that this conservative group endorses the US again get mired down neck deep in another Middle Eastern country. Does the HF not understand that these battles have ben raging for hundreds, if not thousand of years. This upheaval throughout the middle east is not about freedom or democracy. It's about tribal and religious disputes. Going back to Jimmy Carter, what good have we done by getting involved except waste thousand of lives and billions of dollars. Is their any doubt that Iraq will return to whatever it was before we invaded despite the reasons we went in in the first place. We should stay the hell out of whatever happens in the Middle East. Hasn't our envolvement with two bit dictators proven that by this point in time. Will we not learn from our mistakes!

    15. Johnny King, Marion, says:

      Please don't be fooled by what you hope for these people. The Islamic Brotherhood began this and is a massive move to take over governments throughout the the far and mid east, into the west of Europe. The blind diplomats fail to realize that the suffering masses will still be suffering masses only with more brutal government that you have seen to date. No there are no history of the time when Islam took over the area in the past because they destroyed the libraries, the learned, the story tellers. Please, don't support what you don't understand. Sure give them democracy; don't trade a dictatorship for a Islamic regime. We should have eliminated the islamic terrorist where they stood in 2001. But we cowardly hid behind legal precedence. And summoned the demons that will end us. Pray we can wake up the patriot and defend ourselves from the coming onslaught.

    16. garry hoover arkansa says:

      let the people over there settle their difference an if they want the U.S. help afterwards then helh them. but untill then leave them a lone. just saying if you can see.

    17. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Now, more than ever, Barry O and his gang better reaffirm the United States pledge to unconditionally support Israel.

      Once the dictators are toppled, the 'brotherhood' will, more than likely, move in to take control. Once controlled by dictators, to be soon controlled by religious zealots.

      The devil they had may not be as bad as the devil they get…

    18. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Let's do what we did in Eastern Europe after the Berlin Wall came down and send experts in to help the Libyans, Tunisians, Algerians, Bahrainis, Iranians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Yemenis, build a civil society.

    19. Jim Patterson, Dulut says:

      The US has always been generally too timid to support freedom around the world. Now is the time to come out of our shell and support those seeking freedom in the Arab countries and also in Iran.

    20. inverbrass says:

      Send Obama to Lybia. Nothing he can do will make the situation worse as opposed to his continuing to destroy our country by remaining here. He should be right at home in a third world cesspool.

    21. Erik, TX says:

      Barb, your figures are greatly inflated. Almost as much as your obvious self-loathing for our country. A country that goes to ridiculous extremes to avoid civilian deaths. Saddam and jihadists killed far more Iraqis ON PURPOSE than we ever will by accident. I for one am glad President Bush took the fight "over there" and kept more AMERICANS from being added to the following…

      Roughly 65,000 civilians have died in Iraq since 2003. In that time, there were also roughly 40,000 teen driving related deaths here in the US, nearly 1,000,000 total accidental deaths here in the US, and about 10 million people who have died from heart disease and cancer in the US during that same time span. Lets keep the completely regrettable, but accidental civilian death toll in Iraq in perspective Barb.

      BTW, Thank you to the roughly 7000 US service people who gave the last full measure of devotion to our great country while serving FREEDOM in Iraq and Afghanistan!!!!!! It's a debt that we will never be able to fully repay. You brought down regimes that helped launch 9/11 and tortured, gassed and enslaved their own people. Regimes that made Qadhafi look like a boy scout. Lets hope the people of Libya can bring down their hitler without outside intervention.

      Barb, since you're so concerned for the "millions" of innocents in the middle east, why didn't you mention the millions of women who have limited/no rights and are treated like dogs in that part of the world? Seems to me you don't truly care about the innocent people there, you just like taking pot shots at your own country.

    22. Erik, TX says:

      Barb, the war cost the US $4.3B a month in 2010. Less than $2B a month this year. Let me know where to send it and I'll mail you $10 to cover your portion for the year. :)

    23. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      Hey Barb… While I abhor the taking of all innocent life anywhere. get your facts straight. A large number of the million killed in Iraq, were killed by their own! Ever heard of suicide bombers? And by the way the so called million killed is a made up, totally unsbstanciated number made up by anti American propagandists.No armed forces anywhere at any time in world history have been as careful{often leading to the death of US soldiers} to aviod the taking of innocent life as the US armed forces.

    24. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      Americas call to free Libya comes with a hollow voice……who will listen and why. What will the President offer besides words of rederick. It is times like this that he shows his confusion and lack of ability to lead. I'm sure he wishes he was back in Chicago "organizing" the community.

    25. Jason, Indiana says:

      Secretary Clinton is being hypocritical for more than issue, but rather every other situation that has come up where this administration "waffles" on whether to back or not back uprisings. IT'S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!! If the people feel that strongly in those countries, they will be successful in creating a new government. Besides, they are too busy organizing protests here in our country against our own governments…

    26. Jack Joyce, Buffalo, says:

      You have to take it as you find it. Diplomatically this means as long as the other country does us no harm and continues to give us access to trade to and from us, especially when the "to" represents vital commodities, e.g. oil, we have a situation compatible with our "vital national interests".

      However inasmuch as the core of our national being is the principle of self-determination as expressed in a democratic republic we find ourselves remaining unsettled even though our "material" vital interests are protected when nations we deal with in such "satisfactory" relationships happen to be governed by regimes inimical to freedom of any kind.

      And so to the middle eastern turmoil where simplistic sloganeering will not apply, i.e. "we must help the people in their legitimate bid for democracy" because the upheaval may simply exchange one authoritarian yoke for another.

      The Muslim Brotherhood is just one expression of a pan-Arab move to unification, be it the Caliphate or another version of Islamic empire.

      It is time to confront the basic incompatibility between Islam and the principle of self-determination.

    27. Ron Homan Dumfries, says:

      Who is behind the curtain? Too many facts to adequately analyze the situations occuring all over the Islam countries. I suspect Iran, The Muslim Brotherhood in concert with the Trilateral Commission and Council of Foreign relations all have their fingers in the pie.

    28. John, US says:

      I think it more appropriate that the administration aggressively lobby the UN to lead (especially those heavily invested in Libya: Britain and Italy) and then to make such statements. After the Lockerbie slap in the face, Britain owes us one.

    29. Jim Delaney says:

      For the most part, I agree with this article.

      However, I honestly believe it borders on wishful thinking at best and delusional at worst to expect that the logical or otherwise inevitable outcome of these uprisings will be democracy. I wish it were so, but knowing the mindset in those countries, it would require a huge leap of faith on my part to expect such a pleasant end.

      I pray I'm dead wrong.

    30. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      Jack Joyce says it well when he asks, "What are our vital interests?" Unless that question is answered accurately, we must not get involved.

      Furthermore, taking Heritage advice on this subject is pure hypocrisy when we give China a pass and go weak-kneed on Iran.

      Heritage, I'm disappointed with your shallowness of thought.

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    32. randydutton says:

      Drill our own oil NOW. The US cannot greatly affect the result of this turmoil. We should reduce our dependence on unstable countries, and ensure our own stability first.

      No matter what the US does, it will be turned into a negative. Let the Europeans assist the Arab states, let Americans fix our energy crisis.

    33. STEVE, MASS says:

      OBAMA doesn"t have the kahunas to demand that Muammar Qadhafi step down from his position in Libya. I believe that you are correct that American influence in that part of the world is nil to non=existent. However, if we had an American president who was presidential demand that Qadhafi step down, then Liyan's who might be on the fence would join in the protest to remove Qadhafi.

    34. STEVE, MASS says:

      A follow up to my previous comment is that Obama has spent so much time degrading the U.S. and apologizing for the past (supposedly transgretions) that few world leaders (if any) actually respect Obama and American Policy.

      Also, if anyone thinks for one moment that what is happening in that part of the world couldn't happen here, they need to step back and look at what is now happening within the progressive strongholds.: i.e. Wisconsin for one.

    35. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I KNOW what Politicians are like,

      and I KNOW what Teachers are like.


      WHO do YOU side with?


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    37. Henry,Illinois says:

      The Libyan conflict should be left to the people there to sort it out themselves.The regime in Washington is WAY over it's head when it comes to foreign policy from the community organizer (who is busy flying around in his $150,000/hour air taxi) down to the impotent Sec.of State Clinton who cannot keep her facts straight day to day.

    38. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      "It is time for the Obama Administration to go beyond a call for restraint and demand that Qadhafi resign and stop murdering his own people."

      "Demand?" What do the American people demand?

      It would be far better if Resident Obama were to himself, take that advice to heart and resign his own illegitimate reign, as he does not hold the mandate of the American people, due to his abject and willful failure to provide documents in support of his alleged American citizenship.

      The American people are very resentful of the hostile corporate takeover of their government, which has been in place since the illegal establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

      The American people are tired of serving as debt slaves to a central molesting bank, through the unholy subjugation of the Amerian way of life to usury, under the whims of the international bankers, who control our monetary system–and by extension, our national destiny.

      Now that a Manchukuo puppet emperor of David Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations is posing as president of the United States of America, nothing would be more glaringly hypocritical of this nation than for a known usurper to be giving "advice"–as if he were an elder statesman– to anyone.

      Resident Obama has shamed the nation by his many apology tours, bowing before foreign potentates and the excesses of his wife, who more closely resembles Marie Antoinette, insofar as both of the Obamas regard public service as a permanent White House vacation.

      Further, Obama has directly thwarted the will of the American people to secure the border from invasion, by the hostile foreign power of Mexico. He has erected a multitude of new offices, which eat out the substance of the people, by establishing petty fiefdoms ruled by "czars."

      He has taken the sovereignty of our country into question, by running tattle-tale to the United Nations with claims that the very same nation which elected a black president– and granted him the honor and prestige of high political office, with vast realizations of power–is somehow "racist" for wanting to secure the territorial integrity of the nation.

      This dereliction of duty is directly responsible for the spurious legal suit initiated by eleven foreign powers, including Mexico. On Mon., Oct. 4, 2010, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted these Central and South American nations the right to sue Arizona.

      This is what happens when a nation must surrender its sovereignty to purview, or invasion by the world body.

      George Washington advised against all foreign entanglements, so the United States of America should keep all of it good "advice" for itself and provide a model for the world–which it has NOT.

      This nation is at the precipice of total financial ruination, under the deliberate mismanagement of the nation's banking system.

      Since the inception of the Federal Reserve, the dollar has eroded 97% in value and Americans are now witness to the banks and corporations growing up around them, as they contemplate their own homelessness in the country their forefathers conquered.

      The American people serve as vassals under United Nations directives. That very same world body is the phony storefront of the international bankers, who impose their oligarchy over a deliberate and revolutionary people.

      The American people are NOT interested in whether or not Libya has "democracy" to elect a radical Islamic state.

      Let us be clear about this matter and let us also be clear about who or more properly "what" occupies the White House.

      Anyone who imagines that this nation–in its present state of moral and financial breakdown–has the right to impose its failed standards over other regimes, is barking up the wrong tree and it is clearly NOT the Liberty Tree.

    39. RUTH SC says:

      I am all for helping other nations who have innocent people being killed because I have Jewish blood in me and do not want to see another country treat it's people like Hitler did the Jews. If we stand by and do nothing at all then we could be sending a message to the people of Libya that we don't care as long as it is them and not us. The world turned a blind eye to Hitler for a long time before anyone would go in and help, Lest we forget, we could be facing the same situation here and would want any help from anywhere to keep people from being slaughtered. As far as "all that money for the wars", just remember our military is a volunteer, paid military and while war is a terrible thing, the jobs are at a good rate of pay with lots of benefits to the families. In our present state, just what do you think a couple hundred unemployed military people would do when they come home? And what would keep the terrorists from invading this country again. Forget the Michael Moore farst of films he made a fortune on, The fact is those people do not want our people to live, so we need to be "over there" to keep the worst of the battles from turning into more of 9/11 events, and make no mistake, they get smarter every time we foul their plans, so without our military in place, we would be facing libyan type battles in our own streets. We are our brothers keepers, like it or not. And our dependency on oil will keep us in the battle. Until we find a way to become independent of the Arab world, we can look for these things to continue. God bless our men and women in uniform, and God bless the united States of America. We should all be on our knees thanking God it is not happening in our country.

    40. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      What should we do about Libya? That's a very complex question with no simple answers. The thing is, with all the experts in the State Department, and their subsidiary the CIA, why didn't they have a contingency plan for any of this. Not Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, nada. It isn't like the Muslims haven't announced their intention to spread the Caliphate throughout all formerly Muslim lands in the Med.

      Just a heads up. Doesn't Spain have 20% or so unemployment? Wasn't Spain partly Muslim before they kicked them out? State Department take notice.

    41. Al, Glenwood says:

      America will have to wait until the dust settles on the Middle East. However, we must continue to stand with the Jews to allow them to protect themselves. I don't think we should take up arms in any other Muslim country. Provide arms? Yes. To the right people. The citizens of those countries, if they see fit, will embrace whoever provides the most freedoms. I agree with the posters above condemning "Barb" and hope she returns to defend her position.

    42. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I agree we need to stay out of it. Years ago an ancestor of mine and a President along with another who was President wrote a paper that needs to be honored today THE MONROE DOCTRINE, we cannot solve everyone's problems while we let out defences down and do not protect our own borders. We need to protect our citizens when in other countries, thus we have Embassies and consulates, on the other hand people need to curtail their travel to these hostile countries until this whole mess is settled. One way or another it will come to an end, these people have been fighting each other for thousands of years, what makes anyone think we can stop them now, just keep them off our shores.

    43. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      Today you have written, "It is time for the Obama Administration to go beyond a call for restraint and demand that Qadhafi resign and stop murdering his own people." AMEN and AMEN! You re right. However, another question begs to be asked. "If President Obama were to demand this of Lybia's President (and I doubt he would), do you really believe that he would then demand the same of others, e.g. Iran's, China's and N. Korea's murderous leaders? Hmmmm?

    44. Erik, TX says:

      Ken from Lost Wages, How is your question germane to the subject?

      Since you asked, I "side" with the people who PAY the teachers and were wise enough to elect the representative politicians and charge them with getting the state budgets in line.

    45. Dave W. Provo. UT says:

      Unfortunately the US can do little to help the people of Libya because they are composed of tribes with a history of centuries killing each other and competing muslim sects. Which tribe or sect would we side with? Ken for over 20 years I had to belong to the teacher's union and 1/2 half of my dues went to the national NEA who decided with out local input where they would spend the money–very little ever spent on helping children learn but a lot spent to buy political candidates. It was gross taxation with out representation.

    46. Kenny says:

      Doesn't anyone find it a huge coincidence that the revolt in Libya comes roughly a week after Qadhafi spoke of a peaceful revolt against the genocidal, zionist, occupying forces of israel??

    47. Kenny says:

      oh one other thing…after reading thru some of the comments here I see that the muslim brotherhood is being blamed for the unrest. I wish everyone that feels that way would check out this article on wikipedia about the lavone affair…..here is the link and I am sure it will open your eyes….. http://bit.ly/i2dZUP

    48. Therese Kelly El Caj says:

      I fear for my Country.The Unions must be told in no uncertain terms,their day of goughing the rest of us is over.Then we need to IMPEACH the community organizer in chief who has been a disaster at all levels.I am fed up.

    49. Geppetto, NC says:

      This all sounds very encouraging, getting behind the downtrodden and oppressed Libyan youths realization of a long suppressed dream of freedom and democracy, except there is one glaring problem ignored in the gist of this argument. As throughout the Levant the "freedom" that the majority of the youth in the Middle East want is the implementation of Sharia and inclusion of the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood who stand to make huge political gains from the tumult in the region, who are strongly allied with Iran and sworn enemies of the West; in particular, America and Israel. I suspect we'd best be careful what we wish for. We may be witnessing the beginnings of a determined and likely violent attempt to establish a global Caliphate and that's where we should be directing our attention.

    50. Hermes C Liberty says:

      Qaddafi is a dictator, no doubt about it. Iranian regime also. A profound reflexion is however needed about what is going on in the so called arab world. Is this surge something spontaneous or is it undergroundly organized by malicious people? In this case it would be wise not to applause rapidly as this could be the beginnings of what some might understand as the would be one world religion whose tentacles are right here in the US.

    51. Kate says:

      The U.S. needs to, as much as possible, stay out of the internal squabbles and domestic discord of Middle Eastern countries (and all others). It's not our role to either support or oppose the uprisings in Libya. The President should remain silent on this subject, rather than speaking, and risking saying something that will make the situation worse.

      And the solution to the U.S.'s oil needs is not to support foreign dictators. The solution is to drill in our own country, and off our own shores, and to trade with friendly nations (e.g. Canada, Mexico).

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    53. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Several issues have been addressed in the comments.

      An impeachment is the order of the day, but on what grounds? Our President (and I use both of those words loosely) is very weak, did not and still does not have the qualifications, the experience, or the "know how" to be President of the USA. He is weak on solving our economic/unemployment problem. He is weak on foreign relations, which brings us to the next issue.

      Yes, Obama should diplomatically (if possible) ask Qadhafi to step down. Qadhafi's days are limited. This would send a message to the Libyan people that we are supporting them without putting too much at stake right now. We will be needing to work with the people as a source for our oil, which brings us to another issue.

      Obama must initiate and support drilling in the United States and its shores. The ban on drilling must be lifted. One accident, as bad as it was (which he has not handled timely, or the people he appointed, to help the victims of the BP accident) should not curtail future drilling. Drilling will take place in other areas of the world while we are sitting here whining about BP, Get busy, get the process going to assist those who are suffereing, and get it behind us. Obama is famous for sitting on his "uh-huh" while the world is passing us by. He could not survive in a war – you cannot think for days, leave and go make speeches while trying to decided whether to shoot or be killed.

      The price of oil controls so much of our daily lives – at the gas pumps for those who must drive to get to their jobs; transportation and trucking costs for products to be delivered to wholesale and retail businesses causing the price of those goods that consumers must purchase to go higher and higher; the products that are made from oil and its derivatives. Oil is as vital to our lives as the water we must have to drink and to grow produce and to manufacture products; as vital as the sun in the sky; as vital as the necessary good weather conditions for farmers to raise needed produce.

      Another issue raised in the comments, which is not relevant to the Qadhafi situation, concerns the unionizing of teachers. (1) Certain jobs do not qualify to be unionized – teaching is one of those (2) In the beginning, Unions were an asset to the workers in the United State, however, they have caused products to cost more money resulting in the consumer supporting foreign trade by purchasing cheaper, foreign-made products and caused companies to re-locate to other countries where labor is cheaper resulting in higher unemployment in the United States, and (3) Research the salaries and benefits that the teachers are drawing now.

      Waiting for Impeachment. Can't be soon enough.

    54. Geppetto, NC says:

      With regard to my comment yesterday here's an article by Raymond Ibrahim, an American Islamic scholar of Egyptian descent, regarding the Egyptian experience since 1952 and the ominous future it faces should the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power as is quite likely. While this is about Egypt it is, in my view, endemic to the entire Arabic region of which he speaks; from Morocco to Iraq.


    55. Norm Klevens says:

      Let have an uprising in our own country; its coming in 29 states whether we like it or not. The right arm of the president's team, the unions, who yes, there Ken, includes the teachers, who are just trying to protect the students, are about to appear before state capitols to say they want taxes raised so they can get an increase in pay & benefits. Obama, in his infinite wisdom, is kicking our allies and cozing up to adversaries. He admires leaders in Libya, Iran and the brotherhood is his friend. He tells the leader in Egypt, who has been an ally to go and is silent on Libya. He is not about to go beyond – "gee stop hurting your people" cause he said America has been arrogant. For people like Barb, we cannot wish that attacks do not occur and cost much more than the two theaters of today's battles If the brotherhood inserts itself in the governments, as is their purpose, future presidents, who do love this country, unlike the present occupier, will have tough decisions to make.

    56. Johanna Roberts says:

      Kenny on February 22nd, 2011 at 3:38pm said:

      oh one other thing…after reading thru some of the comments here I see that the muslim brotherhood is being blamed for the unrest. I wish

      Very interesting site. It would be even more interesting if that was the only incident on either side for the past 60 years. Kenny, in my opinion, you are fishing blindfolded, in the wrong pond.

    57. william Childress says:

      I doubt that BHO will do anything about the situation in Libya. . BHO should send the American soldiers to liberate those people. Idon'tthink that the Obama administration has what it takes to do anything . Just like with Iran. they have no respect for our country because of the liberal administration in powere.

    58. Steve S. California says:

      kenny, say what you will, it does not change the fact that the muslim brotherhood is real and dangerous. Read the muslim brotherhood project and it's history, they don't just plan on establishing a new caliphate in Muslim lands. The "project is their master plan for taking over this country. And if you paid attention to current affairs in Europe in particular, you would also find proof of the size and scope of their plan. Just because the Israelis tried to set them up doesn't mean that the brotherhood is innocent. bad logic there, my friend.

    59. Hermes C LIBERTY New says:

      It is advisable to be very prudent about what is happening in the Arab countries and by the way in Lybia. Suppose that highpoliticians; some particular Magicians decide to raise a "One World Religion" long conceived plan. Isn't logic then that they-among many other pawns already placed-surge "unrest in those countries they want to be the backbone of this project"? The Iranian would be exception then makes sense and the Lybian example is their counter exception; the part of the crime that they did not evaluate because a crime is always imperfect. Angry one of them could, using natural Law and ruse, accompany the Japanese tsunami, meaning subtly put much more power on the explosions (remember they are Magicians) another would be pawn in the world chessboard's positioning of the moment. An astute observer; the one who thinks outside the box would find these remarks worthy of scrutiny and investigation. Reality is mostly disguised and the conventional wisdom left as a good poison for the common man.

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