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  • Judge to Obama Administration: Get Moving on Drilling Permits

    The Obama Administration hasn’t had their boot on the neck of just BP but also the entire Gulf economy. Federal Judge Martin Feldman is now doing the same to the Obama Administration.

    A few weeks after Feldman held the Interior Department in contempt of court for ignoring his ruling to put an end to the job-killing drilling moratorium, he ordered the Interior Department to get moving on new permits one way or the other. Judge Feldman gave the Administration 30 days to act on five permits, emphasizing that the Administration has been sitting on these permits for four to nine months when Interior routinely processed the permits in two weeks’ time. Feldman wrote: “[T]he government is under a duty to act by either granting or denying a permit application within a reasonable time. Not acting at all is not a lawful option.”

    Part of the problem is merely confusion. CNN Money reports that with respect to some permits, “the government said four of the five applications are not technically before it. They were sent back to the applicant to correct problems, according to the court ruling. The applicant said it was never alerted about problems with its requests.” But in any case, the economic effects are real.

    If you want proof that the Administration’s decisions are inflicting real economic harm, look no further than Houston-based Seahawk Drilling. The small offshore drilling company that conducted most of its operation in shallower waters is seeking bankruptcy and selling its assets because of the significant drop in permits. Seahawk Chief Operating Officer Randy Stilley wasn’t shy about criticizing the Administration for dragging its feet on the permitting process: “The decision by regulators to arbitrarily construct unnecessary barriers to obtaining permits they had traditionally authorized has had an adverse impact not only on Seahawk, but on the sector as a whole.” In Obamanomics, instead of a job saved or created, does this count as a job wasted or destroyed?

    As the only country in the world that places a majority of its territorial waters off limits to oil and gas exploration, at the very least we should be drilling in the areas where we do have access. In fact, one of the important takeaways from chapter 4 of the President’s oil spill commission report was that the BP oil spill was not a systemic problem but rather a sequence of missteps that led to the blowout. As my colleague David Kreutzer emphasizes, what took place on April 20 should lead not to a complete revamping of permitting and drilling procedures but instead to a system to enforce good practices. A liability system that properly aligns risk with behavior would only reinforce and strengthen those good practices. And it’s time to listen to the judge’s orders and start issuing permits.

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    28 Responses to Judge to Obama Administration: Get Moving on Drilling Permits

    1. Charles Kyriacou says:

      It's really unfortunately we have a president who truly is detroying our way of life. This man is truly for wealth distribution, he's been taught and brain washed at a young age to believe capitalism is evil and unfair.

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    3. Andre says:

      Well, he is certainly right in his belief that capitalism is unfair, but what in life is truly fair? You can't force everyone to be fair. You can only force the haves to carry the have nots. That will only make the haves less productive and the have nots to believe there is no sense in being more. Why should they if they are being taken care of already? We were all created equal, but honestly there are some of us that are just plain better (in some ways) than alot of others. Should I feel ashamed of my natural advantage? If God created me this way it was for a reason, so who is man to say otherwise?


    4. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      The argument is always posed as The Haves against The Have Nots. In most of the world, this is accurate. In this country, not so much. Here it is The Will Dos against the The Won'ts, The Can'ts and The Who, Me?s

    5. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      Obama sent billions of dollars to Brazil and Mexico, so they can develop their off-shore drilling. Seems like Obama wants everyone else to drill for oil, while he continues to promote his job killing green energy here at home.

    6. Bette, NJ says:

      Why isn't more being done to Obama and Holder who are harming the American people. Especially with what is going on in the mid-east it is even more important to drill are own oil for our own consumption. Every day I recognize my country less and I feel broken hearted and helpless.

    7. Dobrze, St Michael M says:

      This whole thing makes me sick. With all the turmoil in the middle east, we ought to be drilling every where and as soon as we can.. I think we should put as much pressure on the president to lift the ban on drilling as soon as possible. Since he is the most destructive president in history, he must be defeated at the ballot box in 2012.

    8. Barbara says:

      True to Obama's actions, not words, he will ignore the judges order regarding the moratorium. It appears he has a disregard for the job's destroyed in the gulf as well as the law.

    9. Ace Sez Bishop. Cali says:

      There is no other way to describe President Obama than totally 'anti American!

      There sin't one single thing you can point to that shows he isn't determined to destroy the USA as the greatest Nation in history–he has done nothing–absolutely nothing to improve conditions–exactly the opposite.!

      I truly wish he would die tomorrow of natural causes–or whatever?

    10. JaxTico Jacksonville says:

      Why does any company in the United States acquiesce to the unlawful regulations this administration hands down? A federal judge has already approved the drilling. What would president hussain do? Would he send in the Coast Guard? Would the Coast Guard obey an unlawful order? Would any law enforcement agency attempt to detain anybody for not breaking any laws? I certainly hope that American law enforcement would not turn on law abiding Americans simply because they were ordered to do so. We are a nation of laws, not men! We are not a 3rd world nation! We will not be harassed by our government! We must stand up for ourselves against this very un-American progressive administration that has ripped control of our government away from We The People. freewethepeople.com

    11. Gene Stevenson, Bluf says:

      I'm a consulting petroleum geologist & work in the Four Corners area, but mostly Utah where significant oil & gas has been extracted from Federal lands (mostly administered by the BLM), but approval of permitting applications to drill on bona fide federal O&G leases has come to a standstill since November, 2008 (hmmm?) A small Farmington, NM company I have worked for has now spent over $220,000 attempting to get a single approved permit to no avail. The regional BLM office might as well have a "Sierra Club" sign hanging out front, as applications are protested by enviro-groups faster than you get a response from the BLM (who's reading who's mail?) We can't even go back in to producing wells without months of foot-dragging, so we build our inventory of future wells to drill, whenever that time is? (we assume it will be after 2012 elections).

    12. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      BHO thinks everything is unfair except when it comes to him and his family, he's keeping his salary, flies all over the world at OUR expense, his family vacations several times a year, they ride in a gas hog, fly in Marine one 1 Andrews, spend more money on one vaction in Spain than most make in many years of work, I could go on. NOW we need to wake up and drill here and refine here in USA, break away from OPEC, secure OUR BORDERS and put America and Americans FIRST, then we can look and see if OUR ALLIES, not our enemies, need help. The old adage"Charity begins at home" needs to be heeded.

    13. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Is DOI going to play this game where they ignore a court order by telling Feldman that they don't have the permits while other operators/drillers wait and either go out of business or move out of the Gulf?

      Is DOJ going to run interference for HHS by asking Vinson's court to clarify his ruling while HHS continues to enact Obamacare and issue waivers?

      Is FCC going to play this game where they ignore a court order and enact internet regulations even after Congress passed nothing?

      When Bush exceeded his role as President and courts stopped him, he followed their ruling and tried to solve problems with Congress. When Obama exceeds his role as President, he simply marches onward to utopia as if this were a one-branch government.

    14. FairfaxKen says:

      Thanks to the BHO regime, we are up to $3.17 a gallon for gas now on our way to what?? $4.00, $5.00?? Let's all get together and thank BHO and his Dem buddies by getting rid of them and getting an Administration that lets us use our own Gas and Oil reserves and not depend on the Middle East.

    15. Jane Marker says:

      Who is a bad guy at DOE?:

      Steven Chu works for the Nuclear industry and steers support away from wind, hydrogen, electric and geothermal. He is a master of

      the delay tactic. His utter refusal to meet with reform groups or even members of Congress regarding process and ethics issues and

      his adversarial approach to OMB requests shows what he is about: Protecting his nuclear power friends.

      Steve Rattner was the head of the car funding program and has already been charged with criminal actions. He made the backroom deals with Detroit.

      Lachlan Seward ran the cut-offs on all DOE funding to make sure only his Detroit friends got money.

      Matt Rogers and Steve Spinner were Steven Chu's friends from McKinsey Consulting who helped keep the lid on the insider deals and make sure only the Chu "friendlies" got the money.

      Steve Silver was brought in as a "fake VC" to pretend like he was going to fix things but he just serves as a figurehead to sign off

      on corrupt deals flowing past him.

      Phil Tobin manipulates the Loan Gaurantee program to benefit Nuclear friends and lock out others.

      Rod O'Conner conduits funding & support, for Mr. Chu, away from wind, hydrogen, electric and geothermal.

      Cathy Zoi supported the corrupt administration efforts.

      Kristina Johnson ran the paperwork for the corrupt administration efforts.

      Scott Harris keeps the contracts and legal reviews steered towards oil and nuckear friends and avoids investigation requests.

      James Markowsky is a direct conduit for the oil companies.

      Warren F. “Pete” Miller Jr is a direct conduit for Steven Chu's nuclear agenda.

      Cynthia Anderson, DOE-EM's head of stimulus work who ran corrupt funding through the Savannah project.

    16. Carol, Boston says:

      This president – and his ENTIRE administration is anti-American, anti-Capitalist and anti- the people of this great nation. It is time we stop asking for compromises. THERE IS NO COMPROMISE for freeedom and liberty. This man and his cronies want to destroy what our founding fathers fought so hard to establish. And no where else in the world will you find people risking everything to get IN to. No where. To Mr. Obama and his like-thinkers – here's an open invitation: if you don't like the way this country was founded, be my guest – LEAVE! Get George Soros to buy you an island or 3rd world nation and set up your socialist utopia there. LEAVE US ALONE!

    17. Sunshine, Vermilion, says:

      Hi Nicholas,

      I recently tried to leave a comment about the U.S.' oil reserves on The Hill website, and the administator absolutely REFUSED to post my comments, even though I submitted it three times. I even emailed their main offices asking WHY they wouldn't post the information. And got NO reply..

      The commenters were saying that there is a 'shortage' of oil here in the U.S., and I refuted those lies. When I tried to post evidence to the contrary, the administrator refused to post it.

      My comments were in regards to the Bakken reserve of oil, which supposedly is large enough, that it could possibly eliminate ALL reliance on foreign oil..

      I'll be back to give you the link. I have to go get it. (Sorry!)

    18. Spearshaker, Glendal says:

      Why is it that our Legislative branch of Government doesn't insist that the executive branch follow it's Oath that it took on the day it was innaugurated-: "to uphold the constitution of the United States of America" , which means that all branches of government are equal in this regard–to uphold the law of the land–Just what is it that is so hard to understand about that? The Judicial branch has said: "Drill baby Drill"

      The executive branch has said: "Nuts to You".

      I and my fellow Americans are waiting for the Legislative Branch to "Get in Gear" and make it happen! Please-Please Pretty Please!

      Is that plain enough? I just paid $65.00 for a 20 gallon tank of gas-what in the world is going to make this President understand that this is unacceptable–Who's side is he on? What we really need at this point in time is a little broader definition of what constitutes an impeachable offense!

      Where does this President/King get off ignoring the law of the land?

      Think I'm not really mad? Just wait until 2012!

      Spearshaker, Glendale, Az

    19. Corky, Howey in the says:

      Everyday we see more and more of obamas true colours. From the day he uttered the words "I won," Our Country has nothing but a worsening economy, high unemployment, and spending that is completely out of control. I am not a man of Constitutional law but it seems to me there should be a way to impeach someone who is so dead set on taking this Nation down..I hope all of you get out and vote in 2012 and we get someone to take control and help turn this Country around..

    20. Ron says:

      To those who comment that it is bad here is the definition.

      CAPITALISM: an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

      So how is that a bad thing? I have not, I am broke, but that is MY fault, no one else's, accept maybe Obama's. His contempt for capitalism hurts everyone.

    21. Bobbie says:

      Please address the pubic, Mr. President. Explain your reluctance and quit lying about your priority to protect Americans. Tell the public why you are stalling. Tell us why you're punishment is justified! Tell us why you focus on destruction of livelihoods while other livelihoods you have on the government dole where no livelihood should be!

    22. Nana says:

      Isn't Obama already in contempt of court? He was ordered to start drilling and he has completely ignored it. Is there nothing more the court can do? If I tried a trick like that, I'd be cooling my jets in a federal penetentary. Maybe the judge should start with the Secretary of Energy just to show he means business.

      Someone in the Congress should introduce a bill to begin drilling in Anwar immediately. By the time it comes up for a vote, gas should be $5+ a gallon. Maybe the reindeer will move down to second place.

    23. Spiritof76, NH says:

      I really think that the state of Louisiana must tell the FEDs to get off the state or face arrest for the contempt of court and destruction of LA economy. Open the wells and start drilling under the protection of the state troopers or special recruits for that purpose. It is time to play hardball. Otherwise, you might as well kiss this county goodbye. It is a goner!

    24. Wes in cincy says:

      Well, our Dictator in chief trully wants this country to make a mad dash into his wonderful world of green technology. But because we won't buy into it he is trying to shove us into it by destroying the oil industry. I wonder, would that be grounds to impeach him ?

    25. Sunshine says:

      Not only is Obama suppressing oil and coal. He's also working to take up or take control of more of our lands.

      I just watched a video of him with a large group of environmentalists, and he was announcing a new program called "The Great Outdoors Initiative."

      Since the Republicans are catching on to, and blocking many of his 'green' incentives, and wrongful EPA regs, this is Obama's way around them, to still destroy this country. Now he is calling on all citizens to work for more land preservation and parks. As if the one THIRD of our lands that the federal government now owns is not enough. Agenda 21 calls for the government to take over fifty percent. That's the goal. Then eliminate private property rights altogether.

      It's called the U.N.'s Agenda 21, and it calls for the elimination of fossil fuel use.(Ever wonder why he's pushing the rail system so hard? Because he wants to eliminate our use of fossil fuels. That means no cars!) That is why he won't budge on issuing permits. It's against his vows to uphold U.N. Agenda 21 policies. Another part of Agenda 21 is to redistribute America's wealth. It's working!

      For more info. go to http://www.FreedomAdvocates.org and print off the booklet called "Understanding Sustainable Development-Agenda 21". It's on their home page. Lower right hand side. It's free.

    26. Patricia Scroggins says:

      I can not for the life of me understand why we can't use our own God given resourses . While this administration is destroying America other countries are laughing all the way to the bank. What a shame for this great country.It has taken 2 years to destroy over 200 years of blood, sweat,&tears.

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