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  • Morning Bell: The American People Can't Afford to Lose Wisconsin Union Showdown

    Let no one be confused, the stakes in Wisconsin are high and the Badger state could turn into the crucial battle ground between progressivism and the new Tea Party majority in the country.  Issues as important as public sector compensation, bulging state deficits, union power, federalism, education, federal entitlements as well as others are being fought over. That Wisconsin is the birthplace of American progressivism with a new conservative governor, new conservative majorities in both chambers, a new conservative U.S. senator and the bright new conservative chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, has made it ground zero for the left.

    President Barack Obama has federalized the issue, throwing the full weight of the White House, the Democratic National Committee, and his own Organizing for America operation behind government unions, with the assistance of the SEIU and AFSCME unions. This is a major new test for the new governor, Scott Walker. If conservatives lose in Wisconsin, reform might be stifled elsewhere.  If they can win, progressivism is in real trouble. 

    On the ground of course, it means that the Madison Metropolitan School District will not be educating any children today. For the third day in a row this week, the union members of Madison Teachers, Inc., will stage a “sick out” today to protest Governor Scott Walker’s (R) new budget, which would overcome a $137 million budget deficit this year and a projected $3.6 billion deficit over the next two years. Stacy Billings, a parent of two Madison students, told the Wisconsin State Journal that she supports unions and opposes Walker’s proposal but is against a teacher protest during school hours: “That’s not acceptable to me. My tax dollars pay for the teachers to teach and not to protest.”

    What Billings does not understand, but is about to learn, is that like all government unions, Madison Teachers, Inc., does not care about teaching her children. Former American Federation of Teachers President Al Shanker put it bluntly: “When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.” That is what this fight in Wisconsin, and across the country, is really about: money. And not money for government employees—money for government unions. The government unions themselves are admitting this every day the fight drags on.

    Yesterday, Wisconsin state Senate Democrats brought the body to a halt when they fled the state to prevent the three-fifths quorum requirement needed for debate on legislation to continue. Governor Walker’s budget helps end Wisconsin’s budget deficit by requiring government workers to pay at least 12.6 percent of their health insurance premiums and contribute 5.8 percent to their pensions. Even with these modestly higher costs, Wisconsin government employees would still enjoy benefits far more generous than those offered in the private sector. But that’s actually irrelevant. Remember, this fight is not about government employee pay. It is about preserving the direct pipeline that government unions have to our tax dollars. Don’t believe it? Just ask Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell: “This is not about protecting our pay and our benefits. It is about protecting our right to collectively bargain.”

    On Thursday, the President told a Wisconsin television station, “I haven’t followed exactly whats happening with the Wisconsin budget … some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions.”

    President Obama is wrong: Denying government unions the power of collective bargaining is not an assault on all unions. Previous Democratic Presidents understood this fact. No less a progressive icon than President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wrote in 1937: “All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. … The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives in Congress.”

    This is why private-sector unions are regulated by the federal National Labor Relations Act but government unions are regulated by the states. Wisconsin is actually the birthplace of collective bargaining power for government unions, granting them the privilege in 1959, but many states have always operated, and still do, just fine without them. Virginia, for example, gives no collective bargaining power to government unions, but according to the Pew Center on the States, it still somehow manages to be one of the best managed states in the country.

    What is really at stake in Wisconsin today (and Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania tomorrow) is the future of American competitiveness. According to the latest Pew polling, the American people understand that unions make it harder for America to compete globally. Government unions are simply a parasite on the U.S. economy. When President Obama came into office, he shielded government unions from transparency by ending their reporting requirements to the Department of Labor. As a result it is impossible for the American people to know for sure how much of their taxpayer revenue is being diverted into union coffers. But if you assume that each union member pays between $500 and $750 annually, taken involuntarily directly from their paychecks, that means the government union industry in Wisconsin is worth at least $100 million a year.

    If government employees want to voluntarily form associations and lobby the government for higher pay, better benefits, and working conditions, that is their constitutional right. But they have no right to force all employees to join their organization and take money from their paychecks every week. Governor Walker’s bill fixes these problems: It affords government workers the right to quit their union and keep their jobs; it requires unions to demonstrate their support through annual secret-ballot votes; and it stops state and local governments from collecting union dues through their payroll systems. These are common-sense measures that would increase worker freedom, restore power to taxpayers, and make America more competitive internationally. Keep fighting, Governor Walker! The American people can’t afford you to lose.

    Quick Hits:

    • The House approved an amendment to the continuing resolution that would block funding for Obama Administration czars.
    • House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) said he would not “move any kind of short-term [spending bill] at current levels” after the House passes the continuing resolution to keep the government running after March 4.
    • Foreign banks have already figured out how to restructure their U.S. operations to avoid Dodd–Frank regulations.
    • Rather than ask for a stay or a motion to reconsider, the Justice Department on Thursday oddly asked a federal trial judge to “clarify” the immediate impact of his ruling last month that declared Obamacare unconstitutional.
    • Cities throughout California are using redevelopment funds—intended to fight blight and promote economic development—as emergency ATMs.
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    176 Responses to Morning Bell: The American People Can't Afford to Lose Wisconsin Union Showdown

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Agreed, Moreover, we cannot afford to loose the show-down in the District of Columbia!

    2. Dr Bob, Missouri says:

      Maybe some tea partiers should go to Wisconsin to show support.

    3. Nancy, Georgia says:

      The scariest part of this is that government union leadership, and evidently a number of their members, beliee they are somehow more important, or special than those of us paying their salaries, healthcare benefits and pensions. I realize they pay taxes. They do NOT pay taxes to help fund MY pension, healthcare or salary. I do pay taxes that go to THEIR benefits. Big difference. At a time when the unemployment rate is between 9-17% (depending on which figures one depends) it is obscene for any government union to protest having to actually contribute to their healthcare and pensions. It is an obscenity. I wish someone would explain it to me, because it makes no sense!

    4. Albert M. Bryson says:

      I agreed that government unions should not have the right to collective bargaining or to strike. They supposed to work essential services. I strongly support Governor Walker in his efforts to get spending under control in Wisconsin. I am a member of local of American Association of University Professors which is supporting the government unions in Wisconsin and Ohio. I disagreed with their position so when I can I would like to quit the state and national organization of the AAUP.

    5. David, Virginia says:

      "If government employees want to voluntarily form associations and lobby the government for higher pay, better benefits, and working conditions, that is there constitutional right."

      I like the article however, there is an error in the above sentence there should be their not there. Thanks keep up the good work.

    6. Roger TN says:

      A hargbinger of what is to come with the Unionization of the TSA. Imagine the workers of TSA stopping work and picketing/protesting. These people, including Unions, WH supporters (DNC organizers) and those that can't use the government redress systems. Here in TN we have a balanced budget ammendment to our Constitution along with a rule that prevents "pork barrel" spending.

    7. Jim Delaney says:

      Were there but an efficacious way to fire these hypocritical teachers!

      I hope the majority of Wisconsans on the other side of this issue deluge their reps with expression of support and encouragement, or it really could be a costly DNC-Org of America-BHO-NEA victory and a loss for Wisconsin and the country.

      Owing to the vitriol and nastiness of the strikers, I have serious doubts that a peaceful counter demonstration would remain peaceful for long. In such an event, the Guard would definitely need to be deployed. But, hey, that's what it may take to quell this me-first, to-hell-with-you strike. Sickening.

      So much for Progressive/Democrat civility. What insufferable self-serving hypocrites and hooligans they are.

    8. Simon, Houston, TX says:

      Obama has failed miserably in his role of President of the United States. His fallback position is to re-assume the role of community organizer…organizing union protests and supporting the DNC’s protest against Wisconsin.

    9. Bernard Mulvaney Fos says:

      "…that is there constitutional right." Try THEIR in this instance–don't give the opposition gun powder.

    10. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      2- 17 -11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      The REASON Govt workers make More $$$

      and have Better Benefits is -

      They belong to a UNION.

      UNIONS Benefit Workers –


    11. Jodi, Kenosha, WI says:

      These teachers' are having such a tantrum…can our Military collective bargin to where and when they want to go to war? NO, they go where their orders tell them to go. The teachers are making themselves look like idiots. They have no soild evidence, the only soild evidence is that the state is broke and the rest of us are tired of being forced to take days off in order for the teachers to get their pay raises.

    12. Gary, OH says:

      "On Thursday, the President told a Wisconsin television station, “I haven’t followed exactly whats happening with the Wisconsin budget … some of what I’ve heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you’re just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally seems like more of an assault on unions.”" Remember, he also said during his 2008 campaign, that "Bill Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood"

    13. Ray Hastings, Rio Ra says:

      I agree with Gov. Walker, but he has to be stronger. Be like President Reagon when he fired the airline traffic controllers. Give them 48 hours to go back to work or FIRE THEM!!! There are many teachers not working that would step up.

    14. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      My late husband was a Union member, worked for METRO, we paid into retirement and 1/2 of medical, this is a good bargain, noone should get a free ride, we need to change the benifits that Congress gets.

    15. serendipityeh says:

      to reiterate: Gov. Walker's bill will:

      give members the opportunity to vote democratically by secret ballot whether or not to remain members; to work even if not union members; stops the requirement of the State to collect union dues through payroll systems.

      This would make it more difficult for unions to force workers, in this case, teachers, to join the union and pay dues. It is no wonder Obama has joined in the fight on the side of unions as that is the only prayer he has of keeping his union-inspired job.

      How many teachers have actually looked into the bill they are so vociferously rejecting?

    16. Christine, Rolla MO says:

      Unfortunately, Gov. Walker is up against our "fearless leader" Obama and all his rotten to the core cohorts who are attempting to create a "new world order". The Tea Party and everyone in the country with an ounce of common sense, should stand up against Obama and his henchmen and make common sense prevail!

    17. Progressive, Texas says:

      The public employees get on average 5% less pay. They contribute more to their health care and pension than private employees of equal education and experience. Teachers get paid for only 9 months out of the year, not 12 like everyone else.

      "President Obama is wrong: Denying government unions the power of collective bargaining is not an assault on all unions". If they can't bargain collectively then what's the point of the union? It IS an assault on all unions for one simple reason. There are at least a dozen states with bills waiting in the wings just like this one in WI. If this bill passes then all the other bills will head tot heir respective state floors. Once the state unions become nothing but a name what's to prevent private employers from pulling the same tactics against private labor unions? Nothing. That's what remains.

      "What Billings does not understand, but is about to learn, is that like all government unions, Madison Teachers, Inc., does not care about teaching her children. Former American Federation of Teachers President Al Shanker put it bluntly: 'When school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of school children.'" — this is a slanderous misrepresentation of the quote. Shanker's job is to represent the teachers, who then represent the children's future in education. So by logical connection Shanker does in fact represent the children indirectly. He was responding to a question about pushing the self interest of "children" to enslave teachers with absolutely no say in how well the kids are educated.

      Nice hit piece of deception and deliberate misinterpretation of quotes. McCarthy would be proud of you, as would Reagan.

    18. EMANUEL G. SFAELOS says:

      The Public Mammary sucking public union parasites should form their own states in that way they can have and pay for all the benefits they desire.

      Taxpayers need a union. Those who derive income from the private sector need to exhibit their anger by, if W-2 earners, increase number of dependents so that it zeroes out income tax and 1099 or self employeds should file for extensions at tax time. What else can we do to show our disgust with the socialist confiscatory addiction of public employees at all levels of government and education.

    19. william simmons, Hun says:

      How unfortunate that some of the parents of the children in Wisconsin do not understand the real issue. These parents need to be supportive of their children's future both in terms of education and financially. I suggest they read something other than the liberal media's biased opinion. Bill

    20. Jane - Arkansas says:

      Our Rights are being taken away by the Individuals in This Administration who want to make America a Socialist or Communist State! We Can Not Afford to Lose Wisconsin or ANY State! I say NO! When is America Going to Wake UP?

      Shalom and God Bless! Jane.

    21. Steve Kennedy, Phoen says:

      Bravo Gov. Walker. Now is the time for a national public debate with "Union-leaders" and allow them to defend why they are afraid of having their members play on the same playing field we in the private sector do in terms of job security, retirement and healthcare benefits issues. They also can tell us why they are worried about having their members decide annually whether they want or need to be in a union and why they require employers to confiscate "union dues" from workers paychecks rather than allowing union members to pay directly from their net take-home pay. Are they afraid that if union members actually saw how much of their pay was going to the union, how it was being used to support fat cat union leaders and left wing candidates they may "opt out". Again three cheers for the Governor and Republicans in their state legislature. Let the virus of common sense spread!.

    22. Eric, Charlottesvill says:

      Governor Scott Walker is a true patriot! May he be granted all the strength necessary to win this fight.

      As an unemployed college graduate I fully understand theat the only way to get American businesses hiring is to create a climate where businesses can prosper.

      The only way to achieve this is to get the gov't off the backs of business. Less taxes and less regulation. The only way to achieve the former is to crush the hold that public sctor unions have on the American taxpayer.

      Keep up the great fight Governor Walker. The slient majority is not silent and have your back.

    23. Mary............WI says:

      First of all, Obama needs to "BUTT OUT"! He doesn't live in WI and he doesn't pay WI property taxes.

      I am in complete agreement with Gov Walker. Everyone in WI has to help save this state from going bankrupt. I haven't had a raise in 3 years! But my property taxes continue to increase……union members get their raises, expensive healthcare plans, and pesions pretty much all paid by the WI taxpayer! Enough!!!!

      Gov Walker has the courage to save this state from bankruptcy. I applaud him!

      As far as the spineless democrat senators that left the state yesterday…..they should be replaced!

      Wake up America…..this wildcat walkout may soon be playing in your state too!

    24. Vinton Fry, Huntersv says:


      Can I quote the last two paragraphs of your Morning Bell "The American People Can't Afford to Lose Wisconsis Union Showdown." I want to send it to Gov. Scot Walker to remind that thousands of conservatives are fully behind him and support what he is doing.

      Best Regards,

      Vinton Fry, Heritage Member number: 43695014

    25. Melba, Alberton, MT says:

      It is time for the Goveror to become like Regan. Fire them all (follow the Air traffic controller model).

    26. vicki entmsinger,iow says:

      keep up the fight gov.walker america needs u to draw the line on unions

    27. vicki entmsinger,iow says:

      keep up the fight gov.walker america needs u to stay the course

    28. Dale Vann, Evant, TX says:

      Now folks there is a simple way to take care of the whole mess. Let us just dissovle the states and let our benevolent leaders in Washington take care of us. They wisdom and integrity are beyond reproach, and their willingness to support their supporters is well known. Besides we can save all that money that gone to electing state office holders and save their salaries. We don't need them. Washington is where we seek our sustenance. We will stand firm in our resolve to be nationalist, union people. We deserve every penny we can get because we do our job. We know that our reality is easily substituted for facts. We listen. We obey. We are for us. You shall support us in the life style we have become accustomed to and do not worry about your sacrifice for us or the detriment that we refuse to share for we stand together for the betterment, even the survival of the country as we have been told until we believe anything as long it is from our officials. Again, we will subtitute our self interest for sound, fiscal action. All hail that make our decisions for us and help us to be selfish.

    29. Gerri Randall Hudson says:

      It's hard to believe that these people will support the unions, all they are doing is supporting their families.


      the unions have no interest in the people or country. I say don't give in governor and get rid of the deficits. As for the teachers who were hired to teach if they don't want to teach hire some of those who are teachers that need work. fire those who don't go to work.

      there are some good teachers out there that are more interested in giving students an education than what they can get from the system. open schools as usual hire teachers who want to work and deal with students who miss classes as usual.

      the president has his hands full with his own budget so needs to stay out of the states affairs.

    30. sanwitte says:

      You guys should stop complaining because, one the health care we have now isnt as good as it was supposed to be. also the law has just been signed so give it some time. so if u want to say u have the right to choose tell that to ur congress men or state official. If you do not have insurance and need one You can find full medical coverage at the lowest price search online for "Wise Health Insurance" If you have health insurance and do not care about cost just be happy about it and trust me you are not going to loose anything!

    31. West Texan says:

      Forcing tax payers to shoulder the corrupted demands of labor organizations proves socialism is alive and well in Wisconsin. Why do these worker unions even exist in the public domain?

      A good lesson about dual sovereignty can be drawn from this experience. The governor's legitimate management of his state's budget is absolutely none of Obama's business. Of course he's sure to strong arm his way in through misapplied regulatory powers and the U.S. Department of Education's, a totally useless agency, exploitative purse strings.

    32. J.FORT SMITH JR. CAM says:


    33. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      I have only one statement regarding unions in today's society of over-regulation and over-legislation.


      It's that simple. If you are a good worker, you actually don't want the union "representing" you, taking your money in the form of dues, and promoting a slacker over you, just because they have been there longer. The public-sector union is an insidious form of cancer that will eventually bankrupt the nation as they have discovered that they can essentially use our tax money against us – electing officials and promoting candidates that will be sympathetic to only their needs.

    34. Kat Oliver says:

      I absolutely agree that conservatives must win this battle if this country has hope for our fiscal survival. Perhaps one additional point might be made that the unions are at fault for bringing about less bargaining power with their refusal to budge on the needed reforms. This is not about cutting salaries or taking away power to negotiate those salaries-just about teachers paying into their own benefits. Benefits, I might add, many if not most Americans do not have. And it is those Americans who will be footing the bill.

      See my blog entry today on this topic:

    35. Nancy, Georgia says:

      Also, I must add that I'm somewhat baffled by some of the signs the government union school teachers are carrying. What happened to the "civil tone" the left has been calling for? There is one sign which reads: "RELOAD; Recall Walker". Wow, that's nice. Sarah Palin was blamed by the media and by the left for a crazed gunman wreaking havoc in Tucson. We all heard a lot of talk about being civil and turning down the volume on the political rhetoric, right? Now comparing the Governor of WI to HItler is acceptable to teachers who are not working but protesting and bringing the school kids along. What completely contemptuous behavior.

    36. toledofan says:

      The Democrats continue to show their true colors and it's obvious from what is going on in Wisconsin that the stakes are high. I guess we'll have to, again, be foreced to sit on the sidelines and watch as the debacle unfolds. We can only hope Govenor Walker has some big cahonies and stands his ground. Shame on the pathetic Democrats for walking out on the people of Wisconsin, I'm sure everyone who lives in that state isn't a teacher and probably isn't a union member, so, thwe democrats fled their responsibilities and their constituents. Now that's what I call leadership.

    37. West Texan says:

      Clarification: " … none of the president's business. Of course Obama is sure to strong arm his way in through misapplied regulatory powers and the U.S. Department of Education’s (a totally useless agency) exploitative purse strings.

    38. Neal M, CT says:

      If the teachers continue to remain out of the classroom, that is a breach of their contract and should be handled as such. a ultimatum should be given, return to work or face being fired.

    39. Thomas W. Merrill says:

      You usually only have teacher rebellion when a Republican is the governor. Back in 1969 the Florida teachers had a similar situation when Claude Kirk was governor. He was the first Florida Republican governor since reconstruction.

    40. EON says:

      These supposedly educated state employees demonstrating in Madison, need to realize that they are not special, that they are not blue-collar workers (definition: industrial workers) and that they are paid well with incredible benefits. That they need to share in burdens as well as the riches of their communities. Many educated union members completely lose their individuality and senses by accepting the juvenile retoric of the union leadership. We ended up with a loon governor in Minnesota because the educated government employees believed the drivel that the union was putting out about his republican opponent. Sheep.

    41. Mary Simko, Creedmoo says:

      If the people of Wisconsin vote any one of those democrats back in the next election, they deserve everything they get. I've heard people ask, "where's their sense of decency". My reply: you can't be a democrat today and have a sense of decency. When I went to work two jobs to support my children, I would not take a job that required me to join a union, even though it would pay more.

    42. Margaret Horvath, Ri says:

      If any elected member of a Governing body is absent without leave—–they should not collect a pay for the days absent. In fact should have a hearing on their ability to serve the public interest of their state. At the very least a fine should be charged. People have to respect the laws of our nation and have some personal honor. Just because you do not support a bill is no reason to leave the State. I would consider not allowing them back in. Remember our President said,"elections have consequences" the voters of Wisconsin voted in a Governor who stated what he was going to do. It is a shock to some people when some people running for office actually tell the truth. How rare is that?

    43. laurie says:

      I was forced to join a union for over 30years as an airline employee. the union leaders are corrupt and do not care about the employees. It was all about money for them to steal and shut down airlines and ruin peoples' lives. And strikes, that we members did not even want, which included beating up flight attendants that had to work during the strike to pay their medical cancer bills. A shameful scam……unions!! They are out of control!!! We must support Walker in Wisconsin. My airline and 30,000 families lives were destroyed because one union head would not give in……the entire airline went out of business and we all lost our jobs, our benefits and our lives. It was a tragedy. PLEASE, WAKE UP AMERICA AND MR. PRESIDENT! DO THE RIGHT THING THIS TIME TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!!

    44. Tom Rogers, Mondovi, says:

      Unions need to be outlawed. Unions have always useful tools of the communists to promote class warfare and "us against them" mentality that harms the employer/employee relationship. The the governor needs to send in the state militia to open fire on a few of these thugs, so be it.

    45. anna says:

      So obvious that Obama puts the unions above the American citizens and the country. His words of transparency are sadly ridiculous. His action are sadly dangerous for the overall welfare of this country. Wait until the TSA gets unionized.

      Where is the civility of the Wisconsin Decemocrats that Obama called for???

    46. KC - New Mexico says:

      This is sickening! Where are the Tea Party and Conservatives in this fiasco? It is time for the silent majority to step up to the plate in Wisconsin and demand to be heard. The union members in these government jobs are already getting a much better compensation package than those of us in the private sector. I have already dealt with three years of pay cuts and pension cuts, but at least I have a job. Thank God I am not in a unionized work environment.

      Regarding the teachers in Wisconsin, as an x-public school teacher, I have no respect for these teachers who are protesting during the time when they need to teach and I have no respect for teachers who have instigated the high school students to participate in the protests.

      Get ready for New York, Illinois, California as these are major states facing the same issues – they are broke primarily due to the union demands for government workers.

      There is no place in government – tax based jobs – for unions. It is time to get rid of the unions. It is time for the liberal media to understand that unions are the issue! It is time for America to face the issue and demand changes!

    47. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      I hope the Wis. governor stands firm. Fire the teachers and those that strike and then hold the union leaders responsible for their actions.

    48. Robert, North Richla says:

      Governor Scott Walker is providing the leadership we need. God Bless him, and I hope the Tea Party will rally nationwide to support him. We need to show the weak-knee, emasculated RINO republicans that their way (lying, stealing, crying)is exposed as the fraud it is. As a nation, we need to embrace our heritage and return to the Constitution. Friend or Foe? American or traitor? The people that hate our country won't leave – they can't receive $ 36,000 per year in their favorite countries for doing nothing. Go, Wisconsin, Go!

    49. STEVE, MASS says:

      The democratic senators have proved themselves to be gutless cowards who refuse to do their elected jobs. The unions and Obama don't care about the children. If they did, they would not have shut down the schools and taken students to protest something they don't know anything about. This is all about keeping the union dues flowing into the unions and into the democratic hands of Obama and his cronies

    50. George Dubendris Rum says:

      Typical Liberal strategy-Punt and run.

      The teachers are really setting a great example for the children by lying about being sick and not reporting to their respective schools.

      Hang in there Gov. Walker you are on the front line protecting the American way of life.

      Once again the nations leading socialist, Obama, Has opened his mouth without all the facts.

      E.g. Cambridge, Ma.

    51. randydutton says:

      Teachers taking sick days when they're not sick is FRAUD. I dealt with this back in the 1980s at a Naval Shipyard, and in so doing, the sick leave rate dropped 50%, and the shipyard ran in the black for the first time in its history.

      Let's hope Walker stands his ground and conservatives from every state rally around him and prepare for our own battles.

    52. Kathleen Kennedy says:

      Replace anyone who refuses to do their job; especially those who hold public office. Teachers are supposed to teach not strike and close schools. As their employer I say go back top work!

    53. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      The position of a public servant is to “serve the public” not feather their nests at our expense. I am annoyed at those politicians who continue to make a life long job out of their terms, gathering funds and considerations for votes, and not representing the people who sent them there. It seems like one battle after another with this administration, similar to raising a spoiled brat. Let Wisconsin be the vanguard in bring sensibility back to normal. How selfish of those teachers to use their students to promote their personal interest and set the students on the wrong path of protest. Unions are nothing but voting blocks that corrupt the system and buy politicians off for their personal interest and have no consideration, nor care for the main stream American. Unions served their purpose years ago and have very little to offer today.

    54. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      How much more can the American people take. These gutless pieces of Democrat crap in Wisconsin don't have the guts to face their citizens to vote on Gov.Walkers plan to help save the state's ecomomy. Instead, they run to another state like the cowards they are , while the unions and Obama personal support media group, buses in anarchist leftist to add more turnoil to the demostration. The state police were actually forced to go in search of the cowards. On top of all of that despical action, Obama goes on the airway to make as special statement in SUPPORT of these loosers. How much more? What will it take? As long as Obama is in office, and Dems in congress, we will loose our homeland unless we stop this madness now..

    55. MJF, CT says:

      How dare Mr. Obama use the Office of the President to issue personal comments and agenda. The President's Office is not supposed to extend to the States and doing so is a violation of the Office as per the Constitution!

      As far as Wisconsin goes, if the people of Wisconsin cannot afford the ridiculous demands of the State Worker's Unions, then cuts have to be made. This union cannot hold the people of Wisconsin hostage just to satisfy their lust. This union is not like a union for a private industry and it cannot be run like one. On top of that, the Democrats hop a bus and clear out so a vote cannot be held? What kind of lunacy is this?

    56. Peg- IA says:

      Wake up people !!! I know everyone is busy trying to survive but if we don't show our support for workers in Wi we won't be able to survive.

      We as middle class workers have given ENOUGH. It is now time for the upper class the ones who have taken tax breaks, cheated homeowners, been bailed out and still received bonuses beyond comprehension to GIVE BACK.

      Workers across America unite.

    57. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      The entire concept of UNIONIZED PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES is ludicrous from the get-go. Every State, County and City in the U.S. should follow Wisconsin Governor Walker's courageous lead and throw ALL these parasitic unions out with the rest of the wealth wasting refuse. None of these unions support workers. They use workers as gullible tools to fund their Marxist agenda.

      Public sector workers are employed and offer a service to the tax payer to whom they are beholden. If they wish to be compensated for their good work, they simply need to perform on behalf of the tax payer. This is not happening and the unions play a significant role in both undermining the pursuit of excellence as well as bleeding much needed funds for their own political and financial gain. These destructive unions have all but eliminated the concept of employee "performance".

      Every Wisconsin public sector employee who skipped work at the behest of the Democratic National Committee and its ignorant goons – including teachers – should be fired immediately, without recourse. President Reagan did it with the air traffic controllers and guess what – the world didn't end.

      It's time for American adults to throw the riffraff out of our government offices and schools. If we don't do it soon, China will do it for us by turning off the free money spigot.

    58. Steve - Washington S says:

      I'm behind Governor Walker 100%. He wants the union workers to pay 12.5% of their retirement and 5% of their health care package. What's wrong with that? To listen to NBC(aka MSNBC), you'd think he was telling them he was going to shut them down. Nothing could be further from the truth. But, if all the people listen to is the "drive by media" what do they expect. Hang in there, Governor. Hopefully truth with prevail!

    59. obxbeach says:

      These demonstrations are a slap in the face to citizens of Wisconsin.Nothing more than a revolt against the tax payers of Wisconsin.They are paid by the people,but their Elitist Union leaders think they deserve what they have no matter what the economic situation is.Maybe we should just raise taxes to cover the public sector unions while the people of Wisconsin go further debt.Where is Reagan when we need him.I say fire the whole bunch,but we know that won't happen.I do hope Wisconsin plays hardball and does not cave into the unions.It doesn't seem to me that the state is asking for all that much,why should they be getting gold plated benifit's at the expense of the taxpayer

    60. rcraft says:

      Some union actions do not sit well with people like me. However it is obvious you have never worked for the kind of people who will fire you because you are right about something or prove you know more than they do about their own job. It would be nice if management and labor could work together for a common goal.Such is not the case in America today. ALL of the problems in American workplaces can be traced back to POOR management. Give a person a job and ask them to do it and you will find that they can and will do the job. I speak from personal experience when I say in America you can never do enough for your boss. The answer is always MORE. The overpaid people lie in management, not the unions or the laborers or the office people. I pay into my health care and my retirement, so should everyone else. If you want to make things better start with the real problem. If you cannot bargain you cannot gain. People like you want to turn this country into China where you work 16 hours a day for a bowl of rice. Try living like that for a while and see what you think then. People like you have given away our decent paying jobs and destroyed the Americn dream. Your children and grand children will pay for the mistakes along with my children and grand children. Who do we thank for that? American middle managent. Think about it while you enjoy your retirement on a beach somewhere south of here.

    61. jim says:

      i agree ! however,what legal methods are available to use? what is the definition of 'peaceful' demonstration? how do you force the legislators to do their job?how can they be allowed to strike? whatever,methods are used will be cornerstone for the other states.the thing,that bothers me is that the union thugs can intimidate,fight,break things destroy property and about anything else but if conservatives held a rally with no uproar at all it would be a racist riot.

    62. Donna says:

      All the Democratic Senators who fled should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY. They were hired by taxpayers and they are NOT WORKING, and at a resort having a blast!


    63. Andrew, VA says:

      The stakes are indeed high here. I used to live in Madison and it was the only city I lived in where Labor Day was a big deal. Most places, it's the end of summer and maybe people have a barbeque or go to the beach or something.

      In Madison, Labor Day meant rallies at the union halls, parades, speeches, the whole deal.

      If the unions lose in Wisconsin, they can lose anywhere. This one is for all the marbles — and both sides know it.

    64. ThomNJ says:

      Walker is right on target.

      The teachers who have left their jobs to protest ought to be told not to come back, or in the very least, lose pay for the time off.

    65. S Rubicon says:

      I've been watching news reports of the protests in Wisconsin. Amazingly, there are children in the middle of those ranting & raving protesters. Children! Now them being there may or may not be a good or a bad thing. The children being used to promote the issues. That is not good. They belong in school. But those "public employees" are not in school to teach since they are busy demanding the public not require them to pay a larger percentage for their health care &/or their pensions. The unions do have enough money to spend hundreds of millions on political campaigns, but those pension plans are now far short of the funds needed for them to b e solvent. The unions & their political allies plan on electing people (Democrats) who will saddle the American public with all of the costs to make those pension plans solvent. Nice huh? Now people are required to join unions & pay dues, but the public who has NO vote gets to pay for the mismanagement of the pension plans. What a deal!

      If the Governor & legislature of Wisconsin fail in their efforts to require unions to play fair, this nation will end up folding financially.

    66. Dennis Georgia says:

      Governor Walker is right, the unions are intent on killing the state. They have asked for and received the gravy train on which they ride, That train has derailed and the gravy is gone. It is time to stop and think about the results of the train wreck. The teachers are crying about increases in their cost to the pension system, the other state workers are also crying about the same things. They need to realize that the tax payer can only provide so much, they still have a job and benefits, plus the big salary they are paid for sitting on their butts.

      Unions had their place and time, both are gone. The dems run so they do not have to face the music about the budget. What a bunck of cry babies, I want my way or I will take my marbles and go home. I say you have not left yet. This battle is all about power and controll of the unions and the dems. GIVE THEM HELL GOVERNOR WALKER.

    67. Bobbie says:

      Obviously democrats, unions, union members, and the President, doesn't want to do their part in sacrifice. This isn't even a sacrifice!

      Teachers paid duty neglects the children so they can bully the state? Mental abuse! Do we really want this kind teaching children? The President defends UNIONS when they're stirring the crowds? Then democrats go crying to another state? Boy do we have mature leadership. Nothing like working together. UNION STRONG…cause us little people have to hide behind them for protection! Protection from what? Nothing but selfish and greed, hopefully it won't start government union members violence against the people. How embarrassing.

    68. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      All public sector unions should be banned because both sides

      of the bargaining table benefit by acquiesing to the union side's

      demands. Union members, as voting constituents of the public official

      (governor, mayor, etc) on the other side of the table, have more

      influence over him than mere employees. Some of the benefits bargained

      for, such as pensions and healthcare for retirees, take effect years in

      the future, when the public offical is gone and a new set of taxpayers

      has to foot the bill. Any deal in which both sides can agree to their

      mutal benefit at the expense of a third party is morally wrong.

    69. GenEarly Florida says:

      Uhhhh Let me speak out again and perhaps I can have these people come to the White House for a Beer Summit It worked last time I inserted my foot in my mouth.

      Yours in Progressive ism , BHO, The One (you have been waiting for) also part time POTUS. full time Community organizer from Cairo to Wisconsin to a neighborhood near you. InShallah oops!

    70. David Bess, Carson C says:

      As a hero for the democratic party FDR had this correct. But the current liberals can't see it. Neither can most government unionized employees.

      I stongly support Gov. Walker and would hope that he or someone like him will find their way to be secretary of labor in up-comming consrvitive administration of 2012.

      This has to be the one of the greatest fights for our entire nation and it must be won.

      obama wants to unionize the tsa. An orginization that at best is grossly inefficient and an insult to the Americian people.

      He wants to force foriegn car manufactures, with plants in the US, to unionize.

      This is but the beginning of his agenda. Who knows what's next.

      When he is not supporting the islamic cause he's a quazi union boss. Not a presiden of the United States.

      Governor Walker and the wisconsin senators need to stand their ground and push this through. Maybe with their victory it will enable the less corageous states to follow siut.

      During this fight any government employee that fails to show for work (without just cause) and perform their job as expected should be immediately terminated.

    71. Mike, Chicago says:

      Not all Wisconsin unions will be affected here, the police and fire unions aren't involved, at least not yet. Why wasn't this mentioned in the article?

      Also omitted was the $140,000,000 in tax breaks to campaign donors Walker provided. No competent leader would do what he's doing, this is clearly a politically motivated attack that will speed up the transition to a totally corpratist government if it succeeds.

    72. richyard ey wasco ca says:

      i have retired from cdcr and the oper. eng.union i worked as a carpender .the union didnot make me going but they took dues out of my pay paychek each mo. anyhow. riichard ey

    73. Mack McClain, Pinehu says:

      Now is the time to consider privatization. Reduce cost, improve education, consider the voucher alternative to pubic education.

    74. Portia A. Boulger, C says:

      It's Governor Scott Walker who doesn't care about school children and giving them a quality education. You see, they don't vote. And rich families whose children attend private schools won't be impacted when teachers are laid off and classrooms grow to unmanageable sizes. So, who really cares? The teachers care! They work long hours, many nights of grading papers, preparing lesson plans, meeting with parents and caregivers, it goes on and on.

      Walker wants to destroy the right to collective bargaining. It is a well-laid plan that is moving across our country. In Ohio, the Governor is working for the same – destroy the unions. If the unions are broken, the ability to raise the big money needed for winning campaigns will not exist. Thus, Republicans will have a shoe-in. We just can't let this happen. We cannot return to the days when workers have no voice.

    75. Bob, Ocean County, N says:

      What "…new Tea Party majority in the country?" They are not a majority. And your Tea Party will turn around once they see their sons and daughters demoted from the Middle Class to the Lower Class. And their grandchildren in a class of 33 students versus 22. Time to reverse the trend where in 1971 CEOs made 27 times the wages of their employees and now make 270 times those wages (a return to the 'Gilded Age' which ended in 1893 in a DEEP DEPRESSION).

    76. Dennis Wells, Birmin says:

      Wisconsin Government Unions seem to believe that they and their members are ENTITLED to a job with pay, benefits, and security forever. They apparently have not paid attention to what the POOR ECONOMY has done to their union brothers (UAW and many others). GM/Ford/Chrysler/Delphi, and hundreds of suppliers have closed plants and permanently laid off hundreds of thousands of workers.

      Wake up, Wisconsin–Do Not Go Bankrupt providing ENTITLEMENTS to folks when the Non- Union Government workers have suffered greatly. It is more than not fair, it is obscene.

      Fire the "sick" teachers and hire folks who are eager to work.

    77. Elaine, Cedar Grove, says:

      Stay steady Gov. Walker. You are doing EXACTLY what you were

      elected to do. I am praying to GOD for your family.

    78. Menomonee Falls, WI says:

      Mr. Walker, please don't give in one inch on anything, I would rather lose the fight and go down in history by trying to save our State and Country from bankruptcy. The WI and the US is broke and owned by China etal now. I would rather have you be my neighbor vs what may be coming down the road due to the rolling affect going on in the in the Middle East and possibly coming to a neighborhood near us some day. If our government officials are now taking sides on the federal level and state level and not in their seats in Madison today representing my vote, when we the people voted them in office, so goes this Country. You would think that anyone in the State of Wisconsin and USA would take note what really is going on in this dangerous world which is now changing by the day. Every last citizen in the US should be banding together to pay a little more and pull our citizens and cities together to save us all.

    79. SkippingDog, Califor says:

      The main issue here is Walker's attempt to bust the unions, not his attempt to balance the budget. If he were serious about budget balancing, he's drop the union busting language in the bill and move forward.

      Apparently Walker and many here are unfamiliar with the law of unintended consequences. Walker and his Republican cronies have single-handedly managed to reinvigorate both the labor movement and the Democratic party with their foolish overreach. This battle is just the beginning in the effort to drive the paleo-conservatives back into their caves.

      Which side are you on?

    80. Wes, MN says:

      Go, Walker, Go! If it wasn't so and I wan't so old I would go there to support him.

      The teachers should go back to work or be fired.

    81. Diane Benjamin - Ill says:

      Awesome analysis! Great article, and the TEA party will be in Madison on Saturday. This is a fight we can't lose.

    82. Lou, Tucson AZ says:

      @Ken Jarvis says: "The REASON Govt workers make More $$$

      and have Better Benefits is -

      They belong to a UNION.

      UNIONS Benefit Workers –


      Yes Ken, on the backs of us taxpayers. What you fail to understand is that this works until you run out of other people's money. Just how long did you think a teacher is going to be able to pay $1 for every $56 of pension benefits before this politically enabled ponzi scheme falls apart? Well, it's falling apart now. I say TAXPAYERS OF THE USA UNITE! Enough is enough!

    83. Popester says:

      It took a while for me to "catch on" to the public sector unions. I am not denigrating all of them but I now see it as unfair. I mean, why are they allowed to "bargain" with my tax dollars to get a better deal in their employment? No one asked me if I thought it was okay. Why do they get a shot at a limited resource i.e. tax dollars and grab the brass ring? Stand firm Governor Walker!

    84. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      As usual HF members have their finger on the pulse of what is really happening in our country. During my career, I strived to move up into managemtent and wrest myself from overbearing union thugs. Unions have outlived their usefulness. The days of Upton Sinclair's 1906 book "The Jungle" about Chicago meat packing plants are gone. Public employees, including politicians work for us, the people, and with exception of the ballot box we have no influence regarding job performance or compensation.

      By the way, it is good to note some socialists like Jarvis are still checking out HR – perhaps they may get a clue some day vis-a-vis' HR.

    85. Lou, Tucson AZ says:

      @Skipping Dog

      Who's on the side of the taxpayers? Interesting to note that you're from California. How's your state economy doing? Not so good huh? You can thank the Teachers unions for that. The Orange County register printed a very long list of retired teachers earning SIX FIGURE retirement packages…pretty generous considering they paid but a fraction into that system. It's unsustainable.

      You think the GOP is worried? Nope. The DNC has woken up us taxpayers, and we are invigorated to fight and defeat you.

    86. Hermes C LIBERTY, Ne says:

      Agreeing with the Governor Walker is just common sense for all sinceres Patriots. But we should go further. The money issue in US today goes much deeper than one might think of. This new extreme-far-Left also. We need to let them understand, the Far-left, Obama and all other big's partisans (Government, Spending,…) are directed against America and that they are made, unconsciously-the right term, if you read Carl Jung- to act in this way. This is for America's continual degringolade, as the enemies want it. Let them understand that on some issues, all American have to come together.

      As we have recommended to Obama two years ago; America have to be governed at the Center-Right at least, if we have to succeed. Wisconsin is exactly a possible laboratory for this necessary Center-Right to continue this timidly starting second America's r-Evolution.

    87. GotFreedom says:

      Outstanding–have passed the link for this article along to everyone we know!

      "The truth has no agenda"; thanks for sharing the "truth" with us.

    88. Doouble Ace says:

      This isn't abnout unions or jobs. this is about power. The unions need to keep the unions strong so they can collect union dues which will be given to democratic candidates like Barak Obama to keep them in power. Most of the people protesting in Wisconsin are not teachers. They are all the other union workers who want to show their power. The unions are going to be the demise of a great nation if they aren't stopped and stopped soon. I refuse to reach into my pocket and take out more money to keep these worthless union members employed, and to pay their benefits. The unions have squandered the money that should have been reserved to pay union member benefits and now they want me to make further sacrifices to make sure they get their benefits. BS Fire them all and start over. Without unions.

    89. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      I don't believe that the issue will be solved this year. It may have to wait two years.

    90. Bob, Ft. Myers says:

      Labor Unions have a corrupt bargain with unprincipled Democrats who trade the power to take public interests hostage and extort taxpayers in exchange for political & financial supprt.

      This must end.

      Note to Heritage: last paragraph "there" should be "their" – if you can manage simple spelling you will sacrafice total credibility. Proof read your writing.

    91. SV Larson, Illinois says:

      Where is the money to fund union demands? States are broke. Taxpayers are part of the possibly 20% (count those looking for jobs, accepting part-time jobs or hopelessly giving up the search for jobs) unemployed in our country. I used to be in sympathy with unions, years ago, before their cry became "give us more, more, more". Remember the union gathering in Springfield, IL, to demand a tax increase? FOX news showed that the average WI teacher (not all state union employees) get around $100,000 total compensation per 9 month work year. They have been asked to contribute a little more to their own health insurance and pension funds. They refuse to do so. My health insurance went up 38% this year. I got no cost-of-living increase this year. How much are these state union employees and their out-of-state sympathizers costing WI taxpayers by this protest? The unions show no sympathy to those whom they are supposed to serve (public servants?) or to those whose money (taxpayers) they want more of. If I falsely call in sick, my employer can fire me. These protesters don't look sick. They are making me sick.

    92. Lil, San Diego says:

      When the taxpayers of WI realize teachers earn $77+K annually and want the taxpayers to further indulge them by FULLY paying for retirement and health benefits, perhaps, their "support" will be drastically modified. 5.8% contribution to retirement is NOT inhumane or slavery, nor is 12.5% payment on health benefits. These and other facts must be hammered home so the ENTIRE nation of taxpayers fully grasp the hold public sector unions have on the nation and the detriment they have brought and will continue to bring if their greed is not controlled.

    93. whatif says:

      Stop with your Teacher bashing! Recall Walker..I can't stand that idiot!

    94. Tom Wood, Hickory Hi says:

      EVERYONE has to give a little, even the ones that make the big money and have all the benefits, what about the majority of people who don't make that much money, and still have to pay for the ones that do. Teachers and Unions and ALL government workers need to cut back too. Raising the taxes is not the answer, we can't afford any more, they've squeezed every penney out of us.

    95. unionslackjawssuck says:


      I'm on the side of the Governor. I'm tired of paying for incompetent jobsworths that only have a job thanks to the union. I see you're in California : which is probably why you're pushing so hard.

    96. Bill Cowan, Kentucky says:

      As a retired teacher in Kentucky, it is wrong for the teachers in Wisconsin to be demonstrating against the very thing that is required and honored by teachers in Kentucky. We pay a monthly % of our pay into our state teachers retirement sysem, and no one complains. Of course, teachers do not pay into social security and, therefore, cannot collect social security. I will bet the teachers in Wisconsin collect both a state pension and a social security pension. I find it ironic that teachers in Wisconsin seem to be willing to pay a union dues for the right to demonstrate for higher pay from taxpayers, but they are not willing to pay a small part of their pay into their own retirement system.

    97. Tea says:

      Freedom Loving Americans are behind you Scott Walker!!

    98. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Do away with public sector unions. Unions are corrupt, mobbed-up, and looking out

      for their own at the expense of the rest of us.

    99. Larry, Tennessee says:

      I don't see a problem here. When teachers refuse to work to attend a rally, if they have violated the school board's absentee policy, let them return to a termination notice saying they have voluntarily quit, and are not eligible for unemployment benefits. That's what would happen to anybody in the private sector. Does PATCO ring a bell?

    100. Mike, Nevada says:

      This is where the rubber meets the road. Do the American people believe that our country is in deep trouble and needs their sacrifice to make it better, or do they think that everything will soon get better so why give away hard earned dollars in wages or benefits that may not come back. Or maybe it just doesn't matter to each individual until he/she gets the pointy end of the stick shoved their way and loses a job, or has to claim bankruptcy, or try to live on unemployment.

      It'd be easy for me to pass judgment on what seems to demand little more than common sense to fix, but then I don't live in Wisconsin. I do believe that Wisconsin needs to fix its own problems without interference from Washington and that also means that Wisconsin must suffer the consequences of their decisions without leaning on the taxpayers of America to bail them out, because then I will have strong opinions and be unequivocal in voicing them.

      Of course with politics being what it is the game will be rigged as much as possible by each opponent with fairness being of little concern.

    101. james bell 32314 re- says:

      GO GOV.WALKER ( The time is now )

    102. retired teacher Flor says:

      Those that have the authority should fire teachers that "call in sick." Reagan did it with the air traffic controllers and it work. There are too many teachers that are incompetent and never prove that any learning has taken place in the classroom, but of course, administrators do not ask what kids learned in a classroom. Unions protect incompetent teachers by creating a system that it is almost impossible to fire a teacher.The teaching profession(?) is a disfunctional system that cannot be fix.

    103. ValuesVoter, Gainesv says:

      Governor Walker, there are lots more like me wholeheartedly supporting your position on this issue. I am offended at being forced to pay unions with my taxes while many of my friends and relatives have been laid off or can't find jobs, are skimping on the basic necessities because of reduced income, working hard to pay for their own insurance and saving for their own retirement. Enough of this childish performance from the entitlement crowd.

    104. Nancy says:

      Teachers want to call themselves 'professionals'; if that is the case, with six to eight + years of education beyond High School, why do they have to have some union/thugs speak for them???? It would seem that these 'educated teachers' could negotiate salary and benefits on their own based on their level of experience, education (CE units/degrees) and quality of teaching. Teachers 'taking to the street in protest' along with, more than likely, 'bused-in union thugs', is a disgrace to the 'teaching profession'.

      The best thing all local, state and federal governments can do, is get rid of the government unions – all of them! These government unions are taking the 'taxpayers' and the union members for a joy ride just to 'fill the union coffers for ?political donations?, payoffs, etc. and, certainly, to 'feather the union-thugs pockets' with hard-earned taxpayer's dollars and 'union dues'……….

      The citizens of the United States of America have 'grown beyond' union representation – we are now 'hopefully' an educated republic and can speak for ourselves and do not need a 'questionable union' and it's 'thugs' to direct our every action……..

    105. Sandra, San Antonio says:

      The position taken by Obama and his supporters only reinforces my opinion that he has no loyalty to the United States of America, but to the New World Order agenda he subscribes to. He, and his supporters, will not be happy until we have lost our sovereignty. I pray the peoply of WI will prevail.

    106. Bobbie says:

      Bust the union! They're a conflict of interest and encourage anger! They're irrational and impractical. We are living off our retirement and we're 30 years early! AND WE PAID INTO THEM!

      It's the cost of government that has been ruining our life style for quite some time. WHY ARE THEIRS (in government) PROTECTED BY GOVERNMENT UNIONS! selfish, hypocritical, totally unfair!

      Democrat cowards! Working for the unions and not the people you serve! That's a PRETTY BIG SACRIFICE IN ITSELF! …it had to have been planned, there's probably more union people from out of state.

    107. ckirkland says:

      Gov. Walker is right on target. These protesters should be fired. Look at our education system and see how low we are compared to China. Seriously, these teachers should be ashamed of themselves. I cannot believe that Obama is sticking his nose in this but of course he would because his base in involved. How sad for this country, we are now seeing clearly we do not have a leader in charge of this country. CK

    108. reallifemom, Wiscons says:

      I was glad to see this article revealing the real truth behind the protest by the teachers and their union. Anyone with an ounce of sense knew that this was the real story. It is a shame that the MSM will not print the real truth behind this protest. The teachers keep yammering about their "right" to bargain, etc. but it is not a right, it is a privilege given to them by the state legislature. As such, it is a privilege that the State can take away. The State is simply exercising its right to revoke a privilege which it gave to unions many years ago. It was not a perpetual "right', it was a revokable privilege, one that was necessary at the time but which has outlived its usefulness and necessity. It truly violates public policy for one set or workers to be in a different class than all other workers for no public policy reason. The work that teachers do is no more worthwhile than any other job. The teachers simply don't want to bear the burden of our broken economy. They prefer that the rest of the workers in the state do that for them. We say, no more.

    109. Dave says:


    110. Carol WI says:

      I'm ashamed of our teachers acting like spoiled children. You got the best of all dollars and benefits, the rest of us middle of the road workers have been paying and loosing benefits long enough. PAY YOUR SHARE NOW. AND GET BACK TO WORK. I'm and the rest of WI aren't paying for you to picket.

    111. Larry, Utah says:

      Not only must we win the battle in Wisconsin, we need to get the Federal Government completely out of Education and Health Care. The Federal Government needs to be limited to those activities allowed them in the constitution.

    112. KB in PA says:

      A slam dunk article. Many thanks.

    113. Henry,Illinois says:

      Gov. Walker, stand your ground and do what is JUST for the taxpayers of your state against the union leeches.And as far as the coward democrat senators that have fled the state and if there is a way get rid of ALL of them , the voters of Wisconsin should vote in replacements that have a backbone and serve the people.

    114. Dave L says:

      Abolish all government unions. This is a round about way to force all of us to participate in funding the democrats. We the taxpayer should not be forced to pay our employees, anyone in government, more then they are worth. I will tell you now, do and good job for WE THE PEOPLE and we will gladly pay you a fair and equitable salary so long as you work to benfit us. The business of forcing us to pay higher and still higher taxes to fund your lifestyle and socialistic agenda must end. We should fire all who are not doing there job. We save money immediately and we certainly have enough unemployed people to replace them with. I say, abolish the government unions. WE THE PEOPLE want to exercise our "Collective Bargaining" rights as well. We don't need union goons who speak as though they have a 7th grade education to speak on our behalf. We have our elected officials to do our bidding. They work for us and we already pay their salary. I support Governor Walker. Stay strong Governor. Community Organizer/Troublemaker Obama does not have the majority of the American Peoples support. We fully understand him. He does not represent what a true American citizen is. He represents something never before seen in this country. Or at least it has never revealed itself as fully as O has. He is NOT " The Gipper" as he fantasizes. He is a man child and has no clue about anything except stirring up trouble or as he likes to call it, commuity organizing. Governor Walker, you are displaying what a True leader is. As is Governor Christi and others of various states.

    115. Dwana Townsend says:

      I like Gov Walkers solution to their fiscal problem. Not having to raise taxes!!! Little impact on the unions. It's a gutsy move and I admire him. Stick to your guns!!!

    116. Kevin A, Texas says:

      Multiple folks on this thread of cited the constitutional right to form a union and collectively bargain. That may will will be true. However, when your salary is paid by the taxpayers, the taxpayers have the final say and not the union. The teachers serve the public and are paid by the public. If the public can not afford the union demands, then the union stops being useful and alternate means will be found by the taxpayers. The taxpayers are not obligated to pay taxes unless they approve of the taxes. Unions should NEVER be allowed in taxpayer funded organizations. I do not care if they are today. IT IS WRONG. And this is a prime example why

    117. Susan Idaho says:

      I have been an employee of the public sector for quite a number of years. I paid 75% of my insurance premiums and all of the deductions to my 401k. I think if the teachers in Wisconsin had the school children in mind they would not be whinning about a small amount to pay for health care and pensions, how about paying the same as the majority of the public pays. With these small consession, they might even help their state pay down its debt instead of heading it for bankruptcy. Also the Democrats that ran out of town rather than cast any votes, I say shame on you. It seems rather gutless to me.

    118. Drew says:

      I am wholeheartedly behind the Governor….its despicable what the unions are doing as well as the Democrats who fled the State. And as for Obama's comment, "assualt" on unions….what happened to his civility…..his community organizer side is evident!

    119. Roger Pazul, Sun Lak says:

      Suggestion for a short statement by the Wisc. Gov. "There is a finite amount of money in the Treasury. If you insist on retaining these lavish benefits, you will force layoffs and reduced services. We will begin to draw up a list of layoffs Monday morning. Those about to be lajd off will be grateful to you for your consideration."

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    121. stephen lee says:

      Since there are so many people out of work in the country today, including teachers, maybe Gov. Walker should just make a national plea for any out of work teacher to come to Wisconsin and apply for a teaching job. Let the legislature fire all the union lovers, trying to pad their retirements at the taxpayers expense. This would help solve the unemployment problem and get rid of deadbeat so called public educators.

    122. Warren, NJ says:

      Admittedly I did not read THIS article but I have read some other things and was looking for a conservative blog to post an idea that I have not heard yet to circumvent the problem of not a single democrat being present…

      Why doesn't one of the republican representatives change their declared party affiliation to be a democrat and then take the vote. And then after the vote they could of course change back to being republican…

      Probably a technicality that prevents from allowing this, but if not…

    123. John, Silver Spring, says:

      I've worked with many Union and Non-Union people in the Construction industry for about thirty years. There is only ONE major difference:

      UNION people have a serious attitude about being ENTITLED to benefits, and retirement pay. Non Union people do NOT. Translation:

      Non Union people assume there will NEVER be a time when they are not fully responsible for THEMSELVES.

    124. John Labanow Sierra says:

      What's going on in Wisconsin is nothing more than the Republican Party's attempt to bust all unions, public or private. They don't want unions giving money to the Democratic Party or any of their candidates. They don't want the competition. I cant understand why any middle class American would vote Republican. They don't represent you. They represent the rich and big business.

      I could give you many reasons why they should not be your party.There's just not enough room here and being who is providing this blog would not provide it to their readers anyway. In fact, I doubt what I have written here will even appear as a comment since it is not the partyline.

    125. Greg Lindell Osceola says:

      That's what the last election was about. WE THE PEOPLE! Smaller Government! Lower Taxes! Every one who called in sick and is seen protesting should be fired! Education ranked 46th in the union! Come on!

    126. redward, wv says:

      Gov. Walker and the Republicans in the assembly and senate…hang in there and DO NOT give in. If you give in you will embolden the democrats and their union thugs to do the same in every state where a similar measure will be considered. It's time for the gravy train to stop at taxpayer's expense and to get the states' books balanced (same for the fed but as long as Obama's in office that will not happen).

      The Gov. should also (if he has the authority) FIRE all teachers who called off "sick" and then showed up at the capitol. Most people would be FIRED if they did this, and what about the children? Obviously the teachers don't give a damn about them, or they would be teaching, not agitating, whining, and protesting. The teachers make twice as much as I do for less work! Also, the voters must recall ALL of the cowardly democrat senators who left the state to avoid debates and votes on the issue. The people put you there to serve them, remember? That's what the shellacking you took in November was supposed to remind you of, but evidently you didn't get the message. I used to be in a union, but found out they are nothing but Democrat party hacks and did nothing for me except cost me my job, and feel their role is way past their time, and not at all in the public sector. Those employees work for the taxpayers, not a private company. Gov. Walker and the republicans, DO NOT give in, you will win this fight if you stand fast and tall.

    127. Emerald, Seattle, Wa says:

      Er, last I checked, the sudden Right-shift in WI (governor & state reps) was due to lawful elections. So the unions' screaming and capering like demented apes is actually against the majority of voters in WI and their interests including good value for taxes paid and their childrens' schooling.

      Unions = anti-democratic, socialist mobs, but we've known that since Marxist Eugene Debs' heyday a century ago.

    128. jason,bernville-pa says:

      if my child was deprived education due to a "sick teacher"and that teacher was at the capitol protesting,isn't that an unexcused sick day?there are plenty of college graduates looking for teaching jobs,hire the scabs and see how quick the union teachers want to go back to work.i come from parents that were teachers.i pay for my retirement and medical insurance.if the union states it's all about the students then why aren't they in the classroom educating them,instead of listening to the union bosses who they work for to supply their benefits?

    129. Al from Fl says:

      I have no quarrel with the concept of unions but I would argue that today's mega unions do not operate like a union should. A union has an obligation to the community and, in this case, the State as well as to its members. However, I favor a ban on government employee unions. Gov't workers work at the pleasure of the tax payer and are expected to be on the job, especially during times of crisis. Gov'ts have the same challenge as the private sector to provide competitive pay and benefits or find they can't hire workers. At one time, government benefits were more generous than the private sector because of low pay. That is no longer the case. I agree with the Governor of WI and hope he is successful in passing this bill.

    130. cecelia says:

      I must agree with the content of this article skilled labor in order to be competitive must be weighed on the value of the performance,limiting the scope of collective bargaining will succeed where fostering complacency has not. The requests do not seem unreasonable by the state noting that Wisconsin enjoys some of the highest levels of benefits of any other group in the public or private sector unions.If the original intent of unions was to protect the rights of the employed that reason for being has long since passed with so many state and federal laws that afford the same end with out the bloat of excessive demands on state coffers leaving only the question how is it ( bargaining for benefits)still viable and necessary; if fear and intimidation are the tools of backlash within a monopoly that itself has become the antithesis of its original purpose. How does that encourage excellence within the field of newly appointed teachers why excel when the incentive to do so is not based on merit but simply length of service? The tactics of violent hateful speech that have become watershed of any person or entity that disagrees with union" quos " have served to effectively disenfranchise any reasonable observer in this instance when comparing side by side the demands versus the reality in comparison to concessions.

    131. William says:

      "I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious." – Letter to William Ludlow, September 6, 1824 Thomas Jefferson

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    134. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Governor Walker Stand your ground. I am tired of my hard earned money going to Union Heads who live like Kings because they bully workers to support their life style. Paying union dues should not be a job requirement. Unions have destroyed Detroit. Present day unions are a parasitic infection on this country’s health. I PRAY the Wisconsin Governor wins this fight against unions. If Governor Walker wins so will Wisconsin’s Tax Payers and Tax Payers through out the country.

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    136. kiki La Crosse WI says:

      It is amazing how many of you have your comments about the Wisconsin Budget by Walker when you do not even live here. Wow! The state employees are not the problem nor the State Senate Dems. Those Senators did the right thing. They actually listened to their constituents. What a novel concept to follow! Our State Senators only wanted a full debate on the budget. Something the Democrats gave the Republicans when they were in the minority. But what does that matter. I am not a union worker but I fully support collective bargaining. The point is whether private or public if there is not a checks and balance then one party(employers/state) get the upper hand. There would not have to be a union anywhere if my state would play fair.That goes for private employers as well but they do not. This is why unions exist.

      This is all about union busting. Our “state deficit” is a projection estimate. The various departments in the state put together their budget and submit the dollars they believe is needed, fully knowing what they ask for will not be fully grated. It never is! This is where Walker is getting his fuzzy math. He is projecting a bigger deficit than what it will ever be. Now put into context the factor of lower taxes and no corporation taxes to new businesses that come into Wisconsin from Illinois and other states. Lost revenue from these sources is why we will be in a deficit. The state employees are not the problem. Furthermore, the unions were more than willing to negotiate but Walker would not. Walker was only endorsed by the law enforcement/firefighter unions. In return, those union members are not going to loose any rights at all. So when it comes down to it my children are better at not retaliating than Gov. Walker.

      In all case, this “problem” of a budget deficit is a direct result of the faulty subprime mortgage. Our state has managed the pension funds that were invested no doubt in the subprime mortgage scam. The state owes the retirees not only the initial investment but all the interest involved.

      Had there been better regulation on the investment industry perhaps this would not have been an issue. But remember we are not to fault the hard working men and women who are after all state employees who do the work for the people.

      No, Gov. Walker is on an agenda to break unions for the common worker, even the state employees have no real rights. This is an agenda of the Koch brothers. Do not think Democrats, and Independents in Wisconsin do not know what is really going on here.

      Yes, some of us are not proud to be republicans. Yes, some of us have switched parties because of the problems this Governor has caused!

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    138. Scott Trinks says:

      I applaud what you are trying to do, it is a fact that unions keep America from being competitive in the world market. You look at the company I work for and see how we are continuing to build stores not only in this country but others as well and we do so without unions. As a whole we have some of the happiest associates in the retail industry as well as the best benefits. We are attacked every day by unions to try to get them in our stores but the associates continually say no to them, does that tell you anything. So I say keep up the good work and fight on and to Govoner Walker Thank you sir for trying to make America great once again.

    139. Margaret Boeing, Nor says:

      I applaud Gov. Walker.

    140. Dean, Minneapolis says:

      As a former teacher, now retired, but still sub-teaching, I say the teachers in Wisconsin should just get back to work. You are breaking the law and are not a good example to the kids, And Obama should keep his nose out of Wisconsin.

    141. Mort, Ocala, FL says:

      And the race is on! Taking down funding for the Czars, Planned Parenthood, restricting EPA, IRS, etc. A good

      start in the race to stop this insane president and the Dems.

      Wisconsin teachers should be fired, if they do not have a

      doctors certificate as to their illness (like our employers

      expect & only 2-3 days absent). Avg of 100K salary per

      year is insane. And what are they producting for evidence

      that they are doing their jobs? The students have low intel-

      ligence scores, are habitually unlawful in actions and the list

      goes on. Performing- there is no evidence of that. Of

      course we have to put the parents in with them, but we can't

      fire them, even tho' I wish we could.

    142. Jim, Tucson says:

      I just saw an interview with some teachers on HLN – it seems their kids have a 90+ percent fail rate and their union was asking for more money! The interviewer pointed out that the average worker in their town was making $22,000 a year and the average teacher was more than double that amount. They responded that they were worth it! These people are truly shameless – if anyone else was failing at 90% of their job they would be fired immediately, not given a raise! But this is the upside-down, fairy tale world of unions. Unlimited raises and benefits for everyone, even the least talented and industrious among us! This country has got to take a stand and bust the unions before the unions bust America!

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    144. Joseph Arsenault Dre says:

      Congratulations to Governor Scott Walker. Keep on doing what you know is the right thing to do. Our Governor Lepage is on the same track. If we can get enough support going throughout the country , maybe we can get the train running back on time!!!

      Those of us that have belonged to unions (way back in the fifties & sixties) realized that the unions were'nt interested in our welfare but their oun perpetuity

      Joe A

    145. Jim-MN says:

      Hey Kiki and the rest of you Dem fools.

      You and your liberal and progressive friends are about to take the big bite. This is the first of many battles coming from this administration [Obama] that will determine the future of the country. No one saw this coming so soon. We all thought it was going to come at the debt ceiling vote in March.

      I was very glad to see the Obama boy wonder stick is nose in again where it does not belong. If the Dems lose this one [which they will], Obama is a one term Pres and the Dems and the Progressives again go back under their rock for another 50 years. This time we will will keep the light and pressure on these Marxis traitors.

    146. jim smith says:

      Now boys & girls, we have our new friends at the SEIU. They will show us the right way to demonstrate CIVILITY through bat weilding, leg breaking, knee-capping, death threats and other useful strategies to assist us in getting our heads right. With the right tools, you will be able to assemble and throw a Molotov cocktail in less than three minutes.

    147. Jamie, Massachusetts says:

      I'm a teacher and I think the Wisconsin teachers union is completely wrong on this whole thing. Please know that not all teachers support this foolishness and there are many of us in this country that would take cuts and give up more so that we can all keep our jobs and help our country out. If the union really was for the children, they would do what is necessary and take the cuts because the alternative is layoffs, and layoffs equal less teachers which equals larger class sizes which decreases the amount attention students will receive.

      We are faced with sort of a "Join or Die" ultimatum and are forced to join these bullish unions. I for one am sick of my dues going to fund people and causes I do not support, but I have no say in the matter. Gov. Walker must win this battle in Wisconsin to provide an example for the rest of the country, because it is likely coming to a district near you soon.

    148. George L. Augustynia says:

      I agree that people should have a choice to join a union and not be compelled or forced to join. I also agree that they should pay a larger part of their health and retirement cost. The private citizen cannot afford to keep paying for these benefits they want and think they deserve. Unions are starting to destroy this county by wanting high wages and then not being efficient in performing their jobs. We the non-government employed people have to live on less so those in government can have all the amenities. That has to end and it has to happen now.

    149. Mikey, Minneapolis says:

      Why stop here? Let's fire them all and disband the schools/police/fire departments and then we'll save a ton of money. We should privatize all of it. Sure it may be chaotic for a little while, but we'll all be better off.

    150. David says:

      It is time for a Reagan like approach to the teachers union in Wisconsin. If they are not back in school by Monday fire the entire lot and start over. The children would be no worse off.

      I have been sending my seven children to private school since 1981. The youngest is now in 9th grade at that private school. In those 20 + years we have NEVER had to deal with a teachers "sick out". Even though the teachers are paid substantially less than their public school counterparts here in Michigan. They, none the less, are at work everyday.

      I am thankful that I live in a country where my success is not dependent on some union hack negotiating my salary or benefits. As a small business owner, I am responsible for myself and my family. I would have it no other way. As a person who was born and raised in Wisconsin…keep fighting the good fight Gov. Walker. You are on the right track. We are with you.

    151. Bob Fisher says:


    152. geark reno says:

      all registered republicans that are public servants need to change affiliation to independent party thats 35 to 40 %voting republican gov employees why would anyone stay in a party that is trying to kick you to the floor

    153. Dee, Rio Ranch, NM says:

      I fully support the union workers. What hypocrisy! Most of the people here commenting against the unions enjoy the benefits of a 40 hour work week…many even have the day off tomorrow. I am a teacher and if I was faced with the same situation, I would also strike. Why? This is a lesson in fairness and common sense. I would keep my kids home and explain to them how important this "fight" is. It will affect the entire country. So, for those of you that believe "teachers" do not care are completely wrong. We need to teach our students the truth! The budget woes are not due to the union but Wall Street and all that supported the mess that THEY caused! This is about fighting for what is right… a good lesson for students despite missing some days from school. As far as firing teachers and replacing them? Are you kidding? You really believe it is that easy? Be prepared for more chaos. The truth is that Wisconsin's governor does NOT care about the people (and most importantly, the children) of Wisconsin. He has had a vendetta against unions since the beginning. Take a look at his history regards to unions and the chaos it has caused. If you think this has to do with the best interest of Wisconsin, you are sorely uninformed.

    154. Ed says:

      Of course, all the WI governer is doing is taking an easy way out….he thinks….I would ask him, " Why do you want to break the union"? Why not just do the strong thing and resist what the union wants?? Why not just tell the government workers, union or not, that they are taking a pay cut, as you and all the representitive must be, and then don't offer more. If they strike, they strike, just don't give in..

    155. Bob Fisher, Essex,CT says:

      How many unions in the public sector have been granted presidential exemptions from Obamacare because their benefits are greater with their union contracts? All of which the taxpayers pay for even though they are stuck with a health care system which they can not afford. They, in effect, are paying taxes to give public employees to give a better healthcare plan than they have and one that the federal government mandates they must accept.

      I think Governor Walker is on to something that needs to be fixed.

    156. Bob Fisher, Essex,CT says:

      How many unions in the public sector have been granted presidential exemptions from Obamacare because their benefits are greater with their union contracts? All of which the taxpayers pay for even though they are stuck with a health care system which they can not afford. They, in effect, are paying taxes to give public employees a better healthcare plan than they have and one that the federal government mandates they must accept.

      I think Governor Walker is on to something that needs to be fixed.

    157. Bobbie says:

      The constitutional right to form a union and collectively bargain is taken from the people's constitution and applies to the people, not government union labor workers.

      Government labor workers are separate from the people as they are paid by the people. There should be no right to collectively bargain from the government sector.

      There never should have been… take it away!

    158. B Forrest...TX says:

      Who represents me and my tax money when public sector unions sit down at the table to negotiate a better deal? Most of the time it's democratic politicians sitting on the other side of the table, the very politicians who got elected, in large part, thanks to huge campaign contributions made by the very union they're negotiating with.

      If you think they're looking out for you and your interests you're a moron.

    159. Lilli, ME says:

      The public schools have failed us miserably in the last 20 years.I recently left working for the public school system after many years and feel that (certain individuals not withstanding) they are turning into little better than day-care institutions. Parents are misplacing their blind trust in them. In addition, public sector unions are helping to bankrupt us all. I would like to see each student receive an educational voucher. I would like to see tenure abolished AND the unions gone and , while we're at it, the DOE also . I would like to see teachers compete for their pay on their merit, like everyone else does, for jobs in schools controlled by the private sector and parents take more of an interest and participate more in their childrens' educations because they need to choose. As for Scott Walker, I pray that he stays the course and begins the process of change that is desperately needed. As the teachers fight for their benefits and salaries, and the unions fight for their dues, and the president fights for his base, SOMEONE HAS TO FIGHT FOR THE CHILDREN!

    160. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      Excellent article leaving little to be added on the topic.

      One queston that should be asked, however, is — why unions were formed in the first place and what kind of thinking put that 'fix' into the public sector where it does not belong … we now have laws that legalize all sorts of crimes, perpetrated against the vulnerable, protecting the returns to the powerful to the point of detroying both the republic and the economy.

      Political parties? bias?corruption? these can only exist if the people cannot bring themselves to say NO and mean it. Demand equal protection of the real law and permnently remove the problems wherever they are found. From presidents on down, public servants all and unlike the People, can be replaced at any moment.

      Workers unite indeed!

      Americans only have Masters by deception.

    161. Carole, Maryland says:

      All the "fat" needs to be cut, obviously these teachers have taken, and taken and the governor is trying to cut teacher benefits to be inline with the norm – nothing wrong with that. Federal employee benefits were cut and no one said a word.

      When will Congressional pensions, benefits and salaries be trimmed?

    162. Paul Costello Hannac says:

      Every Union connected with AFSCME, is politically corrupt. This is provable. Money is taken from union coiffers and given to the political party of the Union leaderships choice, WITH OUT prior approval of the membership. The membership has a right to redeem that portion of their union money that was donated to that party without prior approval, by filling out a form and sending it to the union for a redemption, it is a very small window of time to request the refund. But the damage to your party of choice has already been done and it was your money that was spent against your will. I am a RETIRED N.Y.S. Correction Officer, I am being forced to belong to AFSCME retirees Union, a union I do not believe in nor the politicians they support. The dues are deducted from my retirement check, although I have asked several times to be dropped from the membership. I have given up trying, it is not a lot of money and not worth the effort to fight them. By costing them membership, you take away their money and power (political)

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    164. Jeremy NC says:

      Roger TN posted at 10:21 a.m. "Imagine the workers of TSA stopping work and picketing/protesting." He understands the importance of their jobs; similarly as important are the jobs at stake in Wisconsin. However, the importance of someone's job should IMPROVE the VALUE of their job – and their ability to argue for just and proper compensation. I applaud the Wisconsin state workers for taking a stand against blatant disregard for their voices and livelihood (they are undercompensated 8-10%, according to one study, compared to similar jobs in the region); I would applaud the TSA if they took the same stand under similar circumstances – even if it complicated my travel plans.

      Maybe WI state workers would view the situation differently had the wealthy governor and legislators proposed similar cuts for themselves and the dead weight at the top of every state government. That's something that's never proposed!

      Dee's post, from 11:21 am, was also right on the mark.

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    166. Mike W CA says:

      I am a retired public employee (35 years with the State of CA). It IS about the budget of Wisconsin. It IS NOT about union busting. Public Employee unions seem to be ignoring the facts, which unfortunately is so typical of public employee unions. The Wisconsin public employee unions should do their part to aid their state-Wisconsin Public Employees seem to not care about the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Then Public Employee Unions nationwide wonder why they are held in disregard.

    167. 2dokie says:

      Honorable Democrats should despise this practice of continual collusion between union administrators and liberal politicians for their mutual enrichment.Especially when it spells national disaster for all of us. Post-modern relativism won't alter the reality of our descent into the abys of bankruptsy. The privately employed taxpayer wont be alone in the long downward death-spiral of financial disaster. There wont be enough gains to offset the monetary destruction brought on by irrational greed…not in this financial climate

    168. Bill, Berlin says:

      If it is my right, as an individual, to join a collective bargaining group, whether union or just a bunch of guys in my department banding together, what's to stop me from joining more than one such group and cherry picking my affiliation after the negotiations are done? Or am I then entitled to have a go on my own behalf?

      And even more confusingly, with whom does my employer negotiate my pay and bennies?

    169. DarrenK, Tampa says:

      I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have been living in Tampa Florida for over 25 years. I have been seriously looking at moving back to West Allis and opening a business. Returning to my roots and family. As I have research the move and cost, I can not seriously consider moving back. Tax Tax Tax Tax. That is the obstacles that keep raising it's head.

      Wisconsin used the stimulus money to "balance" the budget last year. The Barack Obama and my federal tax "Money" is gone, now what? You can not continue to live on other peoples money, TAXES.

      I make 51K a year in sales. With the economy in my industry I had to work my a$# off to maintain my salary from 2008 and 2009. I pay 50% of my health care and ALL of my retirement. I would have to earn 60K a year in Wisconsin to just maintain. Get a grip. You have had a sweet deal and now it's time to just invest a little back so you can keep your jobs and help Wisconsin be fiscally sound. When the 10-16 K state workers lose their jobs because the unions and Democrats did not want to budge, call your union steward and Democrat senator and ask them for a loan to pay your bills. Wake up and join the real world!!

    170. Cobras, Santa Fe NM says:

      I belonged to the Air Line Pilots Assoc. (ALPA), and when either the pilots or the Flight Attendants when on strike…they did not receive any pay. And the Union would cry; "Hold Out, management will break" —- well while we didn't get any income the Union bosses still got their fat checks!

    171. Bettina, Burlington, says:

      My prayers go to Scott Walker and his family and all the employees at the Wisconsin State Capitol. Who will clean up the awful mess created by the protesters?

      This fight for financial survival is not about unions and their members. It is about everybody in Wisconsin. Everybody who works and contributes to the financial welfare of this state should be treated equal. Our democratic senators are paid by us, regardless if we voted for them or not. What would happen to us, when we leave our job because of difference of opinion with management? Unemployment and no unemployment check. What makes these people above the law?

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