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  • Morning Bell: Is This Program Worth Bankrupting My Child?

    Under President Barack Obama’s fiscal year (FY) 2012 budget, by 2014 net interest payments on our debt will surpass the amount spent on education, transportation, energy, and all other discretionary programs outside defense combined. Over the next decade, every citizen will be paying more than $2,500 a year in interest alone. Simply put: Our current spending habits are bankrupting our children. This must stop. The culture of overspending must change, and this week’s debate over the remaining months over the FY 2011 budget is the beginning of that fight. Substantive cuts this year, like the ones conservatives are fighting for in the House, will not balance the budget by themselves, but they are imperative for building momentum for additional spending reforms in the future.

    Not all government spending is bad. Government does provide some core functions that must be paid for. This is why the duty to “provide for the common defense” is right there in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. While it is true that our current defense spending practices are far from perfect, Heritage Foundation defense policy analysts Mackenzie Eaglen and Julia Pollack have identified defense spending reforms that could save taxpayers more than $70 billion. But these savings should be used to stabilize our armed services. The effects of the short-term continuing resolutions are already wreaking havoc on defense plans for maintenance of equipment and readiness levels of U.S. forces. Congress should live up to its constitutional duty and pass a defense spending bill that fully funds the President’s budget request for FY 2011.

    Other public safety measures that Congress funds may sound necessary but really are not. Yesterday, liberals succeeded in restoring funding to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG)—$510 million—and the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)—$310 million—programs. Both of these programs are inherently suspect on federalism grounds alone, but let’s set aside that issue for a second and just talk spending. At the bare minimum, all taxpayers should expect that the federal government will not waste their money on ineffective programs. Safety is vitally important. But if a safety program isn’t keeping us safe, it’s just wasting our money. Both COPS and the FEMA fire grant programs are complete wastes of money. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis (CDA) collected data from 1999 to 2006 on 10,033 fire departments and, using regression analysis, estimated the impact of fire grants on fire casualties. The CDA evaluation found that AFG grants had no impact on fire casualties. Research by The Heritage Foundation has demonstrated that COPS failed to add 100,000 additional officers to America’s streets and was ineffective at reducing crime. Why are we bankrupting our children to pay for these completely ineffective programs?

    The case for going into debt to fund other ineffective programs is even weaker. President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “Great Society” era Head Start program is not only ineffective but plagued by fraud. Our kids can all enjoy the Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, and the National Geographic Channel, but taxpayers are still forced to pay for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. With Elmo on everything from books to lunch boxes to clothes, it is high time PBS started paying their own freight. The 1974 the Community Development Block Grant program has become a $6 billion source of funding for wasteful pork-barrel projects like the Mark Twain House and Museum, the Salvador Dali Museum, and the Helen Keller Birthplace Foundation. Is it worth bankrupting our children to build yet another museum? The Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration spends billions of dollars a year on programs that are so ineffective that the Labor Department stopped studying them. If these programs can’t prove they create jobs, then why we are bankrupting our children for them.

    In 1991, P.J. O’Rourke quipped: “The budget grows because, like zygotes and suburban lawns, it was designed to do nothing else.” When that sentence was published our national debt was about $4 trillion. Today it is more than $14 trillion. Today the House is expected to vote on amendments from Reps. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) and Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) that would begin to tackle our entitlement problem by defunding Obamacare. Rehberg’s amendment specifies that no “funds made available by this act may be paid to any employee, officer, contractor, or grantee of any department or agency … to implement” Obamacare. McMorris Rogers’ amendment specifically defunds IRS employee implementation of the law. If we can’t cut clearly ineffective government programs, we will have no hope of reforming the entitlement spending that is driving our deficits.

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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: Is This Program Worth Bankrupting My Child?

    1. Brian, PA says:

      While we're trying to get rid of wasteful spending, let us not forget the monstrosity pushed by our illustrious previous president…Prescription Drug Coverage to the tune of half a trillion dollars. Not that I don't agree with what is being said here for elimination, but it's worth noting that as bad as Obama is with his overspending, Mr. Bush was just as bad…he just spent money in different places. And truth be told, until the Congress turned Democrat, Mr. Bush never met a spending bill he didn't like, no matter how much debt was piled on!

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      As usual Conn, you do a great job at identifying and reporting many many cuts and the urgency behind making these cuts. I fear, however as many of these cuts we can make – at the level to which we are making them – we will be no where near where we need to be. We need to cut far more! The only thing is, right now we are fighting two entities that are controlled by the spending party. And they have no desire to cut a thing – unless it is defense – and only defense. This is also as ineffective in getting government spending under control. We do have a valuable tool at out coffers however – the debt ceiling.

      The majority of America wants to see the federal government shrink in size.

      Considering we have very little available cash to fund the federal government for the next seven months, we will have to raise the debt ceiling. Otherwise, more than half of the government (including defense personnel) will need to be sent home until the first of October.

      Before we agree to raise the debt ceiling, I think we need to enact legislation that cuts at least 15% from everything before raising the ceiling (including entitlements and the DoD). Mind you defense cuts need to be targeted to non-military functions and wastefull spending. The HF has identified 10% of such spending so we need to find only 5% more of the DoD budget to cut. I do not think that will be hard.

      We have never had such a terrific bargaining chip to force the federal government to cut back and cut back significantly. A 15% across the board cut (ABC) will reduce the FY11 budget by $570 billion. The 15% ABC shall be implemented March 1st, 2011 and completed by September 30, 2011. Every month 1/6 of the cuts shall be completed with each federal department, agency, program or office sending a report to the GAO proving the cuts has been made. Cuts shall include 15% of the non-military workforce (or in other words the civilian federal workforce – everywhere – the DoD may need to make up the difference in their CIV employees by not letting soldiers go), and 15% of the expenditures. Cost savings shall come from finding and eliminating inefficiencies, by simplification, by eliminating redundancy and overlapping functions and consolidating similar functions into a single department. Where duties include requirements by statutes, the legislation must incorporate a process to suspend the requirements until a future time when congress can review such requirements – for either elimination or simplification. Congress should craft and approved this legislation, and Obama must sign the bill before congress even starts the initial debate on the legislation to increase the debt ceiling.

      The entire non-governmental population in America will support this type of cut. It is by far the most efficient and most effective way to shrink the size of the federal government. In effect as these reductions happen and as statutes are set aside, we may find that a natural reduction of the scope of government occures as well. Congress need not get bogged down in the politics of getting rid of programs as they will be eliminating nothing. Everything will lose a small slice of their operations by becoming more efficient and responsive to the people’s needs. Ideally, this legislation would also include a second phase with another 15% ABC – FY12. This phase would begin on October 1, 2011 and be completed by March 31, 2012 and follow the same process as for the first phase. The second phase will eliminate another $550 billion from the FY12 budget for a total of $1.12 billion in total cuts. The federal government will be back to pre 9/11 size – back when we were running in the black.

      Specific cuts can then be made when the Tea Party Republicans take over DC in 2012. This should be the remainder of $250 billion in cuts that need to be done to get to a balanced budget. This is where the eliminations and significant program/agency/departmental reductions can occur. In total, this would represent $1.37 trillion in cuts in a year and a half. With additional legislation that reduces business regulations and maintaining and stabilizing current tax rates, business will start to spur, which could take care of the remaining budget gap.

      Only when the federal workforce begins making internal cuts to meet the 15% ABC legislation, should congress draft legislation to raise debt ceiling. The increase should be permanently capped at $15.000 trillion with no more future increases allowed – no more reviews – no more considerations – by legislation. The legislation should also dictate that the ceiling would be lowered by $250 billion every year starting at the beginning of FY 2013.

    3. Juancho Panza, Orlan says:

      You may have understated the impact to taxpayers of the bloated Obama budget. Since only $138 million citizens pay taxes, the per-tax payer annual payment on debt could be $5,000 or higher.

    4. Michael Fleming, Ral says:

      Most people do not understand the concept of giving debt to the following generations; they only understand what is given to them now. Unfortunately, we have only ourselves to blame for this because we have not educated our children with solid principles for over a century. The sad truth is that it will take a "shock and awe" campaign to really make people listen to the debt problem. Even this new batch of politicians may not be up to that arduous task.

    5. fran, st. paul mn. says:

      Can you say FAIR TAX? It would limit big gov just by design. Fairtax.org

    6. Bill says:

      Did George Bush have anything to do with the deficits and debt? Wouldn't know it by this reporting.

    7. Doouble Ace says:

      The politicians today don't seem to be concerned. They just keep on spending, more interested in saving their backsides and their jobs than doing what is right. The Democrats have run us into a big hole in the last two years, with no results. Now we elected Republicans in 2010, and gave them control of the House of Representatives, and they don't seem to care. They promised to stop spending, to repeal Obamacare. They are now caving in large numbers. I guess 2012 may well be the year of the Independent or the TEA Party. I am tired of being lied to. The spending must STOP NOW! They are not just stealing from out children and grandchildren they are and will steal more from us as well. They just keep thinking of ways to raise taxes, steal our 401k's and IRA's. The political machine in America is no better than a common criminal. The only difference they make the laws so they can steal legally.

    8. Sara, Norfolk says:

      I am in your corner with fiscal conservatism, and even with PBS towing their own financial line. Having cut my teeth in NPR and PBS development departments during my college years, I have had a certain cultural appreciation and loyalty that has until recently, overcome their insults to my political convictions. However, they truly can no longer make the "no commercials" claim. Nor can they claim to be without bias with any level of journalistic integrity.

      But you betray yourself as upscale, and urban with the statement that all of our children can enjoy National Geographic, Discovery and Nickelodeon. Those channels in my coastal VA area, are only available to those who can afford cable, and in most cases, a package more expensive (in our case almost $50 more) than the basic. PBS is available on the basic package. At our rural family property in Western Va, only with satellite would we receive those channels, or, for that matter a conservative news channel.

    9. Doouble Ace says:

      One other question. Why do politicians and the press insist on calling Social Security an entitlement program? I paid over $100,000 into Social Security. My employer matched those contributions. He would raher do that than raise my pay. What happened to the money I and many millions of other Americans put into the system? That money with investment should have doubled or tripled over the last 40 years. What happened to it. Now the government wants to cut the "entitlement programs". If they really want to cut entitlement programs, start with all the politicians entitlements. Cut Mrs. Obama's large staff, and all the vacations they take with their friends at the taxpayers expense. I didn't vote for her and I don't think she should be entitled to anything other than the salary we pay her husband, which I might add is an overpayment for the services we receive. Stop giving my hard earned money to foreign dictators, like the 1.3 Billion we gave to Egypty. or the huge amounts we ssend to Africa or other mid eastern nations. Stop funding worthless programs like the UN. Stop welfare, and food stamps to illegals. Stop giving illegals who paid nothing into the system social security. When all of this has been done then we should re look at the so called entitlement programs that is being paid to American citizens who have paid all of the other bills the government so enthusiastically obligates us for.

    10. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      The overspending will bring this country to a screeching halt. It,s only a matter of time, if this insanity continues it will be soon. Obama is either a total moron not to understand the dangers {which I do not believe} or he is attempting to destroy the country on purpose. Just look at the situation in Wisconsin. The Teachers unions are protesting the Governor's attemptto bring the state deficit under control by limiting thier ability to bargain, and to have them contribute to thier pensions and health care insurance. These contributions will put them on the same level with private industry standards. They respond by not showing up for work and publically protestesting. The Governor should call this an illegal strike and fire every one of them. Remember how Reagan delt with the illegal Air Traffic Controlers strike.Its about time that these union tactics be delt with.

    11. Tom Florida says:

      This House of Representatives is getting on track. The $100 billion dollars in lower spending for the remainder of the fiscal year is a promised start. The other promise is to DEFUND OBAMACARE. 50% of the promises will not work.

      If this congress does not defund Obamacare they will pay a price. All rules committee members will have to be replaced in 2012. The Speaker will go from a hero to a suspect and no one wants that.

      The leadership knows how important this is and if they allow any threats from the resident of the WHite House or his Chicago team to sway them, they forfiet their privilege.

    12. Huck Finn says:

      I will be affected, either way. I do hope that the citizens, and their representatives chose the hard path of mot just trimming the debt, but to actually cut spending for the present, and the future.

      I believe that a significant change in how the Congress allows the Federal Reserve to fund our spending needs to change. We cannot continue to go to the Fed for more dollars without forcing the World to find another source of money, other that US Dollars. If the world currency changes, and is no longer tied to the US Dollar, we as Americans, will see a dynamic and disastrous change in ur current lifestyle.

      I do not know what Mr. Obama is intending for us, but it does not look good. Someone has to loose 'political capital', and it should not be the people of the United States.Our congressional representatives must make these cuts, and they must make them lasting.

      Lastly, please do not continue to use the verbal vurtiously tainted statements regarding the elderly, the poor, the aflicted, the down and out, or any other statement to defend keeping a program. Make the programs stand on merit, and results. By continuing to fund programs that do not work, we are only taking critical resources away from areas that are effective. Head Start, Planned Parenthood, Education Administration, TSA, parts of Homeland Security, and funding for the UN should all be part of the reductions in spending. And as I indicated, I expect the congress to reduce Medicare, Medicade, social Security entitelments, and to greatly reduce ObamaCare and its' future uncalculated debt.

    13. Jeff Dover, Fountain says:

      Yes, our government does spend to "…provide for the common defense." However, as Brian T. Kennedy, Pres. of the Claremont Institute reminds us re. the notion of "balance of power" and/or "parity" with Russia or the People's Republic of China, "Can any government claim to occupy the moral high ground when it willingly, knowingly, and purposely keeps its people nakedly vulnerable to nuclear missiles?"

      We need to have a nuclear anti-missile defense system in place. We have both the technology and finances to do so. As Kennedy further suggests "…it is now time to remind our representatives of the constitutional requirement to provide for a common defense — in the true sense of the word."

    14. Don Ruane Lilburn GA says:

      In my opinion our only hope is "Term Limits.

      A majority of the people want Term Limits,

      The problem is that the majority of the people keep on reelecting the same people over and over again.

      I suggest a new 12 step program,

      We can call it Congress Anonymous.

      Millions and millions of Americans will meet in homes, offices and churches to experience a physic change that will break the crippling decease of reelecting the corrupt Congress Persons over and over again.

      I do not think the government will allow these meetings to occur because an "ACT OF GOD" will take place at each meeting of Congress Anonymous and you know we cannot have that.

    15. Redfray, Pea Ridge, says:

      I always hate to disagree with some Heritage writers, but this time I must challenge some of the reasoning of this article. The government has no business using tax monies that it can't police. There are very few programs the government can manage correctly. The defense, education, environmental or many other programs are more wasteful than a poor person's diet. Most of the programs could be better run by the public than the governments who show many forms of favoritism. Over all Mr. Carroll you have proven the government can not handle money, and you're right about the government handling defense of our country. The money used to protect our shores should be according to each persons income. In other words, each person pays directly into a defense fund according to income. That money will be decided by the 4 branches of our military leaders. Defense money distributed by the pentagon is no more than a pit of sharks and alligators trying to bit off the biggest chunk. Tax money lotted to the pentagon by our government now, is based own who will give to the reelection funds. Our defense is at the mercy of greedy elected officials, and if we have a poor millitary, we want need the other programs.

    16. Thomas Crockett, Lin says:

      When decrying federal deficit spending and our horrendous national debt, we need to change the narrative from saying it will bankrupt our children and grandchildren, to instead be saying that it will bankrupt the country and all of us who are alive and working and paying taxes here and now! The course we are on, if not reversed immediately, is going to ruin our already dreadfully weak economy, and it will lead to hyperinflation, which will completely wipe out whatever is left of everyone's net worth, or to a total collapse of the federal government because there is nothing left to fund it with – or more likely – it will lead to both of these bad outcomes. Yes, telling the American public that their children will be bankrupted has merit as an argument, but getting the American public to realize that it will bankrupt not just their children but themselves, is a much more powerful argument.

    17. Don Ruane Lilburn GA says:

      In my opinion our only hope is "Term Limits.

      A majority of the people want Term Limits,

      The problem is that the majority of the people keep on reelecting the same people over and over again.

      I suggest a new 12 step program,

      We can call it Congress Anonymous.

      Millions and millions of Americans will meet in homes, offices and churches to experience a physic change that will break the crippling decease of reelecting the corrupt Congress Persons over and over again.

      I do not think the government will allow these meetings to occur because an "ACT OF GOD" will take place at each meeting of Congress Anonymous and you know we cannot have that.

      Don Ruane

    18. Lil, San Diego says:

      The unions control everything in DC, hence our sweet presy's shameful support! They worked hard and spent a lot of money getting him elected, so payback is their reward. No amount of common sense will sway them from continuing to feed at the public trough.

    19. Charles - Lake Charl says:

      Let's face it – we are a doomed nation. I think it is becoming increasingly clear that our democratic republic experiment has failed, not because the design was faulty, but because we failed to educate ourselves about the treasure we were given by the Founders and because we lost our moral compass. More are now taking than giving and it will grow more dangerous for those who produce the wealth as the politicians indulge the non-producers our of their "compassion" – read "so that they can stay in office and grow their power". Like the lady said – sooner or later liberals run out of other people's money to spend.

    20. Jerrod, Nebraska says:

      My wife manages a daycare. Families can have their children cared for at a rate of $475/week per child if they pay cash. If they qualify for the government program the government pays $425/week per child instead. In addition, if a family pays cash, the daycare provides food for the child with daycare funds. If the child qualifies for another program, similiar to the lunch program in the public schools, the daycare receives an additional $400/week per child. The only way for a family to qualify for free daycare is if one of them is unemployed and taking a job training course offered by the state. History has shown at this daycare that people will work a job for a couple of weeks, quit or get fired so they can go to the classes and get free daycare. after the classes,, they get a job for another two weeks and continue the cycle…sometimes for years. The parents who receive free daycare will bring their children to daycare even when they have days off from the classes. These programs keep money coming into the business, paying my wife an income, but wow, what a waste of money.

    21. John Olofson, Graeag says:

      PLEASE keep hammering away at this until, at least, the vast majority of Republican Member of Congress get. With any luck even a few Democrats might get it, too.

    22. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      No, of course not!! No program of BHO is worth bankrupting our future generations!! And they’re obviously doing no good for the economy, which is still in the worst recession since the Great Depression with the longest period of 9 plus % unemployment since 1940. Once on cnsnews.com, Walter E. Williams wrote that up to 75% of all federal spending is not even called for in the Constitution!!

      Bill Clinton did (perhaps reluctantly) move more to the right or center after he saw the message of the voters in the 1994 midterm election. He probably knew it was his only hope of a second term. However, it’s becoming obvious that BHO is far more to the left, and obstinate!! BHO ignores the fact that this nation CANNOT afford his irresponsible profligate spending, and many Americans are worried about the future for our kids and grandchildren. Maybe BHO would rather be a one-term president than abandon his Marxist agenda??

      Only one thing is clear and important – BHO (as well as more democrats in Congress) needs to be defeated in next year’s November election. This country CANNOT afford a second term of BHO!! We were fortunate enough to win back control of the House 3 months ago, but it’s clear we have a long way to go. 1st, the GOP House MUST stand by its 2010 campaign pledges to stop BHO’s radical agenda. 2nd, the GOP must also rid itself of RINOs and wimps who too often cower to the leftwing Democrats. This means that they must choose the most conservative nominees possible. The nominees must also be good outspoken Reagan/Palin like campaigners who can challenge BHO and his democrats in any debates. Let’s not repeat the errors of 2008. That is – don’t nominate another weak dingbat like John McCain!! As Rush Limbaugh once suggested, it seems like McCain’s entire campaign was a concession speech, given that McCain could’ve ended BHO’s campaign in the first debate alone. ….Republican Party, LISTEN TO US!! Remember, many of us reluctantly voted for McCain just as a vote against One Big Awful Mistake America!! Of course we would’ve preferred a dingbat over the Marxist we now have as POTUS. But unfortunately a large % of voters don’t think that way. They’re oblivious to the fact that elections have consequences, and for some reason don’t want to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Until these voters wise up, the best thing the GOP can do is reach out to these voters by recruiting candidates who clearly give voters a reason to vote FOR them as opposed to simply voting AGAINST the democrat opponents. The last few years have proven to be a disaster, and a good reason to do everything possible to make the 2012 election the final nail in the coffin of the leftwing democrat party.

    23. Patricia Texas says:

      Does anyone think that Obama is doing this on purpose, to make America never thrive again? Or…do you think that maybe, he is dismantling AMerica with the 'hope' that everything will balance in a socialist world!

      What do you think of this, is an answer possible?

    24. Robert, North Richla says:

      Here we go again: Big, Bad Obama is doing this, and grabbing that, and ruining our country (I would agree that the people in power and his handlers are ruining the country). What is your solution? John Boehner's solution is to cut $ 61 billion (he promised $ 100 billion) off the edges – which accomplishes nothing. It would take $300 billion in real cuts – combined with the permanent loss of ineffective, parasite programs, departments and agencies. John Boehner's mealy mouth,

      wimpy, periphereal little cuts do not solve ANY of our problems – and the Democrats will sweep everything unless we jump off the Boehner smart car and jump on the Tea Party aircraft carrier!

    25. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      What will it take before all of the American people realize Obama and his Democrat ilk in Congress refuse to what was demanded in November. Like the recent court rulings on ObamaCare and offshore drilling, they just ignore and keep plowing ahead. They are determined to shove socialism down our throats by destroying our capitalist economical system. The latest vote in the Senate to kill ObamaCare was a prime example. Every Dem voted No! We know what their agenda is. It is up to us to stop them in 2012, if we survive that long.

    26. Scottsdale, AZ says:

      If you are serious about the founding father's principles, then please consider that spending is not the problem, it is a symptom of the real problem. The real problem, as with Head STart and every other social program is that they are highly-centralized government monopolies that 'give a man a fish.' Whether dollars or chits for free giveaways, they will not work. '

      These programs go no create great Americans. They assure that far too many Americans live lives of quiet, government-sponsored desperation.

      Cutting these programs back (from Head Start to Medicare) assume these programs are executed well. They aren't. Just like Head Start.


      Our first goal is to start moving the responsibilities for social welfare to the states where they can decide if they want to implement unaffordable, ineffective solutions like the feds.

      Our second goal should be to have the states experiment. Smart states will work on the best social program every created on earth, a job. Others will have the option to implement variations of a variety of themes. Regardless, having 50 solutioins will help America find best practices for social welfare.

      My guess is it won't take long to discover that a job is better than a 'fish' program, and saving for you retirement needs, including healthcare, will create great wealth.

      What would be nice, though, would be if the Heritage started not only taking our Principles seriously, but fearlessly discuss fixes that align with those principles.

    27. Mary Sosebee, Atlant says:

      Members of Congress are doing the peoples business by defunding Obamacare and other wasteful spending that is bankrupting our Great Nation. We should also demand that Congress implement the Fair Tax as a way of funding Social Security and Medicare. With a 9+% unemployment that we are forced to endure by progressive economics, "Social" Security and other social programs are not sustainable. Seniors have paid into "Social" Security all of our working lives. It is bankrupt. Social Security was designed to fail (when more people collect than pay into the fund). The Fair Tax would fund Social Security/Medicare and abolish the current immoral "income" tax with all of its waste and fraud. Abolish the income tax and our Great Nation will be more competitive on the world market. The Fair Tax is right on so many levels. It will go a long way in turning our economy around. Mary/Atlanta

    28. Bill Allen, lake cou says:

      I am a conservative and am absolutely in agreement with major reductions in spending and fiscal regform.

      It really upsets me when I read in the paper this morning that House Republican Speaker John Boehner and other "House GOP leaders" supported the spending of 450 million for an alternative engine for the Pentagons next generation warplane.

      Gee, I wonder if there is any connection with Boehners support and the GE engine operation in his district.

      Fortunately a group of new Republican house members did what they were sent to Washington to do and defeated the effort.

      This kind of action by Boehner and his ilk are just the kind of hypocritical things that will cause failure of the new Republican majority.

    29. JackM says:

      I realize space is limited in your Morning Bell, but I sure would like to know how and by whom (House/Senate/Congress meaning both houses?) were the FEMA/AFG and COPS funding restored? I agree that they should not have been, but without knowing who was involved or how they did it, it is hard to know who to contact or hold accountable in 2012.

    30. David Bess, Carson C says:

      Kudos to Rehberg and McMorris. This has to be done to stave of the most imposing legaslation this country has ever seen.

    31. Dennis Georgia says:

      I completely agree with Lil;, San Diego. California is the perfect example of unions gone wild, the citizens can not pay enough to take care of their demands. The politicans do not and have not had, the guts to stop this crap. The federal emplyees union is a parasite on the back of tax payers. The unions spent millions on obama and will spend milluions to get what they want. I believe today, more than in 2008, that obama is a destructive tool for this country, he was then and is today a sucking parasite to this country. The same applies to pelosi and reid, yet the voters keep sending them back to suck more from us. This has to stop, or this country will faide into a distant memory for all.The Republicans must do all in their power to get spending under controll, our country depends on this.

    32. KC - New Mexico says:

      From yesterday’s comments – Jose from Bedford NH listed a 10 point plan to save America. I copied this because it addresses the hard questions that our incapable leaders in Washington do not want to address. The President does not get this. It is sad that this kind of approach is not socialized by the media for all Americans. The FY 2012 budget is a joke and full of funding for the continued fraudulent expenditures. Our country needs to address the real issues and make the hard decisions. It is no longer political, it is survival!

      1. Abolish all public employee unions: Public unions do not have the interest of the people (taxpayers) in mind when negotiating lopsided contracts.

      2. No pay to legislate: No elected official (from Congressman down to Mayor to School Board member) should be paid a salary.

      3. Out-law for life any lobbying by former government employees or politicians

      4. You Drop-out You Serve: Kids who drop-out shall be drafted for military duty to learn a skill while serving their country.

      5. Close all military bases in Europe: Move the European bases to the Middle East where our national interest (the free flow of oil) needs to be protected.

      6. 80/20 Rule: 80% of every dollar spent on education should be spent directly in the classroom.

      7. Privatize the Bottom 5%: The bottom five-percent of failing public schools shall be privatized and managed by private companies.

      8. 5% Budget Cut Over 2 years: All government agencies (at all levels) cut their budget by 5% in each of the next 2 fiscal years, and then remain at the reduced level for 3 more years.

      9. End Corporate Welfare and Farm Subsidies: Billions are wasted on powerful corporations and big farmers.

      10. Flat Tax: IRS regulations and loopholes are mind-numbing and should be simplified.

    33. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Congress has finally legislated itself into irrelevance. The farcical, self serving, negligent cowards "we the people" have elected to mis-represent us can just continue making budgetary and economic decisions on the basis of political gain as opposed to economic principles. If these fools we elected want to think that borrowing $0.43 of every Federal dollar spent is part of a budgetary process – well what the heck – go for it.

      Since the United States is apparently not capable of electing adults to public office, China and the world will soon impose economic reality upon our Congress by refusing to buy any more worthless U.S. debt. This will be like MOMMY taking away their allowance and sending them to their room for being naughty. Progressive Democrats call this "respect". It's the unfortunate downside of the NANNY STATE.

      The people of the United States should be asking themselves how, exactly we will be maintaining our armed forces and ability to defend ourselves as we enter into World War III totally bankrupt. When our war effort requires purchasing oil from the same countries our Congress has made us dependent upon and we are at war with: how's that gonna' work out?

      How can anyone look at Congress or at our White House and not think "TREASON"? How long will we remain spoiled children? I guess the answer is – as long as China says it's OK.

      Look carefully at the streets of Europe, the Middle East and Mexico – not to mention Madison, WI. That is the future change we can believe in.

    34. Roy Payne, Midlothia says:

      The inefective and wasteful spending pointed out in this acticle is just the tip of the iceburg. As long as the federal government continues this type iresponsible spending, they will never have support from the citizens to cut entitlement programs. If government would clean up there mess, I and probably a majority of people would be more inclided to accept entitlement cuts to reduce the deficite.

      Waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars must be stopped. Honest hard working americans are sick of paying for what amounts to the theft of our tax dollars and our rights.

    35. David Creighton, Fre says:

      Why do we have 30,000+ troops in Korea, more in Japan, and a lot in Europe and Bosnia? We have troops in 168 countries. Is that necessary in this day and age of technical warfare?

      South Korea has a strong economy. Why shouldn't it pay for its own defense, either by paying the US, or establishing its own military? We've been in Europe for 65 years. How come they don't pay us for their defense? Same with Japan.

      Our military is very mobile. Do we still need to be at the front lines all of the time? With missile defense system around the world, won't our first act be handled by them? Is there anyplace in the world we can't strike within a few hours?

      Yes, I want a strong military, but we need to keep up with the times.

    36. toledofan says:

      What is really becoming apparent is that the Democrats, Obama and his Administration are hell bent on ruining as much of America's freedoms, the Constitution and economy, as possible, before they are voted out. These people are so intrenched in their ideology that no matter the facts, logic, practical knowledge, or reason they just can't see the forest from the trees. The proposed budget is not only a laughing matter, how can anyone take it seriously? I guess, in a nutshell, that's really the major issue; Obama is supposed to be the President of the United States, the leader of all Americans and the travesty is that he's not fulfilling his oath or doing what is right for America. Everything is about politics and there is never a happy medium. The longer the nonsense continues the worse it's going to get.

    37. Pingback: Tweets that mention Morning Bell: Is This Program Worth Bankrupting My Child? | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. -- Topsy.com

    38. craig Sacramento Ca says:

      Getting the Democrats out of power would mean we would be in position where we could plug the endless ratholes that the Democrats are continually throwing our money down! Be great if we could impeach Obama and be able to do this sooner! Our present administration is totally incompetent, corrupt and clueless!

    39. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      There should be warning labels on some of these Progressive characters. Idiot is too kind a word if I were name calling! People like Rep. Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. There should be a label on them to warn people how dangerous their spew is going to be for them. Back in the old days when they taught American History. Please do not assume these folks are Loyal Opposition. No kids! Obama and his gang are not Loyal. They don't even believe in American Citizen Sovereignty!

      I think the Republicans should take advantage of the coming crisis and defund whole Departments for the Constitutional Crimes committed! Oh! Yes! Thousands of crimes are self evident, in the record and done in plain sight! (Of course, not in the Captive Media, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN more or less, and most captive MSNBC. Gosh! Maybe not in plain sight. Maybe covered up by wall paper stories or damned by faint praise?) I think Obama gang getting billions of dollars worth of free publicity and opinion manipulation by mass repetition? I think with all the payoffs in plain sight? Racketeering! No! Seriously! The Progressives have usurped Representation! Now! We the taxpayers have to pay for our own destruction! Change, fundamental change and the price of everything sky rockets!

      Americans, victims see the proof close at hand! Glenn Beck is one hundred percent correct. I say only the House can save us, and that means Investigation and Defunding unlawful dictatorial institutions! Kill the great big ones! DOE, UN, Education, EPA! Kill them for the crimes they have done, going after Americans! The whole herd of elephants in the room that nobody ever talks about! Nothing short of that will save our Nation!

    40. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Better learn Mandarin Chinese because Chinese Emperor Hu Jintao wants us to kowtow to him, and his successors, in perpetuity.

    41. William R. Barker says:

      "Yesterday, liberals succeeded in restoring funding to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) – $510 million – and the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) – $310 million—programs."

      Names, please!

      At the very least, please provide a link to the actual vote tally so that we can easily see for ourselves which side our own Members of Congress were on.

      Was this an actual piece of legislation? If so… please identify the legislation (and provide a link).

      Please follow such common sense s.o.p. from now on with all future Morning Bell columns.

      Thank you!

    42. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Mr. Obama does not care if the nation is bankrupt or failing. His agenda calls for creating chaos and disorganization. In a weakened state the uninformed masses will always support a charismatic demigod telling them he/she will support them from the womb to the tomb. It's his agenda.

      It's not the policies and procedures of our nation that are failing, it's the life-long politicians we support – year-after-year….

    43. Buck Crosby Hubert , says:

      The " servants " that make more than their employers will soon be permanly unemployed when they have bled their employers (the taxpayers ,"us" ) , dry .

    44. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      It looks like the children will be paying much of the Debt through their educational loans. I may not have all the facts straight. It seems that the interest on the Government's Educational loan ranges from approximately 5% to 8%. Since the States are reducing their subsidies to the colleges and universities, this puts a burden on those kids who take out loans for their Education to fall in the $40,000 to $250,000 range. This places the Debt burden on their shoulders for many years to come. Hum? Please straighten out my figures if these are incorrect.

    45. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Congress will do anything to get re-elected. Promising the moon and not careing who is going to pay for it or how practical or effective the programs are. I feel like Alice In Wonderland dealing with the King and Queen of Hearts.

    46. Freddel, Walnut Cree says:

      There are myriad government programs that are ineffective in achieving their stated goals and objectives. Every program should be audited and analyzed to provide cost-benefit estimates of their effectiveness. Programs that have cost/benefit ratios greater than one should be axed. Borderline programs should present cost cutback or outsourcing proposals designed to increase their efficiency. When new regulations are proposed the incremental costs of the regulation will not exceed the incremental benefits in order to be implemented. Every regulation must be vetted by the businesses, states, consumers, etc. affected to assess how the requirement can be less burdensome. Government has to become more accountable and effective in spending our taxes and should not borrow money to fund ongoing operations.

    47. catherinedeanni,New says:

      Yes this is agenda of the Socialist to bankrupty the people. Why are they doing this because it is easy to control the people when they are poor and depending on the few leaders for all there needs. Poor people keep the people in power who give then the most benefits. To help push this agenda faster you import millions of poor people, that is what is behind given amnesity to millions of poor illegals, who had already added to us going bankrupty because of there abuse of our social services. You just need to look at every country who has a dictatorship the people in these countries are poor except for a few leaders.

    48. Jean, Nevada says:

      When my family runs up on difficult times we cut back to accommodate our financial problems – paying the bills come first not our wants for frivilous non-necessities.

      The Democrats don't seem to get it.

    49. laurie says:

      I love what you say and how you say it, Double Ace!! You are so right on target. We paid that money (social security) and the corruptocrat government stole our hard-earned money. They need to cut THEIR SALARIES IN HALF!!! We who understand what is going on here mut show the truth to the public who is believing the liars, trial lawyers, union leaders and the ruthless leaders who are destroying the last shred of freedom left on the planet. We will end up a slave country, all of us will be building monuments to honor the world leading dictators (for "hope and change") as was done to build the Pyramids in Egypt for the Power Kings of Tyranny. It is not even your children you must think of….THIS COUNTRY IS ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE!!!!. (as Eastern Airline collapsed and we all lost everything because of corrupt greedy union leader who wanted more money, so we all ended up with nothing!!! Thank you, Mechanics union leader of Easter Airlines, fell apart in 1991….I was a casualty) Learn from the past Liars!!!.

    50. Don says:

      The following actions should be taken by Congress to cut the Federal Budget:

      1. Stop contracting out for services to corporations (e.g Halliburton and others). that can be provided by government workers (e.g. food preparation in the Armed Forces). These contracts are costly and the taxpayers are frequently fleeced with overruns by these companies.

      2. Reduce Defense spending. The US spends six times more on Defense than the next highest spending country (China)

      3. Close tax loopholes for corporations

      4. Close tax loopholes for corporations that send American jobs overseas (e.g. China and India)

      5. Close the Nixon and Reagan Presidential Libraries

      6. Stop bailing out financial institutions that are insolvent due to mismanagement, fraud and corruption. No More TARP!

      7. Increase taxes on those with incomes in excess of $5 million per year.

      8. Increase penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants

    51. John Berry in Bingha says:

      Where to make cuts ? I am glad that somebody finally asked me ! What is my answer ? My answer is: cut out the Faith Based Groups in the budget put forth by the White House.

      Where did federal funding for Faith Based Groups first begin ? Federal funding for such groups first began with the budget posted online by former president George Bush (specifically, the second GW). In that budget, there were line items for providing federal funding to Faith Based Groups that promised to help ex-convicts find a job and line items for providing federal funding to FBGs that promised to help ex-convicts obtain A HOUSE !! Subsequently, the Obama Administration continued the notion (…of providing federal funds to Faith Based Groups…) but did so ON STEROIDS !! In other words, the Obama Administration turned federal funding for FGBs into an actual DEPARTMENT within the White House itself.

      Ask yourselves this : why should an ex-convict be given a federally subsidized and guaranteed JOB (…as well as a HOUSE…) in honor of having committed an irresponsible crime of their own free will ? Should we reward those who choose to live life in an irresponsible manner ? I say NO !!

    52. Mike, Chicago says:

      Cut public aid

    53. Mark Btok says:

      Here's one of the many reasons no one is held accountable for the state our country is in!

      Here's an eye opener, watch this.

      Video – Alan Grayson questions the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve



      Re: Here's an eye opener, watch this.


      Be sure to watch this but make sure you're sitting down and holding on to something!

      If this doesn't raise the hair on the back of your neck, nothing will. Where the heck are we going to end up?

      He is former prosecutor, House Democrat Alan Grayson; she is Elizabeth Coleman, Inspector General of the Federal Reserve.

      The issue is oversight pertaining to the ever-expanding balance sheet of the Fed.. You will be absolutely stunned by this short video clip!

      In your wildest dreams you couldn't imagine anything like this happening in the USA .

      Click below


    54. Stacie - Memphis, TN says:

      Where was all the talk of overspending when we were led into 2 wars based on lies?

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