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  • Lead Lawyer Challenging Obamacare Under Cyber Attack

    While politicians are still talking about restoring civility, liberal thugs are waging an all out attack on the website of David Rivkin, lead counsel in the multi-state lawsuit against Obamacare, rather than engage in a civilized debate that they can’t win.  And what do the ACLU and other left-leaning civil rights groups have to say about these attempts to silence a leading voice for freedom and liberty? Not a thing.

    Rivkin represents 26 States, the National Federation of Independent Business, and two individuals in the most prominent and successful challenge to Obamacare.  He’s been a prominent critic of the law’s individual mandate from the beginning, and is used to engaging in intellectual battle—it comes with the territory.  But this is something far different.

    One week after federal district judge Roger Vinson held that the mandate was unconstitutional and struck down the entire law, Rivkin’s website came under attack by a highly organized group of cyber-terrorists seeking to silence him and knock his views off the Internet.

    Just like the recent attacks by Wikileaks supporters on Amazon.com, MasterCard, and PayPal—attacks that have led to international investigations that remain ongoing and several arrests—unknown hacktivists from IP addresses located overseas took aim at Rivkin’s website, bombarding it with fake traffic and intrusion attempts.  They managed to destroy entire sections of the site dedicated to his advocacy on behalf of the states in the health care law suit.

    The ongoing criminal attacks have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is charged with investigating denial of service cyber attacks.

    Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this episode is the complete disregard of this attack by the mainstream media and left-wing civil liberties groups.  Imagine, for example, a similar attack on the website of the plaintiffs in the challenge to California’s Proposition 8, which struck down same-sex marriage in the state.  Imagine the outrage, finger-pointing, and howls of indignation that would follow.  The media, as well as the ACLU and others, would be quick to condemn conservatives, and many prominent conservatives, no doubt, would disassociate themselves from the cyber-attack.  And rightly so—conservatives don’t need to cheat or break the law to win the war of ideas.

    Rivkin’s sober and scholarly advocacy in favor of Americans’ fundamental rights is clearly a threat to someone, and they have decided to attack him for it.  Even on the Internet, thugs shouldn’t get a “heckler’s veto” over speech with which they disagree.  One would think that’s a point on which conservatives and left-leaning civil libertarians could agree.  But all we’ve heard so far from the left is silence.

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    21 Responses to Lead Lawyer Challenging Obamacare Under Cyber Attack

    1. Ray, Savannah, GA says:

      Great article, Mr. Stimson, Thanks. Of course, there are no surprises. Typical leftwing reaction.

    2. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      So, Mr. Rivkin, have the Leftist barbarians incentivized you to file for contempt in Judge Vinson's courtroom?

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    3. Tiffani Hillin, New says:

      Those of us that choose to take sides of "left" and "right" are compounding the problem- which is the FREEDOM of the citizens of the United States. We were all given that right, originally. The problem here is NOT the liberal left, or the conservative right…

      The problem is, in my humble opinion, we are divided by these concepts. And as long as we are divided- the government will play us like little puppets and we will get nothing done. "We", being, the citizens of the United States of America, will argue amongst ourselves while our secret leaders terrorize our country and the rest of the world.

      Is there a way we can put the smaller (but very important, i know) issues aside- just for now, so we can ALL come together and agree that our RIGHTS are being taken away from us? That we are NOT free to speak? And when we DO speak, we are putting our businesses, reputations and even lives at risk?

      Can we all agree that NO ONE deserves to be cyber-attacked for defending what they believe is CORRECT? In a peaceful way?

      Whether they are on the "right" or the "left"?

      Can we find a middle point where all US citizens can agree on something, just for long enough, so we can actually change and rebuild the totalitarian regime that is now our government?

      How are we going to survive, divided?

      How, how, how can we unite for long enough to save this country?

      And… is it even worth saving? I hope it is.

    4. Allen says:


      A good read, but I'd like to clarify something you mentioned.

      "Rivkin’s website came under attack by a highly organized group of cyber-terrorists seeking to silence him and knock his views off the Internet."

      The cyber-terrorists, known as Anonymous, are not highly organized and didn't actually hack anything. They have a chatroom they meet in and and sometimes crash websites using DDoS attacks. They are not organized by any means, and are mostly young adults who just like being jerks. Nothing was hacked.

      Just wanted to shed a little bit of light on this.. A lot of people don't understand this group.

    5. Jeremy Sellis, New Y says:

      Sorry to hear about this Mr. Rivkin. Let's hope your site is back up and running and has a full ban on these leftists attacks.

    6. Teri, Berlin, NJ says:

      Left wing, do as I say not as I do. Will do anything, or say anything. Many not all have no moral fiber, and are out for the power and money. They want equality but only by their rules. What happen to Shared Responsibility, hard work, and equal premiums, and pay for all the people, especially since the the majority of the taxpayers are paying for their benefits with their tax dollars.

      Cyber Bulling, no different from in the physical Bulling, which the Left has shown in past times to be one of their method, intimidation! Verbal acts with no truth are just as relevant as one of their methods, of intimidation~

    7. Renee Ca. says:

      The left is holding no punches when it comes to Republicans trying to fulfill their promises made to the people when the new Congress was elected! Just look at the state of WI where the Democrats have not showed up at the state house for a vote today on taking away the collective bargaining from the unions! We are going to see much more chaos if Obama doesn't get his way with his agenda!! He has gotten away with moving his agenda by not following the Constitution and playing by his own rules. Right now he has his forces checking on responses to rioting in this country. He knows already that discourse and riots are in the works. These union thugs and politicians from Chicago don't know how to take no for an answer. they get their way one way or another. God help us!

    8. Martin says:

      The left knows no boundaries in stooping as low as to sabotage this man's website. Why can't they debate the issues like real human beings? Because they know they're wrong, thats why!

    9. Fay Holbrook says:

      Oh my God! what an intentional violation against the man and his right to free speech. The movement by wealthy powerful people to control the world starts by squelching the peoples hopes and any confidence to stand up for their fleeting rights.What's it gonna take?

    10. TTT says:

      It almost seems that the left wants an actual violent war with the right.

      Such a war would last about 10 minutes, of course.

      What if there was a political war, and conservatives showed up?

    11. TTT says:

      But all we’ve heard so far from the left is silence.

      This is why conservatives never win.

      They assume that pointing out left-wing hypocrisy will cause leftists to reconsider their actions and become good people.

      That conservatives cannot figure this out after, what, 10 years, shows conservatives to be too slow-witted for the business of politics.


      This is why conservatives always fail, politically.

    12. David Roch. says:

      Excuse me, but Bush JR. ignored the Constitution more often than not. Lets not forget the fear tactics that were also used.Union thugs? If fighting to keep your job, a LIVABLE wage, insurance coverage, and jobs in our country makes a person a thug, then I would think most of us here in THE REALISTIC WORLD would be considered a thug. If the collective bargaining were taken away, may see wages drop down to $2.00 an hour. (that's sarcasm, though I'm SURE republicans would love it because nobody could afford education, so nobody would be able to read about their fear tactics, lies, distortions .i.e. C.P.A.C) If anything unions need more members. Let health care proposal pass.How do you know for a FACT that it won't work until you try? And PLEASE will the republicans STOP with the name calling, labeling already!!!!!! "THUGS" "OBAMA CARE" "BARBARIANS" and all the rest. Sorry to hear about Mr. Rivkins site Left or Right, terrorists are terrorists, here or abroad.

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    14. Kristin, CO says:

      Mr. Rivkin: Please do not let this incident (or others like it) stop you from doing what is true. Instead, let it be an indication that you are close to pulling back the curtains on a 40 year-old sham that is built on the false premises of "caring for those who can't care for themselves" when really it is about getting control over 1/6 of our economy and, worse, our health and life choices. Please continue your work. You have more people pulling for you than those who don't. (Mr. Stimson: Thank you for your clear and concise article. I would be waiting a long time for something like this to hit the mainstream media.)

    15. Redacted, Dallas says:

      And this is why the left will win. Because they aren't afraid of using violence while calling us violent, or their supporters using violence while they decry it.

      hey… it worked for Gandhi.

    16. Tyler - Brooklyn, NY says:

      Their tactic is one in which they have already admitted loss in the arena of ideas

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    18. Haakon Dahl, Yokosuk says:

      You know why the leftists will stop at nothing to shut you down? Because there "ain't no limiting principle".

      Loved your speech at Federalist. I have it saved on my iPhone, along with several of the recent, powerful sessions.

      Thank you for all you are doing. We're gonna squash these lawless ingrates; wherever they may be.

    19. Joe, NY says:

      It's almost as if all the Left cares about is power and not the fundamental liberties of being an American.

      Yeah, almost.

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