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  • VIDEO: Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) on Cutting Spending

    Wednesday morning Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) took to the floor of the House of Representatives to read a letter from 13 year-old Jeremy Vaitas, a constituent of hers from Middletown, New York. Jeremy wrote:

    As a 13 year-old boy in 7th grade I am concerned about my future. Currently the national debt is $14 trillion, $16 billion, $110 million, $552 thousand, $952 dollars, and five cents. My self and every other citizen will have to pay $45,241 to eliminate this debt. My parents struggle with money. And I am afraid that I will struggle even more and not be able to own a home, buy a car, or provide for a family someday. I feel the only way to reduce the national debt is to reduce the amount of money the government is spending.

    Jeremy is right: the national debt is a threat to his economic future and cutting spending is the only way we can stop that debt from growing. This week House Republicans are attempting to live up to their pledge to cut $100 billion from the federal government’s current fiscal year 2011 budget. We have identified many areas for them to cut here. We are making the case for specific spending cuts here. Substantive cuts this year, like the ones conservatives are fighting for in the House, are imperative to get spending and deficits down and build momentum for additional spending reforms in 2012.

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    8 Responses to VIDEO: Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) on Cutting Spending

    1. Bobbie says:

      Do democrats have a conscience? What an intuitive young man. The reason government would have to close down is the ill will to work towards workable solutions that continue to be presented but simply ignored or refused by members of the democrat party, President included. Dems fear mongering threats of a shut down, threaten death to those who oppose obamacare, threaten destruction to what once stood strong, AMERICA!

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    3. nugy says:

      we as a country should be ashamed of ourselves.we are putting our nation debts on the tiny shoulders of our children.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Thanks for calling a theft a theft! The House Of Representatives has the power to defund the Agencies for crimes like these! I am convinced the House will find sufficient Unconstitutional over reach in Obama's Federal Agencies to defund them arguing the damages they have done. EPA has destroyed the San Juaquin Valley just before a world wide food shortage (engineered with the Ethanol program). These are massive crimes, worthy of Uncle Joe Stalin.

      Thanks Glenn Beck, for calling it evil. It is, in the sense of anti life, in the sense of the Historical Evil of State Socialism and Communism. It most certainly is a recognizable evil to steal your children's future! That isn't so hard to see, but somehow our Progressive Leaders don't see it, indeed can't see it! "A hundred million dead bodies can't be ignored!" You might think so Jeremy, but our Democratic Party Leaders have proven that they can! Our government has been taken over by Cold War Communists. They lied their way into office! They have stolen our Representation in America! And they got away with it!

    5. William Lynes, Alame says:

      Jeremy NAILS IT! I worry about the samething for my son!!!!

    6. V.St Jul 75094 says:

      Ok We have given the Dems their chance,And they blew it right along with our childrens chances of not paying for the mistakes the rest of their lives and maybe even their children will still be paying off our debt.So please if you can't find answers, at least don't stand in the way of thoes who try. We are in danger here folks.

    7. Whit. Louisiana says:

      We all have our debt limits and those who overstep that limit wind up losing what they have. It is no different for a nation. Take a look at the Lottery:


      This article shows that the lottery has full and precise control over the amount it will disburse as winners with 53% of the take cited so you are guaranteed about 53 cents return on the dollar on average, just enough corn to keep you tolled down the path.

      The only product the lottery has is money earned elsewhere so it has to take capital out of circulation or recirculate it in a different pattern that does not benefit me. It takes our money in individual tickets sold, then pays out the allotted amount in winners, concentrating the payout in a few prizes, Government wealth redistribution does the same thing; The only real difference is that I am at liberty to not buy a lottery ticket but I am not at liberty to reject this wealth distribution which must, by the laws of nature, return less than it costs. The only thing that creates jobs is customer demand and the customer must have the price of his demand. He is always free to choose what he spends his money on but he can spend that money only once; So the less money the government leaves in my pocket the less I can buy or be a customer for and this is the main cause of unemployment. Businesses only exist to supply that demand;

      Now when our government takes our income in taxes and redistributes it how much different is that than this lottery? Above that, they spend borrowed money as if it were income rather than debt. So it most cases there is the question of why it is popular and why we support it? I do not support the lottery nor do I support using borrowed money as income. I borrowed to buy my land and I paid for it through good management and hard work. I had to forgo things I would have liked to have had to make those payments but I paid my debt but that investment was providing my living. Running on capital is much easier than running on debt.

      There is no excuse for our government carrying all that debt because we borrow, not to get needed capital but simply to indulge the voter in his wants. Had the voter rejected those handouts there would have been no debt;

    8. William R. Barker says:

      Hiya Con,

      (And hiya, Nan!)

      I wonder if young Mr. Vaitas happened across your colleague Mr. Carafano's Foundry piece titled, "House Strikes Out in Disciplining Security Spending."

      I know that like me, Nan Hayworth is a big fan of Heritage, but being as busy as she is, just in case she herself missed the Carafano piece, I just forwarded it to her.

      Nan Hayworth is "one of the good ones" in Congress. She's smart, sincere, and full of integrity.

      That said… Washington is a cesspool. As a doctor, Nan Hayworth no doubt knows all about contagion.

      We must all keep our Republican representatives feet to the fire.

      Watch what they do… no just what they say.


      Harriman, NY

      Constituent and supporter of Dr. Nan Hayworth, M.C.

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