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  • VIDEO: Freshman Lawmakers Make the Case for Government Spending Cuts

    Many of the freshmen serving in the 112th Congress were elected last November riding a wave of Tea Party activism, fueled in part by frustration over out-of-control government spending.

    This week they’ll have an opportunity to show the American people they’re living up to their promises as the House of Representatives debates a continuing resolution to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year. We visited Capitol Hill this week to chat with some of them about why government spending must be cut now.

    Lawmakers are considering cuts upwards of $100 billion in cuts — and that’s just to start. The House will vote on hundreds of amendments, and floor debate will last until late in the night. The conservative Republican Study Committee, for example, will offer an additional $20 billion in cuts on top of what’s already proposed.

    Congressmen will no doubt face difficult decisions as they engage in this debate, just as House GOP leaders encountered external and internal pressure as they crafted their initial plan last week.

    But whatever Congress decides, the national debt will remain — for the immediate present, at least — a staggering $14 trillion. No facile cuts will erase a decade of steady growth in the debt as a percentage of GDP or the particularly disastrous past two years, in which total discretionary spending soared from $1.2 trillion to $1.4 trillion and mandatory spending jumped from $2.1 trillion to $2.2 trillion.

    But they have to start somewhere. As Rep. Allen West (R-FL) told us, “It takes five miles to turn an aircraft carrier. If we don’t start now, we will never get this ship that is the U.S.S. America righted.”

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    10 Responses to VIDEO: Freshman Lawmakers Make the Case for Government Spending Cuts

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      The bottom line is that the federal government is broken. I am not nearly as scared of terrorists as I am of the insanity of the federal workforce (congress, feds and fed contractors). None of them seems to get it. All of them act out of contempt of the American people. The federal government simply does not work anymore. Moreover, it is beyond getting dangerous. It is a body of self-serving federal employees, contractors and members of congress who look at a problem much like Rhalm Emanuel does. They never “let a good crisis go to waste.” Once they have a bureaucracy wrapped around that crisis, they do not let that crisis lessen. We have had an educational crisis, a housing crisis, a racial crisis, and an environmental crisis for decades with no hope of solving any of these any time soon. Ask yourself what crisis has been solved since FDR?

      Well, we have a budget crisis today caused by the amalgamation of all of these managed crisis’s over the decades. We need to stop the madness that is consuming this country. As this economy goes down, the federal workforce is quietly heading for the doors. As they do so, they are grabbing what they can, even if it compromises their country’s national security.

      When I was a kid and took political science, the federal government was described as a large ship. That no matter what party was in control the ship pretty much stayed on course. Over 20 years ago, that was comforting. I never feared that this country would ever fall off the edge of the waters because I felt reason would always guide the ship. Sadly, since the mother of all crises occurred, the events on 9/11/01, that ship slowly got pointed directly inline of an iceberg with no one noticing – with no one caring to notice. The federal workforce and defense contractors and other federal contractors took an evil grab at our tax dollars. Their salaries and benefits went sky-high while the rest of us got a pay cut. Before 9/11, only three of the ten richest counties surrounded DC. Now that is seven and quickly approaching eight. The federal workforce (all of it – the feds, the contractors, congress and moreover the president) has proven they do not have the people’s welfare in mind. So long as they continue to get their cash grab, they are happy. Their only concern is that we continue to pay taxes to them. They plan to nearly double tax collection in the next four years! Recently, they have shown they do not even care about that, they are willing to drive this country deep into debt for their personal gain. We do not have the time to have endless debates on what to cut. We need to cut today, we need to cut tomorrow, we need to cut next week, and above all we should have been cutting yesterday. Every day we do not cut costs us $4 billion dollars of more debt!

      At this point, this ship is going to hit the iceberg and that ship will founder if we do not act today. We cannot steer it – it has gotten that big. The best we can hope for is an all out stop. We need to reverse the engines and slow the ship down before it hits the berg. There is a lot of momentum in the minutia that is driving the debate. Even with a government shutdown (which right now would not be a bad thing) much of government will still persist. The ship will still progress towards disaster. But with the slowing and hopefully a stop, we can have the open and honest debate that can help steer the ship in place. We can then point it in the RIGHT direction then start it back up again. The federal government will need to be much smaller and have a much smaller role in this country for this country to succeed. A lot less money will be spent on projects – hopefully none. We have a 30 year payoff plan we need to engage. No more initiatives at the federal level – just do the basic work the constitution dictates to the feds. The feds are purposely the weakest domestic governing body for good reasons, reasons we see all about us in these turbulent waters. Stop the ship NOW!

      • Vendor says:

        What's confusing to me is how you explain the fault of federal contractors. The decision to spend the money is always done by a government employee who controls a budget item. The problem is they hire the wrong people to do the jobs because of the general ignorance of the aging government workforce (especially in IT) and the horrible requirements of GSA-sponsored contracting. I've worked alongside government employees for the better part of a decade cleaning up their messes and trying to save them from inflicting harm upon themselves and it is an impossible job. Let's face it, if you really knew what you were doing you would be in the private sector, not the government. The only guarantee in the government workforce is that incompetence is rewarded with promotion.

    2. FairfaxKen says:

      How long will it take for a government shutdown to save the US $100B? Let's do it!

    3. Kevin H, college par says:

      Let's get rid of the trillions of dollars we are spending on tax expenditures – they are some of the most wasteful spending that can be found.

      And next year, we need to let all 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire. We simply cannot afford adding trillions to our debt. Taxes are at their lowest level in decades, it's time we change our ways.

    4. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The Debt Deficit Crisis is a National Security Issue because our Cold War Domestic Enemies just took over the White House. They fully intend to destroy America with their Treasonous behavior. Democrats in the Government blindly follow the Progressives in their scheme and refuse to look at any other course except destruction. Nobody is that stupid! Treason is the only logical conclusion. I must remind you all, Communism is an Unconstitutional Form Of Government! So really, it is unlawful Government that is clearly now the number one issue in National Defense! These are Domestic Enemies, these Progressive Socialists who usurped the Democratic Party!

      Trouble is our Nation is attacked by these Domestic Enemies on all fronts simulteneously! I have been asking for years, "Where is the FBI?" And in light of the Cold War, "Where is the CIA?" The Obama Administration is completely operating in the Foreign Interest, and almost nothing they do has any benefit to the America we know and love. Rep. West (FL) says we turn the Aircraft Carrier right now or we will run aground! If the Captain refuses to turn the ship, the Medical Officer and First Officer could even shoot the guy, see? If this were a real ship and a real crazy Executive Officer! Just now Obama has set a course to run aground and refuses to turn!

      Easy for me to see, Barack Obama is a third generation Communist and he has fulfilled Joseph Stalin's plan for American Velvet Revolution. What more evidence do you need? Are we going to let the Ship Of State run aground to prove Obama is a Traitor? His Budget proves he is a Traitor! The NewSTART Treaty proves he is a Traitor! You could list twenty five Impeachable things! If the House Of Representatives does not stop Obama? Then they are complicit, and criminals of American History! We have to cut entire Departments, DOE, and if you ask me all those criminal acts of the Administration countering Congress are just the Criminal Conduct House Republicans need to justify wholesale defunding of those Departments. EPA, for sure! Take down Obama's Shadow Government block by block for their criminal acts, Unconstitutional over reach!

      It is not a lawful Form Of Government Obama has set up! Defund them every time they cross the line! The People know when Government has gone criminal! We are the victims!

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    6. Bobbie says:

      Very well done, Tina! The last rep said what should be haunting to the democrats. "we shouldn't be making it easier on us to make it harder on our children." paraphrasing, but you'd think THAT would resonate with the dems. Unfortunately and disappointingly it isn't even considered by dems. Dems only exploit children to further dems government control.

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    9. Dave777 says:

      What boggles my mind is the concept of baseline budgeting. I'm no expert but to have an automatic increase in all areas of the budget of 6 or 7% each year is absurd. Just to hold the budgets to 1% increase next year would save billions. This concept should be front and center. I don't get it.

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