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  • Morning Bell: Putting Politics Over Security, Obama Moves to Unionize TSA

    Last night, on a purely partisan 47–51 vote, the Senate rejected an amendment that would have stopped government unions from organizing Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees. The vote was made possible by an announcement two Fridays ago by President Barack Obama political appointee and TSA Administrator John Pistole. Pistole rejected TSA’s original policy that collective bargaining’s inherently adversarial process would impair TSA’s ability to protect American air travelers. Pistole’s decision, coupled with Democratic control of the Senate, will net the labor movement—a majority of whom already work for the government45,000 new members and $18 million a year in dues that are ultimately paid for by you, the taxpayer.

    Pistole’s order would initially allow the TSA union to collectively bargain over work rules but not wages and benefits. But that will surely change. Already the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) and the American Federation of Government Employees are fighting over the $18 million in government union dues TSA employees will soon be paying. To win this battle, and keep their new union members happy, these government unions will use this money to campaign for and lobby politicians to grow the TSA and expand the permissible subjects of negotiation.

    This has already happened. The government unions that already exist spent hundreds of millions of dollars electing President Obama so he could appoint Pistole to run the TSA. Now that investment is paying off. This will only continue. More government unions breeds more campaign cash for liberals, which breeds more government spending and agencies, which breeds more collective bargaining for those government employees, and the cycle continues.

    The move to unionize TSA was coupled with the unilateral decision by the Obama administration to “freeze” the Screening Partnership Program (SPP) which allows airports to privatize their security screening forces while maintaining federal rules and security methods. This move was necessary to prevent airports across the nation from rejecting the inefficient and costly consequences of unionization. This move is directly contrary to the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001, which statutorily grants this ability to airports through TSA, and was made without congressional authorization.

    The government union racket has real costs to the American people. For starters, the Obama Administration itself estimates that the cost of the collective bargaining process will run $5 million to $8 million a year. And then there is the cost to U.S. security. In 2006 the NTEU sued Customs and Border Protection for failing to collectively negotiate before making personnel changes at the ports of Houston and New Orleans. The TSA is slow enough as it is. The American people don’t have the time for TSA to spend weeks bargaining over officer assignments and schedules. And don’t take the promise that government unions can’t strike seriously, either. Government unions have a long history of illegal strikes, including an illegal strike by New York City transit workers in 2005 and an illegal teacher strike in Detroit in 2006. And don’t think that security screeners are any different. Heritage analyst James Sherk recounts:

    Canada, for example, collectively bargains with its airline screeners. During Thanksgiving of 2006, this union was dissatisfied with contract negotiations. To pressure management, the union instructed its members to hand search every piece of luggage. This caused long backups in the security lines and prevented many passengers from making their flights. To ease the backlog, managers allowed 250,000 passengers to board their plans without being screened.

    In the words of one Canadian security expert, “If terrorists had known that in those three days that their baggage wasn’t going to be searched, that would have been bad.” The government should not allow labor disputes to endanger passengers.

    Security measures and actions should be enforced based on our national security needs. But post-unionization, TSA managers and appointees will dangerously take collective bargaining agreements into account as they decide which security measures to employ. If a necessary screening procedure is likely to cause employees extra labor or a ‘more hostile work environment’, then it will either be aggressively challenged or never installed for fear of aggravating the union. Unions also oppose merit-based pay, like raises and bonuses, which will eliminate any motivation for quality job performance. If you thought the airport security line was a mess before, just wait.

    Government unions are the backbone of the Obama dependency economy. Every time unions organize a new group of government employees, a brand new special interest in favor of endless government growth is born. If the left insists on allowing government unions to exist, at a bare minimum taxpayers should not have to subsidize their union campaigns, much less those that call for tax increases. And at the very least Congress should end the automatic payroll deduction of union dues. Politics don’t belong in our airport screening lines, and thus President Obama should stop trying to pay his union benefactors with taxpayer money at the expense of our national security.

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    72 Responses to Morning Bell: Putting Politics Over Security, Obama Moves to Unionize TSA

    1. Harriett Moorman, Au says:

      We must do everything possible – engage with your congressmen, circulate the email to your friends, to stop this union organization – especially with the TSA people. We have to get rid of the TSA. This is one of Obama's ways of hamstringing the American people. ENOUGH!!

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Once enacted, this will never go away. One more shift of taxpayer money to Unions who in turn will use that money against the taxpayers. This government is out to get us at every level.

    3. Dan Mathews, Chicago says:

      It is difficult to believe there was no way to stop this. Can't understand why the Republicans didn't throw up a series of roadblocks – how about not funding it. This is going to be a disaster for the American people and terribly costly over time, not just dollars but more union members voting for the Dems who feed them. I am disappointed this didn't get more public vetting time and I am disappointed the Hertiage Foundation didn't take a more active role in defeating this horrible bill.

    4. Jose, Bedford NH says:

      My 10-Point Plan to Save America

      1. Abolish all public employee unions: Public unions do not have the interest of the people (taxpayers) in mind when negotiating lopsided contracts.

      2. No pay to legislate: No elected official (from Congressman down to Mayor to School Board member) should be paid a salary.

      3. Out-law for life any lobbying by former government employees or politicians

      4. You Drop-out You Serve: Kids who drop-out shall be drafted for military duty to learn a skill while serving their country.

      5. Close all military bases in Europe: Move the European bases to the Middle East where our national interest (the free flow of oil) needs to be protected.

      6. 80/20 Rule: 80% of every dollar spent on education should be spent directly in the classroom.

      7. Privatize the Bottom 5%: The bottom five-percent of failing public schools shall be privatized and managed by private companies.

      8. 5% Budget Cut Over 2 years: All government agencies (at all levels) cut their budget by 5% in each of the next 2 fiscal years, and then remain at the reduced level for 3 more years.

      9. End Corporate Welfare and Farm Subsidies: Billions are wasted on powerful corporations and big farmers.

      10. Flat Tax: IRS regulations and loopholes are mind-numbing and should be simplified.

    5. matty atlanta says:

      somebody has to stop him.

      where are the republicans just elected?

    6. George Colgrove, VA says:

      As for the referenced articles:

      "President Obama’s budget would hire more than 5,000 new IRS employees, including 1,054 new auditors and staffers just to enforce Obamacare."

      At $123,000 average salary and benefits for federal employees, this will cost us an additional $744.64 million dollars each year. How much more money will they wrest from us to make that "investment" worth it?

    7. Diane, NJ says:

      I won't be flying, haven't flown since 9/11, and never purchase union made products or services. More Americans ought to do the same.

    8. Mary............WI says:

      I just want to say I'm tired of unions and all their never ending demands. Unions have been protesting against Gov Walker in WI the past few days without any regard for the taxpayer pocketbook.

      Everyone must stop spending money that don't have, unions must stop demanding more and more….entitlements must be cut back to a decent level. There is tension brewing in this country….scares me to think of this country going "Egypt" but perhaps that's what it will take. God help us all.

    9. Ken, Palm Bay, FL says:

      TSA being unionized? As always just like the teachers union, tenured college professors, and civil service workers. It will be homogenized, to the point that you can't get rid of those who don't do the job. Like now in Chicago, they are having a hard time firing a TSA worker who allowed a test bomb and knives/razors through the checkpoint, and also missed a screw driver in the manual inspection of a carry on bag. The goal of hiring to the lowest common denominator will be achieved.

    10. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I got this by Email Yesterday from a HF reader.

      HF, Murdoch's Empire, and GOP are –
      "against Women Rights, Equal Rights, The Elderly,
      Veterans, Unions, School Teachers, Firefighters,
      Street Workers, EPA, Food & Drugs Administration,
      and many more to slash spending.

      While looking the other way for the Wealthy,
      and Wall Street."

    11. Lee Farquharson, VA says:

      Congress needs to act to forbid the unionization of Federal employees.

    12. Donald Fraser says:

      In my opinion the TSA should never have been initiated. It is ineffective and has done nothing that I know of to prevent terrorist plots or attacks. And now they want to Unionize it? Too much government intervention already. Because of the "you must be politically correct" liberal attitude that has pervaded our society, the wrong people are being targeted by the TSA anyway.

    13. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Yet ANOTHER case of people (the RINOS in the Senate) nibbling around the edge of the problem. George Soros and the left, with their willing pawns in the unions, bought the coup resulting in Obama The Usurper ascending to the Oval Office. Now the unions are seeking their "just rewards", even though this will further paralyze another segment of governmental bureaucracy and decrease our national security.

      The ONLY solution to this ongoing problem is to REMOVE the HEAD of the snake! Remove, indict and try Obama, and his henchmen, and women, for fraud, extortion and other RICO crimes including treason!

      Unfortunately, there is a deep conviction among those in our government to turn a blind eye to our Constitution, to ignore the oath they took to that document and an apparent amazing lack of patriotism. But then I am fully aware that Patriotism has been a bad word since the Korean Truce!

      Should we have to wait until 2012 to elect people who actually WILL honor the Constitution by OBEYING it, I fear it will be too late; for the country left us by those sagacious Founding Fathers will no longer exist!

    14. Peter Meuleveld, Sal says:

      All too often, the term "Taxpayer" is used went pointing out federal government spending. As in this morning's article: "Pistole’s decision, coupled with Democratic control of the Senate, will net the labor movement—a majority of whom already work for the government—45,000 new members and $18 million a year in dues that are ultimately paid for by you, the taxpayer."

      But it really isn't Taxpayer Dollars anymore – not with $1.5 trillion or more in deficit.spending. And calling it Taxpayer Dollars leads those people not paying taxes to believe they are unaffected. But spending our way to oblivion is going to hurt those people worse than those of us paying taxes – through rampant inflation, drastically reduced services, etc. We should all start using the term Deficit Dollars, as long as we are mired in deficit spending.

    15. serendipity, Georgia says:

      This administration must be stopped. They are hiring more and more unionized men and women and we, the taxpayers are suffering the costs. 1500 more IRS unionized members. 1600 more government employees, also unionized. These are to support growing big government. Now TSA employees will be unionized. It was bad enough when they were already government employees, now they will be unionized government employees whether or not they want to be unionized.

      When will the administration and Congress do something to help the unemployed besides hiring and unionizing government workers.

      Of course. Unions provide many more dollars to the Democrat party than for the Republican party.

    16. wayne gilbert,az says:

      When do we get brains and guts and end unions? We can't afford, they have ruined country's working force and worse. Government needs to contract jobs they are the worst employers in the world. Wake up.

    17. Brien Farley says:

      Governor Scott Walker is presently in the process of disemboweling State of Wisconsin public employee union's collective bargaining rights in order to save the state from certain financial ruin. You can probably hear the screaming from where you are. The same needs to be done on a national scale. Giving government workers the right to unionize was among the worst decisions of the 20th century (thank you President Kennedy and Executive Order 10988 ) and that's saying something!

    18. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      I guess this is why everybody is to believe that extending the Patriot Act is good. It is just another expansion of government.

    19. Bob, Raleigh, NC says:

      A continued assault on our freedoms and liberties disguised by this covert push to unionize the aTSA. Currently we are being subjected to screenings and shake downs at airports. Will the TSA soon be swimming "up stream" and be permitted to next invade the privacy of our homes should their investigators suspect some contraband may be in peoples homes?! Where will it stop from there??

    20. Will, Valleyford, WA says:

      I agree with The Donald. "I hate what is happening to my country."

    21. Norma Link, Lakewood says:

      Evey government worker is an employee of "We the People" and must be supported by working/producing Americans. Unions for public employees should not be allowed.

      We soon will be Greece with government workers rioting in the streets because their employers can no longer afford to pay them.

    22. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      Isn't the House going to shoot this down?

    23. Spiff, USA says:

      When the Bush administration established "Home Land Security", the United States of America was infused with a cancerous cell, and it is spreading!!!


    24. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      Allowing unions to operate shop in our Governments, Federal, State, or Local is more dangerous to the security and survival of our nation than any foreign enemy.

      Obama uses his Unions effectively to disrupt the democratic process and rape the taxpayers . Currently unionized federal employees make 50% more than those in the private sector.The Federal employee produces nothing that is worthwhile. Unlike the private sector employee whom produce a product or service of value , the government employee does nothing but take from our treasury .

      There must be a law to stop these Unions from taking over our government!

      This situation , having a corrupt Federal administration using all its power to controll the federal employees is corruption at its worst!

      impeachment never sounded better nor needed so swiftly to prevent our destruction!! Where are the leaders in our house?? It is your duty to start impeachment proceedings against Obama!!, What is your problem?

      You have so many reasons to do so!! Please speak out!

    25. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      As a capitalist I know that unbridaled capitalism {Laissez Faire} can be truly ugly, as it was in the 19th and early 20th century. There was indeed a need for unions to engage in fighting for the right of their workers. But we no longer live in that situation. We have many [Too many} regulations and laws to prevent past abuses. As such unions have become in many ways harmful. The pensions of union workers,which were agreed to uner the threat of strikes{which were in many instances illegal} by various municapalities and states are not affordable. The money simply does not exist. Unions have become special intrests who hold the Gov'ts hostage. More than 50% of unions are public employees.Many politicians depend upon their support to fund their elections. It is time to end this union Blackmail. Public employee unions should be abolished. Taxpayers should be not be :forced to pay dues and fund politicians that they do not favor. The Gov't is virtually bankrupt. Enough has now become too much

    26. ThomNJ says:

      Think also of the two TSA guys just recently caught and charged with stealing thousands of dollars from travelers – it will be like other unions – they might still be caught, but then they will likley be collecting paychecks and may never get sent to jail for breaking the law.

      I had to join the Steelworkers union many years ago while earning money for college – I was not allowed to choose NOT to be part of the union. Since that time I have worked in places with the Teamsters union and the Steelworkers union directly and consulted in places with government unions, and I can say that each and every one had rules in place protecting losers (and criminals) and by far and away, they were much more inefficient in operation than any other factory in the nation. Just try to reward a good or exceptional worker – not possible and unfair. I met not-union-by-choice Tea Partiers a year ago or so who were unhappy that they had to pay dues to a union that supported causes that were the antithesis of their beliefs.

      Unions might have had their place in our world a long time back (and even some of that history is questionable since some companies were already modernizing wrok rules), but the pendulum has swung so far to the other side that the unions have become harmful and a drag on industry and society as a whole. I am always stunned by the man or woman I meet who has swallowed the union lies hook, line and sinker.

    27. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Obama and Unions. Any surprise that Obama is again repaying his political

      supporters with our national security? Don't we get it yet? Obama will do or say

      anything and use whomever he must to accomplish the destruction of our country

      and force it into his dream of a total socialist/communist nation. Obama and his Democrat lackeys in Congress will not stop until we stop them.

    28. Karla, Rancho Mirage says:

      The article states that it was a unilateral decision, made by Obama. Don't blame Congress for this terrible mistake.

    29. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      My sympathies goes out to all of you who must fly for business purposes. I'm so glad I don't. Just another reason I won't get in an airplane unless I absolutely have no choice. The new screening machines made this decision for me.

    30. KC - New Mexico says:

      I do not agree that TSA should be unionized. No governmental employee who works in an area that is funded by the tax dollar should be represented by a union. Consider what the teachers union has accomplished – nothing! The other unions representing governmental workers have not improved the process of interacting with the public – they have only made this worse. All they have accomplished is higher salaries, pensions, and benefits that the tax payers (those who pay taxes) pay. When states and cities can’t afford what the unions have provided, their members strike. Maybe it is time for the tax payers to strike!

      Government workers should report to a supervisor or manager just like the public sector. If the worker does not do the required work and their performance is poor, they should be fired – just like in the private sector. If the managers or supervisors do not do their job – fire them. There are many of us in the private sector who understand and have positive track records regarding leading people, people management 101, and getting results. The government management process is a joke! Unionizing the joke makes it darn hard to get rid of the joke. This is a classic example of why we do not have intelligent leadership in the White House and Congress – look forward to 2012 and get the stupid leaders out of Washington!

    31. Anna says:

      Unionizing the TSA benefits no one except the union employees who are put in a position of opposition to the general public – the public they are hired to protect and secure from danger.

      Greedy and dumb. Another Obama brick to build a wall of bureaucratic incompetence.

    32. Phil, Seminole. Flor says:

      This present Government is out of control. If this keeps up, the only employer in the U.S. will BE the U.S. The French Revolution started for much less,.

    33. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Since the House controls the purse strings, can they not put the kibosh on this atrocity and let it die? Doesn't anyone out there see that Obama is out to grease the hands of those who bought his election in 2008? Boehner, Cantor, and Ryan need to get their backs up and say a loud, resounding NO to this.

    34. Dennis Georgia says:

      As usual the dems are buying votes, and the taxpayer is paying the bill.The union had its time and place, bothy lobng gone. As long as they have the money to buy a vote then they will expand, demand huge salaries, big benefits, and a retirement benefit that the tax payer can not afford. I am not sure how this can be fixed. Congress will never pass a law to ban unions, as they would not be re-elected. I do know this is another reason that "the ruler" should not be re-elected.

    35. Is it too late to stop unionization of the TSA?

      We are on a road to Socialism in America.

    36. Jim Delaney says:


      So very much to undo to restore constitutional order and common sense. Hard to keep up with the madness.

      We need to pressure Congress to dismantle ALL public unions, but let's start with the infamous TSA! We must draw a line in the sand. Not no, but H*** NO!

      Enough is enough!

      What happened to the notion of "public servant"? Gone with the insidious Progressive tide, that's where.

      On this issue, I hope the GOP doesn't roll over and play dead yet once again. The majority will absolutely support their efforts to checkmate TSA thuggery.

    37. Suzanne, Florida says:

      How long do you think it will take to undo all the damage done if and when there is a renewal of America in 2012? I fly about 10 times a year. Average miles flown is around 1,000 miles. Although tedious I will now drive rather than subject myself to further invasion of my given rights.

    38. Apollos, Texas says:

      Conservatives must move to ban all public unions some day. Unions are to balance the capitalists, and they have a threat of mutual destruction to limit their actions. For public arena unions, there is nothing to balance them, and the destruction is for the whole nation. Public Unions are the enemy of the state, and should be banned. Even FDR, who was for private areana unions knew, the threat of public unions. It was JFK who allowed it for politial benefits. This act of unionizing TSA is the tip of the iceburg of its threat to the whole nation. The other 90% is in public schools.

    39. T.J., Missouri says:

      @ Diane, NJ

      There is one service you have no choice in… and it is union. The United States Postal Service serves everyone their bills… whether you choose to mail things through the USPS or not, you do receive things through them. Another… do you ever buy Pillsbury or General Mills products? Do you ever eat Pizza Hut or KFC (General Mills makes Pizza Hut's crusts and KFC's biscuits and pot-pie crusts)?No one in the United States can completely boycott union made products or services.

    40. Mike Sheahen, Hickor says:

      Quote from the end of "Obama Moves to Unionize TSA": "President Obama should stop trying to pay his union benefactors with taxpayer money at the expense of our national security."

      Everything from Obama's move to everything before the end of the article about it makes it obvious that Obama is determined to move exactly as he is, which makes that "should" both go against the obvious, including in the rest of the article, and an exercise in futile wishing for something which Obama is making only too evident and obvious he will not do.

    41. Scott Boise ID says:

      Unions were meant to balance the interests of labor against once exploitive industrialists. But modern Government in NO way exploits it's worker – not in the past – not now. Never has. Government work is cushy work.

      The ONLY point to these unions is to allow Government workers, who have it REALLY good already, to take their racket to the next level and endlessly extort the taxpayer.

      The idea that Government workers need a Union for legitimate purposes is preposterous.

    42. Cathy says:

      In Key West, Florida, the 'TSA' workers are actually military personel. My experience with them was great. They were polite and attentive to their task. They apparently were trained to not only look at the baggage but actually assess the people. Something that I do no see when going thri JFK, LGA and other airports I frequent. I say this should be a job for military personel. How about those in the military who are no longer physically capable of serving in thearters of war but are capable of using their minds. NO MORE UNIONS. How many time do we need to smack our heads agains the wall before we wake up??!!!

    43. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I didn't have time to clear the gurge out of my throat upon hearing about the Medal Of Freedom going to that scoundrel Sweeney! Then, the very man who drove all those American jobs overseas was sainted by Obama, the destruction of American Government by usurped Unionism continues unabated! Celebrated! Oh! God help us! These guys will bring down the Government with these shinanigans! They don't care if America goes down the pooper! It is fabulous!

      I think the whole idea of awards has entered the realm of nausea. There goes another great American Institution, it exists to pay off Obama supporters. Now I can think: "He got an Award! He must be no damned good!" I agree with my fellow bloggers on this site: Make It Illegal For Government Workers To Unionize! Collective bargaining with another Collective (uh, Communism) is PC – perfectly crazy. Well! Like everything else these Demolition Plutocrats have done. Criminal!

    44. RUTH SC says:

      I'm glad we have airport security, but paying out millions of dollars, tax payers dollars for union people is just plain stupidity. There are so many places to throw money for God's sake lets not blow it on unions. They have done nothing for this country to date, and will do less in the future with a higher rate of payment. They do not create jobs, they cost a lot of money and prevent enterprise. All they have done is jack the prices up for cars and products.

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    47. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Get rid of the unions, we do not need them now, in the past they ended workshops and formed hours etc. Fed never needed unions, they work(If you call it that) 40 hoursa a week, have annual leave, sick leave and take advantage of it all. We need to get rid of most of IRS, have a flat tax, would be lower to a lot of us and the upper incomes would pay more, this could be 5-10 % of salar.y, no deductions, no filing so no auditing. IRS could concentrate on the big businesses that are cheating. Next get rid of the dead wood in all Gov't. agencies, get rid of all the csars and Michelle's ladies in waiting, audit BHO's use of Marine One and Air Force One, make sure they pay for their personal use of these. Back the gentleman who has a case in court to produce certified records from BHO, birth and school records. Anyone who spends thousands of dollars to keep the records from public view, has something to hide. Hold every member of Congress to honor the oath they took, "UPholding the Constitution", if they don't members of their states should petition their Govs' to recall them

    48. Al from Fl says:

      Gov't workers should not be allowed to unionize. They serve at the pleasure of the tax payer and are expected to be there to do their job as an American patriot, much like our military does. If we don't pay enough, benefits not enough etc. we will have trouble hiring and have to reconside our pay/benefit package but we should not waste gov't time in collective bargaining for a gov't job. Teachers in WI are skipping school to protest the Governors move to balance the budget. Is paying some (5%) into your retirement too much? Is paying a part of your health benefits too much to ask? We need teachers, not community organizer wannabees. Stop the TSA unionization and pass legislation banning unions for all gov't jobs.

    49. Ace Sez Bishop. Cali says:

      It is obvious that President Obama is determined to destroy the USA as it has existed for over 200 yrs— nothing his regime has done in his term of office is about the greatnes of America–in the direct opposite–he is anti USA in every facit of our gov't–including his contempt of Federal Court Orders his conduct is unConstitutional and provokes lawlessness by those in DC

      The Nov landslide election results were about defunding everything Obama has instituted—with hopes the newbies would get on the ball immediately–but the ;left over eleitist in the Republican side are still in charge to the dettriment of our welfare and security–draggin' their asses just like before the Nov election!

      Bureacratictic hirelings are killing the Golden Goose and not too long from now they'll wake up to a worthless paycheck–no money left and no where to borrow more –an empty treasury ! Please God –eliminate Obama by natural causes–tomorrow!

    50. K Wilson, Ohio says:

      How did we get to this, to where we are debating this subject? I have not ever been able to grasp the idea that people who receive compensation for the job they do for the tax payers, can have a union represent them for better wages and benifits than the tax payers who supply their paychecks.Who is representing our best interest? Surely not our State, or Federal representatives. They are on the tax payer feed bag also, and surely not this President. Am I alone with this struggle?

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    52. Henry,Illinois says:

      Welcome to the USSA "RULED" by the ultra liberal democrats,unions and the "chosen one".What amazes me is that a cadre of politicins numbering less than six hundred and fifty can control a nation of three hundred fifty million and the masses just follow like sheep to the slaughter house without even a whimper.It reminds me of a book that I have read many tears ago called "America,the Nation of Sheep"

      Venting our anger about the state of affairs today in this forum accomplishes absolutely nothing.Two thousand and twelve election is comming, save your anger, get involved at your local level and VENT YOUR ANGER at the next election (provided we still have one) .

    53. toledofan says:

      I'm sure this was a concession he made during his campaign. The entire purpose of the union was to create balance with the capitalists or industrialists and keep them from developing unfair labor practices or conditions that created some unnecessary safety harards for pay that was lets just say substandard for the profits being made. Times have changed and theortically Lawyers today have replaced the unions regarding those types of conditions and the grievances filled because of them. The union, today, really has no major clout other than in politics and especially with the Democrats, so, in the view of the Democrats having them on their side is a bonus, it's all about votes and them, the hell with what's right for America.. Anything regarding the government; federal, city or state, should be union restricted. I mean what's next the military?

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    55. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      Do away with unions all together. They've been a thorn in Americas side and too many stupid people out there that don't realize this. My mother and her sister for two–80"s who blame company's for going over seas and they have no clue why company's do what they do—-UNIONs and their destruction.
      Same old story—-my father-in-law use to be a forman at the Ford Stamping Plant in Cleveland, Ohio. It's gone–because of the unions–taking taking taking–
      He came to work on the nite shift to find several workers sleeping off their day of drinking. He ordered them back to their jobs and they told him—CAN'T TOUCH ME DON'T HAVE TO UNTIL I'M READY I'M UNION AND YOU CAN'T DO A DARN THING ABOUT IT.
      Real nice

    56. Bobbie says:

      Please ask the President specifically to what productive means is this being pushed? For what specific reason will this benefit all America? Please don't let this happen. The government should not be unionized in the first place. The next thing you know, the president will call for a strike in areas essential to our lives. Please remove all unions backing government positions. It sends a bad signal.

    57. Hermes C LIBERTY New says:

      The efficient and positive complement of awareness about these politics micmacs is strong action against them by WE THE PEOPLE. It seems that tea-parties and tea-partiers are still much needed. Let them grow and speak loud about any rightly idenfied issue, like that one and many more. Thanks to our Heritage Foundation for its continue and realistic Patriotism. America ough to emerge from this maelstrom stronger and healthier. A r-Evolution should have started since.

    58. Mary S. Houston, TX says:

      I agree with all who say it's time to get rid of unions. They are obsolete and exist now for their own benefit and power. There are Labor Boards and attorneys in every state who can protect the rights of citizens and they don't gain power through the assitance they give.

      I hope no one ever forgets what happens when power-hungry liberals get into office.

    59. Barb in WI says:

      Unfortunately, Comrade Obama, his puppet master George Soros and his union mob supporters have done so much damage to our country so swiftly and deliberately in just 2 years, it is likely that it will be total economic ruin in 2 more years. God help us. We private sector taxpayers will have no voice or liberties left as the takers will far exceed the makers and that's what Obama is counting on. The takers always vote Democrat. It's a slam dunk for the Democrat party which I now see as a bunch of socialists, marxists and communists. They have really been exposed for what their party now really is. As Europe is turning away from socialism to save itself, we are marching toward it as fast as Obama can shove it down our throats. Where is our Congress?! Tax paying hard working Americans are starting to seethe with anger already. One can feel it.

    60. Bill Cook Placentia, says:

      Collective bargaining by public employee unions should be attacked and outlawed by the republican party as the governor of Wisconsin is trying to accomplish in that state. Also, remembering Pres. Reagan's attitude toward flight controllers and his dismissal of them should require this kind of thinking to be re-instituted.

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    62. David Bess, Carson C says:

      If you are a terrorist, the news couldn't get any better. The TSA is a joke, not because of the people working in the airports, but the idiots that manage and make proceedure and policy.

      The real job of the TSA has nothing to do with foriegn terrorist, it has to do with controlling and humiliating the American people. Why else would all of their efforts be directed at honest law abiding citizens and their children. They have absolutley no comprehensive plan for early detection of known terrorist. They have never caught a terrorist or prevented a terrorist plot before an aircraft left the ground.

      As ineffective as the TSA is today it will only get worse once they are unionized. The cost will sky rocket while their effectiveness will decay.

      However, obama, reid have to love having a new controlled voting block at the cost of billions to the Americian people. One more step that will enslave america on his way to the great islamic post america.

    63. TJ, Shreveport, LA says:

      Jose from NH has it spot on. Everyone reading this should be petitioning their elected officials at all levels to end public employee unions. If the public employees don't like it, they are *free* to quit and get a union job in the private sector. It is intriguing the way politicians side step this issue by saying it won't save enough to do any good where the deficit is concerned. However, it would do all of us lowly tax payers a great deal of good. We vote, too, you know.

    64. JohnL2 SC says:

      This is a serious mistake and adds to the insecurity of the USA! Labor unions, many, many years ago may well have had their place, but those days are gone and unions are literally costing legal American citizens jobs! Unions are now corrupt organizations and have much too much poplitical influence in the US! The days of ANY assistamce from labor unions for the workers have passed into history and are no more than poplitical slush funds! Labor Unions should be eleminated from the American scene altogether!!

    65. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      If another terrorist causes a travel disaster because of a TSA worker's neglect can the victum's families sue Obama and TSA Union Heads???????????

    66. joe me says:

      no security with unions in power

    67. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Once again we look for the obvious. The TSA was created by Republicans and Democrats. Once you create a government monster, what do you expect? It will do what you expect it to do. Look at the Post Office…

      Life-long politicians keep the pot full enough to eat.

    68. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The reason why Congress decided against unionizing the TSA was for security reasons. TSA workers, if they were unionized, would get the Reagan treatment if they

      went out on strike. What's that? In the words of the Donald, "You're fired."

    69. Pingback: Political News Live » Blog Archive » Morning Bell: Putting Politics Over Security, Obama Moves to Unionize TSA – Heritage.org (blog)

    70. Gary W. New Jersey says:

      The next thing Mr. Obama will want to do is unionize the military. Think of all those votes!

    71. Bippy New Jersey says:

      TSA, EPA, Obama Czars….they all need to go. This is the worst president in the last 50 years and that includes LBJ and Jimmie Carter. Disgraceful.. He must be Impeached.

    72. Mike, Chicago says:

      The last thing we need is the inefficiency of unions affecting our national security,

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