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  • Guest Blog: Billie Tucker on National Defense

    Last week I sat through four hours of missile defense presentations at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC.  Those on the panel were the leading experts on this grave matter.  Grave because we will soon be digging ours.

    Not only was I able to sit and listen, but I was also asked to be a part of it.  Now what could a 50+ year-old woman, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner and a tea party organizer know about missile defense?  Not much, but probably more than the average bear.

    As a member of the Tea Party Movement, we have researched for nearly two years now, and the research will boggle your brain.  It will also tick you off!

    The research we uncovered during the bailouts was focused on our financial standing.  Realizing that our financial standing was unsafe led us to other areas of concern.  We quickly realized that the issues were deeper than that.  The real issue was leadership or the lack thereof.

    Let me give it to you straight, Ladies and Gentlemen:  Our leaders – aka our government — do not have the ability to protect us should our enemies send a missile our way, and they really don’t see the problem.

    We are hanging by a thread with our defense systems, and one big job of our government is to “provide for the common defense.”  Not pay for cell phones, upside down mortgages, or food for those unwilling to work for these things themselves.   Not pay for abortions through our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.  Not pay for bait fish to have their own river while farmers can’t water their fields to grow our food.  Not pay foreign enemies for their oil when we can’t drill for our own here.

    There are so many “Not” things that our government pays for through OUR dollars, yet our defense system is ignored and allowed to rust while our enemies build bigger, better and longer range missiles than the United States of America.

    I cannot possibly tell you everything about this hideous lack of leadership but you can listen to the panel of experts yourself here. It is a long program, so put it on in the background while you work.

    As I was writing about this panel, the local newspaper was next to my computer.  A small – very small box – caught my eye.  The small headline:  State Department uses Twitter to reach Iran.  I stopped writing and read the tiny article and my heart stopped beating for a second.  Our leaders are twittering Iran and encouraging the citizens to riot in the streets as the Egyptians did last week.  While to some that may sound good and very democratic – I saw it as scary.  Why?  Because during the panel last week, we heard that Iran has long range missiles that we should be concerned about.  So here we go.  Our leaders are twittering the citizens of Iran and encouraging them to riot against their government, and their government hates us and has big, fat missiles that can kill us.  And, our missiles are not as big as theirs!

    So we have a government that believes twittering is better than building missiles.  We have a government that believes it is good to encourage riots in Iran but makes fun of and discourages Tea Party members from marching on DC with their concerns.

    We have a government who let the people of Iran die in the streets last year and said nothing about it but now feels it is appropriate to encourage them to go back in the streets today.  Why now?

    Something is going on, and no one is listening to the panel of experts.

    No one listening … reminds me of the movie, The Blob.  The Blob is an American science-fiction film made in 1958 that depicts a giant amoeba-like alien that terrorizes a small town.  Steve McQueen and his girlfriend try to warn adults about this invasion, and no one will listen to them.  The Blob keeps growing by killing people one at a time.  It eats up the flesh of those it kills and it grows and grows and grows…until finally the adults have to face reality.  The Blob really does exist because they can see it now.  When they couldn’t see it – it didn’t exist, yet people died anyway.

    In my part of the panel presentation (you can find it at 1:34:53 on the counter of The Heritage program above), I let the adults in charge know that they will be responsible for anyone who dies because they failed to protect us — because they just didn’t “see it.”

    There is a Blob out there, and it wants to destroy us.  Florida is especially vulnerable – as I was told by a few on this panel in a side bar conversation.

    What can you do about this?  You can do what Steve McQueen and his friends did.  Keep saying it until you are heard. Stand up regarding the matter of national defense in our country.  Many people do not think it is important or the subject matters not play well with fiscal discussions.  Some will say it is not up to the Tea Party Movement to talk about such matters.

    Call them fools and assure them – they will become a part of the Blob if they fail to see the danger in not addressing our defense concerns.

    It is one thing to bankrupt our country, and it’s another thing to allow its destruction by enemy fire.

    Billie Tucker is co-founder of a tea party group in North Florida. The views expressed by guest bloggers on the Foundry do not necessarily reflect the views of The Heritage Foundation.

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    8 Responses to Guest Blog: Billie Tucker on National Defense

    1. West Texan says:

      Good blog Billie. I wouldn't worry too much about Iran's nuclear missiles hitting our soil. It's one thing to possess advanced weaponry. It's quite another to know how to use and maintain it. My earlier experience with Iranian expertise tells me to relax. This said, they are a regional threat. That's why our full backing of Israel is critical. Supporting our closest ally in the region is the intelligent thing to do. Oh well, so much for kumbayah social progressives.

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    3. Jerry Frulio says:

      This administration has disregarded the most important function of government which is that of national defense. I truly believe that we are on a road of self destruction which is becoming more evident every day. My only concern now is that we as a nation stand up and our voices heard regarding our national defense. I am sick and tired of hearing about all the past failures of government by our left wing media who, I believe, is causing more harm than good when it comes to all our current problems. It is about time that our so called politicians realize the need to be better prepared for the possibility of another attack within our borders. We need leadership that is truly concerned with keeping the United States the most powerful nation in the world and a leader who will not dare apologize for our past deeds as we do not have anything to apologize for. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS from a veteran who loves my country.

    4. Steve S. California says:

      West Texan, the facts say you are wrong. Several years ago, the Iranians put a Scud on a hidden erector on a freighter, steamed to a location, erected the missile, launched it, and then command detonated it at altitude. This was proof of concept for an EMP attack which would ultimately kill millions here and change things fundamentally for a decade or more. All they need is the warhead. And the Iranians are resourceful, highly skilled and determined as any. Remember, their F-5,s Phantoms and Tomcats are still flying. Bobby, their missiles are NOT bigger than ours. That's not the issue, though, because, as shown above, assymetrical war can be fought with nukes too. What scares the crap out of me is that our morons think it's not a problem to wait til 2016-2020 to have systems to counter this threat. Holding them responsible for the murder of millions would be a Phyrric victory at best. We have the systems, PROVEN (ABL), and now cancelled. This is nothing short of an outrage and criminal behavior.

    5. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I very much enjoyed the Heritage Foundation Missile Defense symposium presented in the blue type link in Billie's guest blog. That is indeed what the TEA Party patriots want, effective National Defense and no more one sided Treaties with the Russians that stop us from Missile Defense. Isn't that crazy? We can defend Europe but we can't defend the United States? I am convinced Obama and his gang of Communist Infiltrators in Congress exclusively serve the Foreign Interest! How else did we ever get into such stupid agreements?

      I thought President Clinton was a secret Socialist, the first Black Ops president. Bad enough he purged the Justice Department of all Republican Prosecutors, but gutting our National Defense in such an obvious way? He should have been Impeached for that and to Hell with Monica's dress! Now we think it would be pointless to Impeach Obama, based on what happened to Clinton. But it is a big secret what happened in Clinton's Impeachment. Democrats wrote his Articles so that the Progressive Agenda would not be harmed. Yeah! We got noplace impeaching Clinton, but Obama is a different breed of cat! He is a perfectly vulnerable Impeachment candidate, he has committed hundreds of High Crimes! It was a mistake to Impeach Clinton for lying when the fact is Clinton was destroying the Loyal Opposition using the FBI to get dirt on Republicans. That is abuse of power!

      Impeaching Obama will work if you add an Article for Conspiracy! No kidding! These Progressives are Communist Infiltrators in the full Cold War meaning of the words. Democrats have usurped Representation with hundreds of thousands of lies and putting in Communist candidates. That is a Constitutional High Crime! They stole elections by falsifying, and in Obama's case, not vetting candidates at all! Obama was half as qualified as Sarah Palin, but the Captive Media couldn't see it! He was a Third Generation dedicated Communist posing as a Democrat! They usurped an American Political Party!

      Obama has purposefully failed to defend our Nation, this detail is but one of the many ways Obama has undermined our nation. It is a National Defense Issue that our Economy has been undermined by unbelievable deficit spending. At the very least Obama is guilty of False Oath Taking. Impeach him as a Communist Infiltrator and we can get rid of all the Unconstitutional, Dictatorial and destructive things Obama has done. Well, for example getting rid of Anti Americans Obama appointed to the Supreme Court!

      This is not President Clinton. Obama could be Impeached most profitably to the Right Wing interest, just don't let the Demo-crats write the Articles. TEA Party people do not want to live under Communism! You let Obama get away with it? The Government will go into ill repute, and that will serve Progressive's anti American Interests!

    6. john,westchester,n.y says:

      putin needs to not be here

    7. john,westchester,n.y says:

      i agree

    8. j. m. cameron says:

      No one reads the BIBLE anymore, or believes in it. Everyone is busy worrying about Iran. Iran is just the pawn of Russia and Communist China. The twelve tribes are being readied and rallied now. Iran will for sure create kaos once their nukes are ready-And Russia gives the okay. Just as U.S. and Israel conspire. We all forget the Bear in the North. Just because their old ways were uncovered and dismantled(very little really) doesn't mean their ideology and now anger were destroyed. They've been gathering their Wits, planning thier revenge, and surrounding us with vile enemies, guiding & supporting them. We are concentrating on the little guy Iran and Middle East, when we should be guarding against OUR LORD's words of warning of The Big Bear from North, and even more so, the Red Army from the East. If we waist our resources on that desert waistland of ignorant thugs, we sureley will pay a heavy cost when we find ourselves unprepared for the Real threats. Russia doesn't hide their distain for us, China even worse pretends they're our friends. WAKE UP AMERICA

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