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  • Now Is the Best Time to Defund Obamacare

    Now—when the House considers the bill to fund government for the rest of the year and seeks to reduce spending by $100 billion—is the best of all times to defund Obamacare. But although it’s a golden opportunity, so far defunding Obamacare is not on the agenda.

    Republican freshmen have the chance to fix that if they stand firm again as they did last week.

    House Republicans say they are crafting a bill to save taxpayers $100 billion. Their revised proposal would rescind funding for 123 different federal programs and would lower future funding for many others. Yet it leaves Obamacare unscathed. Except for transferring $750 million to a different public health program, the tens of billions appropriated last year for Obamacare would remain available for the White House to spend freely.

    Only if House leaders expressly permit it can an amendment be offered successfully on the House floor. Otherwise, Members like Representative Steve King (R–IA) may be boxed out by House rules that disallow amendments that try to go back and reclaim money spent by last year’s Congress.

    Yet that’s what the bill does to other programs! A different standard is being applied to permit the 123 other reachbacks that were approved by the Appropriations Committee—but not for defunding Obamacare.

    So now will conservative House Members—especially the GOP freshmen—once again play hardball with party leaders and oppose any measure that does not permit defunding Obamacare? That would be a repeat from last week, when they forced the Appropriations Committee to propose more spending cuts than originally approved.

    Certainly Obamacare is also a much better target for rescissions than the defense budget, which finds itself on the chopping block even in the midst of a hot war.

    Even now, many conservatives say the bill falls $16 billion short of the GOP commitment to make $100 billion in spending cuts this year. The House Republican Study Committee, led by Representative Jim Jordan (R–OH), plans to offer an amendment to cut that elusive $16 billion. These extra savings could come from Obamacare—but only if House leaders choose to permit it.

    Some don’t realize that last year’s Congress did fund Obamacare even though it failed to pass appropriations bills for anything else. The billions given to Obamacare are outlined in Congressional Research Service Report R41301, “Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA),” issued last October 14.

    This includes major money that could be pulled back immediately. Congress could rescind the $5 billion appropriated in Section 1101(g) to create high-risk pools, the $5 billion appropriated in Section 1102(e) for a re-insurance program, and the $6 billion in Section 1322(g) to create insurance exchanges. The CRS report details billions more in current and future funding equally available for cutting.

    That’s a dirty little secret about the new law. As further detailed in a Heritage Foundation report, rather than respecting the right of future Congresses to decide on funding, Obamacare’s sponsors included several years worth of current and future appropriations for the health care makeover—money that mostly has not yet been spent.

    Despite the recent court ruling that the new health law is unconstitutional, the White House insists it will go charge forward to implement the law and spend that dough.

    Defunding Obamacare is a two-fer. It responds to the public mandate for repeal, plus it moves the House GOP closer to fulfilling its pledge to cut spending by $100 billion this year.

    The House will never have a better chance to stop it than to defund Obamacare this week—before it’s too late.

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    8 Responses to Now Is the Best Time to Defund Obamacare

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Rush explained the defunding process on his radio program last Friday. It all comes down to the fact there are a number of Republicans who have no interest in getting rid of the entire bill.

      I am afraid that the next two years will be business as usual. Meanwhile we get to 2012 and Obamacare's tentacles become embedded into our society like Social Security and MC/MC. There will be far more difficulty getting rid of this behemoth in 2013 with a new president then it would be now.

      You are right – now is the time to stop this thing, but I will not hold my breath the republicans will do it. Congress is part of the federal government and thus a part of the power grab on us. They have no interest in getting rid of the power this bill gives them, the president and the federal workforce.

      The Tea Party needs to start work getting replacements for all the elected officials NOW! That is what we need to do. We need to work three times harder than last year. We need to start scouring the voter lists in every town hall to clean out the fraudulent voters. We need to start becoming active in increasing voting integrity. We need to stop the Harry Reeds coming out with miraculous wins.

      It is now a guarantee that the federal government has two more years left as business as usual – after 2012 with a truly new congress, we can start carving the federal government down. In the next two years we will add more than 3 trillion to the already unsustainable debt!

      We need to rebrand the Tea Party as the "Washington Party.” People elected to power who refuse to use that power for their own personal gain and people who will dismantle the current state of power in the District.

      Congress has seen little rise in the polls since the republicans took control – wonder why?

    2. George (Oldguy), Wes says:

      Heatthcare has been ruled unconstitutional. Why isn't it being defunded. The UN is a constant drain, it is also holding a large overpayment. The Congress is not moving to have it returned to the Treasury. Why? Why do we continue to fund an organization that constantly works against out interests?

      This new GOP doesn't appear different than the old one!

    3. Bobbie says:

      It isn't trustworthy when a "minority" population of personal choice or personal irresponsibilities gets favored by the president to force the majority of the responsible to be burdened by the costs of the irresponsibilities of others until they're comfy cozy from burdening the majority. The expense seems much more than that of the responsible people who reflect the majority?. How about getting the 30, 40, 50 million or so, self reliant? The outrageous costs of the irresponsible doesn't add up!! The 30, 40, 50 0r more can pay their way like the rest of us grew up to do. Defund as much as you can and every time you can. It just doesn't add up? How is the money collected now, being used? much money is going somewhere that has nothing to do with health care.

    4. Kevin H, college par says:

      Public mandate for repeal? What world do you live in? Don't you think if there was a public mandate for repeal, the Republicans would have taken the Senate?

      By your logic, the 2008 election was a massive mandate for passage of health care, one of the major platforms of Obama and the Dems that year.

      So far, House has been gaveled in for a month and we haven't seen a single jobs bill yet – after they campaign on jobs, jobs, jobs. And nothing. No wonder ratings for the Speaker and rest of the House Repubs are already spirally down. I'm thankful for these new House Dems, it shows the world what kind of ideas they have and how destructive their policies are.

      Funny you talk about dirtly little secrets after you voted for the worst, most expensive, most corrupt piece of health legislation ever passed: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2003/roll669.xml

      How did they pay for this bill that you voted for? Oh, that's right, they didn't – much like every piece of legislation you voted for that put us on the path into deep deficits and large debt.

      You seem to have no problem passing unfunded trillion dollar liabilities that help private insurers line their pockets, but you oppose legislation passed last year that will decrease the deficit, and provide for a healthier nation.

      What a shame.

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    7. Gabriel says:

      before I forget,

      do you guys have a solution or replacement for the 40 million americans uninsured? no? yes? more talking points?

    8. Bobbie says:

      If people understood back then what Obama is now doing to health care, they wouldn't have voted for him. He misled, misguided, and manipulated "reform" no mention of crowding out private health care. No mention it would be effected at all.

      Decent people have priorities and one of them is to be in control of their own physical being. The private sector had available necessary services and products for people to be in control of their own health within their own means. My solution is to bring back the free market in all areas necessary to health for the will of the people and at their choice. if people don't know their priorities it will be taught quickly when there is nothing in government available to them.

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