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  • Morning Bell: Obama Budget Doubles Down on Deficit Spending Failure

    Standing in front of a Baltimore County middle school yesterday, President Barack Obama said, “Even as we cut out things that we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impact in our future. And that’s especially true when it comes to education.” Accordingly, the President’s budget includes a $13 billion increase in Department of Education spending from the 2010 budget. But this is hardly the first time a White House has significantly raised education spending.

    In fact, since 2001 federal education spending has already increased by 100 percent. And going back to 1970, it has almost tripled. And what have been the results of this federal “investment” in our future? Nothing. Department of Education spending has completely failed to raise student achievement over the past 30 years. This is the story of President Obama’s budget: too much spending, too much taxes, and too much borrowing—all of which has already failed to create jobs today and will make it harder for our children to find jobs in the future.

    Since President Barack Obama was sworn into office, total entitlement spending has grown 4 percent, total discretionary has soared 16 percent, and the national debt has exploded 43 percent. Over that same time the United States economy has lost 3.3 million jobs. President Obama cannot be blamed for the most recent recession, but he can certainly be held accountable for the failure of his deficit spending policies in response.

    The fiscal year 2012 budget released yesterday by the President doubles down on this failed record. The White House is trying to portray this document as a spending cut. Specifically, they claim the President’s budget reduces 2012 discretionary spending by 5 percent. But as Heritage Foundation scholar J. D. Foster details, these “cuts” are made possible only by three gimmicks: (1) redefining Pell grants as mandatory spending, (2) reclassifying $54 billion of surface transportation spending from discretionary spending to mandatory spending, and (3) reducing funding for Iraq and Afghanistan by $38.2 billion in 2012. Reversing these budget tricks not only wipes out the entirety of President Obama’s claimed $77 billion in spending cuts; it actually reveals them to be a $31 billion increase in discretionary spending. This is moving the ball in the wrong direction, and the American people know it.

    According to Gallup, unemployment is by far the number one concern of the American people. And when you ask people how the federal government can best improve our economy, deficit reduction is the top strategy. And, in fact, there is a relationship between debt levels and economic growth. Carmen Reinhart of the University of Maryland and Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University studied the relationship between rising debt levels, inflation, and economic growth rates for 44 developed and developing countries. They found that debt burdens of over 90 percent of GDP were associated with a significantly slower economic growth. President Obama’s budget pushes us over that mark: By the end of next fiscal year, the White House projects that our national debt will be $15.476 trillion, or 102.6 percent of GDP. We can’t expect our economy to recover under this debt burden.

    As troubling as President Obama’s failure to cut discretionary spending is, his failure to address our nation’s impending entitlement crisis is even worse. Under current policy, spending on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will consume all tax revenues by 2052. We must cut entitlement spending before our economy can truly recover. The first step is the full repeal of Obamacare’s brand new $1 trillion spending increase. Then, after undoing the damage Obama has caused, conservatives should go further by turning Medicare into a defined contribution system and focusing Social Security benefits on those who really need them during retirement.

    President Obama cannot continue to pass on unsustainable levels of spending and borrowing to future generations. The president himself will tell you that spending levels under President Bush were unsustainable and yet objects to returning program budgets to even 2008 levels. In November 2010, Americans demanded an adult conversation about what government does and how much of our money it spends. It is up to the president to demonstrate he heard the American people and defend why federal programs, like education, are effective enough to warrant more money. And when he can’t show any measurable results, like in the area of education, he must agree to responsible cuts. The status quo is no longer affordable.

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    64 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama Budget Doubles Down on Deficit Spending Failure

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      The 2012 Budget will likely eclipse $3.8 trillion after congress gets through with it.

      There are 2.7 million federal employees acting as a first tier in the management of the federal government. This is at a cost of $1.407 million per employee to manage the business of the federal government. Could a private sector company survive on this level of costs?

      They in turn manage over 1.5 million active soldiers and about 1.5 soldiers in reserve. They also manage about 10 million federal contractors – but who really knows – the DoD recently admitted they have no clue how many contractors work for them (Sec. Gates).

      Federal employees enjoy a massive average compensation of $123,000

      Feds cost the Taxpayers a total of $332 Billion just in compensation.

      US soldiers have an average pay of $54,000

      The meager compensation for soldier is a bargain at $162 billion

      Average compensation rate of the private sector is $61,000.

      Taxpayer cost for the contractors is $610 billion.

      After taking out the employment costs, the federal budget is still $2.696 trillion. Spread over 2.7 million civilians, 3 million soldiers and 10 contractors – or 15.7 Million federal personnel – comes out to $171,720 per person. That comes out to a per person cost of $294,720 per fed, $232,720 per contractor and $225,720 per soldier. As a jobs program this is very expensive.

      The DoD Budget is $940 billion and there are about 700,000 feds (26% of the federal workforce) in the DoD (CATO) at a cost of $86.1 billion in Defense dollars. A single first tier federal employee spends an average $1.343 million managing the defense department. After taking out their compensation, the DoD is spending $284,633 per soldier or $230,633 after taking out their compensation – that is both active and reserve. Assuming the DoD has 26% of the federal contractors or 2.6 million contractors, this will draw of $159 billion from the budget. After removing all employment costs, the DoD has a remaining budget of $539 billion. Spread over 700,000 civilians, 3 million soldiers and 2.6 million contractors – or 6.3 Million DoD personnel – comes out to $85,556 per person. That comes out to $208,556 per fed, $146,556 per contractor and $139,556 per soldier. This illustrates that as inefficient the DoD is at employing people, the federal government at large is far worse.

      As a jobs program – which this argument will eventually get down to – the federal government is horrible at redistributing this cash at the federal level and to a slightly less horrible at the DoD level. Let us say we want to have a jobs program that pays a minimal of $35,000 for a person to have the basics – the real reason we need anything like a jobs program – removing a fed from the budget will allow enough cash to pay for 8 people. Removing a contractor will pay for almost 7 people to have a basic earnings.

      Removing 15% of the federal workforce (feds and contractors) and all their related expenses of their “jobs,” would give the country back 405,000 feds and 1.5 million contractors as new members of the new workforce or $470 billion in savings. Enough to employ 13.43 million people at the basic level. That is an 11.52 million net job gain. That is a real jobs program worth going for.

      • sharksbreath says:

        Bush policies. Total cost to date. 7 trillion.

        All other presidents combined. 7 trillion.

        Let's put the GOP back in power.

        When they last left they were only losing a million jobs a month and spending trillions to bail out the banks.

        Yup. Sounds like a good idea. Let's put the guys in power who started with a surplus and turned it into trillion of debt.


    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Total Defense spending in 2008 was $729.6 Billion

      Total Defense spending in 2011 is $964.8 Billion – near WWII spending levels!

      This represents an increase of $235.2 billion or a jump of 32% since Obama has been president – the single largest departmental budgetary jump. I agree with the rest of your assessments, but I wish for the sake of the future of this country that you would be consistent with everything that is government.

    3. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      2- 15 -11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI on February 14th, 2011 at 3:10pm said:

      Ken – your question is the core difference between conservative and liberals as I see it. I/we believe in self reliance – you/they believe in government dependence. Government dependence leads to the 14 trillion dollar national debt and the 120 trillion dollar unfunded social security / medicare liabilities which results in servitude. Self reliance leads to independence and freedom. I choose independence and freedom.

      *** Thanks, Ben.

      There are NO Liberals

      ONLY those that Brag about being Cs

      and the REST OF US.

      Why do YOU think Labels are important?

    4. Cliff Cowles, Sun Ci says:

      "President Obama can not be blamed for the recent recession"…where the helll did that idea come from??

      Who then, if not Obama?Santa Claus?

      The Obama die-hards are still blaming Bush. Are you suggesting the same??

    5. Cliff Cowles, Sun Ci says:

      "President Obama can not be blamed for the most recent recession"….where l did that comment come from???

      The Obama nuts are still blaming Bush. Is that what you are implying???

    6. William Downey, Worc says:

      The power of the purse still remains with Congress and until they step up and stop approving budget gimmicks and funding levels that are unsustainable.

    7. Constance Rice says:

      " turning Medicare into a defined contribution system and focusing Social Security benefits on those who really need them during retirement."

      I agree with all in this article but the above statement. We have see how this mentality has worked out for welfare, medicaid, and all the other government entitlements. Social Security cannot be turned into another welfare program and doesn't need to be turned into one. RAISE the retirement age and proceed with partial privatization. Otherwise, this becomes just one more program of wealth redistribution. The Heritage Foundation can do better than this!

    8. toledofan says:

      It sounds like there are a signifigant number of tax increases in his budget as well, so, how can you spend and tax if people aren't working or going on a buying spree? The money we spend on education continues to be wasted because we continue to promote and teach a political correct left leaning agenda. Things like reading and arithmetic aren't as important as recognizing that lesbians should be held in a high regard. It's more important to teach Johnnie that he doesn'tt have to try as hard as Jim because everybody should be equal and he deserves what others work to get. We have to get serious about fixing what's broke and it's sad but as long as the Democrats control the White House nothing will change.

    9. Brian, Michigan says:

      The increased Dept. of Education spending has no impact on students because 90% of the dollars are spent on bureaucratic nonesense.

      Leave education and the dollars spent at the local level where it belongs.

      It never ceases to amaze me that most private schools operate on half the budget of public schools and consistentlyl turn out better educated children. Actually I'm not amazed because those schools demand parental involvement…….they know education is a true partnership between the teachers and parents. They practice it, not just pay lip service…

    10. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      I will admit, you guys ARE consistent! You steadfastly refuse to admit that Obama has absolutely NO intent to FIX the economy as his goal is to DESTROY our economy! This is the very reason this illegitimate usurper was put into the office of POTUS by George Soros & Co.!

      Personally, I do not see any chance to fix our situation until people realize that Obama is NOT eligible to be president and remove this Marxist from the White House, indict and try him under RICO statutes for extortion, fraud, embezzlement and the multitude of other crimes committed by him and his regime, up to and including treason. THEN, and only then, can we return to a path of fiscal sanity and restore this nation to a Constitutional one.

    11. Jules Schwager PhD, says:

      For years I have written letters to my representatives and editors that our education system is going in the wrong direction. We make more changes to the system then any other country and at the same time we are loosing positions in ranking against all the others. Concentrate on education and not fads and we will do just fine as we did in the past. Why don't we go back to what made us proficient and competitive in education and drop all this nonsense that has crept in and is pushed by the establishment. It is not a question of money but determination to teach what makes our children competitive when they grow up. The problems we have today are all self-made and can be fixed the same way they have been introduced.

    12. John Clancy says:

      The House members must seize this hour to stop the madness that is in the president's budget.

      Fundamentally there is a desperate need for the Fed to get out of education entirely. The principle of subsidiarity, so respected by the founders, dictates that education be the responsibility of the state, the local level, the parents. No increase for education, none.

      Obamacare must be totally defunded because it is very bad medically, morally, and financially.

      We are out of money. What the president is doing to our children and grandchildren is unconscionable. He is trying to break us down, down, down.

      The House must assert itself like never before in the history of our country. We need a dramatic cut of $200,000,000,000. to lift the spirit of a nation that is being deliberately crushed by a president with a socialist agenda.

    13. Tom King Kansas City says:

      in this article you write that "the American people know it." I wish that were the case.

    14. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      By the act of doubling down Demolition Plutocrats (Demo-crats) prove exactly what I have been screaming on this site for two years! I see it as proof the Demo-crats having exactly the evil intent Glenn Beck ascribes to them, Secular Progressives intend to bring down America. My opinion is we will not have free and fair elections in 2012. It is already too late.

      Focused Benefits and Defined Contribution, something sensible, will be met with the same rope a dope Obama does with everything. I cannot see a good outcome without Criminal Prosecutions of the Obama gang! Refraining Prosecution of votor fraud, polling place harassment, those are Constitutional Crimes. The whole Mass Media bias, free political contributions worth billions, has not been sniffed by Congress! Just because a crime is done in plain sight does not lessen the crime.

      Conn Carrol as always delivers the good stuff! If only we could snap our fingers and wake the Democrats up! Their Representation was usurped by a bunch of pathelogical liars, Communists! Ask "Are You A Communist?" meaning, "Did you know you were electing a third generation dedicated Communist activist?" Democrats don't know what they have done. I picture a tombstone epitaph "Here Lies America Damned By Faint Praise!

    15. Mary............WI says:

      I fear this country will go the way of Egypt soon if this "regime" doesn't stop spending money it doesn't have. This country is withering away with every year Obama is in office. AND contrary to what Bill O'Reilly, Jaun Williams and whoever else doesn't see a connection between a honest to goodness birth certifcate of Obama's…… if the man was not born in this country all the bills he has signed into effect would become null and void! It is a big deal! Some Americans are birthers because they are looking for a way to stop this "Obama destruction" of the USA! Why doesn't he just provide the official birth certificate or does he have something to hide?

    16. Roger TN says:

      This budget is an insult to our collective intelligence. Now lets see what the republicans will do.

    17. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama wants to spend money like a drunken sailor but that's an insult to drunken sailors. Drunken sailors spend their own money.

    18. Ronald J. Sakowski, says:

      When will conservatives rise up against Arne Duncan? It is he who has used phrases such as "engine of innovation" and "new learning models." Arne Duncan might well have been in Caracas, Venezuela at the 2006 World Education forum when an associate of his William Ayers declared to Hugo Chavez: "We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution." The Number 1 strategic goal of this administration was from the beginning and continues to be co-opting of the system of education in order to "re-educate" America's youth in persuit of socialism. It is time for the House Sub-Committee on Education to act forcefully.

    19. Judith in Michigan says:

      Why am I suspicious that this administration is setting the stage for a massive, across the board tax increase (redistribute the wealth) and the major take-over of private industry (confiscate and nationalize). For the good of the country, of course. Only until things are stabilized . This admininstration is not ignorant, so what other explanation might there be?

      As for education, whoever controls education, controls what is being taught. More money, more control over the subject and message. Just ask Bill Ayers, a radical, leftist terrorist from the 1960's and a retired Professor of Education from the University of Illinois Chicago. Do you think he would agree?

    20. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      Ye Gads! $77 b more for Dept. of Ed? He's gotta' be kiddin'. Nixon's Dept. of Ed has never educated one person nor will it ever do so; matter of fact it is detrimental to education. While we're eliminating, how about eliminating the Dept. of Commerce. Why is it when the Feds get involved in most anything, they screw it up beyond anyone's imagination. Maybe that why they're so successful at WAR. War is essentially negativity and certainly detrimental. We're going on two centuries behind times: The Federal government should have been shrunk beginning minimally with Wilson's administration (or was it a dictatorial regime?) or shortly thereafter. Thank God for a glimmer of sanity from HF! Oh yea, somewhere along the way wasn't education suppose to be local; done locally by locals; and responsible directly to locals?

    21. Robert, North Richla says:

      That $77 billion would directly subsidize every single teacher that is in danger of losing their job – due to large budget shortfalls in every state. But the money is not going to teachers, and neither is the waste. New computer hardware (every three to four years); new computer software (every 3 years); new, "game-changing" curriculum; ""must-have" textbooks; consulting fees and many other wasteful programs that transfer money and power to many people – are where the funds are going. Threatening to layoff teachers, and teacher pay reductions are the oldest trick in the bureaucrat playbook. We need REAL leadership and GUTS to cut the real fat, and weed out the unnecessary pork. Who will provide it? A republican? John Boehner? Don't hold your breath.

    22. Albert Bryson, Parke says:

      The President's budget is DOA. He thinks through budgetary tricks that he is cutting spending when he is actually increasing the spending. How clever he is. I support the budget cuts suggested by Senator Paul of Kentucky. I know that if we confine the federal government to those powers enumerated in the Constitution we can save considerable spending. Under the Constitution if strictly followed Social Security (actually Insecurity), Medicaid, SCRIP, and Obamacare would be unconstitutional.

    23. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      For the sake of God, when are we going to realize that everything, absolutely everything Obama says or does is designed to deceive the American people.

      Obama is following the Cloward and Piven plan to overload our financial system to the point that the people will accept socialism in its place. Over and over again he proves he cannot be trusted, yet so many do not want too, or refuse too accept that this guy, The President of the United State, is the leader of those in this government that want to see this once great nation brought to it knees.

    24. gerald skey, princet says:

      One of the probles we face is "manipulation". With respect to education, it seems unAmerican to vote against anything that limits what people perceive to be in the best interests of children. But the truth is that no matter how much money we throw at education, we will continue to avoid the real problem which is the current state of the Family. The United States has become aninstant gratification society and that includes one's perceived happiness at home. As a result, the divorce rate and babies borm to single mothers are clear signals that our children are not getting the discipline and support they require at home. While it may be true that teaching is a critical issue, true learning within the home and the requisite discipline that needs to be instilled in all children is lacking. In my lifetime, it is clear that the standards of our schools has diminished to meet the diminished abilities of the students. Schools should demand increased standards and those who do not meet those standards should find other areas of activity. Money, without parental or family attention and discipline, is worthless.

    25. richyard ey wasco ca says:

      we are the greatest co in the world. we should start acting like it. we can be oil independent. and we could stop giving money to people who hate us. richard ey

    26. KC - New Mexico says:

      No one in Congress seems to have the fortitude to really cut government spending. First, the vast majority of spending is in entitlements. The wasted amount of funding in the entitlement programs must be addressed. Cut this waste and there will still be significant funding for those who really need it. This will take some guts to propose this type of funding verification and revision. Second, we need to stop the global funding and reallocate this funding to re-building the USA. This would drive jobs in the construction areas and then other areas after more jobs are created. Third, we need to cut the dependency of oil on the Middle East. At least Donald Trump would stand up and tell these folks what the buying price would be instead of the table of billionaires telling us what the price is. Fourth, we need to analyze the funding for education (completely broken) and boarder security – illegal alien issues. We can no longer continue to pour money down the drain in a broken education system until leadership fixes the system. Get the illegal aliens out of the country and stop funding the medical cost, food, shelter, and education for these folks.

    27. Dennis Georgia says:

      We can not blame him for the recession, that belongs to clinton and his housing executive order. What we can blame obama for is the huge deficit, and for the coming inflation, huge interest rates that are in the near future, and his lack of leadership. These belong to him and him alone.

    28. Mike from Long Islan says:

      Congress should vote to eliminate the federal Dept of Education and leave all educational matters in the hands of the states. This would save federal budget money while allowing the states to use more of their citizens finances at home. Cutting out the "middleman" caused by the extra layer of bureauocracy is more efficient.

    29. Dave Provo, UT says:

      Get the Feds out of education. They have inflicted us with bogus ideas, stupid rules and taken the control of education out of the hands of the parents. Ask yourself why are charter, private and home schooling booming? Because of the failures by the federal and state education adminstration. They constantly change programs without analyzing how they are working and throwing out many fine time tested methods and curriculia. They continue to allow individuals to teach who should be fired, etc. Return the control of schools to the local people like charter schools.

    30. Steve Whitaker, Amar says:

      My Obama is buying support, read that votes, for the next election, with the expenditures on programs and/or agencies showing little or no progress over decades and billions of dollars spent. Is there nothing to be done to slow this man and his destructive agenda for America down?

    31. Jeffrey Tenwinkel, C says:

      I have a bsaic question concerning the funding of Obamacare. My pay stub, and I assume those of most hard working Americans, has 4 "Statutory Deductions' labelled: Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Medicare Tax, and Social Security Tax. Since these are "statutory" my interpretation is that each is established by law for use in funding each of these specific areas – i.e. Social Security Tax is by law intended for Social Security, and ONLY Social Security, and no other uses. Yet Obamacare is partially funded by taking roughly $500 billion FROM Medicare and using that money to fund other health care provisions in Obamacare that have NOTHING TO DO WITH Medicare. To me this is blatant misappropriation of funds and should be patently illegal, if not unconstitutional. Can anyone epxlain why this is not the case? I have not seen this aspect discussed elsewhere, not even in the numerous cases filed by the various states challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare which seem to fovcus primarily on the individual mandate, which I also agree appears to be unconstitutional.

    32. Adam from Cleveland says:

      The link for the "Department of Education spending has completely failed to raise student achievement over the past 30 years." Seems to be broken. Can anyone post the correct URL? TRUE conservatives leave nothing to chance and would like to perform our own research. Thanks.

    33. David says:

      I only hope and pray our congress people have the guts to make the cuts. There are some cuts that will hurt my family, but they have to be done. Please.

    34. Mike, Nevada says:

      OK, so the President is playing a ‘shell game’ with the new budget. No surprise there, but I don’t understand how “(3) reducing funding for Iraq and Afghanistan by $38.2 billion in 2012” is a gimmick. Reducing funds is equivalent to a cut, is it not?

    35. Pete, Carson City, N says:

      Washington should take note of what happened in Egypt. The Egyptian people are not the only ones who can take down a regime!!!

    36. George, Lancaster, N says:

      They (he) just don't get it. You'd think that the November elections would be a wake up call, but apparently not. What will it take, millions of angry US citizens marching on Washington to get their attention? It's going to happen real soon and he won't have anyone to blame but his administration. We are tired of the spend and tax method that's gone on way too long in this country. It's time for REAL reform and that starts at the top. We need capable people with business savy to run this country, not politicians that are only concerned with the next election.

    37. Patricia Buffalo, NY says:

      Spending is not necessarily the same as investing. Our parents taught us this at an early age. ( Understanding Budgets 101)

    38. Don , Mena AR 71953 says:

      I am sick of hearing about SS retirement as an intitlement, it is some thing that each individual and employers have paid for in advance. the funds for that has been used by the federal government for (in my case) over 60 years.

      the SS payment is set up by individual contributions and NOT from the taxes paid by others. it is NOT an intitalment is a saving account for each individual.

    39. Dwana Townsend says:

      Where Social Security benefits are concerned, I believe there is a fix for the system and that would mean phasing it out over a period of 30-50 yrs. I propose a government approved program, not a government controlled program, where each individual's contributions will come back to them. I do not believe in extending the age, actually if we could restructure the program future generations might even be able to retire early, and giving the new generation opportunities for jobs.

    40. and2therepublic, ill says:

      "Our necessities never equal our wants." – Ben Franklin

      "I conceive that the great part of the miseries of Mankind are brought upon them by false estimates they have made of the value of things." – B. Franklin

      "[I]t is easier to build two chimneys than to keep one in fuel." – B. Franklin

      "Rather go to bed with out dinner than to rise in debt." – B. Franklin

      "It is the eye of other people that ruin us. If I were blind I would not want, neither fine clothes, fine houses or fine furniture." – B. Franklin

    41. Bill Cook Placentia, says:

      any cuts in social security should not leave out those who have paid into it all their working years. If it is to be reduced to some, then at the least, they should be paid back all they paid in plus interest. Also, with all the other wasteful ways that social security funds are being spent, this means testing business is for the birds. why should the non-achievers like alcoholics, dug addicts and those who have not attempted to better thenselves during their working years benefit from those who have? this idea sounds as bad as obama and marx idea about "spreading the wealth". those folks who earned the money should receive the benefit. think again about this idea and revise your thoughts!!

    42. Kevin H, college par says:

      Obama's budget holds discretinary spending to the lowest level as a percent of GDP since Eisenhower. Take a look and compare it to Reagan. So mnay clueless conservatives that just don't have a clue about economics.

      These dimminded people ate heritage still create posts calling it a 'failed stimulus'. That is most absurd thing i've ever heard. Only a neocon can see where unemployment, monthy job losses, GDP, retail sales, etc were in December of 2008 and see where we are now and call it a failure.

      Conn's posts are getting more and more biased. I don't know if he and heritage have just given up and are doign whatever their donors tell them, but they used to use fact and numbers – now they are going beyond absurd.

      ther very same clown who says Obama has failed to address entitlements like Medicare and Medicaid also says we need to repeal health reform – that does address the rising costs of health care.

      Obama could cure cancer and conn and heritage woudl criticize him for playing god. what a joke.

    43. Bob, Raleigh, NC says:

      I am losing confidence daily that Congress– both the established and newly elected– has the fortitude, resolve, and conscience to do what actually must be undertaken to make the tough choices in truly attacking our ominous national deficit with real and substantial spending reductions. That includes getting into the "untouchable" domains of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. What must be removed from Congresses' thought process in doing what is truly right, is their selfish background questioning if what they might do will cost them a re-election bid. Term limits on these elected morons would circumvent that. Term limits would weed out the wheat from the chaff and provide a means of damage control. Term limits is a must, in my opinion.

    44. KC - New Mexico says:

      Education reform from an ex-teacher and tradionalist would be:

      K-grade 3 = Reading, Writing, Math and Health (PE) to trim the fat and out of shape ones.

      Grades 4-6 – Reading, Writing, Math and Health (PE) plus a focus on Science and History.

      Grades 7-9 – Reading, Writing, Math and Health (PE) plus a focus on Science and History and the Arts.

      Grades 10-12 – Reading, Writing, Math and Health (PE) plus a focus on Science, History, the Arts, and progressive technical and occupational courses for those going on to college and those not going.

      Funding = 80% in classroom professionals; 15% other services including special education; 5% administrative.

    45. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      While we in the U.S. have infantile conversations regarding the brilliance of a proposed $5 spending cut here and a promised $10 cut there and whether the People will stand for it, the world is a busy place.

      Very shortly now the U.S. dollar will lose its standing as the world's reserve currency. China, Russia and many others around the world will publically announce their refusal to buy any more worthless U.S. debt, nor to accept U.S. currency at all. The U.S. dollar will crash and burn big time.

      The U.S. is not on a path to insolvency. It is insolvent. Since we mistakenly believe that borrowing 43 cents on every government dollar spent comprises a budgetary process; China will go ahead and do it for us.

      The economic future for the U.S. is a four letter word. Can we all spell P A I N ?

    46. Mike Sheahen says:

      What else do you expect out of a determined, egotistical, megalomaniacal, demagoguing and pandering, bought-and-paid-for statist politician such as Obama who complains about, circumvents, and so evidently despises our blueprint for freedom with limited government, the Constitution of the United States, and is so evidently determined to overload, destroy, and replace with a Statist Marxist Communist/Socialist so-called "utopia"?

      Obama evidently continues to be determined to say and do anything for such Statist power, by hook and by crook, which includes misleading the people and overloading the system to create and take advantage of crisis in order to appear as if to "come to the rescue" and replace with a Statist Marxist Communist/Socialist system, which is in accordance with such statist strategies as that urged by Cloward and Piven.

      So to expect such a government power and money-grabber as Obama to really, truly, and honestly turn against such a Statist Marxist Communist/Socialist agenda as his is to expect something which has not ever been, is not, and will not ever be forth-coming from such as him.

    47. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      America cannot be destroyed from the outside so let Obama destroy America from the inside. That is The Obama's Administrations Plan.

    48. Mike, Chicago says:

      Cut food stamps, housing subsidies, utility subsidies, medicaid, etc. except for the infirmed. Also, scale back the EITC (earned income tax credit). That would save billions.

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    51. Jack Robinson, Virgi says:

      Comments about social security and medicare need to be tempered and fully explained or there is a definate possibility of driving a growing segment (the 55 and over people) of the population away from the consevative movement. If social security was devised without a financially responsible and actuarily sound system that is able to be sustained year in and year out then shame on us. Having a system that allows anyone to reach into the fund and steal the people's money is insane. As to medicare, if you are over 62 you may just find it a wee bit difficult to find a doctor that is accepting any new patients that are on medicare. We are facing a crisis fueled by Obamacare. What a travesty. Anyone who believes you can cover 30 or 40 million more people without increasing costs simply can not understand simple math. Where are te doctors going to come from???

    52. David Bess, Carson C says:

      We are at the point that the federal defict will soon exceed the anual gdp. Once this happens the chances of ever recovering are slim and none and slim just left town.

      The idea of making social security means tested goes aginst everything it was supposed to be. SSI was never supposed to be a retirement plan only a suplement to other forms of retirement. Once means testing is implemented it will be another give away program to buy votes from the lazy and stupid individuals that never contributed a dime to the system.

      The idea was to work hard , pay into the system and then draw down your account once you reached retirement age. NOW, the government is acting like it;s their money, not yours. SSI,Unlike all other entitlement programs you're actually supposed to pay into it in advance of drawing on it.

      This is another way that our "leaders" can distribute the wealth of the working class to the derilicks that won't or don't contribute to society.

      Actions like the this are proof that our leaders have no idea of how to manage a budget. Give me a housewife that has raised a family and sent a kid through college and i'll show you a better economist that what we have running this country. She understands the definiation of the term budget.

    53. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      What on earth does the new house Rules Committee not understand about the word NO.

      The voters could not be more clear on what they expect to be done with Obamacare. Their expectations have been underlined and made even clearer by recent court decisions regarding the constitutionality of this disaster in the making.

      I, for one, will go on record, any Congressperson that I vote directly for and any that I feel I can influence his or her voters had better pay attention to the American conservative voter. Otherwise, and Obamacare is the very first major test, you will be looking for new employment after Nov 2012.

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    55. Barb, LA says:

      I would like to see cut government subsidies that companies receive for each person trained on the job. There is no incentive to keep a worker once they are trained because the company makes way more on training than on keeping a worker on for the long haul. Gone are the days where a worker was worth their weight in gold if they gave a company their best. I always believed that if you were good at your job, a company would WANT to keep you. Sadly, that has gone the way of the do do bird. Anything for the almighty dollar is all that counts for so many businesses. I won't say ALL but I would bet that its a majority.

    56. bigfootbob, Californ says:

      $3,600,000,000,000 budget? And $1,600,000,000,000 of this is DEFICIT. The only word I can think of to describe this is INSANITY.

      Then the Repubs in Congress beat their chests and say they are going to cut, wow, $60,000,000,000 out of this budget.

      What a pathetic insult. They're boasting they have found $1.60 they can cut out of every $100 of federal spending? Rediculous. No backbone. None whatsoever.

      I have a question. Why should the government spend even $1.00 more than they take in in taxes. Why?

      I cry for my beloved country.

    57. D.L. Cote says:

      It has long been said that 'to be a liberal is to be insane', Obama and his regime are liberal socialists, and they are out to destroy our Republic. What blows me away is the ease with which they are accomplishing their quest. Not nearly enough people in this country are paying attention to what is really happening to us. These are scary times, indeed. But we must stop this regime in its tracks, go back to our founding principals of family, community, god and country.

    58. Pingback: President Obama’s Budget – Debt to Me

    59. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      As we know, the Treasury is constantly issuing bonds to "fund our economy". This long term money is borrowed from foreign and domestic investors. Some of this long term money is used for long term projects (bridges, highways, etc). But some is used to fund operating or day-to-day expenses. (Dangerous – a well recognized path to insolvency). From David Malpass in today's WSJ we learn that Washington spends $300 billion every month. But, this is where it becomes scary. Of the $300 billion, $120 billion is borrowed…to be paid back over the years by us, and our children, and our grandchildren.

      It gets worse.

      You might think that the largest position in treasury bonds is held by China. That was true. China was our largest creditor, followed by Japan. Stunningly, the Federal Reserve Bank has printed enough money to become the largest holder of treasury bonds. Where did the Fed get the money? It didn't. It just made an entry in an accounting ledger that created the money from thin air. It's still doing this, each and every month. They call it Quantitative Easing. But it's really counterfeiting.

      During the war the Germans printed 5 pound notes and flooded England with bogus currency…to destroy the British financial system. Korea is flooding the USA with high quality $100 bills as we speak. Fortunately, the Secret Service is working around the clock to stop this brand of counterfeiting.

    60. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      Just to complete the thought about QE2:

      We know instinctively that counterfeiting steals value from all of us. But neither domestic crooks nor insane dictators can possibly print enough bogus currency to compete with the Fed's $600 billion printing jamboree that began last fall and continues into this spring.

    61. ronald bell, Springf says:

      Our Govern OR The dis Honorable Pa Trick Quinn, thinks he can borrow US in to prosperity, I wonder how he handles his personal finances. I sometimes wake up and read the News paper, and think I am in Disneyland and GOOFY is running the State. He only carried 2 Counties, in the 2010 elections Where a lot of residents of the cemetery VOTE and now he is keeping his promises to those constituents, and robbing the rest of the State.

    62. ronald bell, Springf says:

      The Government's Federal, State, Counties, Cities, little BURGS all need a TIME OUT 6 Months a Year for starters, if that don't help, Lets try every other Year they can meet once a YEAR. that would save TRILLIONS>

    63. You have come too far to accede to the demands of the lunatic fringe!

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