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  • Side Effects: List of Missed Obamacare Deadlines Grows

    Missed deadlines by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) continue to show us the absent-minded way in which Obamacare was put together.

    Finishing the health care reform race “first” was more important to the liberals in Congress than finishing with “success.” Lawmakers hastily wrote and passed a book of reforms on our exhausted health care system without taking the time to fully comprehend the negative side effects the law would have—not to mention whether or not it was even possible to expand the reach of government to the extent the law expects. The law gives a massive amount of power and responsibility to HHS. Can they handle it? It doesn’t look like way.

    Within the mumbo jumbo of reforms imposed on our health care system, HHS was given short-term implementation deadlines, which are past due. First, HHS missed the deadline mandated by the new law to create high-risk pools for those who could not obtain health insurance due to chronic illness. Next, it didn’t create the two task forces on improving access to health care in Alaska and breast cancer education on time. The list doesn’t end there.

    Now, an Interagency Working Group on Health Care Quality hasn’t published a report that was due by December 31. Additionally, the health care law called for HHS to launch a live Health Care Quality Web site by January 1, which is still not accessible. Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow last week, and the American people have yet to see HHS meet Obamacare’s set time frame.

    In response to this past month’s neglected deadlines, along with a plethora of others over the past year, HHS spokeswoman Jessica Santillo emphasized to Politico the already “met” and “beaten” deadlines required by Obamacare, ignoring the department’s downfalls.

    This Administration has failed in the beginning steps of implementing its signature legislation, and this does not speak well to the ability of HHS to fully implement the law by January 2014.

    Obamacare was passed under the expansive notion that government can run Americans’ health care better than we can ourselves. Bureaucrats in Washington believes they have the power to get things done, but with unmet deadlines passing each month and promises to the American public broken, it seems to be the opposite.

    Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels stated in The Wall Street Journal that when states refused to participate in setting up high-risk pools, the minor project was left to HHS, and “it went poorly, with costs far above predictions and only a tiny fraction of the expected population signing up.” If they can’t even get the minute details right, how can we expect them to have the bigger parts up and running on time, like the complicated exchanges?

    Rather than implementing a massive legislation that gives government more duties than it can handle, Congress should dump the law in the slowly melting Potomac. Repealing the bill altogether will be the first step in the right direction.

    This post was co-authored by Amanda Rae Kronquist.

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    14 Responses to Side Effects: List of Missed Obamacare Deadlines Grows

    1. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      As you noted in previous columns, the list of waivers issued to the private sector continues to grow. Why not simply issue themselves waivers on missed deadlines? Problem solved…or at least postponed.

    2. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Seems to me the Demo-crats have produced a Poisen Pill, essentially picked 'the' fight they want to have. Whatever can make the Republicans look bad. They have no intention of doing this crazy Affordability Act, it is a struggle they may have intended to lose. But what they have done is deflect the House attention away from the Constitutional Issues of Obama's Unconstitutional Dictatorship. So as we fight the Act the Democrats 'own' the issue, as if they actually intended to help Americans (they did not!) Health And Human Services is just as crazy and evil intentioned as the Environmental Protection Agency. The intention is to destroy the free market in Medicine (what little is left!)

      The EPA spends my money attacking and destroying American Industries (such as the San Juaquine Valley just in time for a Food Crisis). That isn't Representing my intent, my interests. Same with the HHS Department. Medicine has been corrupted by Progressive Junk Science, and it follows the pattern for the destruction of all the other Progressive Agenda items gone before. Defund all those Agencies, we could do it on their Criminal Acts, yes, the harm the Agenda has already done to America! I was astonished in my research on Heritage Foundry to learn that already Government Regulations already comprise the lion's share of Health Care Costs! That is like the Government making more money off the Oil Industry than the Industry does! It is a pattern.

      Obama's pattern is to do so much damage during his first two years that Republicans will be ineffectual. So much damage there isn't time to undo it all! With his billions in free publicity in the Captive Media Obama plans to continue the Wall Of Lies. So many lies they cannot be untangled! I tell you, these are experts, geniuses of deception! Kathryn Nix, thanks for the further confirmation. Obama Care was just the first step to One Payer, indeed Socialized Medicine. The only thing wrong with American Medicine is the government meddling! We will now pay the Government 90% and the doctors 10%. Demolition Plutocrats will own American Medical Institutions after Obama bankrupts them all with unfunded mandates. Just like the way Fannie and Freddie got the lion's share of American Residential Real Estate. The patterns prove Criminal Intent!

      But what do I know? I am just the Victim!

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    5. Bobbie says:

      The bill is corrupt. Nothing but incompetence. It's unconstitutional. He is in contempt of court while still stealing from the private sector to continue funding what is unconstitutional. Legal action needs implementing and more people need to know the truth. If the government shuts down, it would be appreciated amongst the good of the people more than feared.

      The truth will show democrats holding back America. Refusing to reason or even stand to defend the Constitution of their oath, only proud to distort it. May God have mercy on them after they fix what they've caused and come to understand, accept and conduct the words of their oath of office. Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'.

    6. Francis A. Toto, San says:

      The biggest miss of all is the impending collapse of a major institution; how could they miss a crash that was equivalent to forth-three 1929 stock market crashes?

      The Most Recently Documented Events In The American Healthcare Establishment Invalidate The Entire Healthcare Reform Movement Regardless Of The Political Sponsorship, Regardless Of The Philosophical Underpinnings, And Regardless Of The Ethical, Moral, And Democratic Imperatives.

      Above all, the American people now face yet another man-made national disaster about which they are not duly informed, and for which they are not adequately prepared.

      The bad news is very bad. The mammoth healthcare establishment has started to collapse based on the latest data from the gold-standard National Health Expenditures Survey (latest data is 2009). Because this claim is based on a mathematical law it is not a prediction; predictions contain uncertainty. Like all of the claims made here, this claim is an easily demonstrated, scientific fact.

      The term “collapse” used here is not used metaphorically. Industries collapse when certain conditions are met. The conditions have been met and this fact is also easily demonstrated.

      There is widespread consensus that American healthcare is “failing.” The esteemed Institute of Medicine in 2001officially decreed that the industry was indeed “failing.” As part of the National Academies of Science, this prestigious group is chartered to advise the US Congress about the state of affairs in the healthcare industry.

      Although their efforts are certainly well intentioned, unfortunately this august group made a fatal mis-diagnosis. They failed to mentioned that there are four modes by which an industry fails: erosion, dissolution, contraction, and collapse.

      Industries collapse when certain conditions are met; the conditions have been met and are convincingly demonstrated. Since 1993, there have been numerous official warnings detailing the early, classic signs of an industry in the collapse mode of its evolution. Yet, these legitimate warnings were totally ignored.

      Historically, one of the cardinal signs of industries that collapse is high rates of sudden, apoplectic business failures; 82-95% of firms suddenly fail–a phenomenon described as big “shakeouts.” Mass exits (the Exodus), heavy losses, and great upheaval also mark industries that grind through the collapse mode of their evolutionary life cycles.

      The major components of the industry are the mammoth US Hospital Services Industry, posting revenues of $759 billion, the mainspring US Physician Services Industry, posting revenues of $506 billion, and the perennially successful US Dental Services Industry, posting annual revenues of $102 billion.

      The very fact that American dentistry has not been included in the "reform" debate is telling: it demonstrates an astonishing misdiagnosis of what are the real, fundamental phenomena that have been driving the chronic, 40-year failure of American healthcare.

      Because proponents of the healthcare reform movement did not produce a formal scientific explanation, they neglected to provide an accurate, veridical, verisimilar, scientifically legitimate portrayal of the real, fundamental, factual problem “space.” This shortcoming–the proverbial “little neglect”–resulted in profound, fatal complications: it got everyone espousing reform “barking up the wrong tree.”

      The natural evolution of the US Dental Services Industry has preceded the evolution of the two other keystone industries by a few years. The recent second "killer" crash in the dental industry was truly astonishing.

      It was equivalent in its implosive force to forty-three 1929 stock market crashes. Even more astonishing is the fact that this mega crash of about 500% occurred in a single year! This milestone event has irreversibly changed this industry as never before, yet most incumbents are totally unaware of this predicament. Time is running out to make the right moves, to make the “breakout” and successfully manage the paradigm shift.

      This once robust industry, virtually doubling its size for three decades and growing about 35 times faster than the population, suffered what was arguably the worst crash in an industry growth rate in American economic history.

      Based on the latest data, American dentistry plunged below its historic catastrophic threshold and started to contract–a negative rate of growth. The graphic representation of this astonishing event is stunning and makes even the most hard-boiled skeptic a true believer.

      Given the hard evidence, the exemplar of the dental profession worldwide, American dentistry has plunged into the decline-death stage of its natural life cycle and into the dreaded, irreversible Nemesis Vortex.

      The powerful, implosive forces of evolution are driven by the same phenomenon that drive avalanches, wildfires, and stock market crashes. Once these events trigger, they do not stop–and like a wildfire they wipe out everything in their path and quietly stop, leaving a wake of death and destruction.

      If the lessons of history hold fast, the nascent collapse of these industries–they are now "teetering"–will send tsunami-like shockwaves throughout out the entire US economy and cause millions of supplier and provider organizations to suddenly and violently fail. It's tragic, yet the direct result of classic evolutionary phenomena that have been grossly mismanaged for four decades.

      Even worse, because this emerging predicament has been ignored and because public attention has been diverted away from the real problem, far too many American people will be forced into harm's way. The most vulnerable people are the children, the elderly, and the "very sick" who are the 10% of the American people who consume about 70% of all services. The American people are being driven to the dread risk without their knowledge. It’s an involuntary risk.

      Surprisingly, the US Healthcare Industry will suddenly collapse because of the exact same (mathematically homologous) phenomena that caused the recent failure of the US Housing Industry which caused the world-wide financial debacle, reported to be the worst since the Great Depression. The graphic proof of this claim is compelling.

      The American people face yet another man-made national disaster that should not have happened in the first place! Visit these sites to get the real story behind the next “doomsday” machine: http://www.rightmovesproject.com and http://dental.rightmovesproject.com

      The spectacular events of 2009 profoundly, incontrovertibly, unarguably invalidate all of the purported "reform" measures regardless of the political sponsorship, regardless of their philosophical underpinnings, and regardless of any other possible imperatives. Reform is a great idea coming at the worst possible time.

      In the first place, it hardly makes sense to be bringing more people into a system that’s widely acknowledged to be failing. In the second place, it hardly makes sense to be bringing more people into a system that is now facing a sudden, violent collapse, where historically 82-95% of firms fail dramatically in big “shakeouts.”

      Such organizations become increasingly error-prone, accident-prone, failure-prone, regressive, even perverted. Widespread organizational decline prevails; most organizations are already in 5th stage decline–out of five. This situation is inherently dangerous.

      Having accurate scientific and historical knowledge of this classic, textbook, historical event, yet wantonly disregarding its grave significance, will constitute criminal negligence. Keep in mind, the healthcare industry already has a specious history of committing “crimes of obedience” that produced the infamous “HMO horror stories” during the managed care debacle.

      The hard scientific evidence says it is time to bring to the American people and their elected representatives the real story behind the chronic failure and now imminent collapse of a once-mighty American institution that’s fallen to its knees awaiting its coup d'état.

      It’s a bitter pill. The real story about American healthcare reveals the tragic ruin of an American mega-trillion dollar investment in the 20th century alone.

      Above all, the emergent collapse of the industry is driving the nation’s most vulnerable people–the children, the elderly, and the very sick–into harm’s way. The “very sick” are the 10% of the people who consume about 70% of the services. Because of their heavy usage of healthcare, they certainly face an astonishing, involuntary dread risk.

      Francis A. Toto

      San Diego, California

      Director, The Right Moves Project.

      This exclusive effort was established in 1982 and has been the foremost credible source of industry intelligence, advisement, and timing. This project is one of seven in a private, 27-year R&D effort that is today the definitive authority on the healthcare crisis for 28 reasons.

    7. Gayle says:

      Why does anyone need more proof this obamacare will not work and in my opinion has little to do with healthcare.

    8. Gabriel says:


      which specific section of HR 3200 is unconstitutional with direct evidence explaining the unconstitutional nature behind it. waiting….

      oh and may god have mercy on your constant, destructive, borderline insane ignorance.


    9. viking says:

      The government hasn`t run anything worth a damn since WWll. The polititions screwed us in Korea and in Viet-Nam and ever war since. Including the currant one. The obomination care is just another from polititions that can`t even keep their taxes straight. Geitner is a example of that. Every politition think Obumbutt just don`t get it or understand what is going on. and everything he does makes no sense.

      Duh! You gotta think destruction of our counrty. Everything he has done is to destroy our country. Thought in those terms everything he has done then makes perfect sense. Split the races, citizen-non-citizens. legal`s, illegals drown us in debt and bankrupt the country. Our money is almost worthless. refuse to close the borders. Refuse to allow deep water drilling or new permits to drill.

      He now controls the atf, fbi, epa,justice, most federal courts, and have split the Supreme court. He rules by decree just like a Dictator. Sue the states for enforcing federal law. DUH! In two years our oil supply will be controlled totally by radical muslims with sherea law. .Can you say possably $200 a barrell oil and $10 or more a gallon gas. That will be the final nail in the coffin once known as the United States that stood for freedom. In two more years I believe we will all be goose stepping and going Sieg Heil Obama.

      Out Congress has no guts to arrest or at least impeach the fraud. He make Nixon look like a total saint. Maybe we`ll get lucky and the Congree will grow some..

    10. Bobbie says:

      silly little man…

      happy belated valentine's, Gabe!

    11. Americo, The Cornfie says:

      The healthcare reform law is complex and will be implemented over a period of years. At this early point in the process, criticisms such as the author's hint at her hopes it will fail more-so than a realistic appraisal. No one guaranteed all aspects of implementation will go smoothly and there will be many unforeseen issues to be dealt with along the way.

      Before this reform measure, this country's healthcare system was inefficient and costs were spiraling upward. This program, negotiated with input from all concerned parties, should help reduce the growth rate of those projected costs long-term, allow insurance coverage for around 10% of the population without it, and improve the nation's healthcare system overall.

    12. Bobbie says:

      It's unconstitutional, Americo. and it shouldn't be hanging over our heads.

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    14. dude911 says:

      I beg to differ from you, but Obama care was not designed and implemented because government thought it could run health care better than private industry. It was designed and implemented to protect the health insurance industry from losing money while forcing every American to do business with them. Figure out what will happen to the rolls of the insured and the meaning of that to an industry who takes 30% off the top before one cent is spent on healthcare.
      The moral failure of Congress and the Executive office is based on greed and lust for power. I also cannot stress the fact more than that the Judicial Branch has failed in its edict by allowing this monstrosity to exist based on the taxation powers Congress has, when the legislation itself states these are penalties and fails to establish them as taxes in any way, shape or form. In the base line, the SCOTUS has infringed on the Congressional power by creating a tax that had never existed, had Congress established a tax, they certainly forgot to tell us through the use of the simple written word.

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