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  • Hatch's Bill Picks Up Administration's Slack on Immigration Enforcement

    Senator Orrin Hatch came to The Heritage Foundation on Friday to present his forthcoming immigration bill—“The Strengthening our Commitment to Legal Immigration and America’s Security Act.”  His remarks, and the content of his bill, are a step in the right direction on immigration and border security—given that President Obama used his State of the Union address to make another case for amnesty.

    The bill was written in collaboration with members of Congress from states along the southwestern border. As Hatch said, it’s important to work with those who, “of all people, know what resources we need to deploy to accomplish the job.” It is founded upon the conviction that federal immigration law needs to be enforced, not ignored.  Senator Hatch emphasized the connection between liberty and the rule of law:  “Most Americans believe that our laws ought to be enforced….  That’s one of the things that’s kept us so free.”

    The bill addresses key areas in which law enforcement has been lacking under the Obama Administration.  Enforcement has been weak, of course, because Secretary Napolitano’s model for immigration reform is an inherently unstable, metaphorical three-legged stool—premised largely on an expensive amnesty that would increase, not decrease the illegal immigration problem.  Heritage has proposed an alternate “three-legged stool,” absent amnesty—and including internal enforcement, border security, and reforms to the legal immigration system. Senator Hatch’s bill helps to make the border more secure and increase interior enforcement efforts.

    Specifically, the bill, among several reforms, would take actions such as remedying systematic abuse of the deferral/parole prerogative in immigration cases and ensuring that jurisdictions that take federal dollars for immigration enforcement aren’t actually acting as sanctuaries for illegal immigration. It would also track welfare payments to illegal immigrants and begin to combat identify theft. One way Hatch’s bill attacks identity theft is requiring the IRS to take a proactive approach to the theft of Social Security Numbers so that no citizen finds himself untangling an identity theft mess built up over fifteen years. Hatch says the IRS is “the federal agency that is best suited to track” identity theft.

    Senator Hatch’s bill takes concrete steps to fill up gaps in the enforcement of immigration laws where the current administration will not act.  Congress should move to restore the rule of law where it has lapsed.

    Kenneth Spence is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    17 Responses to Hatch's Bill Picks Up Administration's Slack on Immigration Enforcement

    1. Jan - Chicago area says:

      Thank you, Sen. Hatch! I thnk this is what most of us having been wondering all along–why the heck don't they enforce the laws already on the books?? Why is enforcing the law optional?

      I hope this opens a few eyes and is successful. And I hope that this will really highlight the fact that Obama is against enforcing laws already in place. Looking forward to hearing more.

    2. Misal Panchal says:

      Earned legalization must follow any border security. However, I do agree that border security is the most important issue here so that we don't encourage new waves of illegal immigrants. Senator Orrin Hatch really knows how to play politics. Don't be fooled by this anti-immigrant rhetoric of his. He supported the Dream Act, in fact, he co-sponsored the measure and he himself doesn't think its amnesty. He is just wearing a veil of ignorance right now by "opposing" it because if he doesn't do so, the tea party would stand a stronger candidate against him. Politics at its best. This issue is just too big to fail. There is no other option but earned legalization. This is not amnesty because those undocumented would have to pass several barriers such as tough background checks, learn english, civics, and be of "good moral character." New revenue streams would also be created because they would have to pay all back taxes (If they haven't been doing so, many do using ITINs) and not to mention, huge fines. In the long run, earned legalization coupled with a strong border is the best option for our economy.

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    4. Javier, Mass says:

      Although this article makes reference to a such called Amnesty, you should know that such word comes after the word Amnesia, which is not any thing like is proposed to deal with the people here. Leave us here, pay our taxes, pay the penalty and leave us in peace. We don't want your welfare, we don't want your charity, only work and earn with our sweat the bread for our families. We work hard, and we are good people, our children are good people. But we are subjected to hate and intolerance in disguise, like the proposed laws, no different than the Jim Crow laws, but now is more disguised. Why not approach to the problem in a humane way. And please, don't tell me that we are the responsible of your economic failure, or that we drain your well entitled welfare.

    5. Carol,AZ says:

      I'm not from the state of Utah, but have followed Sen. Hatch's career for many years.

      I find that he is a stellar American and defender of our God given rights under our laws here in America. The laws that state that, all American have the God given right to live any where without fear.

      I down loaded his proposal on NUMBERSUSA, prior to H.F's printing and feel he has taken many issues to the next step.

      The continual catch and release program going on here in America is a lesson in futility.He speak honestly about that issue and speak of a solution..

      Certainly, the first law broken is coming here illegally , but so many come here already wanted for crimes committed in their own country, and priors here in the USA. They escape South to avoid our court system and continue to re-enter. Ref. Border Blog.

      To protect our state, AZ and citizens, we support Gov. Brewer to sue the Federal Government , for inaction. Numerous other lawsuits pending as well because of the Federal Gov.t's , failure to protect it's borders resulting in deaths of US citizens.

      Our prisons sys. , and jails sys. here in AZ are over flowing. We pay for these bills /the Federal Government is suppose of reinverse border states for these expenses. So far, it's a blank check.

      The I.D theft mentioned in the Hatch Plan for accountability is excellent. His suggestion, to utlize the IRS, to track these stolen numbers.

      I urge everyone to read the plan; to support all border states that continue to struggle with the protection for all of America. If you haven't taken steps in your home states, I urge you to join the 29 other states that have done so.

      What happened here, on our borken border system, affects all of us in America.

      Thank You , Sen. Hatch my fellow American.

    6. Jerry, Berlin Center says:

      My suggestions for guiding principles behind any immigration reform, which I have presented in this forum previously, can be found in my article entitled "Four Steps to Reasonable Immigration Reform'


      Any reform must be predicated on the simple principle that we must first completely eliminate any incentives for any foreign person to enter & remain in the United States illegally. Once all incentives that can be eliminated are eliminated, border security, immigration enforcement, and any other reforms will become much easier.

    7. Dave Levine says:

      It's good to see Sen. Hatch finally do something to fight illegal immigration–aka the Invasion from Mexico–although he's doing so knowing he's in trouble for next year's election which makes this move somewhat disingenuous.

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    9. VivaLaMigra, Boston says:

      After years of pandering to illegal aliens, Hatch now wants us to believe he's a border security hawk! What a joke! Just a few years ago, he was on board with El Presidente Jorge Boosh's big mass AMNESTY bill, and has been a consistent backer of the so-called "DREAM" Act. But, you'll note that he didn't even bother to show up to vote AGAINST the Nightmare Act this time around…'cuz he wants to have it BOTH ways! I called Hatch's DC office and a staffer agrily told me that Hatch "…has not supported the DREAM Act in ten [sic] years…" Do the research, and you'll find that's an outright LIE…Hatch consistently sponsored this abomination.

      Hatch has been a RiNO in the Senate, draping himself in "conservatism" when it suits his purpose. He's constantly harping about "activist judges" but does NOTHING about the WORST "activists" in the federal bureaucracy…the Bozo's who sit on the bench for "immigration hearings." These aren't Senate-confirmed federal judges but they have immense power to harm Americans, and regularly do so. Not that Hatch gives much of a Good Darn.

      Hatch now expects you to believe that he's a "Tea Party" guy through-and-through..after he stabbed Joe Miller in the back to rescue his fellow RINO, Lisa Murkowski. What a hypocrite!

      Tea Party patriots…LOOK OUT…with neo-conservative like Hatch, Gingrich, and Dick Armey out to HIJACK your movement to save their own worthless political hides, who needs Democrats? .

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    11. George Fuller, Saras says:

      How about mandatory E-Verify in all states to begin with and denial of welfare without proof of citizenship……..

      The resulkt would be millions would self deport……

      jobs and welfare……..Illegal aliens come……..deny jobs and welfare…….they leave!

      it really is that simple……..but no……these windbags run around trying to make it complex…..

    12. George Fuller, Saras says:

      Fix the visa system……..40% come here legally and don't leave……ICE has no way of knowing…….Hire UPS……….they probably have software on the shelf that would fix the problem overnight,,,,,,,,,

      Stop the outrageous immigration into the country…….place a moratorium on it until we get unemployment to 5% then reduce amount to 250K a year..what it was before Ted Kennedy got involved……….

      Stop Chain migration…..

      End Visa Lottery……..

      Fix the TPS….Temporary Protection Status……

      Having 300K people here from El Salvador because of an earthquake in 2001 is not Temporary…….

    13. Ross writes from Flo says:

      I have never considered Sen Hatch a conservatist. However, I know his isn't a "flaming liberal" on the wrong side of the US Constitution. I guess that would make him a Centrist as have been the voters of Utah until lately. But I do believe Sen Hatch is a representative of main stream Utahn's. If it has taken Sen Hatch ten years to come around to the "Conservative thought", the country should be grateful. But I is the duty of the citizens of Utah to "hold his feet to the fire." Which I hope and pray they do.

      Talk is cheap(but not in the legislate branch of anyt government institute), but the proof of the pudding is following the recipe our constitution), the ingredients(the law), thecorrect heat(the voters). and the competence of the cook(the three branches of government). So at least he is following to follow the recipe and correctly putting the right ingredient; at this point, I not sure it's correctly mixed.

    14. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Carol, AZ, you are so right about supporting Governor Brewer. The Justice Department is unlawfully Refraining Prosecution (that's a crime) and considering how willing the Democrats are to benefit from chaos, it looks like a Constitutional High Crime. The American citizens are losing their homes also because Illegal Immigrants have destroyed their neighborhoods, these toxic assets go underwater because "Who in their right mind would want to live there?" We simply can't count all the damage done by the Obama Administration, the damage is happening too fast to count!

      Catch and release is really a 'get away with anything card' that these crazy Progressives use to buy Latino Votes. Nauseating! Really, they are stealing the 2012 Election already, paying off their target demographics with special favors in advance. Michelle Malkin is right, this Obama Administration is a Culture Of Corruption. In plain sight.

      Thanks, Carol AZ, I've enjoyed an awful lot of your blogs.

    15. StopIllegalImmigrati says:

      Thank you, Senator Hatch. U.S. citizens are deeply indebted to you.

      Many good people have changed their minds regarding immigration reform, so Senator Hatch is in good company. Amnesty might have been a possible solution before illegal immigration soared to unsustainably high levels, and before the economic devastation of illegal immigration became so blatantly obvious. States are going bankrupt, hospitals have closed, universities and colleges are reducing student loads, public employees are being laid off–all because illegal aliens have taken over border states and are now headed inland.

      U.S. citizens will not be silent any longer. U.S. citizens will not continue paying higher taxes while illegal immigrants violate every law in this land and cost us hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Working illegally with fake documents, driving illegally without licenses, forging documents, stealing social security numbers, working under the table to avoid taxation, applying for welfare and Medicaid while lying about income…the list of serious infractions that are typical of "law-abiding" illegal aliens have brought the blood of U.S. citizens to a boil! Forget about criminal illegal aliens; U.S. citizens are fed up with typical illegal aliens.

      Illegal aliens as a group have become so abusive to the U.S. citizenry so to demand swift and serious action. It is not the U.S. people who are indecisive, it is the sheer audacity of illegal immigrants to ignore our laws–invading this country with tens of millions–and think we will not mind.

    16. StopIllegalImmigrati says:

      Thank you, Senator Hatch. U.S. citizens are deeply indebted to you.

      Many good people have changed their minds regarding immigration reform, so Senator Hatch is in good company. Amnesty might have been a possible solution before illegal immigration soared to unsustainably high levels, and before the economic devastation of illegal immigration became so blatantly obvious. States are going bankrupt, hospitals have closed, universities and colleges are reducing student loads, public employees are being laid off–all because illegal aliens have taken over border states and are now headed inland.

    17. Carol,AZ says:

      RSVP, Leon , Durgano ,CO

      Hey, Thanks as well!

      What I want to share with you:

      Your beautiful state , CO, is, considered, an open border state by all of us ( in the thousands ) that have lobby so hard to support states that have enforced the rule law over this issue. .

      Your laws, are lagging behind in all ways, for enforcement.

      Your beautiful state is being surrounded by States, that are enforcing laws against, the fleecing of America over this issue.

      Co, will fast become sanctuary and become, CA's and NV's red headed step sister in hurry, without these enforcements.

      The border supporters I work with here, send all Info to Fox News, for fair and open reporting on, "America's Third War." What you see on these short sound bites is sophomoric,as compared to the graphic reality of what is sent.

      Naturally they can't "air" piles of body parts, beheadings, and show the graphic,opened mass graves, etc …..on the National News. However they do show the numerous car bombings.

      To Fox's credit, they have kept this issue front and center, as compared to the other networks.

      Every tactic, by any country using terrorism in our world, is being utilized by the terrorist backed cartels on all border states. You must get Co to wake up, and your state's electors to get off their butts.

      My husband spent his military career, in the nuclear Navy.

      His constant sea duty on a Nuclear submarine to secure America's under water borders, for all shipping in our world, and protection against nuclear threats.

      You can't imagine what we feel about the impudence and obstruction for all laws the Federal Gov't have blocked, or tried to block here in AZ, where 60% of all illeagls from over 100 countries, enter through AZ.

      The Federal Gov't has sworn-out warrants against our Sheriff's Dept for enforcing Federal Law(s).

      This act of insanity, for the thousands of Americans that live and make a living on the border areas, some with ranches over are 2000 acres has already gotten one murdered.

      This issue is never going to go away unless every state, enforces all Federal Laws; the Federal Government has purposely and with full duplicity told the rest of the USA that AZ is, infact," against the law"

      AZ, has never been incorrect about what is happening here.

      Meanwhile, citizens in AZ, and TX are being killed and certainly shot at.The recent embassy attacks in MX, of two ICE agent one murdered and one wounded will soon be forgotten by this administration. Like all other ( USC ) murdered in America, on America soil, or in MX, ALL are considered collateral damage, by our current leadership that is supporting the corruption that has always been a way of life in MX, and through-out most of S. America.

      Please get pro-actve in CO ..

      What happens here, on our open borders, impacts all other 49 states and certainly CO.

      You are NOT insulated my friend, because your surrounded by mountains, or distanced from three border states.

      Look hard at all your sub-contractors in all building trades there and tell me I'm wrong.

      Carol, AZ

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