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  • Morning Bell: Egypt Exposes Obama Doctrine Happy Talk

    The Obama Administration thought they had solved the crisis in Egypt. Yesterday in Marquette, Michigan, President Barack Obama told students at Northern Michigan University, “What is absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold. It’s a moment of transformation that’s taking place because the people of Egypt are calling for change.” But hours later, after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak refused to step down, White House officials were “stumbling for their next step in a crisis that was spinning out of their control.” How could President Obama have gotten events in Egypt so wrong?

    The answer could be found hours earlier when both Leon Panetta, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and General James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. First, Panetta touched off an avalanche of erroneous expectations when he testified that there was a “strong likelihood” that President Mubarak would step down by the end of the day. And where did Panetta get this valuable intel? The New York Times reports: “American officials said Mr. Panetta was basing his statement not on secret intelligence but on media broadcasts.” The Washington Post adds: “Panetta, who had little intelligence experience before taking the CIA job two years ago, has been praised … for handling public controversies with a deft touch. … Unlike other senior intelligence officials who were more circumspect in their comments on Egypt, Panetta did not hesitate in offering assessments of the rapidly shifting events.”

    But the Obama Administration’s intelligence fumbling did not end there. Just 30 minutes after Panetta passed off CNN headlines as CIA intelligence, General Clapper created his own entire reality when he testified that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular.” This is, of course, completely false. In reality, the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, is the Middle East’s oldest and most influential Islamist movement. Outlawed in Egypt since 1954, when it attempted to assassinate former President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Brotherhood retains the long-term goal of creating an Islamist state and implementing Sharia law. An offshoot of the Brotherhood, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, assassinated President Anwar Sadat in 1981, perpetrated a series of terrorist attacks in Egypt in the 1990s, and became part of al-Qaeda. Another offshoot, the Palestinian Islamist extremist group Hamas, won elections in Gaza in 2006, staged a coup in 2007 to transform Gaza into a terrorist base, and remains committed to destroying Israel.

    Clapper’s office later issued a statement to “clarify” General Clapper’s testimony, but the original testimony—especially when placed in the context of Panetta’s claims and President Obama’s speech—shows an Administration that has far too much faith in the power of the President’s rhetoric and not nearly enough concern about our enemies in the Middle East.

    The worst possible outcome of the present crisis would be to replace President Mubarak’s authoritarian regime with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a totalitarian Islamist agenda. This would ultimately be a disaster for freedom in Egypt as well as for American interests in Egypt and the wider Middle East. Washington should work quietly behind the scenes with the leadership of the army and leverage its $1.5 billion in annual aid to Cairo to ensure the emergence of a government that respects the freedom and human rights of its own citizens, complies with Egypt’s international obligations to fight terrorism, and carries out its legal obligations under Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to Gallup, unemployment is the most important problem facing the U.S.
    • Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Elmendorf confirmed yesterday that Obamacare kills jobs.
    • Obamacare’s high-risk pools have been a complete failure, enrolling only 12,500 through January compared to the 375,000 that were supposed to get care by the end of 2010.
    • Arizona is countersuing the Obama administration’s legal challenge to its immigration enforcement law, claiming the feds have failed to secure the border and protect the state from “an invasion” of illegal immigrants.
    • Environmentalists are suing to stop oil and gas exploration projects in the Gulf of Mexico.
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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: Egypt Exposes Obama Doctrine Happy Talk

    1. Dwana Townsend says:

      Listening to what the President had to say to the Leader and People of Egypt absolutely made me sick to my stomach. I think we should set a date of protest with giant loud speakers and play his words back to him, especially the part where he says "Listen to your People", he talked about their constitution as well.

      Huge Speaker replaying his own words abou the people of Egypt!!!!!!! He says all of this to another Leader but doesn't walk the walk!!!

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      2- 11 -11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      THE Obama Hate Group -

      Murdoch's Empire, and the Heritage Foundation – have really missed the boat.

      67 Ships have been HiJacked in the past 12 month

      off the coast of Somalia.

      And Obama Has DONE NOTHING TO STOP IT.

    3. Dennis Georgia says:

      This is not a suprise. When George W. was President the liberal media would have had him for lunch, yet they have not said a word about obama with foot in mouth symdrom. The media will continue to build him and the radical muslims as heros in Egypt. I feel certain someone will blame Bush for all the uproar in Egypt soon, after all he has been blamed for everything else, but obam has been hailed for the fix we are in.

      Egypt will be taken over by the brotherhood and obama will welcome them with open arms and declare that Egypt is better off for them.

    4. Fred Stickler Sierra says:

      Obama's misshandling of the Egytian situation is being chalked up to his inexpereince and those who surround him. I say nonsense. Obama and his cronies have a hidden agenda, the establisment of the Muslin Brotherhood's foot hold in Egypt. In fact, all of Obama's percieved mis-steps are because of his hidden agendas. He, they, are playing us like fools.

      Thank you for the wonderful job you all are doing.

      Best regards,

      Fred Stickler


    5. Nary Jo Mark, Saint says:

      Shortly after Obama won the 2008 election, we read quite a bit about the huge donations he rec'vd from Hamas. Why aren't we hearing anything about those donations now? Does anyone not think that Obama is cheering for the Muslim Brotherhood, but afraid to say/print it? Are we already under the "brotherhood" thumb?

    6. Jim Delaney says:

      Am still reeling and fuming over Clapper's embarrassingly idiotic "assessment" of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      One has to seriously wonder if Clapper's breathlessly jaw-dropping assessment reflects the sophomoric wishful thinking and ignorance of the White House as well. Methinks it does.

      Wow! Talk about incompetence. Are we in trouble!!

    7. Alan, Cedarhurst, NY says:

      Thank you for telling the American people the truth about the muslim brotherhood and the lies of the Obuma administration.

    8. KB in PA says:

      So far, it can be said there is no real harm done, in Egypt. So far. We hope for the best, and certainly your closing recommendations are illustrative of "the best."

      Meanwhile, impossible, is it not, to not sit back and be richly entertained by watching the clown in the White House, who is narcissistically convinced he's got the whole thing under control, wreck absolute havoc on the few remaining tatters of his credibility.

      Keep it up, Barack, you're doing fine. Just FINE! ;o)

    9. Millie--Apache Junct says:

      Obama is one of them !! Why should he have given the Hamas umpteen b/million dollars to move to the USA? He should be tried for treason!

    10. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      It is not Obama's "rhetoric" that is the recipient of "far too much faith"; it is Obama's anti-American AGENDA that is receiving far to much faith and SUPPORT by this illegitimate regime! This will serve to destroy whatever U.S. influence remains in the Middle East, as it is intended to do.

    11. J Rigor says:

      I think this president is in over his big head. Commander-in-chief–I don't think so. Any person with any intelligence background knows to look for humint (human intelligence) this is the most reliable type of intelligence.

    12. Bob , Cincinnati, Oh says:

      If Egypt is in such need of a new President can't we give them ours.

    13. BARB, MN says:

      Mr. Carroll has it right. CNN and MSNBC and even many hosts at FoxNews were trying to excuse Obama and his administration, for the inexcusable. They should have had sense enough to wait until Mubarack's actual announcement before coming on TV w/the Happy Talk!!!

    14. Bonnie L, Tulsa OK says:

      Good "take" on the ineptitude of the people currently sitting in the seats of power in our federal government! We couldn't be in a worse or more hopeless situation with the lack of leadership, lack of political knowledge and shameless personal agendas showcased by these people. Our future is terribly uncertain due to the situation in Egypt and no one, absolutely no one in our government knows what to do about it. We are hopelessly stuck in a changeless cycle of collective narcissism, lack of integrity, ineptitude, and stubborn refusal to acknowledge the foundations our country used to stand on.

    15. Judy says:

      It certainly does take intelligence to do real Intelligence.

      It's something how in the past the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas have learned how to manipulate the vote/voters.

      What was he doing all the way up in Marquette, campaigning or what?

    16. phil shumway Phoenix says:

      More of the "Keystone Cops".

      Let's bring in Abbott and Costello for "Who's on First?"

      Is this Clapper guy for real?

      You can only say what the guy says in the ad where the other guy drops his mobile phone in the urinal while texting………"Really?"

    17. Alpha Trivette says:

      Panetta's news sources must be the universally respected John Steward and Clapper seems to be getting his extemporaneous speaking points from Joe Biden.

    18. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Barack Insane Obama, our own highly respected, Muslim Manchurian cloaked in a Marxist Trojan Horse, didn't support the Iranian demonstrations because the hope of the Iranian people was to get rid of their Islamic dictatorship. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations in Egypt because they are establishing an Islamic dictatorship.

      Mubarak has an estimated net worth of $80 billion (I've read-unconfirmed). If this is true then assuming he didn't have $80b when he started out; he has stolen an average of $3 billion annually from the Egyptian people every year since he's been in office. Another take would be – if Mubarak had only stolen half as much from his people each year, the U.S. could have saved $1.5 billion per year in foreign aid to Egypt.

      Then again, what's $1.5 billion between friends. George Soros and friends spent nearly that much buying Obama's globalist election.

    19. Mohamed, Denver says:

      Your alleged "analysis" illustrates the lack of principles and hypocrisy so prevalent in the US punditry.

      First what 80 million of Egyptians want is certainly not within the control of Mubarak and is a regime. It certainly not within Obama's control. That you imply so is the usual "conservative" intellectual dishonesty.

      Second as usual you are advocating the continuation of "policies" that partially brought this current crisis: "Asking that the US uses the Egyptian Military to advance the interests of ….. Israel. That is an amazing statement for those that claim to promote "freedom" for all. Subvert the rights of 80 million Egyptian so that the State of Israel can continue its repressive and fundamentaly racist policies. What hypocrisy!

      Just as you know the US interests (what ever those are) are not coincidental with those of Israel (What ever those are). May be you should worry about US interests more and about Israel's less. But then again your "analysis" have shown you not to be loyal to the principles enshrined in the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence or intellectual honesty.

    20. Bill Rogers, Panama says:

      I initially felt the problems with the Obama Administration were due to the selection of incompetent people. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't part of a larger scheme to undermine the United States! I usually don't adhere to "Conspiracy Theories" but this administration refuses to recognize the problems we face from a "Secular" Muslim Brotherhood and the resulting catastrophe its escalation into power would cause in the entire Middle East!

    21. mzlynn bloomfield hi says:

      Totally incompetent administration; Egypt will soon be another Iran; Suez Canal will be closed and the Peace Treaty w/Israel will be abolished; just as we all think, the President is a Muslim plant in our Country; he MUST be removed asap. Very scared for the Country of ours.

    22. A Conservative Teach says:

      Obama seems determined to muddle his way into the worst option, it appears. Clueless and ameatur-looking, the US is going to come out of this crisis a less secure and prosperous nation because of our poor leadership. We need to make a change in 2012, that much is clear.


    23. ldot says:

      Never have we seen such incompetence in the WH. From b.o., to HSA's Incompetano, Biden, now Clapper…..seriously?

    24. Robert, North Richla says:

      Leverage? We should outright cancel our $1.5 billion in military aid to Egypt, as well as our aid to all of these other muslim nations. Obama is a puppet (and that is an insult to puppets) who has made one decision (by himself) in his entire presidency. His only decision was to fly Air Force 1 over New York City harbor at 1500 feet. After that he was limited to reading the teleprompter and rehearsing his sound bites. So who is running the white house (and the nation), now that Emmanuel is gone? If we had any leadership in Congress, they would impeach this Kenyan now.

    25. Barrington says:

      So you now need to explain the most recent news of Mubarak's resignation. I was on Huffingtonpost when i saw your tweet. Sensationalized articles are "happy talk". You did take the risk but it came back to bite you. Now you must hope for that "worst possible outcome" to come to fruition to regain any credibility lost from this premature article.

    26. Cliff2008 Tampa Fl says:

      I wrote on the 2nd day of the Egyptian unrest that the Obama had that deer in the headlights look about what to do & remaining frozen might be the best thing he could do. This is usually not the thing to do, but, if poll chasing is the litchpin of your foreign policy……….well, like Abe Lincoln said, " It's better to be thought a fool & remain silent than to speak up & remove all doubt".

    27. Al from Fl says:

      This admin is addressing the Egyptian crisis of "change" with the same approach for "change" they used in the 08 election – undefined. How can you expect a group of people in a mob mode that have no idea as to what is required to make a democracy work to effect "change" that is in the interests of the U.S.?

      This admin, hardley experts on democracy of the U.S. variety, has no clue as to what is going on in Egypt. To make matters worse, intel has no clue, apparently, and certainly (Clapper) has the wrong idea of what the Muslim Brotherhood stands for. Our current foreign policy is one that will result in a lot of the mice in the world playing since the cat went home. I will be extremely (but happily) surprised if the Egyptian crisis ends with a pro western Egyptian government that contributes to peace in the middle east.

    28. Barbara, LA says:

      just a comment, but if this administration is so inept, who is savvy enough to be talking with Egypt and their military during this volatile time? Has there ever been a US administration that has been this bad? Can someone tell me? Obama said that Mubarak had to step down immediately, but no word on who would take his place. When there is a void, something has to fill its place and the Muslim Brotherhood, I'm sure, would like nothing better than to be the ones who step in.

    29. laurie, Hawaii says:

      I do wish Mr. Know-it-all-in Chief would understand what the great philosophers did. The more you know, the more you realize that you do not know. He needs to listen to the intelligent people on foreign affairs like Charles Krauthammer, also the former ambassador, John………, and Newt Gingricht…..there are many that could give him the correct knowledge and guidance in this delicate situation, but NO, he has the money hogs as Valerie who raised funds for him, but are great at bringing down countries into the mud. Arrogance and corruption are his downfall and doom for all of us.

    30. Sandy, UT says:

      "How could President Obama have gotten events in Egypt so wrong?"

      His intelligence sources are the NY Times and other liberal media outlets.

      He is inexperienced and therefore unqualified to be president BUT qualified to be a community organizer. (add an 's' and drop the 'y' for the word community)

      He has surrounded himself with incompetent and inexperienced buffoons. He's not even on the same page with members of his cabinet.

      Need I say more?

    31. Suzanne, Florida says:

      It was just announced that Mabarak has stepped down. Thank goodness, as hopefully an instant civil war has been avoided. It seems that long term prospects are still in the mist. One hopes that the other 80million Egyptians will be given an opportunity to cast honest votes & not be taken in by el Baradi who is obviously a front for the Brotherhood.

      Congratuations to the Egpytian Military for their neutral stance throughout these difficult days. Hopefully true freedom for these people will eventually happen.

      Regarding the CIA's Panetta and Intelligence genius….Clapper they are just mouthing the Whitehouse. One wonders that if back-channeling rather than daily updates by the President just might have succeeded in reducing the 17days and over 300 deaths by all our interference. No doubt our dear President will now take credit after dithering in all directions day after day.

      I don't know about others but in my lifetime I have never seen a more inept unknowledgable group in charge of our country.

    32. KC - New Mexico says:

      Not only can we not get our intelligence accurate, our current leadership in Washington comes across as being totally out of touch with the world, America, and basically are the joke around the world. Even Donald Trump mentioned earlier today that America is the laughing stock for most countries around the world and the only useful thing that America has is its enormous funding of foreign countries. America needs change – not the crap we were sold in 2008. We need real leadership and real change to bring America back as the top country.

      The Muslim Brotherhood and China both want to take over the world. Just like Hitler, we are standing by watching and letting it happen. We did not learn much from WWII! It is tragic about the events in Egypt but where are the other countries in the world and what are they doing to help solve the issue? Is America the only country with interest about this issue – probably due to the support of Israel? We need to help get President Mubarak out of office, help Egypt with democratic elections since that is what the protesters are asking for, and move on. We should also reduce the funding of Egypt’s military once the democracy is restored – the money is needed here.

    33. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Does anyone really expected any coherent statement from any lackey in the Obama adminstration? Obama's minions, and the main stream media, are in their CYA mode to save face for Obama so the people of the world will not recognize the total incompetence that is Obama's foreign policy. In the recent interview with O'Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday, Obama again refused to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact Obama sent a special invite to the Brotherhood to attend his Cairo speech. Why would we expect anything differently from his lackeys. Face it gang, we have a serious mistake in the White House that is costing this nation American respect worldwide that we may never get back.

    34. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Now that Mabarak has finally stepped down, anyone want to bet who will emerge

      as the controling government power in Egypt? After Obama, Clinton, and the other incompetents in Washington have all but installed the Muslim Brotherhood

      in place, who do we think it might be. Wait for it ……, That's right, THE BROTHERHOOD! That will make Obama happy.

    35. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      What you are witnessing is the 'circle of stupidity' in action. Obama says it, another part of his regime says it, then a third part of his regime says it, then they collectively, attempt to backpedal and correct their stupid remarks.

      What do you expect from a 'community' organizer who matured by milking crises situations for personal gain. Obama is devoid of traditional American core values.

    36. Henry ,Illinois says:

      The "troika" of clowns in Washington , the community organizer, panetta and the biggest one of all, this clown clapper. Now, if anything close to this would have happened during the Bush administration the "propaganda media" would be clamoring for the impeachment of Bush and the firings underlings involved.Where is the clamoring from the socalled "media" that any of these individuals be fired? I have not heard anything, maybe some of you have and if so please give us a clue.

    37. Jim-MN says:

      Is it not ironic…..but so true. 2000+ years ago, a group of people slaves called the Hebrews from Israel proper held captive by their Egyptian masters spoke those famous words of Moses, "Let my people go".

      And here we are now, a group of people of Egyptian heritage in the same country calling out in the same manner…."Let our People go…..Mr. Mubarak. What can the people of Israel heritage be thinking today?

      If you can see forward and the dots being connected……

      Remember, those of you governed by the scripture of the Bible, the fall of Israel is the trigger for the beginning of tribulation and the coming of our Lord Jesus riding on the white horse down from Heaven with an arrow between his teeth to set all wrongs right and lead the final battle of good vs. evil. Followed by the 1000 year reign on earth.

      This final act is indeed coming together in our time. The Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than part of the plan as the facilitator of Armageddon.

      All this Middle East stuff has its origins to the story of the birthright of Abraham, the father of Christianity given to Isaac instead of the bastard child Ishmael, the true father of the Muslin religion.

      The two sides have fought and died over this issue for 1000+ years.

      The proclamations from the book of Revelations are right in front of us. It will play out in our time.

    38. Rober, Albuquerque says:

      Your article is entirely biased and based upon nothing factual. While the middle East tends to do some "seething" now and again, there is no way to anticipate the occasional spontaneous uprising. Small occurrences, such as rioting in Tunisia (also unanticipated) can trigger small events that "snowball" and crowds that gather may be unpredictable in their nature.

      But we cannot give the current administration credit for much. Obama's boys tend to misunderstand the middle East entirely (e.g. " the Muslim Brotherhood is Secular") et. al. ad infinitum etc. Worse: they have not begun to understand that Islam is completely incompatible with democracy. There will never be a democracy in the middle east and Islamics that have penetrated (moved into) western nations will always be malcontents and a problem.

    39. Jim-MN says:

      Is it not ironic…..but so true. 2000+ years ago, a group of people slaves called the Hebrews from Israel proper held captive by their Egyptian masters spoke those famous words of Moses, “Let my people go”.

      And here we are now, a group of people of Egyptian heritage in the same country calling out in the same manner….”Let our People go…..Mr. Mubarak. What can the people of Israel heritage be thinking today?

      If you can see forward and the dots being connected……

    40. toledofan says:

      So, at what point does all of this nonsense from the White House really become a serious threat for us or for that matter others as well? It's like we don't have a clue, a grip or any intelligent understanding of what is going on. I think the time has passed to view this just as a problem for Egypt. I guess, living through the Carter years, I though that it would never or couldn't get any worse, boy was I wrong. Heritage keep up the good work, sooner or later, somebody with some authority will start to pay attention.

    41. Dwana Townsend says:

      So why didn't we help the people of IRAN!!! It seems as though we pick and choose who deserves basic cival rights. How Arrogant

    42. ThomNJ says:

      I'm with Bob in Cincinnati – GREAT idea!

    43. Dennis, FL says:

      Obama's underdogma, neighborhood activist campaigning combined with his ineptness and the conventional liberal media frenzy, leaves the door open for the Egyptian military to look to Russia for military support.

    44. Pat Hope,Arkansas says:

      Do you think that maybe this Narcisstic President has a real affinity for the "secular Brotherhood " and intends to sell us out or is so in love with himself he cannot see past his own reflection? This could explain a house filled with incompetence,Himself

      included, and liberal puppets.

    45. Chris Mitchell, Reno says:

      I think it would be a better if President Obama focused on the U.S. first instead of saying things in which he has no idea about

    46. Gary Loftis, Florida says:

      Six months from now, when Egypt is run by the Muslim bros, BHO will tell us that democracy is alive and well there. The whole administration is so out touch with reality that it's almost comical to watch them. They think the truth is what they say it is.

    47. G. Hugh Bodell says:

      We are in the middle of a four-year ‘moment in history’, one in which this great country is being led by the largest assembly of incompetents in its history.

      Mr. Obama and his less than brilliant advisors and czars would make for a good sitcom if the stakes were not so high. At risk are American Exceptionalism and our way of life.

    48. Lynda Schultz says:

      Where was Obama's microphone when Iranians were being beaten and killed for expressing the same desire for democracy in their country?

      And yet, he weighs in daily to comment on the situation in Egypt, and this "transformational" moment in history.

      Well, he's right on one thing. It will indeed be a "transformational" moment in history if the Mu slim Brotherhood seizes power from the military. I wonder if he will be so quick to use his microphone to take "credit" for handing them the keys to the Middle East.

    49. BobNY says:

      If the Muslim Brotherhood was secular, why are they the “Muslim” Brotherhood? Why do they only push muslim beliefs? I think that thos e who also stated that George W Bush lied to get us into Iraq. I have sen a failure of our intelligence communites for many years, so trying to blame Bush for procuring his own bad intelligence, be in Iraq or before 9/11 is just disingenuous.

    50. Todd says:

      This is not about an “emergence” of any government from the current regime, the Islamic parties, or the army.

      This is about the people forming their own government from within, replacing the powers of patronism, corruption and tyranny with a government that represents the people.

    51. perfectlyaged oklahoma says:

      Obama is showing his inexperience and stumbling horribly with foreign affairs, namely Egypt and embarrassing the United States. Obama is the type of person that wants to be seen and heard so he will get the glory and be seen as the person who solved the problems of Egypt!!!! He does not have the ability nor the knowledge to solve any foreign problems and should have kept quite. Now, he has egg all over his face and also the face of the United States. He is a disgrace!!!

    52. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I agree with Laurie from Hawaii concerning “Mr. Know-it-All” and his absolute lack of knowledge about most everything including foreign affairs. Apparently Barry was too young or too young and too stoned on illicit drugs to understand and remember what happened in Iran in the late 1970’s and its radical transformation to an Islamic theocracy with the Ayatollah in the very early 1980’s.

      On a sidebar note, one of the radical Islamist’s personally involved with taking the Americans prisoner and holding them hostage for 444 days was none other than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! We learned that from one those freed hostages when Ahmadinejad appeared on TV screens as the new president of Iran.

      If this is the level of competence of Barry and his handpicked cronies, I am so glad that I did not waste my time and money on a “poison ivy league” degree on my resume`. The money hog Laurie mentions has demonstrated on more than one occasion that she is not the most astute individual as her most recent performance was when she ordered another glass of wine from a four star Army general who happens to be the Assistant Chief of Staff of the Army; the number two ranking officer in the Army. Of course Barry, thru his Secretary of State (Clinton), recently had another ambassador demonstrate her incompetence, and arrogance as she basically left her post and requested to be posted in Afghanistan.

      It boggles the mind that a person with all the high profiled military signal intelligence experience as Air Force’s retired LTG Clapper would make such an idiotic statement about the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the reputable common knowledge facts are easily accessible [the old school way] in print or by going thru various “.edu” or “.org” sites on the internet (NIPR or none secure internet protocol router) that he should have easily known better. Perhaps he has passed his “sell by” and “use by” dates and needs to be let go.

      Unfortunately for us, and the Egyptian people, we are most likely going to see the emergence of another Islamic theocracy that looks like and acts like Iran.

    53. Barb USA says:

      Obama doesn’t want democracy…he wants totalitarianism. It’s so obvious…these people are not stupid, or out of touch and any of the multitude of lables given…they know exactly what they are doing. Now the question is the variables…those pesty little unexpected things that tend to pop up and ruin an air tight plan.

    54. Mike, Folsom says:

      "This country needs to stop Hussan because his country is producing weapons of mass destruction". So much for that intelligence. Now substitute a couple things and we wind up with, "We need to stop this democratic uprising in Egypt because radical Muslims are bound to take over that country."

      Coime on now, leave the intelligent forecasting to Rush and Glen. Afterall, that's what they get paid for.

    55. Hermes C Liberty New says:

      This Mohamed from Denver's commentary is amazing! Thanks to US where everybody can say whatever about everybody, no matter how wrong they may be…But then this also suggests a kind of would be shift, here in US, manifested by illusive but tangible beings whose aim, once more is to knock America …and…Israel down. Egyptian events can be read, along with the "unrest" of the Arab world, as a preparation for massive entry into another level of this ongoing, sometimes largely unnoticed war… It's time to strenghten Rep Pete King for his laudable and free from dishonesty endeavors to look closely at what is going on in our own backyard.

    56. LibertyAtStake, Alexandria,VA says:

      My only quibble is this choice of words “…spinning out of their control.”

      It spun out of their control long ago – the moment they stepped into the foolish “Now means now” rhetoric at the public podium.

      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    57. Ken Jarvis - Las Vegas says:

      What has the GOP ever done for the Middle Class?

    58. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      This is exactly what happens when you put political appointees in positions requiring experience and knowledge dealing with their jobs. Napolitano, Panetta and others are showing their ignorance just about every time they open their mouths to discuss their jobs. Clapper just appears to be a goon. In fact Clapper's responses so far after taking the job indicate he should be chased to the crapper. In yesterday's testimony before congress FBI Director Mueller was the only one who sounded remotely confident and intelligent about what he was saying.

      It is amateur hour at the White House.

    59. James Dobbins, Goldv says:

      Paneta is not that stupid. I would bet dollars to donuts that both Paneta ad Clapper were told what to say by the White House. Paneta is too close to the field agents to have made such a statement out of ignorance. I have read his after visit reports and I just do not believe he was that unaware of the situation. But he is a team player and would do as tod by Obama.

      Clapper I am not as certain of.

    60. ann florida says:

      i have always remembered something Rush Limbauh said years ago "words mean things" and as i have listened to obama during his campaign speechs i came to realize that the change he spoke of was not the kind we all thought it was.. The same is true when you hear the remarks he is making concerning Egypt. When he mentions the Egyptian people demonstrating in the streets for " change" what type of change does he mean here?

      Concerning Panetta and General Clapper my opinion is they should both go . If Panetta takes his info from the news media we can all read and Gen. Clapper must take to many naps .

    61. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama is a man obsessed with destroying America,

    62. Bobbie says:

      Too many in authority jump to conclusion and conclude it certain. I wonder why he slipped in "secular" when the title is of a religion? Their incompetence is wrong and undeserving. Everyone outside the democrat party is held to perfection regardless of false information coming from those we're left to believe as the democrat party is made exception to their derelictions and false information as if they are too fragile to take responsibility for their own actions. Pretty expensive! They have yet to speak without false information or spin.

    63. United States says:

      This is the new world order in progress, watch how this spreads. The communist party just had a summit in Cairo not to long ago. Why did Obama jump right into this democratic uprising but kept silent in the Iranian one last year where many people were slaughtered by their government,

    64. peter turano says:

      I wish Egypt well, but the real test of "Democracy" comes down the road. After our revolution, George washington was installed as president. He could have been president for life. Only because of the character of that amazing man and his refusal did the American experiment in representative goverment get its chance to develop and succeed. Good luck to Egypt, but I hope for all of us, that they can find their George Washington.

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    66. Pingback: World Spinner

    67. Linda, NY says:

      Can this country survive two more years of Obama? his bunglers? his henchmen? his hidden anti-American agendas?

    68. Linda, NY says:

      Every day we see a greater and greater need to work hard in the next election. As in 1980, we need another Ronald Reagan.

    69. cecelia says:

      To the eyes of the ordinary American having borne witness to the extraordinary events over the last 18 days the event is eerily parallel not with Ronald Regan as has been suggested, but more akin with all due respect to former President Jimmy Carter in mater of foreign policy;weak and vacillating seriously compromising our standing in the international community, further eroding my confidence in the ability of the current administration to effectively define leadership hallmarks in times of critical juncture.A case of style over substance has translated rather poorly into clearly delineated action to the partisan & non partisan observer, the defining omen being "his Jimmy Carter moment" rather than any imaginative similarity to former President Reagan .

    70. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      When a burglar breaks the window to get in to your house he is not being clumsy or incompetent, he does not care about the additional cost to you — he wants what he can get. No different than the looter who steps in your face getting to what is of value in your damaged house that he can carry off.

      Obama is intent on organizing a community of obamatons, to retire as 'leader' to live in comfort if not splendor. Enabled by the American Way, he does not fear the true power of Americans — he see that part as a myth, from which he is immune, because he can make the laws that all would-be despots exempt themselves for the lack of a Constitution such as ours.

      The US Government has become the most outrageous accumulation of felonies.

      Billions have been spent and are being spent to support terrorism around the world by the agents in the State Department and not even in the WH. The billion dollars directly to Hamas and the billion and a half to Egypt are chickenfeed when more than 15T$ has disappeared from this country to further the chaos that will clearly be the result.

      Already Obama has assured himself of a place in history.

      One will no longer say "If you do that, your name is Mudd," catastrophe thy name now is Obama.

    71. Mike, Chicago says:

      We should cut aid to Egypt. After hearing the amount of money the president had, there's obviously widespread corruption there.

    72. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      "Washington should work quietly behind the scenes with the leadership of the army and leverage its $1.5 billion in annual aid to Cairo to ensure the emergence of a government that respects the freedom and human rights of its own citizens, complies with Egypt’s international obligations to fight terrorism, and carries out its legal obligations under Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel."

      Conn Carroll

      Washington–after American military coup– should abolish the Federal Reserve; eject the United Nations from American territory; expel the Mexican occupation army from American soil; establish an interim government and abolish all foreign aid.

      The Obama regime must be deposed from power and the "president" removed for being an usurper and fifth column in directly thwarting the will of the American people to secure the homeland from invasion by Mexico.

      The United States military should dissolve America's secret government; the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, as all of these entities serve the international bankers–not the American people.

      The documents of the Founding Fathers do NOT authorize the government to steal the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people to give them to other nations.

      The United States military should go forth and seize the stolen wealth of the American people, by confiscating all assets of these international banking swindlers on pain of death.

      Likewise with the billions of dollars stolen by Mubarak, which belong NOT to the Egyptians, but to the American people–who suffer abject poverty.

      The message of the Second American Revolution is that the American taxpayer is NOT the Santa Claus of the world.

      Foreign aid is the Mother of All Foreign Entanglements.

      True "welfare reform" is the return of power of the purse to the American people; only then will America become a government of, by and for the people.

      Thomas Jefferson called for this measure over two hundred years ago. A debt-free monetary system has become the mandate and prime directive of the Second American Revolution. It is the fulfillment of Jefferson's great vision for the American people.

      A deliberate and revolutionary people CANNOT survive under the chains of usury.

      The measures outlined above will "ensure the emergence of a government that respects the freedom and human rights of its own citizens."

    73. Daisysue says:

      HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT???? for the Represenitives, Congress and Senate to BOOT this idiot out of office????????????

    74. Daisysue says:

      The Board of Education in Texas is calling for Mandatory Teaching Of ARABIC in the schools. Is there a reason for this, a hint of what Obama has in mind for America. His own Little Kingdom of the Brotherhood. Is this why he does not want to stop terrorist infiltration at our Border with Mexico??

      What is Obama's real agenda. He is slowly tearing apart our constitution, ignoring Laws passed by Federal Judges and doing whatever he wants irregardless.

      Thousands of East Indians have opened a corridor for illegal entry from Mexico into Texas. Hamas has private military training areas here in the U.S.A. Is he perhaps building his own revolutionary Islamic Army to take over America???

      When are those in the know going to clean out the rats nest in Washington??????? Will they act by doing too little, too late?????

    75. RME KRNL, Northern V says:

      And Amateur Hour within the Obama Administration continues. Surprise, surprise.

    76. Kevin H, College Par says:

      Seems like the aid we have been providing Egypt is working out perfect to me. Their military leaders have been trained in the United States, while the now former President and VP were trained in Moscow. We give their military 3.5 million a day, buy them figher jets and tanks, and look how amazing the military acted during all this. We could not have asked for anything better. The Glenn Beckers out there are stirring up fear about the situation, i just don't see how anyone can not like seeing this – real democracy coming to the middle east – the dominoes are falling – Yemen is next! It's too bad our last president didn't solve thinsg like our current president, who has already 'peacefully removed two Arab dictators – averaging one a year!

      In response to all the ridiculous criticism of President Obama, where obviously, posters and commentors will criticize anythign he does, a piece on ForeignPolicy.com puts it beautifully:

      "Despite the avalanche of criticism from protestors and pundits, in fact Obama and his key aides…backed the Egyptian protest movement far more quickly than anyone should have expected. Their steadily mounting pressure on the Mubarak regime took time to succeed, causing enormous heartburn along the way, but now can claim vindication. By working carefully and closely with the Egyptian military, it helped restrain the worst violence and prevent Tiananmen on the Tahrir — which, it is easy to forget today, could very easily have happened… By the way, for those keeping score in the 'peacefully removing Arab dictators' game, it's now Obama 2, Bush 0." (http://lynch.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/02/11/mubarak_leaves_at_last)

    77. Bobbie says:

      you know what Kevin, I'm not comfortable around people who direct others FROM THE TRUTH! On the very few occasions I've seen Glen Beck, seems routine he advices the audience to "do your homework." You should try it sometime Kevin, you wouldn't be putting truth down so much. Or, from your comments, I guess you would…

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