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  • Egypt's End of the Beginning

    At 11:34 EST, Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman announced, “In these grave circumstances that the country is passing through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to leave his position as president of the republic.

    The departure of Mubarak has long been considered a prerequisite for transformation of the government. His departure, however, hardly means the crisis is at an end. The military has been prominent in guiding the government response, and now with Mubarak’s departure, the armed forces—one of the few government institutions widely respected in the country—will bear the responsibility for guiding the transition process.

    The Egyptian military faces many challenges: restoring order, cracking down on violence, ensuring that the economy does not collapse, and guiding a political process that will allow time and space for the voices of the Egyptian people to be heard. Egypt’s most pressing need is economic reforms that will improve the livelihoods of its citizens and create a platform that will allow civil society to flourish. If either the Muslim Brotherhood or the country’s “old guard” is permitted to hijack the revolution, the needs and aspirations of the people will never be satisfied, and the country could lapse into an authoritarian state even less desirable than that of the Mubarak regime.

    All that we know for sure is that the situation Egypt will likely remain dynamic for weeks, months, or even years ahead. Furthermore, the Middle East may not have seen the last of historic transformation.

    Strong leadership from the United States is more important than ever. In regards to Egypt, the priority for U.S. policy should be to set clear expectations for a responsible government. Whatever regime emerges in Cairo should respect the freedom and human rights of its own citizens, particularly those of women and Egypt’s Christian minority, which comprises about 10 percent of Egypt’s population. The U.S. should also reaffirm the importance of Egyptian compliance with its legal obligations under its 1979 peace treaty with Israel and of ensuring the right of passage of commerce through the Suez Canal.

    Engaging with the new regime in Egypt is just one task for appropriately exercising American leadership. Rather than letting the Administration “off the hook,” Mubarak’s departure today marks the beginning of Washington having to up its game to keep with the changes of this part of the world.

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    17 Responses to Egypt's End of the Beginning

    1. GotFreedom says:

      Keep a watchful eye on any/all comments coming out of the WH/Congress on the situation in Egypt. As we all know, they say one thing than do another. For starters, Harry Reid has said (about Mubarak):

      “I am pleased that President Mubarak has heard and heeded the voice of the Egyptian people, who have called for change. It is crucial that Mubarak’s departure be an orderly one and that it leads to true democracy for Egypt, including free, fair and open elections. We caution all sides against violence during this transition, and we will be watching the situation closely. We wish the Egyptian people the best in their next steps toward determining their own future under a democratic process.”

      Hey Harry, how about "hearing and heeding the voices" of the American people?

    2. West Texan says:

      I'm afraid all bets are off. The military may provide short term relief but eventually a democratic government, theocratic dictatorship or less desirable ruler will take-up the reigns of power. Our best move is to give Israel our full unwavering support regardless of Egypt's future. This message needs to be firmly stated and backed for the region's tyrants and miscreants. America's state department should follow Ron White's lead, "You hurt Israel, we're going to hurt you right back".

    3. Yoshe , CA 94579 says:

      With our present administration , how can we expect to help when we have supported what is leaving.

      Indifference to foreign policy ,and giving other than truthful speeches we here are at risk.

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    5. West Texan says:

      Good question GotFreedom.

      Today Mubarak, tomorrow Obama. Unfortunately the latter will have to wait until 2012. And for all the lefties out there, it's nothing personal about Obama himself. But rather his overreaching social progressiveness, job killing wasteful spending and naive foreign policy. Obama and company are simply bad government.

    6. James Carafano James Jay Carafano says:

      both thoughtful and reasoned observations. Thanks

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    8. John Houser says:

      I quite agree with West Texas. Any knowledge of Moslem history reveals only a constant effort to annihialate those who do not adopt their beliefs, with the assertion that killing for their beliefs is an express ticket to heaven. And we must remember that that "religion" was founded on that group's desire to kill/take over the Jewish state. That was followed by a continuing history of assaulting of western states.

      The only good thing for which we can thank them for is the preservation of Grecian knowledge which Alexander had insisted his men deposit in the areas which he conquered.

      The Jewish believes are the foundation of Christianity which gives us the underlying foundation that each person has an inalienable right of independence. We should protect that portion of our foundation to resist Moslem solipsism.

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    12. Chris Epperson, Oreg says:

      I think the Egyptian people and military will take the right path, but look what happened in Tehran, Iran. James Carafano hit it right on the nail when he said we need leadership as an example for Egypt. But since there's a serious lack there of we do need to support Israel.

    13. Angel Perez, Maplewo says:

      I have from the beginning felt that the seeds planted in Iraq and Afghanistan providing freedoms, particularly to women, not generally enjoyed in the middle east, will eventually grow beyond national borders. The accelerated political and cultural metamorphosis which must come to pass is far from over. The effort and pain will be enormous.

      I wish I could be around in 100 years to see the out come.

    14. Son of the Master says:

      I agree with the "West Texan" that we need to give Israel our unconditional support.

      However we must not get to excited or expect to much when it comes to the new Eyypt.

      Even if Egypt ends up with a democracy "Gov't of the people, by the people and for the people" then you have a country being run basicly by a whole nation of ungodly men and women.

      The key to the success of the Democracy known as the United States of America is that it was founded on Biblical Principles as revealed in the Word of God. I'm talking about Christianity. Our founders were not all perfect nor were they in total agreement in all things, but all you have to do is put those original documents along side the Bible and you will see that it was the Word of God, the God of Christianity that guided them.

      I said all of that to say this; "Our Country was founded by Godly people and based there action on the Word of God."

      You cannot build a great nation with ungodly people. (ungodly simply means to be without God)

      My prayer for Egypt is that they might know and build their nation upon Godly principles, the principles of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, and the rest of the inspired writers of the Bible which is the Word of God.

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    17. Helen - PA says:

      I agree with "Son of the Master" and "West Texan". My prayer also for Egypt is that they might know and build their nation upon Godly principles. It may sound impossible since the majority of the Egyptians are Muslim. But like Jesus states in the Bible, "With men things seem impossible, but all things are possible with God".

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