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  • On Those "Draconian" Spending Cuts

    Last week, House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) outlined $58 billion in non-security domestic spending cuts. Within hours, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) attacked the proposal calling it “unworkable” and “even more draconian than we originally anticipated.” But these outcries were hardly unexpected considering Washington’s spending addiction. As National Review’s Rich Lowry commented in his column this morning, “There is a complicated mathematical symbol practically unknown to the House Appropriations Committee. It’s called the minus sign.”

    In response to these outcries, Matthias Shapiro, the creator of Obama Budget Cuts Visualization and The National Debt Road Trip videos, has created another new video which puts this hysteria into perspective.

    But while we can be assured that this and all efforts to curb government’s growth will be met by fierce opposition, that should not discourage legislators from moving forward. As we noted last week, much more spending reductions and fundamental entitlement reform will be necessary for our country to regain its fiscal health.

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    6 Responses to On Those "Draconian" Spending Cuts

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      What about that Draconian Deficit?

      The proposed "cuts" so far does little to make an effect. We will still go into debt by $1.5 trillion this year!

    2. Bobbie says:

      Cute video. Harry Reid admitted he is unworkable! It's hard to cut spending when reid is so convincing people they can't and aren't expected to do for themselves. Entitlements that benefit in regard of race, creed and culture of people, must be cut. Highly unethical of government to show favor or discriminate or have racist tendencies. Isn't representing America. Let the Constitution be your guide.

      Something as simple as school lunches can be cut. People with culturally appropriate tastes and those that know better than government can take the responsibility back to feed their children a cold lunch at their expense.

      Every year the school sends home an application for free or reduced lunches. We were told 95% of the applications were falsified as if to suggest we should lie! Also shows incompetence of the reason for the application. Why apply? Why test the ability to lie? Why address it without holing the liars accountable?

      We didn't lie, I knew we would be denied as government discreetly tells who they expect more from and the only reason we were denied is because we weren't on other government programs!? Believe you, me, I never want to fill out anything in regard to the government but the census.

      I mention school lunches because feds are looking to mandate food. Unless it's poisonous, what we eat is none of anyone's business. School administration and unions behind government are greedy and unreasonable. Facts of history are taught under falsification which is noncompliance of what we EXPECT our children are being taught. They've distorted the interpretation of the American Constitution and if truth is too much to teach our youth then this government entity is undeserving of any increase but more deserving of cuts or removal. The only way to keep them in line and accountable and away from exploiting children for their gain.

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    4. Gabriel says:

      so eating bad food, junk food, fast food, etc. does not cause obesity. Does obesity not raise medical costs for everyone in the country including you? I have never heard such rubbish in my life fighting against public schools providing healty foods. you are truly off your rocker Bobbie.

    5. Gabriel says:

      I thought about this for some time now. Bobbie, I think you need attention on this website. There is no possible way any sane human being could come up with the things you comment upon. No possible way. I truly think you just like spewing rhetoric on this website to get people worked up. Either that or someone has treated you very bad in your life and you take it out on the President. It could be that you have a mental condition. What happened to you? I'm not being a jerk, im being totally serious. Where did all this hatred come from?

    6. Bobbie says:

      Wow. Ouch! Boy Gabriel, your true colors show once again. But I do appreciate your compliment and am use to you taking everything you don't agree with, out of context.

      There's alot of advertisement regarding healthy foods. School food (breakfast/lunch) paid by tax dollars shouldn't have to expect anything less then healthy. Why the sudden government production of incompetence to feed healthy food? $$$$ No reason for costly extravagance. Healthy Hot lunch offered at a price is acceptable or cold (bag) lunch.

      Expensive to be obese? How would I know? Some people are HEALTHY that way. That's none of my business unless someone asks for my help or if I see for myself I can help someone. If it were my business, it would be my personal responsibility to FIND RESOURCES NECESSARY TO HELP MYSELF and pay costs to keep it private and in my control as I do for myself, as self reliant individuals do. NO GOVERNMENT NECESSARY! Personal choices are what comes what may and use to hold the consequence to the chooser. Eating make some people HAPPY. Why do you want to take PEOPLES' HAPPINESS AWAY?

      Because personal choices are beyond tax payers control, nothing personal should be at tax payers expense. Please learn to be self reliant, mind your own business and pull your own weight so other peoples hard earned money doesn't have to for you. Seems the only one getting worked up is you, silly.

      Gosh Gabriel, you almost hurt my feelings. But then I remember who you are… silly me!

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