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  • National Marriage Week February 7–14: Promoting the Benefits of Marriage

    National Marriage Week is underway! Beginning today and culminating on Valentine’s Day, hundreds of organizations, community groups, and religious institutions will spend a week celebrating the benefits of marriage and encouraging married couples across the country to remain committed to lifelong love.

    With national campaign ads outlining the social and economic benefits of marriage, counseling and group study resources for couples and churches, and creative ideas to keep love alive, National Marriage Week seeks to strengthen marriage and promote the institution’s advantages to the next generation.

    The week isn’t just about fun date nights and carefully crafted Valentine’s Day poems, however. With 41 percent of all births occurring outside of marriage, an increase in non-married cohabitation, and the persistence of no-fault divorce laws, marriage has taken its share of knocks in the last few decades. In addition to the emotional stress and financial strain on men and women, the collapse of marriage threatens the future success and happiness of thousands of children. A child born to a single parent is six times more likely to experience poverty in his or her lifetime than a child born to married parents. As the decline of marriage begins to creep into middle America, the message of National Marriage Week is integral to effectively battling poverty and maintaining civil society.

    It is not simply the responsibility of local communities, however, to help strengthen and promote marriage. Policymakers can also encourage matrimony by eliminating marriage disincentives in the U.S. tax code and welfare programs and by using TANF funds to promote healthy marriage campaigns in low-income communities. Through grassroots efforts like National Marriage Week and carefully crafted marriage policy, organizations and policymakers can help remind society of the benefits of marriage, support couples in building and keeping healthy relationships, and provide more children with the opportunity to grow up in stable families.

    To learn more about National Marriage Week and find a community event near you, visit nationalmarriageweekusa.org.

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    9 Responses to National Marriage Week February 7–14: Promoting the Benefits of Marriage

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I am a big proponent of Marriage, but I am also involved in a Divorce. I don't mind society providing supportive services and federal and state policies making marriage an easy institution. Much of this can be done by simply allowing people to keep their own money and not making the tax grab so severe that it imposes needless stress on a couple.

      I got married too fast 20 years ago and struggled to keep the marriage alive. Sometimes marriage should have never happen and this is not the fault to society or government policies. The blame is square on the couple. I accept my contribution to the problems of the marriage and feel there is no more that I can do to make it better.

      Divorce should be easy to allow for people who simply no longer get along with each other to get as far apart as possible. When abuse is involved, there shoudl be no pressure on the person being abused to stay in the marriage. I think marriage is a place for governemnt to stay far out of no matter how ideal the policy would be. This is a sensitive matter that spans between ideals and I think that the least number of road blocks is best to allow for people to be free to do what is neccessary.

      As for community support mechanisms, I thik there should be information and support available to people who are entering a marriage so mistakes are not made or at least reduced. Marriage is serious and should be permanent. But like myself, I went in without my eyes wide open and ended up having a 15 year struggle with an otherwise wonderful person and monther to my kids. The biggest stress facing my kids parents is the divorce proceedings, which incidently is ripping what they had left apart. Government should stay out of marriage, for the people's sake and especially the kids sake.

    2. Andrew, VA says:

      The federal government can barely deliver the mail and we all have tales of dealing with the DMV. Do we really think government, at any level, can do any good with something as complicated and personal as marriage?

      Let's "privatize" marriage by making religious groups, social organizations and even the media the agents of the change toward marriage. Getting government involved will not help matters. It has enough to do.

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    5. Matt, Colo Springs, says:

      Thank you Heritage for highlighting this!!!

      I'm sorry that you're going through a divorce George…and to all those going through it as well. I've prayed and will continue to pray for all suffering through divorce.

      My wife and I got married this past October (2010) and I have definitely found my soulmate, helpmate, better half, equal and best friend in her! She says the same about me!

      It has been proven time and time again that male-female marriage is the foundation to a more value orientated and ethical society that yields positive growth and leaves far fewer people in a state of poverty.

      I agree with Andrew in VA, government has no role in marriage propping…tradition OR non-traditional. With that in mind, I'm still against non-traditional marriage as we have yet to see any civilization flourish or perpetuate itself based on non-traditional marriages, as well as the fact that it is against the natural order and my beliefs.

    6. Skulander, somewhere says:

      Yep, and thousands of gay couples across the nation will celebrate their marriage, and the benefits that come with it.

      Happy Valentine's day to all married couples, gay or straight! Love, no hate!

    7. Gabriel says:

      can two men get married and share the same benefits and rights to legal marriage or should it only be for a man and woman because the bible tells you so? yes?…..no? waiting in patience for all of the intolerant answers….:)

    8. Bobbie says:

      I believe in marriage. I don't believe in changing the definition to reflect sexual preference. Especially at the federal level!

      Marriage is love and love is real no matter the obstacles, thick and thin, love pulls us through.

    9. Bobbie says:

      Do you know the difference between a man and a woman, Gabriel? Marriage consists of one of each. Two of the same gender get along splendidly, marriage is the challenge to get along with the opposite. Is it helping yet? Does this calm your frustrations? A bit humbling is it?

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