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  • Amnesty Doesn’t Make Fiscal Sense

    Quiz: How many times has the left argued that “amnesty will make the economy better”? Answer: Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    The left, however, is always telling the American public how enacting comprehensive immigration reform can help the economy. Newsflash: “Comprehensive immigration reform” is Washington’s new (and not so new) code phrase for amnesty.

    Why all the word games? Because Americans by and large don’t support amnesty. That’s why Americans supported the attempt by Arizona to actually enforce the law.

    Representative Mike Honda (D–CA) tried this familiar tactic in his letter to the editor in Politico on Thursday. It was even entitled “Immigration Reform Makes Cents.” The Congressman touted a few numbers and made some general statements, many of which are completely right: Immigration has been great for America. Legal immigrants by and large come to the U.S., work hard, get an education, and contribute to everyone’s economic well-being. He’s also correct when he says that “immigrants who become U.S. citizens consistently pursue higher-paying jobs and higher education, spend more, and provide higher tax revenue.” But those statements are too general to make any firm conclusions about anything.

    The problem, however, is that Honda supports amnesty for the 10.8 million illegal immigrants inside the United States. Suddenly, the calculus becomes very different. First, Honda fails to add in the cost of amnesty—meaning the manpower, technology upgrades, processing costs, logistics, and other government expenditures related to the legalization of 10.8 million individuals. Honda then assumes that an amnesty would prevent further illegal immigration to the United States. Past history lessons (including the 1986 amnesty) demonstrate that an amnesty only encourages further illegal immigration—which would start this problem and associated fiscal costs all over again.

    Honda also makes a very big assumption about illegal immigrant households. A Heritage Foundation study found that low-skilled immigrant households take in $30,160 in benefits, education, and services, compared to the approximately $9,000 they contribute to the economy. Most on the right and left agree that illegal immigrant households are by and large low-skilled. The unsustainable welfare state has given low-skilled households of legal and illegal immigrants as well as native-born citizens an incentive to sink deeper into dependence on the government rather than seek work and contribute to the economy.

    This means that the economic benefits Honda touts are likely obliterated in terms of local, state and federal benefits, education, and services, even after these illegal immigrants are given amnesty. The welfare problem is a bigger issue than just illegal immigration—and policymakers need to tackle it soon—but it also hurts Honda’s argument further that amnesty makes fiscal sense.

    A responsible immigration policy can indeed provide economic advantages to the United States in a way that maintains rule of law and keeps the nation secure. Honda should be applauded for talking about a temporary worker program—many on the left won’t even begin to entertain that idea, fearing backlash from labor unions. Congress should reduce the incentives for illegal immigration and strengthen employers’ ability to hire the employees they need to help the economy grow without jeopardizing the nation’s security, sovereignty, and social fabric. It should also look at the welfare problem too—and encourage everyone to make the American economy stronger.

    Repackaging amnesty as an economic stimulus does not dilute its fiscal impacts. It is time for Congress, including Honda, to take a different approach to immigration reform.

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    18 Responses to Amnesty Doesn’t Make Fiscal Sense

    1. owl says:

      Ronald Reagan is on record on numerous occasions supporting amnesty.

    2. Jim Mitchell, Bell G says:

      We had an amnesty n "86, 3X the immigrants expected.That worked out real well(sarcasim on).What doesn't Honda understand about "Illegal"? Why do they go against the will of the people & favor illegals over Americans? I've heard of illegals refered to as "Unregistered Democrats". Is that it,selling out America for votes?Build the damn fence already.Detain,deport & enforce our laws.

    3. Pedro says:

      Fixing the broke immigration system make all the sense. Every time someone uses the word Immigration, illegal immigrants comes up is. It is wrong, immigration means, border security, foreign students, foreign skilled and not skilled workers (agriculture, technology, Universities and more), and it all means jobs creation.

      I see that as soon as the immigration system is fixed we will have a better sense of how it is helping the economy. Let’s hope for it to be done soon.

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    7. Amy says:

      Well, amnesty makes a lot of sense. We are spending now billions on deportations and those people are coming back anyway. Our immigration laws don't work because many people who came legally and want to stay legal, often can't re-ally for job permits, or come with dependents who can work while they cant. It is very naive to think that 20-30 year old people will stay for years at home and live on their spouses/wive's salary. That's how we ended up with 12 million illegal immigrants in this country, and the number will grow, while we will spent more billions on deportations and health care in ER, because immigrants are not allowed to buy insurance. Another non sense is taking driver licenses from those people and think that they won't drive. I would rather be hit by a person with driver license and insurance than by someone without driver license and no insurance. Those immigrants who are been living here for years, sometimes even decades are not going to go anywhere, let's not be naive. If we don't want them to use our money, we need to legalize them and make pay for stuff too. This is America, a country built by immigrants, legal and illegal, so let's stop hating and bullying of those people and let's solve the problem omnce and for all!

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    9. levotb, Oakland says:

      Amnesty, thank heaven, will never pass again. Law and order has replaced giving criminals free reign in our country.

      Currently, there are between 50 and 60 million illegals–mostly Mexicans–in the U.S. The last serious study of the numbers of illegals–the CAPS Panel Study of October 2006–found that 20 or 38 million were in the U.S. In 2005, a Bear Sterns Report found that 18 to 20 million or more were in the country. In 2005, TIME Magazine's front-page story told us that 4 million broke into the U.S. in 2004. The 11 million pushed by the Pew is a joke.

      Amnesties beget more amnesties and increases break-ins. Amnesty is dead in the U.S.

    10. levotb, Oakland says:

      Amnesty is dead in America. The People will never be fool enough to vote for it again (thru their legislators in Congress).

      Amnesties beget more Amnesties and never work. They only facilitate more massive break-ins and lawlessness. A country without Borders is no country. A country that doesn't enforce its laws is a country on its way to ruin.

    11. Ali, Michigan says:

      Owl, the "Reagan amnesty" in 1986 was given on the condition that it was going to be ONE OFF (no more) because laws would be enforced after it. Didn't happen.

      You might also note that some of Reagan's advisors/confidants/staff, such as Bay Buchanan said that Reagan regretted giving that amnesty.

    12. Taxpayer, Los Angele says:

      I agree with most of Ms. McNeill's article above, although I do have qualms about so called "temporary worker" programs, which history has shown are anything but temporary.

      We already have many visa programs for foreign workers, and with our real U-6 unemployment rate of 16.1%, (with well over 20 million Americans looking for full time jobs), it's highly doubtful we need any "guest" or "temporary" worker programs (which many of believe are further code words for amnesty).

      In addition to enforcing our current laws against illegal immigration which will reduce the illegal population over time, we need an moratorium on legal immigration (to reduce legal immigration back to the historic levels pre-1965). There is no logical or moral reason why we continue to import about 100,000 foreign workers monthly, when millions of Americans are frantically looking for work.

    13. David, Florida says:

      Are we a sovereign nation? Are we a nation of law? Are new laws needed when current law is not enforced? Illegal immigrants are law breakers who have no right to invade my country. Mexico would not tolerate myself and five million American friends deciding to reside permanently in Cancun, Cozumel, and the Yucatan. Of course the real law breakers reside in Washington D.C. who have intentionally refrain from conducting thier Constitutional duty to defend our boarders.

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    15. Susan, Central Commi says:

      In my area you cannot access certain housing assistance developements unless you are Hispanic. You are turned away from an elementary school (in that same area) if your child speaks english only. If you are white and you attempt to access the county's health department you are told that there are no appointments today, tomorrow, next week, the week after, etc.! Ya, really. The county, with the help of the state, is spending 25 million dollars on a remodel of an illegal-only housing development. There will be a computer/rec community center built on the grounds. I have been "shouldered" by a couple of hispanic women on different occasions in the past year and get hostile looks from hispanic men whenever I go to town now. I am a red head with very light skin and freckles. Egypt is going to look so genteel in comparison with what is apparently brewing here. When the SHTF we are going to be BEHIND enemy lines here in Cali.

    16. Jay from Seattle says:

      Susan, It's not just your city, county, or state!! The exact same experiences and spectacles are occurring at ALARMING RATES In Atlanta, GA I warned friends, work associates, and ANYONE who would listen, ONLY TO BE TOLD: "Jay, people will think you are a RACIST!!'" Now, the proof IS showing itself by the sheer NUMBERS that the 'latino/hispanic' have used and CONTINUE to utilize OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION AGAINST American citizens, judicial, political figures by casting their IMMENSE VOTES!! I do PRAY that we can STEM the assaults from these CALCULATING ILLEGAL INVADERS!!!

    17. Paula Maxwell North says:

      I think that all illegal aliens should be deported back to their county and penalized by not allowing them to come her for ten years. My grandpa came here legally and had a job before he even got off the boat from Itly. He never applied for welfare, food stamps SSI or Sociaal security. When he was physically disbled after bwing bured alive for 6 hours, he was forced into early retirement at 63 and then only then he was forced to apply for social security which he paid into. Now its conmmon knowledge taht aliens who go to New York arre often told go to RI, u can get on welfare easier, so they do. We need a residency law of 5 yrs for aliens to get any type of money. We have a big problem w people from puerto rico, too. Why would someone leave a beautiful country w/warm weather to come to RI? They get on welfare, ssi and social security, no problem.But people who were born here and paid into the ayastem have to fight for it. Illegal aliens dont have rights under our Constitution. Send them back!! People r getting fed up. I hear people talking about a revolution such as the one our forefathers started. This is getting serious. Alot of these ilegal aliens dont even like America. They dont celebrate our holidays.They dont even respect us enough to learn to speak english. We are too accomdating. Signs r posted in other languages. Why should we have to do that. It costs us more money and its all free to them. I am just glad that I am not young anymore cause this country isn't America anymore. What happened?

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