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  • Morning Bell: The Obamacare Assault on the Rule of Law

    Mere hours after senior federal Judge Roger Vinson, a United States Naval Academy graduate, became the second federal judge to find Obamacare’s Section 1501 (the individual mandate) unconstitutional, an anonymous White House official called in to question Judge Vinson’s entire ruling, telling reporters, “There’s something thoroughly odd and unconventional about the analysis.” The only thing “odd and unconventional” here is that a White House official felt it imperative to undermine the legitimacy of a coequal branch of government. Unfortunately this incident just fits into a larger pattern of behavior that calls into question just how far this Administration will bend the rule of law to protect President Barack Obama’s signature accomplishment: Obamacare.

    According to Heritage legal expert Robert Alt, Judge Vinson’s declaratory judgment binds the parties to the suit, which includes 26 states, the National Federation of Independent Business and the federal government. This means that, absent a court-issued stay, Obamacare cannot be further implemented as it pertains to these 26 states. So the White House now faces a simple choice: Will President Obama abide by a valid decision by a federal district court, or will he unilaterally ignore the rule of law? If the past is any indicator, the rule of law is in for a continued beating.

    As former Member of Congress and Heritage Distinguished Fellow Ernest Istook documents, the Obamacare legislation contained unprecedented billions of dollars in advance implementation appropriations. The advance year appropriations were designed to completely bypass Congress’s annual budget process and go far beyond standard spending decisions for the current and following fiscal years. Some of these advance-implementation appropriations stretch 10 years into the future, far beyond President Obama’s term in office.

    Then there are the hundreds of waivers reaching millions of Americans that are being granted piecemeal by the Obama Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Just last week, HHS granted 500 new waivers, more than tripling the number of groups exempt from Obamacare. Unions that gave heavily to President Obama’s election efforts accounted for 40 percent of all employees exempted from Obamacare last week. In all, more than 700 entities are now exempt from Obamacare, totaling 2.1 million people. Last night before the Senate voted on party lines against repeal of Obamacare, Senator Jim DeMint (R–SC) explained why this selective enforcement of the law must stop: “Most Americans don’t play these political games. They don’t have lobbyists and PACs, but I think they should all get a waiver too. I think we should name this repeal bill that we will vote on today ‘the great American waiver.’”

    Health care is by far not the only arena where the Obama Administration has sacrificed the rule of law for its own political expediency. It has shredded the Constitution’s Appointments Clause to install its favored bureaucrats at regulatory agencies. Then there was the “outrageous and illegal” takeover of Chrysler, the shakedown of BP, the assertion that President Obama can rewrite our nation’s immigration laws simply by not enforcing them, the refusal to enforce anti-voting-fraud laws, and, back to Obamacare, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius threats to silence insurance companies.

    One can understand why the White House was so visibly shaken by its federal court Obamacare loss. The 26 states that are party to the Florida suit will account for 266 electoral college votes in the next election. Throw in Virginia’s 13 electoral votes, where another federal court has ruled against Obamacare, and that brings the total to 279, which is more than the 270 needed to elect the next President of the United States.

    But political expediency is never an excuse to skirt the rule of law, especially for our nation’s chief law enforcement officer. Congress could help the President make the right decision. In a couple of months, when the current continuing resolution that is funding the federal government runs out, conservatives could attach language to the next spending bill requiring all Obama appointees to abide by Judge Vinson’s decision. You can see The Heritage Foundation’s “The Case Against Obamacare” here and the “Impact of Obamacare” here.

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    62 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obamacare Assault on the Rule of Law

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Florida Senator Bill Nelson is calling for a quick Supreme Court

      ruling on ObamaCare.



      Will the GOP support it?

    2. Doouble Ace says:

      This is not the best thing that could have happened but it was a good thing. Now the American voter knows who the enemy is. They have identified themselves and now the voters can make sure they are voted out of office. Hear that Sherrod Brown?

    3. Doouble Ace says:

      Now it is up to the Republican controlled House of Reps to ensure there is no funding for Obamacare. So the Dems in the Senate revealed themselves for nothing. I love it when a plan comes to fruition..

    4. Ed Angelo, Quakertow says:

      Read your history, son, particularly the FDR era. President Roosevelt fought the courts vigorously to pass legislation to help those suffering from the ravages of the Great Depression. FDR and Pres. Obama were and are understanding of the plight of the less fortunate in our nation. Sir, you are no doubt among the rich and comfortable of our populace, the ones who shout and scream the loudest–in fact, shriek like little girls–whenever something is done for those in need because you fear that relative pennies will be plucked from your millions to, God forbid, help the "least among us"…oh, and you're probably a right wing Bible banger as well…just a guess!

    5. mark shevitz, santa says:

      In thinking of this administrations disdain for legal rulings against them, we cannot forget the rulings on offshore oil drilling in the Gulf. They just ignore a judges rulings that do not fit their agenda.

    6. Richard, Michigan says:

      Is any of this assault on the rule of law, or assault on the Constitution impeachable?

    7. Earle Stone, Bryan says:

      700+ waivers shows we are not all to be treated equally under the law. Indeed, "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others." – George Orwell

    8. thisisit Oregon says:


    9. William Boles says:

      Why are we ignoring the Constitution. See Article III, Section 2, Paragraph 2 which states that ALL suits involving the States should go to the Supreme Court as the court of first (original) jurisdiction. Why are they gong to the District Courts first?

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama has abused the office of President since the day he swore his oath and prior to that he was dedicated to destroying the American way of life. It is the way he was raised.

      Obama is a bad man, as are his henchmen; but, what is sadder is the fact that there are so many among us who are blind to this man's nefarious machinations. Again, what is saddest of all is that no one in the legislature really stands up to him. There have been moans and groans but no actions. He is allowed to go on his merry way, ignoring the Constitution and destroying the finest Country the World has ever seen. Our Freedoms are trampled underfoot and no one, in a position to do anything, acts. What are they afraid of? Must we submit to this false messiah and become a Socialist Country? Must we become as bankrupt as Greece and Spain et al? Must it come down to riots as in Egypt and France? Must we be slaves of the State as in Venezuela and Cuba? Are there no more American men of courage to call for impeachment of this most anti American President?

      Our whole system which has slowly become corrupted by politicians who have been elected by people who don't what they are voting for, needs a major moral and ethical overhaul.

      In the final analysis, it is we, the American people, who are to be blamed. Unless the public awakens to the evil among us, America will be doomed.

    11. Paul Terry Stone says:

      Obama's treatment of the Rule of Law will probably be similar to Andrew Jackson's reaction to a Supreme Court decision that he didn't like- demand that the courts enforce their decision.

    12. Roger TN says:

      733 exemptions, 734 if you include the federal government, 40% of which are union companies. Seem as if you should not be allowed exemptions if you are on record as supporting the Obamacare legislation. But then, who really cares about principles when campaign contributions are at stake. Wake up America, we are becomming Greece, Portugal and Egypt.

    13. Richard, New Orleans says:

      Similarly look at what happened with the Drilling Moratorium law suit yesterday.

      "NEW ORLEANS – The federal judge who struck down the Obama administration's moratorium on deepwater drilling after the Gulf oil spill held the Interior Department in contempt Wednesday, and ordered the federal agency to pay attorneys' fees for several offshore oil companies.

      U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman chided the department for its "dismissive conduct" after he overturned the agency's decision to halt any new permits for deepwater projects and suspend drilling on 33 exploratory wells after the Deepwater Horizon blast, which killed 11 workers and triggered the massive spill.

      After Feldman overturned the government's moratorium in June, the agency issued a second nearly identical suspension.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/02/02/judge-holds-

    14. Catriona, Ohio says:

      When dealing with Obama the malignant narcissist and his legion of sycophants. One should never be surprised at their lack of respect for the law. The law only applies to others, never to them!

      Every opposition to Obama's demands only helps to feed his narcissism. He thrives on the attention, and in his mind he should never lose! Is he not far brighter and superior to everyone? By God we should be in awe of his attributes……therefore how dare we fight against him! We will be punished!

      Do not for one moment think that Obama cares about anything but winning and feeding his narcissism. He lives in a psychological vacuum and is incapable of empathy.

      His life is one big act, filled with pathological lying……he cannot help himself……this is who he is! This is the malignant narcissist.

      What concerns me the most is when his make believe world finally comes crumbling down. With paranoia and possibly psychosis rearing their ugly heads……their will be a determination to punish us all….I wonder what destruction will come from this?

      I also have to wonder why more people are not focussing on his mental instability? My goodness is everyone blind? It is practically stamped on his forehead! Wake up!

    15. West Texan says:

      I just learned about Tom Woods and his book "Nullification". He has a number of great You-tube videos as well. Yesterday was the first time I heard of this gentleman. I don't know his position on our country's defense strategy, but every thing he verbalized outside of this supports my understanding of our constitutional mandate of dual sovereignty. Without this requirement, our constitutional charter with its guarantees is pointless. Essentially what social progressives have been saying all along, that the constitution is a pointless arcane document.

    16. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      I am sorry to see that the RINOs are still playing Party Politics rather than honoring their oaths of office. If they would realize that Political Expediency is the rule of this illegitimate cabal, they could quit wasting time; quit ignoring our Constitution and stop the ongoing assault on our country .

      If they were but to honor that oath of office, they would realize that Obama failed the natural born citizen requirement of the Constitution because his (claimed) father was NOT a United States citizen; therefore there is no need to waste time on Obamacare as it — and everything else Obama has signed — is null and void. It does not exist and the Justice Department under a new, legitimate, Attorney General can initiate RICO indictments against Obama and his henchmen for fraud, extortion and other crimes including treason.

      The People must DEMAND that we remove any official who refuses to honor his/her oath of office!

    17. Jim , Utah says:

      Why are our congressman and senators not moving to stop all action moving forward on the health care law? The judge ruled it unconstitutional so why are they moving ahead and ignoring the ruling? It appears that the rule of law applies to everyone except the Obama administration. Why does no-one challenge this. You wonder why people get mad? We are being walked on.

    18. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Yes, Ken ,we need to know as quick as possible the outcome of the Supreme Court decision re: Obamacare. It will make a difference for my business and employees. I have been in business for forty one years and enjoy what I do. But if Obamacare stands I will close my business and bid farewell to my employees wishing them a continued good life. By all measures it will simply increase my costs beyond what my clients will be able to afford. Consumers pay for government dictated social agendas – not businesses.

    19. Audrey Enzor Mississ says:

      Why do we continuously have to fight this battle?

      Either we abide by the laws of the land and the United States Constitution or we do not!

      If the present Administration does not wish to follow Constitutional Law, they need to be ousted at once!!

      Where are the powers that be with this? Do they not have the guts to do the right thing?

      I, for one, am sick and tired of the same old …………

      Thank you.


    20. Denver, Oklahoma says:

      With everything else the Pres. has done and failed to do, when does Congress start impeachment ? We don't have time to wait for the moderates to possibly eventually become aware that we're in a crisis. The Muslim Axis has the western civilization at its' mercy. Congress should act immediately to also defund/dismantle the EPA, DOE,and every other agency that makes any effort to delay the construction of at least ten new refineries and ten new nuclear power plants. Congress is the key.If they act immediately we wont have an unemployment problem or energy crisis and the fair tax will abundantly fund our way out of our deficit. Then the Muslims can sell their oil to whoever for whatever price they can get

    21. Bill, Charleston WV says:

      If a Republican president ignored a Federal judge's direct order to cease and desist, don't you think that the Judiciary committees in both houses would be holding hearings on articles of impeachment? What the heck are our elected representatives thinking? Go along to get along is not a viable legal option. No one can ignore a court ruling without being in contempt. Unless this Administration asks for a stay, and gets it, it must stop all implementation of this health care legislation.

    22. Becky Holman, Denver says:

      Please give us a list of the twenty-six states. I fear Colorado is not among them, or we would have heard……

    23. toledofan says:

      I agree that the enemy has shown their face and I agree; the first one to go should be Sherrod Brown, he is isn't a true reflection of Ohio. Anyway, these people have shown who they are for the past two years, what they stand for and who they really represent; themselves and it's clear to me that their agenda means more than the country, the people or the Constituion. Starting to defund many of the bastions of liberalism is a good start but not clearly enough, the Republicans need to learn how to fight back and start to discuss eliminating whole departments or agencies, like, the EPA, IRS, Human Services, Education, our funding of the UN, and the countless others that have gotten bigger than anyone would have imagined

    24. Lil, San Diego says:

      It is not surprising that an "unnamed" White House source would attempt to demean and vilify Judge Vinson. This is sop for liberals. It will be up to the House to defund this monstrosity.

    25. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Anyone supposing that we still have an active Constitution oor Rule of Law in this country must be in a coma.

    26. Barb, St. Louis, MO says:

      Isn't this grounds for impeachment? What actually protects the citizens against a dictatorship? It obviously isn't the Constitution, since that is constantly under attack. How, pray tell, could a sitting president take over a car company??? I just don't understand. When does 'hands-on' action take place? I understand the importance of filing greviances and such, but it seems that so much time and money is wasted fighting lawsuits and such. How does one use wisdom and patience when fighting against the liberal machine? I, for one, pray for the United States and the Congress and all involved. I strive to keep my focus on the Creator. And I do call and email my reps regularly!

    27. Phil, Boston Ma says:

      Don't forget one of the biggest "under the radar" scandals of this administration! Obama put a EDF enviro-terrorist in charge of NOAA, which puts her in charge of NMFS (National Marine Fisheries). This was the final blow to our hard working fishermen. Jane has been part of a decades long plan by the enviros to infiltrate and take control from the inside, and eliminate our nations fishermen. What she is doing to the fishermen now is completely illegal. The government is out of control. More info here:


    28. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Nothing as "simple" as a judge's ruling will deter this regime. Obama considers himself above the law of the land and the people and he will instruct his minions to go forward with this abomination. So, Republican House members, get ready to rumble and have good, sharp scissors and knives to dismantle this piece of junk. The country will thank you.

    29. Morris Clopton - Kil says:

      Is there any way "We the people" can hold THE DOJ, Executive Branch, and Congressional Branch to their sworn oaths to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States?

      President Obama, Harry Reid, Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi are so obsessed with their perceived importance that they believe they are above the law and have no sense of honesty and integrity that they regularly trample on the law.

      Ignoring Judge Roger Vinson's decision is contempt for the court and the judical branch of government.

    30. J.A., Pennsylvania says:

      Apart from the curious question of law about how a decision (i.e. Judge Vinson's) in the U.S. Northern District of Florida (covering Pensacola, Tallahassee, etc.) can bind 26 state juridictions, it must be noted that Judge Vinson on the second to the last page of his decision specifically declined to enjoin implementation of the Health Care Reform Act.

      The Act therefore remains in full effect and other district courts in the 26 states are free to rule contrary to Judge Vinson. If Utah, for example, wants to enjoin the Act, it will have to go into its U.S District Courts to do so and will have to reargue why the Act should be deemed unconstitutional. As a matter of law, it is not sufficient that Judge Vinson says so.

      Judge William Posner, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit and a Reagan appointee, put it this way:

      "[A]s we have noted repeatedly, a district court decision does not have stare decisis effect; it is not a precedent. It may be a wise, well-reasoned decision that persuades by the quality of its reasoning, but in that respect it is no different from a persuasive article or treatise. The fact of such a decision is not a reason for following it. This conclusion is based not on a disrespect for district judges, but on the sheer unmanageability of a system in which the authority to lay down legal rules is dispersed across a multitude of independent courts."

      Midlock v. Apple Vacations West, Inc., 406 F.3d 453, 458 (7th Cir. 2005)

    31. Bobbie says:

      We are grateful to all that stand to expose the fraud and corruption under the present administration. Our country and we are in danger and arrests need to be made.

      People who don't want to accept civil law (Muslims and Sharia) can get out of this country and stop burdening people by imposing their religious beliefs and their Mohammad inspired uncivil law of Sharia.

      We expect immigrants are here to live their lives free and as they see individually fit. We don't expect immigrants to come here to live off others and promote their ideology that is in direct conflict of the principles and values of America.

    32. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      I'd love to see Obama have an Andrew Jackson moment if the Supreme Court rules

      Obamacare unconstitutional. When the Supreme Court ruled the Indian Removal

      Act of 1837 unconstitutional, Andrew Jackson defiantly said: "Mr. Marshall has made

      his opinion, let him enforce it." Does he think he can be that imperious? Who does he

      think he is? our Imperious Leader?

    33. Bippy New Jersey says:

      Why are Republican legislators "COMPROMISING" with this Fraud in Chief? I have lost a great deal of respect and faith in the Republicans currently in D.C. Watching what is happening in Egypt, we see a lack of leadership in our Country, and an understanding of those who are rebelling because their government refuses to listen to them. How long before it happens here? Neither party is listening. How SAD AND DISAPPOINTING that we've elected these FOPS.

    34. Wauconda,Il. says:

      What is wrong with our Congress? This administration thinks it is above the Law.

      It does not and will not abide by the Constitution. I think it is time to start impeachment proceedings.

    35. Lowell Fort Smith Ar says:

      The people wanted change, but they forgot to ask what this RADICAL

      LEFT WING SOCIALIST ment by change,we the people should make sure that in 2012 we send these SOCIALIST packing along with their Kill America ideals.

    36. KC - New Mexico says:

      What upsets me is that this law was pushed through by Pelosi and Reid in a manner that did not meet the needs or desires of the majority of America. As leaders, they were out of touch along with the president. Today, republicans, tea party, and democrats must step up and do what is right for the majority. The revisions and modifications to this law must be made.

      Secondly, the fact that HHS has granted waivers of any kind is an indication of the unfairness of this law. Get the darn unions out of the picture – since when did we elect cowardly leaders in Washington who cannot stand up to the unions? Who is controlling this country? This should be another issue for Tea Party and others to capture in 2012 elections.

    37. Gayle Cranford says:

      Apparently, the Supreme Court can assume to take on this case immediately, if it chooses, without going through the costly and lengthy appeals course. Lets' hope that it does.

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    39. Spiff, USA says:

      Aren't you folks forgetting something? The Democrats have given the US another defrocked lawyer as President…This the best they can offer! And how do many lawyers make a living – like this one,by circumventing the law!

      Too bad racketeering charges of some kind can't be brought up against him and his gang!!


    40. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      When is someone with a back-bone, going to expose this man for what he is. He has pulled the biggest sham on this country ever perptrated. He is NOT eliglble to be President ad therefore can rule as he pleases. NOW is the ime to settle this, go to Kenya and find the records there, find the flight his mother took to Hawaii when he was 3 days old to register his birth, check the hopspital in Hawaii, they only had 4 OB beds in 1961, only one birth that day, a girl, Let's get this all in the open and then start trials and send all involved (most of Chicago politicians) to Prison. BHO is not a Christian in reality, that is why he doesn't cross Muslim's. A radical Imam was on last night and IF we do not act NOW, the phrophecy he made will be true and it won't be long. Wake up America and wake up quickly.

    41. Hermes C Liberty NY, says:

      We can only thank an applause for Heritage for its vigilence and sincere Patriotism. The only note to be added is to realize that the White House acts as an unconscious enemy of the American People. It may be under the sway of some intelligent true enemies, hence the necessity to stand resolutely against any violation of the rule of Law, and any disguised attack against America. For this to succeed, it is necessary to break this political division Left-Right and succeed in making more Conservatives than ever, especially from the Left, at least concerning some issues of National Interest and Stature. We have to be the proactive part that must approach the most open and make them see that "somebody" is moving through the White House, all America towards unprecedented fall and destruction and that this should not be.

    42. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      I tried to link to "HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius threats to silence insurance companies." I received an error. Don't tell me that someone is trying to silence the web info too. The truth is that the fight will take more than two more years to become a free country again.

    43. P. Griffin, Indiana says:

      Obamacare is a travesty that was foisted on American citizens against our will, by a bunch of socialist/marxist activists and their pals in Congress and by a President who is widely distrusted by the American people. Obamacare is unconstitutional, and we will not allow ourselves to be subjected to it. Our first step in regaining control of our country was to spit a bunch of democrats out of office in November for their brazen votes for Obamacare. Now we are gearing up for 2012, and many more Democrat and RINO members of Congress will get the boot. Also, with any luck, impeachment proceedings will be brought against this President for the countless ways he is working to shred the Constitution. Hope and change that will truly be for the better!

    44. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Agree with the comments stated, The GOP must act. This Law is Illegal and Obama and his Democratic Cronies knows it. The Republicans for the next 2 years must do all they can to keep Obama from ruining this country. The Unions and The Democratic Congress wanted Obamacare, but do not want Obamacare imposed on them. However, most Americans who do not want Obamacare must pay for it and have it imposed on them. WHERE IS THE SOCIAL JUSTICE THE DEMOCRATS AND UNIONS KEEP PROCLAIMING?

    45. Jackson, USA says:

      Umm, how come no one wants to discuss the ways George W Bush "shredded the constitution" in a much more blatant and destructive manner. How about suspending habeas corpus, due process, and invasion of personal privacy by sending the feds in to snoop on folks. Or the unconstitutionality of declaring war in Iraq (for the benefit of the oil barons) without consent of congress. At least the health care bill is intended to help folks, whereas the Bush policies only wrought war and much more serious destruction of individual rights.

    46. Al from Fl says:

      Many keep asking what is wrong with our congress. Have you forgotten, the republicans only control the house, not the senate or the W/H. The repubs have passed a bill to kill Obamacare in the House but in the Senate, 47 voted for repeal but 51 did not. Make sure you vote out your senator if he/she is one of the 51. Harry Reid and Pres Obama still have control of the outcome. All the repubs can do is try to repeal (which they did) and now refuse to fund the elements of this bill. As for those who rail about the poor etc. the repubs are not against the good features in Obamacare but want to start over with a credible health care bill that will, indeed, improve our healthcare situation. Obamacare has so many non-health related and tax increases that it will, most likely, never be a good bill, even if amended. We are in dire straits with our debt and deficit spending, yet Obamacare was sold on false pretenses as a cost saver which it is not. Support the repubs in their fight to bring down spending and return the congress to a moral, responsible representative of the people. They may not be perfect and they may not always get it right, but they are trying to listen to the people and respond accordingly.

    47. Brian, Seattle WA says:

      All those asking about impeachment. Here's the lowdown:

      The impeachment process is a two-step procedure. The House of Representatives must first pass by a simple majority articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Upon their passage, the defendant has been "impeached". Next, the Senate tries the accused. In the case of the impeachment of a president, the Chief Justice of the United States presides over the proceedings. For the impeachment of any other official, the Constitution is silent on who shall preside, suggesting that this role falls to the Senate's usual presiding officer. This may include the impeachment of the vice president, although legal theories suggest that allowing a defendant to be the judge in his own case would be a blatant conflict of interest. If the Vice President did not preside over an impeachment (of anyone besides the President), the duties would fall to the President pro tempore of the Senate.

      To convict the accused, a two-thirds majority of the senators present is required. Conviction automatically removes the defendant from office. Following conviction, the Senate may vote to further punish the individual by barring him from holding future federal office, elected or appointed. Conviction by the Senate does not bar criminal prosecution. Even after an accused has left office, it is possible to impeach to disqualify the person from future office or from certain emoluments of his prior office (such as a pension). If there is no charge for which a two-thirds majority of the senators present vote "guilty", the defendant is acquitted and no punishment is imposed.

      So, All that said, even if Obama WERE to be impeached, that would put Joe Biden and/or Harry Reid next in line to assume the presidency.

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    50. Scott Carver says:

      Can't think of anything that hasn't already been said here.

      Obama needs to face impeachment hearings for violating his oath of office. Then he needs to be ousted and his entire administration dismantled. All appointments need to be reviewed and replaced as necessary.

      But there is one other thing that needs to be done. The people of this country need to file a Class-action Lawsuit against Obama himself for the damage he has done to people's lives. The jobs and homes lost. The loss of earnings. This needs to be directed wholly and completely at Obama. Something right in his face that he can't ignore, can't sidestep, and can't escape. How many millions of people do you think would sign on with that?

    51. Sandy, UT says:

      ." Unions that gave heavily to President Obama’s election efforts accounted for 40 percent of all employees exempted from Obamacare last week. In all, more than 700 entities are now exempt from Obamacare, totaling 2.1 million people. "

      Surprise, Surprise! Does the name Andy Stern come to anyone's mind?

      The guest with the MOST visits to the White House is also SEIU leader…excuse me former leader and now on a White House adisory committee. YEAH RIGHT!

      The healthcare bill is NOT about healthcare it's about power and control and Obama paying the unions back for their campaign contributions to elect him POTUS.

    52. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Can you believe it? Obama and his cohorts failing to follow the rule of law. Wow, what a revelation. Keep in mind some, a few, but some Republicans also voted for the health care package. Take this to the bank…The health care package will not be repealed, the courts will be ignored and the government will forever be involved in health care. Republicans and Democrats see a rich revenue stream that they can milk forever. Follow the money….

      Want to see it change immediately…have the Republicans & Democrats agree to participate. Then they'll fix it.

    53. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Obama's team of deranged minions has become the rabbit in the proverbial briar patch with Judge Vinson's recent decision. They both accept the ruling and stop all actions to implement Obamacare, file a motion for a stay thereby acknowledging the court’s decision [and its implications] or ignore the court’s ruling thereby violating the rule of law.

      One or all of the 26 states involved should file a motion to make the federal government cease and desist implementing Obamacare based upon the judge’s (or court’s ruling) and the public statements made by the anonymous administration official and the Senator that made a public statement attesting to their willingness to violate the court’s ruling by going full steam ahead on the implementation process.

      I would like to (but realize won’t see) all those involved with preparing this law, involved in all the backroom deals and arm-twisting to get it passed be charged with corruption, treason and violating the oath of office they were sworn to when they took office. That would definitely change the majority in the Senate and annihilate the Executive branch, but the truth hurts.

    54. frank, usa says:

      In judge vinson's summary judgement order, he stated that a separate injunction is not necessary when dealing with the federal government as there is a presumption that government will obey and abide by court orders.

      Obama has stated publically that he regards our constitution is a flawed, racist, biggoted document full of negative liberties that needs to be eradicated.

      This should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that he considers himself above the law. He needs to be put in jail till he agrees to obey the law, like everyone else.

    55. Beverly Caron, Corva says:

      Are we surprised that the administration is literally in contempt of court in two separate instances? Obamacare and the drilling moratorium, both having been found unconstitutional have received no attention from the administration which continues to ignore both rulings.

      I was astounded to hear Senator Schumer identify the branches of government as "the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Perhaps this is why the President ignores the Judicial branch…………it just isn't in the Democrat mindset to acknowledge it at all. I don't see Obama being arrested for contempt of court but his Attorney General certainly could be!

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    57. Linda, Louisiana says:

      I have a question — What happens to all the comments made at the conclusion of Morning Bell's articles? While I agree with the articles and many of the comments, I often wonder what good the comments are doing.

      Is my opinions worth anything?

      If my opinions are worth something, Obama would be out of office in the twinkling of an eye. He has done nothing but destroy this Nation. And, I agree with one comment regarding any action that can be taken to get this man out of office. What I read in the comments, Impeachment may not be an option. Is anyone in Congress trying to stop any of his shenanigans? As of now, we have not been able to do anything about Obamacare. And, to the man who thinks many of us are millionaires who disagree with Obamacare, speaking for myself, I am far from being a millionaire. I do not oppose helping the poor and unfortunate, but those people receive more benefits and assistance that adds up to more than what many of us receive after working 30 or 40 years. The ones who are suffering are those who, because of the economy and many of the regulations, etc. that Obama has enacted, have lost their jobs and are really hurting for health care. Obama has created more problems for businesses to hire and maintain their labor force. Obama has a gift for gab. and that's all that is positive about him.

      Again, I ask, are these comments useful?

    58. Dan,, NY says:

      Perhaps these pundits should read the works of the Founding Fathers, just to understand their own wide divergence of opinion about the Constitution and this wonderful republic in which we live. the greatest of them all included Alexander Hamilton, without whose far-reaching vision, we still would be living as a country of shopkeepers and farmers. Denigrating one side or the other is nothing but carping and demagoguery. We certainly can, and should, disagree about principles and perspectives, but there is nothint to be gained by marginalizing and demonizing the other side. America has a long, undistinguished history of doing just that. Given the challenges we face, I would rather see, hear, and read thoughtful remarks about next steps. Give up the nonsense. Instead, give us solutions, reasonable and pragmatic, that could work. The rhetoric accomplishes very little, and, actually, is much of what comes from our politicians. This is the time for statesmen, instead!

    59. Daisysue says:

      Since OBAMACARE has been ruled as "UNCONSTITUTIONAL " There should be no reason to vote on it. So then WHY is congress going along it Obama's blatant disregard for the LAW and the Constitution??? They are allowing him to continue in his lawless, above the Law , dictatorial behaviour. He should have been censured and charged with Contempt. THE CONGRESS AND SENATE are not doing their job. Obama needs to be tried for his crimes and ousted from the Presidency/ What is their problem??? There should be no reason for this issue to be bounced around from court to court until he finds a decision he is happy with. Charge him with " High Crimes and Treason and try him……Because of their actions other parts of our Justice System is breaking down and is not able/allowed to do their job…….I am completely disgusted with Congress, the senate and this whole damn mess………

    60. Brian, Fort Lauderda says:

      The simple answer to the worst attack on our individual freedoms, Obamacare, is for us all, individually, to request an exemption…if the unions and major businesses that contributed to the Big O's campaign get exemptions (as well as the leftist liberals who as congressmen, fraudulently rammed this bill through without even reading it? ), then what is stopping us, as individuals, to request an exemption..??

      I, for my part, will become an 'illegal alien' if Obamacare is not repealed…no problem with health care then !!!

      …a simple answer to a mean and nasty and naughty act of the government – who, by the way, think you are all 'stupid' enough to believe their lies.

    61. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      BHO. and his cadre, must be removed or stymied immediately, without curtsying and by-your-leave gestures by Rockefeller Republicans – RINOs -standing in the way/ OUT! NOW!

    62. Kathryn Hanley says:

      Are hospitals and clinics able or permitted to deny care? I believe that part of the problem to which President Obama is trying to force the healthcare industry to find a solution is the fact that Medicaid (or Medicare, to a lesser degree) becomes the payer of last resort when private insurance and individuals refuse to pay for care already provided. Now I do not believe that non-profit hospitals, for-profit insurance companies, and non-profit educational and governance (think AMA) associations (financed in part by the for-profit loan industry, underwritten and subsidized by non-profit, government guaranteed loans), have addressed the fact that they would really like to be able to restore debtors' prison and/or damage a person's credit for unpaid medical bills, neither of which is truly an ethically sound response to medical need. But it's a bit of a Pandora's box inasmuch as individual choices (to smoke, eat poorly, etc.) affect the need for healthcare to some degree, as do genetic factors. What I'm missing from everyone's analysis is a sense of the overall goal that they think the President is trying to reach, regardless whether they believe it to be the right goal. Please help. Thanks!

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