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  • Mubarak Should Step Down to Preserve Chances for a Successful Transition

    As expected, President Hosni Mubarak’s promise not to seek re-election has not appeased the huge crowds of Egyptians who are determined to remove him from power immediately. The regime mobilized thousands of supporters, who clashed with protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

    Such clashes are sure to inflame the situation and risk dragging the army, the most important force for stability in Egypt, into a spiraling series of confrontations with opposition demonstrators egged on by radical anti-democratic groups. Such an escalation of political violence would discredit the army and undermine its ability to oversee a transition to a stable democracy. The longer President Mubarak clings to power, the more likely the situation will further deteriorate and create a situation even more favorable to the eventual triumph of the anti-freedom Muslim Brotherhood.

    At this point, the best step forward for Egypt and for U.S. interests in ensuring that a genuine democracy emerges in Egypt is for President Mubarak to step down. This would allow the army to preserve its institutional power and allow it to continue to serve as a bulwark against radical Islamism. As Daniel Pipes noted in National Review Online, Egypt’s army has historically acted to rein in the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood, which it has suppressed since 1954. But if the military leadership splinters into factions or the troops on the streets dissolve into the massive crowds demanding Mubarak’s resignation, then the Muslim Brotherhood would have a much greater opportunity to hijack the populist revolt against the unpopular Egyptian president.

    By stepping down and transferring power to Vice President Omar Suleiman, President Mubarak would help increase the chances that Egypt can make the difficult transition to a stable democracy. Such a move would help calm the situation and allow the army to ensure that Egypt can undertake free and fair elections to form a new government.

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    12 Responses to Mubarak Should Step Down to Preserve Chances for a Successful Transition

    1. Diane - San Antonio, says:

      Excuse me, James! Haven't you learned anything from previous history? There is no such thing as a successful transition into a genuine democracy. Didn't you learn anything (when you were in school) about how they have been known to collapse?

    2. Cindy, NC says:

      Wasn't it the Egyptian army or people posing as such, who gunned down Anwar Sadat? How can we be sure those violent people in the streets are seeking democracy? Why would we set the bad example of throwing over a leader who has supported the United States? Aren't our other allies watching what we do and how disloyal we are? Looks like another Jimmy Carter/Shah of Iran moment to me and look what that got us. I think that POTUS is acting rashly and not in America's best interest or Israel's for pushing Mubarak out. It is also disturbing how cozy he is with the Muslim Brotherhood. Many disturbing aspects to this and we should be cautious.

    3. Mike Schwartz, El Pa says:

      I disagree.Mubarak stepped into a void created by the Muslim Brotherhood's killing of Sadat and silenced the Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood now wants sharia law implemented and has carefully structured the riots and protests. Mubarak stepping down now is not the answer. Solidarity behind Mubarak will again silence those who started the riots. That then gives Mubarak a chance to structure his departure. Liken this to the Shah of Iran who stepped down and away but the bloodshed and riots and anarchy occurred anyway.

    4. FredN says:

      This is the 1st time I have disagreed with your logic. As today's news reports are showing, a multiplicity of countries are having demonstrations as a result of the success in Egypt. In my estimation, these are coordinated attempts by the Muslim Brotherhood to takeover the middle east and form one nation to attack the U.S. & Israel and eventually the remainder of the world. These radical muslims have, since Carter, been emboldened and firmly believe that ALL should be made into muslims. Using reason, commonsense & I'm sure, Christian values in your diagnosis and remedies have not and will not work.

      The progressives in this country have taken advantage of the conservatives using the same methods that the muslim radicals now employ. That is, say anything to quiet their opponents while continually moving forward. Look at what's taken place in this country since the 60s if you disagree.

    5. Trudy Stanford says:

      My respect for The Heritage has just gone way down. You sound like Obama thugs trying to bully Egypt's President to cave to thugs. You know the Muslim Brotherhood is behind this and you want them to prevail. You side with Obama, against America and Israel. I was not surprised when spineless McCain jumped sides, he usually does for selfserving reasons.

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    7. Spiritof76, NH says:

      This is Iran of 2010. The same useful idiots in this country said then that overthrowing of the Shah would usher in democracy to the oppressed people of Iran. What is it now in Iran, a democracy?

      How come Obama who is now champion of democracy in Egypt was silent when people of Iran tried to topple the mullahs recently. This is a socialist and communist inspired revolt and Obama is obliging them feeling kinship with them. Remember, Obama is an anti-American socialist.

    8. WD , Louisiana says:

      Could we get our government to step down if less than 1% of us get into the streets?

    9. Jose, Bronx says:

      Clearly, the entire Middle East is in needs of a Marshal Plan. To be funded and directed by the Oil rich middle East countries. The emphasis to be the development of industry, improve access to quality education and improvement to the quality of life. Otherwise, the anti-Mubarak forces in the streets and other Middle East countries on the brinks will soon realize that they will be trading in one bad form of tyranny for a much worst form of tyranny in the form of Islamic fundamentalism. If this cannot be accomplished, I fear the rest of the civilized world will be forced to expatriate all Muslims living in the West, Europe and any other non-Muslim country back to their home counties. Islam and Muslims I strongly believe cannot live peacefully with non-Muslims before Islamic orthodoxy disrupts this co-existence.

    10. Donald J. Cole - Cyp says:

      I am joining in here late, but was unable to make this post last night. I do want to add my voice and thoughts to the eight thinking folks who have already shown their wisdom in their posts on this issue/article. Eight people, and now nine, take exception to Mr. Phillips' position. I commend the eight who preceded me here for their wise observations.

      One need not be a Rhodes scholar to see the wrongheadedness of the call for Mr. Mubarak to step aside right now, pronto, and allow the Islamo-fascist mobs to completely destroy Egypt as a first step to the destruction of the entire Middle East.

      We have history to teach us the right course. One needs only to look back at Jimmy Carter's spineless and ignorant decisions in the abandonment of the Shah. We know what that lame chapter in American history visited upon the world.

      Mubarak is a dictator. That's true enough, but he has kept Egypt out of the hands of the bloodthirsty Islamic Brotherhood hooligans and has been a true ally of Israel and the West as well. We do not need a reprive of the Carteresque stupidity in this crisis. And that other voice that we've now heard from, the "lesser of two evils" candidate I voted for against Obama, should quickly close his mouth and marvel at the fact that he was somehow re-elected to the Senate in 2010. Yes, that would be Mr. McCain. The only thing he can do to contribute to a solution here is to close his mouth and stay out of it.

      Mubarak can . . . and, on his own schedule, will leave, and not let Egypt meet its end if we Americans show some loyalty to an ally who has long been a friend to America and Israel and a stabilizing factor in the region. As for Obana's grandstanding . . . he is, as always, an embarrassment to America and certainly no friend to Israel.

      God bless America and God help Egypt and all of the Middle East region.

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    12. I'm genuinely delighted about everything that materialized in Egypt. At last, the tyranny of Hosni Mubarak has come to an stop. And all the things occurred mainly because of the bravery of the egyptians. I hope that the model will broaden through all the Middle East. Freedom now! Peace.

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