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  • Morning Bell: Obama, Not Egypt, is Biggest Threat to U.S. Energy Prices

    Last Friday on a conference call with reporters about the Obama Administration’s long-term energy proposals, Energy Secretary Steven Chu responded to a question about the situation in Egypt, saying: “Certainly any disruption in the Middle East means a partial disruption in the oil we import. It’s a world market and [a disruption] could actually have real harm of the price. The best way America can protect itself against these incidents is to decrease our dependency on foreign oil, in fact to diversify our supply.” This is a nice sentiment. Unfortunately, everything the Obama Administration is doing is only increasing our dependence on foreign sources of oil.

    Secretary Chu is right: Oil does sell on a world market. But transportation and other distribution factors do segment oil markets somewhat. In fact, the United States is currently paying about $10 less for a barrel of oil than European and Asian nations are. Why? Because of U.S. access to oil refined from Canadian oil sands. Access to these vast natural resources is a great diversification of our oil supply. But now the Obama Administration is trying to make it harder for American consumers to get Canadian oil. The Obama Environmental Protection Agency is stonewalling approval for the Keystone pipeline, which would increase the amount of oil the U.S. receives from Canada by over a million barrels per day. And that is not the only oil the Obama Administration is trying to keep out of American consumers’ hands.

    Offshore, the Obama Interior Department has blocked access to 19 billion barrels of oil in the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and the eastern Gulf of Mexico—and another 10 billion barrels estimated in the Chukchi Sea off the Alaskan coast.  Onshore, federal leasing of oil and gas exploration in the western United States has dropped significantly in the past two years. According to data compiled by the Western Energy Alliance, the Bureau of Land Management offered 79 percent fewer leases for oil and natural gas development in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming in 2010 than in 2005. And then there is the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, where an estimated 10 billion barrels of oil lie beneath a few thousand acres that can be accessed with minimal environmental impact.

    Allowing Americans to develop these resources could easily produce at least 1 million new barrels of oil a day. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis estimates that, if the United States managed to increase its domestic oil production by 1 million barrels a day, it would create an additional 128,000 jobs and generate $7.7 billion in economic activity.

    As bad as these existing energy policies are, President Obama’s planned energy policies are even worse. Today, the President is meeting with Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D–NM) to plot passage of a clean energy standard (CES) bill. CES is just another cap-and-trade, energy-tax-like policy, except it’s all cap and no trade. A CES would mandate that all electricity providers generate a certain percentage of energy from carbon-free sources. Just like cap and trade, this policy is fundamentally just an energy tax that would drive up everyone’s electricity prices. Ironically, this would make electric vehicles even more expensive to operate, but we’re sure the Obama Administration would offer another round of taxpayer-funded subsidies to fix that problem.

    Government policies that ban economically feasible energy development while subsidizing economically unsustainable ones only raise energy costs rather than lowering them. What the U.S. economy really needs is a truly free-market energy approach, one that includes (1) real nuclear energy reform, not more loan guarantees; (2) predictable and sensible coal regulations; (3) reduced regulation on renewable energy; (4) an end to all energy subsidies; and (5) common-sense limits to environmental litigation.

    Congress should not let unrest in the Middle East scare them into energy policies that would make all our energy only more expensive. More bans on energy development, more subsidies for economically unproven technologies, and expensive new alternative energy production mandates are not the answer. America needs a true free-market approach to energy, and we need it now.

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    76 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama, Not Egypt, is Biggest Threat to U.S. Energy Prices

    1. Gerry Box, Edmonton, says:

      Obama has always wanted to rule the world, so telling Mubarak what to do and when is his way of getting the first thing going for his worldwide domination. The man is so dense he can't see the forest for the trees. America is doomed unless we vote this monstrosity out of office in 2012..

    2. Bruce Peters, Cape C says:

      I "share" many of the Foundry articles to my facebook page. The thumbnails that attach to the articles from the heritage site are irrelevant to the articles I post. There seems to only be 1-4 thumbnails and they are from other articles or logos from non relevant issues to what is being posted.

      Any solution or a generic "heritage Foundry" thumbnail image would be better. (imo)

    3. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      Obama and Hillary Clinton were asleep at the switch in regards to the situation in Egypt. They had no idea the nation was about to erupt and were very slow, to slow for a #1 worlds power . It is inexcuseable we were caught flat footed, it shows the incompetence of this Administration. It must bring up the serious question about their knowledge on other very serious world problems. It seems Obama spends more time on the Golf Course trying to play then he does on world affairs. Ignorance and /or Laziness is no excuse. F.D.R. was found asleep on 12-07-1941 unable to stand up for America. Times have changed and we no longer have months or even days to prepare for war as we did in 1941.

      America is in serious danger as long as we allow this unprepared, uninterested, unamerican president to sleep in our White House 24 hours a day!

      We have several grounds for IMPEACHMENT!! Lets us proceed!

    4. Robert, North Richla says:

      These absurd Energy policies highlight the amount of power and influence the Saudi's wield in Washington D.C. as well as their connection to this president. Unfortunately, this power did not manifest itself in the last two years, but has been evident for a much longer time period. Congress must intervene and open up drilling in Alaska (ANWR, that pristing tundra of desolation that holds over 6 billion barrels of oil), plus re-open off-shore areas of the Gulf of Mexico to U.S. exploration (as opposed to Chinese, Cuban, Venezualan, or Brazilian) and stop impeding development of the Keystone pipeline. With the complete absence of Executive leadership, Congress must fill the void and do something.

    5. RUTH SC says:

      It is a sad situation when no one can figure out most of our problems come from too much use of a product coming from countries that want to color us gone from the face of the earth. If more energy and funding went into making us independent of oil in the other countries, like drilling in Canada or off shore right here, it would create so many more jobs for the USA and eventually make us free of the Arab oil world. Once there are no more battles for the desert oil, then we can get on with the security of our country. As long as we are dependent on foreign oil, we are always going to be in conflict. Even building wind mills for energy would put people to work in our own country. Solar systems should be manufactured here in our country, again more jobs and two purpose work, eliminate some need for oil and give people jobs. Too expensive? So what we are giving out billions to people just to get them by for a couple of months, with no long term relief in site. Spend the money, we will anyway, on something that will secure jobs and less dependence on foreign oil. It's not rocket science it is practicality. God bless the USA and lets pray our leaders wake up soon before we won't be able to turn it around.

    6. Brad Kelley, Severna says:

      Steven Chu is also the Secretary who said, " We have to find a way to raise gas prices to European levels, which are now around $7.00 per gallon. The last I checked, gas in Germany was 1.47 Euro per liter.

    7. Turner, Massachusett says:

      Could we just get the House Republicans to tell the world we are broke and we are about to shut down Obama's government and claim bankruptcy if we don't get him out. Help us liberate our people from Obama as we try to make ourselves secure and free, so we may pay you your money back!

    8. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      2- 2-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      MORE Proof that

      Murdoch is the Most Powerful man in the History of the World.

      On Sept 21 Murdoch

      declared the Recession OVER

      The Dow was at 10754

      Today – 138 days later it is at


      A GAIN of 1286.54- 12%

      Tell me – WHEN IN HISTORY, in that many days, when did it ever go up THAT much in that Short a time. WHEN?


      I'll bet the Judge had –

      "publicly funded health insurance plan"

      Ken, Lake Kiowa, TX on February 1st, 2011 at 10:52am said:

      God Bless our CONSTITUTION. And God bless Judge Vinson and all other Judges who can read!

      Lake Kiowa Ken – Let's END ALL Public Funded HCoverage.

      If ObamaCare is NOT a good thing,

      then Public Funded HCoverage SHOULD END.

    9. Scott Carver says:

      I have worked in the oilfield most of my adult life, and I can tell you this. If the Federal government would get out of the way and allow American Producers access, this country would cut it's dependence on foreign oil within a decade. That time would be even shorter if the Government would restrict unempoloyment benefits, forcing alot of the current workforce back to work. Even now, where I am, they are screaming for workers of all sorts. The greatest limitation around here is the lack of housing, but they are working on that.

      For far too long, our own government has undercut the labor infrastructure of this country. There are many jobs out there that are hard work, dirty, and, let's face it, boring. But they have two good things about them. Don't need a college education, and the money's good. And while the rigs have predominatly had all male crews, I've been to rigs that have women on them.

      The point is, increasing domestic production servers the nation in two ways. First, we cut out economic ties to nations that don't like us. Second, it would put a large number of people back to work. Worker's pay taxes, taxes pay debts, etc. It's a win/win situation.

      But, our offshore fields are being leased up by foreign nations such as China. because Obama's ban on domestic drilling in these fields. Some of these countries don't have the most sparkling of records when it comes to Environmental protection, and we can't inspect their rigs or regulate how they produce. Wouldn't it make more sense to have companies that can be regulated and inspected by government producing OUR oil reserves? Just makes sense.

      In my view, Obama is slowly destroying our economic foundation, one pillar at a time. First offshore oil, then coal, then oil production on federal lands; what's next? Is he going to shut down existing fields for some stupid reason such as "Environmental Impact"?

      And that's just oil. What about the other forms of energy that this government has put on hold? Like Wind? I live along what is called the Highline of Montana. It's mostly flatland, and the wind always blows. A few years ago, there were plans to build as many as 2,000 wind turbine generators along the Highline. Then, it was all shut down because some environmental group out of Colorado claimed that the wind turbines would interfere with the migratory patterns of some species of bird. How stupid is that?

      About seven or eight years ago, they succeeded in shutting down Methane gas drilling in parts of Wyoming over a particular species of field mouse. And I'm sure there's other things that I haven't caught. The point is, we're cutting out own throats to "save" rodents, or birds. And we don't need to.

      Energy companies today work on what is called a Minimal Footprint Plan. For an oil producer, it works like this. They come in, they level out an area to put up a rig. This is the most destructive part of the process. They drill, case, and cap the well, and move the drilling rig out. Then a workover rig comes in, which is about a quarter of the size of the drilling rig. They run the production string, and get the well ready to produce. Also at this time, a team of roustabouts comes in and set's up the pumping unit, tank batteries, and treater. During the summer or fall, another roustabout crew will be there also, reclaiming the part of the site that was necessary for drilling, but is now not needed. It's all to create as little environmental impact as possible.

      Like I've said, I've worked most of my adult life in the Oilfield. When I would go out in the mornings, it wouldn't be uncommon to see deer, rabbits, fox, etc.; either on the well location or just off of it. Birds make nests on tanks, treaters, and other structures. The "Impact" is minimal, if any, within a year.

      The "Government" needs to get out of the way, and let American companies produce American Oil. Simple as that. Get the EPA and environmental groups out of our way, and let us get to work.

    10. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      In 2002 when we had a warm winter with little snow it was touted by the Global

      Warming crowd as proof of their theory, about CO2 and other GreenHouse Gases releases,. Now we are having a cold winter with lots of snow and it is still proof of global warming caused by Grren House Gases. Wow no matter what happens it is used by Al Gore and company as proof?

      What I want to know is Al using only his solar panels or windmill to keep warm this winter? Is the White House using its solar panels for heat now?

    11. Glynnda White, Orlan says:

      Well, as great as the article is and accurate I'm sure I agreed with the headline the minute I saw it…..with or without the holdup on the new pipeline.

      The question is what action can we take? Can we get Congress to prevent funding of other things to make him back off of this particular problem in Canada as well as very politically motivated moratorium on new drilling in the Atlantic and I think the Gulf, this is ridiculous and the more we remove oil dependence from Middle East sources, the less terrorists are going to get funded…….it's time to move on this…


    12. Susan, Dallas TX says:

      Dismantle (or de-fund) the EPA, the FCC, and call out the president for ignoring the court judge who reversed the drilling moratorium. All those drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico are now gone to other areas for drilling. They just don't sit idle waiting for our government to 'change its mind…maybe'.

    13. Sandy, Illinois says:

      Agree with your statements 100%. However, this Administration can only think of ways of taxing. Until the infrastructure is in place for renewable energy we can only rely on what is available. Time to return to the free market principles. If the government would de-regulate, the oil companies themselves would be able to proceed with renewable energy products. The federal government ties everyone's hands, no matter which way they turn.

    14. Judith in Michigan says:

      Well-informed citizens already know the facts The Heritage Foundation is presenting here and we are becoming more enraged daily about the actions of this administration to cripple our economy. Actually, our economy is on the way to being destroyed. Anyone with any intelligence will conclude these actions are deliberate.

      Should we hope this administration will come to their senses and do the right thing? It will never happen when you understand just what the agenda is.

      It is now time for US citizens to demand answers, conduct hearings and investigations to find out who is really behind this campaign. Who is pulling the strings and who will benefit the most from our destruction. Who are the enablers? We must also DEMAND all of these crippling policies be abolished immediately. Only a fool will argue otherwise.

      No more Politial Correctness. We don't have time.

    15. Mike, Chicago says:

      Ending the corporate welfare the oil companies get and encouraging development in sustainable energy makes a lot more sense than continuing the policies that have lead to the current problem.

    16. Jim Delaney says:

      The Progressives' force-feeding us "green energy" reliance–currently powering about 1% of our energy needs–is unmitigated insanity. Reportedly, green energy reliance can't really happen for decades, IF THEN. What would the Progressive have America do in the meantime? Collapse?

      No clear-thining, America-first crowd would be perpetrating this on the country, if our economic survival were their genuine priority. So a reasonable person has to ask what is Barack's real priority? Do I really have to ask anymore?

      At some point very soon, the States must simply say NO to this federal insanity, and unilaterally start drilling with or without their approval. Our economic survival is at stake.

      Extreme national security threats call for extreme solutions, and I've had it with this gang of sophomoric idealists and thugs. The States and "we the people" must assert themselves now!

    17. KB in PA says:

      It's a little hard for a realist to not peer at Obama over the tops of one's glasses any more, and not see the cold-hearted determination to bring our nation to its knees. Not for nothing has he spent the first two years implementing a multitude of "policies" designed to destroy the American economy, including the shutting down of American access to American natural resources. Not for nothing is he so avidly supporting unrest in the Middle East, the overthrow of ally nations (either from within or without), and the new entrenchment of regimes that will be relentlessly hostile to the US.

      Though publicly he pretends not to, he sees all too clearly the tide of American sentiment turning swiftly and dramatically against him, and he knows his time is short. As such, he knows he must act swiftly, if his actions are to irrevocably outlive his presidency. Working as hard as he must be, behind the scenes, to permanently establish a fiercely anti-western Middle East, which once in place will never be able to be removed, has got to now be one of his biggest priorities.

    18. Gill Bates says:

      Morons, your bus is waiting…

    19. Thomas Merrill Titus says:

      What would prevent a private citizen from going 50 miles off-shore and drilling for oil?

    20. Dwana Townsend says:

      And BHO stands in front of the whole world telling the leader of Egypt to listen to his people, so hypocritical. Is he listening to us? NO!! He supposedly lift the moratorium on offshore drilling but there is no process for the developers and oil rigs to get a permit. Just a symbolic move to on his part to hush the critics. Nothing but a liar in chief. The gall of him to tell a leader of another country to listen to his people's crys.

    21. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      I agree right down the line with this article. Stop government energy subsidies.

    22. Ardath Blauvelt, Hol says:

      Truly, can we not impeach this man for endangering the US, ignoring court rulings and/or governing without the consent of the people and against their will, let alone violating our laws? He is purposely driving us into the spheres of influence of our adversaries, if not enemies. When our currency is rejected and we can no longer provide for ourselves under Obama's policies, then can we depose him?

    23. Doouble Ace says:

      Obama does just as he wants. He has no character, or core values. Like most liberals he only wants to give the appearance of caring. He does not intend to follow the rules of the land, or the constitution. Just as he refuses to follow the orders of a Federl Judge with regard to Obamacare. If he can pick and chose which laws/rules to follow then why can't the rest of us. Like I am sure there are very few of us who like paying taxes. Someone should point out that people do not want to protest against their government, but sometimes it is necessary.

    24. Yellowbird says:

      Where was Obama when our Lord passed out leadership abilities, honesty and common sense?

    25. MJF, CT says:

      I'm sorry but the EPA needs to be reigned in and FAST! I understand the job they are supposed to be doing, but they have lost sight and we have lost total control of them. We need oil for gasoline and production items like plastics.We need oil for electric power generation (How will their precious electric cars get recharged?). The EPA has become a dictator to every thing and everyone. If the EPA doesn't like it, it can't happen. Well we NEED OIL! We are a Nation that depends on oil for just about every facet of our lives, and if the EPA cannot understand that, it's time to shut them down once and for all!

    26. Roger TN says:

      True to form, dither, dither, dither. Wait for the right timing and political advantage and then make a statement. Where the heck was the State Department and the CIA?

    27. Bippy New Jersey says:

      Obama when he campaigned talked about $7.00 gas prices. Anything that could help his Masters in the Middle East, he's been for. Obama is our biggest threat. He must be impeached.

    28. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      The true intent of Obama's policies toward our dependency on foreign oil must be understood. Obama's determination to force "green energy" down our throats appeases his radical left environmentalist supporters by stopping exploration. At the same time he appeases his socialist/communist supporters by 'redistributing the wealth", fourcing us to buy oil from OPEC countries, at whatever prices they set, thus supporting their muslim controled governments.

      Those that retort that "Bush did it to" should understand that Bush did not use a "crisis" to stop drilling that made us even more dependent on the political unrest in the Middle East. Within the boarders of this nation their are sufficent energy sources to support our needs, at the present rate of consumption, for the next 200 years. Yet Obama is delibertly not allowing exploration. The people of this nation had better wake up and recognize what Obama is doing to our American way of life.

    29. Julius Garrett,sr Sa says:

      Does anyone in the USA know the meaning of organize, block, impeach, remove from office, treasonable charges? It is way past due to take action in these directions to eliminate the "curse" of America! We all know that "curse".

      Mr. House Majority Leader, "TEAR DOWN THIS WALL"! Let freedom & private enterprise, prevail once again in the USA!

    30. Jill, California says:

      Obama is the biggest threat to America in every way imaginable.

    31. Dennis Georgia says:

      The only way to get this mess cleaned up and straightened out is vote in mass in tghe next election, you can bet the liberals will be at the polls.

    32. toledofan says:

      As long as Obama and his Administration are in power nothing is going to change; we'll continue to see prices going up, shortages, and disruptions all over the world. These people have an ideology that will ruin the country and they don't care because they want a completely free society that is ran by the government, basically, they see themselves as bigger and better than anyone else and government is the life blood. It's really simple they believe men can't govern themselves, they have to be lead, told what to do, how to do it and when. The entitlements like welfare, headstrart, food stamps and all the others prove the point.

    33. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      It is absurd. We don't go after our own resources. The gov't should get the hell out of the way and let the free market determine which of the many energy alternatives is best. The infrastructure is already in place off the coast of Ca.. There is more oil naturally floating to the surface than was spilled in the gulf. California can solve all I repeat ALL their money problems by simply allowing the pumping of that oil. We don't allow the building of Nuclear power plants, the cleanest and cheapest form of energy. We have enough caol and natural gas to last at least 100 years. We could be totally energy independent in 5 years or less if the politicians on both sides of the isle would get off their collective asses and just let it happen.

    34. AZ Native says:

      O'Bama has a lot to gain by asking the President of Egypt to step down immediately, the regime that could come in there now if under Hamas or the Muslim brotherhood could be ten times worse than what is in there now…..haven't we learned anything from history, we need to let Egypt work on their own problems and stay out of it……Egypt is hundreds of years old, I cannot see them surrending their way of tradition and life to foreigners. And if you don't think this stuff is happening read the Leavitt letter, it tells about how the Muslims have come in and taken over biblical sites from the bible and destroyed them and built mosque in their places to show dominance……the problem is there places do not belong to them….where these people get off doing this amazes me….and where we allow it to continue amazes me…it is time to protect our heritage.

    35. migaluchi, IL says:

      sigh…is there anything in the constitution to get rid of a despotic madman?

      the clinton route didnt work

    36. Smoothy says:

      I agree right down the line with this article. Stop government energy subsidies.

    37. pablo, co says:

      So the feds issued less leases selling off the public's treasures when natural gas prices (the primary target in CO) was at a decades long low? I call that good stewardship!

    38. Mary............WI says:

      Obama is a big failure. Seems his plan to destroy this country is right on schedule.

    39. Smoothy,Cincinnati,O says:

      If what is happening in Egypt was happening in the US which side would you take? Pro government or anti- government? Would you be worried about your money in the bank which is closed? Would you be worried about how much gas,food,or other extra supplies you could get your hands on? Or would you be worried about getting together with your family and have prayer and trust in our lord?

      Wake me up in the morning when its all over. That is when OBAMA is impeached and sent back to where-ever he came from. What a joke for our president, The leader of our country, He is not a god fearing man. He is ?????. (nothing) In god we trust .

    40. JULIE, OHIO says:

      Our president should be charged and convicted of war crimes agaist the american people. He is a traitor to the constitution and is willing to bring our country to ruin. Who voted for him? I suggest if you did you might need to go to confession.

    41. Rick Murray Whetston says:

      A few years ago I participated in a study group that put together a report outlining a path to true energy independence for our country. Participating in this group were representatives from across the energy spectrum, scientists and economists. Could this be done in a way that produced enough energy for our country that will last for at least one hundred years, be affordable for all Americans and be accomplished in less than ten years?

      The answer was yes! And much easier than we had thought!

      The answer came from many directions. First, "comprehensive," was the key.

      Drill now, and everywhere feasible.

      Explore and expand shale and sands. (The fracking process is in need of review though, but very doable.)

      Build new refineries while expanding existing plants.

      Reign in the EPA as to over-regulation.

      Eliminate most of the CAFE standards as they only drive up prices while accomplishing nothing.

      Clean coal is NOT an oxymoron! It is here and we can go further without restrictive and costly regulation.

      More nuclear power plants as well as expansion of hydro-electric and other sources.

      Recycling program for nuclear fuel.

      Allow for more private research into alternative fuels such as hydrogen, alcohol, wind and solar and much more. However, public monies should be eliminated from all research. Tax credits possibly to offset extraneous costs, but research subsidies do not necessarily translate into profits for the government. Private research and entrepreneurial motives accomplish much more and result in higher rewards.

      There is much more to this, including economical reports showing direct job growth at almost 1.5 million jobs and many more in residual jobs and a huge windfall to the government. Of course most of the data would have to be updated at this point, but the goal remains and can be achieved for the future of this great country in both economic and national security.

    42. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      Do I sense that Heritage might FINALLY be realizing that Obama's INTENT is to destroy our economy and weaken our military so as to render our nation ripe for conversion to his Marxist utopian vision?

      Do not lose sight of the fact that Obama pledged during his illegitimate campaign that he would "remake" America!

      What a travesty that the 547 "honorable Washingtonians" refuse to honor their oaths of office to the Constitution!

    43. Ed, Reno Nevada says:

      I did a paper in 1977 about nuclear fusion. The one fact I remember from that paper is the countries that use the most energy have the strongest economies. Using energy is NOT A SIN. Energy is critical to our economy and national security. There were many factors that created the economic mess we are in, but when the price of gas neared $4 a gallon it pushed us over the edge. If the price of gas was at $2.50 a gallon right now would we have the same economy? I wonder how many people realize that it takes more energy to create a gallon of ethanol than the energy that gallon produces or that solar and wind will never be the answer to our energy needs. We need to quit sacraficing our national security to satisfy environmental groups that are really glorified law firms.

    44. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      Like many of the comments above, I am at a loss as to what to do about the Administration's energy policy which appears to be designed to force us back to a level of energy use that is inadequate for the 21st century. Is there anybody out there who believes that renewable energy is an answer? I mean, anybody who is not a fanatic bent on "enviro-justice", or a businessman with his hand out for energy $ stimulus?

    45. Robert, North Richla says:

      Leaders in pro-Western Arab countries are being ousted (Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia),
      yet nothing is happening in the "moderate" nation of Saudi Arabia (the home of 90% of the 9/11 terrorists). The result will be a very large, Muslim block of radical
      nations stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to Pakistan. Israel will be in worse shape than they were in early 1967, and India will be under more pressure as well. And we are supposed to sit back, relax and install a windmill. We do not have time to wait for an election, and then assume that some more weak-knee republicans will actually do something. We need to DO something now: Congress, state recalls, something. Imagine how people just sat back and watched Nazi Germany in 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1941. Then, we HAD to do something. Who will control the Suez Canal, The Straits of Hormuz and the shipping lanes off Somalia?

    46. Sandy, UT says:

      We had the largest inland oil discovery within the past 30 years just 8 miles from our house. It was on privately owned land. Since then the US government has rushed to grab more central Utah land and put it off limits to drilling. WHY? So they can have more control. There isn't an oil

      shortage in the USA, there is a shortage of common sense.


    47. Joe, Yuba City says:

      Amen—this administration's energy "policy" is absolutely callous.

      More affordable energy would lower tension in most of the world's hot-spots.

      Unaffordable energy = unaffordable bread.

      Check the weight of the last loaf you purchased.

    48. Lee, in Newburgh Ini says:

      I thank you for your email and insight into the Obama administration's underhanded tactics. America needs Patriot Organizations such as yours. Although, Obama is now in charge, the problem did not start with the Obama Administration. It started much earlier than Obama's Presidency!

      Some time back, I stumbled across information about Alaska's Gull Island, which is reportedly able to support the the U.S. need of oil for several years. This well has not only been drilled several years ago, but is also capped!

      I have a friend from Nevada, who has told us about several wells there, that also are capped.

      I used to live in Salem Illinois and there was, an oil field there where the wells that I saw, were also drilled and capped.

      It's obvious that Americans have been and are being had regarding our oil shortages!

      If in fact, you are concerned with, and not a part of the conspiracy, please go to this url and take a peek!


      Lee Silen—Retired Military–and a patriot!

    49. Wayne Clark, Owasso, says:

      The energy policies of our government border on the fringes of insanity. Policies designed and developed to benefit those countries which do not like us very much is diametrically opposed to the needs of our Country. We seem determined to enrich the Middle East at the expense of U. S. Citizens.

      Policies proposed by the Obama administration often appear to be designed to either benefit Islamic controlled states or those with significant support of their anti-American positions. Moreover,we not only buy their oil but also provide them with huge amounts of foreign aid.

      Instead of following the 'prudent man rule,', we instead insist upon going only where the slopes are slippery and dangerous to our national interest. We discard policies that could speed economic recovery; do all in our power to eliminate jobs and cripple industrial growth; and pursue a fool's errand that will create even more chaos, crisis, instability, and uncertainty. We are determined to create a crisis where none should exist in order to implement poltically motivated bad solutions in order to enhance the dependency upon a stronger and more intrusive Federal Government.

      We would rather go across the world to mine for diamonds that are in our own backyard.

    50. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      It is abundantly clear that our President is serving the Foreign Interest in these Energy matters. Obama is such a profound liar that he thinks nothing of reversing himself and saying we need Oil Independance and doing everything in his power to make America dependant on Foreign Oil. I agree Obama has to be Impeached, we do have hundreds of good reasons to do so, not the least of which is establishing Unconstitutional Forms of Government. Communism is illegal, Unconstitutional.

      When it comes to Egypt, you'd think Obama was working for the Mullahs. He sent American operatives into Egypt to set up an Obama like groundswell using "Change" and "Social Justice" to whip up chaos. Just wait, Mubarak should fight violently against the Muslim Brotherhood while Obama is going to say "Mubarak must step down" when the violence gets going. If Mubarak steps down like Obama says (will say) then all hope is gone for a genuine grass roots enlightenment in Egypt. It isn't lost on me how Jimmy Carter created the Iranian dictatorship by expediting the Shah's removal and allowing the power vacuum to be filled by the Mullahs. Just watch, Obama will try to do the same thing to Egypt! And you say "Why?" It makes no sense if Obama were a loyal American. Everything makes sense when you realize Obama is a Third Generation well connected Communist pretending to Represent Democrats! Like in Carter's time, the Progressive Agenda calls for America to fall and our Energy Industry has to go for these Commies to realize their dream.

      The Weather Underground called for the mass murder of 25 million Americans, and reading the materials, the Progressive plan calls for the reduction of Earth's population down to about 'one billion.' The best way to accomplish that evil end is to cause the nuclear war between the united Calaphiet (forming now) and the West. Everybody loses, especially a few billion innocent Muslims when we 'win.' How else can the Weather Underground people accomplish their goal of only one billion people left on Earth. Yeah! Sounds crazy, huh? That is because it is crazy. The Communist infiltrators in our government are crazy. That is why they continue to spend and destroy American Industries, despite all the polls saying Americans don't want it. Just look at Nancy's glazed eyes, the perfectly crazy policies she continues to pursue (against the will of the American People).

      Mubarak should hold on til September and Not step down. Egypt will be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood if he listens to Obama when as I predict, Obama will demand his resignation or lose American funding. I tell you, Obama is crazy (technically 'Indoctrinated') and has no business whatsoever being President. He lied to get elected, and he has always failed to Represent the American People. Obama has always Represented the Foreign Interest. Impeach him, now.

    51. Steve, Jackson,TN. says:

      It is immpossible to understand why Obama does eveything possible to drive up energy costs and Congress does nothing to help our country. Can anyone explain why we give 800 billion a year to our enemies for oil, only produce 12 % power from nuclear and very limited use of our other natural resources? We could have a Manhatten style project to be energy independent uses all available resources and turn our unemployment and debt situation around. At the same time we could choke off money to global terrorists and break the foreign hold over energy prices and related costs.

      I can never get a response from any politician and hope that if enough fellow Americans push this issue we can finally get positive results from Congress. The first step could be eliminating the Jimmy Carter created Energy department saving us 29 billion a year. The DOE was created to reduce foreign dependence on oil and is a complete waste of money and a failure.

    52. Al, Glenwood says:

      It's not just the POTUS. We have half a Senate, nearly the same in the House and nearly the same of the country's citizens who support these policies. Our current Government is flawed, folks. And if the People don't wise up soon, we will lose our leadership roll in the World very soon.

    53. Hermes C Liberty New says:

      Right. It's Obama, but there are at least three Obama. It is important, at this special time where the leap to new understandings; like links and relations that our "modern" mind does not establish, to see what is going on.

      There is the public Obama that most of us think they know;

      There is also an incarnated Obama, who is behind most of these bizarre decisions.

      There is also the Obama-white-house-guest, who many times dictates and mandates and is obeyed.

      When will we understand that America's Salvation lies in a r-Evolution even tough the work John Boehner and the Conservatives is outstanding and needs to be strenghtenend and reinforced. Remember that America's first Revolution is not a Leftist but a Right and Conservative one. Therefore, conservatives, understand that in order to save once more this country you love, a profound and significant engagement for structural and substantial changes is necessary; adding omitted timeless Principles. This is the Way.

    54. David Bess, Carson C says:

      The leader of the Soviet Union once stated that they will conqure the US through the environmentalist movement. No shots will be fired, no one will attack us. They will let us destroy ourselves and then reap the rewards. Now 30 years later it may not be the Soviet Union, but the Muslim nation that will reap the benifits.

      This administration has put this nation a "train to Hell'. and are destroying the tracks behind the train so that we may not return.

      Their all out war aginst corporate America, large and small is without concern for the American people. Corporate america is owned by you, me, mom and pop. There fore this attack is aginst America.

      Corporate America has given us the high living standard that we enjoy and the rest of the world envies. We built and SAVED the world through a free market economy where creativety, hard work, and little government interference created the greatest nation ever. We have and always have had the cleanest evironment of any developed nation because corporate america are the people who live and raise their children in this environment and they want it nice, not perfect, but nice.

      The departments of government such as OSHA,Dept of energy and the EPA. as well as Green peace, The serria club and such need to be constrained so that corporate America can grow and prosper. For if we don't do this we are but a short time away from experiencing what is happening in Egypt or worse.

    55. Geppetto, Raleigh, N says:

      How long must this "song" go on before something tangible is done about it? This did not begin with Obama and Steven Chu; it has been going on for decades with the EPA in the lead and the recipient of increasingly autocratic authority to regulate the energy sector in the guise of protecting the environment. It only takes a rudimentary understanding of the most fundamental law of economics, "supply and demand" to conclude that if the supply is artificially restricted the price of energy must rise. That this is exactly the motivation behind the ideological environmental left and the openly stated result by Obama that the cost of energy will necessarily rise should have raised huge red flags long ago. America, for decades, has willfully and deliberately allowed itself to be put in this position and Americans have for too long allowed themselves to be convinced that deriving commercial success from purportedly "excessive and unfair" utilization of the worlds energy resources is selfish and evil. We must therefore be punished and the left relishes the prospect and has spent the years doing just that. In the mean time we sit around and bemoan the current state of affairs, afraid to incur the inevitable wrath from the left by speaking out for a drastic change in policy. We had "drill baby drill" but allowed the BP oil spill to put a gag on that. So here we are! The Middle East is a powder keg about to explode and we are still moaning and groaning about what has been known for a very long time with nothing of any consequence being done. It's infuriating!

    56. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Obama is a failure, but his policies have long been harbored in Congress by life-long Republican & Democrat politicians. Obama is just a catalyst. Keep pandering to the lifers in Congress and you will get the same results.

    57. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Redistricting American Wealth is Obama's Plan. The way to do it, is make America dependent on foriegn energy sources. If American was totally energy independent, oil prices would be very low. US have enough of her own oil we do not need foriegn oil, but Obama's redistribution plan will not allow it.

      Bad governments need to change so its citizens can govern themselves, produce and live prosperous lives. The planet wide Socialists (Obama and his friends are too lazy to produce) will repress, controll and inhibit humans for their (socialist) private gain. Solialists do not help the poor, they create the poor and offer help to the poor to gain foot soldiers( or as Stalin said " USEFUL IDIOTS).

    58. Paul Revere II, Broo says:

      You all talk about impeachment, but who is doing anything at all about it? Perhaps if BHO and Holder defy the federal court,the House votes articles of impeachment, the Sergeant at Arms goes to the White House and forces BHO to appear before the House!

    59. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      It's terrible for a history buff to become a cynic, but Obama's own assertion that he was going to transform the U.S. can now be taken very seriously. He will turn the nation into a 2nd or 3rd class country by limiting energy supplies/availability to a fraction of what is needed for a decent standard of living–at a time the Bureaucracy grows and grows with $100 K salaries, and HE takes an expensive vacation every month or so.

      SO, forbid ANY development of Arctic petroleum resources. Refuse to approve any drilling in our sector of the Caribbean (the other countries going ahead with increased drilling with any criticism from PUSA).

      Foot-dragging re the Canada-Texas pipeline approval, (Canada being our best supplier).

      No exploration off the Pacific or Atlantic coasts. Limitations on coal-fired electric generation stations. Continuing regulations everywhere.

      Inane praise and subsidies for electric cars, especially BHO's pet Volt. All this, to me, will increase and expand until we citizens will be hard put to afford necessities as heat, A/C, good food, house furnishings, nice clothing, much less travel and second homes and ocean cruises….except for the rich and subsidized politicians and bureaucrats.

      So….the USA becomes another 3rd class country, with most people poor, except favored groups, and the wealthy.

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    61. Denver, Oklahoma says:

      It is obvious what the secular-regressives intend,what isn't,is what True Americans intend to do to prevent it.Pray,yes, but also call your congressional delegation and demand ACTION. We have the resources to prosper not just survive. Micro-minds think we're running out of resources and/or destroying the planet, having no remote grasp of the overall reality we live in. Most of our resources,if not used, become a liability… an environmental problem. I don't pretend to know the solution to the problems, but I clearly recognise treason when I see it,and it's being widely practised in DC right now. What I know about my fellow americans is they are peaceful and patiant to a point, but past that point they know how to have one whale-of-a-civilwar. Do you secular-regessives want that? The american people have been VERY patiant so far, but Egypt could be a virus.

    62. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      You would think we might eventually notice that at least half of Congress and all of our White House are aggressively committing treason against the American people and are actively aiding and abetting our enemies.

      I'm curious Heritage, why you don't even mention the Bakken Formation in North Dakota? We've known about the Bakken Formation since the fifties. By itself it makes the Saudi Oil Reserves look like a tea cup.

      Maybe you should consider pulling on your CFR leash a little harder?

    63. Dolores Luthi, San J says:

      I do not like the approach(es) Obama is taking on either the foreign or domestic scene. It appears he is trying to control both. Are we going to end up in a mess like Egypt? There must be some way to get Obama and his administration out of office. Do we have to wait until 2012 or is he going to take over as dictator and possibly we will not have any more elections in our United States?

    64. Austin, Texas says:

      Going from Mubarak to the Muslim Brotherhood will be going from the frying pan into the fire. We have a huge hold on what happens in Egypt, and it is called 2 billion dollars in aid. One simple statement from our government to theirs is,"If the Muslim Brotherhood attains power, our aid will cease."

      I doubt if Obama has the gumption to do this.

    65. Wes Rolley says:

      It is the producers of fossil fuels, not Obama, who will determine the fate of this country. This ongoing battle for the future of mankind must not be held hostage to partisan wrangling that sounds like a holdover from the Sagebrush Rebellion.

      No matter what is done in Eqypt, no matter how the American Congress changes our laws, the laws of nature will prevail and, for the most part, we tempting fate every day.

    66. Wes Rolley, Morgan H says:

      It is the producers of fossil fuels, not Obama, who will determine the fate of this country. This ongoing battle for the future of mankind must not be held hostage to partisan wrangling that sounds like a holdover from the Sagebrush Rebellion.

      No matter what is done in Eqypt, no matter how the American Congress changes our laws, the laws of nature will prevail and, for the most part, we tempting fate every day.

      (Sorry for the double entry. I missed the need to specify location on the first time.)

    67. J Prince says:

      Drop the ethnol which is a polutant and lets get with more developement

      of Nucular and clean coal and Natural Gas. We can be seft sufficent but

      we can't get out of our own way. and nothing gets done. This ethonol is

      costly and takes away a food source and is all politics. We are really

      stupid. And we let the 12 OPec Arabs set our Energy cost.

    68. Paul Scott - Santa M says:

      I'm afraid you are all wrong. Obama, and Steven Chu, are right on target with their efforts to wean us off of oil for transportation. This is the fastest way to reduce our importation of foreign oil.

      We're in year one of the transition to electric vehicles. The Nissan LEAF and GM Volt are excellent examples of the future of electric mobility, and they run on kWh that are 100% domestic. Using wind, geothermal and solar energy reduces the pollution that fossil fuels bring about.

      I've been driving an EV for over 8 years and 88,000 miles, all on sunlight-generated energy. The cars are incredibly stable, requiring virtually no maintenance.

      Every car maker on the planet is building EVs now. They will enter the market one by one and eventually will dominate. We need to keep our domestic oil for more important uses than blowing it out the ass end of a Hummer. We waste so much energy in this country that we are at a serious disadvantage relative to our competitors. Oil, like it or not, is a finite resource. We waste it at our peril.

    69. Don Vander Jagt, Gra says:

      The Republicans and all who are harping on this latest addition of a President would have a lot more credibility if they were to INCLUDE atleast the last three Presidents before him in their criticism when it comes to useing our own energy, (and a number of other things by the way). They are all just as QUILTY in destroying America, this guy is just much bolder in his effort to bring us down. In fact we are in free fall now, (thanks to the Republicans helping him at Christmas time), brace for impact, better yet repent and trust the Lord so you will be prepared to reverse corse at His call. Then on the other hand if you rather just ride this out, it is my openion that you can read a discription of how America ends, in Revelations 18. It will only take one hour for this Nation,or City called Babylon (from babal, many tounges) to be destroyed.

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    71. Iron Sights says:

      As for electric vehicles, sorry folks, you are being sold a bill of goods. Battery technology is not up to the task, and the production of these batteries is not exactly "green" either, requiring the mining, smelting, and processing of heavy metals and other toxic substances. Until someone makes an effective, affordable, safe, fuel cell, fully functional and practical electric vehicles are still pie in the sky. The hybrids still burn gasoline, and the 100% battery types have a range that is laughable and must be recharged by burning fossil fuel, especially since the "I know more that you" environmentalists have not allowed the building of a new nuclear plant in the United States in over 25 years. If you want to provide some good paying jobs for our record number of unemployed, and help to solve our domestic power problems in the bargain, push the green crackpots out of the way, and license some new nuclear plants. It takes virtually all building trades to construct a nuclear plant.

      As for the fellow from Santa Monica, Kalifornia, I live in the frozen North pal, the sun doesn't shine here for 5 months out of 12, batteries don't perform well at 2 degrees Fahrenheit, and we are plumb out of magic fairy dust. We live in the real world up here, get real.

    72. George (Oldguy), Wes says:

      I firmly believe this nation will not survive two more years of Obama.He will not secure the borders, he disregards the courts unless they rule in his favor, and shreds the Constitution by pressing forward after Judge Vinson ruled Obamacare unconstitutional.

      The president took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The reaction to the Vinson ruling and the Contempt of Court ruling over the drilling stoppage demonstrate tell me he has violated that oath!

      MR. Boehner, where are the Articles of Impeachment?"

    73. John Leszynski says:

      This country has over 200 years of proven reserves of natural gas, and it is a cheap, clean fuel. But, our government keeps silent about this great abundant resource.

    74. randydutton says:

      You're selling it all wrong.

      It should be 1 million barrels per day would create 128,000 mostly-UNION jobs.

      And that it would reduce by $80 million per day the enrichment of despotic countries, and reduce the funding of terrorists.

      Instead of writing America has 18 billion barrels, say America has over $1.5 trillion buried underground just waiting for us to bring it up.

      And isn't oil just recycling the carbon that used to be in the atmosphere before plants absorbed it and got deposited deep underground? After all, Earth's atmosphere used to contain 7000ppm CO2 levels when animals first started roaming the Earth. CO2 levels have plunged since then to as low as 250ppm (or a loss of about 97% it's original level). If Earth had dropped to about 150ppm, then DEATH would have resulted because nearly all plants on Earth would have suffocated.

      I have 124 acres of timber and more CO2 means they grow faster!

    75. Donald W. Bales says:

      It takes four liters to make a gallon (a liter is similar to a quart).

      Our government takes actions that make us even more dependent on foreign oil-much of it coming from countries that are not on our side. It is good to think of possible future problems, but it seems to me that it is more important to deal wiht current threats-such as lack of jobs, increasing deficit and debt, threat from radical Islam and, of course, the threat of inflation which always results from printing money to "monetize the debt."

    76. StevLC Bedford, TX says:

      It amaze me how many so called experts on American history. Their wisdom only started one week after President Obama and his family moved into the WHITE House. The US Intelligent Leaders said that they didn't see the Egypt uprising coming. So what is America to do, not President Obama, The dictatorial Egypt government that was set up by America 30 years ago, the President was in elementry school. The President did just right by waiting to see how the demotration will play out. The people wanted Mubarak out. Now the people will be able to have democratic voting like we have in the USA. It will benefit most of the those who wrote these comment to sit and listen to CSPAN's programs. You learn the truth and you'll put aside your bigot remarks, and become more intelligent on world issues, I did. Greed and hatred will bring down this country. I had negative thoughts about the Muslim Brotherhood, until I view the many TV hearings by US experts that we should not fear this group. Many Americans have generated an ignorant hatred about the Muslims, the majority are good. fa

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