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  • Americans Believe Trade Is Rather a Good Thing

    Reports that Americans are becoming increasingly hostile to trade are greatly exaggerated.

    The French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) recently polled people in several countries to compare their attitudes on trade and economics. Asked whether international trade is good for the United States or bad, Americans were 50 percent more likely to answer “good” than “bad.” The U.S. survey found the following opinions:

    • The development of international trade is rather a good thing for our country: 39 percent.
    • The development of international trade is rather a bad thing for our country: 26 percent.
    • Neither one nor the other: 35 percent.

    Last November, a Pew Research Center poll found that most Americans believe increased trade with Canada, Japan, European Union countries, Brazil, or Mexico would be good for the United States. Support for increased trade with South Korea and China was within the poll’s margin of error.

    The popular view that trade benefits the United States is correct. As data from The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom show, countries with low trade barriers are more likely to prosper than those that restrict international commerce.

    Although the Pew poll found skepticism about free trade agreements, the assertion that international trade is bad for the United States clearly remains a losing proposition with Americans.

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    10 Responses to Americans Believe Trade Is Rather a Good Thing

    1. george green falkvil says:

      to the tens of thousands of americans who lost their jobs to other countries free trade is not good.when you consider the jobs we lost

      to mexico; then the jobs we lost to th illeagles that came from there

      and also the same with so many others,gas station owners,motels,restaurant,workers while most are meanial jobs

      that leaves our young with limited oportunity and puts a strain on their realitives to help support them and at the same time we have to pay taxes to send foreign aid to their countries where their courupt govt use the money in most cases to benifit their own agenda,which usually has nothing to do with what we sent the money for.i suggest we send our own people to distribute the money so that we know it is going where we intended it to

      the idea that americans dont appreciate what we have is wrong

      we only want the right to keep some of it for our children and granchildren .

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    3. Bobbie says:

      Global free trade WOULD be a good thing if the world leadership could be trusted. The government in America has allowed themselves such incompetence and recklessness in their duties and beyond, who knows how serious government organizations that are suppose to be protecting us, handle imports while American exports are held to a higher standard?

    4. cmwillshop says:

      “Made in America” is a thing of the past. Free trade is a good thing if we were able to sell as much as we purchase. Americans need to go to work, if we don’t have industry where are we to employ our homeless and unemployed?

    5. Scott Carver says:

      Free Trade would be great for the economy of the United States. Unfortunatly, it will never happen until we can compete economically with countries like China, who's vast labor force working for slave wages allows them to manufacture products 100 times more cheaply then we can.

      It use to be that our biggest adavantage over countries like this was our technology. But thanks to our Government's policy of giving away the technology and manufacturing rights in numerous trade agreements, we no longer have that advantage. Add that to the increasing regulatory roadblocks that are hampering our creation of new technology, our Government is it's own worst enemy. It's beholden to Unions, Environmental Groups, and Liberal whinners who think that the United States is the worst thing to happen ever; rather then the hundreds of millions of everyday Americans who struggle and pay taxes to it.

      This government needs to be dismantled. Do away with all the regulatory departments and agencies, bann lobbiest and special interest groups, break the ties with the Unions, and withdraw from the UN. Go back to the Origional Government setup. Represenatives of the People, two senators per state, and an executive. Then fill those seats with buisness men who will operate this country like a business, a business to make profit.

      This is one of the great mysteries that no matter how hard I try, and cannot make sense of. WHY DO WE ELECT LAWYERS TO CONGRESS? Lawyers are trained to twist the law to thier advantage. Don't get me wrong, there are some very ethical, good lawyers out there. But in my experience, most are more crooked then the people they represent. And then they become politicans, who everybody knows are the biggest crooks of all.

      What I'm saying is that we need people in Government that understand economics, medicine, technology, and business. We don't need people whoes goal is to make new law to change old law. We don't need new laws. We need business plans. Despite what Liberals think, our Government isn't a charity, it's a business. And a business needs to be, first and foremost, in the business of making a profit for it's shareholders (the American Taxpayers).

      Comments are welcomed.

    6. Randy, CT says:

      We can compete with the developing world if we follow the example of Germany. The Germans do not compete in low cost goods such as clothes, they build high quality luxury goods such as cars, wind turbines, and other industrial products. The Chinese are no where near us when it comes to Locomotives, airplanes, and all other things on the high end. Contrary to your thoughts, our government does not "give our technology away through trade agreements" it instead protects and encourages innovation in the united states. A great way for it to continue to support innovation is to give a green card to every foreign graduate at American universities.

    7. Donald J. Cole - Cyp says:

      Free Trade is a Myth. It does not exist. Not here; not anywhere. I am a Capitalist. Stanley Marcus, one of the founders of Neiman Marcus was also a capitalist with distinguished Capitalist credentials. He once made the following statement in an interview with INC Magazine:"When a company goes Public, it loses its Corporate Soul". How true! So many American and so-called American Corporations have lost their Corporate Souls and now devote most of their time and energy in pursuit of greed and avarice and the corruption of Capitalism that I often wonder if they could ever be rehabilated.

      I am also a lifelong Conservative. For the past several decades, however, finding an elected representative from either party in local, state or national office, who is a true Conservative, has been much like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

      I am also a Patriot. Thank God, we are now seeing a resurgence of Patriotism in America. The Tea Party Patriot organizations and other like-minded grass roots organizations and movements are stirring the hearts and minds of more and more Americans and breathing new life into American ideals and principles. This phenomenon has put us back in search of our our glorious American roots and values and will continue to grow.

      I am also a devout, practicing Catholic. That said, I must declare that I part company with those in my Church and many other Churches and Synagogues who, in my own humble opinion, based on my own serious reflection on scripture, are extremely misguided in their insistence upon treating "Illegal Alien Invaders" of our country as "Sojourners" with some alleged Scriptural entitlement to be treated equally as anyone else in our country. These well intentioned but misguided individuals fail to see or to understand the "sinful" nature of their complicity in aiding and/or supporting aliens who break our laws and drain our hard earned resources stealing jobs, education, health care, food and a long list of other things.

      All of the above issues have a role in Trade. One of the most desparately needed things in our present day America is real, honest to goodness Trade Reform from top to bottom.

      One of the first components of that reform, in my view, is Tariffs on those of our so-called trading partners that match the trade barriers and restrictions they impose on us. Free Trade is a Myth.

    8. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Free trade in a country represents a country's value of individual freedom. Jobs may be lost to free trade deals, but, so be it. Consumers win when trade is freer. Tariffs, unnecessary taxes and the ignorant notion that keeping an unprofitable sector of society alive, which will drive up the cost of goods and cause inflation is inept at best. If an industry of ten million people would be more profitable if moved to another country where lower wages and production costs are minimal, for consumer sake, do it! We shouldn't keep jobs for jobs sake. People in an industry on the verge of out-sourcing have a duty to themselves and society to learn a new trade or skill that will enable them to be a productive member of society. I shouldn't have to pay extra money for a service to keep someone's inefficient job afloat.

    9. Steven, Louisiana says:

      It seems that Donald doesn't understand the system he agrees with. Capitalism doesn't exist to make people feel good or provide equality. It is the closest representation of nature. It doesn't care whether you starve, work exhaustively, or make the right investment at the right time. It rewards those that make logical, appropriate decisions with rewards in the form of capital. If I understand that providing a needed service to society for profit, I will make profit. If I don't understand Capitalism and get into an industry that is no longer appreciated or desired by society, produce goods that nobody wants, or price myself out of the market, I should expect to fail due to my lack of understanding of the economic climate. Capitalism has no feelings and punishes, naturally, those that make irrational decisions. It frowns on waste and artificial manipulation: taxes and tariffs. It is an individuals responsibility to understand the market, not the other way around.

    10. Steven, Louisiana says:

      Donald, you are definitely a liberal! Read a little more Milton Friedman and take a minute to understand, instead of letting your irrational emotions guide your understanding of reality. Emotions are rarely rational and always mislead.

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