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  • Morning Bell: The Left Must End Their War on School Choice

    This Wednesday morning at 10 am, after serving nine days of a 10-day sentence, Kelley Williams-Bolar was released from the Summit County Jail in Akron, Ohio. Her crime? Trying to provide her two daughters with a better education. How on earth did trying to provide your children with a better education become a crime in the United States? Because the political party that currently occupies the White House is completely dependent on the power of education unions, and these unions see all efforts to shift power away from them, and to parents like Williams-Bolar, as a threat to their very existence. The case of Williams-Bolar is a perfect opportunity for the left to stop and reconsider their war on school choice.

    Before January 15, Williams-Bolar had no criminal record. She lived in an Akron housing project with her two daughters, worked as a teaching assistant at Buchtel High School, and was going to college to further her own education career. Like any parent, Williams-Bolar wanted to give her children the best education possible. But the grade 6 reading and math scores of students in the Akron City School District are almost 30 points lower than those in neighboring Copley-Fairlawn City School District. While Ohio does allow school choice intradistrict, Copley-Fairlawn does not offer open enrollment to children who live in the Akron City School District. Ohio also offers private-school-tuition scholarships to students in Cleveland, but that program is not available to children in Akron.

    So starting in August 2006, Williams-Bolar signed forms claiming her two daughters lived at their father’s address in the Copley-Fairlawn School District. Two years later the Copley-Fairlawn School District hired a private investigator who shot video of Williams-Bolar driving her children from their home in the Akron City School District to a school in their district. “It does not matter if, when she started the lie in 2006, she didn’t know she was going to get caught,” Summit County prosecutor Michael Cody yelled in his closing argument.

    While Williams-Bolar went to jail for practicing school choice, leaders of the Democratic Party practice it themselves every day. Growing up in Chicago, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan attended a private school. Later as Chicago Public Schools chief, Duncan maintained a list of requests from the politically connected for their children to attend the schools of their choice. In the 111th Congress, 44 percent of Senators and 36 percent of Representatives had at one time sent their children to private school.

    Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama attended a private school. Growing up first in Chicago and now in Washington, Obama’s two daughters attended and still attend private schools. Questioned how he could possibly justify this in September, President Obama responded: “I’ll be very honest with you. Given my position, if I wanted to find a great public school for Malia and Sasha to be in, we could probably maneuver to do it. But the broader problem is: For a mom or a dad who are working hard but don’t have a bunch of connections, don’t have a choice in terms of where they live, they should be getting the same quality education as anybody else, and they don’t have that yet.”

    So then why did President Obama take away such a choice for 216 children as one of his first acts as President? The District of Columbia Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCOSP) was passed by Congress in January 2004 and provides $7,500 scholarships to low-income D.C. school children. In the fall of 2008, 216 new low-income students were notified by the Department of Education that they had been selected to receive scholarships. Then at the behest of Obama’s education union allies, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sent letters to the 216 families informing them that he was taking back the $7,500 in scholarship money that the DCOSP had previously awarded them. The Democratically controlled Congress later voted to phase the program out entirely. Mothers like Latasha Bennett were left scrambling to find good schools for their kids. The DCOSP has been a tremendous success. Students that used a scholarship to attend a private school have a 91 percent graduation rate compared to the less than half of children in D.C. public schools that graduate high school.

    The same morning that Williams-Bolar was released from prison, House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) and Senator Joe Lieberman (I–CT) announced that they will introduce a bill—the Scholarships for Opportunity and Results (SOAR) Act—to reinstate the DCOSP. The announcement was intended to coincide with the height of National School Choice Week, but the story of Williams-Bolar makes it all the more poignant. Do we really want to live in a nation that jails parents for sending their children to the school of their choice?

    UPDATE: A number of commenters are under the impression that this article condones what Williams-Bolar did. Please re-read the article, it does not excuse Williams-Bolar behavior. Lying is not to be condoned and should be punished where it is against the law. However, we do strongly question the if jail is an appropriate punishment for Williams-Bolar behavior. The state has many other ways (community service, fines, etc.) of punishing behavior short of jail.

    More importantly is the issue of school choice. If the state is going to force its citizens to pay taxes to provide for everyone’s education, they should do it in a manner that both minimizes the impostion to liberty and maximizes every parents choices. Thanks to polticially powerful government unions, our current system is far from this ideal. It is far past time for change.

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    101 Responses to Morning Bell: The Left Must End Their War on School Choice

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      1- 21-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, Va on January 27th, 2011 at 11:07am said:

      Ken Jarvis: Unless you forgot, most of Congress, cabinet, and definetly POTUS are all millionaires, they have free health care for life and get their pay for life after serving only one term. I got no retirement, most hospitals and other businesses make sure you don’t stay long enough to get vested, they either cut your hours or out right fire you. I choose to do private duty as I was a widow with four school age children and needed the money to pay bills, my son just got fired because he would not go on part time, he was close to 10 yr.mark, this way he gets no ret. By the way there were no IRA’s and 401 K’s when I was working and I paid into SS since I as 14 it is not an intitlement, the gov’t stole our money.

      *** Jeanne – Thanks for YOUR Story.

      The Problem is NOT that the RICH, and the HF

      take advantage of the Needy, we expect that,

      but the PROBLEM IS that a few readers

      SUPPORT Ripping US off.

      Union Workers make more $$$

      and have Benefits than Non-Union Workers.

      If YOU do NOT belong to a UNION

      they are taking advantage of YOU – Especially Women.


      Tricia, Arizona on January 27th, 2011 at 12:01pm said:

      So Ken, who do you consider “the rich”?

      *** When Obama tried to get the

      Tax the RICH – They have the $$$ bill passed,

      he said – anyone making over $250,000 a year.

      That is $5,000 a WEEK.

      I don't know anyone that Can NOT make ends meet on

      $5,000 a week. Do YOU?


      B. Eric, Syosset N.Y. on January 27th, 2011 at 12:13pm said:

      Hey Jarvis. You constantly rant against against Murdock and Fox and the WSj.

      *** WRONG

      What I do is – Tell the TRUTH ABOUT MURDOCH'S EMPIRE

      AND THE HF.

      What you don’t grasp is that no-one is forced to watch or read. When you consider the total population only a small percentage do either. Their influence is not that important. You are obviously are one of those that does. If you don’t like them why do you pay attention.





      The Living, up-to-date facts on



      I am putting info together

      on Rupert Murdoch .





    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      "So starting in August 2006, Williams-Bolar signed forms claiming her two daughters lived at their father’s address in the Copley-Fairlawn School District. Two years later the Copley-Fairlawn School District hired a private investigator who shot video of Williams-Bolar driving her children from their home in the Akron City School District to a school in their district."

      Wow! This is a dangerous sign. Is this still America when a parent has to go to these extremes to protect their children's education then on top of that have the school then go to extreme measures to investigate the desperation in such a negative way? I wonder if the school applied those 10's of thousands of dollars towards improving the school instead of hiring the Gestapo.

      Some people like to throw the term "Nazi" around. Does it fit here?

      School choice, competition, and open partial public funding will solve the education problems in an instant. Throw out the contrived arguments of vouchers with all the current regulations and restriction that comes with them. I will agree, that program is not working. Just provide the parent with a base-line check to the family sending their kids to school and let them choose the school that best fits their needs – no restrictions. Competition will ensure the lowest costs and the highest quality of education.

      And it will not require a single detective infringing on our rights. If anyone in the country deserves a pardon, this woman does. That artificial contrived criminal record needs to be cleared out permanently!

    3. P. Griffin, Indiana says:

      Obama got elected in large part to the unions, including of course the teachers' union, and the payback was to kill school choice. My guess is that the parents of those school children who were denied a decent education voted for Obama. But they're not alone. The Obama administration has rolled over every citizen in America, whether they voted for him or not. We are all suffering the consequences of having this corrupt egomaniacal progressive in the oval office.

    4. KC - New Mexico says:

      Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the president do not get it!! The message about our broken and ineffective education system has been stated over and over and yet the politicians just do not get this issue. To them, it is a numbers and dollars issue – wrong! It is a systematic breakdown of the educational system, partially due to the union and partially due to a lack of real progressive and proactive leadership.

      Alternative education is critical in this country. Charter school movements and other alternative approaches are proving that this alternative approach to education produces results where the traditional public school does not. Yet, the political side is forced to continue to fund a broken system to appease the union! What a waste of tax dollars.

      By the way, the members of the Chicago Supreme Court must have gone through traditional education since they cannot do simple math. When the requirement is 12 months of residency and the individual only has residency from October – that is 4 months (Oct to Jan). I wonder who and which union bought off the judges for Emanuel!!

    5. Adrian S. Hooper Jr says:

      Like every other business in this country, once the unions get involved in an airline, a hospital, a car company and our schools, quality, productivity and accountability goes out the window. The teachers union is a nightmare. You can't fire them. I would rather home school my kids than send them to public schools.

    6. Ron Reitz, Lafayette says:

      While I whole heartedly support school choise, we should not support the efforts of someone who breaks the law, even if the results might be noble. We are a nation of laws and there is always a way to remedy the situation rather than break the law.

      I am glad to see that we are making an effort to reinstate the school in DC. It is so hypicritical of the Dems to say they are for good education, when their policies are hurting the very children they say they are trying to help.

      But then, we cannot upset the teachers' unions.

    7. Ron Gay, College Sta says:

      While I understand Ms. Williams-Bolar's motherly instinct to get what is best for her children, let's not overlook that fact that she lied. What kind of education is that for our children? Children need to learn that the end does not justify the means.

      I do not agree with her incarceration, but I do think it's just as important to teach children the difference between right and wrong. Moral education is just as important as learning how to read, write and do math.

    8. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Typical of Democratics, the laws they pass apply to the tax payer, but not to the political ruling class who live off the tax payers. Not surprise by this article.

      Fortunate for my children my HUSBAND (their father) and I sacrificed personal luxuries and put our children through private schools. Did not want or need persmission from the ruling class where or how to educate our children. Our adult children with high quality parenting and education are doing great.

      I worry about the next generation of parents and their children. DEMOCRATS MIND YOUR OWN AND FOCUS ON THE BUDGET AND SECURITY!

    9. Steve S. California says:

      It is the height of irony that a single mother serves jail time because she tried to manipulate a system unresponsive to her children’s' educational needs, while our legislators do the same thing every day because the law doesn't allow them to achieve their political agendas. From the president on down, blatant disregard for the rule of law is the main staple of the day, but you can bet not one of them will ever be held accountable for their actions. maybe the folks that run the Akron school district should do jail time for interfering with the kids' right to an education at least as good (30 points higher) as the nieghboring district. And as usual Mr. Obama finds himself in the unenviable position of having to speak out both sides of his mouth because his actions simply don't match his words. Where is the outrage here? This isn't change, it's just more of the same. The King is dead. Long live the King.

    10. Joe Palmer Niceville says:

      Sad that you guy just like the liberal media lied in your title and description. While I have sympathy for her plight she went to jail for telling a lie.

    11. Thomas Stevens 13015 says:

      would not publish my statement,called all the politicians a foul name

    12. Sarah P, WIscasset says:

      I am having to pay either $7,900 or $8,800 or even $24,000 each to send my kids to decent schools. Why? Because I live in a town with a high school. It doesn't matter that that high school's ratings get worse every year.

    13. ThomNJ says:

      I think it wrong for someone who lives in another town to claim their children live in another in order to get into the school, simply because they don't pay taxes to support the school. HOWEVER, in this particular case, the father obviouls paid taxes into that school district; so it would make sense to me that the parents ought to have the choice on where to send the children. It is not like they were stealing from the town.

    14. Brian, PA says:

      Right or wrong, let us all remember that Mrs. Williams-Bolar did indeed break the law by lying about where her children live. We can all debate whether the law needs to be changed, but I certainly don't think breaking of a law should go unpunished just because someone doesn't like the law. Imagine the kind of society where we all chose whether or not to follow laws…some we like and some we don't like.

    15. Kevin (very conserva says:

      Bad logic. All those Mexicans want is a better life….. if she violated the law, you can NOT support her, and it is treacherous to try. You can NOT support the logic.

    16. Robert R. Jendras, F says:

      If someone robs a gas station so they have cash to buy clothes for their kids, do we say they they were arrested, tried, and sentenced for buying clothes for their kids, or do we say they were arrested, tried, and sentenced for robbery? Although I am sympathetic to the plight of the mother wanting a better school for her children, she chose to become a thief. Does "the ends do not justify the means" ring a bell anymore? Shame on you!

    17. May Valentine South says:

      That is what is so great about my country. Our children can go to any private school or school that is available to them. obviously the educational institution will give first priority to kids living in the municipal area first but that is not a given. We have different model schools for different income brackets as well but if a parent wants their child to receive a better education and they can afford it they can send their kids anywhere. Give the woman a break you have far too much red tape for a lot of unnecessary things. I think my "3rd world country" is a whole lot better than a lot of the so-called "1st world countries" when it comes to certain aspects of society. Simplify that is the key!

    18. Howard Sarber, Coope says:

      Was this so much a case of Copley-Fairlawn VS Williams-Bolar or was it more a case of the "education union" VS Williams-Bolar. The childs education should be first and foremost in the in the mind of every parent. Williams-Bolar was only doing what was best for the child and if the parent feels that school of choice is affordable then so be it. This is just another case of a to big government gone array and another case of "we the people who??".

    19. Lew Richards Palm Ba says:

      The case of this poor child and her mother sent to jail due to trying to give her child a decent education. This must not happen in America! Why did it happen? it is a result of UNIONS controlling the government schools in our nation. These Unions only want to drive up the pay for teachers and others who "work" within these schools. Our children suffer from inferior programs and poor teachers. Lazy, uninterested teachers do nothing to really educate our youth.For the most part these public schools are training grounds for tomorrow's unemployed and a huge percent of the crimminals.

      We need to outlaw these Unions and insist on superior classrooms, teachers, and administrators. We can no longer allow Union Goons disguised as teachers to decide what our schools shall look like and the agenda to be taught.

      THINK!! Decent people we have allowed this sad story to be repeated for too long !

    20. Diane, NJ says:

      I find myself confused concerning Williams-Bolar. She seems to have been "working the system" and tax dollar consuming all at the same time. There has to come a time when ill intent hits that famous brick wall. It seems to me that she wanted welfare and cheap housing and an education,,,,,,and a more suitable educational enviroment for her kids,,,,all at the expense of someone else. The result of intimate activity should be not tax payer afforded.

    21. Paul Rinderle says:

      Unions should not be allowed to represent Government Employees which means local,state federal because there is no competition in the Government. GM is an example of how they destroyed a company ( due to outrageous salaries/benefits/no merit seniority steps) and by extension they have already destroyed our public educational system.

    22. Holly holbrook says:

      Obmama needs to be out of office. Life for people has only gotton worse. He NEEDS to be IMPEACHED.

    23. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The hypocrisy is nauseating. Is there no way to put an end to political parties and individual politicians selling themselves and their offices to special interest groups? The general public has to pay for their debauchery. People seem to have lost the capacity to think along with a loss of morality, otherwise, how is it that so many of these self-serving politicians get re-elected over and over?

    24. Mark, Illinois says:

      While I am all for the ability to choose a private school, this has nothing to do with what this parent did. The story is about a parent that took her children from one PUBLIC school and put them in a different PUBLIC school. How does this have anything to do with anyone putting their kids in a PRIVATE school? If this parent had the money to pay for a private school for her kids, there would be no issue. There is no law preventing anyone from trying to put their kids in a PRIVATE school. Here's where I have, and the author should have had the issue. Both parents are paying taxes which supports both PUBLIC school districts. The law that says the kids can only go the school that they "reside" in and not in either of the two that are being supported by the parents. That's the issue to me.

    25. Franks, Arizona says:

      This happens everywhere. It always has and it always will as long as our public schools do not teach. To start, they need to kick out all illegal kids and fire Teachers that have poor records. I will never send my children to public school now or ever. Jail is not a worry, my kids love home school and are thriving. The politicians are the ones who should be in JAIL. Shame on them and anyone who supports them. It does explain why they are uneducated in life.

    26. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      It's called the "Rule of Law". If you don't agree with the double standards being imposed on us, work to change them or move to a community with laws more to your liking. Is it now our belief that the ends (better opportunity) justify the means (lying)?

    27. laurie, Hawaii says:

      Another shameful act by the hypocritical Commander-in-Thief and his "elite" cronies who live by different rules than the rest of us. How dare they crucify this woman for loving her children and wanting the best for them as all parents do. Let's hope this case displays the horror of teachers unions and all unions and the political corrupt machine destoying our freedom and entire country as the last free nation on this earth. God, please help us!!

    28. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      "What else is new" with this Chicago gang?

    29. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      What an awful story! But, you know, this kind of thing happens all over America. It is my belief it is a strategy, to bring our Government into ill repute. While it is wonderful to expose these nauseating examples, it wasn't Justice this parent got! This is how far the Liberals will go, their perfidy is unbelievable! Thank you for bringing this out, best wishes for the Speaker. How about eliminating the Department Of Education and substituting School Choice! Yeah, Vouchers, like that is ever going to happen. The People have only wanted it for Fifty Years!

      DC is one thing, but realize the Government has been going after Americans non stop on stupid things like this! Happy to destroy lives for nothing, no reason or, like in this case, superlative behavior. She was practicing School Choice, a civil disobedience. Do you know what they do to Handgun Heroes? Innocent ones? Liberals put them in prison, just to get their guns! Conn? I have found that the only way to understand the Progressive Agenda is to credit the half vast Left Wing Conspiracy. I expect the Liberal Captive Media to come to life with vast numbers of expose stories to undermine all confidence in Government. Then, the Media will be big heroes while Obama 'reforms' it!

      I'm scared! Aren't you? These DINOs took over an entire political Party in America! Half of what they put on Fox News are RINOs. If we tone down the dialog, the truth cannot be expressed! Bipartisanship? Cooperation? Hey! Didn't the 111th just prove beyond any shadow of a doubt the Demo Crats are not Representing Americans! Didn't Obama Communize Housing, Student Loans, GM, AIG, etc.? And isn't Communism an unlawful, Unconstitutional Form Of Government? Oh thank Heaven for Heritage Foundation! We would have no idea!

      Even now Democrats still don't know they elected Communists! They still don't know Why their DINO reps don't Represent. I wish somebody would do a survey on Democrats: "Do you know Obama was a fully connected third generation Communist when you voted for him?" They don't. Same with Labor: "Do you know your Labor Leaders are using the Union Movement for 'Social Justice?' (Communism) They don't.

    30. Judy, Austin, TX says:

      It is time for all of our lawmakers (federal, state, city, etc., etc.) be required to live by the same laws we all have to live by.

    31. eb says:

      If Williams-Bolar had undocumented immigration status, would she have better school options?

    32. Jill Kibler, Pittsbu says:

      As a home schooling mom in one of the most heavily homeschool-regulated states (PA) in the country, it's clear to me that the answer to the education dilemma is the same one that would solve so many other of our country's problems – get the government out! Close the Department of Education, forbid the unionization of public sector employees (NEA), and allow competition (i.e., vouchers) among schools to provide parents and students with the best option for their individual needs. Only then will our schools return to true institutions of learning rather than the liberal indoctrination centers they have become, where few students excel at essential math or science, but everyone knows how to position a condom.

    33. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      If you want to end the war on school choice, make it mandatory that all elected officals must send their children to the same broken schools they mandate for their constituents. By the way, this would also fix Social Security, health care and run-away pubic pensions.

      Heritage continually places trustworthiness in some, mainly Republican, elected officials. Guess what, they also send their children to private school, reap the benefits of a private health system and by-pass Social Security.

      Wake up! The governing class is good at dictating what is good for the populace while eating the fruits of their labor.

      Support working within the system to change a culture of elected officals dependency to elected officials as servant leaders.

    34. Kristin, California says:

      Sending a parent to jail for falsifying a home address is tyrannical. It would be punishment enough to send her kids back to their local school.

      But to compare this to sending kids to private school is not reasonable. Parents who can afford to do so pay to send their kids to better schools. I am in favor of school choice and believe if parents could choose which public school they want their children to attend. This would allow those who want a good education to get it while causing poor schools to "go out of business." The system needs to be changed to allow this and then we would truly have good public education.

    35. Harry Snyder Tempera says:

      As a Conservative American, I get the distinct impression that all this hullaballoo about glaciers and "Climate Change" is driven (pardon my saying it) by the irresistible impulse of many world leaders to establish some sort of World Bureaucracy which would control most world natural (and human) resources, with great profits to those in charge.

      It is cynical to say so, but that is, to me, what the evidence suggests.

    36. Sam Glionna, Central says:

      Jail is rapidly becoming the new U.S. pass time. With more people in jail per capita than any other nation in the world why should jailing a mom for wanting a better education for her kids surprise anyone. Considering the hundreds of thousands of asinine laws on the books, almost everyone is breaking one of them at any given moment. If you like your police state, keep an extra tooth brush packed. It is just a matter of time before your turn in the 'big house' will be due. As for me and my wife, we've already gotten the hell out!

    37. Michael from Long Is says:

      Life is still about the priviliges of "the priviliged class". So, what is new? It is only human nature, however "lowlife". It has been this way for longer than the time of the Roman Empire. We, the "proletariat" have been fighting this attitiude for ever. It is a never ending battle!

    38. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Clearly dumbing down our kids isn't an accident. The simple fact is that countless thousands of our young people have had their future bludgeoned into collectivized Marxist garbage by criminally negligent leftist school administrators and teacher's unions that exist for themselves, not children.

      I hope Speaker JB has the fortitude to deal with this. My wife and I did exactly the same thing this courageous woman did for our own kids, while they were in high school for exactly the same reasons.

      BHO is Marxist garbage. His inhuman Party has stopped the D.C. school choice program entirely. What more does anyone need to know about the selfish, elitist left in the U.S.

      The obvious solution is to throw the future destroying unions out with the rest of the debilitating garbage, but no one wants to get their hands dirty taking out the lying, stinking trash. Our kids pay for our cowardice.

      I Hope JB and our new House Members will look at this abominable situation.

    39. ginna walsh bedminst says:

      Case in point: Newark Public School System is the largest school system in the state of New Jersey, and one of the lowest performing. They spend $24,000 per pupil, more than twice the national average, yet have a drop out rate greater than 50%. New Jersey state government assumed the management of the school system in 1995, hoping that the situation would improve. One can only imagine what would happen if Mark Zuckerberg donated his $100 million to school choice vouchers and charter schools instead of pouring it back into a failed system.

    40. Phyllis Bickham, Tex says:

      Another case of Obama saying "Do as I say, not as I do" Every child should be able to have a good education, this should be between the parents and teachers not the federal government. I don't know where these unions think they are going but as long as the government is involved they will come out smelling like a rose instead of the skunks they really are.

    41. Colleen, northern VA says:

      "While Ohio does allow school choice intradistrict, Copley-Fairlawn does not offer open enrollment to children who live in the Akron City School District. Ohio also offers private-school-tuition scholarships to students in Cleveland, but that program is not available to children in Akron."

      So why does Copley-Fairlawn NOT offer open enrollment to kids from Akron? And why aren't private-school tuition scholarships available to kids in Akron? Seems that the Ohio school system, both public and private, has been failing the kids for quite some time.

    42. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      When I was in school if your parents worked for the federal Gov't. you could attend school in DC, the schools in DC were better than the ones in Va. and Md. This ended in 1948/49?? Point is now there is no one who would send their kids to DC public schools as they have gotten so bad and now parents who want their kids to do well are denied the option with the withdrawal of vouchers. My children attended parochial grade school and my husband and I paid for it but some arenot as lucky, why condemm these kids, give them a chance, one might be the next Frederick Douglas.

    43. Richard says:

      We've been trying to throw money at the problem for decades. No amount of money is going to make stupid kids any smarter. Take most of that money back and go about it smartly. Put the smart kids into classes commensurate with their abilities and the stupid kids into vocational programs or prison preparation classes. Stop trying to do the one size fits all thing with no child left behind. Leave 'em behind and save some money.

    44. Kathy Manson, Brunsw says:

      It is my observation that school choice is very important and that teacher's unions have too much power. Because we lived on the dividing line between two separate school districts in a very rural area of Missouri, and could send our children either way w/o tuition fees, we made a choice for each of our three children based on what was best for them at the time (they graduated in 2001, 2006 & 2010) depending on the quality of education offered in each district and the responsiveness of the school district to educational philosophy (like Whole Language vs. No Phonics at all), test scores, class size, hostility to issues of Christian faith (i.e. inconsistencies, like high school band not being allowed to play an instrumental version of "Amazing Grace" in one high school, but allowed at the other, while fourth grade students at the same hostile school were taught to sing Hanukkah songs, for the "Winter Concert" program while all Christian carols and words were simultaneously struck from the same concert – Orders given ahead of time to the Music Director by the superintendent), students not allowed to offer their own spontaneous Christian prayer at graduation or during FFA meetings, though they held the time-honored office of FFA Chaplain, ect. On the other hand, meditation sessions led by an unsuspecting elementary school counselor featuring "Duso, the Dolphin" in group elementary counseling classes – a favorite of New Age proponents, flew right under the radar, until we objected. It was so time consuming to try to stay on top of all the issues facing public school education and choose the best for each of our children (each 4 1/2 years apart in age) from 1986 to 2010, and sometimes our children were attending two different school systems (Exhausting!). And yet I must say we were blessed because we were able to choose simply because of the geographical location of our farm house, straddling land in the two different school districts. Every parent should have "School Choice". Our two oldest children have gone on to complete their Masters and B.S. degrees with very good jobs lined up many months before college graduation (a Physical Therapist and District Manager for Monsanto), even in this difficult economy, while the youngest received grades for her first semester as a Freshman at the state University in Dec. 2010 – four "A-'s" and three "A+'s" as well as a summer 2011 internship, already lined up in another state. I don't think a student should be able to make an "A+'s" at the University level. But perhaps as standards relax, compensations like that becomes inevitable – at all levels, because I don't think she did more than was reasonably required of her. The main point is that every citizen's child (or children) deserve the best, and parents deserve choice, no matter of their geographical location. If parents are consistently allowed to send their children where quality and common sense reigns; Whether it be choosing between the best public schools, home schooling, or forming charter or parochial schools – the bottom word is: "Let Freedom of Choice Reign" and "Let teacher's unions serve the Children and their Parents – not themselves!" A lot of teachers I know don't even want to pay Union dues. Thank you!

    45. rob tulley, stanhope says:

      so, she lied about where her kids lived in order to get them in a better school. she broke the law & got punished.what is the problem?????? challenge the law if you dont agree with it, but we cant just go violating laws we dont like.

    46. RUTH SC says:

      Most states now have virtual school for parents who want their kids to attend school at home. This means the parent has to be at home to have their child home schooled. I have seen so many parents who don't or won't help the kids and think it is the responsibility of someone else to get the education their child needs. We need more pro active parents not more government programs to over tax the people. As parents we need to do whatever we can to get our kids educated or they don't stand a shot. Parents, look at every type of school for your children, it is our duty to give our kids the best we can.

    47. serendipity says:

      School Choice should never involve government intervention. Our government has become too big and has distorted the Constitution. Both parties are responsible for this. What right do unions have to decide whether incompetent teachers should be kept on or that excellent teachers should be directed away from the public school system?

    48. Durand C. Waters says:

      When I started school in NJ in 1946, I had been sent to live with my maternal grandparents whe my parents "got their marriage back together".

      Just like Ms. Williams-Bolar, my parents did not give my grandparents custody, but paid an out of district (out by the width of a road) tuition of $100 a year.

      Was there not something like this available in Ohio?

      What shameful activity for a school district to take.

    49. Doouble Ace says:

      So very typical of the hypocrites in charge in Washington. They say one thing but in actuality do the opposite. It is amazing that the same people that fall victim to these lies actually continue to support the left. When will they ever wake up to what is happening to them.

    50. Southern Patriot, th says:

      Perhaps we do not fully understand the matter, but in our area, school taxes are paid by property owners for the district in which they own the property/reside. Our house/property taxes pay for schools in our district/county. Our taxes do not support the county public school district in the neighboring county. The parent can send his/her child to schools out of their zone but in the same county with permission. If this parent was trying to send her child to a district or county that was different from the one she resided in, the officials may have a point. Not knowing how the school systems are supported in her area, this may be germane. Home schooling is also possible. We feel bad for the mother who was trying to do what she could for her child, but perhaps someone should have pointed out to her if she was breaking any law?

    51. Jon Hartz, 93420 says:

      She was jailed (not imprisoned) for perjury. Let's stay within the law, folks, otherwise we just give the other side ammo. Move, or move the kids to dad's.

    52. Constantine Greece says:

      I am trying very hard to grasp the essence of this post,certainly not kidding,

    53. toledofan says:

      Our education system is broken and in need of major repairs; it's not going to happen because you hit the nail on the head; giving people choices to go to other schools takes away not only the power of what is taught but it also allows teachers to spout their own beliefs and opinions. The entire Department of Education should be one of the major changes on the chopping block; it should be completely defunded and built back up. It's sad when you see people with a college degree that can't do basic math, spell, or write so you can understand what they are talking about. Whatever you do don't ask them how to solve a problem or, heaven forbid, to go and talk to some one. We can only hope our decay is short lived and we change course, soon, so we can reclaim the freedoms afforded to us by the Constitution.

    54. R Holland, Chandler, says:

      I am against the SOAR bill. Get the federal government out of the education business. Return responsibility for education to the states and local boards. Eliminate the Department of Education.

    55. Sandy, UT says:

      " Do we really want to live in a nation that jails parents for sending their children to the school of their choice?" NO!

      NO, no, no… and I don't want to live in a nation where the unions, especially 'teacher's unions' have the power to

      PUT folks like Kelley Williams-Bolar in an overcrowded jail amidst killers, rapists, and burglars for being a good MOM. It's just another

      case of a double standard. Vote all the politicians out and perhaps we

      can start over with reasonable and equitable laws.

      Where' the outrage for Copley-Fairlawn School District wasting taxpayers' money on a private investigator to follow Kelley Williams-Bolar around?

      Why are those property owners living in the Akron City School District allowing their tax dollars to be squandered on such nonsense? Vote members of the school board OUT!!!

      Where's the outrage for the Summit County prosecutor Michael Cody who would WASTE taxpayers' money on MORE nonsense, the trial of a concerned mother? Is there no other crime in Summit County? VOTE Michael Cody OUT!!!

    56. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      I'm not sure that Williams-Bolar is the right choice to highlight the school choice issue. She broke the rules to get what she wanted. It taints what is otherwise a straightforward case of liberal hypocrisy. The democrats actions in the DC school system are unconscionable. That needs no one-off sad story. That story needs to see the light of day.

    57. Dan Downng, Reading, says:

      For at least the past 50 years teachers have been crying and feeling sorry for themselves. Granted, most of the problems in our schools are traced to the parents,whether it be blind ignorance (evolution, denial of ignominious events in U.S. history) or social dysfunction (racism, drug use, squalor). Teachers are also at the mercy of school district administrations and school boards and the political scum mentioned in your article. Never-the-less, the working atmosphere and compensation of teachers has risen greatly, adjusted for inflation, while the average work load had decreased. Stilll they whine. And they are still afraid of being judged by results. Our whole system is insane to begin with: creating people who love learning and have the ability to think is difficult and the most vital mission of our schools, 'These tasks are completed pre-school to maybe mid high school. This is where the teaching talent is most needed and the rewards should be the highest—where the most important job is being done. Instead, we make college professors the top of the heap, when by the time a student reaches college the mind is formed. Many college professors merely assign reading and other tasks, then grade or off load the grading on to teaching assistants. No teaching talent needed here and the students can do most of the work on their own, given a book, a syllabus and a computer.

      Backwards and insane.

    58. Kirt Stueckle Yakima says:

      Although I agree that school choice should be reinstitued and expanded, condoning a person's unethical/illegal behaviour, as a solution to the problem, is unprofessional and wrong. Thats what the left does when they are in disagreement with the law and rules. We are better than that. We need to continue to fight for conservative values while remaining within the law and morality. I expect better from the Heritage Foundation.

    59. Richard Warren, Spri says:

      I'm all for school choice. I'd prefer a full tuition voucher for all children to any school of their choice who'd accept such a voucher. This argument, however, is specious. This woman committed a fraudulent act, and gave a terrible example to her children. But the analogies here limp badly – comparing her deception to those who choose PRIVATE school, not a publicly funded (by tax payers in another district) school.

    60. John Becker, 559 Wyn says:

      Can and will the Heritage Foundation give us assurance that all the Federal Representatives and Senators receive a copy of this msg. for Heritage.

      You have the means, position and influeance to get their attention. If this is already being done……..what results, reaction do you receive.

      Thank you

    61. KC - New Mexico says:

      Woops and a correction – should be the Illinois Supreme Court.

    62. PENNY PUPPY pittsbur says:

      the children would have the rights to attend either school if their father was paying school district taxes in his school district…and the mother was paying school district taxes in her district…..it is one benefit of having seperated parents…..the mother must now sue the private investigator for being 100 percent wrong !!!!

    63. PENNY PUPPY pittsbur says:

      was the father paying school district taxes in his schoo district ?

    64. Karl, Missouri says:

      She did not just want a better education for her child – she broke the law. Would it be alirght for her to steal to get gas or tuition money because she just wanted a better education? The ends don't justify the means. While I can empathize with her, there are always other options (even if they are temporary until the rules can be changed).

    65. Brian, Michigan says:

      The answer is not the SOAR Act for a limited number of children. Sweeping reform needs to happen and allow ALL parents to choose which school their children will attend.

      I don't know the exact mechanism that should be used, vouchers or simply open enrollment, the key to the whole thing will be designing the system so the parents must DO something to make a choice. I've always thought each school-age child should get a check that must be signed over to the school by the parent. No auto-matic enrollment or anything like that, the parents MUST be engaged in the process somehow.

      Once people see they are "giving" the school several thousand dollars to the school for their childs education, I think more people will sit up and pay attention to what is going on inside the school-house. Currently, with the dollars being collected under the radar and then distributed through the "education bureaucrats" most parents have no idea of what is being spent for their childrens "education".

      The best schools are not necessarily the richest schools, but those with the greatest involvment by the whole community.

    66. Kat Oliver says:

      One question, why is it ok for the Akron school district to score so low on math test scores? If I were the parent-I would have lobbied with the local school board to have the math teachers replaced. I know it is hard to fight the system-but that is where I would have started.

      And in regards for the Obama's administration's "do what I say not what I do" policies", I have never seen such an insecure administration in that they show so much fear in not having absolute power over every situation. They forget the power is not theirs-it is the people's-they forget that their function is not to make choices FOR the people, but to create opportunities for people to be able to make their own choices-especially in education.

    67. Cary Johnson , Minne says:

      We used to be a "free" country.

    68. Dave W. Provo. UT says:

      Dr. Sinoopoli is too logical. And our politicians have a notorious lick of common sense.

    69. Robert, North Richla says:

      SOAR and vouchers are not the answer. Both programs maintain [or legitimize] the massive amounts of money we are currently spending and increase government involvement. As one gentleman from Texas pointed out the other day, we need to abolish the Department of Education (along with Energy, HHS, and HUD) and remove the federal mandates to allow the states and local districts to run their own schools. And if we do not do this, then we should fire everyone at the state and local level – who do nothing except monitor the federal rules. These public schools are nothing more than federal, day-care centers for babysitting and indoctrination – and they are costing us a fortune.

    70. Hermes C Liberty New says:

      I repeat again that the Left doesn't really know what is happening to it. It is a tool under almost unknown hands. This is the reason why we Conservatives and those who see themselves really at Right, must all take charge to engage the Left and through serious and Patriotic discussions, let them see that something is happening to our country and that they are being used without being aware of it, starting by the President who have at least three different personalities (himself, an Incarnated and a Woman around the White House). Consciousness is a very positive quality that not all possess but let us understand that "things are happening because of that" and have all Patriots, Right and Left together when it comes to those mysterious "pushes" against our ouwn Nation.

    71. rozell newbill south says:

      No ,I dont desire to live in a nation who jail parents for Better Education !

      we are created with a equal opportunity to be unequal by educationing ourself

      daily and by whatever means neccessary.

      we the america people,the one who believe in freedom,liberty,justice,truth and

      Love,can make america what it should be!

      education,education is the right key !

      the ability to execute is what make america great.

    72. Kenneth E. MacAliste says:

      Fat chance! The left wanted control of the schools for one reason only: indoctrination. Change the title of this column to "We Must End The Left's War On School Choice", then it makes more sense. The public school system will have to be wrestled from the left's grasp, or all of our kids must be pulled out of the public schools. The loony left will NEVER agree to any school choice bill because it would drastically decrease the amount of young minds being exposed to their indoctrination centers. The left don't give a damn about education! It's all about creating mind-numbed robots who will not think for themselves, but repeat the left's loony ideology like zombies! Modern liberalism is indeed a mental disorder & our children need to be de-programmed if they've already been through the left's indoctrination centers, kept away from the indoctrination centers if they haven't yet been exposed, & be brought up by their parents to not only understand The Word of GOD, but to use that understanding & the power GOD gives us all to recognize the left's ideology for what it is: one big evil lie! With GOD everything is possible.

    73. ckirkland says:

      What kind of leadership on this issue are we seeing from this Administration expecially Obama ( who had every advantage in getting his education & now his daughters) except to "invest" more money in education and just where is that going to be and for whom??? It's not that we need more money in education we need to get rid of poor teachers and these ridiculous unions that are sucking the life out of children getting a good education. CK

    74. Melvin Brantley Summ says:

      This article as written should never have left Heritage as described. The crime was not for wanting the best education for her children, it was her illegal actions to achieve her objective.

      The Heritage Foundation has slipped into a new low with reporting this issue the way it is written.

    75. Geppetto says:

      Another example of the increasing government encroachment on freedom in America. And it has long been obvious that it is necessary to ignore what Obama says and concentrate very carefully on what he does directly or through the smoke screen provided by his Czars.

    76. Henry ,Illinois says:

      Wow, she broke "THE LAW" and the analogy that some of the respondents to this forum really make no sense.If this lady pays taxes to support the school system in the district that she resides in and the children's father who resides in the other school district and pays taxes to support the school system how is this breaking "the law".Jail a mother who wants a better education for her children but parole hardened criminals who go and repeat their crime sprees.There is something drastically wrong here.

    77. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The NEA and the AFT are for the status quo. They don't want to see Washington's

      students get a quality education.

    78. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Please focus on two things about this story. 1. Public schools with unionized teachers operating as a monopoly can not and will not provide quality education. Get rid of the unions that are only interested in their membership and use the kids as shield to increase their numbers and oppose to get rid of bad teachers.

      2. Imagine that mother had been provided the means to send her kids to any school she thought would serve her kids best- i.e. voucher. She would not have broken the law and would not have gone to jail for trying to care for her kids. The poor performing schools won't be able to exist unless they improved for the betterment of the kids. Teachers union is in vehement opposition to allowing the parents a choice and they lie that they care! Get rid of the public school monopoly.

    79. RD Martin says:

      The fact she broke the law is not in dispute and as far as I can tell from what I read – she is not attempting to redefine morality to diminish what she did nor did I pick that up from this article. She just wanted a better education for her children.

      Trying to do the right thing the wrong way. Doesn't make her a bad person necessarily, just means she made a bad decision.

      It is interesting the moral ambiguity the left is usually comfortable with did not apply in this situation concerning this mother. It applies with illegal immigrants in voting, education and healthcare, it applied with Clinton when he did his deeds, it applied with Climategate, it applied when they passed Obamacare, but does not apply to this mother. Hmmm…wonder why that is.

    80. Wes in cincy says:

      Yes, the woman lied and she was wrong. But to be arrested for something like that when the head of the Federal Reserve was $10,000.00 behind in his taxes and he wasn't arrested. It always comes down to the double-standard.

      Politics and double standards are always wrong. Gov. Kasich needs to pardon this lady. She should not have a criminal record for something like that.

    81. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      She WAS using their fathers address, therefore one parent was paying taxes in that district, there is no mention of the custody agreement, if he had any % of custody I cannot see where this would be illegal. This is nit picking and a disgrace for Akron. I have a friend who's children go to a school wher their father lives, he has custody every other week-end and one day during the week. I'd rather see an agreement between parents like this is than the fighting that goes on most of the time. Again he is a parent and he pays taxes in that district.

    82. Chet "Ski,&quot says:

      There you go again, Jarvis. Will you ever learn that the main problem here is YOU, and the likes of SOROS, who want to take over the country the way he did in Europe, and beyond. Good people, don't give this jackass the time of day. He's way too demented for that, and has no compassion for us ORDINARY people. He's been obsessed with Murdoch,(because of his indoctrination by the dums} and seems to know NOTHING about what's really going on with his messiah,oguana, and the rest of the Chicago henchman. a break, Jarvis, and learn something, and not give us your vitriolic,hateful speech that you learned from your socialist,faschist, communist friends, like oguana and all his Chicago cronies. By the way, did you hear anything about how Chicago, and Illinois is going BANKRUPT??

    83. Sabrina77 says:

      I love how we can't put illegal immigrants in jail or even get their behinds sent back to their own countries but we will throw our own citizens in jail for trying to better their own kids in a system they are already paying for. We are supposed to provide free education, healthcare, benefits, etc to illegals without question causing a drain on our school systems and all of our resources…what a joke.

    84. Gary says:

      You must be kidding me. Ten days in JAIL for trying to get a better education for your children. The world is turning upside down. I applaud not her method but her spirit and hope that people will support her efforts in some way.

    85. David - Fayetteville says:

      The fact is she broke the law. I think a fine to cover the cost of the out of district education would have been more appropriate for a first time offender. Jail time would be more appropriate for repeat offenders.

      Keep in mind the school she would have attended in her district probably lost money they would have received if she had not gone out of district since they receive money based on student enrollment an attendance. The point is that by going out of district she impacted the entire system.

    86. Jean Knight, Louisia says:

      This is done all the time in my area. We have two adjoining parishes in which one is the richest in the state and the other almost the poorest. The parents living in the poor parish use a relative's address living in the rich parish to enroll their school in that district, because the schools are much better. Two years ago, the superintendent of the poor parish went through the rich parish's school rolls and found close to 1,000 students from his parish enrolled in the rich parish school system. Notices were sent out that anyone caught doing that the next school year would be fined or imprisoned. It is understandable that parents want a better education for their children. However, the parents of the poor parish children that enrolled their child in the rich parish education system, did NOT pay taxes in the rich parish where their children were enrolled. In other words, they were getting their child's education for FREE.

    87. C. Hyatt, Albuquerqu says:

      Almost everyone is missing the point of this article. One has to contemplate why a school district would go out of its way to investigate and prosecute a lone mom? Just how common is this practice given the level of other crimes in our country? This event is about bureaucratic control. It’s not about school choice, education or anything else that would help advance our country. No, this child through no fault of her own will be left to an education that will be sufficient to become little more than a minion. Twain said, “We are all ignorant, it’s just that we are ignorant about different things”. The worst fear of most in power is that the underlings achieve an education that will enlighten them to the deeds of those in power. This is the real story of this article. That is why; you find few in private schools and many in public schools. In this case, this one mom was simply trying to find a better public school. The sad truth is that we have elected for our public schools to only churn out worker bees. To argue over points such as “she broke the law” or “she is taking advantage of the system” or “the unions caused this” is mute. The practical matter is that if everyone chooses to only go to the best public schools there would be no way for the system to handle the demand. Better performing schools would soon deteriorate because of too much pressure on the limited resource. Take a long hard look in the mirror. If so many are disillusioned with education in this country, then why have you not done something to correct it? There is legal recourse and there are administrative ways of forcing change. However, it will require public interest. And, one should prepare for push back because control will not be given up easily. That is the point of this article; you just have to read between the lines.

    88. EVELYN SUTPHIN says:


    89. hflndrs says:

      I feel for the mom, the same way I feel for the illegal aliens. I would do almost anything to help my kids.

      What she did was wrong but why she did it was right. What the "State" does to education is wrong and why they do it is also wrong. Political BS.

      Usually the parents in this socioeconomic situation are not involved with their kids and are not trying to better themselves. This women seems to be doing her best with the resources she has. These are the people that need and deserve our help. People that look for a hand up as opposed to a hand out.

    90. Norm Klevens says:

      The unions are the one single entity in this great country that has the most adverse affect on the highest number of people. The example given by Heritage is a symptom. Spend more and more money and what do parents get – the absence of a public education. Paint the classroom, buy new books [that leave out George Washington or Alexander Hamilton], build a new school on Wilshire Blvd in LA LA land and none of that has made a difference as long as the unions control the school. And Obama's first act as a president was disadvantage those who put him in office. That is because he will be beholding to the unions as long as he flies everywhere on AF 1. And Heritage has no enforced rules for this blog as long as you allow the likes of Ken Jarvis to rant. I may not like his opinion, like any Americabut its the way he expresses that is against the so called rules.

    91. D. Dietrich, Marylan says:

      In my opinion, the whole academy and school curricula cannot be changed for the better until we de-politicize the teachers union, much like the Hatch Act de-politicized the federal civil service workforce. Until such time, we will continue to see gross injustices (Williams-Bollar incident, etc.), and nineteenth century, Tamminy Hall like power-politics, played out by corrupt politicians and self-serving teachers unions fully committed to radical, left-wing social change.

    92. Norcross schools says:

      If Ms. Williams-Bolar is a criminal because she lied about where her children lived in order to qualify them for a better school choice, then shouldn't teachers who are lying to entire classrooms of kids about "proof" of global warming be even more convictable?

    93. Dagny says:

      This woman did not go to jail because she "wanted to provide her two daughters with a better education." Until I read this article, I had a great deal of respect for The Heritage Foundation, but now I see that you are using this woman's situation to advance your political agenda by ignoring the truth. She went to jail because she lied on government documents. She's already said her actions didn't have anything to do with the quality of education her girls got – she simply didn't want them to be latchkey kids. For the love of God, please do thorough research before you put this stuff out there. Your credibility took a nosedive with me. Very, very sad.

    94. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Why bring out all these issues? Why gripe and complain? Nothing is ever done about it. Obama continues to do whatever he wants, and the American Citizens just vent their anger and no action is taken. I do NOT, in any way, think American Citizens should protest in the same manner as the people in Egypt. I do think we should understand a little better why they are protesting as they are. Enough is enough.

    95. William R. Barker says:

      One… More… Time…

      The children's F…A…T…H…E…R…

      …lived within the district and thus paid district taxes.

      Regardless of where the children slept most nights, by virtue of their FATHER'S residency the children – the C…H…I…L…D…R…E…N… of the F…A…T…H…E…R… had every right to attend school in that district.

      (Too bad this case wasn't in Chicago, huh?!)


      Harriman, NY

    96. Zonie,Haddock says:

      It's so sad that the people of the USA are losing the freedom, of our GREAT

      NATION, wheather we want to are not!! We readly need to unite in prayer,

      so that our NATION will be (HEAL) we have played with the enemy so

      much, and allow there ways,to com to our wonderful NATION and now our

      chikdren WILL PAY THE PRICE; that we aloud this "leaders" to make discions

      they had no bussiness doing. So now we are at GOD's mercy we need to agree

      sa a NATOIN and star claming HIS PROMISES and trust HIM for a healing

      on our NATION !: promise is in ( 2;Chronicles 7;14) If my people which are call

      by my name shall humble them self, and pray, and seek my face,and turn from there wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will heal their land. It goes

      on,and on so please read and claim it,lets get in unitity agreeing that we will have a "Miracle" so that our children, will enjoy the same freedom, we have

      enjoyed Also expect that our Father in heaven will have MERCY on our


    97. Pingback: Must Know Headlines 1.31.2011 — ExposeTheMedia.com

    98. Pete Kleff says:

      Oligarchs always disdain adhering to the restrictions on other citizens.

    99. Douglas Braun says:

      You got the title correct. I've been agreeing with you for two years. However, I can't figure out your argument on this one??? Schools are suppose to be regulated by the States — not the Federal Government.

      You are given a free PUBLIC SCHOOL education. If, you want anything different – then you should pay extra for it. If you don't like the public system your voting power can change the situation.

      Unfortunately, this lady broke the rules and had to pay for that.

      She used the wrong process.

      Your arguments about which Dems & Lefties send their kids to private schools is not

      pertinant to the situation. This is the first time I have seen you give an emotional – intuitive response, instead of your usual "Rock Solid" logical arguments!!!

    100. Pingback: Obama Fights Against School Choice For Black Kids — ExposeTheMedia.com

    101. Bobbie says:

      Gosh, I'm sorry to come in so late, Conn!

      Think of all investigative expenses and to haul her off to jail is extreme! What bad did she do if the father of these children is living in the district paying the taxes? I could see if she picked any name out of the phone book but this is the father of two daughters who live in two different homes at two different times that attend one school for rational, reasons!!! GOVERNMENT EXTREMISM MUST STOP! This mother's jail time should be compensated by jail time of the government extremists. This is the wrong conduct of governing a civil society. I hope she sues civilly the members of government and their extreme behavior.

      Mr. Obama has been a staunch hypocrite regarding education and saying he will "keep what works." He left out "what works for him."

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