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  • Mr. President, Being Innovative Requires Greater Economic Freedom

    In his State of the Union address, President Obama used innovation as one of the key words in elaborating his vision for America’s economic future. He embraced the word quite often during his speech, mentioning “innovation” eight times. If other variations of the word, such as innovate and innovative, are counted, that increases the total to 10. Other primary words he used included jobs (12 times) and world (nine times).

    Obviously, the President was eager to talk about innovation and set the tone by saying, “The first step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation. None of us can predict with certainty what the next big industry will be or where the new jobs will come from.”

    True, and as a matter of fact, the proven path to winning the economic future is to advance economic freedom by promoting policies that generate a virtuous cycle of innovation, vibrant economic expansion, and more opportunities for the American people. Economic freedom is strongly linked to innovation and private entrepreneurial initiatives that cumulatively lead to greater economic vitality for all.

    As the findings of the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom demonstrate, today’s successful economies are free from bloated government and its micromanaging. Many economies have increased their efficiency in expanding opportunities for their citizens by enhancing economic freedom, which is the chief engine of vibrant economic prosperity.

    The tool of choice for advancing innovation and American economy into the future—economic freedom—requires only an understanding that the people, expressing their wishes freely in the marketplaces of America, know better than any central planner or government bureaucrat what they need to get moving again.

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    9 Responses to Mr. President, Being Innovative Requires Greater Economic Freedom

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    2. Bill Muhammad says:

      It is an historical fact that the US government doing the Obama administration had to step in and rescue the American economy from a financial collapse created by the Bush administration that harbored these wild and irresponsible economic policies caused by greed and risk taking on Wall street. To call for a return to the days of Wall street "cowboys" having their way with the economy is irresponsible; giving themselves millions of dollars in incentives bonuses,.. to call for a return to that is foolish. What President Obama has called for is some kind of "common sense" regulation on the business establishment. I totally agree. What you are calling economic freedom is no more than "welfare" for businesses that cannot seem to compete with other businesses on the world scene. If they cannot compete then they should not be given anything. The economic climate cause for strong competition on the part of American business people.

    3. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      It is predictable that the next big Innovation is not coming from the Americans! We have no Capital! Over Regulation means our American Dreams are impossible! Thanks to Obama, and his ilk. I actually have a multi billion dollar idea, for a whole new Industry. If I had Fifty Grand I could make a billion! I think Obama's mouth was moving again, he always does the opposite of what he says.

      What is wrong with me? I remember things! It seems like yesterday it was "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" and then everything Obama did was destroying American Jobs. It was always his priority, but that means the polar opposite of what you might think. The Progressives actually think there is such a thing as a "Post Industrial Nation!" Big Junk Science, like Keynsean Economics and Global Warming! Notice how even though the Greenhouse threat is thoroughly debunked the EPA is still going after Americans? No! It wasn't ever about the Environment! It was going after American Industry!

      Soon, I am sure they will define a new Memory Disease. If you remember then it will be off the the Free Clinic for a brainwashing! That's where they tape your eyelids open and you have to listen to CNN and MSNBC! Don't worry. Nancy Pelosi will pay for it.

    4. WHICH WAY says:

      Get osha out of the way and see if the accident rate goes up.Get the epa out of the way and see if pollution goes up.Get air quality regulations out of the way and see if air quality changes.Close the Dept of Labor Stats and eliminate the cost of living automatic increases and see if prices slow their increases.Close the depts of education and energy and see if the local schools and private energy suppliers can fill our needs.You and I could go on to reduce the cost of governmental actions on our lives and business.

    5. O_Henry says:

      Dear Mr. Muhammad,

      You are grossly distorting history (as to cause and effect), bereft of accuracy, and totally lacking in any illustrations from any economic models, even Keynesian models (how vile). Please do not make such gratuitous assertions and expect anybody with greater than a room temperature IQ to accept them.

    6. Gabriel says:

      Bill is right. Cant change history.

    7. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      In a way, BHO may resemble a child. That is – some kids I’ve heard of aspiring to be firefighters when they grow up. They may set fires in their yards so they can extinguish them and say they put them out. Likewise, it seems strange that BHO talks about creating jobs. In his first 2 years in office, his policies have destroyed some 4 million jobs and given us the longest period of above 9% unemployment since the Great Depression!! BHO also talks about deficits and cutting spending. LOL!! In his first 2 years as POTUS, BHO (along with his democraps in Congress) has added more to national debt than all past presidents and Congresses combined!! Of course, there are differences. 1st, most kids don’t intend to burn their family’s property to the ground. But BHO does what he does deliberately in hopes of destroying America and its economy, and transforming this nation into his idea of a socialist Utopia. 2nd, a child will put out the fire. As we know, BHO doesn't. Instead, he adds fuel to fires, and turns bad situations into disasters!! 3rd, most kids cannot, and/or will not, blame the kid who used to live in the house for any property damage. But like a child, BHO will whine and blame everything on his predecessor GW Bush. And it’s pathetic that so many drones and naïve liberal morons still believe BHO’s ‘Blame Bush’ drivel!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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    9. Bobbie says:

      It is an historical fact Obama sat in the exact democrat senate denying his rightful obligation to make necessary "change" that would've avoided the crisis he is proud to take part in today. Creating temp jobs and make work from democrat dump is despicable… We want real jobs, permanent, career building jobs. We want legislation "reformed" to be responsible, rational, practical, honest and bans, mandates and regulations lifted that are in regard to the man-made global warming fraud. Obama walked into the mess he took part in creating.

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