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  • Morning Bell: Conservatives Must Lead Where Obama Has Failed

    In his Tuesday State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said Americans must “understand [that] if we don’t take meaningful steps to rein in our debt, it could damage our markets, increase the cost of borrowing, and jeopardize our recovery—all of which would have an even worse effect on our job growth and family incomes.” This is all true. But then in a total failure of leadership, President Obama went on to completely abandon his own deficit commission’s spending cut proposals.

    Today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) confirmed that our nation simply can’t afford President Obama’s failed leadership for much longer. This new CBO 10-year budget baseline shows an unprecedented $1.5 trillion deficit for this fiscal year—an increase of $95 billion over their last estimate. This will be the third consecutive year of trillion-dollar deficits.

    And the reality is even worse than the CBO report suggests. By law, the CBO is forced to make a number of unrealistic assumptions about federal spending and taxes, including that (1) the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts will expire, (2) the Alternative Minimum Tax will not be annually adjusted for inflation, and (3) non-war discretionary spending will grow no faster than inflation through 2021.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Brian Riedl has constructed a more realistic baseline that fixes the distortions mentioned above, and the results are scary. First, the federal government will add an astonishing $19.1 trillion in new debt between 2009 and 2021—$140,000 per household over those 13 years. Annual budget deficits will never drop below $1 trillion, as the debt is now projected to reach 100 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020.

    Second, these eternal trillion-dollar deficits are being entirely driven by rising government spending. By 2018, recession-depleted tax revenues are scheduled to rebound to their historic average of 18 percent of GDP. By contrast, federal spending (historically 20.3 percent of GDP) is projected to reach 26.4 percent of GDP by 2021.

    In just four years (2007 through 2011), the federal budget is set to have expanded by nearly $1 trillion, from $2.729 trillion to $3.708 trillion. This represents a 36 percent expansion of government. The new Congress has already begun force the Obama Administration to make some responsible discretionary spending cuts. And these will help. Discretionary spending increased 25 percent between 2007 and 2010—not counting the $311 billion in discretionary stimulus spending and approximately $170 billion in annual spending on the global war against terrorism. Forcing President Obama and his Progressives allies to reverse this trend is a necessary first step.

    But it will not be enough. Much of this spending growth will be driven by entitlements such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Between 2008 and 2021, the annual cost of these three programs is set to rise from $1.2 trillion to $2.2 trillion. Thanks to Obamacare, Medicaid costs alone are projected to soar 129 percent faster than inflation over that period. Our nation will drown in debt unless serious reforms to long-term entitlements are made.

    The Heritage Foundation has solutions for our entitlement crisis. First and foremost we must repeal Obamacare. But that is not enough. We must also transition away from Medicare’s inefficient price-controlled fee-for-service system into a new defined-contribution system. Medicaid’s long-term care benefit must be transformed from an open-ended entitlement to an insurance-based model of private coverage. And Social Security should be reformed into real insurance, focusing benefits on those who really need them during retirement while strengthening the safety net for poorer retirees.

    Yesterday at The Heritage Foundation, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spoke about the United States fall from the ranks of the economically “free” countries of the world as measured by the Index of Economic Freedom: “Today, I don’t hesitate to say that we have arrived at a critical moment in American history. We as a nation are at a crossroads. This year our overall score fell again, in large measure because of the increase in government spending.” He is right. Which is why conservatives must lead on real solutions to end our entitlement crisis.

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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: Conservatives Must Lead Where Obama Has Failed

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Another cost cutting idea:

      Assume 1.1 million federal workers in DC.

      Assume the taxpayer has to cover an average of $75/ month for transportation subsidies (i.e. free Metro access) for federal workers. (A short trip from the capitol Metro to say the Metro Center.) Subsidies can go way over $150 for people living out of the district.

      Assume only a third of the feds take the Metro (363,000 feds).

      That is a cost of $27,225,000 each month or an annual cost to the taxpayers (who have to pay for the metro) is $326,700,000.

      How about getting rid of the subsidy and save a third of a billion dollars and make the feds pay for 75$/month for parking in all federal lots? If they are already paying for parking, increase it by another $75/month. The feds will then have the option to ride the Metro if it is cheaper for them or choose private sector parking lots. If federal parking lots become emptied, then the feds are practicing what they preach – they are using their public transportation! We all win!

      Assume only a third will pay for parking. This money can be rolled back into the federal budget. That is a net savings to the taxpayer of $653,400,000 or almost two thirds of a billion dollars! It all adds up! This represents 1.5% of the proposed cuts Obama wants to make.

      This will only cost the time it takes to write one blanket email to the DC area feds. Parking permits are already processed – the only difference is the parking permit grantor will just need to collect (or rather deduct) the parking fee from the feds paycheck. No paperwork is required. This solution will cost nothing to implement and save the taxpayer tremendously!

      They are paid far more than what the average American taxpayer is paid. I think they have the cash to cover this minor individual costs. If the vast majority of the lesser paid federal contractors have to pay their own way, I do not see why the feds can get away not doing it themselves.

      Every little perk for the federal workforce may seem like chump change for just one employee, but when all employees perks are summed up as a community those costs can mount up to significant amounts. Giving very well paid federal workers free metro and free or comparitively low cost parking does nothing for the “general welfare” of the country.

    2. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      1- 27 -11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Does Thomas' wife work for the HF?


      Lynn, Austin on January 26th, 2011 at 11:48am said:

      Ken, if you don’t like living in a Capitalist, Free-Enterprise, personal responsible, Christian Society, then move to another country.

      We are a small percentage on this earth who are blessed by living in a free (thus far?) society.

      *** Lynn – Thanks

      Capitalism is DEAD,

      Free Enterprise is DEAD.

      THAT is what makes me MAD,

      HF, Murdoch's Empire – WSJ and FOX News

      and the GOP are helping the RICH decide for you, and for me.

      NOT GOOD.

    3. GiveAwayJimmie, Lans says:

      I am becoming more concerned, with the leadership of the Republican party—I am learning that we have a number of elected Republicans that do do understand the message sent in Nov 2010—–we want to cut spending and we want responsible spending cuts—–McConnell, Graham, Snow and others do not seem to "get it" and seem to be concerned with staying in office rather than hear the message from the citizens—I see where Republican leadership is having difficulty in bringing the Tea Party officials into the party—as if—they are a flash in the pan—befuddled group — without merit—without a message—.

      When Republican leaders—-message was sent—-now you need too hear the message.

    4. Carol CA USA says:

      Unless and until most of America understands, Mr. B HO will not produce jobs although he could. All he has to do is lift a good many restrictions and the ins. he has wished to impose on everyone that small businesses, the job makers, simply will not be able to afford.

      This is all a master plan of George Soros to colapse the monitary system of the United States of America.

      Unless and until Mr. B HO is elected OUT of office. America will never go back to what we were and can be with out this bump, and sink hole that has been created by none other than Mr. B HO himself.

      He is content to be thought dense,a dolt and any other verb to describe not bright but the truth is HE IS DOING THIS ON PURPOSE! and nothing will change until he is out of office.

    5. George Colgrove, VA says:


      When you say:

      "Annual budget deficits will never drop below $1 trillion, as the debt is now projected to reach 100 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020."

      I agree with the statement, except that I am confused about the prediction of the GDP eclipsing the GDP by 2020. The current data of the US GDP (Billions) is as follows:

      2006 13,398.9

      2007 14,077.6

      2008 14,441.4

      2009 14,258.2

      2010 14,623.9

      In 2006 the National Debt was hovering around $7 trillion, now it is at $14.1 trillion (end of December 2010). We are spending debt at a clip of around $123 billion each month. As far as I can see the debt will eclipse the GDP by May of this year, long before 2020. Where am I wrong?

    6. laurie, Hawaii says:

      The bottom line is: If we do not 50% surgery on ALL spending, we will die and collapse as a nation. We must have the surgery to save our life. Yes, it is painful, but surgery is better than death. Every citizen and (illegal) in this country must understand this…..the well has been drained long ago. Do you want the "Finese" to take over your homes, your government, everything, we have here. With one decision, we are at the mercy of these tyrants.

      Cut out medicare. It's worthless. (I have it and I don't use it because it cost me more out of pocket to pay the bills). Cut the congressmen's salary in half. (some salary is better than none). Don't be stupid like Eastern Air Lines. One stubborn Union leader, named Charlie, preferred that the entire airline went bankrupt and out of business rather than give up his slight increase in salary for his union (which he didn't care about with his golden parachute). 30,000 employee families lost everything….there were suicides. BE WISE. Eliminate the Department of Education, the Green Global Warming Pseudo-scientist with their fake research, the EPA (job destroying agency paralyzing the U.S.A.), cut the unions salaries in half (something is better than nothing….they have never learned the lessons of Eastern Air Lines….there were suicides by employees after that fiasco. ELIMINATE THE FREE LEGAL AID. IT IS A DISASTER. People on drugs are sueing honest people to scam the system. Get rid of the easy disability money. (they are stealing from us with their "back aches." Law suits should be paid for by the loser in the case….rather than.the ethical honest man to defend himself against the crook or thief. Want to see the country GROW like crazy…..ELIMINATE CAPITAL GAINS……IT PARALYZES BUSINESS. Reform health care by eliminate state lines….permit competition across state lines for health insurance. Tort Reform must happen inspite of the corruption of the lawyers who pay off the elected officials. Cut out the CZARS (not elected)….so much like Russia. Cut out these trips all over the world ….the President is having an in-flight global party with his buddies all over the world… very profitable for him. Education…..we need vouchers to be fair. NO MORE UNIONS FOR GOVERNMENT WORKERS. That is a joke. Greediness and ignorance (Denial of the truth) is our peril. Do you want to be at the mercy of our creditors??? THIS IS EMERGENCY SURGERY…..NOW. DO NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!!!!!

    7. West Texan says:

      I'll never live to see our country find its way back to federalism as conceived by James Madison, et al. But at the very least, conservatives have been given another opportunity to secure for future generations true States' sovereignty over their internal social affairs plus the promotion of free enterprise with its resulting prosperity. And reassigning federal government to its limited role of foreign ambassadorship and national security. Dang! It's too bad I won't be around to see it happen.

    8. RUTH SC says:

      Obama talks a good tale, but he has no clue as to how to solve the problems. He is the one who spent the billions of dollars we didn't have, now he says we all have to stop the spending. Obama stop spending. Stop being so wasteful, start caring sbout Americans, give the tax breaks to those who will provide jobs, poor people do not create jobs, people who have money and want to make money, create jobs. Only an idiot would blindfold people and tell them to find their way, that is what you are doing to our society. STOP IT!!!!!!!!

    9. Rick, Glenwood says:

      More and more, I find the "party" blame by the HF off target. The US Government is the problem, and it's citizens. Bush AND Obama, as well as other administrations are responsible for this mess. The HF should focus on the big picture. The base of the problem is "vote buying", by both sides of the asile. And it started with the "Greatest Generation".

    10. Frank, AZ says:

      Obama has no interest in saving the country ! People have to remember Glen Beck's program a year or so ago………… exactly what the progressives want is to collapse the system ! That is why he "reads" a good story.

    11. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Ken Jarvis: Unless you forgot, most of Congress, cabinet, and definetly POTUS are all millionaires, they have free health care for life and get their pay for life after serving only one term. I got no retirement, most hospitals and other businesses make sure you don't stay long enough to get vested, they either cut your hours or out right fire you. I choose to do private duty as I was a widow with four school age children and needed the money to pay bills, my son just got fired because he would not go on part time, he was close to 10 yr.mark, this way he gets no ret. By the way there were no IRA's and 401 K's when I was working and I paid into SS since I as 14 it is not an intitlement, the gov't stole our money.

    12. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      It is not the Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, etc. who don't get it. IT is we the voters who don't get it. Our right to vote on election day does not extend beyond that day. From the day the newly-elected / re-elected take office we are no longer necessary (until the next general election day arrives). In their minds, "they run the country, and the rest of us exist to foot the bills." And history has shown us that in the politician's mind the only real problem is this: they never have enough money to fund all the things they tell us that "we deserve/" We have become enslaved to provide this insatiable monster what it believes it deserves.

    13. Art / Florida says:

      The writer is smoking dope. The whole world – minus those he's writing for – are moving toward a more humane planet. Inch by inch. It's painful to watch and listen to social Darwinists fight like banshees to hang onto their privileges, their biases, their narrow-mindedness, their greed. Let's face it…if the good Lord Jesus were walking the earth today (I'm confident He's watching) He'd be branded a socialist, do-gooder bent on confiscating income. C'mom…grow up.

    14. Keith Ellenberger, H says:

      The repeal of Obamacare is a must if the United States is to avoid bankruptcy. The passage of a bill that was not read by the majority of those who voted for it has made me think we need another constitutional amendment. We need a due diligence amendment. We need to pass an amendment that requires that everyone who votes in favor of a bill should be able to answer 25(at a minimum) randomly chosen questions about the specifics of the printed version of that bill in order for that vote to be valid. This might result in bills that target specific issues instead of bills that attempt to micromanage behavior on a massive scale. Budget bills would have to be exempted from this requirement due to the massive size of the government and it's spending. The United States is at a crossroads. There are no easy paths back to prosperity, but if we follow President Obama's path we will be following a man blinded by ambition and vanity towards certain bankruptcy and dissolution of our nation.

    15. Jim-MN says:

      The question becomes…..will the Republicans take the heat for doing Obama's job with the Tea Party members of Congress holding their feet to fire.

      If it was any more clearer on SOTU content of Obama, this traitor to our Country is clearly on a mission to distroy us financially via the Pivin model of overloading the nanny state through entitlements of the unaccountable along with the spending on 'Stuff" that is not needed that the Dems and Rino Repbs have been creating for the past 40 years to stay elected, but excellerated by this puppet president.

      The goverment is hiding the true financial distruction heading our way created by the lack of honesty to the people supported by the Dem controlled MSM. Anyone with at least a 7th grade education can see that we have already reached and passed the tipping point of bankrupcy of our country as even the affect of modest cut back in Gov spending on non-eccentials will trigger a depression.

      Let's face it folks. You better buy and read Glenn Beck's well written book [Broke] on how to survive the up-coming calamity of the short term pain that is required to put this country back on a finanical footing that will take 10 years of austarity to accomplish.

      The organized "riots" of the "have nots" after the cutbacks take place will commence during the 2012 campaign for the Presidency. The media will have so trashed the reputations of all those patriots who will administer the short term pain that will lead to the balkinization of this once great country. If we survive at all.

      Start to worry when the modification of the 2nd ammendment is considered by congress.

      The first order of the communist manifesto: Where are the guns?

    16. KC - New Mexico says:

      I have said this over and over in responses to HF. We need progressive and proactive leadership in Washington – democrat, tea-party, and republican. The current administration is heading America in a dangerous direction of socialism. The liberals are killing this country!

      We can no longer give everything to everybody in this country. When 50% of the country does not pay taxes, 9.5% are unemployed but receive ongoing benefits with little incentive to get a job, illegal’s are demanding citizenship and a free ride just because they are here, crime is increasing, criminals get off due to being insane, ineffective education results are evident but are only followed be a demand for more money, unions representing government workers, healthcare, and the list goes on and on.

      The leadership in Washington was sent a message, both republicans and democrats need to listen and then act accordingly. President Obama was the cheerleader during the SOTU. No solutions, no specific actions, and no direction for this country. What a joke! The rebuttals were just as bad – no direction or action. It is time in the 2012 elections to get rid of the professional politician and replace them with business leaders and individuals with enough intelligence to change the direction of this country.

    17. Tricia, Arizona says:

      So Ken, who do you consider "the rich"? I assume you are talking about job creators and the fact that their taxes won't go up just now. I guess you are a Democrat or you wouldn't have singled out the GOP. Wake up Ken. Educate yourself. Leave off with the [ left leaning] talking points.

    18. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      Hey Jarvis. You constantly rant against against Murdock and Fox and the WSj. What you don't grasp is that no-one is forced to watch or read. When you consider the total population only a small percentage do either. Their influence is not that important. You are obviously are one of those that does. If you don't like them why do you pay attention.

    19. Robert, North Richla says:

      Great article and even better point about the need for conservative leadership. Michelle Bachman and Rand Paul have already stepped forward – while Eric Cantor and John Boehner are trying to make the Pro Bowl as starting cornerbacks (backpedaling faster than any NFL corner). These republicans have less than six months to make serious accomplishments, or we should steamroll them with the Tea Party Express!

    20. Roger TN says:

      USPS $8.5B loss last year, Social Security going broke (operating at a deficit now and paying out by cashing in IOUs), Medicaid not accepted by many Doctors and we are adding (depending on the source) 3-47 million new Medicaid insured, Medicare being planned for exorbitant losses as a result of Obamacare. There are no government agencies that approved new "investments" on the basis of a realistic business plan. Maybe that is why they don't go to a real Venture Capitalist for their funding, the plan is faulty. Two of the Solar energy companies that were given massive support from the tax coffers GONE. There doesn't seem to be anyone in DC that realy understands how the business world operates and our deficits/debt show that in spades.

    21. Judith in Michigan says:

      It is a matter of interpretation how President Obama's and his administration"s policies are viewed.

      In his State of the Union speech, actually in all of his speeches, it is my opinion that the foundation and justification is being laid for massive tax increases (wealth redistribution) and major government take-over of private industries. How better to "Save the Country"?

      And the call for civility in public discourse is actually a call for censorship to silence opposition. Initiating policies that would create jobs and spur growth aren't on the table, not part of the plan.

      But Informed Americans understand what Heritage Foundation reports and what is really going on. We know what is needed to save the country, and it sure isn't Socialism. And that is driving the left crazy.

    22. Dennis Georgia says:

      I kinow we have 2 more years of obama and the dems, it makes me sick to my stomack. I fail to see how e can survive much lobnger, the Republicans must stand firm and stop the madness of obama, reid, and pelosi. In 2012 people must vote in mass,m letn the so called politicans know we will not allow government to continue as it has been.

    23. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      I see where the greatest achievement from the "Contract With America" is considered welfare reform. Does that include the millions we unconsciously give to increase elected officials pay & pensions each year and get nothing in return.

      It's not only the unemployed that drain the economy…many times it's the elected employed.

    24. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Conservatives have a golden opportunity to be the anti-Obama. Obama had all these cockamamy schemes. Cash for clunkers, mortgage modification, &c., but now they've been shown, and proven, to be failures. We should seriously look at cutting spending. Discretionary, entitlements, and defense, to name three. If we're serious, there's one place we can cut: Small arms. We could get rid of the M16. The M16 was hurried into production, and sent to the troops in Vietnam. The AR-15 had been sent to South Vietnam by General Curtis LeMay, the former commander of the Strategic Air Command, (SAC), and later, Air Force Chief of Staff, for testing and evaluation by theAir Force Security Police. Back in the 1980s, the Pentagon wanted to replace the M16 but all the contenders to replace it, didn't meet the requirement, which was for a100% improvement over the M16. In the 1990s, there was the XM29 OICW. It was a joint venture between the German arms

      company Heckler & Koch, and the American defense contractor, Alliant Techsystems, (ATK). It had a 20mm grenade launcher, and a kinetic energy weapon. Then in 2004, it was broken up into three increments, the OICW Block 1,

      which became the XM8, the OICW Block 2, which became the XM25, and now the

      M25 grenade launcher, and the OICW Block 3. It was then put on hold because competitors claimed that the way it was chosen was unfair. The XM8 would have gone up against the M4 carbine, the FN SCAR, the HK 416, and the HK 417. On

      October 31, 2005, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, cancelled the XM8.

      The M16 is forty-seven years old. It should be replaced. The Czech Republic is replacing its aging SA VZ. 58, with the new Bren A1 CZ 8. Let's have a series of trials for a new assault rifle but let's also do it on a less expensive basis.

    25. Al from Fl says:

      We the people must continue to demand that our congressional reps cut spending and each election, if they don't, vote them out. No one who was a member of thee 111th should still be in congress after the appropriate election cycles required to phase them out – get rid of the secular progressives and those who are afraid to lead. The only way to stop this lack of leadership in the face of being reelected is to put in term limits. If they won't do it, then lets put the selection of the federal senators back in the hands of the State legislatures (with a deadline followed by a governor appointment to avoid lengthened fights in the state legislature). The constitution provides for a limited federal government so even if you like the idea of some of the things that the fed gov't does, if it can't balance its budget, then let's eliminate Depts of education, energy, and many others that are not in the business of national defense and leave the business of keeping the people happy within the states. We also need to get rid of the IRS and put in the Fair Tax (and eliminate the 16th amendment to the constitution) so that the only political issue will be the rate set by congress. Obamacare needs to be repealed one way or the other because it is not a credible "healthcare" bill but a legislative nightmare that includes taxes and other issues not related to health as well as building a beauracy that will never provide cost effective healthcare. Keep insisting on things like this untill we have either totally replaced the congress and White House or cease to be America anymore. Read "5000 year leap" by Dr Skousen to reacquaint yourself with our form of government and realize what we are losing. It is easy to see that if we lose this constitutional republic, we will never see a group of men like our Founding Fathers to put together another government like ours – not even with the current constitution as a guide that could be copied. It was, indeed, providence that brought together those men at that time.

    26. West Texan says:

      Sorry Art, you completely missed the good Lord's message. It's certainly not what you've suggested. Mao Tse-tung, on the other hand, is right down your fictional alley.

    27. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I have a few more cuts in federal spending, I agree with Laurie on all her points but freezing all hiring, early buy outs would also help along with audits of all depts', eliminate all lobbiest in federal buildings and make Congress ret. like the rest of Fed' Employees.

    28. Bobbie says:

      Good one, West Texan. People forget for whatever reason, that Jesus preaches and promotes individual freedom.

    29. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      Obama, Piven and Soros's plan is to destroy the U.S. free enterprize system. That is why the Republicans were voted in this past November. The Republicans must stop Obama's spending, eliminate programs the government has no business being involved in and reduce the budget. Republicans must have the resolve to do this and ignore the media and democrat lies like President Reagan.

      The State Of The Union Speech given by Obama is the same speech he gave last year. The liberals who hate capitalism certainly live a very nice life style because of capitalism. Most liberals live off of others wealth. The liberals are preventing many humans their right to pursue happiness. They have to be stopped.

    30. Kevin H, College Par says:

      Let's repeal the bi-partisan tax cut/ui package that was passed and isgned into law last December – that is adding 400+ billion to the deficit this year and adding trillions to the long term deficit and debt.

      We simply can't afford it – let's repeal and replace it!!

    31. Adrian S. Hooper Jr says:

      "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist." Roger "Verbal" Kint ( The Usual Suspects )

      "The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince Americans that it's the governments job to make sure that it's citizens are created equal."

      Adrian S. Hooper Jr.

      I have never depended on government for anything more than delivering my bills to my mailbox. I have never counted on getting anything from Social Security, so I will not be disappointed when I get nothing. I should have the right and the duty to save, provide and be responsible for my own retirement and not anyone else's.

      The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. God helps those who help themselves and I'l help too, if they are worthy.

    32. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Ovama is out of countrol on spending, but who can and will take care of this outrageous spending.

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    35. West Texan says:

      Your reply is appreciated Bobbie. Jesus taught followers to not only respect people's individual rights but to show compassion from within themselves toward their those in need. Not forced giving through institutional taxation and corruption. He'd had enough of that throughout His ministry. Jesus message was not against wealth but rather where one's heart was. Whom or what did they worship.

    36. Rick Webb, Midwest says:

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't most of the Tea Party candidates base their campaigns on a platform claiming that the government was incompetent and that we needed to cut spending?

      Now, it appears that they intend to use their own time in office proving that government has become even more incompetent by creating even more unnecessary earmarks and reversing the good that has already been done.

    37. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Jeanne Stotler,Woodbridge, VA,

      The feds have a very nice retirement as well. Far better than any other sector. Probably second best to the congress. Congress and the feds have figured out how to scour every cent from the taxpayer for their own ends. I would like them (congress) to have the average package from the private sector – or just leave the retirement package and compensation to the states to determine – and pay for. This would make them a heck of a lot more accountable.

    38. Bobbie says:

      Thank you West. And for the further truth you've written!

    39. Paul S, Hickory, NC says:

      We conservatives need to listen to some people from the independent & liberal side. The ones I have talked to are spellbound again by Obama's speech. He can hypnotize people with his Hope & Change…no matter the Investment/Cost.

      The Republicans had better get their heads out of the sand (or other dark places) and listen to the people! They did not do the job when we controled the White House, Senate, and House. I wonder if they have the courage to do it with just the HOUSE!

    40. Denver, Oklahoma says:

      Laurie/Hawaii is right on target(ooh! hostile expression!) However, we will never survive until we come to the realization that our unique nation requires a predominately very moral populace,and the secular regressives have been leading us toward degeneracy for fifty plus years now under the facade of tolerance. The same "Libs" who justified killing future"citizen/tax-payers" in the womb propose instant citizenship for the naive and desperate illegals to replace the seven million they murdered. And now they are insanely planning the enslavement of the future surviving progeny of all who live here, legal or illegal! We must come to the reality that greed and dishonesty are evil and the left exploit the one and use the other to achieve and maintain power. If your work is not producing enough income you need to retrain for a more valuable job. Just unionizing to leverage higher wages and benefits won't justify the act. At the other end of the economic scale, just because you head up a company and you and your friends/associates on the Bd. of Dir.s can vote each other to mill'naire status doesn't deny the fact that you're THIEVES those funds belong to the STOCKHOLDERS! You see?? WE HAVE A MORAL DEFICIT FIRST OF ALL!

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