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  • Morning Bell: Losing the Future

    Last night, in his State of the Union, President Barack Obama claimed, “We have to make America the best place on Earth to do business. … That’s how our people will prosper. That’s how we’ll win the future.” This is true. But then he went on to say: “We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time.” No. No, he doesn’t. The rest of the President’s speech made it very clear that he has no idea what makes America the best place on earth to do business.

    On issue after issue (education, energy, infrastructure), the President identified more government “investment” as the key to “winning the future.” But if centrally planned government spending is the key to America’s future success, then we are in big trouble, because China will beat us in raw bureaucratic efficiency every time. The source of American exceptionalism is not an expansive and powerful central government. As Heritage Foundation B. Kenneth Simon Center for American Studies Director Matthew Spalding has stated, the American creed “is set forth most clearly in the Declaration of Independence … a timeless statement of inherent rights, the proper purposes of government, and the limits on political authority.”

    You can read the full reactions of Heritage experts to last night’s State of the Union here. Highlights include:

    The President’s proposed freeze of non-security discretionary spending would essentially lock in the 25 percent expansion these programs have received since 2007. Yet paring back deficits requires actually reducing runaway spending, starting with the House Republican plan to cut this spending back to 2008 or even 2006 levels. … While investment indeed drives economic growth, politicians have proven to be poor investors. Federal K-12 education spending has grown 219 percent faster than inflation over the past decade, yet student test scores have stagnated. Thirty years of federal energy spending has failed to significantly improve the alternative energy market. And massive increases in federal transportation spending have been diverted into earmarks, bike paths, and museums or allocated to budget-busting transit programs that governors do not want. If President Obama truly wants to encourage investment, he should focus on reducing the budget deficit—which is crowding out private investment—and reduce barriers to productive private sector investments.—Brian Riedl

    On one vital point, the nation has almost without exception reached a consensus when it comes to entitlement spending—current policy is unaffordable and unsustainable. President Obama acknowledged this clearly when he announced the creation of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and again when he received the commission’s final report. … The President in short has turned his back on his own commission, on his vows of leadership, and on future generations. On these issues it will now be up to Congress to take up the mantle of leadership the President has found too heavy to bear.—J. D. Foster

    We agree with the President: No Child Left Behind is broken. Unfortunately, the similarities end there. Although both sides of the aisle agree that No Child Left Behind is broken, the Obama Administration does not believe the federal role in education is fundamentally flawed. They’re still holding onto the hope that after 40 years of failed federal interventions, this time, Washington will get it right. … The President’s speech also lacked any serious discussion of school choice, despite the fact that the highly effective D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program is on life support in his back yard. By contrast, Speaker John Boehner had parents and children from the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program as guests in the Speaker’s Box during the SOTU tonight—a sure sign that he plans to make school choice in the District a priority.—Lindsey Burke

    Last year’s poster children for clean-energy jobs, Solyndra and Evergreen Solar, are this year’s object lessons in the futility of trying to subsidize our way to good, permanent job creation. Mere months after receiving a $535 million government loan (and after a well-publicized presidential photo op), Solyndra withdrew its initial public offering because it got a sub-par review from an independent auditor. And a year after getting their half-billion dollars, Solyndra closed a factory and got rid of nearly 200 jobs. … If a company needs a subsidy to hire a worker, that worker will be out on the street when the subsidy expires. Private enterprise provides energy, creates jobs, and develops innovative technology. It does so because private enterprise succeeds only when the energy, jobs, and technology provide value that exceeds the cost. That’s how we get good, durable jobs.—David Kreutzer

    The government programs that led to the Internet, computer chips, and GPS were not programs to develop technologies to meet a commercial demand. They were each the result of defense-related programs that were created to meet national security requirements. … In essence, the federal government invested to develop capabilities that did not exist and were needed for specific government activities. Entrepreneurs gained access to that basic work and commercialized it. This is an entirely different model from what the President is suggesting the United States take to develop new energy technologies. Not only does he want the federal government to choose which energy sources Americans can access, but he believes that the government is best prepared to oversee the entire business development process. He does not want to support research and development, but he wants to drive commercialization and define the market.—Jack Spencer

    Progressivism’s infatuation with expert government planning has so blinded President Obama as to the true source of American exceptionalism that he couldn’t help contradicting himself in a matter of mere seconds. Early on last night the President said: “None of us can predict with certainty what the next big industry will be or where the new jobs will come from.” But then just three paragraphs later he said: “We’ll invest in biomedical research, information technology, and especially clean energy technology … and create countless new jobs for our people.”

    So which is it, Mr. President? Is the federal government really just a big venture capital firm where Secretary of Energy Steven Chu picks which electric car firms and solar companies are most deserving of taxpayer “investments”? Does the federal government best ensure economic growth by partnering with General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt and making him czar of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness? Or is America exceptional because our Founders recognized—and enshrined in the Constitution—that liberty is best protected when the federal government has clear limits? Our country does desperately need to change course to “win the future.” But President Obama’s Progressive big government plans will only make us losers.

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    65 Responses to Morning Bell: Losing the Future

    1. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      GOP – See us cut spending

      See us create jobs

      See Dick Run

      See Spot Run

    2. GenEarly says:

      The question always comes back to the Individual or the Collective? And where on the continuum between these two positions do you position government? The Founders clearly limited Federal government and promoted the individual or the States to govern themselves on the vast majority of domestic matters. The government bush needs drastic pruning following our financial freeze. Cutting back to the basics would work,but half measures will only postpone ,at best, our financial and national demise. No country in the history of the world, once embarked on the road of Fiat "Money", ever recovered and avoided Default. The Founders set up a government that could renew itself, but we no longer have that form of government, hence the required pruning.

    3. Martin Lauer, New Je says:

      Watched the State of the Union and this Morning's Bell echoed many of my sentiments. Thank You!

    4. Mary............WI says:

      Great review of SOTU. It was the same old same old. Paul Ryan did a good job of telling Americans how this country is dangerously in debt……hope they kept the TV and radios on to hear him out.

      Now the GOP has to get to work and the dems need to join in on the quest to save this country from financial disaster so we can prosper and continue to be the envy of all nations.

    5. George Colgrove, VA says:


      Good article! Here are the key phrases in that article.:

      “[I]f centrally planned government spending is the key to America’s future success, then we are in big trouble, because China will beat us in raw bureaucratic efficiency every time.” – Carroll

      “The source of American exceptionalism is not an expansive and powerful central government.” – Carroll

      “Progressivism’s infatuation with expert government planning has so blinded President Obama as to the true source of American exceptionalism . . .” – Carroll

      “America [is] exceptional because our Founders recognized—and enshrined in the Constitution—that liberty is best protected when the federal government has clear limits[.]” – Carroll

      “President Obama’s Progressive big government plans will only make us losers.” – Carroll

      We have better act fast in getting back to the basics.

    6. geo millos, big tree says:

      republicans and tea party disinfranchising conservitive government workers who are roughly 35 to 40% republican. The never ending attacks on the government workers across the country has done more to move them to either re-register as independents or even democrats in some cases. The fact that most government workers are educated above the average, have been motivated to become doctors ,nurses,engineers,lawyers,etc also made them turn out to vote 2 to 3 times the national average. For every government worker who votes against the cutting of salaries and benifits that many of them have worked towards for decades, results in a two fold loss of republican and tea party influence. Predictions are that the Independent party may become a bigger force then anyone expected.

    7. Mike, Chicago says:

      Making the military industrial complex immune from spending cuts guarantees we'll be missing the main reason for making budget cuts. Even the extremists at the Cato Institute know the US needs to cut defense spending, why doesn't the Heritage Foundation?

    8. Mary Conery says:

      The SOTU speech echoed the same rhetoric. Investment is just another name for spending. The freeze cuts nothing, instead it allows us to spend the same amount again for the next 5 years. The voters, back in November, tried to tell politicians to cut spending and reduce government. Our forefathers recognized the countries need for less government. Our politicians are elected to represent the people…..PLEASE START TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE and not your personal issues with earmarks, entitlements and bribes from lobbyists.

    9. Dan Calabria, South says:

      No one should be surprised at the "message" in the SOTU.

      It was the standard community organizer performance – speak in feel good platitudes and then move on, with nothing done or accomplished.

      How long can the country accept or put up with this approach to governing the United States?

    10. Paul Terry Stone says:

      It seems that Obama hasn't learned anything in the past two years, we're worse for it, and he's the worst enemy that this country's got.

    11. Jim Buzzell says:

      Obama is a joke! The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth and he stands in the path of that greatness. If he truly wanted to jump start our economy, and encourage growth he, and congress, would immediately get rid of the stiffeling regulations, over burdening oversight, and burdensome departments and agencies that interfer, and create this mess; and get the budget under control, and balanced based on prudent economics. But then its up to the newly elected congressional member to right the ship inspite of Obama. He talks the talk, but continually fails to walk the walk. Again a truly usurping joke on the American people; who is Obama, really?

    12. ThomNJ says:

      "The fact that most government workers are educated above the average – wow now there is a highly disputable "fact". I do not believe that I have ever met a rank-and-file government worker better educated than most of the folks I have met in business over the past 30+ years.

      And if real conservatism offends them, they are not conservatives to begin with.

    13. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Thank you so much for pointing out what a bombastic liar Obama is! What I see in our near future is Obama using his Shadow Government going after Americans and criminalizing everything! All the Democrat blasts about Jobs are smokescreen. Obama is lying to the American People to usurp Representation, indeed usurp all our Power by stealing elections. So, this year the same as last, Obama will falsify his leadership and use all his power to continue the Revolution. That's what he means when he says 'reform government.'

      This terrible One Hundred Year march into Communist slavery has always been with three steps forward and one step back. Progressives went so far in 2009 and 2010, they're in an engineered position that benefits them in 2012! They'll fight and lose on Health Care, but win in the end, they will "own the issue" as Republicans beat back takeover. Three steps forward, one step back, but America will still be moved in a Totalitarian Communist direction. Republicans will force Health Care to a standstill, that's smokescreen. Behind the scenes Obama is paying off his base, in plain sight no less! He will get himself elected again like Clinton did, just tacking in the Right direction (while behind the scenes he establishes an unlawful, Unconstitutional form of government, a Dictatorship that specializes in going after Americans!)

      Of course Obama doesn't know anything about creating jobs! He knows very well how to destroy them. That is what he does best!

    14. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I don't believe anything he read. I have heard all the same rhetoric before about jobs etc. The first place to cut is in the WH, csars and Michelle's huge staff, then get rid of all those dept. that are not needed, starting with Dept. of Educ., return rights to states, close down the Unions in Gov't. and most of all STaY out of the auto business, banking business and let people be responsible for themselves, the more you give a person, the more they want, this applies to welfare as well. "Give a man a fish and he has a meal, teach a man to fish and he will have many meals"

    15. Kevin H, college par says:

      Seems like the President does know how to grow business and create jobs.

      DOW hit 12,000 today for the first time since June 2008. More than 1 million private sectory jobs created in last 12 months (while shedding 250,000 public sectory jobs) – when the country was losing 740,000 jobs a month when the President took over. GDP growth, economic growth, nearly every economic indiciator has jumped since President Obama came in and passed critical legislation like the recovery act.

      Astonished to hear Ryan say taxes are becoming more of a burden when taxes have never been lower. Never in teh history of the US, have taxes been lower, and Ryan wants to cut them even more?

      Ryan's plan (the blueprint) woudl give the richest 1% of Americans – those making $1 million or more, would receive an average tax cut of $502,000 a year (according to Tax Policy Center).

      While those earning $20,000-$200,000 would face tax increases.

      There is no way Ryan or Heritage can debate that is a way to build the economy and create jobs. There is no economist what would stand behind that plan as a way to create jobs – it would just take us back on the path we were on in 2008.

    16. peter turano says:

      The President mentioned High Speed Rail for the entire country. If passenger rail was profitable, the now very successful rail industry would be carrying passengers. Even in its best days, passenger rail was almost always a losing-break even operation for railroads. Moving freight is profitable and cost effective, but passenger rail is money wasted.

    17. .db.. Scott, Tulsa, says:

      Government workers, such as myself, do not consititute a 35-40 percent spectrum consisting of Repubs nor Indies…There isn't a stick of stats, nor actual study to back this statement up….it's pecksniffian progressive continued pap and complete garbage…so is the vote turn out multipliers…Lies, lies and more damn lies…your flies open and your shortcomings are exposed.

    18. Elaine Kahl/New York says:

      The Heritage Foundation statement regarding the State of the Union by

      Pres. Obama is correct and I totally agree!! Further, while viewing and listening to the Pres. was amazed at the expressions of some of our leaders,

      Majority Ldr. John Boehner and VP Joe Biden and the seating arrangements

      was a charade and another divisive stunt! My impression was

      that his presentation was good, however without substance and to dismiss

      the major problems we have in USA namely, jobs, czars, mandates, healthcare, deficits.

      GOP has much work to do to RAISE THE FLAG with a smaller govnernment!

      Return our liberties and the Rule of Law!

    19. Bobby Orlando says:

      Thanks for nothing Mr President!

    20. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Last evening's State of the Union Circus was pathetic on both sides. The simple reality is that for the U.S. to survive economically in today's global environment the cost of Federal government must be reduced by at least 50%. For true economic vitality and health it should be reduced by 75%.

      The so called leaders we elect to run our country are lost, sniveling cowards not fit to clean a chicken coup, much less run something involving 308 million people.

      What I heard last night from both sides is the pathetic, whining drone of a dying bee that has lost its stinger by ignorantly stinging itself. The United States has become a joke.

      I am a small business person (civil engineer) and my success requires my government to do one thing: get the heck out of the way.

    21. Annette Colbert-Lath says:

      We can't keep spending like this without justification to the American people and the Constitution upon which we stand. Yes, we are a Republic but we can't keep allowing a system to so swell that we all suffer as a result of not cutting off the well where President Barack Obama is spending or allocating monies. If is does not work, why keep justifying it. I'm saddened about our position in the global market. The lack of boundaries is the real reasons as they are not clearly defined. The Obama Healthcare Plan needs reformation and I'm glad we are sounding out. Sure there are some cases in health that deserve better treatment of people, but we can't penalize the public in so doing this either. Also the homosexuals in the military certainly places sexual harassment in the workplace to an all time high for heterosexuals as unwanted advances will come. Again the lack of boundaries are the very undoing of President Barack Obama Administration. Since we are founded on Godly principles, why does not President Barack Obama seek the God of heaven and earth first? His principles are clearly spelled out and built America to its grandeur and elegance, too!

    22. John R. Turner, Ariz says:

      This is typical of liberal thinking, the Government is the panacea for every ailment. The harder you try educate them on basic economics, the more they disbelieve you. It's as if there is an economic gene missing from their system.

      I believe that the usurper has turned moderate for the same reason that muslims do, they suffer losses and call for a truce, then they lick their wounds while making noises of peace, once they have regained their strength they attack with even more vigor than before. This is how the koran tells muslims to behave and the puppet is using the koran as his playbook.

    23. Tricia says:

      Is there anyone who really believes that this far left president has moved to the center? The speech was difficult to listen to and as Newt says, fundamentally dishonest.

    24. Roger TN says:

      Didn't watch the SOTU, there was no real difference from many of the SOTUs in the past according to the leaked points to be presented and I'm tired of being lied to, yes, lied to. Washington does not know how to create jobs, they do know how to spend to get reelected and feather their nests at the expense of our children and children. Sort of like how the politicians of the past era used surplus Social Security receipts for supplementing the general fund, that really worked out well, didn't it? Those of us that now receive the SS and have to wonder for how long are seeing the results of placing our reliance on DC. They do know how to cut spending, it has been done infrequently in the past with positive results. Now everything is a political calculation. Get rid of the unecessary departments (here is a good place to start: ExpectMore.gov), it lists long term failing agencies, as identified by a government agency. A 10% cut in overall government operations (no exclusions) would be good, and BTW, it would cause some pain on my part, as a Medicare, SS and retired military. We need to stop raiding our future's piggy bank.

    25. George (Oldguy), Wes says:

      The President, for all his education, does not seem to understand simple phrases expressed by the voters like 'no more spending'! He seems to think by calling it 'investment' the general public won't recognize it as SPENDING!

      He didn't mention sealing the borders that I recall or stopping his unelected czars from passing regulations to bypass congress. So I guess it will be business as usual and back to golf, vacations and parties!

    26. Karen Yancura, Michi says:

      Brilliant summary of the State of the Union speech! This is why I'm a Heritage member; the contradictions in the President's speech were on full display last night; I'm wondering if parts of the speech were taken from last year's speech — without the bravado, of course. Thanks, Heritage!

    27. Jim, Wisconsin says:

      > "While investment indeed drives economic growth, politicians have proven to be poor investors."

      And bankrupt people are the worst investors of all…

    28. laurie, Hawaii says:

      Poor Concrete Brain Obama!!! How do we open his brain to understand facts of history, economics and the last 2 years.?? His Harvard academic elitism along with possible substance use and tobacco has affected his brain and hardened his narrow view and ability to comprehend information so critical to saving the country from total collapse. He really needs to get OUT of the driver's seat NOW!!. I lived in Wash.D.C. for many years and saw the rail costing billions and decades to build…only to help a small portion of people. What about parking and the last mile?? The numbers didn't work….it was a terrible burden to the taxpayers and few enjoyed it. Buses are much more cost effective because you can easily move the stops in order to give flexibility as the city grows and changes. He wants to be KING OF THE WORLD and will do anything at any cost to achieve that including the peril of the greatest country on this earth. If he really believed America is the greatest, why in the HELL does he want to transform it to be like old China and old Russia? WHY, because Al Gore and all the other corruption czars, etc. are making billions on the new laws that are destroying our factories (light bulb, etc.) and JOBS) by regulationg our businessses into bankrupcy and shipping them all into China and Mexico. (where Gorey and his crowd, Pelosi, Clinton….all of their hands into the gold pot of "investment." with our money). Cut back on all the Congressmen's salaries. Let them live by the same that the rest of us must live by…..social security and medicare. (which is worthless….I am 67 and don't use it because good doctors don't mess with it or triple the charge). CUT OUT THE MONEY TO HAITI WHERE THE CORRUPT LEADERS ARE STEALING THE MONEY……ONLY GIVE MONEY WHEN A DESCENT PERSON IS MONITORING THE RESULTS, ETC. TEA PARTY PEOPLE, CONTINUE TO CALL, WRITE AND SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE WITH CHARACTER AND BACKBONE IN CONGRESS.!!!

    29. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Check out some of CNSnews’ articles today (1/26/2011) concerning last night’s State of the Union Address. A vow to veto bills with earmarks?? LOL!! Didn’t he promise that 2 years ago?? LOL!! But in reality, he’s signed bills with thousands of earmarks!! A spending freeze?? LOL!! He’s had 2 years to do that!! LET’S NOT FORGET: BHO’s campaign for re-election is underway. Thus last night’s speech was probably nothing more than a campaign speech. And sadly, there are still many drones and naïve liberals who will believe what he said. Whatever he promises, don’t believe it!! Just think about what he’s done in his first 2 years. E.g., the past 2 years have brought the longest period of an above 9% unemployment rate since the Great Depression. BHO promised the $787 billion stimulus bill would keep the jobless rate no higher than 8%. We know it failed!! Since that porkulus/crapulous bill was signed into law nearly 2 years ago, some 4 million jobs were lost!! Hopefully as we approach 2012, more people will be wise enough to judge BHO’s record than any propaganda which may appear on a teleprompter. And likewise, we can only hope and pray that the GOP will nominate bold outspoken Reagan/Palin like candidates who can refute all the lies of BHO and his demoncrats!!

    30. Lynn, Austin says:

      Ken, if you don't like living in a Capitalist, Free-Enterprise, personal responsible, Christian Society, then move to another country.

      We are a small percentage on this earth who are blessed by living in a free (thus far?) society.

    31. B. Eric, Syosset N.Y says:

      Obama doesn't or can't get it. His ideology won't let him understand that Gov't does not create jobs. The only thing that gov't creates is more gov't. His agenda can be summed up in one phrase. At the start of his presidency when the "fiscal crisis" started he said in a speech "only government can solve this problem". He was wrong then as he is wrong now. Only the private sector can solve our economic problems. Gov't should simply get out of the way,or create the environment to let the private sector do it's thing.STOP spending. There are only 3 ways the Gov't can raise money:1-taxes 2 borrowing 3 printing. None of these things are a good way to improve the economy. All they can do is make things worse. The solution is easy, STOP SPENDING

    32. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      It seems to us we've heard this song before. When we select a station for listening to music, we try to find one that broadcasts true, uplifting and happy music, not the opposite. The station we selected last night broadcast a re-run of a mediocre show from last year, wherein the music was transparent and boring. The song was sung in a different key of course, but with the same dilapidated lyric and melody. The singer was the same one as last year also, and after this performance, it is problematic as to whether he will ever become a star.

    33. Yellowbird says:

      In a nut shell, Obama's state of the union speech was mostly repackaged lies with a few new additions.

    34. RL Light, Bristol, V says:

      Govenment attempts at solving market and energy problems only to make more problems is exemplified by the ethanol requiements. As president of a small business animal feed company, I see what this attempt by the govenment to solve energy problems amounts too. First, it subsidies the corn price. Second, it promotes and requires diversion of a major food product to energy. By doing this it raises the price of corn and it's availability making a host of food products more expensive. If the actual cost of using corn for fuel was calculated the American people would demand it be stopped. If you think meat, cooking oil, and all the other products that use corn are expensive now wait untel the ethenal gas content is doubled. All Americans suffer with this kind of govenment intervention. Sadly it is the poor who suffer the most.

    35. Diane says:

      I just could not bring myself to watch and listen to the SOTU. Words have so little meaning when spoken by obama. His actions say it all and none of us should ever forget what he originally intended to do to our lives. Thinking that he has another opportunity for an additional 4 years gives me the creeps.

    36. KC - New Mexico says:

      The Republican and Tea Party rebuttals of the SOTU were excellent. Congress and the administration need to listen to the majority of Americans, then take on a role of leadership. The administration is not leading, nor does it "walk the talk". We need change and "yes we can" change with real progressive and proactive leaderhip. We do not need a cheerleader as president.

    37. William Duffy Sloats says:

      I watched & watched and little did I see or hear to change my mind of a failed presidency. But was I the only one of all the talking heads after thoughts that heard "the worst is over", what an amazing statement. Talk is cheap and now it is even cheaper. Repeal everything and throw BO out in "12" We need action and people willing to do it. GO FOR IT

    38. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      You are absolutely right, Obama and liberals don't have any interest in allowing private industry to flourish. That is totally against their philosophy of big government. The problem is republicans may have the knowledge to make private industry flourish, but and it is a big but, they totally lack the fortitude to make it happen. It took one week after the election for them to prove this. It is more important to the establishment republicans to play up to the media and try to look good and to make sure power in the party stays with them than it is to actually make the changes that are needed to make this country flourish again. This is proven out by their record in the lame duck session. With a huge mandate they pretty much gave the farm away by going along with Obama on the tax extension.

      Many in the house currently would like to show thier fortitude and make the required changes but they will be beat back by the establishment republicans so in the end not a whole lot is going to change in the next two years. This action will lead to many of them hopefully being replaced in the next election, but it is more likely it will lead to a resurgence of liberals again. Just as happened after the 1994 republican victory, they didn't operate as they should have and lost their opportunity to really change America and now another golden opportunity will be gone because of the liberal republican establishment.

    39. John Catasauqua,Pa. says:

      School Choice…why is this such a contentious issue? It seems to be a no-brainer that no one can learn in an atmosphere of no discipline,fear, and sub par teaching. Does the President not wish to have our educational system be better than it currently is??

    40. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama never stops being the supreme Huckster. He delivers words that conceal rather than reveal; words that obfuscate rather than clarify. He never stops lying in his quest to take down traditional America. His Socialism is ANTI-America!

      It is unfortunate that so many are duped by this charlatan as is indicated in "popularity" polls. This is not Hollywood. This is our Country! Obama is NOT for it!

      The Tea Party is the best hope for saving America from self-serving politicians. Let's all join with and support this movement to reclain our government.

    41. Richard Rogers, Gulf says:

      Second try… Lost my connection and first try probably failed.

      A scandalous fabrication regarding government “investment” in innovation, but one which I believe missed inclusion in the SOTU. I have heard it before from NASA and again just the other day on Public Radio from John Kerry, the claim that government investment brought us Teflon. Early in my DuPont career I worked in the group which had made that discovery years before NASA existed. The two who sawed that cylinder apart (an interesting story of scientific curiosity) and found what became Teflon inside it were Jack Rebok a technician and Roy Plunkett a chemist. I worked with Jack, and Roy was by then the director of that Division. This was up close and personal for me so I know what I am talking about. Government had absolutely nothing to do with it. It was not developed by government, for government or funded by government.

      Later I had the privilege to work on development of Kevlar precursors and have heard similar equally-false claims about it. Kevlar was developed entirely by DuPont for use as tire cord but missed its window of opportunity in that market because the tire manufacturers were already committing to steel cord for the increasingly popular radials. People found other uses for it “and now you have heard he rest of the story.”

      So I take a great deal of personal offense at these fabrications propagated by bureaucrats to advance their own agendas.

    42. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Now ? Now we are going to start focusing on jobs and the economy ? Does anyone take this empty suit seriously ? What was the "Stimuseless Package" ? I thought that was going to save the economy and create and save jobs. Where did that money go ? Sounds like it was one large THANK YOU to the union voters that got him elected along with a down payment on his 2012 re-election campaign. Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy like he should have, the Democratic controlled triumvurate decided to push Health Care Deform (first step towards National Health Care), banking regulation reform (more Govt. control of private industry), and all those lame-duck session laws that half of the country doesn't even know about. And I thought Carter was a weak president. If Obama was an employee at a company's staff meeting anywhere in the country – there is about a 95% chance that he would be the most inexperienced staff member in the room. Be honest to yourself. You know that it's true. Not sure if he has ever held a real job and he wants to lecture us on business and the economy ? Some hubris.

    43. Mary Hackett says:

      I wish with all my heart that Mr. Obama would read and heed today's email. You are able to discern his speech and correct his course admirable. Thank you.

    44. MN J says:

      Whenever using the term "investing" and Obama, put the word, "Spend" right next to it. All the Dems want is control, period.

      The Rs better toughen up – we get out maneuvered every time. It's got to stop.


    45. Ray Burke, Houston, says:

      Regarding GenEarly's commendable blog, how does one perform the imperative pruning of our obscenely bloated government without an effective pruning hook?

    46. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama's "investment" strategy is a bad idea. We should do what Britain's doing and

      cut spending. Everything, from discretionary spending to defense spending, should

      be on the table. Instead of "investing" in a high speed train to nowhere, the government should give research and development grants to private industry to investigate, build, and operate, a small-scale ring road system.

    47. Miles A. Brumberg, D says:

      It is extremely difficult for me to watch the president for more than a few seconds.. It is extremely difficult for me to listen to the president for more than a few seconds. It is extremely difficult for me to listen to most if not all of the mainstream media pundits who overflow with praise no matter what comes forth from his mouth which is fed to him by the omnipresent teleprompter. I wish that everyone could have had the opportunity to read Jerome Corsi's book entitled "Obamanation" before they stepped into the ballot box on that fateful November day and elected him president. What this man and his czars and his supporters in Congress have succeeded in doing to this country at the halfway point in his term of office may take decades to reverse.

    48. toledofan says:

      Great article, right on the money; it's obvious, to me, that no matter the rhetoric, Obama is not going to change direction and it's clear that his agenda is more of the same; spend, grow government, spend some more, and full steam ahead. It's equally sad that, even when I decided I wouldn't watch the speech, I gave in, watched some of it and thought, tomorrow the left is going to trumphet this as a great turnaround, Obama's getting us back on track, he's going to reshape America, the problems are over for us, there is nothing but prosperity ahead for us and there will be people, no matter the last two years, that will actually believe what he said. That's probably the scariest thing of all.

    49. Bobbie says:

      Mr. President with all due respect, don't address yourself/government to include us when you use the term "we." You don't work with us and we don't appreciate your assumptions of words put in our mouths.

      Why do you discriminatingly target the American oil industries to eliminate subsidies? And with such resentment? Why are your concerns taking away from America while you protect the oil industries of the world? Sounds pretty weak to use corruption to compete.

      What exactly are you looking to be "number one" at? Mr. President?

      The success of America has nothing to do with the government. It has to do with the freedom and principles of this country. What you're removing, created crisis after created crisis. We use our own way of thinking and you use yours. And because you refuse to conduct your position within the constraints of the Constitution, impeachment needs serious consideration.

    50. Richard--Walnut Cree says:

      The ONLY thing of any psoitive note coming from Obama's "State of the Union" address is that Nancy Pelosi was NOT sitting with her smug look behind the President. Finally, if this is a State of the Union speech why is it necessary to hear about what is going on in CHINA– Hello!

    51. Jake, Columbus OH says:

      Patriot's Checklist to Reduce Spending:

      1. Support a "balanced budget" amendment

      2. Repeal ObamaCare and support interstate insurance competition/tort reform

      3. Dissolve or defund bloated bureaucracy (EPA, Dept. of Ed., Dept. of Energy)

      4. Eliminate King Obama's $100,000 tax-free "personal expense" account

      5. Phase out Social Security with buyout options and privatization

      6. Vote, think, breathe, CONSERVATIVE

    52. Henry,Illinois(Calif says:

      Unless we send this guy back to being a community organizer in 2012 we might just as well forget the America that we know and love.For God forbit if he gets four more years, the damage that he has done to this country so far will be mild compared what he will do the next for years.

    53. joe cool westbrook, says:

      I could not watch the state of the bozo address. It is just too painful. What have we done to ourselves? The only thing I favor is an across the board CUT in spending. After that, debate where that money should be spent.

      Politicians will always favor having the debate on individual cuts first, thus insuring nothing gets cut. It's about the same as wiping the fingerprints off the gun AFTER the murder!

    54. Wayne, Louisiana says:

      How can we stop an out of control freight train with bales of hay? There are serious challenges facing our country. These mainly involve our own ineptitude to solve the problems that exist in our society. Everyone realizes that there is a need to drill for oil but the procedural paths to implement safe drilling are not forthright. Instead of inhibiting all development, there should be positive implementation by companies with good track records. Then the companies with questionable practices like BP, can adopt those procedures. BP remember is from socialist Great Britain.

    55. Hermes C Liberty New says:

      One laudable idea is that the Congress take on Responsability for Leadership and work hard to

      First of all REPEAL the healthcare bill without which the cutting and other reducing spending will not work that well and…understand that this Spending, these bills and all these new things aim at bringing US down and holding it there. It is Very Important to understand that America can once more Lead the world, but it will be by its Next or Second r-Evolution. The timeless Principles are somehow now in conflit with something not necessary to reveal in public. We know what is going on beyond the surfaces and that's the essential thing that many miss. America can Lead again with the second birth of men the kind of our Founding Fathers, philosophers who know how Nature works. Thanks God we do have some!

    56. George Pajunen says:

      There were other things that the President mention that could move this country out of it's worst down turn since the depression our parents experience. Making our tax code simpler and based on what we buy rather than punishing those that succeed. He never mention that kind of a change. The dream of all electric or variation of a electric battery driven car is big on his agenda but at tax payer expense. Instead of hand outs to companies to build products that are far to expensive for the average person to buy. How about this a $10,000,000,000.00 tax free cash to the company that can produce a car that is economically friendly to the average family, batteries that are light weight and can be mass produced economically. Can hold a charge at -20 and go 500 miles before needing a boost. Government shouldn't have to supply the money to do this but the incentive to make it happen. It really doesn't matter what that money figure is because the benefit to this country and world will be worth far more than whatever is given to make a car that can help the world rid itself of oil dependent cars .Regardless oil is never going to be replaced because research will continue on it and even more uses will be found and improvements on it energy qualities. Maybe the answer is in the development of super strong light weight materials with fire resistant qualities to produce car out of. Who knows just let the private sector do the job

    57. Please says:

      Deregulate, really?? Have we forgotten what caused the housing bubble, ponzi schemes, oil spills, bank failures, enroll, etc etc?

    58. Steve, California says:

      Did anyone miss his comments on "immigration"? Is no one out there upset about this? Your west coast, mainly California, is being invaded by illegals that do NOT support or "pledge aligience" to our country or Constitution! Have you forgotten all the May Day "rallies" of years past? Did you not see the flags they were flying so proudly? They were NOT American flags! Did you think they all "went away" or "changed their minds"? No, they quietly reassessed their subversive methods and approach. "Reconquista" is a subversive movement, that will use social unrest (rioting) to get their way. You now have generations of young, radical anti-Americans, who are just waiting for the sheep in Washington, to give them what they want. If you allow amnesty, in any form, you will lose the west coast and the southwest. You will not be able to reverse the damage done. If we go, so will the rest of the nation. We can NOT do this alone, especially, with the leftist, illegal friendly legislature that exists in Sacramento. The rest of you have to come out of your "insulated" communities, and wake up to what has happened to the once "golden state". The chaos in your "backyard", will eventually come your way, and do the same thing. You all better get the word out…NO!!! Don't let the few sob stories fool you. Offspring of law breakers are just that more insolent and justified in their actions. Plus, they are being "schooled" in how to do this. Think very seriously about this patriotic, legal, U.S. American citizens. You are sheep being led to the slaughter. Please, don't let "comprehensive immigration reform" become a reality…or, YOUR children will never enjoy the future we, your parents, or grandparents intended for the them. Don't believe me? Do some research and observations of what has happened to Europe and other countries. History has proven it will be our downfall.

    59. Scott martin Atlanta says:

      I could not stomach even hearing this person speak. Even on the radio I have to turn it off. I lived through 8 years of Bill Clinton why would this be any different. The sad thing about is that the Bill Clinton days seem like good old days compared to what is going on today. With all of conservative talk radio and so on we should be doing much better than this!! Hope the tea party keeps growing. What a horrible price to pay on up coming generations who do not know the wonderfulness of life. Will they have a cry instead of a smile? History is a great teacher on nations and people and Governments….

    60. Howard, Sevierville says:

      Right on, why don't the majority of Americans understand this?….or acknowledge this…or stop lying about why they object to/oppose these truths….giving up 30% of their feed at the trough….so America can survive!!!

    61. John Clancy says:

      Jefferson said, "That government is best which governs least."

      President Obama's declared intention to stay the course of centralizing government, despite the 70% of Americans who want decentralizing, makes the lines for debate difficult, but clear.

      To be true to our founders and all those who gave their last full measure to preserve us as a free people, we must continue to resist the often slight-of-hand moves that would ultimately destroy all that we cherish.

      Practically, this means resolving to consistently communicate with our elected representatives at all levels of government.

      The principle that runs through the Declaration and the Constitution and will help us to evaluate a bill, a basic principle like no other, is subsidiarity, the principle contained in Jefferson's dictum: "That government is best which governs least."

    62. Jean says:

      I agree with Scott Martin on January 27 th – this control of our freedom needs to stop.

    63. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      The saddest part of the SOTU is this POTUS is so jaded he is actually starting to believe the manure he spews forth from the teleprompter. He is a shrewd weasel, and a dangerous one if we allow him to continued spending this country into oblivion, we deserve what we get. Use the ballot box, the only defense at our disposal.

    64. susanne vermont says:

      Evergreen Solar – i thought they just announced that they are pulling out of massachusetts and are going to china – the news in mass says that the state of mass gave them alot of money also – someone check this out!

    65. Pingback: One Near-Fatal Flaw to Obama’s Energy and Electric Car Plans: Snowstorms | Step Down Obama

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