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  • Morning Bell: State of Denial

    This is only President Barack Obama’s second State of the Union, but his failed economic agenda has already forced him into early reruns. After more than $800 billion in Keynesian economic stimulus spending, our nation is still mired in a post World War II record 20th consecutive month of near double digit unemployment. Our national deficit stands at $14.06 trillion and we may hit the $14.29 trillion debt ceiling as early as this spring. Our country desperately needs a change in direction, but that is not what we will get tonight.

    According to The New York Times, President Obama’s speech will describe his “five pillars” for ensuring America’s competitiveness and economic growth. He must be hoping that the American people already forgot about his first “five pillars” of economic growth that he unveiled at Georgetown University in April 2009. The President’s present pillar panel is pretty much the same as the old one. “Deficit reduction” and “investments” in education are completely unchanged. “New Investments in Renewable Energy” has been repackaged to the more centrist-friendly “New Investments in Infrastructure.” Out are “New Investments in Health Care” and “New Rules for Wall Street.” In are “innovation” and “reforming government.” As Charles Krauthammer pointed out almost two years ago, Obama’s rhetoric is a mirror image of President Jimmy Carter’s and his policies are no different either. Tonight’s speech is just old school 1970s tax and spend liberalism in sleek new Obama packaging.

    No matter whether you call it (“spending” or the Obama administration preferred euphemism “investment”), the simple fact is that Washington has been on a decades long spending binge and it has not made us any more competitive. Since 2000, federal spending has skyrocketed across the board including 89% growth in anti-poverty programs, 81% growth in Medicare, and 219% growth in K-12 education. Since 1970 federal spending on K-12 education has increased by more than 150% with absolutely no gains in reading, math, or science scores. Infrastructure spending is no better. President Obama can call it “targeted investments” all he wants, but the impact on jobs is well known in the economic literature. As the Congressional Research Service noted in a review of economic stimulus plans: “To the extent that financing new highways by reducing expenditures on other programs or by deficit finance and its impact on private consumption and investment, the net impact on the economy of highway construction in terms of both output and employment could be nullified or even negative.”

    This year’s Index of Economic Freedom provides even more evidence that government spending does not help foster economic growth. Index data show that countries that reduced government spending had economic growth rates almost two percentage points higher in 2009 than countries whose government spending scores worsened. And countries with the highest rates of government spending had gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates 4.5 percentage points lower on average than countries where government spending was best contained. The Index’s authors explain: “It is undeniable that there is an opportunity cost to government spending: resources used by government are unavailable for private-sector consumption or investment. In addition, governments, because they operate outside of market constraints and competition, are typically susceptible to excessive bureaucracy, corruption, and waste.”

    The President will play lip service to deficit reduction tonight, but his aides have already made it clear that he does not have the courage to confront his base about their addiction to federal spending. The Washington Post reports that, in response to leftist pressure, the President will completely abandon his own Deficit Commission’s entitlement spending cut proposals. In response, Maya MacGuineas, president of the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, asks the President: “If you don’t lead now, when is it going to come?” We fear not any time soon.

    Quick Hits:

    • Tonight in the Speaker’s box, John Boehner (R-OH) will host D.C. Parents for School Choice’s Virginia Walden Ford and students who are attending Catholic schools under the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program which this president and congressional Democrats have thus far refused to renew.
    • According to a new RAND Corporation study, alternative-fuel technologies are unproven, too expensive, and too far from commercial scale to meet the military’s needs over the next decade.
    • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) renewed his promise against a federal bailout for ailing state governments Monday.
    • Liberals are drafting Keith Olbermann to run for retiring Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) seat.
    • Tonight, The Heritage Foundation will be providing ongoing commentary and instant reaction to The State of the Union Address on Twitter, Facebook and here at The Foundry. Also check out Heritage Action for America who will host a live chat during President Obama’s speech.
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    57 Responses to Morning Bell: State of Denial

    1. mzlynn bloomfield hi says:

      Same old, same old. Out to destroy our country. Must get him out of office anyway we are able to. I believe he will go when we can prove he is not a citizen; that will be out best shot.

    2. laurie, Hawaii says:

      Unfortunately, we are being led into a slave state and terrible loss of freedom….please take a "non-in-denial" view of the Chinese and Russian regime's…..by a wimpy "President" who caves in to the thugs, corruptiers who are in bed with Chinese and Mexican light bulb companies for billions to their personal benefit in the name of "Green Gory Story" and "save the planet" stories. It all sounds extremely noble, but so did the Communist regime stories about "helping the poor."……They sang a song while they took the free citizens to slavery and drink champagne and caviar. Hail to you royal "global king"!!!!! You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time, you unethical deranged, sleezy liars!! Wake up America, don't believe the speeches. They are nails to our coffin.

    3. Jack Krohn, Colorado says:

      all talk and no go. look at last year's SOU address-"jobs are our #1 priority" well right behind bailouts, healthcare, etc etc.

      that didn't work too well.

    4. Kevin H, college par says:

      Over the past twelve months, we have created more than one million net new jobs in the private sector — while government employment has shrunk by more than 250,000.

      Corporate profitability has reached record highs, meaning that companies can afford to hire as demand revives.

      Including dividends, the stock market has gained more than 10 percent this year.

      If this is "socialism," what would capitalism look like?

    5. Michael Hoyes, Yorkt says:

      Anyone who believes this President is moving to the right is being foolish. As he himself stated during his bid for the highest honor, his words are "just speeches"…they mean nothing. Everything he has done has been to the left, and he is attempting to mask his intentions with words. When he approves getting rid of Obamacare I'll start believing that he understands the error of his ways.

    6. Alayne Florida says:

      RE:After more than $800 billion in Keynesian economic stimulus spending, our nation is still mired in a post World War II record 20th consecutive month of near double digit unemployment. Our national deficit stands at $14.06 trillion and we may hit the $14.29 trillion debt ceiling as early as this spring. Our country desperately needs a change direction, but that is not what we will get tonight.

      It is too bad that the cost of this war has really put the US in such a hole financially. Think of all the $$ that could be put to better use, schools, infastructure, transportation….

      Osama bin Lauden said his goal was t bankrupt this country. Well, between the Wars in the Mid East, Wall Street and the Bankers with their mortgage scam we are traveling right down that road.

      I would like to see a plan for what to do about the millions of people that do not have jobs. Where and how to they buy food to feed their families?

      People that believe in family values. They are hungary and do not have any where to turn. These are not people that can tighen their belts by just not going to Starbucks in the morning for their coffee.

      Where do they turn to when they are very ill? Can you help with that?

      I was wondering what should be done, with the jobless, hungry, and ill?

      The problem is not just going to go away, it is here and getting worse.

      Thanks for you time.

      I am a family values person, I care about all families not just my own.

      sorry i used caps.

    7. William Downey, Worc says:

      I'm not sure how the President intends to make job creation a major point in his State of the Union speech. This is an administration that has not only presided over a real unemployment rate exceeding 12% but has engaged in job killing practices.

      The administration and its regulatory program are at war with the energy sector. They delayed or stopped the exploration and development of oil and gas in both offshore and onshore environments, resulting in a loss of jobs while preventing the creation of new jobs and revenues. In addition, the systematic attack on the development of coal resources and the statements by the President and Vice President that they do not suport the development or implementation of carbon capture technology and their promise to bankrupt any one who dares to attempt to build a coal fired generation plant, indicate that they don't really care about developing or maintaining jobs in those sectors either. Not to mention that these plans negatively impact other economic sectors as well as our economic security.

    8. Ron, Derry NH says:

      There are those who can lead and there are those who can follow…..Obama fits into a servant of an agenda type that has no idea how to tread upon the shifting variables of reality. Like a lot of eductaed seemingly smart people his credentials have yet to prove he can deal with reality without crawling back into his Ivy League hole and spewing unrealistic agenda driven nonsense at the collapsing walls of his manufactured facade.

      Until he can wake up and smell the ignorance and see the damage HE is causing, then as a leader he is useless even with the support of the Marxists sympathizers and crony capitalists that see him as a footstool to their insured monetary power over Americanism.

      I frightened dog is no use in a skirmish and a cowardly leader who is afraid to face the reality of his inability to lead a nation to anywhere but demise is a dangerous man. Failure in some contrived classroom scenario can be made up with a homework assignment and a future good grade…..failure of a nation by way of absolute ignorance of the calamity being created for real life and death situations in not for the squeamish and can not be corrected by a sympathetic teacher

      It is OK for a boy to play with ideas in a guarded environment of academia where the walls keep reality at bay…..but once you enter the arena of real world do or die, succeed or fail miserably with the non stop clock of realities meter breathing down your neck, it is time to abandon the childlike impish beliefs in academies fantasies and face the cold hard truths that reality presents every waking moment…with no doors, windows or walls to hold out is laser of truth and no place to invent a fake reality to preserve your dignity, one must get dirty,face the facts or get your clock cleaned by the judgment of time.

      Obama's coaching staff of Marxists manipulators is like having this alleged great game plan design to win the greatest game of all time only to find out they have never even coached pee-wee football to a victory or ever won a game in their life without bribing or cheating the officials. Sorry obama in the real world there is no scoreless tie…..there is no victories without success.

    9. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I am still waiting for the promised reduction of goverment, he promised to audit EVERY branch of Gov't. and cut the waste, all I have seen is the opposite, adding csars, bail outs, and bills which will cost jobs and increase the debt.

    10. George (Oldguy), Wes says:

      How does the President think he can disguise spending as investment? He has gone to that well too often. The same with the 'laser like focus on jobs', he is no longer believable!

      He should do the country a favor and resign,

    11. Tim, Biloxi says:

      I will not listen to the state of the union address tonight simply because we do not have a president who is capable of stepping away from ideaology and leading the nation from the center. My firm belief has always been that a president once elected should govern from the center as he or she is president of the entire US not just one particular party. However, sadly this is usually not the case. A president must have a love for the people and a deep respect for the constitution but this is only wishful thinking on my part as I can not remember one since Reagan when I was a young lad in the military stationed on Okinawa, Japan. When the president steps aside from personal gain or party affiliation and leads out of love and empathy for his or her fellow citizens only then will the country right itself.

    12. Roger TN says:

      More of the same, even with the normal political stage props. The bottom line is more spending and aid to the beleagured unions. We will see if the Republicans seriously want to take the Senate and WH by their actions the next two years. The tougher they are on cutting the deficits and overall debt, the better chance of taking control of all three.

    13. George Colgrove, VA says:


      You pick a few items that have gone up over the last 10 years that represent increases of less than 100%. Consider the macro budget in 2001 (see below) and as it relates to today’s budget.

      Just for comparisons over the last 10 years:

      2001 Budget (2011 budget and % change over 10 years):

      Total Budget = $1.863 Trillion ($3.83T +106%)

      Mandatory = $1.054 Trillion ($2.1T +99%)

      Defense = $0.366 Trillion ($0.930T +154%)

      Discretionary = $0.237 Trillion ($0.570T +141%)

      Debt Interest = $0.206 Trillion ($0.230 +12%)

      Extorted “revenue” = $1.99 Trillion ($2.55T +28%)

      The worse offender of massively increased federal spending was the DoD with an increase of 154%. That was to the tune of $564 billion! That amount alone could fund the currently planned (un-cut) non-defense discretionary portions of the federal government.

      We cannot expect to start building the economy and start bringing the federal budget down, yet alone starting to reducing the deficit without looking at cutting the wasteful DoD as well as entitlements. The only other option is to start gouging the American people for more tax revenue. Something you also advocate we should not do as well. I do not think it matters anyways, because I think we are at the maximum of tax collection without having a massive and devastating impact on the economy.

      Tax revenue from 2001 to today and beyond

      2001 $1.991 trillion

      2002 $1.853 trillion

      2003 $1.783 trillion

      2004 $1.880 trillion

      2005 $2.154 trillion

      2006 $2.407 trillion

      2007 $2.568 trillion

      2008 $2.524 trillion

      2009 $2.105 trillion

      2010 $2.165 trillion

      2011 $2.550 trillion


      2012 $2.926 trillion

      1013 $3.188 trillion

      2014 $3.455 trillion

      2015 $3.637 trillion

      So far, it looks like $2.5 trillion is about what the economy can take. The economy is stagnating. It could stand that the tax revenue should be lower. Nevertheless, I would say for now, the revenue should be capped at $2.5 and thus a budget that includes paying the full interest on the national debt should be capped at the same $2.5 trillion. In the next four years, I believe we will not get the revenue they are thinking they are. I think after all is said and done, their actual revenue in the next four years will create a shortfall of $3 trillion. Budgets and expected tax revenue as planned will likely drive the deficit up to over $18 trillion by the end of 2015. If I am right and we do not get the tax revenue, they were planning for we would likely have a deficit over $21 trillion instead.

    14. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      And LOOK at ALL of the GOOD things

      HF and the GOP have done to help.

      Not one single thing.



      YOU must be SO Proud.

    15. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is not a brilliant man as his public relations goons would have us believe. He is an 'evil' (to America) idealogue who is a polished delverer of prepared speeches.

      He is ruining this Country so that Progressive Socialism can replace our successful Capitalistic Free Society.

      The sheeples in this country need to wake up to this man's intentions.

      Tonight we will hear more blather and distortions, if not outright lies, and his 'approval' ratings will jump because sheeple don't think!

    16. Jim-MN says:

      Obama and his administration must simply be replaced in 2012.

      Let the Repulicans come back in and make all the tough changes financially so that the lib left and the MSM can then attack each cut for political election advantage in 2 years.

      The country is now at a crossroads. If 2011 does not go down in history has the turning point [great pain] of this once great nation, we all should prepared for the bankrupcy filing of this country and the tearing apart of the social fabric of community.

    17. toledofan says:

      Another political speech and no substance. It's really sad that we are being led by someone who has no moral compass or holds the country in such low regard. As the dust settles, I'm sure, the mainstream media will paint this as an amazing event, the speech of all speeches and they will tout how glorious to have friend and foe sitting together to insure a kumbia moment. Tommorrow we'll go back to business as usual and the State of the Union will be continue to be dismal at best. We can only hope the Republicans have the will, stamina, and dedication to take on these Democrats and force the country back towards the center by defunding as much as they can and bringing to light all the problems, corruption, and outright lies that have been generated during Obamas tenure..

    18. James Michael Tierra says:

      Look we need to stop spending period.That means no new debt limit increase, we take in 200 billion a month, pay the debt service first then what is left goes to programs that are needed for our country to be strong and free. No subsidies for anyone, eliminate the following federal programs education, energy, commerce, EPA, interior for starters and then change the tax code no deductions flat tax of 10% on every one, lower corporate rates to 10% or use the fair tax and get rid of the IRS altogether. What will we tell our grandkids sorry to many give to me and not enough producers, thats nuts, please stop now befor it is to late.

    19. Harley Spoon, Austin says:

      Interesting that you leave out the FACTS that when Obama took office the unemployment line on the graphs were straight up….and that the debt line on the graph was straight up…and all of this was a result of failed Bush policies…(1) the unpaid for prescription drug program, (2) the unpaid for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, (3) the unpaid for tax cuts, (4) the federal taxpayer largess for major corporations in the US..oil, drugs, insurance, utilities, etc…t the tune of $$$billions, (5) the laissez faire policies toward Wall Street corruption (if any of you havfe the intellectual fortitude and honesty, Google up and watch–in its entirety–MSNBC's "HOUSE OF CARDS"…

      In reality, the initiatives taken by Obama and congress have actually worked to level off unemployment growth and debt growth at a faster pace than the Keynesian tax & spend, borrow and spend, supply side, trickle down and "pity the poor rich" policies of Ronald Reagan….At this point in Reagan's first term, unemployment was a 10.8%. When he was inaugurated in 1981, unemployment was 7.5% and his policies grew those negative situations by more than 3% before the OPEC actions to increase crude production and lower the price of gas at the pump kicked in and caused the so-called 'Reagan Recovery"….Sorry Bubba's, it was OPEC which caused the so-called "Carter Recession" and OPEC which caused the so-called "Reagan Recovery"….

      For y'all who claim to be so opposed to Keynesianism, why did you not screech when Bush and Delay forced the UNPAID FOR debt creating borrow and spend Keynesian Prescription Drug legislation which has already caused a $19.5 trillion liability for American taxpayers? Why did you not screech when the UNPAID FOR debt creating and borrow and spend Keynesian wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were pursued? Why didn't you screech when the UNPAID FOR debt creating and borrow and spend Keynesian tax cuts for the wealthy were created in 2001 and re-upped in 2010????? The answer to all of those questions is that you are intellectual hypocrites!!!!! You are "Party Firsters" rather than America Firsters. You are the pawns of the oligarchs, plutocrats and monopolist global corporatists!!!! You all need to go back and read Adam Smith's THE WEALTH OF NATIONS again…that is, if you have ever read it!!! You are intellectually dishonest!!!

    20. Bruce J. Kolinski says:

      Mr. Pawn couldn't lead if we gave him a leash. He and our treasonous Congress have intentionally strangled the U.S. with an immense ball and chain constructed of central banking debt. BHO is the thick creamy frosting on the Bush debt cake. Full on Marxism in Congress since 2006, that we voted for.

      BHO is not failing. He is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams to destroy the independent American middle class, which still looms as the largest single impediment to centralized, collectivized Globalism.

      It is Mr. Obama and our Establishment Congress who are on the leash and the world's financial elite are drinking champagne all the way to their blood lined Bank Vaults – and we ain't seen bad yet – but it's comin'.

      Tonight's State of the Union address will be a wonderful example of watching a puppet on a string dance.

    21. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I think there is a lot of denial inside and outside the federal government as neccessary federal spending reductions go.

      We have proposed to cut non-defense discretionary spending by 40%. The first task is done.

      We still need to cut the entitlement and mandatory spending by 40%.

      This cut will require a lot of thought as we are dealing with people. However, cutting federal pensions – the federal contributed portion or the portion the taxpayers can no longer provide – can be cut and provide significant savings. By “really” investigating fraud in these entitlements can bring forth huge savings. With the federal workforce being the most expensive and least efficient workforce on the planet, I think we can contract out much of the federal work at 50% or more cost savings. Then we need to look at who is getting benefits. We need to implement a wealth or income threshold for people to start getting benefits. Lastly we need to start the process of shifting social security and Medicare and Medicaid back to the private sector where these programs belong.

      We still need to cut the DoD by 40%

      Here is a guide to follow to make these DoD cuts:

      Class A Items (Active and Engaged)


      2.Current effective field operations

      3.Absolutely necessary and working hardware

      4.Maintenance and upkeep of the materials and equipment for the war effort

      5.Equipment and tasks that without them would impair our immediate needs for field operations.

      6.Emergency healthcare for field operations

      Class B Items (Preparatory and immediate support)

      1.Necessary primary support to the war effort including minimal administrative support


      3.Current ineffective field operations

      4.Maintenance and upkeep of the materials and equipment not needed for the war effort

      5.Equipment and tasks that without them would impair our ability to prepare for field operations.

      6.Planning and strategizing in war times

      Class C Items (Planning and engaging and direct non-war soldier support)

      1.Research and development for future hardware

      2.Security administrative duties that cannot be consolidated elsewhere

      3.Planning and strategizing in non-war times

      4.Non war time housing of soldiers

      5.Non war time healthcare

      Class D Items (General government)

      1.Non-military or non-combat (i.e. administrative functions) that have similar functions being done elsewhere in the federal government.

      2.Research and development of administrative procedures and processes

      3.Federal employees

      Class E Items (Non-essential)

      1.All other items not listed in the classes above.

      List all the hundreds of thousands if not millions of positions, tasks and equipment in a column and assign a class (A-E) to them and list their cost. Sort the list by class (A through E), then by cost (most to least). Sum the list starting from the top to the bottom. Once you get to $558 billion, everything below that is eliminated. If the break off point is above the Class D items, these items should be consolidated outside the DoD with other similar federal government functions. If the cutoff is in Class C items, then these items need to be simplified for cost reduction until the $558 billion has been achieved. Class A shall see no cuts. Class B should see simplifications if necessary. Class E items should be cut – period.

    22. Leith Wood Richmond says:

      We will not waste our time watching and listening to Obama lie tonight, pretending to be a centrist. One has to be in denial to believe the talking heads on TV taking that thought seriously. Please America remember who he is and what he has done to our country in 2012.

    23. steve - cleveland, o says:

      Vote obama Oouy, He is killing our country. HIGH SCHOOL DROP-OUT rate in Cleveland has reached 50%,( look it up) He is destroying our military ( DONT ASK DONT TELL ) Our boarders are unpretected. He is DESTROYING the best health care in the world ( DEATH PANELS ). He is spending us into poverty!

      Debt 14 trillian an growing, with no end in sight!

    24. Jeff, Spokane says:

      "The Five Pillars" is a well known tenet of Islam. Where does he come up with these things?

      The 'Five Pillars' of Islam are the foundation of Muslim life:

      Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad;

      Establishment of the daily prayers;

      Concern for and almsgiving to the needy;

      Self-purification through fasting; and

      The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.

    25. Judith in Michigan says:

      Ms MacGuineas asks the President "If you don't lead now, when will it come"? I'm afraid the answe is that he already is. Leading The United States directly into the column of a European-style Socialist nation. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can work to stop the destruction. The 2012 elections are our best hope.

      In the "Quick Hits" section today, HF notes that liberals are drafting Mr Olbermann to run for Joe Lieberman's Connecticut Senate seat. Wow! Can you just imagine the rucus in the Senate if he were to win?

      Between Mr Olbermann and Al Franken, the daily happenings of the Senate shown on C-Span would probably have to be X-Rated.

    26. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      So tonight is BHO’s State of the Union address?? Hopefully not too many American voters will be duped. I guess he’ll talk about jobs, but he’s already had 2 years in office to solve the problem and has failed. Whatever he promises, don’t believe it!! Just think about what he’s done in his first 2 years. E.g., the past 2 years have brought the longest period of an above 9% unemployment rate since the Great Depression. BHO promised the $787 billion stimulus bill would keep the jobless rate no higher than 8%. We know it failed!! Since that porkulus/crapulous bill was signed into law nearly 2 years ago, some 4 million jobs were lost!! Also, be wary when BHO uses the word “Investment”. How does BHO define investment?? The porkulus/crapulous bill was probably just one of many poor investments. Not to mention the trillions added to the national debt and budget deficits!! Ask Yourself – would you really want to have a BHO-type personal investment advisor?? LOL!! IMO, ‘Investment in Big Socialist Government’ would be a better term to use. ….Also, don’t forget that he will be reading a teleprompter, so it is far better to judge his record than any propaganda which may appear on a teleprompter.

    27. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      The Five Pillars of Progressive governance: Confiscate, Redistribute, Cronyism for Friends, Coercion for Everyone Else, Annual Rite to Reinvent the Language for the Advancing the Previous Four.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    28. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Once again the commentary belies the need to confront the real problem…life-time politicians (both parties) who see no problem with spending OPM (other people's money). Heritage can continue to write continually about the 'bad' Democrats, but we had better begin looking into our own closets to see the millionaries we are producing with Repbulican lifers.

    29. john arizona says:

      And the race goes on! Who will emerge as the nation's worst president, Jimmy Carter or B H Obama! At this point, Jimmy is smiling, and it looks like he'll continue to smile.

    30. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      I agree Obama is the worse thing that has happened to our country and economy. But even if McCain had won the election we would have to cut government spending. The Republicans share in some of the enormous debt we have built up.

    31. gary e. cooley sprin says:

      I think it is interesting that he would use 5 pillars to describe his recovery

      program as the KORAN also describes Islam teaching with 5 pillars of belief

      for moslems to follow.

    32. HERMES LIBERTY New-Y says:

      Until Now people seem to be unable to read between the lines. Where first in the world come "five pillars" from? This is another Key to show that the would-be-America-destroyers-conquerors; those who strenghten China and drain by it, through officials minds control, US strenght, are those who produced "five pillars" in which it is said that their religion is built.

      Not enough revelation maybe but a good start for thinking efficiently about what is happening to our country. Why suddenly Barrack? Who is selling our country and for what sake? are also good questions. When good responses are obtained, we will see that only a r-Evolution can save America and make it Lead once more.

    33. Jayne in Scottsdale says:

      A small correction, this is his third SoTU..

      We are currently adding 4 billion a day to the debt in interest alone. What part doesn't Obama get?

      Oh,I know, he is following Cloward and Piven to a tee; he is intentionally ruining our economy, thus our country.

      When will folks realize what is happening? He is soooo pushing us to a one world Marxist order.

      When will he speak about the fusion camps that have been set up around the country? What are they for exactly?

      We must not allow a second term.

    34. Dolores Luthi, San J says:

      I am so glad I have joined The Heritage Foundation membership. At least I get the truth from you people!

      All of you, House Speaker, Cantor, etc. keep up the good fight and remain true to our Constitution that our forefathers gave us to follow!

    35. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama's floating down that river in Egypt called Denial. :)

    36. Bobbie says:

      Investment in education? For the last 10 years plus, it''s billions in waste. No higher standards. No positive results. Wherever the mentality of the child, the standard set, without challenge. Public schools divide kids by race to show achievement according to, which influences racism in society. Asians are at the top yet the focus is always the gap between black and white? hmm? Dummy down.

      Get rid of guidance counselors. There is no where to guide except towards government.

      Remove all costs regarding student counseling at tax payers expense. Student shouldn't be subject to giving out personal information to a government worker. It's only promotion is social engineering. Keep the rightful responsibility on the parent, that public schools deny. Kids LEARN in school. Their lives are lived OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL and according to the upbringing of parents who take responsibility for their children until adulthood! Since you are so unwilling to listen to our concerns, privatize schools.

      So really, Mr. President, if there was honesty and propriety and qualified people of dignity working in public schools, less cost would go into education with higher results in achievement. More money invested in education has proved not to be the answer. ACCOUNTABILITY IS!

      Really Mr. President, why would you be trusted in creating jobs when you are the one that got rid of the business friendly environment? It isn't your job to create jobs. It's your job to make sure WE CAN! I mean, you destroying the businesses just so you can recreate them? Sounds a little redundant and insulting to your intelligence. Doesn't it, Mr. President? Why would you impose extra costs to businesses just so government can be apart of it for no reason but imposing unnecessary costs? INEFFICIENT.

      Health care? It was the government's job to ensure affordable costs. NOT TAKE OVER THE INDUSTRY. How can you be TRUSTED on anything? Everything with you is a set-up, Mr. President.

      Is it a good thing that your friend, Van Jones is promoting resentment to the youth, Mr. President? This is not CIVIL! Is it good Van Jones suggests the children pretend, just for self-pity and other peoples', sympathy, Mr/ President?

    37. Philippa Perry says:

      Americans will want a tax break … always what is in it for them, not necessarily what is good for the country. Also very naive in terms of the world … Russia and China are building military might !!!!

    38. West Texan says:

      C-Span provided excellent coverage of today's budget debate. I strongly applaud California's 26th district rep David Dreier. He demonstrated far more patience than I would have had listening to out-right lies and propaganda from the other side's social progressive demagogues. Sheila Jackson, on the other hand, is an absolute embarrassment that reflects poorly on Texas and her constituents. Boggles the sane mind that she's still seated.

    39. stephanie gloucester says:

      I can't for the life of me, understand how obama, who has never held a real private sector job, let along created one, think that he can create/save jobs for Americans out of work. Does he really think that he can help the out of work folks or is it all a ruse, a lie. I won't be able to watch this dog and pony show this evening, I have something better to do, but will try to get home for Paul Ryan's rebuttle. Pray for our nation.

    40. Pingback: Morning Bell: State of Denial

    41. Alan MacDonald says:

      Here's what I said on the NYT about Obama's forthcoming SOTU deceit tonight — which is as predictable as the sun setting tonight:

      "What to Watch For in Obama’s State of the Union"?

      Well, the Times reports that the details of the speech are being held close to the vest — and that this may auger for some surprises.

      The Times also hints that Obama's liberal supporters are looking for some "red meat" substance — and this is precisely where that biggest surprise will come.

      So, look for this:

      Folks, Obama for the first time will really level with the American people and he will proceed to first expose, then excoriate, and finally commit to excise what he will announce as "a disguised ruling-elite corporate/financial/militarist Empire, which has almost fully 'captured' our country, and is the proximate cause of all foreign and domestic problems, including; deadly imperialist oil wars 'abroad', state terrorism by the MIC, torture, and human rights abuses throughout the world, along with domestic spying, this grinding economic oppression of all average Americans, massive levels of corporate fraud, environmental destruction, and a terrible increase in police-state tyranny 'at home'".

      "As Hannah Arendt warned of the Nazi Empire which took over the German Republic before WWII, 'Empire abroad, entails tyranny at home', and I pledge that I will lead our country against such Empire take-over of our own country today — and need you to stand with me on this most crucial confrontation between democracy and Empire."

      Just kidding.

      You can certainly watch for this in Obama's State of the Union, and mightily 'hope' for him to say he will fight to protect our Union being destroyed by this sneak attack of Empire against democracy, but you will be sorely disappointed to find him instead saying this about Empire —- nothing, not a whisper, zilch, zero, O.

      Yes the O-man will say O about the quiet death of our democracy.

      Alan MacDonald

      Sanford, Maine

      "Democracy over Empire" party headquarters

      PS. My post on the NYT Caucus blog "What to Watch For in Obama’s State of the Union" is #24, and I would appreciate any principled progressives who are “Against Empire” (Parenti), and who are in agreement with my position regarding democracy vs. Empire to hold your nose, visit NYT, and recommend/support "Democracy over Empire".

    42. Kevin H, college par says:

      It's a shame many of the commenters can't look at the simple facts and numbers. Do you not see what a horrible projection the country and economy was on through early 2009 and what an incredible success the recovery package was.

      I'm baffled how so many can call the recovery package a failure. Obviously, these people have not looked at any of the economic indiciators, they just go off the misinformed rhetoric being thrown around.

      Halfway down this page on the right hand side, there are roughly 25 leading economic indicators you can scroll through – take a look for youself and decide from the numbers, please don't decide from what you are told: http://economix.blogs.nytimes.com/

      Or if you refuse to look at the liberal NY Times (though the data is from Bloomberg), you can find it here (but not as easy to scroll through): http://www.economicindicators.gov/

    43. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I recently moved and have not had the time to evaluate cable verus satellite for television, internet and other discretionary services yet. I'll be extremely happy not to see or hear our seasoned and highly skilled teleprompter reader render another superb performance albeit filled with unsubstantiated statements that he will try to pass as absolute facts (also known as "facts that are in dispute) at this evening's "Kumbaya" event.

      While I agree that we need to get rid of him while he is still in office (which will hopefully nullify all of his idiotic Executive Orders and bills he signed into law) I think the ethics committee should focus on piercing his sealed academic records as well as demand to see the former INS records of his naturalized citizenship records as I do not recall any mention of having going through any such process after having travelled to Pakistan at the age of 19 on his Indonesian passport; since Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship, he would have had to give up his alleged American citizenship to obtain an Indonesian passport.

      I also agree that we need to get rid of these lifetime politicians and implement term limits as expeditiously as possible to prevent the kingdoms, cliques and generally simply primadonnas who absolutely think they are above the law!

    44. Jim --New Haven, Ct. says:

      To Kevin H. I'm posting late so you may not see this. Fact: For the past SEVERAL months there have been over 400,000 new applications for unemployment benefits every single WEEK!!! How did we create a net million jobs?? Just asking.

    45. William Duffy Sloats says:

      I will be following the SOTU on TV and trying to keep score of just how our Obama will construct a new dance around our troubles. But innovation will not take place as his words will be the same words he used before packaged differently. I know this will be a waste of time I should just read your analysis tomorrow. Thank you for yout info..

    46. Sue Marie Detroit says:

      The Media promoted a person who is not qualified to be President, as long as this person is a Democrat that is all that matters. I judge a politician by results not by being cool. Obama may be cool but his results are a nightmare for this country. The Media knows this but the Media will keep up the P.R. on Obama until he is elected president again. The Media will blame George Bush for Obama's incompentance.

    47. Ray Burke, Houston, says:

      A modest proposal. Totally de-unionize the public workplace at all levels. Those employees unwilling to work in a non-union environment can easily be replaced by willing job seekers. if successful, this one audacious measure would rid government of the deadly plague of unionism, a prosperous new era would bloom and revitalized free market forces would once again prevail. Let us pray….

    48. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      I hate the new 'Civility!' Oh! Sure! Obama, tack to the Right! You are still leading America into Communist Hell! What about that John McCain! No way is Obama a good President! What? Be kind to Dictators? Oh sure! Good 'strategy,' maybe that's why the New York Times selected McCain as our 2008 RINO candidate! No, my 'friend,' it isn't right to be kind to Dictators! I think to myself "It wasn't decent of McCain to fail to expose Obama! A fully connected Third Generation Communist! A hidden Communist pretending to Represent Democrats!"

      The story broke plenty early enough! It was known. Obama is a Mass Liar, a black art to go with his Black Ops! Every generality is a hundred lies. Every misproportion is a thousand lies! Obama lies so fast it boggles the mind! "What the Hell did Obama just say?" We don't know! The lies are overwhelming! Weak people think they know. Strong people hate it!

      PC is perfectly crazy! Case in point! Americans should hate Traitors! What is next? To save the traitors Obama bans hate? Good plan, "It is illegal to think like an American!" Yeah, but voter intimidation at the polls is okay!

    49. Lita Z. Biejo, Moorp says:

      I cannot believe anything the guy says even if I'm drug. But many are still going to vote for him as many americans are actually soooooo stupid. He talks about investing when he mean spending. And the stupids believe him. God bless us! God bless America! But will God bless us if we do not do something? It's time to revolt. Let's get rid of him and his cronies now.

    50. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Kevin H, college park,

      You talk of indicators – these are wishfull thinking "hopes" that things will improve. We have been spending like mad because of these so called indicators. We do not need indicators to see what is happening. Less houses were sold this last month, then ever! We have a $14.1 trillion dollar debt. Indicators are part of the obfuscations the federal government uses to continue its work on destroying the United States. I do not need indicators, I need hard facts. Anf the hard facts do not back up the indicators. We do far better to avoid any more false indicators and plan on moving forward on things we know. If things do improve in a year, well the federal government will be in better shape if we cut based on the facts today. If it does not, all I can say is thank God we cut the government – it would have been worse!

    51. Kevin H, college par says:

      George – obviously, you are not an economist. Economic indicators are based on numbers and stats and have nothing to do with future hopes. They are the here and the now. It's simply based on the facts and numbers of the past and present – has absolutely nothing to do with the future.

      Jim – i'm not certain of how any new applications for unemployment benefits, but it would mean there are more people who have found jobs than have lost them. The bureau of labor statistics takes all of that into account. You can fidn all the info here: http://www.bls.gov/

      And really Conn, this is only his 2nd state of the union? No wonder Heritage always has messed up numbers and stats. Normal math would show the State of the Union in 2009, 2010 and 2011 would equal three. Typical Conn post – rarely gets any numbers right, but always gets the FreedomWords/DickArmy/Frank Luntz right.

      Failed economic agenda? DOW crossed 12,000 for first time since June 2008 – added more than a million private sector jobs in last 12 months – you people need to wake up and stop reading all this misinformation.

      • Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

        President Obama 2009 January speech was an Address to a Joint Session of Congress. It was not a State of the Union. So, yes, we are 100% correct: last night was only Obama's second State of the Union.
        But thanks for trying.

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    53. Bobbie says:

      Kevin- indicators are not fact. You're looking at employment during the holiday seasons. There are no careers or permanent jobs created in the free market, nobody can afford the hire because of government. NONE! What success through the recovery? Make-work and temp jobs is NOT RECOVERY!

    54. Anis Alam , Karachi says:

      I think , the government spending historically has helped the USA in 30's , it will help this time too, I think the Americans do have the basic ingredients of progress which many other nations lack , the entrepreneurship and well market system, the present crisis is nothing business cycle at the largest scale.

    55. Santos, Beaumont, CA says:

      All a person has to do is read Deuteronomy Chapter 28… The Blessings and Curses chapter where Moses describes to the twelve tribes of Israel what obedience or disobedience to YHWH (Jehovah) would engender in a nation. The curses are our front page daily news… and yet we are so selfish and blind we can't see the handwriting on the wall.

      We have turned our backs on GOD, and are reaping the whirlwind. The blood of 50 million innocent ones ripped from their mother's wombs is crying out (like Abel's blood) for judgment. It is here folks, and judgment will not relent unless and until America as a nation, from the oval office to skid row- repents and turns back to GOD. Blood for blood will be required of this nation in this current decade just beginning… Lord, have mercy…

    56. George Colgrove, VA says:


      We have based federal spending on your indicators since 2006. Since we have accumulated 7 billion in debt. You can make any set of numbers. If you want to spend a certain amount of money and you control the basis of those numbers you will use those contrived numbers to do so. So far the indicators have been wrong. What can not be obfuscated is our debt and put of control spending and ongoing annual deficits. If you were right then your CBO would not have raised the annual deficit spending to 1.50trillion this year.

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