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  • Immigration Roundup: Increased Action Shows Progress

    Recently, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that it was creating a new center to substantially increase the number of I-9 form audits it conducts of businesses.

    Though the increase in paper audits come at the expense of worksite raids, the audits are having an impact on the hiring of illegal immigrants. According to ICE, in the last fiscal year, it conducted audits of more than 2,700 companies. When illegal immigrants are discovered during the audits, the companies terminate them. Just this week, the fast-food chain Chipotle in Minnesota terminated 350–700 (accounts differ) of the 1,200 workers when ICE audits revealed the illegal immigrant status of the workers. The restaurants replaced the illegal immigrants workers with citizens or legal immigrants.

    In other promising news, several states—including Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming—are looking to adopt legislation similar to Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Legislators in those states have introduced legislation, and debates on those bills are underway. Arizona SB 1070 is currently making its way through the legal system. A precursor piece of Arizona legislation, the Legal Arizona Workers Act, is currently under U.S. Supreme Court review, with a decision on its legality expected any day.

    One area of uncertainty is what the Obama Administration will do to secure the border now that it has canceled the SBInet program. The SBInet program never lived up to its expectations, but the increased focus on the border with technology added another layer of security that border crossers, drug runners, and gangs had to navigate to enter the United States. The Obama Administration did not announce any replacement program when it canceled SBInet. Thus, we will have to await the rollout of the next budget to find out what plans the Obama Administration has for securing the border.

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    11 Responses to Immigration Roundup: Increased Action Shows Progress

    1. Maya says:

      Why in the world would anyone defend people breaking our law to come here illegally? It's astounding how many are OK with this.. And they think anyone who dares expect the laws to be followed is somehow un Christian, un American, un kind. It's amazing! You have it totally backwards…We have immigration laws for a reason.. A good reason..Asking them to be adhered to is NOT asking for too much. When we do not have rule of law, we have the total chaos of today.

    2. Halibut says:

      blah, blah, blah. Most of the illegal hiring occurs off the books, so there is no I-9 to track the employee. In addition, many of the illegals hired have false ID which, as most people don't know, won't result in any action being taken against the employer since employers claim they aren't document experts and that they accepted the document in good faith. In such cases the only thing left is to act against the illegal alien. If the current policy continues, this approach will be a totally useless exercise and a waste of money and manpower. Use E-verify and hold the employers accountable.

    3. jm fay colorado says:

      What progress?

      2700 audits and there are how many millions of companies in the usa?

      very few fines paid

      illegals arent deport; they just lose their jobs and get to keep their fraudulent papers to use to find another job. They will use the loophole for independent contract work in the I 9 so that they dont lose their job next time as ICE doesnt do audits for non w 2 work.

      Meanwhile how many millions of legal residents and citizens need jobs and cant find them with 8 million jobs being done by illegals?

    4. Brian, St. Louis says:

      I expect the Obama Administration to do what all previous administrations have done; nothing. Aww, that's bad, right? Well, there just isn't any money to pay for any expanded or renewed programs for border enforcement. See, Republicans and Democrats both feel it's better to bail out a failed bank or an investor that risked it all rather than enforce a border.

      @jm fay: Do you know any legal Americans that want to pick strawberries for $3.00/hr?

      I didn't think so.

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    6. American Abroad, Ban says:

      This is heated topic right now, and is being fueled by a sluggish US economy and a growing number of Americans that are unhappy with the high unemployment rate and illegal immigrants. You don't need to be a US immigration lawyer to figure out the key issues that are at work here. We're seeing lots of people being headstrong about their opinion on America's current immigration policy fiasco. Clearly immigration policies need changes. But in some cases, peoples' rights are at stake; and under US law the rights of an immigrant must also be protected. Many groups of people (such as Euro-Americans) are often taking a conservative viewpoint regarding the policies toward immigrants and are unhappy that not enough is being done. They fail to realize that immigration was a much easier process 100+ years ago when their ancestors came looking for the same opportunities that today's immigrants also seek. Additionally, people that take a judgmental side regarding immigrants and immigrant labor need to realize something very important. Immigrant laborers (whether legal or illegal) have always served an essential part of the US economy; a part which has been vital in sustaining economic growth for the country for many years. It's certainly okay to have frustrations about the situation, but it's not okay to place blame and cast judgement on the immigrants themselves. Rather, it's the policies and overall system the must be addressed.

    7. D J Filak, Bisbee, A says:

      I live 5 Miles above the AZ/Mex border, the lights are out and no traffic on our side for hours, at night. Where is the border secure? Only around towns and cities, the vast majority of the border is now UNGUARDED!!!

    8. Bobbie says:

      Why have laws that hold people accountable to their actions when the people aren't held accountable to their actions? Why are some police enforcing the laws while others look away?

      Government refuses to protect this country and they have been appeasing the unlawful! Now that we have mature intelligence in office, maybe accountability of those who violate the border, can be held accountable to pay for their crimes.

    9. Carol,AZ says:

      Another agency to enforce the laws over illegal immigration?How pathetic.

      Re; Wyoming, Co, Utah, and Neb as mentioned, to attempt to enforce their laws:

      WY caved. My only hope here is, Utah.

      The Prez of the USA has upheld with full duplicity all aspects to discourage the non-enforcment of the clearly written,, concise Federal Laws for all issues, of illegals living here in diference to United States citizens.

      Yes;, D. J..in Bisbeee, AZ, the border is unprotected where you are, I'm certain your are correct. The Prez has set AZ up for failure,as exampl, becasue as you know , we will enforce the laws here. The punishment at the end of the day IS what has happened as a result.

      Uncontrolled in the billions spending, for endless entitlements in every state in the USA and No one can figure out HOW to cut the deficit. I guess we are all becoming Nancy Pelosi.


    10. Pete Green says:

      From a humanitarian perspective, our fellow human beings, who migrate to support their families, continue to suffer at the hands of immigration policies that separate them from family members and drive them into remote parts of the American desert, sometimes to their deaths. This suffering should not continue.

      Now is the time to address this pressing humanitarian issue which affects so many lives and undermines basic human dignity. Our society should no longer tolerate a status quo that perpetuates a permanent underclass of persons and benefits from their labor without offering them legal protections.

    11. Carol,AZ says:

      Pete Green what state are you from?

      Could it be NV or CA, both Open Border advocates.

      You are correct; that some of these foreign invaders suffer, and many have died, coming into our counrty illegally.

      You must understand there, many are abandon by the coyotes that are paid $$$$. to get them here.

      The job they do is based on, moving human flesh for greed.

      Do you think there, the coyotes will allow themselves to be arrested along with their human cargo? Do you think this highly organized conduit isn't backed by cartel organizations?

      The pressing problem you have pointed out about;" suffering and human dignity" is a problem we in AZ, have addressed for two years. Thousands have been rescued in our remote dessert areas by border agents, and are alive becasue of life saving triage..After that, they are deported.

      Two flights a day leaving from TX and AZ. All paid for by US..

      The border states are broke over this issue. The USA is broke over this issue.Hospitals are broke over this issue. School systems are broke over this issue. No one ever speaks about the Federal laws being broken over this issue in all other areas under the law, for the protection of Americans..

      "The War on our Border" series, speaks about it in detail. The seriousness of this issue includes Americans being murdered.. But sadly that's viewed by our current leadership as just collatial damage by our government.

      You must have learned by now, that living in America, we have the God given right, under the law, to be safe and free where ever we live.

      Sadly, that is not the case for thousands of American now living on the violent border areas

      We support legal immigration AND we've had a guest worker progam in America for decades.The legal protections you want sounds like back door amnesty and that's never going to happen.Over half the States in the USA are also saying NO.

      If you really want to be a humanitarian go volunteer on any border as many citizens are not doing. To help other Americans run their ranches, and the unmanned border agents that are being shot at, one recently murdered, on USA soil.

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