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  • VIDEO: Doctor Faces Difficult Choices, New Challenges in Wake of Obamacare


    Earlier this week we shared the troubling circumstances facing Dr. Martha Boone in the wake of Obamacare. Last night the Atlanta urologist appeared on Fox Business with David Asman to talk about the latest challenge for her small practice — a 27 percent increase in health insurance for her five employees.

    In the interview, Boone explains the difficulties for doctors. Medicare is reimbursing less for her most common procedure, prompting her to move to a less expensive office in an older building. She also cut her own salary by 32 percent. That helped Boone avoid laying off an employee, but it might not stop the bleeding.

    “Running a small business, I have a few options,” Boone explained. “I could have my [employees] be uninsured. I can lay someone off; I certainly can’t hire anybody. And I can consider stopping taking Medicare, which I really do not want to do.”

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    11 Responses to VIDEO: Doctor Faces Difficult Choices, New Challenges in Wake of Obamacare

    1. Bob Moore, Nixa, Mo says:

      Why are you complaining, what isn't going up? Blaming it on Obama Care is the popular thing to do, except perhaps you should check some facts first. Complaining to Fox News may get some sympathy, being factually challenged themselves and married to the Tea Party and the Republican Party, they do not want to disappoint their head in the sand fans

    2. Matt, Colo Springs, says:

      Healthcare is not a right. No one is denied healthcare in this country, especially when it comes to life and death in the emergency room. There were doctors back in the day of the writing of the Constitution & the Bill of Rights…yet the authors didn't find it necessary to say that Healthcare was a right.

      This is earth, not heaven. Nothing is allowed to be perfect. We do the best we can, and ought not be expected to do more. There is always a tight balance when it comes to time, quality and quantity. 1 will ALWAYS suffer if the other 2 grow. To serve the people in a timely (life-saving) manner, with the best care that produces desired outcomes, it's going to cost money, lots of money. It will be impossible (and highly improbable) for the masses to be served in a timely manner on a very low budget and still get the best service available to man. Just not possible. Working the long hours from research and development to implementing these findings at the doctor's offices will seem much less desireable if there is no compensation for it.

      Healthcare is not in the perview of the United States Government (as enumerated in the Constitution). IF (emphasis on purpose) anything, it should be the perview of each individual state. MedicAid and MediCare need to be scaled down from a national level to a state level. It is the national entitlement movement that has severely contributed to our current deficit and debt situation.

      I'm a Christian and have compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters. It is OUR duty as brothers and sisters to take care of each other, not the US Governments place. If we, as a nation, keep each other accountable as it was the spirit of this nation's birth, and encouraging one another to exercise, keep disciplined and be the best we can be, I guarantee that we'd be a healthier (physically, mentally and spiritually) collection of neighbors.

      Thank you Heritage for fighting for Conservatism.

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    4. Lynn, Chicago, IL says:

      Bob, Fox News is the only fair and balanced cable news station we have. They present both sides of the story which I like as a dem. Try listening and stop drinking kool-aid. You just might learn something.

    5. BBQ, Mechanicsburg, says:

      To understand Health Insurance, one must go back to its beginnings. For years I've heard my mother, now in her 80's, talk about her Hospitalization. Impatiently, I always respond to her that it is called Health Insurance. This sparked an interest as to why she referred to it that way. In a nutshell, here is a very brief understanding of the inception of Health Insurance and its history which brought some clarity to me of the dilemma we are now facing and a possible way out of it.

      Health Insurance crept in very insidiously. What began as a mean to address a growing need of catastrophic medical care for employees who had been involved in accidents in the early industrial era of the 1900's referred to early on as Hospitalization and later, Major Medical, has become the monstrous entity we call Health Insurance today. It began as a good faith effort by employer whose employees were hurt in accidents that required major medical care outside the means of the employees ability to pay. In order to keep these employees and to help their families through the financial hardship brought on by the accidents, the employers would pay for their medical care and continue paying the wages for that employee until they could return to work. It occurred that starting an Employee Hospitalization type insurance pool, when an employee was hurt monies could be drawn from the pool to help that employee. A few entrepreneurs wondered about starting companies where many different employers could pool together, thus making the pool larger. Thus, Hospitalization Insurance began. So far, your family doctor was uninvolved. They still took payment at the door, and no doubt in rural areas, many still received some payment in chickens and eggs! However, soon these insurance companies saw a bigger fish and caught it. The catch for doctors was a way to insure doctors financial payment for their services by belonging to a pool. Doctors took the bait. Today a doctor's office consists of many specialists other than those with medical training. They are Medical Billing Specialists hired to wade through the quagmire of billing nightmares of the health insurance industry.

      I believe family type doctors should reconsider downsizing their staff to a few billing clerks, RNs, Physician assistants, and medical technicians, and get rid of their ties altogether with Health Insurance Companies and Medicare. Require that all patients have accounts with them only, with pay per visit the only option. By doing so they could reduce the costs of their overhead overnight. Some doctors, fed up with the health care nightmare, are already doing this and finding they've taken a huge monkey off their backs and once again finding once again their passion for practicing medicine.

    6. John Schmidt says:

      To Bob Moore….You must be watching a lot of Fox News to have such strong opinions about their supposed lack of facts. Perhaps you really should instead of just reading the talking points from that bastian of lies and distorions known as Media Matters.

    7. Gabriel says:


      Do you have any idea why Conservatives have done nothing for healthcare reform for over 35 years? Do we not have a problem in our country with unaffordable healthcare?

    8. Mary Adam says:

      Bob Moore,

      I do blame Obamacare for taking my choice away to choose Not to have my taxes pay for the barbaric practice of abortion. Wow, for being so tolerant and Pro-Choice, I sure have had My choice taken away. Since when does the government have the right to make me pay for murder?

    9. Bobbie says:

      Why are you targeting me, Hypocrite? Conservative isn't a party/ Are you that ignorant? Why do you need government to control your health and not you and your doctor? Are you that incapable, that inferior? You need a third party? What are you doing in this country if you don't want to do for yourself?

      There have been plenty of solutions regarding personal responsibility of personal health at affordable costs. The ignorant and inferior can't see. They look forward to government dependency. Like sheep who need a lead to follow.

      Gabriel pointed out more government deception. The government has promised affordable healthcare without a hint government was taking it over. Most people don't like being forced to deal with government deception/ You count on it!

    10. Dr. Boone says:

      Hi Bob.

      What fact did you want me to check?

      I simply stated what has happened in my office and to my patients.

      I will be happy to "check a fact", if you could frame your question more specifically.


      Dr. Boone

    11. Gabriel says:


      Let me try this again…do you have any idea why Conservatives have done nothing for healthcare reform for over 35 years? Do we not have a problem in our country with unaffordable healthcare?

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