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  • Podcast: Repeal Obamacare!

    Listen to Heritage expert Bob Moffit discuss the House effort to repeal Obamacare in a newly released podcast. Currently, the president can veto any attempt at repeal, so why even bother with a repeal vote? What does the Virginia ruling on Obamacare portend for future court rulings? Why does the CBO say it will add $230 billion to the deficit if we repeal Obamacare?

    Well, find out all of that and more, here.

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    6 Responses to Podcast: Repeal Obamacare!

    1. Mary New York, NY says:

      For those of us who are just beginning to understand in detail the problems of ObamaCare, this a very useful and accessible discussion.

    2. Bobbie says:

      I agree. I didn't even know I could download an mp3 file! Now I know I can. Thank you Mr. Weinberger and Mr. Moffit. Very good interview.

      It will also be symbolic when the president veto's it. This will show his disregard for the people of America and his overstepping and violation of the Constitution.

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    4. Gabriel says:


      Do you really wish to repeal the entire bill as if the entire bill is 100% bad for the country? Do the conservatives that you continue to vote for have a replacement or just repeal? What about all the jobs that conservatives said they would create? Jobs? Deficit? National Debt? Why are conservatives not fixing everything? Are they liars?

    5. Kevin H, College Par says:

      You must realize, the president will never veto the bill – it willnever reach the President's desk. It won't be brought up in the Senate and even if it did, there is zero chance it garners the 60 votes requires. it's silly to think a party with less than half of the Senate will be able to gather votes for 6/10ths of the Chamber – espcially when you'd need to get Senators to switch their votes form last year. Again, zero chance.

      To question the constitutionality is silly as well. The foundinf fathers passed smaller bills requiring health coverage as early as the 5th Congress – where the actual signers of the Consitution were in Congress. See for yourself: http://blogs.forbes.com/rickungar/2011/01/17/cong

      What the Democrats and Obama did was the right way to handle the issue. They received scored from CBO that did not prodice the savings they wanted, so they made adjustments. When the Republicans passed the Medicare law in 2003 – it was the pinnacle of abuse and trickery. The law did not have the votes to pass, so they held the vote open overnight and into the wee hours of the monring until Tauzin was able to get members to switch votes (right before he left to head PhaRma) – and they knew the cost was far higher than estimated, but told CBO and OMB to be quiet:

      Just find it odd that the Republicans are saying the Democrats did what the Republicans did 8 years ago, when all facts show the Dems did it the right and transparent way, far different than the Repubs in 2003. If you are angry, look to 2003 and find out who to really be angry with. I realize Dr. Moffit was against the 2003 bill, but the heads of Heritage were for it.

    6. Tim AZ says:

      There is much to gain from the bill to repeal Obamacare. None of these gains would be lost if the senate refused to bring it to a vote. This would be a clear demonstration to the American Citizenry of the vitriolic contempt the majority party of the senate embraces and conveys to the very people they have sworn to serve. If the senate does allow the bill to come to a vote. Those whom vote against the repeal will be placing their names on the list for replacement in 2012. They are extremely aware of the ramifications of their votes against repeal and in all likely hood most will choose to remain in office rather than entrust their careers to Obama. If the repeal bill makes it to Obama's desk he is forced to do one of two things. He could sign the bill in the hopes of acquiring four more years of the lavish dining, entertainment, and vacationing he has become accustomed to while the people continue suffer economic decline. This choice would have the effect of gouging out the eyes of the few supporters he still enjoys. Mao-Bama could veto the bill and stand alone behind his legacy. This choice will have the effect of defecating on the American citizenry and their constitution that acknowledges that the power of the govt. is on loan from the people and may be reclaimed by the people when the govt. refuses to serve the people in accordance with the Unites States Constitution. There is no good outcome for the socialist, marxists, or the communists that inhabit this regime in the repeal of Obama care no matter where it ends. The repeal of Obama care should be introduced through out the remainder of this regimes term until it becomes law or until the 2012 election which ever comes first. They must be made to own their contempt for the peoples freedom.

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