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  • Morning Bell: The Start of the Debate

    Fellow conservatives,

    Last night, the House of Representatives, the legislative chamber of Congress closest to American popular opinion, voted to repeal Obamacare—the increasingly unpopular law which led directly to a change in the control of Congress just three months ago.

    Many will tell you that yesterday’s bipartisan vote of 245 to 189 was an exercise in futility—an empty, symbolic measure. Liberals in Congress, the White House and their echo chamber in the media all insist, as NPR has duly reported, that “this measure will go no further.”

    Don’t believe this for a single minute. The vote last night was an important step in the democratic process of protecting and conserving our constitutional freedoms.

    Our country, it is increasingly clear, has arrived at a pivotal moment – perhaps the pivotal moment – in its history. Together, we face a choice between two futures.  One is a collectivist future where the federal government claims ever increasing shares of our income and grants itself the authority to make decisions affecting virtually every aspect of our daily lives. The other future is built upon the idea that individual freedom trumps government authority, and that in those rare cases when solving a problem requires government, the government that governs best is the one that is smallest and closest to the people.  That is the future that we should seek – reaffirming our individual liberty, strengthening private markets, shrinking the size of governments, and making decisions wherever possible at the local level rather than in Washington.

    No issue joins this debate more dramatically than the question of Obamacare, and what to do about it. It’s not just about health care. The law redefines our centuries-old understanding of the reach of federal authority, indeed whether there are any limits at all to the government’s ability to intrude upon individuals, families, business owners, physicians and other health providers, and state and local governments. Little or nothing will be allowed outside the new regulatory scheme – no alternative state programs, no individuals or businesses that choose not to participate, no truly private market alternatives.

    The debate boils down to one big question: Shall we govern ourselves, or let unelected bureaucrats rule us?

    Behind this question are the many other specific ones about health care:

    • Should the federal government control America’s $2.5 trillion health sector, fully one sixth of our economy?
    • Should government bureaucrats decide what form of health coverage is “acceptable”?
    • Should these bureaucrats be given the legal authority to require all Americans to purchase government-designed health plans and levy penalties on those who don’t comply?
    • Should the federal government require the States to devote scarce resources to the creation of federally designed health exchanges that State lawmakers may feel inadequately address the unique needs of state residents?
    • Should the federal government expand the Medicaid program so dramatically that States face a Hobson’s choice – either shoulder billions in new fiscal commitments (on top of an already unsustainable budget mess) or withdraw from the program entirely?
    • What about employers who want to continue to provide their employees with health coverage but learn that federal bureaucrats deem the coverage they can afford to provide insufficiently generous?

    And these are but the most obvious concerns raised by last year’s law.

    But what comes next, you ask?

    First, it is incumbent on the Majority leader of the Senate, Harry Reid (D-NV) to allow a vote on the floor of that chamber. A bipartisan majority in one half of Congress has just repealed the most ambitious expansion of the federal government in many decades following a major electoral reversal for his party. For Mr. Reid to prevent this vote from coming to the Senate floor would be to thumb his nose at the will of the American people.  Senators must be allowed to vote on this question so that repeal legislation might go to the president for his consideration.

    In the meantime, Heritage Distinguished Fellow Ernest Istook (who sat on the Appropriations Committee for 14 years) and Government Relations Director Brian Darling say that an incremental strategy is critical. To start the de facto repeal of Obamacare, lawmakers should focus on dismantling the key provisions that form the very foundation of the law’s architecture.  This means, for example, going after the pillars of the law through a variety of means like de-funding its critical aspects, engaging in aggressive oversight of the consequences of the law and enacting legislative triggers to delay or block its implementation. All these approaches will contribute to Obamacare’s implosion.

    While that important national debate is taking place, the House of Representatives can move to defund provisions of Obamacare through either a rescissions package or funding riders. Congress is not required to fund this law or the myriad of new programs that it spawned. Like every other federal program, the current Congress can adjust – or even zero out – the level of funding for the implementation of Obamacare. Special provisions in the health care law will complicate the process, but the propriety of de-funding is unquestionable. As noted by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), “Congress is not required to provide funds for every agency or purpose authorized by law.”

    De-funding is a legitimate use of the power of the purse that the Founding Fathers wisely granted to Congress. It won’t be easy. Obamacare was designed to be the governmental equivalent of kudzu – growing everywhere. However, Obamacare is not a fait accompli, no matter what the Left is telling you.

    After a clean repeal we can move on to debate what good ideas on health care can be adopted in the future, as Heritage health care expert Nina Owcharenko does in her report, “Repealing Obamacare and Getting Healthcare Right.”

    The House of Representatives acted wisely last night. Now the debate opens again. It’s a national debate we need to have, and we need to have it now. Don’t listen to those who want to stifle this debate, or close this controversy. There’s nothing uncivil about standing up for your freedoms. This is no time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.

    None of our work on Obamacare would be possible without the dedicated support of our 710,000 members from around the nation. Join us as we keep the momentum going for repeal.

    Edwin J. Feulner

    Quick Hits:

    • 18 of the 20 Doctors in Congress support repealing Obamacare.
    • Nearly two-thirds of U.S. doctors surveyed fear Obamacare will worsen care for patients, and hurt their income.
    • The House of Representatives will hold a vote on the same day as President Obama’s State of the Union address to cut spending in the second half of 2011 to 2008 levels.
    • In her first State of the State address, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said that “as government expands, liberty contracts” and that governemnt was “never intended to be all things to all people.”
    • The newest installment of The Heritage Foundation’s Understanding America series is out: Why Provide for the Common Defense?
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    72 Responses to Morning Bell: The Start of the Debate

    1. Doc Bob Meaders says:

      Note that this morning's news speaks to England's current efforts to begin modifying the Socialized Medicine program, the first step in undoing decades of wasteful spending and overlong waits while government entities grow in size and shrink in capability. My colleagues report up to a three month wait for simple repair of a hip fracture, time fraught with the peril of pneumonia, blood clots, and increasing weakness/muscle atrophy due to forced immmobilty.

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Great article! As to your questions:

      •Should the federal government control one sixth of our economy?


      •Should government bureaucrats decide what form of health coverage is “acceptable”?


      •Should these bureaucrats be given the legal authority to require all Americans to purchase government-designed health plans and levy penalties on those who don’t comply?


      •Should the federal government require the States to devote scarce resources to the creation of federally designed health exchanges that State lawmakers may feel inadequately address the unique needs of state residents?


      •Should the federal government expand the Medicaid program so dramatically that States face a Hobson’s choice – either shoulder billions in new fiscal commitments (on top of an already unsustainable budget mess) or withdraw from the program entirely?

      >>NO! – However having all layers government withdraw from the health care industry altogether would not be a bad thing.

      •What about employers who want to continue to provide their employees with health coverage but learn that federal bureaucrats deem the coverage they can afford to provide insufficiently generous?

      >>This is awful. It would be even better to allow the employee above all – above the employer and the government to choose their healthcare in a free and open market.

    3. Annette Fibuch Leawo says:

      Where can I find a listing of the Congressmen's vote?

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      1- 20 -11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      You have to hand it to the GOP


      and Time is $$$, but I guess NOT to the RICH.


      Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI on January 19th, 2011 at 1:35pm said:

      Ah Ken Jarvis – life is so simple. Tax “them” to raise money. It is always “third person” for Democrats.

      *** WRONG – AGAIN.

      If there was a Sales Tax on Ads

      it would being in OVER $30 BILLION per year.

      When I advertise I would be Taxes.

      Tax the RICH – They have the $$$.

      When I get to be Rich, I will GLADLY pay the tax.


      The companies receiving the advertizing dollars pay tax on it. The people generating the advertizing pay income tax etc. So in a nut shell your proposal is to increase the cost of doing business which in turn will add to your and my cost of living. After all, it is the consumer that ultimately bears the burden of taxation. And it is for this reason I have become politically active –

      “Taxed Enough Already.”

      *** Then, Ben, You Should have realized by now

      “Taxed Enough Already.” is NOT Working.


      Reading the Constitution in the HOUSE

      is NOT going to do it.


      How will Comcast owning NBC help consumers?

      Answer – It WON'T.


      Ask yourself, WHERE do LEADERS get their information?

      Murdoch's WSJ and Fox NEWS.

      They KNOW if you – Control the Info, and Control the WORLD.

    5. Tony, Brick, NJ says:

      I just don't understand your complete hatred for President Obama. Is it because he's an African American and you just can't wrap yourselves around the fact that we have an African American President? What is it? No matter what he does you folks seem to find something wrong with it.

      Get over it. He is our President and he deserves some support. Not just your constant criticism.

      Tony Bunn

    6. Robert, North Richla says:

      Repealing Obamacare is like the coin toss at a football game – it is not even the start of the game, just the initial proceeding. We still have at least 5,000 bad, over-reaching, unconstitutional bills, laws and regulations to go. Of course Harry Reid wants to prevent a vote in the Senate. We may not like him, but he is not a spineless, neutered, crying republican that gives way on every single issue. I wish we had someone that would fight like that for our Constitution.

    7. John McCleskey, Hous says:

      Thank you for your perspective and ongoing effort to preserve our individual liberties. I will be making a donation and will continue my efforts to improve your circulation amongst my circle of influence.

    8. RG, Georgia says:

      Well said/ well spoken, Ed.

      I pray you are not just preaching to the choir.

      Senate Republican leadership tends to go all wobbly on us at the slightest breeze of discontent from the left.McConnell et al need to stiffen the backbone and grow a pair for the coming fight.

      House leadership to a lesser extent, but Heritage needs to keep their feet to the fire at all times as well.

      I will relentlessly pound my guys [Chambliss, Isakson, and Kingston] to keep them headed in the right direction. I would hope you and others would do the same with their representatives. To do less is to admit defeat.

    9. Mr. & Mrs. Steve says:

      Why hasn't our news pointed out Cameron (England) is trying his hardest to DECREASE the gov't bureaucracy in healthcare there. He wants to privatize more to offer citizens more choice, more timely care, better quality of care. Where is this coverage in our country????

    10. Roger TN says:

      UK backing down from the Universal Healthcare the currently "enjoy". Canada backing down from their plan. Why is that? We have the same template, despite the Massachusetts, Hawaii, Tennessee and other failures of these government run programs. This is a step in killing (can I say that?) the Obamacare legislation. Do not fund the 33 or so new agencies to manage the various provisions of the law, take away all exemptions to corporations and particularly, the government employee exemptions. Determine the precise source of those uninsured, the demographics and reasons for their being uninsured, given SCHIP, Medicare/Medicaid and other low cost/free providers of health coverage. When this is done, we can attack the real issues relating to cost.

    11. Frank, Houston, Tx says:

      The advocates of the new health care law argue constantly that everyone

      must buy auto insurance. While this is true, in most cases, there is a

      provision in the Texas Insurance Code that allows an individual or company

      to post a financial responsibility bond in lieu of purchasing insurance.

      Under Section 601.051 of the Texas Transportation Code it is titled Requirement of Financial Responsibility and states that a person may not operate a motor vehicle in this state unless financial responsibility is established for that vehicle through:

      (1) a motor vehicle liability insurance policy that complies with Subchapter D;

      (2) a surety bond filed under Section 601.121;

      (3) a deposit under Section 601.122;

      (4) a deposit under Section 601.123; or

      (5) self-insurance under Section 601.124.

    12. Jim Delaney says:

      The purpose and effect of the vote are definitely more than symbolic.

      First, the repeal vote exposes to the voters those "representatives" who still support costly and unconstitutional Obamacare, and, probably more importantly, it clearly demonstrates to SCOTUS the people's implacable opposition to Obamacare as well.

      With 22+ states suing the feds, 8 of which are in the process of actually nullifying–that's NULLIFYING–Obamacare, something not seen since before the Civil War, the added weight of congressional repeal puts SCOTUS on notice that to defy the powerful groundswell against Obamacare is both foolhardy and doomed to failure. So, despite SCOTUS's own historical inclination to ignore the Constitution and the people as well, given the relentless and growing opposition to Obamacare even SCOTUS will be hard pressed this time around to yet again violate their oath to uphold the Constitution. Even these unelected black-robed oligarchs know better than to brazenly thwart "we the people".

      In truth, Obamacare is dead and, at long last, the people have been awakened to the Progressive threat to our way of life as never before. If nothing else, Obamacare and the Progressives who jammed it down our throats have served to open our eyes to the centuries old assault on the Constitution. It has lit a grassroots Constitution-first and 10th Amendment fire which cannot be easily extinguished. The folks have, indeed, awakened and are now on guard as never before. If nothing else, Obamacare has sharpened our interest in and understanding of the Constitution. In short, "we the people" will no longer be content to routinely and subserviently roll over when our Constitution and way of life are so brazenly trampled in the future. The silver lining to the otherwise dangerous and sordid monstrosity dubbed Obamacare.

    13. Double Ace says:

      What this does is show the America that does not want big government, that does not want the government running our lives just who is to blame for this situation we are in. It also shows just who they need to remove from office (Harry Reid and cronies) to make a change.

    14. John Olofson, Graeag says:

      For the time being, the major focus should continue to be on health care… complete repeal as well as step-by-step creation of a new health-care law.

      But let's not delay beginning serious work on drastic budget cuts AND calling to account the white house bureaucrats in congressional committee hearings.

    15. Jack Lloyd, Apex, NC says:

      I agree with everything you wrote in today's commentary about the despicable Obamacare. You should also note the fact that in every country socialized health care has been tried and is in use, it has not worked as promised. And more important it has take away a lot of FREEDOM from the people.

    16. Roger Fritz, Clovis, says:

      Isn't it interesting (and distressing) that Reed does not want to bring the issue to the senate floor? After all, if 27 states have filed lawsuits against Obamacare, wouldn't that equate to at least 54 votes to repeal? Seems like those 54 should have enough strength to at least force Reed to bring it up.

    17. Robert Pohl Beavercr says:

      Wright State Uni. a State University invited the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a quest speaker on 1/19/2011. William Irvin, a Professor of philosophy at the Uni., published an artical regarding the lack of the Uni. to ever invite any conservative speakers. The artical is in the Dayton Daily News ,1/19/2011, under :Intellectual Diversity.

      Is this a disturbing pattern through out the U.S.?


    18. laurie, Hawaii says:

      My experience with "government health care is terrible as well. All was well before I turned 65 years and was forced to go on Medicare as my primary insurance. I had a simple ear wax clogging which is a 10 minute irrigation procedure at the ear doctor. Before I was on medicare, I was charged $50 to do it. After medicare, I called a doctor's office to ask what it would cost, the doctor's office informed me $70. Fine. I had it done there and 2 months later, I received a bill for me for $238.00!!! (because Medicare only paid them $8.00). I called the office and asked "Why $238 out of pocket for me when you gave me the $70 price on the phone. Their answer was because you used your medicare. They tripled the price because of the beaurocratic system. Now, I just pay cash and do not even use the medicare because it is cheaper for me our of pocket. So, Medicare is a disaster…..another government theft out of my money every month. (they are stealing $95 from me every month and I don't even use it). GIVE US BACK OUR FREEDOM OF PURCHASE, CHOICE AND MONEY. REPEAL THAT OBAMINABLE BEAST DICTATORIAL 2500 MONSTER.!!!!

    19. Sally Dawson, Abingd says:

      Thank you for your thorough report and the dedication you have to preserving freedom. Perhaps Obamacare will have a similar effect as Shay's Rebellion for bringing us together as one people for the necessary work of now supporting our constitution and seeing it upheld.

    20. Pat Briney Little Ro says:

      As I write this my family and I are making decisions re how to best to care and treat a family member with a very serious illness. Fortunately our health insurance and savings give us the financial wherewithal to allow us to make these decisions. Obamacare will deprive us of that freedom and the liberty to decide for ourselves how to manage our medical care or those of our loved ones who cannot make those decisions. Instead unaccountable, ignorant, and indifferent bureaucrats will dictate what kind of medical care, if any, we can have. That is tyranny. That is unacceptable to a free people. If King George had attempted to impose the eighteenth century version of Obamacare on our founding fathers Thomas Jefferson would have included it in the list of oppressive acts justifying the Declaration of Independence.

      Congress must act to repeal Obamacare.

    21. Johnson Lorin Morgan says:

      If Herry Reid will not let the Repeal Bill go to the senate floor, them they should stop all fed. money going to the state of NV. no One man should not have all the power to stop the wishes of the people of the USA

    22. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      Harry Reid's aim to keep the vote from occuring in the Senate, is a form of treason. He swore to uphold the Constitution, that document says he works fo the people and the people have spoken, We do not want this bill, which is contrary to the rights we are suppose to uphold. I have been reading several books and now reading Michille Malken's book. Both she and Mark Levin put the true numbers of the uninsured in their books, this does not include illegals and those who are covered by medicaid or children already covered by schiff, the percentage of uninsured is small and most can afford the premiums, just choose not to buy it.

    23. Mary Gilliam, Castle says:

      I have already called both US Senators from CO today and Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA – I own property in LA) to request that they insist that Sen. Reid bring the repeal vote to the floor of the Senate AND to vote for repeal themselves when it does come to the Senate floor.

    24. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      I choose Liberty.

      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    25. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      And so it begins; the reversal of the most intrusive and expensive goverment-scntioned scam in history.

      Repeal cannot happen too soon for me. Even if it is true that the repeal engine stalls in the house, at the very least it will send a message to the liberal spendthrifts that they are in jeopardy of forced retirement in 2012 if they continue to support this abominable law. Too bad the transplanted socialists in CA moved to NV and poisoned that state with another six years of Reid-whacker, but still had enough to elect Gov Moonbeam Brown AGAIN.


    26. Salverda says:

      Here are a few more questions to ask;

      What about the individual who doesn't need healthcare at the moment, and has saved up enough money to pay for any incidentals out of pocket?

      What if I don't want to pay for healthcare through a parasitic third party such as an insurance company or some government agency?

      Common sense would tell us that it is more expensive to pay for healthcare AND insurance than it is to pay only for the healthcare. The insurance itself is an unnecessary added cost that is being forced upon the people of the United States by the Obamacare bill. Forcing everyone to pay for their healthcare through some third party payer such as an insurance company costs everyone more, not less. Insurance is not free, and it is not a necessity. Insurance is a parasite on the doctor patient relationship, siphoning billions of dollars from, not only doctors and patients, but from even potential patients, and in fact, from everyone if we allow mandatory insurance to stand. The government wants to get it's hands on that healthcare insurance money. That is why the government is pushing so hard for insurance reform, it wants to "reform" health insurance into an arm of the government.

    27. Bill Brownfield says:

      Your best analysis and appraisal of needed immediate actions by Congress and we the people. Thank you.

    28. toledofan says:

      This entire healthcare bill is a debacle of unproportioned size. We already know what the expected costs will be, it's already over the estimates, and the negative extent it will have on our economy, what still is unknown are the unintended consequences and the additonal costs because of an aging population. It's just a reallty bad bill that should have never left Congress. It's becoming clear that there is a vast ideological gap between the minority left in America and everybody else; when you look at what the Democrats have done in places they have managed, it's like one disaster after another, consider, Detroit, Chicago, New York, etc. and now they are trying to do the same thing on the national level by spending us into obvilion. Repealing this bill is a great first step in reestablishing some sanity back into American politics.

    29. Linda Clapper, Lima, says:

      This is great news for the people of the U.S., especially the taxpayers.

      More is being done. Please read these 2 articles:

      http://biggovernment.com/rbluey/2011/01/20/conser… which the few true conservative GOPer's in Congress are even warning some Repubs in Congress to not pull any sneaky spending


      So glad we have at least a few who have listened to We the People in this last election!

    30. Yellowbird says:

      Obamacare is pure garbage. Once it has been trashed we have taken a major

      step toward saving our freedom and country. Congress shouuld not allow any further expenditure on this disaster and continue forward on steps to reform what we have.

    31. Robert W Thompson Al says:

      I agree that the power of the purse strings is the tool to use. Defund the entire health care bill. And, while you are at it, if your are really serious about fixing the economy, and if you elected representatives take your poistion seriously, then defund the entire EPA while you are at it.

    32. Walter Moore says:

      I've renewed my membership and am making The Heritage Foundatuon my main alternative source for address issues in natrional politics along with regular contact with members of the Senate and the House.

      To vote along party lines in one house of our legislature is not enough. Real conviction must arise in the heart of every dissenting legislator to fight fiercely for the repeal of ANY of Obama's abuse of his elected office, and do it rapidly. For while we proceed to "put the canary back in its cage," the cat is off seeking to destroy, by regulation and policy fiat, his next victim. There is only one overarching objective here – deconstruct our industrial system in all quarters, then turn our natural resources (and our populus) over to our enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is attempting to turn Capitalism into Fascism and lay waste to everything this country was founded upon.

      Repealing Obamacare is a forthright defense to protect our citizenry. But what will we do on offense? Obama appointed 432 new members to his adminstration over the Congressional Thanksgiving recess. The appointee's names were listed in single message format in the WSJ online. Who are these people, what were they hired to do? I've not heard anything from any service I subscribe to or cable news channel I watch. reporting this. That's 432 (possibly even more) recess appointments while Congresses back was turned, why? Obama's gearing up to fight us aggressively, what's our response?

      Thanks for allowing me to comment. Please apprise us all of your findings on the appointees mentioned above.

      Sincerely yours,

      Walt Moore

    33. RUTH WEDGEFIELD SC says:

      keep waking up America, the coffee is still brewing and the sun is still shining, lets continue to do what is best for all of America, not just part of America..I'm proud to be an American. God bless America!!!

    34. Kenneth Dalals says:

      How do you define bipartisan? Does three democrats and 100% of the republicans constitute bipartisan? Does 1 democrat allow you to call it bipartisan? What is your standard?

    35. cecelia says:

      More of a question regarding rule of law and exemptions/ waivers granted to special interest groups, why if the entire objective was to lower cost through mandated participation? Is this a valid application of the constitution? Does this not constitute a fatal flaw in the passage? Why is this area not examined in the public discourse and media presentations is it relevant or integral; will shedding more light on these and other areas of interest that are not so emotional but more pragmatic.I would like to see/read more about this and understand why from this respected foundation.

    36. Carole Vohs says:

      When congress cuts back on all of their perks and pay and retirement for the good of the country and respect for the taxpayer; I will believe there is a worthwhile change for the better in this country.

    37. Dr. Henry D. Sinopol says:

      Yesterday's vote was indeed an exercise in futility. It is also a continuing illusion being perpetrated on the American public and Heritage. Republicans and Democrats, regardless of political verbiage will never relinquish control of the health system. It is an endless financial money pit for government control. If, and this is a major "if", ever gets near a full repeal, Republicans and Democrats will move to modify it, but never relinguish control. If you want to see it change immediately, just demand all the Republican & Democratic elected officials forced into the system.

    38. Chroma41, California says:

      An important aspect of the ObamaCare repeal vote overlooked by most is seeing who is involved for, against, leading, following, has good ideas, etc.

      There are far too many "born again" conservatives who read the tea leaves but quickly forget their mandate. They, along with Obama, will need to be replaced in 2012 based on their actions or lack thereof.

    39. Kevin H, college par says:

      I thought creating jobs and growing the economy was what the Republicans were going to do with the Majority in the House. How about spending time on the economy and jobs instead of wasting all this floor and committe time on something that won't happen for at least two years (repealing health reform).

      Republicans' pollign numbers are already dropping fast – they promised to work on jobs and economy and now the American people want to see them work on jobs and economy – not spend more months dealing with health care. Defunding stands as small a chance of having impact as trying to repeal. You can only defund the discretionary provisions, which is about 10% of the entire bill. So the GOP will spend more months working on that only for nothing to happen. Kudos – I'm sure Democrat leadership is thanking you for turnign things around and making it much easier for them in 2012 to keep Senate and WH!!!

    40. David Watts, Solvang says:

      The news media, and the President have successfully conducted Climate Control with this issue. Hiding this issue behind articles on the Chinese dictators' visit and the "new civility" in politics after the Tuscon, AZ shooting has effectively removed this from any front page or website. On MSN, what Michelle Obama wore to the State Ball got as much space as the Health Care Repeal in the House. We must continue to fight this blackout of positive steps toward repealing this unconstitutional power grab.

    41. Peggy Venable, Texas says:

      Thank you for the excellent perspective, and gameplan. Are Interestate Compacts not another way to continue to work this issue? State legislators can use these to push back against the encroaching federal government, and to assert states rights. Even if they require the President's signature, as state legislatures pass these compacts, the issue remains in the news and citizens remain engaged. Public outcry must continue through 2012 and this needs to be the pivitol issue in the next election.

    42. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Ken – the problem is that Congress and the White House – especially Obama, have spent a ton of money and are now trying to find a way to pay for it. Even Kennedy noted that when the economy is bad increasing taxes is a bad idea. Finding clever ways to tax doesn't fix the spending problem. Like I said yesterday – Taxed Enough Already.

      The health care problem will never be resolved as long as there are legislators such as Levin, Stabenow, and Dingell who believe it is a "right." This is a dangerous path for government to take – defining "rights." Governments can then

      assign and decline "rights" at its whim and fancy.

      There is a heath care model that works – Small Animal Veterinary Medicine. Why? Because there is little if any government intervention. It is the free market place at its best. Pet owners make the decisions – not third party beaurocrats. The pet owners and veterinarian work together to determine what is best. While humane euthanasia is an option for animals with end-stage disease, humans have hospice. Putting people back in charge of their health care rather than "the government" is the best plan. Space doesn't permit my addressing all of the components to health care but I will get this published as soon as possible.

    43. Hermes Cohen Liberty says:

      This great article of course fits rightly Dr Feulner and an Honorable Institute like Heritage. FIRST BATTLE IS WON, many other must follow; like having the Bill on the Senate floor no matter how hard Harry Reid will work against it. I like this vigilance and this conscious proposition of insightful strategies, thanks to Heritage once more and to Dr Feulner (our meeting still waiting your avail). It is necessary to stress the need to clarify as much as possible this debate and to focus on a special point: convincing the reasonable and objective part of the Left that this Healthcare Bill is DIRECTED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, even though most of us (not all) cannot see how, why, or don't know where this come from. More intimate debates could clarify this point. Let us understand that a plethora of IRS agents going after people to reclaim poll-tax is not a good thing for the American People everybody claim to represent y compris the Left. This job must be done and the Initiative should come from US, the Conservatives.

    44. Mary of New York Cit says:

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for your terrific work in playing such an active and effective role in ending the nightmare of ObamaCare. We members will support your efforts for as long as it takes to rid our nation of this terrible scourge.

    45. Nancy, Georgia says:

      just don’t understand your complete hatred for President Obama. Is it because he’s an African American and you just can’t wrap yourselves around the fact that we have an African American President? What is it? No matter what he does you folks seem to find something wrong with it.

      Get over it. He is our President and he deserves some support. Not just your constant criticism.

      Tony Bunn

      Oh Tony,

      Just because we don't like Obama's policies, we're racists. You and those who beleive that guff have completely destroyed the word. Nobody even knows what it means anymore. Harry Reid is white and we don't like his policies. Nancy Pelois is white and we don't like her policies. Wake up, please! It isn't a racial thing.

      Tony, give him your support. God bless you. Do it. Those of us who don't like his policies will not support him. That is not racism that is freedom.

    46. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      "We've won the battle, not the war" let's continue on, each battle won brings us closer to winning the war.

    47. Larry, Utah says:

      While the senate debates the idea of repealing Obamacare, there needs to be a bipartisan committee working a good common sense healthcare package. Is that happening? Heallthcare needs to emphasize keeping people healthy and making individuals responsible for their own health. A good start would be to get the federal government out of the healthcare business completely. Larry

    48. LINDA ADAMS, SAGINAW says:

      Obama doesn't give a care about the will of the American People. If the bills does make it to his desk he will not sign it.

    49. Pingback: The Start of the OBAMACARE Debate – The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. « Snow Report Blog

    50. Ken Ferguson, Venita says:

      Thanks Linda-Lima OH. Good read, I will pass them on to people who care & those who don't know.

    51. Bobbie says:

      Listen to the lefty. "I thought creating jobs and growing the economy was what the Republicans were going to do with the Majority in the House."

      The majority has cleaned more mess of the intended democrat waste from their years of existence in less than three weeks they've been in office. We now have intelligence that prevents crisis instead of encouraging it. Be patient lefty. It's gonna take alot of time to clean up what democrats have ruined!

    52. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      What's Harry Reid afraid of? Probably losing a straight up-or-down vote on Obamacare that's what. Obamacare's going to cost more than it saves. Contrary to

      popular belief, Obamacare's going to cost more than it saves.

    53. migaluchi, IL says:

      well, ms pelosi indicated anyone who opposes this law are unamerican…so i suppose the next step is to allow ms napolatano to incorporate health care under her control…and track the dissenters…altho it appears our beloved dhs cannot track certain immigration visa holders…

      which then leads to the next logical but also aforementioned unamerican stance: why not let the american people decide via referendum? brrrrrrrr perish the thought.

    54. Judy says:

      I do not agree that once Obamacare is repealed that we need to begin to work on other healthcare solutions. As President Ronald Reagan said, every time the govt tries to get involved in healthcare it is a closer step to socialism.

      We need to move on to the bigger issues of defense and our congress need to get on to the task of cutting expenses, not their version of healthcare reform! Whether by Democrats or Republicans, we do not want them to continue to beat this dead, unwanted horse!

    55. Charles P. Racine says:

      I was under the impression that the federal government was there to abide by defend and protect the constitution, provide security, and was to lastly do the peoples bidding…………not there own! Why don't we start something new in Washington? Any lawl passed must equally apply to elected people and governent employees. Same medical insurance, same taxes, same retirement, can't draw your retirement until you qualify for Social Security………

      Ignorance of the law applies to all Americans. Not just those outside the beltway. Thanks

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    57. Lee, Indiana says:

      Ed, how so long ago the Democrats forget another Congress that held out but gave the United States a black eye.

      Remember when we had the North Vietnamese beaten into a treat. and a Democratic liberal, pansy a$$ed Congress would not fund the piece for piece, bullet for bullet, plane for plane promise so as to make them fear going broke fighting. But when the Congress shot the country in the foot we had a lost war, yes it was war.

      So now the Democrats will get a taste of defeat when its defunded and lost cause.

    58. randydutton says:

      Stall the implementation of ObamaCare until after 2012 when Republicans may have a veto proof majority. And if a conservative becomes president. then we're sure to pull the kudzu out by the roots.

    59. JM Manning says:

      Why do so many use the term 'democracy' in lieu of 'republic' since we are a republic and are ruled by a republican form of government and have been for over 200 years? Those that formed our government refused to form our government as a democracy for a very specific reason as I under stand history. We do not want mob rule as I understand it and how I was taught history… or am I wrong. I did hear that FDR and his progressive clan had the term 'republic' removed from all military documents in the 1930's, or am I wrong?

    60. Joyce Daniel Grants says:

      Having the newly elected represenitives, follow thru on one of the important promices they made is refreshing, Don' t let them fall for the "be nice" tricks of the old guard. Be guided by God and what is best for all of America.

      " A nation of sheep breeds a Government of wolves"


    61. Mike, Chicago says:

      Keep fighting. The democrats and obama want to destroy this country.

    62. Brent Crobak Long Is says:


      Do not insult the readers of Morning Bell by using the word debate. This is not about debate. The single payer health care initiative is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and immoral. It will put experienced physicians into early retirement, and pull the plug on medicare patients who will be expendable. State lawsuits are already in process and will prove irrevocably that Obamacare is an illegal OBOMINATION.

      please excuse the capitals.

    63. Brent Crobak Long Is says:

      The government health care mandate, is Unhealthy for all concerned.

    64. George Pajunen, Bett says:

      Bob, you are absolutely right in every respect. ABC says the biggiest lie of the year is that the new obama care law will private insurance plans. I guess they can't read either. It will kill the private insurance plans if enough companies dump there plans because of the cheap penalities the government will impose if they do so. It's time turn this ever growing government around. Time to tell our state and local governments to turn down these grants from the federal government. They just help spend more money we don't have in the bank. It's time to back those who have the guts to say we are broke enough and can't afford all these programs and government agencies that do nothing but add more misery to our lives. Time to push our government to allow drilling for anywhere and everywhere to get OPEC out of our pockets and keep billions of dollars at home. To enforce real free trade with equal tariff for all Chinese goods coming into the United States. Thanks Bob let's all keep the pressure on these guys in Congress.

    65. Linda, Louisiana says:

      Why have some been so dead set on an insurance program so near like Socialized Medicine when it is evident that it has not been successful in other countries. Medicare should be left alone, Medicaid should be left alone, and a program planned/established for those who have no access to health care.

    66. eugene reed, brookly says:

      obamacare is a rube goldberg. but then all of the government programs passed last century are. ssi,medicare,medicaid.medicare part d,no child left behind you name it and i'm sure that you'll find they are all in the red, they are all being gamed,they are all innefficient. our elected leaders have refused to come to grips on these matters because cutting these programs would be unpopular and cost them their seats in congress. they have been in place for so long now that they are ingrained in the american phsyche. we want to end obamacare but no one wants to tackle medicare or medicaid, the mindset of dc and the public have to be changed first, then you can proceed with real reform.

    67. Timothy Bair says:

      First step for the people, and our Republic, to once again push back against tyranny.

      One day later, not to be swayed, Obama appoints yet another tzar (corporate leftist and Iranian corporate collaborator, Jeffrey Immelt of GE) to circumvent the regulatory and fiscal authority of Congress.

      When will the Judiciary begin to understand that this gaggle of appointees to an all powerful and ever growing politburo is a threat to their branch also? Will he next rename the President's Cabinet as a "Central Committee"?

    68. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Outstanding dialogue, this is one of the reasons I love HF.

      In the finish, however, there is but one certainty:

      Things will not change for the ovrall betterment of our country until the overwhelming power of government, all of it everywhere, is wrest from the elititsts holding those powers. That task is up to "we the people" using what little power we have left – the ballot box.

      Governance has degraded from "Of the People For the People, By the People" into " Me first, you Second." Lest we forget, greedy selfish morons are in office having been placed there by us citizens. We are enabling these unscrupulous people that apparently think they are above the very laws they enact. They should be required to comply with all legislation and should be required to repeal 4 laws for every new one they attempt to enact. At a 4:1 ratio it shouldn't take over 1/2 a century to clear the ledger.

    69. Bob DeBiase says:

      A point that is not touched on that much in the debate is the fact that 20 to 30 million people that do not have health care , PROBABLY DO NOT WANT IT BECAUSE THEY ARE HEALTHY !. I have been blessed with good health for a long time and when I was younger , I did not have health insurance. When I went to get a physical , I paid for it in cash. The Liberals , like Hilary Clinton , Nancy Pelosi and a score of others claim that these people have no coverage, so they want to FORCE THEM to have coverage . That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as are other parts of the Bill that was pushed through Congress during Christmas .

      You at the Heritage Foundation got it right . Good article Ed Fuelner

    70. Bob Guagliardo says:

      I am waiting for the truth on Obamacare to be mentioned and have yet to hear it. Obamacare is modeled after the Massachsetts mandated plan. That plan requires all to buy insurance or enroll in the free care if you are financially challenged. The problem is, the only plans available are guarantee issue plans (can't be denied for pre existing conditions) which are the most expensive plans there are. They do not require underwriting, so, even the most healthy pay the same rates as those with preexisting conditions. Mass has taken all other plans off the table, therefore offering less choice, not more. Point two, Mass has also required all health providers ofering coverage in Mass to be Not for Profit company' opening the door for huge regulations or dictations on the company's.

      Finally, as a broker in Mass, I have seen my clients rates skyrocket in the past 5 years. While the state may have increqaased those covered by insuranc, the victims are the hard working tax payers who have huge increases in their premiums. These people have had to choose plans with much higher deductibles while still paying $1500 or more a month in premiums. Meanwhile, those recieving free care recieve "Cadillac Plans" with $10 co pays and no deductibles. This is outragous and should be mentioned in this debate. Why should a family have to pay huge premiums for a low level plan while others are not contributing a penny for the best palns available?

      Despite the mandate, that was sopposed to lower premiums, Massachusetts has the highest costs for health insurance in the country. Why would this info not be offered in the debate? We will see if it finally is. I leave taht up to you. For the record, there are far more issues than these, I just don't have the space in the email to list them, such as, the block on rate increases in 2010 by Gov Patrick. Wonder why, election year maybe?

      Why have I not heard these facts anywhere in the debate on Obamacare?

    71. Jerry Porter, Freder says:

      Shame, shame on Sen. Majority Leader Reed and Sen. Schumer for indicating there’s nothing wrong with Social Security when everyone in Congress knows otherwise. Sadly nothing remains in the Social Security “lock box” fund except stacks of worthless Congressional IOUs. Get the Congressional house in order beginning with Congress cutting their own pay substantially, passing a debt ceiling limit, eliminating un-Constitutional departments and agencies such as the Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency, et cetera. Boys and girls, there’ plenty of work ahead for real Men and real Women!

    72. Stephan Bentonville, says:

      I have a friend who had employeed 54 people when Obamacare had passed. His question to me was: which 5 people to fire? At 49 he could stay in business while his costs would drive him out of business if he had over 50. So this delima was identical to all employeers of 50 to 100 or so employees. Do they work desperately hard to try to pay the extra costs? or do they drop to below 50 employees? That is a hard decision to make in a family business where you know most of the employees personally. Good ridance if it goes away. because it is contributing substantially to the unemployment problem as well as the refusal to hire across the magical "50" line drawn in the sand by the obamacare bill.

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