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  • In The Green Room: Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Championing Conservatism in the 112th

    An outspoken conservative leader in the House, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appeared at The Heritage Foundation this morning to outline how to champion conservative values in the 112th Congress. Before today’s event, the Congressman sat down with us to talk about the repeal of Obamacare and the effort to wrangle federal spending under control.

    The new chair of the Republican Study Committee, Jordan has locked onto the federal government’s spending addiction and plans to work with his colleagues to tackle this persistent and critical problem. “The next six month will really all be about how we allocate and spend taxpayer money,” he explained, “We’ve got the continuing resolution, the budget fight, the debt ceiling issue, and then the 12 appropriations bills. It’s all about stopping the ridiculous spending.”

    Towards that goal, Jordan, along with Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) and Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) unveiled the Spending Reduction Act this afternoon which seeks to cut $2.5 trillion in federal spending. This plan follows a similarly ambitious plan from our own Brian Riedl which outlined $343 billion in spending cuts that Congress could make in the federal budget immediately.

    In the interview, Congressman Jordan emphasized his belief that the American people were ready to be treated as adults and have serious national conversations about the direction of our country:

    “In my time in public life, I’ve never seen the American people more ready, more receptive to the tough-love measures that need to be taken to put our country on the right path. The question is whether the politicians get it … and I think they do.”

    We here at The Heritage Foundation, along with Americans all across the country, will be watching closely over the next year to make sure they do.

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    10 Responses to In The Green Room: Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Championing Conservatism in the 112th

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    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Total Budget = $3.83 Trillion.

      Cuts are proposed to be $2.5 Trillion in non-defense discretionary spending.

      Does this mean the final budget will be $3.83T – $2.50T = $1.33T?

      Defense will not be cut.

      Defense budget is $930 Billion

      Let us take that out of the total budget then

      Remaining Budget = $2.90 Trillion

      Mandatory (non-discretionary) spending including Social Security MC/MC and Welfare will not be cut.

      Entitlement Mandatory spending is $2.1 Trillion

      So let us take that out of the total budget

      Remaining Budget = $800 billion (discretionary spending)

      Just one more thing, we need to pay about $230 billion in interest on the national debt – though we are charges almost double that.

      We need to take that out of the budget as well.

      Remaining discretionary spending budget = $570 Billion

      So how can you cut $2.5 trillion from $570 billion?

      Oh, reading closer I see that this is $2.5 trillion “Total” savings over 10 years.

      This means an average annual “savings” of $250 billion.

      This means that we are only cutting $250 from the budget (non-defense discretionary spending)

      This leaves a remaining budget of $320 Billion for non-defense discretionary spending.

      With this the Congress can successfully say that they reduced the size and cost of the federal government by 44%(*)! (* – non-defense discretionary budget items – of course)

      Therefore, in the end the final budget will be $3.58 Trillion

      Defense remains at $0.93 Trillion (26%)

      Mandatory remains at $2.1 Trillion (59%)

      Partial Annual Interest Payments remain at $0.23 Trillion (6%)

      The rest of government sinks to $0.32 Trillion (9%)

      Revenue has been steady at $2.55 Trillion for three years

      This is the frozen budget for the next five years.

      We will incur $1.03 Trillion each year – guaranteed.

      Thank you congress – NOT! It just looks like you do not get it.

    3. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Before we buy the 2008/2006 mantra, here are the numbers:


      Total Budget = $2.7 Trillion

      Mandatory = $1.518 Trillion

      Defense = $0.512 Trillion

      Discretionary = $0.459 Trillion

      Debt Interest = $0.211 Trillion (charged $0.406 Trillion)

      Extorted “revenue” = $2.2 Trillion

      Debt = $0.500 Trillion


      Total Budget = $2.9 Trillion

      Mandatory = $1.527 Trillion

      Defense = $0.626 Trillion

      Discretionary = $0.486 Trillion

      Debt Interest = $0.261 Trillion (charged $0.451 Trillion)

      Extorted “revenue” = $2.66 Trillion

      Debt = $0.240 Trillion

      GOP Proposed 2011 Budget (2006 % change):

      Total Budget = $3.58 Trillion ($2.7T +35%)

      Mandatory = $2.1 Trillion ($1.518T +38%)

      Defense = $0.930 Trillion ($0.512T +82%)

      Discretionary = $0.320 Trillion ($0.459T -31%)

      Debt Interest = $0.230 Trillion (charged $0.430 Trillion?)

      Extorted “revenue” = $2.55 Trillion (estimated)

      Debt = $1.030 Trillion

      Sounds good in a misleading report, but in reality we are not changing much!

    4. William Person says:

      I don't want to overstate the importance of the U.S. leading the way on fiscal responsibility, but considering the state of most western nations and their ideas of government responsibiliies, we do not need a spending diet, we need a fiscal lobotomy. I'm not sure even politicians in Congress have any idea of the immense task it will be to change the culture of spending to one of returning responsibility and spending to a level most closest to the citizenry. This was the intent of the Constitution. The question is, will our Congressmen and Senators ever allow the power of the dollar to return to the states and local governments?

      Regarding overstating this importance, the freedom of the world is at stake if you think about it. No other country, because of our entrepenuerial economy, has produced more for the good of the world. Lets hope that never stops.

    5. Patricia Anderson, O says:

      Praise God we now have more sensible and honest Representatives to do the hard thing. We the people are ready and standing with you! Our prayers go up to keep you strong and courageous in these hard times. Know for sure we are WITH you. Except for our military, cut it to the bone!

      Thank you so much for your stand to keep America Free!

    6. Spiritof76, NH says:

      I agree with the posting of William Person here.

      The role of the federal government according to our Founders and the Constitution is very limited and external. In that regard, we must chop the federal budget with a chain saw. When the debt ceiling comes up for vote, that is the time to squeeze the federal budget. I propose that for every dollar increase in debt ceiling there must be correspondingly mandatory dollar reduction in 2011 spending. If, for example, the Congress vote to raise the ceiling by $500B, it will automatically cut the federal budget by $500B. It can be across the board or selective, such as de-funding of EPA, FCC, Dept. of Energy, and across the board cut at other departments and agencies to make up the rest. In three years, we must demand that the federal budget be balanced. US miltary budget is no exception. Let us stop subsidizing European, Japanese and Korean defenses. Let us get out of the Mid-East. Let us follow the dictum of George Washington of staying away from any foreign war entanglement. If we are attacked, we must destroy the attacker and withdraw. Finally, we must cap the federal budget not to exceed 15% of GDP with $500B per year to pay down the debt, not just the interest.

      The Republican plan is on the right track but not deep enough to be meaningful. Our financial position is too dire for cosmetic surgery.

      We must stop the Fed. from printing any more money unless the value of the dollar is pegged to gold. The Fed. is proving Thomas Jefferson correct when he prophesized that a private bank allowed to print money would be worse than a standing army.

    7. Wes in cincy says:

      It sounds good to talk about cutting programs, etc. But when you cut programs you will be cutting jobs too. At what point will the public rebel over the additional loss of jobs? When you talk about reducing the size of government, you are talking about cutting jobs. We really don't know what the voters will tolerate in that area. Public opinion can turn on you pretty fast.

    8. Gabriel says:


      Did you know that over 65% of the current National Debt was added under conservative/republican leadership? Do you not care about our countries future?

    9. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      George, I love your stuff! The spending issue is always trivialized by Democrats! This is a matter of Liberty! See? You can't have Liberty without Capital! Government takes it all then you don't have Freedom, you can't do what you want with your own life! This is really a time to try mens' souls!

      What irks me most is how the Progressives always come into Power and do more damage than the next crew can undo! But it happens every time. This year it will be all about Health Care, but there isn't time to undo all the damage! Progressives go three steps forward and one step back, but we are all marching enexorably to slavery! Sure you can undo Obamacare! But I wish the United States Government would quit destroying the Sovereign Citizens' Capital! Can't you Republicans do that? We have already lost our freedom, our 'representatives' don't faithfully Represent! We have a vast Unconstitutional Shadow Government in the Obama Administration! Ask the Democrats "Did you know you were electing a third generation Communist?" It is clearly a high crime in plain sight!

    10. Vedana Freitas, Holl says:

      I am tired of the sound bites on TV, "not raising the debt ceiling will be economic disaster…"

      I don't buy it. There are people out there who feel the same. We are willing for a government shut down, with a guarantee to our debtors that we pay them first.

      Have courage, and hold the course!

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