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  • Countdown to Repeal: Doctor Is Already Feeling the Fateful Effects of Obamacare

    Dr. Martha Boone is no ordinary urologist. For more than a year she has led a grassroots campaign against Obamacare — and for good reason. Boone’s livelihood depends on it.

    As the House prepares to vote on repeal today, Boone is struggling with the consequences of the law. Just this week, for example, she learned the cost of health insurance for her five employees was increasing 27 percent. How will she cover the increase? It’s a question weighing on her mind.

    We traveled to Atlanta last year to speak to Boone about her concerns. (Read our report and watch our video.) Boone was in the process of moving to a less expensive office in an older building. The move helped her avoid laying off an employee, but it was just one of the sacrifices she made.

    Boone cut her own salary by 32 percent. Now she fears she will need to make more sacrifices to avoid more dire circumstances.

    She’s not alone. A group known as Docs4PatientCare, led by Dr. Hal Scherz, has brought together doctors across America to make the case for repealing Obamacare.

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    31 Responses to Countdown to Repeal: Doctor Is Already Feeling the Fateful Effects of Obamacare

    1. Pragmatic in Texas says:

      The most frightening part about all of this is the agenda of this administrations' suicidal full steam ahead with socialism. Ideology has rendered them blind deaf and dumb, even when the whole country (with an assist from the UK) is screaming that socialized medicine doesn't work.

      I can't help but think that it isn't idealism that drives this issue, but the pure unadulterated lust for power. After all, those in D.C. will never be affected by ObamaCare. They will always have doctors, and will always have their care compensated, or will be able to afford anything. The rest of us can just sink into the misery and despair of long waits and substandard care that will be left. The physicians that care (like Dr. Boone) will be long gone, and we will be stuck with government-minded physicians who could care less about the patient, but cares more about getting paid bi-weekly by Uncle Sam.

      • ctantiques says:

        The insurance companies have been telling doctors what they could charge for the past 20 years or more. It has gotten progressively worse, but it is insurance companies that have the people by the balls because without insurance a procedure that you get charged 85 dollars for ( when you have insurance even with a high deducible) you get charged $85.00 dollars for without. This my friends has nothing to do with Obamacare and evrything to do with the fact that there is little competition and no public health care system to offer the people a choice. More choice, lower rates…..

    2. David F. Murray, Bel says:

      Why would anyone want to be a doctor? The years and long hours of training. The cell phone that is never silent. Every decision has a life-or-death potential outcome. And some bureaucrat telling them that they get $40 for a 30 minute procedure. Look at your Explanation of Benefits to see how little that they are able to charge for their services. We can all be thankful that there are still people who are both able and willing to take on this responsibility. Now, let's get off of their back and let them enjoy some of the fruits of their labor.

    3. Martha, Chicago says:

      My 91 year old mom who is in relatively good health for her age see a specialist in gerantology. A routine 30min visit which I accompanied her on, was thorough, evaluating her physical, emotional, cognitive function. Discussed issues with my mom. This was reimbursed at $30 beccause she has a medigap policy.

      Who would do business for this level of reimbusement?? No plummer, electrician, home health nurse… We can't expect our physicians to "donate" most of their office hours to no, low or slow reimbusement.

      It is common sense that Obamacare in adding to this "model" of health care is not about saving money but about reducing/rationing our premier health care.

      This bill must be repealed. Then common sense and meaningful changes must be done. As for me unless there is tort reform any healthcare legislation being offered isn't real but fluff to bide time and get to the real agenda of a government expansion and take over of the healthcare of the US.

    4. William Person says:

      Clearly the prior Congress and Senate led her highness Ms. Pelosi and His highness Mr. Reid along with those who lobbied them feel their wisdonm was better for the country than free thinking individuals. How anyone can substitute their own thought for that of hundreds of millions of others who make decissions and take appropriate actions daily about thier lives boggles my mind.

      What ever happen to giving me responsibility for my own life???

      I try to teach my grandson he has to be responsible for his decissions and actions yet we have a government usurping our freedom to make decissions and learn responsibility daily.

      The next politician that comes out and says "the government can not do that for you, you are responsible" I am voting for!!

    5. Automicx,Waukesha,WI says:

      The plight of Dr.Martha Boone is clearly the fault of how people are squeezing the healthcare system for all it's worth.She stated her cost is $350.00 dollars an hour to lease her office.This isn't the normal rate for office leasing.Dr.Boone is obviouslty under financial duresss specifically because she is a doctor.When you involve insurance there is always someone trying to get paid for nothing.That's how insurance works- for every 100 people who pay in to the system only 1 or 2 get more out of it than they put in, or insurance companies wouldn't make any money. This system is broken and before we're all forced to participate in it we should overhaul the entire thing. Why is the government being the enforcers of the insurance companies?

    6. George says:

      We are already grappling with a $14 Trillion debt which has caused the virtual destruction of the private sector job market. The Democrats solution? To enact yet more freebie legislation to reward ne-er do wells with yet another trillion dollars worth of health care to be paid for by those of us still lucky enough to have a job (not me). It is apparent that the Democratic agenda is to destroy the economic engine that made America great. Look around you, shopping centers closing, unprecedented numbers of Americans out of work for three + years, millions of mexican illlegals who are still here and have taken many of those jobs with nary a word of condemnation from janet napolitano, et al., the housing market gone bust, govt does not allow interest to be paid on savings account so they can milk yet more wealth from the productive sector, etc.

    7. Ed Turk Independence says:

      A step to stop the growing federal government is to eliminate ALL of the new agencies(about 150) authorized by Obamacare.(you can add the 50 new agencies added by the Barney Frank and Dodd finance overhaul bill).

    8. Ed Turk Independence says:

      Revised comment: One big step to instantly stop the expanding federal government is to eliminate ALL of the new agencies(about 150) authorized by Obamacare.(you can furthermore eliminate the 50 new agencies added by the Barney Frank and Dodd finance overhaul bill).

    9. Richard Amerling, MD says:

      Well done, and unfortunately, so true!

    10. Ethan, NY says:

      """the cost of health insurance for her five employees was increasing 27 percent"""

      Where is it documented that the increase in her health insurance rates is directly attributable to PPACA?

      You suggest that she is "struggling with the consequences of the law" and that her rates are going up, and yet you offer not even a scintilla of evidence of causality.

      Care to elaborate? Or is it simply 'enough' to tar PPACA as "ObamaCare" and leave the rest to your readers' imaginations?

      I thought this blog was supposed to provide readers with "The Best in Public Policy Research," as is trumpeted in the top-right corner of this site. Let's see some of that research providing evidence to your claims. Thank you.

    11. Ace Sez Bishop, Cali says:

      Any republican or democrat that doesn't vote for repeal of Obamacare (in full)–their names will be in the 'cross hairs' as opposing the will of the majority of the USA citizens–any RINO that sides with Obamacare should face an immediate 'recall election' in their election territory. This President is not to be trusted in any way about anything–he is all about distroying the Constitutional Gov't

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    13. frantzdy romain says:

      Its very moving That she sacrificed and decided to move to an older to not to lay off an employee. We need more leaders like her. A lot kudos goes out to this doctor.

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    15. Ethan, NY says:

      As a follow-up, the idea that health care providers are losing jobs may be a good way to propagandize, but it falls flat on analysis of the facts. The facts indicate that health care is one of 3 industries to add a significant number of positions.

      The numbers are provided in this article, published today:

      -Health care hiring accelerates at end of 2010-

      """Numbers tracking job creation in the health care industry finished 2010 on a positive note.

      Health care added 35,700 jobs in December 2010, according to preliminary data released Jan. 7 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This included 3,300 positions in physician offices and 8,000 in hospitals.


      The annual totals for job creation in the health care industry are higher for 2010 than for 2009. About 1.1 million jobs were created in the economy during the past year, with 265,800 in health care. Health care added 215,300 jobs in 2009.

      Hospitals added 50,100 jobs in 2010, compared with 25,700 in 2009. Annual numbers for physician offices, however, were softer. About 28,700 jobs were added to physician offices in 2010, but 44,000 were created in 2009."""

      Additionally, the "softening" of hiring — not job losses, mind you, but a softening in hiring — is primarily linked to uncertainty around SGR rather than impact of the PPACA (health reform law).

      """Job creation may be more muted in physician offices because of Medicare reimbursement uncertainty during the past year.


      "The job trends in physician offices have to do with the clinical integration that is going on right now, but we continue to be very bullish on health care hiring over the medium term.""""

      All of these quotations are taken from this article:

      Interested in any Foundry or Heritage Foundation replies to this data.

      Interested in any commenters' replies, however, please do not attack me for having a difference of opinion and please be mindful of the note below the comment box with regard to being "appropriately informed" and not in making "personal attacks."

      Thank you.

    16. Peg Fisk Port Cheste says:

      Just a thought (and certainly not a novel one): Why, if the Health Care Bill is so wonderful, does the US Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Supreme Court have a much better plan? Are the American people worth less than say, Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi? The selling of this bill reminds me of the guy who drives a Lexus trying to sell Kias.

    17. Bobbie says:

      The only ones I see supporting this ugly plan, are those behind the government agenda and those the government convinced can't do it for themselves.

      Do not fall for the LYING CRIES in government claiming the people want this. THEY'RE BLATANT LIARS! WE DO NOT WANT GOVERNMENT INFILTRATED INTO OUR HEALTH!

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    19. Ethan, NY says:

      I guess nobody is interested in responding to my comments. That's a shame.

    20. Ruth says:

      Ethan, my husband has been a doctor for forty three years and if he knew of any other way to make a living, he would do so so quickly, it would make you dizzy. If you are so naive to believe that our government truly cares about your future, than I have to think that you are very young and unfamiliar with how politics works and how those in power are more than happy to control your life for you because it gives them the power high that they need. You speak of being informed. Have you personally read the Obamacare bill? If you had, you must be thrilled to know that the Federal government has said that it can go into your personal bank account and draw out the money needed for insurance. Why not sit in on a doctors convention and really learn how your life will be affected.You are so uninformed that I wonder why I am wasting my time trying to enlighten you. I am 68 and shouldn't have to force feed someone who wants to make an intellectual impression merely to satisfy their own ego but it certainly explains why you are influenced by those in power.

    21. Kathy, IN says:

      That's strange, around here people, including nurses are being layed off, hours cut etc.

    22. Dr. Boone says:

      I find "Ethan's numbers" fascinating. Unfortunately, he is not sitting in my office when I can't find a gynecologist to see a Medicare patient.He is not watching the many times that a patient has to be sent to the Emergency room ,for routine matters,because a physician appointment can't be found. He has these very interesting "numbers". But, I am living this nightmare, every day. I have real live human beings deeply affected by what is happening.

      Atlanta is a wealthy city with great medical care and I am here to tell you, we are suffering for doctors to cover many areas for the medicare population.

      I really wish that Ethan could see the eyes of a 75 year old when you tell them that "your doctor won't see you anymore."

      All the "studies" in the world will not convince me that my profession is not being destroyed. Most doctors offices are small businesses. We can't continue to see our cost of business go up and up and our reimbursment go down and down.

      I know 18 doctors who have quit in the last 18 months , who were NOT retirement age. I know 2 medical students who quit school for fear of not being able to make a salary appropriate for their educational expenditures.

      Ethan , I wonder if your numbers are missing the point.

      I had a health issue in November and needed an internist. I could not get a routine appointment until FEBRUARY. I had to pay a "concierge" doctor $1500 to get an appointment that week. It was the best money that I spent all year. BUT, most people cannot do that. What happens to them? They go to the very costly ER.

      Access problems are real and they are here now.We already have a "two tiered" system.

      The baby boomers are becoming of age to need doctors. They are a huge part of the population. Where will they go , when the doctors can't "afford" to accept the pitiful reimbursement that Medicare offers??

      This is a very complex set of problems. But, one thing is for sure. The healthcare bill DID NOT improve the healthcare scenario for anyone that I know. .

    23. Spiritof76, NH says:

      Health insurance is heavily distorted by the government through mandates including that those with pre-existing conditions can not be turned down. That is not insurance but a form of welfare payment through the insuranc company. I am not saying it because I want to see people with pre-existing conditions suffer. But, let us not call it insurance.

      Third party payment system will not and can not work. The user of the service must pay the provider directly. That is where the cost is controlled. The government may enable the user to make those payments but it can not substitute itself as a parent to pay or to order the medical care provider around. We have food stamp for those that can not afford to buy food but we don't have a food insurance.

      Until we get rid of the third party payments, government mandates, forcing medical providers to work for less through Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, the system will fail. The UK government has announced that it will be privatizing the national health care because it is not affordable. Medical care quality is also poor when you compare cancer survival rates among the major industrialized.countries.

      Can somebody explain how you can insure 30 million more to expand the entitlement program with no adverse cost or quality of care effect? Common sense alone should tell you that such a feat is not possible.

    24. Todd, OR says:

      In reply to Ethan, NY:

      I am sure that no matter how much damage Obamacare is about to do to us, the graying of the massive baby boom generation is growing the need for health care provision in this country.

      I am also curious if the "job creation in the health care industry" includes the those who push insurance paperwork back and forth (from both the doctor's and the insurance provider's perspective), those who are employed in the legal profession to exploit PPCA or to provide protection from the same, those who are employed to lobby over the implementation of it, and any number of other jobs that have nothing to do with actually providing care.

    25. Bobbie says:

      Ethan, it's unconstitutional for government to infiltrate their policies regarding our personal health.

    26. Mike, Chesterfield M says:

      @ Ethan,

      You cite the AMA, a group that was totally in the tank for PPACA. Of course they would be since people are required to pay more for healthcare under Obamacare than before. By raising taxes on every person and business in America to transfer wealth to hospitals you can make medical lobbyists very happy. By requiring insurance companies to pay at least 80 cents on the dollar to claims by healthcare providers instead of investments for the future, more $$ is going to them.

      The point you miss is that the hand that giveth also taketh away. At the same time as Obamacare forces more individuals to buy private insurance at exponentially increasing prices (mine went up almost 30% this year) and cutting medicare reimbursements at the same time the law transfers the wealth of individuals and states to medical providers while the federal government plans to spend less.

      As to the correlation between this year's unusually high increases and the law, nobody with a brain sees the it differently, even the administration. People get more benefits under the bill even if they dont want them. I have no kids age 21 – 25, but I am paying for everyone else's kids age 21 – 25 to have health insurance. I have no preexisting conditions but I am paying for everyone else's. This will only get worse as HHS is permitted to mandate coverages we all buy and forbids people having to pay for their actual health risk the way people pay for their actual auto risk, life risk and homeowner risk.

      So why isn't every doctor happy? Because the additional patients come with a lot more government intrusion and regulation. They want to be able to use their judgement to treat patients and will not be permitted to do so.

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    29. Red Stendel Zip 6006 says:

      An artery operation for a balloon procedure above my knee, cost $50,000 (30,000 too much) and the one month ultrasound checkup by a nurse cost $1000. Doctors are crying poormouth, but they don't say how much they are making

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