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  • Morning Bell: Dragon Week

    Chinese President Hu Jintao is set to arrive in Washington, D.C., today, the first leg of a four-day trip to the United States that includes a lavish black-tie White House state dinner tomorrow night. The full “state visit” treatment that Hu will receive, including a joint reviewing of U.S. troops, is being used by the People’s Republic of China to cap Hu’s career as the PRC transitions power to Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang. Beijing is hoping that this trip can celebrate Hu’s career while avoiding any real substantive issues.

    For the United States, however, this outcome would be a major mistake. The U.S. has a long list of concerns about Chinese policies that reflect fundamental conflicts of interest between our two countries. Given Beijing’s interest in a smooth and uneventful visit, President Obama should press Hu on several key issues. Specifically, President Obama should seek public commitments to better policies on the economic role of the state, freedom of navigation in the western Pacific, and nuclear proliferation.

    And while the public’s attention is briefly focused on China, it is also imperative for Americans to recognize that the PRC leadership has an increasingly capable military at its disposal. That is why The Heritage Foundation is producing “Dragon Week,” a week-long series of research products dedicated to understanding our security relationship with China. Each post will highlight a domain of conflict where the Chinese are advancing while the U.S. is complacent or even retrenching. The four domains are:

    1. Space: In 2010, China launched a record 15 satellites, the first time since the Cold War that any state has matched the rate of American launches in a year. The Chinese Beidou navigation satellite system, a rival to the American GPS system, is steadily outpacing Europe’s moribund Galileo program. Americans must recognize that not only will the U.S. and China interact on Earth; they will increasingly do so in the heavens.

    2. Air: The debut of China’s J-20 last week showed that the Chinese stealth fighter program is further along than was generally recognized. While the U.S. debates whether or not to sell F-16s to Taiwan, it is now clear that China’s air force is rapidly modernizing beyond that level. Meanwhile, we have stopped building the F-22 and have cut the F-35 program.

    3. Sea: The Chinese navy has built an impressive submarine fleet. The new Jin-class ballistic-missile submarines can carry the JL-2 ICBM, enhancing the survivability and deterrence of China’s nuclear forces. Meanwhile, the continued development of anti-ship ballistic missiles raises the stakes of deploying aircraft carriers in the region.

    4. Cyber: In 2003, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) announced the creation of “information warfare units.” In 2004, the PLA noted that its priority would be fighting and winning Local Wars Under Informationalized Conditions, and that information was the keystone to future wars. All of this suggests that, from China’s view, a global conflict is already underway—in the virtual world of cyberspace.

    Exaggerating Chinese prowess encourages bad U.S. policy. The first step toward a coherent strategy with respect to the PRC is a better understanding of their true capabilities.

    Quick Hits:

    • Fearing violation of U.S. securities laws, Goldman Sachs will offer shares in Facebook, Inc., to only foreign investors.
    • Even as conservatives attempt to repeal it, K Street lobbyists have dubbed Obamacare “The Regulatory Lawyer Employment Act.”
    • Despite promising that working in his Administration would not be “serving your former employer, your future employer or your bank account,” the Obama Administration has become a revolving door between lobbying firms and Wall Street.
    • The House Rules Committee is marking up a bill called: “To Reduce Spending Through a Transition to Non-Security Spending at Fiscal Year 2008 Levels.”
    • Because colleges do not make academics a priority, nearly half of the nation’s undergraduates show almost no gains in learning in their first two years of college.
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    33 Responses to Morning Bell: Dragon Week

    1. Charles LABounty Mer says:

      How wonderful!

      A communist review of U.S. Troops. Is this a first?

      How about we exchange Flags too.

    2. Sunny, Boyne City, M says:

      Though weak at times, China has a long history of being imperialist and colonialist. Also, socialist nations are by nature very nationalistic. Traditionally, they take a territory militarily, move in colonizers, and try to keep them there. Sometimes it works, or not. Lots of luck to the locals.

    3. Jon, Tampa, FL says:

      I got a laugh from your comment "President Obama should press Hu!" That is a scream! Obama will do what he always does; use this as a photo op and a chance to bore us with another speech about how good he is, then sell the US out just like Bill Clinton did (giving them missile and stealth technology).

      The MSM tells us how much the world loves Obama, yet he couldn't even get the Olympics at the height of his popularity. Leaders may like him, but no world leaders respect him. Obama probably prepared for this visit by practicing his bowing technique.

    4. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama will probably kow tow to this wiley communist. He is no match for him. Besides, Obama has never put America first in any international dealings.

    5. Johnson Choi, Honolu says:

      You seems to follow Lou Dodds and most of the mainstream media's confrontational attitude. That may be one of the reasons why the Europeans are doing so much betters than us in Asia. Europeans seems to have a better understanding of Asian cultures.

      But since 95% of the American has never been to Asia. Most will treat information by mainstream medias as facts and not fictions. Which is sad as it promote more misunderstandings among people and nations.

      I do agree negative news always sell more columns and newspapers. But when the same information come from the Heritage Foundation, I am a little surprise, or should I not?

    6. Sandy, UT says:

      More wasteful spending with all the POMP and FRILL of a 'state dinner' while the common taxpayer footing the bill for all this is loosing his home, job and paying exhorbitant prices at the pump because OBAMA and his stop the drilling moratoruim. It's Chinese for pete sakes….order in like the rest of us or let Chinese Pres HU foot the bill on this. China has all our money anyway. Have about giving some back.

    7. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      1-17-11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      Today the WSJ has an Op-Ed piece by Obama.

      Good for them.To see MY highlighted version – Go to –

      The Header in the Paper was –

      Toward a 21st-Century Regulatory System

      If the FDA deems saccharin safe enough for coffee, then the EPA should not treat it as hazardous waste.

      But they LEFT OUT –

      "The EPA wisely eliminated this rule last month."

      Wonder WHY?


    8. Judith in Michigan says:

      The current administration is already aware of China's capabilities and has known from day one. But one must be cognizant of the goals here by those in power in Washington. It is the degredation and weakening of America, both in the international arena, and also here at home. We need to be taken down a peg or two, if you will. This administration is continuing to push policies that reflect this and have even admitted on occasion that the world's problems are America's fault.

      America will continue to fall while China is promoted to the head of the class. I, for one, will not accept this, and with the 2012 elections just around the corner, will actively promote politicians who still believe in the greatness of The United States.

      The world community doesn't realize the castrophe facing them that will happen if we are allowed to be overshadowed by a Communist nation. Let's hope we can prevent this from happening.

    9. Walter Bowen, Mount says:

      About Item number 4 in todays Morning Bell, January 18,2011.

      I have been wondering about Fox News ever since I found out it is owned however much by the Chinese.

    10. Mike C, Greenville S says:

      The first link above goes to an article in "The Guardian" with a picture of two American flags and a Chinese flag on a lamp post supposedly outside the White House. The Chinese flag is being displayed at a height higher than the American flags. If this is in fact the case, its a clear violation of US Flag Code:

      "When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace."

      The current administration is dedicated to the denigration of our country, and lowering our status as an international power. I cannot wait until 2012 and the opportunity to vote Obama out of office.

    11. Wake up America our government is Leading us into financial failure and a weak military. Our future is bleak unless we stand up for a Government of the people,by the people and for the people.

    12. Kandi, Maine says:

      Not enough people are talking about Hu Jintao's career.

      He was in charge in Tibet and oversaw and ordered the torture and murder of many people. He is continuing the same policies as Premier of China.

      He should not be honored with a State dinner.

    13. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Glenn Beck had a trader and a professor on his show last Friday and the trader's advice was to learn Mandarin Chinese. Better get Rosetta Stone language software. :)

    14. toledofan says:

      Some really good points, and, again, it'll fall on deaf ears; Obama and his Administration have no intention of pushing the Chinese on anything and for that matter nobody else either. We're being forced, because of the lefrs ideology, to sit on the sidelines and watch Americas greatness be diminished. Who would ever think that we would allow the yuan to replace the dollar as the world currency or allow an unemployment rate, in America, of over 10% to continue for two years and still do so little to try and make it better. All this wasted TARP money and we still had over 1 million home foreclosures. If we can't even manage our own backyard, how in the heck are we going to manage others?

    15. john arizona says:

      Does anyone get the sense that the POTUS is well out of his element in dealing with China or any foreign country? No doubt he'll treat them like a good community organizer would – dinner, a little entertainment and a group hug, then expect miracles, because he is such a nice man, and has a pretty smile.

    16. Marianne Pearce, Hun says:

      I would like to see China have to answer for it's Human rights record. I especially am concerned for Gao Z. a Human rights lawyer who has completely dissapeared. He has been held over two years and treated badly. they should let his family know where he is and free him immediately. I want China to answer for the many many prisoners that they have locked up because of their beliefs. And to think we are in debt to them. MP

    17. Robert says:

      We should consider selling California to China; with the requisite that they keep the people there (we cannot afford to have them moving to states with decent peoples and skewing the voting to the left to the left). China needs more turf for expansion. We should be able to get enough cash to payoff California's bonds and reduce the US deficit to nil. On the downside, we lose a couple of naval bases; on the upside, we lose Hollywood and their vulgarians.

    18. Scott Carver says:

      This idiot in the Oval Office is so deep in China's pockets that he'll never press them on any substanative issues. The best we can hope for right now is that the Conservative held House can keep him from doing any more damage until we can replace him in 2012. We need to keep the pressure on our Represenatives to defund, or refuse to introduce, any legislature that will further indebt us to foreign powers. And we need to start working on legislation to fix our economic system to encourage and reward companies that start-up or return industries to U.S. Soil and who hire U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants, while at the same time removing incentives and subsidies to companies who take thier businesses overseas. We need to invest in America, no in the world. Because, without a strong America, the world is screwed anyway.

    19. RME KRNL, Northern V says:

      There is a lot the Obama Administration does that I don't understand or agree with, and this visit is just another example.

      What tactical, much less strategic, advantage do we gain by giving the full state visit treatment to Hu, who just days ago was bashing us and our currency and whose country is so abysmal about human rights and who already thinks they "own" us because they hold our debt?

      They need to be constantly reminded that our economic ties are mutually dependent and that, while they hold our debt, we are their primary market. If we started embargoing Chinese products, or levying substantial import tariffs on them, China's economy would begin to collapse, as it is already more fragile than they like to admit.

      And why are we giving such a big reception to the PRC leader who is on his way out of power anyway? I think, instead, we need to start getting tough with China and calling them out on everything from human rights abuses to cyber interference to disregard of intellectual property rights to currency manipulation, and the list goes on and on.

    20. F.D. O'Toole, N says:

      So, let's see what this visit accomplishes for the Chinese. America is still a world power and is looked to by the oppressed for support. By sending the outgoing premier to be feted, China sends a signal to the opposition that there is no help coming from the leading democracy. The visit and red carpet treatment tends to legitimizes any actions Hu may have taken in abetting the oppression of Tibet and dissident Chinese. And, the US taxpayer picks up the check. Shrewd!

      Maybe our State Department considers this another "Reset button" occasion.

    21. randydutton says:

      China also leads in resource development. 20 years ago they recognized rare earth elements (REE) would be the key to high tech manufacturing. They are using their 97% monopoly to force production to China. MADE IN CHINA will be the rule rather than the exception.

      Problem areas: China may be on top now, but they have a HUGE problem looming. Their population is aging, and the 1 child policy has created a disproportionate of old to young. Further, the policy has encouraged females to be aborted in favor of males. This has created an imbalance of gender that leaves tens of millions of men without prospective mates. Either China has to export its male labor, change its policies, or create a war with the expectation of a major loss of male soldiers. Or perhaps they'll just encourage 'gender confusion'.

    22. John S. Bond, D.M.D. says:

      Points all well taken. It would appear to require more than the not so substantive bow.

    23. Greg. Soledad Ca says:

      why is the least experienced man in the room Obama exposing himself to this Chicom. for any reason

    24. Jim-Colorado says:

      I was told several years by a friend of mine who was in a high security position that their number fear in future years was Communist China. Our dumping of steel and continuing business ties with them bothers me. I hope that our President asks their leader some tough questions and demands honest answers to them.

    25. Henry,Illinois(Calif says:

      Jon,Tampa Florida.

      Brilliant summation as to what this community organizer, that occupies the White House is ONLY capable of.State dinner for Hu that is a disgrace as to what America is all about.

    26. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      And where did the Chinese get the technology to develop their weapons systems? Right here in Ann Arbor – the good old University of Michigan. We have a multitude of chinese grad students in the engineering school compliments of Mary Sue Coleman. If you want to learn more contact Professor Kaufman in Ann Arbor – he has insight into the problem and welcomes discussion in this matter. It is a matter of national security.

    27. Michael W. Morgan says:

      Big mistake. We should remember they are still our enimies in spite of the left leanings of the current administration and all of its left wing and outright communist appointees. The American people apparently are ready to secumb to the heroin of the masses. The welfare state. Our children have been educated by the mid-sixties love children that were infatuated with communism and they have become the teachers and professors that are now indoctrinating our citizens in the Marxist plans instead of the revolutionaries of the American Revolution. Instead of Marx and Lennin our schools should be teaching American History, Christian Values, and American values. Our Republis has been the best system for the greatest number of people and has provided more freedom and more prosperity to this country and to the world than any country, ever. To allow ourselves to be subjugated by these radical left wing communists is a sin.


    28. Alfred Doyle-Pennsyl says:

      Stop spending $100 billion-plus yearly on welfare, health care, schooling, for diversity lottery winners, refugees and asylees(now up to 150-200,000/year), illegal immigrants, family preference quota entrants, so we will have money for the most effective weapons systems. We want good relations with China, but from a position of strength and respect.

    29. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      Push Hu? mr. obama push HU ??? What are you guys smoking? The opening picture on the Drudge Report this morning graphically displays how hard obama is pushing Hu. Now we are to understand that Emperor Hu has been grossly insulted by the shenanigans of mr. obama at their intitial meeting: The picture clearly shows obama bowing not quite as low as he normally does to our enemies. Therefore, Hu is incensed and may not play as nice with the 'progressives' as mr. obama was hoping. If America had an administratioin, I would be totally disgusted with it.

    30. Pingback: » Morning Bell: Dragon Week | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News. MySquawk

    31. Yellowbird says:

      As America's gem for a leader, demonstrates to Hu his great skills for spending,

      I was wondering if the Chinese leader has ever met someone so economically illiterate?.

    32. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      China is our #1 debt holder with Japan and the UK not far behind. What do you think Obama and the Chinese emperor are discussing? The real issue is our currency battle. The U.S. accuses China of manipulating its currency in order to sell its goods. The U.S. manipulates its currency in order to sell its goods. Under the circumstances, who do you think is holding trump? China can and will dictate what will and what will not happen. Keeping China appeased is Obama's mandate because if he doesn't bring home the bacon and the Chinese begin to shun the purchasing of our enormous debt (which, by the way, they are beginning to do), we default and they call in their markers. The Obama machine has to be defeated in 2012 or the U.S. loses its sovereignty.

    33. Van Peski, Deming, N says:

      Does President Hu Jintao's visit signify a reversal or a reoccurring addendum to what has previously been described by Edward Timperlake, and William Triplett in their book, " Year of the Rat "? I suspect the latter.

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