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  • Economic Freedom: America vs. China

    According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 47% of Americans incorrectly see China as the world’s leading economic power. Only 31% of Americans get it right and name the United States.

    This study reveals some interesting realities about Americans’ perceptions of China. Another important fact that Americans might not know is that the United States far outranks China in measures of economic freedom. According to the 2011 Index of Economic Freedom, which ranks 179 countries on economic freedom, China comes in 135th. In fact, its score of 52.0 puts the country into the category of “Mostly Unfree.”

    Although it is true that the United States has fallen in the rankings this year due to reckless government spending and increased regulatory burdens, Americans are fed up with such violations of our freedoms. Last November the American people indicated at the polls that they want elected officials who will limit government and preserve the liberties that our Founders envisioned and that make the United States an exceptional nation.

    Economic freedom is the fundamental right of every human to control his or her own labor and property.  Take a look at the chart below to see just how far behind China is.

    To learn more or to create and share your own chart comparing countries’ scores on the Index, visit heritage.org/Index.

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    11 Responses to Economic Freedom: America vs. China

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    3. Bobbie says:

      What worth is economic freedom when government has laid heavy burdens on it?

      I pray the new congress will implement common sense immediately for the growth of economic freedom.

    4. Zhuubaajie, Hong Kon says:

      Yes, exceptional indeed. The top elites have the absolute freedom and access to unlimited funds, as evidenced by the $3.3 Trillion thrown at the banksters after the 2008 debacle (Bloomberg actually tallied the total programs at $12.8 Trillion). Never in human history had there been corruption in such scale.

    5. Carol, Woodinville, says:


      this news about the United States of America, that is, striving for Economic Freedom, which I personally do not think it will achieve during Obama's administration is great, and as long as we remember that freedom is a God-given right for all…, and China's lack of economic freedom is because, flat-out, China is a Communist country. Remember ?

      And, they, as Communists, do not allow their people the freedom to vote, or gain money on their own, and I'm sure are still doing the 'whisper tattle-telling' to government snoops to keep them 'in-line' in life. The put on these big shows of 'holiday' and 'wealth' to show the world that 'all is right in Communist country' China. But, economically and personally in their people's lives, is it really ?

      They have the highest number of orphanages, I believe. That is one of the really big ways to show their economic state.

      Why is the United States companies sending their business to a Communist country, anyway ?

      America has never courted Communism during past years, ie Russia, Cuba, Libya, North Korea,. etc., like Hitler… and yet, they are doing business with China ?

      Weren't we taught growing up that unless a country is non-communististic, we just don't deal with them, because they are 'not trustworthy'. So, why is it okay in the 21st Century to 'court them' and 'pat them on the back' for them being a big fat Communist country, keeping their people in a socially downgraded way ?

      Am I the only one having a hard time trying to figure this one out, why we are bringing ourselves down financially by doing business in and with a Communist country now ?

      It is bringing our country down financially.

    6. Jim, CT says:

      The most free markets are those with no government regulations or taxes of any kind – the black markets. I wonder if China's black market is larger than the US? My impression is that the Chinese black market is mostly in real, productive goods like cell phones and clothing while the US black market is mostly drugs and prostitution.

      America was founded by tax cheats, smugglers, and general scofflaws. Unfortunately, that same spirit did not hold when switching from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution. To some extent, the people still believed in free markets even when the politicians abandoned the idea, hence, the Whiskey Rebellion. But these days most Americans seem to frown upon dodging taxes and buying pirated goods. My impression is that increasingly large numbers of Chinese are embracing true free markets. The pendulum is swinging in their favor, even if they don't yet have an absolute advantage.

    7. Donald J. Cole - Cyp says:

      I am not surprised to see the poll results that indicate a higher percentage of Americans perceive China to be a greater economic power than the United States. That so many of our fellow Americans hold such a view is, I believe, an indication of the failure of the government and the "so-called" mainstream media to truthfully report the whole story to the Nation of where we actually stand in the world . . . as an economic power, a military power, a provider of assistance (money, food, a wide array of goods and materials), all of which tell the real story; the true story of America.

      We are the greatest Nation on the earth. If that ever ceases to be true, it will signal the beginning of the death of the earth. There simply is no other nation to step in and fill the void if America fails and crumbles. It is not a simple issue of economics; dollars and cents; but rather a very complex and stratified mass of issues that demand core values, principles and morals that, though in somewhat short supply in our present government, no other nation on earth can pretend to match. The absolute fact is that God rules the world. I am a firm believer that good always triumphs over evil . . . in God's own time.

      As for China, the great pretender of a nation, a nation of slaves to the state, with no reasonable hope of a life of the freedoms we enjoy in America. I would point you back to a look at Japan, Circa 1941. The Japanese had grand designs to rule the world, but made the fatal mistake of putting America and Americans to the test that resulted in Japan's own humiliation and defeat with good triimphing over evil. It is worth noting that history always repeats itself.

      One final comment regarding China. It is long past time to establish duties or tariffs on imported goods from not only China, but every nation we trade with in this age when we constantly hear the words "Free Trade" babbled about, when, in fact, we do not engage in free trade, but face unfair trade restrictions from most of the nations we trade with. The way we conduct foreign trade is nothing else but masochistic in my humble view.

    8. Lee Cutforth; Lethbr says:

      Is it not a telling sign that of the six top countries on the freedom index, five were former British colonies? A sign, perhaps of the heritage of freedom left by the British Empire, and how that freedom leads to true prosperity.

    9. Spiritof76, NH says:

      The economic freedom touted in the US is a historical factor not relevant today. The country is in debt equal to 100% of GDP- $14T and no end in sight. The country's monetary policies have been destructive and will end the US dollar as the reserve currency. China holds more than $1T of our debt. You cannot start a business today in the US in so many areas from energy to manufacturing without the suffocating rules, restrictions and red tape that capital is fleeing elsewhere. The education system at the secondary level has decayed to the point that the US 15-year olds finish at the bottom in international assessment. Medical care is under assault from the government that prefers rationing than free market. This study reminds me of what the education establishment quotes about the greatness of our schools in spite of poor performance there-complete spin.

    10. O_Henry says:

      Dear Carol, Woodinville, WA,

      You are indeed correct. However, you and I were both born in the "last millennium" and therefore, are "old" in our thinking to many of the present 18 – 35 generation. There is hope for them because of two basic realities: 1st) the shared experiences of communism are self evident i.e. poverty, misery, fealty, etc. and 2nd) "old" people like you and me will continue to direct these "youngsters" to these realities and any of the "youngsters" who are not atrophied in their thinking and are truly works-in-progress will appreciate the effort made to demonstrate the differences between free and communist societies. Please don't get discouraged, keep up the good work and remind all of the "youngsters" that you meet.

    11. harriet hamhocker says:

      Why dont you list the other countries? Or would that be embarrasing?

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