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  • Half of All States Now Suing to Stop Obamacare

    If it is allowed to be implemented, Obamacare will eventually do deep and irreparable harm to our nation’s budget deficit. But while Obamacare is more of a long-term threat to fiscal health at the federal level, it is a  clear and present danger to the states. Of the 34 million Americans who gain health insurance through Obamacare, over half (18 million) will receive it through Medicaid.

    While Obamacare will pay for all of the benefit expansion for the first three years of the law, and 90% of it after that, Obamacare never pays for any of the state administrative costs for adding those 18 million Americans to their welfare rolls. That amounts to billions in unfunded federal mandates for states to absorb. That is why 33 Republican governors signed a letter to the White House and Congress making an emphatic appeal that Obamacare’s Medicaid provisions be repealed.

    It is also why the newly elected governors of Ohio, Oklahoma, Maine, and Wisconsin have all decided to sue the Obama administration in hopes of stopping Obamacare. Specifically, Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma has announced that the Sooner State will pursue its own case against the law, while Govs. John Kasich (R) and Scott Walker (R) (of Ohio and Wisconsin respectively) will add their states to Florida’s multi-state suit. And yesterday, newly sworn-in state Attorney General William Schneider announced Maine would also join the the Florida litigation. That brings the number of states on the Florida suit to 23 and the total number of states suing to stop Obamacare (which includes Virginia and Oklahoma) to 25.

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    71 Responses to Half of All States Now Suing to Stop Obamacare

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      A quick look at the map looks like Obamacare is punishment for Red-State America (exception: OR – they look like they were thrown under the bus.) Some southern states look like they got off with some luck.



        UnitedHealth to Continue Obamacare Provisions
        Saying that certain requirements of Obamacare “make sense,” the CEO of UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: UNH) today announced that the insurer would continue to offer “important health care insurance protections” regardless of the soon-to-be-announced decision of the US Supreme Court. Health insurers implemented specific parts of the Obamacare law, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, as the requirements became
        effective. UnitedHealth is the first to say that it will keep the new provisions no matter what.
        UnitedHealth will continue to offer preventive care with no co-payments, dependent coverage until age 26, elimination of the lifetime cap on policies, elimination of rescissions to individual policies except in the case of fraud, and a simpler appeals process.
        The company will not extend coverage to children up to the age of 19 with pre-existing conditions, another key provision of Obamacare, saying, “ One company acting alone cannot take that step, so UnitedHealthcare is committed to working with all other participants in the health care system to sustain that coverage.”

    2. chicago says:

      Amen, it's about time the states step up and push back the federal government. Hopefully ObamaCare can be reversed…you never know with the sneaks in Congress and the White House. Check out http://www.takingonissues.com for all you need to know about ObamaCare.

    3. @paul_gillan (New Yo says:

      The fact that Obamacare ever passed the Senate at all is proof that the 17th Amendment has been an abject failure and needs to be undone, preferably before State governments become entirely irrelevant. The so-called "repeal amendment" is a poor substitute for a fully-empowered Senate that is representative of the States, not the people directly.

    4. B. Johnson, USA says:

      I hope that the states one day start explaining how Article V of the Constitution plays into Obamacare. The problem is that corrupt Congress doesn't want citizens to know about Article V. This is because if citizens knew about Article V then they'd know that the states, not Congress, not the Oval Office or the Supreme Court, are the ultimate seat of authority in the USA.

      Finally, the reason that Article V and the 10th Amendment are not working is because of the ill-conceived 17th Amendment. The states need to exercise their unique Article V power to ratify proposed amendments to repeal 17A ASAP, IMO.

    5. West Texan says:

      Conn wrote "While Obamacare will pay for all of the benefit expansion for the first three years of the law, and 90% of it after that …"

      Without touching on the blatant unconstitutionality of Obamacare, I have to ask with whose money?

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    10. Hannah Evans says:

      Finally we are doing something about this whole "issue". If this passes we will have a healthcare issue for sure! As a female voter I feel that we need to make our voice heard loud and clear. No more signing a pledge here or there that really just touts a candidate but signing something that really promotes and idea and has an impact. Like Rush said ' you say you want to repeal it? Sign the pledge."… http://bit.ly/therepealpledge.

    11. Bobbie says:

      lets see…what's that word again?? Oh yeah, REPEAL.

      There''s no reason why proper leadership of this country, wouldn't allow this unconstitutional take-over to repeal let alone think of it in the first place.

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    13. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Heritage…did the Medicaid exemption deals for Nevada, Nebraska (Cornhusker Kickback), Louisiana (Purchase), etc. make it into the final bill? If so, does it cover these additional administrative costs, or just the benefit costs in perpetuity?

    14. Dee Glover Virginia. says:

      I say get Obamacare out of Our Country as well as Obama himself we do not need a Dictator in America nor do we need a a crazy President as Obama is in Our White House….WAKE UP AMRICA OBAMA IS TEARING OUR COUNTRY DOWN……

    15. juanita colle, Lovel says:

      it is not President Obama's fault that the states are broke,nor the congress

    16. Digg, Colorado Sprin says:

      If the "federal gov't", i.e. the US taxpayer, is going to pick up the whole tab for the first three years, then 90% thereafter, then this is nothing more than a huge theft of money from people working in fiscally responsible states to states that have large populations of unemployed or illegals. California for instance. The only reason that the map shows California as gaining 30% is because it already has a huge amount of unemployed and illegals on Medicaid.

      Those states suing are sure to be the ones that get their taxpayer money drained from the state. Those states not suing probably believe it's going to be a money-maker for them, not because they thinks it is constitutional, or even good for the country as a whole.

    17. Tully, Flyover Count says:

      The new Kansas AG announced yesterday that KS is joining the Florida suit.

    18. Jill, California says:

      I'd like to see our insurance companies join the lawsuits rather than hit their customers with astronomical premium increases every billing cycle. I used to feel sorry for the insurance companies while watching Obama vilify them. I lost sympathy when Blue Shield began raising my premiums dramatically every few months.

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    20. Joe, Orlando says:

      And Chris Christie supports the suit but has explained that New Jersey does not have the money to cover the legal costs and will let the other states conduct this battle without him. I wonder what other governors have not joined the suit because of the legal costs?

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    24. fred lapides, USA says:

      That a number of states are trying to unseat the bill is not worth a post. Should they be successful or not is worth a post.

      Ps: the bill is not called "Obama Care." that is the name the insurance industry wants you folks to use to make them wealthier.

      Ps: I have no need for the health care reform. I have the V.A. hospital if needed. I have Medicare, if needed. I have a super fine health plan via my wife. But I have already seen a number of families benefit from what is already in place and what would have been denied them had the bill not been passed.

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    26. cbinflux says:

      The Cloward-Piven collapse of America must not fail!


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    28. Truman, Fruit Height says:

      Someone needs to tell our dear resident that according to the man who wrote The Constitution of the United States of America, he doesn't have the authority to impose his voluminous, progressive monstrosity on the people. Quote: "We established however some, although not all its [self-government] important principles . The constitutions of most of our States assert, that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves, in all cases to which they think themselves competent, (as in electing their functionaries executive and legislative, and deciding by a jury of themselves, in all judiciary cases in which any fact is involved,) or they may act by representatives, freely and equally chosen; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed." –Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Cartwright, 1824 – Close quote.

    29. Tommy, Arizona says:

      There is no such thing as a free lunch. The 1st part of Obamacare has begun. Your kids can now stay on your policy until age 26. No denial for pre-existing conditions. No lifetime cap on services. Sounds great! Who pays for it? We do, in increased premiums. Wait until the big changes start to kick in. The plan is to collapse the existing medical system and end up with fully socialized medicine.

    30. Mike Johnson, Tigard says:

      To George Colgrove: You got it wrong about Oregon. We didn't get thrown under the bus, the liberals of this state voted to lay down under one.

    31. Steve, Kentucky says:

      Legislation similar to this was passed in KY in 1994 and is a financial disaster for the state. All but one health insurance company left the state. As a self-employed individual, I watched my choice narrowed down to a choice between the state-run plan and the 1 carrier left. Year 1 after the legislation a 30% increase in rates. Year 2 a second 3% increase. By year 5 (1999), my insurance premiums had quadrupled for plans that for far inferior to my previous plan. Government can not dictate risk rules to any insurance business. If this was done in the auto insurance arena (eg., a carrier must insure all drivers the same regardless of driving records (no pre-existing conditions)), what do you think would happen to EVERYONE'S INSURANCE RATES. I agree that there must be a safety net but this is not the way to do it!

    32. Vic - MD says:

      If this is what Obama had in mind for Americans – to be on Medicaid – then there better be a whole lot more of Americans stepping up to stop this plan! Medicaid is crap!

    33. GARY, COLORADO says:


    34. Philip Barlow, Balti says:

      Even though I live in Maryland, I'm with the Florida suit against the Obama administration. The administration as already done enough damage, this is just going to make it worse. Even though my state is a dark blue state, me n my family are dark red republicans that are against every single destructive thing that the administration has done to this wonderful country!

    35. Brian McDonald says:

      Obamacare was never about healthcare it is about control The healthcare in this country is second to none. The Constitution is there to protect the people from the government. I will not be told by the government that I must buy healthcare. That my follow Americans is Communism. As far as Obama is concerned, never has a individual risen so high so fast and done so little as this President.

    36. KJV 1611 CT says:

      Awesome!!! It should be all states not half. People do not have a clue what Obamacare will do this this nation. It will be worse then Canada and in the majority of the European countries. I know exactly what I'm saying… I've leaved in a government social medical system for a number of years and it has not changed a bit; believe me you'll lose all your privacy and privileges, and not only that if the government can't afford the bill they will close health clinics and hospitals.

      It's time to wake up America stay united and vote the bums and the dummies Democrats out of Washington!!

    37. joe levigne palos pa says:

      thomas jefferson said, states have the right to challenge any federal law they thought "unconstitutional". but it seems our u.s. representatives don't care about that.

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    39. Roy Rees, Rossville, says:

      Obama could save the country a lot of money now by scraping his ObamaCare package!

      If half the states are entering into lawsuits, this should be enough to tell Obama that we, the people, don't want it!

      Obama doesn't seem to understand that the American people don't want this monster!

      Why can't he be as thoughtful as he was at the Arizona memorial speech wednesday? It makes him look two faced! He's got to let the far left go if he wants a second term as President!

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    41. Cathy, New Freedom, says:

      To Fred, you may have a super fine health plan under your wife now, but as Obamacare starts rolling, unless she is a union member, it may disappear. As far as VA and Medicare, I've heard of the sub-standard care veterans receive, and Medicare is going bankrupt.

      This year millions of baby-boomers will start enrolling in Social Security and Medicare. Social Security will be broke by 2030, and Medicare even sooner. Obama took $500 billion out of Medicare to "make it more solvent" and is using that money for the uninsured. Seniors will be lucky to find a doctor to treat them if their funds are cut. This entire scheme will lead to rationing, especially for the senior citizens.

    42. Rod Anderson says:

      We the people need to stand up and Vote, only 44 percent voted in the last gereral election. I get so tired of listening to people complain about how this country is run and they are so lazy they can,t even get off the couch to go to the polls to vote. The liberals love you none voters —- WHY because they can enact any agenda that fits there warped minds. Like Nevada reelecting Harry Reid. This is another blunder so Obama & Pelosi & Reid and the rest of these sorry liberals can destroy the United States. They just keep raising taxes on us working people like there is no end to our wealth. Instead of finding a solution, lets raise taxes and keep spending, instead of smaller goverment and less spending. Just keep raising my health insurance untill I can't afford it anymore which isn't far away and I will be part of medicaid and I will another nonpayer, Thank You very much Obama.

    43. Susan, New Jersey says:

      Sad to note that Governor Christie, who is being promoted as "The next great hope," refuses to join the fight against Obamacare.

      New Jersey is among the states that will suffer the most.

    44. Donald Schlatre says:

      Only ten more states are required to petetion for a Constitutional Amendment to stop Federal Mandates requiring purchase of a product and other abuses of the Commerce Clause.

    45. Bruce says:

      I would also like to see Maryland join the group, but we know it will never happen. Maybe Rep ISSA should investigate those running the state and counties of MD and Mikulski, Cardin, Van Hollen, Cummings, Hoyer, etc for the misappropriation on funds to illegal aliens in this state.

    46. Kathy Stewart, New Y says:

      I am not convinced that Obamacare is supposed to be a benefit for American citizens; it's a route for illegals to continue taking our resources.

    47. Paul says:

      America needs to wake up… Our governments (State and Federal) work in the interests of corporate America – Not our society…

      Read "Why Governments will become obsolete in the 21st Century"

    48. Joni, South Carolina says:

      If cases were genuinely decided individually, people needing coverage would be covered. As it stands, a person (or family) either gets all the benefits, or none. Can we take the AFDC away from someone when they get a job, but leave them the medicaid, since the job will most likely be minimum wage? People can't afford to go to work, under the conditions we have now.

      If someone is not working, why do they get child care benefits? I have seen gross abuse of this one. A case by case overhaul will save some money to either allow more people the coverage they need, or to help keep the department withing their debt ceiling.

    49. Linda, Parkton, NC says:

      Since the beginning of the year this is what I have experienced. On 1-1-11, I started having horrific headaches so I called my primary care doctor, his office informed me that since I had no insurance I would have to pay full payment and for me to go to the express care at the hospital and I did they done a CT scan and it showed hypodensity in my brain so they set me up for an MRI, with no insurance and working part time they informed me to go to Social Service, there I was informed that since I made over $317.00 a month that they couldn't help me, I then asked about the so called "Obama care" they informed me that "Obama Care" was for full time working people that could afford to pay for insurance. So exactly how is "Obama Care" suppose to help people that were laid off and can now only find part time work that offers no insurance? I am confused. I was also told that many doctors were closing up their businesses because of the "obama care". So for the many that think this Obama care is for everyone, you are wrong, it is only for the ones that the government can rip off.

    50. Steven Glenn Poyzer, says:

      I'm surprised that New York isn't higher on the list as our state government has definitely made a silk purse out of a sows ear, by taking the minimum mandates (the sows ear) of the federal government and embellishing them to the bounds of ridiculousness by making the the most grandiose in the nation (the silk purse). New York's costs for medicaid totals more then the combined costs of California, Texas and Florida. Any additional unfunded mandates from Obamacare will bankrupt New York faster than the state goverment's own fiscal irresponsibility.

    51. michelle stuhr says:

      I do not understand why is texas not against obama care, please we need to speak

      up and and end this obama care in texas.

    52. Jeff....Tornado Brig says:

      The Kansas Atty. Gen. and Newly elected Gov. Sam Brownback, will add Kansas to that list………As usual, set your watch back 10 yrs., you're in Kasnsas…………..

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    55. Betty, Pheonix. AZ says:

      It's amazing how many of you are willing to deny so many people health insurance because of your hyped up erronous fear that some sort of communism is a-brewing. I bet every single one of you has health insurance, and has never had to face the prospect of a severe illness in the face of no health care. Your callousness is overwhelming. Why don't you ask almost EVERY SINGLE OTHER captalist/democratic nation in the world how they are able to offer universal health care to its citizens without self-destruction? Only Mexico and Turkey lacks unviersal health coverage. American stands shamely with them.

    56. Earthman, TN says:

      I am grateful for the consumer protections in Obamacare and only regret that it doesn't go far enough. We need a single-payer health insurance system in this country. I have lived in Europe and know that the system works well- better than our criminal status quo.

    57. Janet Barrow, Dunnel says:

      I am so proud to be from the Great State of Florida! Let's end this nonsense of Obamacare.

    58. Andreas, Germany says:

      It is so funny to read this.

      Don't you see, that "Obamacare" will only be one of the many changes ahead, to save the American people from the results of their own behaviour. This applies to econmical behaviour on the world market in almost every sector, as well as to the political behaviour. Don't you see, that you will not be able to earn your own livings anymore in about 10-20 years…without the goodwill of other nations?

      Don't you see, that your own currency actually does no longer belong to you?

      Don't you see, that almost the whole world is a supplier, and that there is a ridiculous amount of production left in the US? And if there is any form of production which would contribute a product to the world market, it is often massively subsidised.

      Don't you see, that you, my dear American people, like the French, like the Brits, like the Italians, just like a lot of other nations before you, are still believing in former strength and cannot accept the loss of any hegemonial position?

      Recommendation: Get familiar with the circumstances of the introduction of a statutory health insurance in Germany in the very late 19th century by Bismarck! You will find a lot of similarities to today's US of A.

      And you will also find similar desired effects of such a new system…one of the main tasks of these kind of laws in the late German Kaiserreich was to calm the crowds. The people slowly began to submerge in poverty. And something had to be done, to avoid social unrest.

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    61. GEDouglas, Clarksvil says:

      We have to remember….this legislation was never about health care to begin with. The purpose is to promote the growth and power of the federal government as envisioned by progressives, to install the public option, and to incrementally change the relationship between government and it’s citizenry. It’s about, as Obama said, fundamentally changing America. If it is not repealed that is exactly what will happen and it’s downhill from there I’m afraid.

    62. Teresa, Murfreesboro says:

      This comment is for Betty in Phoenix, AZ —

      Betty, please consider the overall ramifications of this montrosity against the American people. It's not about insurance — and it's not about healthcare. I can't believe anyone in this country still falls for the hype. It's about control.

      If you would like to take money out of your own pocket to finance someone else's health insurance, then by all means, please do so. That's your choice. But forcing other people to finance someone else's 'health care' is stealing. Period.

      And once our elected leaders are allowed to get away with this, it sets a monstrous precedent. There will be no turning back.

      The fact that all major insurance companies paid millions/billions through their lobbyists to back this bill (and particularly the individual mandate) is a big red flag. How about the fact that AARP was a major backer (especially since their greatest source of revenue is from insurance) (even though many of their 'valued' members were adamantly opposed)? And let's not forget the American Medical Association, who fully backed the individual mandate and healthcare "reform", even though many of their own member physicians and surgeons were opposed…

      How much does your freedom mean to you? Little by little, it's being taken away — by our elected 'representatives' — regardless of party.

    63. Bobbie says:

      Thank you for your comment, Andreas from Germany.

      The deceivingly called "affordable care act" is effecting every area causing the recession, we are forcibly under. The health care insurance was ALWAYS available to all without discrimination of race, creed or culture or preexisting condition! Many were given a free ticket (mostly immigrants) to get on whatever the states have available, They aren't obligated to choose coverage since the states tax payers are already covering them. Where does that bring us today? GOVERNMENT MANUFACTURED CRISIS!

      Obama decided to call all those that CHOSE NOT TO APPLY for health care insurance, DENIED. A blatant deception of a false perception for illusionary purposes. CRISIS! The government does NOTHING to encourage personal responsibilities therefore they do not expect (some) people to take on their personal responsibilities. if they did, 75% of government wouldn't be necessary.

      So instead of correcting the corruption (what my impression of government "health care reform" was solely about,) they're already providing through their numerous health plans from social security to schip, will just increase their deception, corruption and take control of everyone.

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    68. Jim Florida says:

      Before you even consider repealing this imperfect law, all of you conservatives must come up with something much better in containing costs, and at least cover the bare essentials of health for the millions of working people, especially those whom do not receive health care provided in whole or in part by their employers, because these same employers usually do not pay their employees enough so that they may purchase health care on the so called open market.

    69. Pokaeet says:

      ObamaCare is a "Going to doctor's law" . There is no requirement to even believe in doctors. Ask most people that make it to age 100 or beyond, they all say "don't go to doctor's much." You can't make people believe in doctors. You would have to pass a law that says "Every citizen is required to believe in doctors and medicine." Not over my live body.

    70. mike peck says:

      aside of the mandate issue, it really irks me that the tyrannical IRS will be enforcingthis law, it is a known fact that title 26 is not 'positive law' thus has no 'force and effect of law' so now you give these same 'unauthorized' tyrants even more power to destroy your lives? and violate your 'due process rights'supposedly protected by the 4rth and 5th amendments?. google IRC section 7608, states IRS agents only have authority to enforce title 27,ATF laws, but our courts let them do anything they want, wait til they get even more unauthorized authority….they will declare war on us

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