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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Anti-Drilling Agenda

    President Obama’s oil spill commission will release its long-awaited final report this morning, recommending new government regulations and limits on drilling. These conclusions could shape the future of the oil industry — and impact our nation’s energy policy for years to come.

    The commission’s primary focus was determining the cause of the spill. Last week it revealed that errors by BP, Transocean and Halliburton contributed to the blowout of the Macondo well, resulting in the deaths of 11 people and the worst spill in history.

    But the commission’s members have decided to go a step further. The anti-drilling measures recommended in their report would take America in the wrong direction. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Obama picked five members who lack expertise in drilling and have a history of donating to Democrats. One member leads the Natural Resources Defense Council.

    Expect liberals to seize on the report to condemn the industry as a whole and renew their attacks on offshore drilling. But the fact is that mistakes of individual actors should not result in punishment for an entire industry.

    The American people deserve better. With energy needs on the rise — and gas prices inching higher — now is a time for solutions. The first step is putting an end to the Obama administration’s anti-drilling policy in the Gulf of Mexico. Just two new deep-water permits have been issued since the politically motivated moratorium ended three months ago. That’s down 88 percent from the historical average. Shallow-water permits, which weren’t even subjected to the moratorium, are down 11 percent.

    Ongoing delays in the Gulf of Mexico are only part of the problem, however. Offshore drilling bans currently prevent exploration in about 85% of our coastal waters. Those bans are crippling job creation and making America more reliant on foreign sources of oil.

    Unfortunately, they were recently reinforced by the Obama administration. The Interior Department announced last month that the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic and Pacific coasts would be off limits for the next seven years. That news came after the administration canceled four pending lease sales in Alaska.

    The oil industry has much to contribute to America’s energy needs — particularly in light of rising gas prices. The American Petroleum Institute, in its “State of American Energy” report, estimated the industry supports more than $1 trillion in annual contributions to the U.S. economy. Creating additional access to areas currently closed to development would lead to even more domestic production, new jobs and billions in government revenue.

    Yet the administration’s actions are having the opposite effect: The lack of exploration and production means fewer jobs for out-of-work Americans and less money flowing into federal coffers.

    For the first time since 1959, the United States could go an entire year without a lease sale. That means the loss of more than $1 billion in bonus bids, less revenue from rental payments and significantly fewer royalties. State governments, already grappling with fiscal problems of their own, could forfeit upwards of $100 million in tax revenue, according to Louisiana State University finance professor and economist Joseph Mason.

    In addition to its anti-drilling recommendations, the commission will also suggest reforms to the offshore oil and gas liability regime. In the wake of the spill, The Heritage Foundation proposed a liability and claims process that assigns risk of offshore oil and gas operations, compensates victims and protects companies from frivolous lawsuits.

    With renewed attention on energy issues, now is the time for Congress to abandon policies and regulations rooted in Washington that lead to higher gas prices, energy shortages and job losses. Instead, lawmakers should turn their attention to common-sense solutions that focus on the free market and entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector.

    Quick Hits:

    • Asked by Keith Olbermann if he could provide any details on the actual law enforcement investigation of the Arizona shooter, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said: “I’ve spent all my day dealing with the media as I did yesterday so I really haven’t had an opportunity today to get into that kind of detail.”
    • To an extent rarely seen in recessions since the Great Depression, wages in this recession have taken a sharp and swift fall.
    • Pursuant to Obamacare, federal regulators will decide what benefits health insurers will and will not cover.
    • Chinese Minister of Defense Liang Guanglie said Monday, that it was up to the United States to change its policies if it wants better ties with China’s military.
    • Is America economically free? Find out tomorrow when The Heritage Foundation releases its 17th annual Index of Economic Freedom in partnership with The Wall Street Journal.
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    78 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Anti-Drilling Agenda

    1. Mary............WI says:

      We will forerver be dependent on foreign oil. Don't the environmentalists claim that the only reason we are at war in the mideast is for the oil…….you can't have it both ways folks. The USA could become independent of all foreign oil if allowed to drill within our own jurisdictions on land and sea. Once again the Obama adminstration is taking this country in the wrong direction…… too much government and definitely an increase in taxes.

    2. William, Illinois says:

      Congress MUST act to neuter these agencies before they destroy our economy and thus our nation.

      Congress needs to make agencies such as the FCC, EPA, FTC, ADVISORY only.

      These agencies, and others like them have somehow been given the ability to make rules, (legislate), decide who is guilty of breaking the rules without benefit of a trial, (judicial power), and fine or otherwise punish the "guilty", (executive power). Now, where in the Constitution do these unelected bureaucrats get the authority to do this? Right, NO WHERE, and it's time to change their role to one of ADVISORS only.

      When all 3 powers of government reside in one "branch" that is the very definition of tyranny, and it must stop NOW.

      Congress, take back your Constitutional authority to debate and vote on these "rules", and protect this nation, and the People. THAT is your sworn duty.

    3. Harley Spoon, Austin says:

      In the interest of the people, flora and fauna who/which live in coastal areas–like the Gulf of Mexico–where oil companies drill, I suspect Obama and any other responsible president should limit or prohibit drilling until the oil companies prove they are capable of drilling safely and with minimal to no damage to the ecology and habitat of the Gulf and other areas where drilling could occur.

    4. ThomNJ says:

      I thnk the worst spill in history goes to the deliberate Saddam Hussein oil dump into the Persian Gulf, and that was recovering within a year of the spill (from what I had read) with coral reefs growing back, etc.

      The Chinese, the Iranians and the Russians would be well-advised to not bother with any arms races with the USA as we seem to be hell-bent on destroying ourselves. They should all invest in oil-drilling equipment in the Gulf of Mexico for it sems that obama and his ilk are okay with that – so long as no Americans drill in our backyard.

    5. Jim --New Haven, Ct. says:

      Is there any question any longer that this Administration is myopic? If not myopic, then what are we to think?Gas prices are shooting up with $5.00 a real possibility, and our president thinks that limiting exploration is the answer. Commerce will be the first victim. Business cannot survive higher energy costs. It will cost more just to get to work IF one has a job to go to.I don't know if I'm in with those who claim that Obama is DELIBERATELY tanking the economy, but I have no clue as to his agenda. Help, anyone???

    6. John New Jersey says:

      Isn't the power to open lands and other areas to oil and mineral exploration in the hands of congress? Why not push to open exploration and have the individual states either allow or disallow the drilling. Gas and oil commodities traders should also be made to posess at least half of their trades in actual product.I believe that if this new congress pushes these actions the administration in order to look like they care(which i personally think they don't) will be forced to conceed especially when gas gets to 4 plus dollars per gallon.

    7. Christopher Popham S says:

      This report on the oil spill is flawed beyond anyone's imagination. Of course we

      should be exploring and drilling wherever possible; however, it would appear that

      the Administration favors the middle east oil producers over the U.S. Americans

      should be up in arms; instead, we are allowing, at least for now, our government to

      put a virtual hold on new drilling for seven years? This is madness.

      Regrettably, the report conveniently leaves out the possible truth about the Macombo

      oil field. It is still leaking into the Gulf. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) are

      for all intents and purposes in environmental ruin. See the scientific article at

      WordPress.cm all about the GOM and the consequences of continued oil flow, even

      after we have been told that the well has been capped.

      Good luck, America.

    8. Ralph Wallace, Delav says:

      Since when does the POTUS have the authority to issue these kinds of executive orders, in effect, single-handedly writing the law of the land in monarchal manner?

      I don't think that this is Constitutionally acceptable and in fact fairly describes the tyranny that our Country revolted from in declaring our independence from tyrannical power.

      If in fact these powers have been granted by the people's representatives, it is long past the time that these powers be restored to Congress.

    9. Walter Marcis says:

      This administration and previous ones going back to Jimmy Carter had energy independence as an election platform. Yet, we are in the same mess because of liberal and socialist policies that prevent us from using our own natural resourses. As a result, energy is unnecessarily high here and across the western world. We send billions of dollars to our enemies and appear weak and vulnerable. This country needs a stong president and a supporting Congress who will put America First.

    10. Keith. TX says:

      We should not be surprised by this plan. As Obama himself said prior to his election, "Under my plan, energy prices would necessarily increase." The man simply hates this country and has plans to show us that he and his buddies will bring this country down. He likes to talk about jobs being his number one priority. The jobs he wants to create are not in this country.

    11. Ken Berryman says:

      One question…. When will we it be enough for the American people to realize that having politicans run this country is a bad thing? Will it be when we have to pay $10.00 a gallon for gas, will that do it? We have all the resources we need here but yet do to our foresight in electing the most liberal president in history we have sold our souls and this country to the highest bidder. Do these people think by keeping the enviomentilests happy they will be kept in office? While we continue to shut down our own energy production and gas and oil prices go up perhaps the American public will say no thanks.

    12. RHL, Cambridge, MA says:

      Sent the following letter to selected senators and congressmen just the other day….Hope others will do the same:

      Dear Senator Brown,

      As you are aware, gasoline prices are again rising to the enormous detriment of our economy. Everything will cost more. Employment will suffer. It seems nothing short of nuts to this voter that we are not promoting more oil production.

      As a long-term political observer, I say as much in full recognition of the forces aligned against such a notion and of the varied rationales for such antipathy. But here are a few truisms:

      1. We will be dependent upon oil for decades to come, and accessibility to it will remain central to global social stability, not just our own.

      2. A hugely expensive transition to alternative fuels will have little, if any, impact upon global temperature changes in the next century, whatever one’s view on the perils of man-induced global warming.

      3. Private sector research, absent significant government intervention, is likely to come up with safe, practicable, and affordable energy alternatives over the next half century. The incentives for such are there absent massive government subsidies.

      In light of these patent realities, we should be doing all we can to access oil within our national boundaries. We have the technology and the will to minimize the impact upon the environment, the recent – and anomalous – Gulf disaster notwithstanding. Such an effort would create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the energy sector, reduce price fluctuations, and afford reliable growth in other areas of the economy.

      There is no reason we cannot produce half our daily domestic oil requirements (ten million barrels) in the next five to ten years. Combine this effort with improving the infrastructure for the burgeoning natural gas industry, and we will go a long way toward stabilizing a variable central to our economic well-being. (Ethanol should go, of course, but its demise appears a triumph of hope over experience. No one dares touch it.)

      There is now talk of gas prices hitting $5.00 per gallon by 2012. Such a development will be devastating to any hope of a strong recovery, and particularly devastating to folks with lower incomes, to small businesses, and to any entity dependent upon stable transportation costs (think schools and bus transportation). Moreover, as prices continue to rise (also the result of a weak dollar), the issue will have significant political ramifications at the grass roots level.

      I write to encourage you to take a leadership position in promoting more oil exploration. The broader public will be demanding as much with the coming rise in gas prices. (Recall the near panic two summers ago and the perennial ritual of hearings on price gouging as Congressional cover, best characterized as “silliness on stilts”.) Now is the time to be thinking about this issue. Plan to do something substantive, pro-growth, and reflective of American exceptionalism. The matter will be moving to the front burner in the months ahead.

    13. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      To: Gary C, Waxhaw, NC. on January 10th, 2011 at 1:33pm said:


      How is talking about Obama hate? Don’t hurl invective or call me name; just give me examples of what you deem “hate”.

      HF Hate –

      "Obama's Crony"

      "Obama will make YOU pay more at the Pump"

      "FCC Internet Czars"

      Any time the HF writes about



      Public Schools


      Minimum wage

    14. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      As I posted yesterday when gas hits $5.00 per gallon Bush will be blamed. Ken Jarvis will blame Murdock and it will be everyone else's fault – but not theirs or the "left."

      Keep it up Obama and you WILL be a one term president.

    15. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I for one, would like to know why BHO wants to raise gas prices and is pushing it so that other means can or will be used? Does he or his family have a finacial interest in this. We all know there is oil in the USA, it needs to be drilled and refined, yet no money is put to this use, rather it's dicouraged, smells very bad to me.

    16. Tommy, Arizona says:

      Here is what the environmental left has done by stopping most drilling in our country over the past 40 years. Apparently they feel that only the environment in our country is important. It's ok to damage the environment elsewhere. Oil companies in the U.S. have strict environmental drilling regulations. The Middle East has little to no protections. Load hundreds of millions of barrels of oil into a tanker and ship it half-way around the world. This increases the likelihood of a leaking tanker and what about the "carbon foot print" left by the tanker. Gee, I thought the environment was a global issue

      Our country has had a large imbalance of trade for over the past 40 years. Much of that trade deficit is due to the billions of dollars we send overseas to buy oil. Meanwhile we have a 10% unemployment rate. How many good paying jobs would we have if we developed our own oil reserves? The Middle East could slow the oil imports at anytime. This would threaten our fragile economy and national security. Much of the money we send to the Middle East finds its way into terrorist organizations to fund attacks on America.

      Like it or not, oil will remain a primary source of energy for many years. The question is: Will these draconian regulations destroy this country first? Please, don’t start with the “it will take at least 10 years to develop our reserves”. Liberals have been blocking development for over 40 years.

      The environment is only a secondary issue. The primary purpose of these regulations is to force Americans to stop driving cars, live inside cities where mass transit is available and redistribution of wealth. There just is nothing else out there that works as well as good old oil.

    17. Richard, Pennsylvani says:

      It looks like the same thing will happen with oil drilling that happened to nuclear power after Three Mile Island. I can see it in the Gulf and now in Alaska. We desparately need pro growth leadership in government that will lead our country in the right direction for the future. Wind mill farms won't cut it!

    18. mzlynn bloomfield hi says:

      PuppetMaster, Soros, at his best; break the American economy; we have more oil here than all the Middle Eastern Countries combined; This has to be stopped or it will be entire demise of our wonderful Country

    19. Roger TN says:

      This regulatory fiat will NOT stop offshore drilling, but relenquish it to other countries that have no concern regarding the US shores if a spill occurs. Prices will go up due to the lack of production, jobs lost and loss of GDP. Oil products are needed to feed industry and the rest of the world will take up any slack we provide in the consumption. Further, this will result in even more polution because these other building nations will not have the polution restrictions we placed upon ourselves. Wonder what the effects on the third world population will be when our economy drops further? As with the ethanol fiasco, they will be hurt the most, along with the lower income citizens of the USA.

    20. Bruce Sucher, West B says:

      Wht doesn't the Republican house create a bill to stop the massacre of our oil reserves and the sale of leases? Get an up or down vote to expose those politicians who are hurting our country and jobs.

    21. Luke Blackford, Houm says:

      Our legislators are responsable for protecting our envirnment too. I depend on Louisiana's offshore oil and gas industry for my livelyhood, but we don't want the Gulf looking like the Caspian Sea do we? Maybe the Drill Here, Drill Now attitude should be tempered slightly if state of the art contractors like Trans Ocean and Halliburton are making mistakes in deep water. The product is there in spades, let's get it responsably. I think the big oil companies, Exxon Chevron and Shell, Companies I have worked for in the Gulf of Mexico are pretty arogant, I have had arguments with client reps from these companies about safety before. I say RAISE FEDERAL INCOME TAXES SO A DIVING SUPERVISOR ISN'T IN THE SAME TAX BRACKET AS WARREN BUFFET AND BILL GATES LIKE I WAS IN 09. Then, if Exxon, Chevron and Shell say taxes are too high to give them incentive to drill in the Gulf, let them exploit their nationalized fields in Russia and Kazakistan .and let smaller domestic companies like Conoco, Sinclair, Kerr McGee, Marithon etc. bring in the product here in the Gulf. Higher taxes may get rid of abominations like Wal-Mart and Home Depot and get our locally owned mainstreet stores thriving again too. Defend the free market, But really, $375,000 is the top of the tax bracket? Shamefull!

    22. Pamela /Lincoln, ne says:

      it bothers me that this man and the Democratic party is SO vicious and so stupid.

      You can find other resources but in the meantime you need the oil to supply the gas stations and not to mention all the homes that have gas stoves and cook tops.

      Back in my early days of owning a home you wanted to buy something that used gas appliances etc not electric as it was soooo expensive. I remember in the mid 70's the dem's pushing solar then and what a joke… no one could afford it as I checked on it and really wanted to do it on our home but no way could I afford it.

      I have come to realize these people live in a make believe world where the people they really know are all very rich and actors……..

      I lived in Colorado for awhile and found out that there is so much oil in that state that it would help us for the next 30-50 years. What a joke on the American people that can't afford their gas bill for their homes or now cars……

      The Dem's all need to get into the real world. We don't all live in DC, Calif. or NewYork…….thank you! People are hurting the Obama doesn't care because he doesn't care about this country only hurting this country!

    23. tpo says:

      So, the US either gets less or pays more for what it gets. Venezuela is developing the Oronoco oil reserves in the Gulf puddle, reavamping existing SA refineries to handle the heavy crude, and not selling to the US. Ventrura's expose' has the US south coast converted to a refinery wasteland for the crony special interests. The US postures "war on terrorism" in the Middle East to control oil, minerals and p. somniferum. Good stuff for a thriller novel. Inimicism bad for US.

    24. Tom Berquist, Pennsy says:

      This administration is intentionally destroying our oil and coal industry. They stopped drilling in the Gulf In April 2009 PRIOR TO THE SPILL. They have ignored the courts and majority of Americans as they continue their drilling ban. Their intent is to collapse the economy and one way to, AS CANDIDATE OBAMA PUT IT, to necessarily skyrocket energy costs in order to pursue his windmill agenda. This administrations agenda is very dangerous to the future of this country.

    25. Bernard P. Giroux, S says:

      When you are dealing with traitors and radical environmentalists, what do you expect? Anything that has to do with common sense is disregarded and thrown by the wayside. Radical environmentalists would like us to all be driving Smart Cars and living on top of each other in urban clusters. Tell that to the ranchers in the North Central States and in the West. Ever try to drive in a blizzard with a VW Bug?

      Or haul a 9,000 pound horse trailer with a Chevy Malibu? Sound screwy? Well, that what it sounds like when they say you cannot drill -why? We have no choice but to drill – none. We must drill to preserve the strength of this country. We already have given away our industrial capacity; now they expect us to give away our ability to move around the country.

    26. SERVative, greenvill says:

      UNTIL we have FULL implementation of alternative fuels, and COMPLETE independence from foreign(enemy) sources(we are talking 20-30 years), we(the government, in particular) have NO business stifling ANY drilling, digging, refining, etc.

    27. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      Did anyone really expect the results from the hand picked lackeys on Obama's "oil spill commission" would reach any other conclusion other than

      what Obama wanted? Despite everything that has been wirttern and reported by the "commission" their is still one nagging question that no one is addressing.

      WHY DID THE BOP FAIL TO SHUT-IN THE WELL when it blew? It's been sitting

      behind guarded fences, in the open, exposed to the elements, at a NASA site for months.

      Having worked in the oil patch for a number of years, I know that wells just do

      blow out without serious reasons. In particular, a well at this depth and at

      this expense. But most important, an hydraulicly operated BOP, again one on

      this type project, just don't fail to operate without serious reasons. Like perhaps

      sabotage? It would require only one well placed worker.

      Just like every other "crises" since Obama took control, he has used every

      means at his disposal to insure this was enough of a "crises" to give him

      cover to implement his diestuction of our economical system and his hated oil indusrty.

    28. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      It is very clear that, no matter his rhetoric, Obama doesn't give a fig for the American people and the middle class. The only thing he cares about is State control of everything and everyone. Everything traditional about the United States stands in his way. He wants to replace all that. He would weaken America and destroy all that has made this country the greatest and most prosperous the world has ever seen. The man is not upholding the Constitution as he swore to do. He is subverting everything in every way that he can and hides beneath the cloak of "The Presidency". I do hope this new Congress will find ways to clip his wings.

      If anyone can explain the Progressive's logic I'd like to know.

    29. greg, NY says:

      In the last line of this article, you state gas prices, energy shortages and job losses will increase if we continue down this path. Two thoughts: First, aren't we also forcing shortages of corn and corn products by mandating ethanol use in gasoline? it seems to me that prior to ethanol use, we were able to send much more corn to third world countries than we do now. Also, have you done any research on oil prices dropping as soon as G.W. Bush announced increased offshore drilling, I believe in 2008? If you look at the chart around that time, it seems that the week after Bush announced the opening of offshore drilling, prices dropped precipitously, and continued to go down about 30 + percent in the 6-8 months that followed. At least some of that drop should be attributed to the threat of increased oil production in the US.

    30. Barb in WI says:

      It cannot be more clear by now to all of us that Obama WANTS to ruin our economy, jobs and capitalism in whole. He WANTS to bring us to our knees to the point that we are all begging for the government to save us in all aspects of our lives. Just examine all of his destructive economic actions in the past 2 years. It's the Cloward and Piven way to establish complete socialism if not a Marxist state. Unless the American people realize this ugly truth and boot Obama and more Dems out of office in 2 years, we are finished as a free republic and America will be unrecognizable. What a shame for our youth and future generations.

    31. john arizona says:

      With the off shore oil drilling forced "moratorium" what is happening to the drilling for oil in the regions of North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Canada etc. where it is believed there is more oil than in the middle east? Do we have the environmentalists to thank for slow progress there? Or, are the oil companies withholding progress there to push up prices? Will our new congress do something about this issue or wait for campaign contributions before they act?

    32. RHL, Cambridge, MA says:

      In light of the following truisms, we should all be pushing Congress to expand oil exploration….

      1. We will be dependent upon oil for decades to come, and accessibility to it will remain central to global social stability, not just our own.

      2. A hugely expensive transition to alternative fuels will have little, if any, impact upon global temperature changes in the next century, whatever one’s view on the perils of man-induced global warming.

      3. Private sector research, absent significant government intervention, is likely to come up with safe, practicable, and affordable energy alternatives over the next half century. The incentives for such are there absent massive government subsidies.

      As gas prices hit $5 per gallon, the urgency to reduce price fluctuations through expanded capacity will become`self-evident. Congress needs to get on this matter now…no more phony commissions on "price gouging". And, of course, there remains the Ethanol boondoggle, an insult to the American taxpayer….

    33. John L, South Caroli says:

      It is quite simple…..don't get rid of Obama's AGENDA(S) (they ALL smell rotten), just get rid of Obama in 2012, if not before!!

    34. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      It is a widespread opinion that the current "administration" is completely incapable of understanding anything that has to do with 'Common Sense' and that opinion is probably at least 99% accurate. We should never give up hope, though. For example — termites have been known to infiltrate their targets even through concrete!

    35. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      To quote the chant the first time oil went above $100 a barrel, "DRILL BABY, DRILL!"

    36. David, Seattle,WA says:

      Use unelected officials to do the dirty work of the liberal agenda. Love the excuses of why we can not drill in the US that my liberal friends give. We need jobs. And this is one area of the economy that will improve the economy and do a growth in all areas of the economy. I guess the US will continue the trend of the 90's less oil production for our needs and more demand from oil from the rest of the world. Since our elected officials have an agenda to cripple the US energy supply. Do you think our economy will grow with increase energy costs. No they growth will go to the rest of the world. This is just one more item to destroy America's greatness. Our economy need plentiful energy and cheap energy. To grow our economy we can not do it with increase costs of energy needs

    37. Don, Raleigh, NC says:

      This is not new news. The Environmentalist movement has long sought the disruption and dismantling of the fossil fuel industry and halting industrial growth which they adamantly insist is destroying the planet. At the same time they have no interest, none, in the effect of their idealistic ideology and it's implementation on the American economy and the concurrent effects on employment, economic growth, prosperity and poverty. They have shown no interest in collaboration with industry and believe, quite irrationally in my view, that confrontation, disdain and suppression of all considerations outside of their own narrow view have any merit whatsoever.

      So, my question to Heritage and all organizations which solicit donations to support their professed, Conservative watchdog roles and claim to exert influence on the Congress, what specifically have you done over the years to put a stop to this? Who in the Congress supports these destructive rules and regulations and those who write and impose them? Why and how have organizations like the EPA been allowed to exert such dictatorial influence over such a significant policy as energy production and it's considerable ripple effect on the economy, employment, balance of trade, national debt, national security, etc.?

      On the basis of simple but intelligent reasoning no one can dismiss the concern for the environment but it is simple minded to allow that concern to suppress other, equally significant concerns that must also be considered concurrently and acted upon. As any Corporate executive worth his extravagant compensation will reveal, if asked, cooperation and collaboration always result in better solutions than conflict and confrontation. Is there a leader, anywhere, that can make that case effectively, gather together spokespersons from each of the factions in the dispute, make the necessary compromises and develop a road map that addresses the needs of all, now and for the foreseeable future?

      It's long overdue and America's future hangs in the balance.

    38. toledofan says:

      The operative word in the entire article is asking the lawmakers to turn their attention to 'common sense solutions'. It's obvious to me that 'lawmakers' have, to a large degree, no 'common sense'. If they did and knew how to use it we wouldn't be in the predicament we are today. The crisis for today and the event to deflect the bad economy, lack of energy will go unnoticed for a while because of the Arizona shootings, a tradegy for sure, but, aren't there shootings everyday? Just because it involved a congress person does it make it worse than the other crazy stuff that elludes the national spot light each day? The problems that have been left to drift will continue to be the main problems that confront America; it's a shame that the Democrats have to make this political and would rather spin the political wheel rather than addresss the real problems.

    39. Mike from Long Islan says:

      While our federal government is "shooting itself in the foot", our neighbors like Cuba and Venezuela are drilling new offshore fields and contracting with China to sell off all this new oil. Are we born stupid or are we taught this stuff in our schools?

    40. neil los angeles are says:

      why ? hold back america 's economy ? the answer is simple ? obama wants to create bad times and carry on his marxist regime, lets impeach him for using unlawful executive powers and avoiding the constituion.

    41. Jason, Minnesota says:

      Publicly traded companies explore, extract, and sell us petroleum products. Crude oil is a globally traded commodity. The politicized version of this issue would make you believe that our politicians have their hand on a faucet…allowing us to use whatever their political will dictates. We do not (thankfully) have a national oil company.

      Issuing permits within our geographic influence does not suddenly create philanthropic oil refiners who are anxious to provide better prices at the gas pump for you and I in small town USA. Follow the money for a better understanding of this issue…it is simply not this simple.

      I'm still waiting for the Heritage foundation to provide even a mention – just a mention – of how we and our politicians can begin to manage the denominator (consumption) instead of just the numerator (supply).

    42. Chroma41, California says:

      The environmentalists WANT gas and oil prices to climb to obscene levels because they think that we will then see the light and switch to electric cars, solar panels and windmills; they don't seem to want nuclear.

      With current windmill and solar farms producing about 2% of the nation's electricity, where are we going to put all those millions of additional windmills? And, of course, solar panels work only during daylight hours and windmills only when the wind is blowing.

      Do any of these fools ever come out of their ivory towers and look at reality?

    43. RUTH WEDGEFIELD SC says:

      Our country needs to do any thing and every thing it can to get free of Arab countries oil. As long as we are dependent of their oil we will face the problems we have. If solar panels and wind farms will do part of it, then we need to do more of it. I've heard we can't afford those things, well how much is our military costing us? How much do the human lives cost us? We need to be more self sufficient in our country and stop the dependency of oil in these other countries. We as Americans are smart enough to invent the things we need to do this, what in the world is holding us back? Our prayers need to be for the people who are in control of the things that cause us grief. Pray for our country and support those who are doing right by our People and God. If we all pray together we can solve the countries problems.God bless our country and God bless our people.

    44. william green says:

      How come we behave as if what Obama does cannot be undone. If he can undo the constitution at a whim, then we can undo the damage that he has done to date and will do in the future. We should accept the premise that this administration is damaging the country and put in place a strategy to undo the damage as soon as we take back the Senate and the White House. We need to stop behaving as if we are helpless victims and fight for the future of this country. If they want to circumvent proper channels to enact some of this Socialist agenda, we should be prepared to do the same to protect the constitution.

    45. B. Hall Syosset N.Y. says:

      The whole thing is absurd. Obama talks about alternative fuel as the way to energy independence. Sounds good. Except that it will not work. We won WW11 because we did everything we needed to do. We built ships,planes, tanks, artilliary, guns, ammo, faster than the enemy could destroy them. With regard to energy we should do the same thing. We should do everything. Oil, Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas, Solar, Wind, you name it. That is the only way to gain our independence from countries that hate us.

    46. James - Longdrycreek says:

      Without domestic energy reserves, we will find ourselves at the mercy of some foreign government. I think of the 1973 oil embargo that the Arabs staged to increase the per barrel price. Worked.

      Jimmy Carter get the Department of Energy funded to find ways to ending the dependence. With $26 billion budget, the Department of Energy has not produced a drop of energy or weaned our dependence on foreign oil.

      Now, Barry and Soros are in agreement, break the US and we can buy for

      a penny on the dollar.

      Unless the EPA and this unelected commission on "oil production" are shown for that they are, fuel to produce food and fiber will increased and transporation from the fields to processing and then to stores will virtually price most Americans into starvation. Of course, Obama believes that rural Kenya is a model to be emulated, given his native roots. Americans are simply needing to be punished in order to save Gaia and whatever else needs saving. Soros needs more billions to add to his accounts in spite of the fact the old man will not find a

      armoured car that will carry his money to the grave.

      Prince or pauper: small amount of land for the interment.

    47. Robert R. Reynolds, says:

      We are in the grip of a religion, environmentalism. Their Bible has no regard for science or economics. Their model for mankind, if allowed to follow to its conclusion, is a return to a hunter / gatherer society where life was "nasty, brutish and short." I am convinced they are a bunch of hypocrits that would emerge as the ruling class, living in a well protected enclave.

    48. Al from Fl says:

      While we have to right the ship with respect to spending first, I hope that this congress will develop a sound energy policy that is designed to support a growing and prosperous nation, not one that envisions some utopian green energy approach that will never result in a growing, prosperous nation. The dems have some unattainable goal in mind that is contrary to human nature and will never succeed. Unfortunately, if we let them continue, they will destroy this nation in the process of trying to reach that goal. Failure does not seem to deter them from their goal. We had long gas lines in the 1970s. We may end up there again, or worse, if Iran seeks to cause a crisis that shuts off the flow of oil through the straits of Hormuz. This administration has taken steps that appear to be worse than no policy. They discourage additional oil drilling, they have shut down the facility for nuclear waste storage and have started an initiative to distribute wind powered energy subsidized by all at a cost of significant increases in all utility bills. None of this is good for us nor does it really provide an answer to fill the energy needs of this country.

    49. EPL says:

      I think the real shame is that, while we will not make use of these resources, foreign companies are moving in quickly to drill off the US coasts. Law makers are sadly mistaken if they believe they are saving the environment by slowing US energy companies. I have read that both China and Venezuela are adding many new wells within the gulf. The environmentalists erroneously believe that if we stop polluting or producing that the rest of the world will follow our lead. So while we “preserve” our coasts, other countries are taking the resources and creating just as much or more environmental havoc. What a joke on us! We are our own worst enemy. With the liberal left in charge, who needs enemies???

    50. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      There are many things America needs to do sooner than later concerning meeting our energy needs effectively.

      The panel of handpicked nuts that comprised this austere group was not focused on anything relating to their published focus but rather to further Obama's agenda. Get rid of Obama and take back the Senate in order to eliminate the waste, fraud and abuse and pursue genuine strategies to deliver the energy requirements using known usable fuels and quit fooling around with the false dreams of operating merely on renewable alternative fuels. See what happened to Spain?

      We as a national focus need to develop and pursue a comprehensive energy policy incorporating nuclear, natural gas, coal and oil to the distinct advantage of our citizens individually and country collectively. There needs to be a plan to focus the type of energy to the specific sector of needs for which it is best suited. For example, plan and construct nuclear powered electricity producing plants (which is the most efficient method to produce electrical power) and limit or eliminate those plants that burn oil to produce electricity thereby shifting the total amount of oil to be refined to other, more useful products whether it be gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, propane etc.

      A corollary to that would be to incentivize the development of more oil refineries, especially geographically away from (example) the Houston area so that a single major weather catastrophe doesn't cause the country to convulse from a lack of refining capacity. This would also tend to lessen the spread in prices across the country relative to gas and diesel which we seem to notice both at the pump and with increases in the price of things like food and everything which is trucked around the country's distribution centers.

      Of course we would have to have a newly elected President with the intestinal fortitude to override Obama's idiotic Executive Orders on virtually everything in order to shortcut our road to success.

    51. William E. Baer, Ann says:

      A positive look might be that alternate sources of energy

      will get greater impetus toward development – innovation and investment which in

      the long run would have greater potential value than more oil exploration.

    52. Bippy New Jersey says:

      If you follow the logic of how to dismantle a Super Power, one of the first steps is forcing dependency on other entities in order to survive. Obama, besides being the worst President this country has ever seen, is also the most treasonous. His programs, agencies, and czars need to be DEFUNDED. Congress can do that. Do good people from both sides of the political spectrum not see what this man is doing?

    53. Ken Feerguson, Venit says:

      Oil is the subject. I ask Senitor Mark Udall of Colorado why our nation is not using the 3 TRILLION barrels of OIL locked up in the OIL SHELL in the Rocky Mountains? We know how to do it and it would cost under 20.00 dollars a berral for clean fuel. Our Nation is blessed with oil and natural gas lets use it.

    54. Jim says:

      Fossil Fuels fueled the growth of the industrial revolution. We are leaving the time of the industrial revolution. The technology is sunsetting. Clinigng depirately to the technology of the past Dooms our country to eventual second rate status. The country that leads the drive to the adoption of advanced energy technology will lead the world in the time of the full blown information revolution. This time is in full bloom. Clinging to the dogmas of the quite past will doom us to the second rate future. Just like the US automotive industry died a slow systematic death until the failure for GM and Chrysler in 2009, just like the systematic death of big steel in the US for failure to adapt, so will be the path of fossil fuel energy.

      Charles Darwin, Adapt or die. Survival of the fit. Not the stupid. China leads the world in the adoption of advanced technology. The new China Stealth. Can they built is with parts all built in China. US stealth, Can it be built with parts all built in the USA?

      We have an obligation to our country. We must move forward to stay in the game.

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    56. Carolyn Illinois says:

      This man is out to cripple us beyond belief. Only hope it can be corrected when he is gone. If he does get elected again, we are dead….

    57. Bobbie says:

      Ken Jarvais, truth is fact. Hate is emotion. What was stated as fact, is ignorant to call your personal emotion of the ones behind the fact. You don't respect Gary enough to let him tell you himself. You put derogatory words into it from your own thinking, not Gary's. You should have respect that people can think for themselves and it is you that read everything in opposition to Obama as hate for obama. You are the hater. Other people have class.

    58. Judy - Monroe, GA says:

      This nonsensical no oil drilling policy is strangling our economy and crippling our ability to compete in the world. I thought I had read not too long ago, that China had applied to drill off the Gulf, near our own shores! If we don't use our own God-given natural resources, there are many nations ready to jump into the waters of opportunity that the Obama policy is letting slip through our hands and will ultimately affect the economy and safety of our country.

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    60. Ken Feerguson, Venit says:

      U.S. oil discovery-largest reserve in the worlde. Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the rocky mountains lies the larget untapped oil reserve in the world. It is more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On august 8,05 President Bush mandated its extraction. In 5 plusw years of high oil prices nothing has been done. We have more oil insidee our borders than all the other proven reserves on earth. Here are the official estimates. 1.8-times as much as Saudi Arabia, 18 times as much oil as Iraq, 21 times as Kuwait.22 times as Iran, 500 times as Yeman and it's all right here in the Western United States of America. Why are we not extraction this oil? E.P.A. the environmenstalists and others like them block all efferts to become independent of foreign oil.How much would it cost to extract this oil, 17 dollars a berrel. Maybe you should e-mail your Senator & others about this.50 cents a gallion gas, sounds good to me,

    61. Ken Feerguson, Venit says:

      John of Az. Check this out. How much oil do we need. In the western 2/3 of North Dakota, Western SDouth Dakota, extreme eastern Montana this is refered as the Bakken oil reserve,The Energy Information Administration estimates it at 503 billion barrels. That's enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 2041 years straight.

    62. Norbert Stager, Ohio says:

      I bet Mr. Soros is behind this especially since he is a major stockholder in Petrobas. The richer he gets the more money he can pour into his socialist causes and candidates campaign funds. Hello Big Brother.

    63. Susan says:

      Your information is right on, but I am so tired of hearing over and over again the words of doom coming upon us. I would very much also like to know, what if anything can be done about what is happening in our government. What action can citizens take. Otherwise it is an exercise in futility. Thank You

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    65. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      The only thing that explains why America is destroying its own Oil Industry is that our Democratic Party is serving the Foreign Interest and not the Interest of the American People. It is no mystery at all, just like all the American Industries beat down before, our politicians are serving the Foreign Interests. Amazing our first American Communist government has an Energy Policy that benefits the Russians. That's right, they benefit from the high prices of Oil. Next, the OPEC nations benefit and they aren't one bit thankful for all the Petro Dollars! They want more, and more! And More! I think it is illegal for a bunch of American Politicians to throw elections with lies, and then serve the Foreign Interest.

      I also think we should increase our rhetoric! Increase the heat! The TEA Party people don't want Bipartisanship, cooperation with Obama and a cooler dialog. We don't want to pay for the destructive and abominable government. We don't want America destroyed at all! Economic Power is Liberty! It is about Taxes, but in the end it is about American Liberty. For heaven's sake! Prosecute the creators of Unconstitutional Government!

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    67. Sharon Davis says:

      I have researched the state of the planet and environmental impact from our fossil fuel consumption for years. I have also followed the political angle of how the oil companies support and are supported by politions. America has been headed in the wrong direction for 50 years. All the technology that could have been in place to create clean energy and create growth with a healthy planet has been undermined by big oil and politics. It's time to stop looking for divisive arguments! It is time to stop fighting with each other and join together to do the right thing. We don't need to keep raping the planet. God has given us what we need, there is enough knowlege, ingenuity and energy to support a healthy planet and a healthy economy.

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    71. douglas harrington says:

      obama is the head of the serpent but this snake has been growing even during the liberal George bushes presidency it called the Gov unions and the EPA, and all of the departments of Gov in Washington, the regulators are career civil service left wingers, that have a long term plan to stop Americas great gift to the world it isCapitalist free trade, and the free market, these unions and Democrats believe in Socialism ,, so wake up tax payers and stop these radicals

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    76. Frank Zanella says:

      It's clear to see why our country is in such terrible condition. Your article gives a green light to doing offshore drilling and the world be damned. It's ALWAYS after the tragic events that we re-think why the oil spill/nuclear accident happened.

      As for the price of oil; what happened to all the American investment(tax dollars) that went into the Alaskan pipeline? We need to address the issues at hand and find solutions; not create more quick fix situations. Let's stop ruining the planet and more ahead slowly, and not repeat the same mistakes again and again.

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    78. Rick says:

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