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  • The Impact of Obamacare: From the Frontlines of Our Health Care Crisis

    The fight against Obamacare has begun on a new front as the House of Representatives prepares to consider H.R. 2, a measure to repeal the health care overhaul in its entirety. New Members of Congress campaigned on a promise to fight the unpopular new law, and this is the first step to making good on that promise.

    Meanwhile, proponents of Obamacare continue to claim that repeal would hurt Americans and increase the federal deficit. In fact, the reverse is true. The negative impact of the health law will be felt by every American citizen. For example:

    • Obamacare creates trillions in new spending and will add to the federal deficit, putting future taxpayers on the hook.
    • 16 million more Americans will be added to the 58 million receiving Medicaid, a program for low-income citizens that incoming New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called “dysfunctional on many levels” and in need of “a desperate overhaul.” Millions more will remain uninsured.
    • Expanding Medicaid will put already-suffering state budgets further in the red, while the overreach of the federal government threatens state autonomy under our federalist system.
    • Increased enrollment in government health programs, new regulations, and less reimbursement all mean that physicians face more obstacles to the practice of medicine.
    • Cuts to Medicare mean that seniors face reduced access to services, fewer benefits, and higher premiums.
    • New taxes and penalties will make it harder for businesses to create jobs and continue offering health benefits.
    • Government intrusion into family life reaches new heights, as federally funded projects aimed at reducing teen pregnancy deny families any knowledge about the services their children receive.

    Our contribution to the debate has not been limited to researching the facts. Heritage has also highlighted the stories of ordinary citizens already dealing with the consequences of “reform” or awaiting worse to come. Our new brochure, “The Impact of Obamacare: From the Frontlines of Our Health Care Crisis,” provides a glimpse into the lives of affected individuals and highlights why the best way forward for all Americans is to fully repeal Obamacare and then start over to get health care reform right.

    To learn more about how everyday citizens will be affected by Obamacare and the need for repeal, we invite you to check out our new brochure and the research papers, charts, graphs, and impact calculator that accompany it.

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    10 Responses to The Impact of Obamacare: From the Frontlines of Our Health Care Crisis

    1. OhioHistorian says:

      I have always found it interesting that the CBO could resolve a cost to less than several percent of a bill which extends over 10 years (last year medical care was $1.9 trillion in the US; use $19 trillion, and then see that they are estimating to the nearest billion). Yet this is what the Democrats would have us believe, disregarding the facts that:

      The cost estimate began in 2010, not 2011, saving about 0.2 trillion in spending in the estimate.

      Federal expenditures are for mostly setup for the first four years, while they collect a positive cash flow

      Expenditures are for about 6 years, while income is for 10 years

      $500 billion was taken from Medicare to balance the bill; with Medicare in hock, where will that money come from?

      In short, this was a smoke and mirrors magic trick dreamed up by Nancy and Harry.

      Despite all the claims, we CAN afford $210 billion even if it really is true. Which it ain't.

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    4. George (Oldguy), Wes says:

      This whole Obamacare process appears to violate the Constitution and the Oath of Office Congress takes at the start of each term. Nancy Pelosi replied, 'Are you serious?', when asked if the healthcare bill was constitutional. I believe a poor attitude for one sworn to 'support and defend the document!

      Perhaps if I read the U.S. Code correctly it would lessen the resistence to repeal!

      5 U.S.C. Sec. 3331 01/06/97



      Subpart B – Employment and Retention



      Sec. 3331. Oath of office


      An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: ''I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.'' This section does not affect other oaths required by law.

      'Any person who shall falsely take the said oath shall be guilty of perjury; and, on conviction, in addition to the penalties now prescribed for that offense, shall be deprived of his office, and rendered incapable forever after of holding any office or place under the United States.'

      Would this apply, and how do we get started?

    5. Medical Quack says:

      This repeal notion comes out of lack of digital IT literacy and it costs big money. I have been posting about this and Health IT going to be the next big bubble to burst for a few months now. The data resets that would take place and changing IT infrastructure would cost millions of dollars, not to mention time! What is it that the "non participants" don't get here.

      Walgreens, 2 days after the election last year came out and stated they couldn't afford the dollars for this to change their business models for a total repeal. Everybody in tech knows this and I try my best to bring this awareness around to the consumer level, but IT doesn't grown on trees anymore and long gone are the days where a politician makes a promise and the tech build it, doesn't work that way anymore as data is shared and sold all over the place.

      Even the insurance companies don't want this, and they next to Wall Street have the most extensive and elaborate IT infrastructure around, and you see that when you go follow up on a medical claim. It's the intangible we need to see as otherwise non credible promises and statements pursue and those who are non participants in consumer digital literacy keep looking worse all the time and this applies for both sides too with literacy, some just happen to talk louder and bring more attention to themselves with hanging in the 70s.


    6. Paul Rinderle says:

      I am at a loss to explain how people we send to Congress to make laws come back to say they made a law but do not know what it says because they did not read it as tyranny took over.

      No one questions this rationale.

    7. Richard, New Orleans says:

      Quack – You are kidding, right? How can the medical IT system have been so radically changed when the rules of the game have not even been established by HHS yet?? The bill was not signed that long ago and most of the changes do not happen until 2014. No way that IT issues will prevent repeal.

      Nice try with the "big lie" tactic!

    8. Francis A. Toto, San says:

      This urgent message comes from a private 27-year R&D program that is today the definitive authority on the healthcare crisis–for 28 reasons.

      There is now compelling scientific evidence that the three major components of the healthcare establishment will suddenly, violently collapse triggering a tsunami-like, tidal wave, domino-effect economic shockwaves throughout the millions of supplier organizations and the general economy.

      Healthcare reform, regardless of the political sponsorship, will exacerbate what is clearly yet another man-made national disaster coming at the worst possible time. The present is not the time to be bringing more people into a building that teetering and vulnerable to sudden collapse. This industry will collapse because of the same mismanagement that caused the failure of the US Housing Industry and the wideworld financial debacle. Is history repeating itself: you bet. This claim is based on a mathematical law and is not, scientifically speaking, a prediction.

      See for yourself visit: http://www.rightmovesproject and http://dental.rightmovesproject.com

      Best Regards,

      Francis A. Toto

    9. W.P.Koch,San LuIs Ob says:


      Congress and the White House should stop wasting the people’s money, “cut as detailed herein” and use savings to improve quality of basic invested entitlements. Preserve the 2010 tax schedule with no inheritance taxes. Congress should improve basic Medicare. Vote opponents to this “out”. Citizens come first.

      It is time the U.S. reduces human rites and police activities for the World by lobbying the United Nations, NATO and Interpol to “take on more”. 800 bases in 63 countries across the world should be reduced. Examples are fewer forces in, Bosnia, Germany, Philippines and Okinawa.

      Starting with Iraq, only train for self reliance. After the surge in Afghanistan repeat above and diminish corruption by requiring accounting practices for aid, substituting minerals mining and food crops for drugs.

      Cut bloated federal bureaucracy and phase in outsourcing. Combine CDC, EPA and FDA. Combine the FAA, NHTSA and Transportation Department. Combine GAO and CBO. Departments should eliminate “must spend all”. Return “unused” yearly budget to the treasury. Cut combined department budgets (other than entitlements) on an average of 10%.

      Eliminate all 32 CZARS Mr. president. Reduce your 469 member staff which makes nearly 39 million per year! Halt first lady $180,000 air force one vacation trips. Stop “$200 million per day” presidential-family foreign trips. Cancel $ 20,000,000 executive order (HB 1388) to relocate key Hamas members to U.S.

      Contribute to only one of: The World Bank or International Monetary Fund or U.S. Agency for International Development.

      Reduce foreign aid bribery. For example, no aid to oil rich -Iraq. $37 billion and increasing with $8.7 billion of development funds not accounted for. Halt $150 million aid to Palestinians.

      Charge bailed companies (TARP) for their huge executive bonuses at taxpayer expense. Government should sell shares to recoup for taxpayer. About $154 billion owed. Forget Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

      Congress should reduce “stimulus” expenditures by halting: over budget and vote bribery “earmarks”. Example: Stop “cow burp” study. $13 billion unspent in states. Congress should rescind their 2009 increase and do not pay student loans for their staff. Please- no renting of private or military aircraft. An example was Pelosi’s family of $2.1 million for over 2 years. Congress should set commercial travel cost standards and controls.

      Reduce medical cost by: allowing purchasing anywhere in U.S., “tort reform”, and reducing “red tape”. Provide Medicare aid to local medical groups for expediting billing cost speed, doctor/patient verification and fraud reduction.

      Congress should enforce existing immigration laws. Complete the improved fence. Entitlements or benefits should be for only citizens. Deport criminal “illegals”. Only deportees and workers on Visa Programs qualify for needed medical benefits.

      These actions will improve funding for:” Medicare”, “Medicaid, and “Veteran’s Affairs”. Corporations should be allowed tax reduction incentives for hiring with healthcare plan options.

      Healthcare quality can be at least that for Congress or the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). Additional benefits are: dental coverage, improved visual coverage, no drug “donut hole”, no pre-existing conditions, no deductibles and co-pays except for extended skilled level nursing.

      Other benefits are aid for unemployment compensation and Social Security with reinstated cost of living increases.

    10. Stan Burnette, Prair says:

      Is there an organization fighting the $500-billion-plus cutback in Medicare payments that is not tied to an insurance company. AARP, for example, will not fight this because they, too, are being handed a $500-billion-plus opportunity to sell more insurance to cover the deductions that are coming from the Medicare Advantage programs. Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for their information — but is there an active group developed or developing that will tell seniors the truth about the load they will be ask to carry under Obamacare? Stan Burnette

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