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  • Statement on the Tragedy in Arizona

    We at The Heritage Foundation are profoundly saddened by today’s tragedy in Arizona. Along with the rest of the nation, we continue to pray for a full recovery by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and all other surviving victims.

    We were deeply distressed to learn of the death of U.S. District Court Judge John Roll, a dedicated public servant who served the American people honorably. He, and the other innocent victims whom we lost today, will be missed and mourned by many.

    This senseless and tragic act of violence has horrified us. America’s thoughts and prayers are with the all the victims of this attack at this difficult hour. We ask God to watch over them and their families. May God bless our nation.

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    31 Responses to Statement on the Tragedy in Arizona

    1. Erik, Utah says:

      I am in awe of this senseless act. I pray for all victims and will continue to pray for the restoration of our values and spiritual content. Tragedies at this level are a form of the sinister work of our countries true adversary, Satan. He can have no power if we as a nation remember our substance, even the dust of the earth. Without God in our lives, as a whole, we will continue to suffer such meaningless acts across the spectrum of this created reality. With Prayer and honest humility I grieve for these lost servants of our Great Nation. We may never understand things like this in life, as we now know it. But, as i search the scriptures, the word of God, I know that there is another chapter awaiting. Every Man, Woman and child that passes through our lives is a child-of-God. He has our home. It is full of beautiful truths that answer and glorify Him. Our loss is now embraced and understood through him. Ask God to remove these evil acts from the hearts of men world wide, pray for our enemies. Discover his purpose and "KNOW" Him. His prosperous plan will edify all that seek Him in Truth and true humility. God Bless Our Countries Foundation. Let no evils overtake Her.


      Erik John Bettis.

    2. Bobbie says:

      It is a terrible tragedy caused by this individual. It is sad how easy minds can become influenced into violence, but this terrible act may not have been derived from government's domestic taunts as well as their personal attacks on citizens and false accusations with mutual agreement of the media who does the same. It may not be due to the government removing freedoms and liberties daily. This individual is young and may have been educated in public education which can also be an influence of ugly behavior because of the lack of discipline. Or he may have discovered the truth behind the distortions he's been taught.

      We pray for the families of the deceased, the young child, Justice Roll and others and the recovery of those injured. In most regard, Gabrielle Giffords. May truth and peace prevail! May civil composure maintain.

    3. Bobbie says:

      We also pray for the young man who's actions caused fear, death and injury, that his lesson is learned by necessary punishment.

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    5. Paul Rinderle says:

      This is being politicized by NBC, CNBC as the work of Republican rhetoric and the tea party for opposing the Democrats passing a bill that no one read or was allowed to read.

      It will get worse with that kind of provocation led by an increasingly perceived totally morally corrupt Democrat Party.

      Independents are now seeing the evil that has overtaken the Democrats. This is a battle of life and death. It’s been provoked beyond politics as the reality of the corruption spawned by the far left, 20% of the Nation, now represents the very essence of the Democrat Party.

      Unfortunately it will not end. Tomorrow is but the realization of the Democrat destructive policy. The consequences are now all about right and wrong.

      How can this be undone with NBC promoting this party and creating further division by turning this tragedy into a blame game.

      Keith O and Katie C will divide us even further leading to the same in the days to come and they are already part of the cause.

      Community organizing is working perfectly i.e. demonization of the word Republican then by default anyone who comes to defend this Republic.

    6. April, Colorado says:

      I think that a person who was not permitted to join the Army due to concerns about his mental health should NOT have been allowed to purchase a Glock 19.

    7. Bruce Lane says:

      It’s a sad indictment of the left when they immediately paint this as a right wing instigated occurrence. Especially since it has now come out that this psychopath is considered by his friends as a radical left wing pot head. Even worse is the fact that if she recovers she will most likely be used by the anti-gun left even though she was a gun owner and believed in the right to bear arms. My heart goes out to her family and it is my hope she does survive and with her wits about her.

    8. ligaso says:

      While bizarre and tragic, Saturday's slaying cannot let us lose sight of first principles. There are those who would misuse the deranged shooter's attack to advance the even crazier notion of cancelling constitutional protections — namely, the right to bear arms. Cars are by far the deadliest weapon in our society yet nobody argues for ending all road travel. That said, so long as the United States government maintains a rtually open border policy, the American people cannot be denied, at a minimum, the right to bear arms, in their homes, for the purpose of self-defense.

    9. Michael Dovi, Yuma A says:

      Lets face it. This incident is going to be used to assault the second amendment.It is disgusting that the media continues to parade pictures of victims when it is in their best interest. They should post the fingerless hands and deformed faces of the victims of ted kozinsk and bill ares[who cares how you spell his name]. We had to endure a daily diet of the death tally of our most precious –our US Soldiers. Today, where are the daily tallies.Lets face it again ..the media and democrats and rino's dont care one ounce about the victims of this crime or any crime. Their "…profoundly saddened by today's tragedy..".etc etc statements only hide their glee at being able to exploit another crises [ a democrat proudly admitted ...""never let a crises. go to waste....as caveat to the bp oil spill] to the ends of their continued chipping away at the Constitution and especially the sacred 2nd Amendment.

      Carolyn McCarthy we look forward to 2012- that's how conservatism deals with the opposition.

    10. Michael Dovi, Yuma A says:

      Lets face it. This incident is going to be used to assault the second amendment.It is disgusting that the media continues to parade pictures of victims when it is in their best interest. They should post the fingerless hands and deformed faces of the victims of ted kozinsk and bill ares[who cares how you spell his name]. We had to endure a daily diet of the death tally of our most precious –our US Soldiers during the Bush years. Today, where are the daily tallies obama years .Lets face it again ..the media and democrats and rino’s dont care one ounce about the victims of this crime or any crime. Their “…profoundly saddened by today’s tragedy..”.etc etc statements only hide their glee at being able to exploit another crises [ a democrat proudly admitted ...""never let a crises. go to waste....as caveat to the bp oil spill] to the ends of their continued chipping away at the Constitution and especially the sacred 2nd Amendment.

      Carolyn McCarthy [[who takes this fresh tragedy to further her agenda by using the ballerina picture of the murdered 9 yo girl ]we look forward to 2012- that’s how conservatism deals with the opposition.

    11. Tom, Philadelphia says:

      How many of these incidents have to occur before legislators realize we need far greater gun control. What we have is OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING.

    12. George Colgrove, VA says:

      It is time to pause for this tragedy that has occurred, but it would also not hurt to keep an eye open as the left is now engaged in an assault of our rights. Laws that will ban guns and ammo as well as the creation of more hate speech restriction (this time against public employees) are being drafted. It is tough that we conservatives are told we must pause and mourn (which is the human thing to do) all the while the left go into full throttle making legislation that will takes right away from us. We have had several tragic moments like this already that laws have been made. The criminal in this case broke several laws. No matter how many more laws we make, there wont be any way to stop the perps that will do as the one did on this case.

      Me must pause, if not for the victims in this case, but also so that we do not have emotions (real and manufactured) lead us on the same path that got us some very bad legislation in the past.

      Be vigilant and do not let them "take advantage" of this crisis.

    13. Allen,Tx says:

      Mexico has some of the toughest laws against gun ownership in the Americas and look what is going on down there. This is not a gun issue, but a mental health issue.

    14. Lloyd Scallan (New O says:

      More gun control because of this tragedy is like more control for vehicles and

      alcohol because of drunk drivers. Regardless of the amount of government control, or numbers of laws on the books, their will always be those that will not follow what a civil society dictates. More disturbing is the fact that the

      left is again using this matter to futher it's foolish, misguided desire to ban all firearms from private ownership. But more important, the left is attacking all of those that disagree with their socialist agenda, by employing their attack dogs in the media to blame conservatives for the actions of one of their own sick minded leftest.

    15. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I was listening to Mike Church this morning on XM radio and a caller brought up that how the big news pushed how the Tea PArty and Reps were the cause of this. This caller sai if this had been a Rep. congress woman/man the rhetoric would have been different. I am in favor of the 2nd Admendment, BUT I do believe some kind of physcological test should be given, maybe even a longer waiting period and a limit to the kind of guns that can be bought AND NO MAIL ORDER/EMAIL ORDER of guns or ammo.

    16. WHICH WAY says:


    17. Terry, PA says:

      The Government could end this type of disastor by taking away all our freedoms and some will try to take away a few of them because of this incident! Then a few more by a different incdent

    18. Michael D. Matin, Wo says:

      I have been saying for years, this is what happens when we remove God from every facet of our lives. This young man should have gotten the needed help long before this tragic day ! Now the same people that are the first to comment without the facts, want to blame it all on a grass roots movement that wants to bring sanity back to out God given form of government ? I continue to pray for my country. I can say with confidence that God is on our side.

    19. Jill-Maine says:

      Gun control will never prevent these types of horrible crimes. People who are hell bent on hurting and killing others will find a way to do it. This guy was deranged. All he had to do was drive a car into the crowd or someother horrible thing which we've already seen done. This guy's favorite books were Mein Kamph and the Communist Manifesto. Sounds like he was into oppressive government. He was anti semitic and anti God. Nothing in common with the Tea Party. Wake up idiots.

    20. Tim AZ says:

      It still amazes me that there are still people who have reached a certain numerical level of maturity that still insist on blaming inanimate objects for the evil acts of an individual. This is like the child blaming their bad behavior on the devil. This kind of thought process is what allows individuals to excuse another individual for their own evil acts. There are others in authority committing acts of evil upon the public by using this incident to whip the public into even greater violence by claiming divine knowledge that this individual is connected to a group that disagrees with the democrat socialist party. They are desperate to incite a violent revolt against them. They do not understand why Americans are not behaving like the Greeks and the Brits engaging in acts of violence in the streets on a massive scale. They need this as an excuse to declare martial law on the American citizenry. We must not give them what they want we must defeat them at the ballot box and through the power of the free market. This act was evil. It is an even a greater act of evil to use this incident to breed even more and greater acts of evil. These authority figures are desecrating the victims of this evil act to serve their own purposes. These individuals that hold elected offices should be remembered at election time. Those that seek financial gain through this evil act should not enjoy patronage from the public.

    21. Mr.T. Cadwallader says:

      Our Vision: (The Heritage Foundation)

      Building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish. (The HF needs to read their vision once again)

      As a conservative it's suddenly clear that I have been terribly wrong, by allowing myself to listen and to believe the hate filled rhetoric of the "The Heritage Foundation." Your vision is a farce based on the poison that it sponsors in the mass media. No, The Heritage Foundation nor Rush Limbaugh pulled the trigger this past Saturday in AZ. but without a doubt provided the ammunition necessary to provoke such a heinous act. The Constitution does not protect overt hatred and it must not be tolerated to acquire political gains.

      As a Christian one of the first things we learn is to love thy neighbor and that all negative comments are off limits to both children and adults. I'm so ashamed that Christians have accepted a hatred of their fellow man that's not unlike the hatred of Muslim extremists.

      Please remove the hate filled rhetoric from both your written and verbal outlets.

      Thank you,

    22. JC, Tooele UT says:

      Gun control is not the issue here. Insane person control – rendered nearly impossible by our "friends" on the left – is what is needed. In the past a nutcase such as Jared Laughner would – and should – have been locked up in a mental hospital long ago.

    23. JC, Tooele UT says:

      I think – although I'm not sure – that Mr. Cadwallader is trying for a sarcastic parody of the typical left-wing response to incidents such as this.

      AND – we should work on banning silverware to prevent obesity.

      Doing away with the internet will probably get rid of stupidity, as well. . .

    24. Karl Vanderburgh Ten says:

      This should not be about pointing fingers at either party. Everyone uses cross hairs, bulls eye and scopes to make a point of concentration or to focus their attention too. Where was the outrage when JD Hayworth was actually the target (by himself not of a map or district) of cross hairs by a Democrat? Goggle JD Hayworth and you can see it and the ad this Democract ran on and supported the ad. Very bad marketing all around. I believe we shall never seen cross hairs/scopes or bulls eyes again. This person who did this terrible thing is mentally ill and was not from some group/militia or the Tea Party. The first thing we heard from the media, White House, Politicians and the mililtary when Major Hasad (spelling?) killed his fellow soldiers in Ft. Hood was patience and let's get the truth before we spew hatred toward innocent Muslims. Where is that patience and truth from the media and fellow citizens now??

    25. Donald J. Cole - Cyp says:

      This tragedy was the product of a madman who was known by many to have serious mental and social issues, but not routed into a treatment program of any sort, or even a professional assessment of his mental issues. I believe there are countless numbers of other such individuals throughout our country who, in the past, would be in mental hospitals receiving care and treatment. Of course, these days, thanks to the enlightenment of the Left, we have learned that such individuals have “Rights” . . . such as the “Right” to have untreated mental illness and the “Right” to live under a freeway bridge in a cardboard box.

      What is most repulsive in the wake of this tragedy is the Leftists who are attempting to put blame on the very people who are doing all possible to restore our Nation’s Principles and Honor. And I am sick to death of hearing and reading references to “The Tea Party”. There is No Tea Party (singular)! There are, however, hundreds od Tea Party Patriot organizations (plural) across the Nation as well as other like minded organizations who work diligently to restore our beloved America . . . and, working in harmony Will Succeed. God Bless them and God bless America.

    26. Elaine NC says:

      Again the Progressive left will use any opportunity to blame Conservatives.

      This is a sad situation for all involved in this ill and confused young mans assaults on inoccent people. If you really observe, it is the Progressive leftists who seem to observe and participate in that which they blame on others.

      We as loyal Americans, will stand our posts and watch as the Progressives take themselves down. We are too aware of their machinations and lies.



    27. Randy Walters, Tucso says:

      On behalf of a majority of residents of Pima County, Arizona, I would like to apologize for the very unprofessional presentations made by our Sheriff, Clarence Dupnik, in the aftermath of the massacre at Safeway on Saturday morning. At a time where there were conflicting accounts of what had happened and who was injured, the Sheriff's Department of Pima County was the primary law enforcement agency overseeing this tragedy. It was Sheriff Dupnik's responsibility to provide timely and accurate information to the world as events unfolded to prevent the confusion and inaccuracies that flooded the media. Instead he waited hours until having a press conference, and then spent considerable time politicizing this catastrophie, and conjecturing about the sanity and politics of the alleged shooter. I was utterly ashamed of his actions and believe I am supported by many fellow residents in Pima County that call for his resignation. In contrast, the medical staff at University Medical Center represents the epitome of crisis management in providing concise, accurate and timely information available at the moment, and should be commended. We, as Pima County residents, hope the world will remember us in the spirit of the heroes that stepped forward this fateful day, and not as the type of residents suggested by Sheriff Dupnik. I encourage everyone to keep the victims of this tragedy in their prayers as the human spirit recovers from the horrific events of this day.

    28. SARA TUCKER says:

      God Bless Heritage Foundation..

      Our President needs to MAN UP and call a halt to the media

      freenzie ! But he wont !

      When He and wife had a moment of silence on TV – Why couldnt they have had a moment of Prayer. God is needed in Az.

    29. Helen - PA says:

      I disagree with Mr. T. Cadwallader. How can he blame The Heritage Foundation or Rush Limbaugh for trying to stand up against the people that are trying to destroy our country?

      I also am a Christian – I'll be praying that God will show him the truth.

    30. Katherine Southworth says:

      Blessings to you and thank you for all your honest information. The Church as a body needs to be united in prayer nation wide. We need to be praying "judicial prayers" as David did in the psalms. God is a just judge according to the scriptures of NKJ. God has given us the authority as His kings and priests. More information reguarding these prayers check this website {word@work.org.}

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