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  • Gas Prices Under President Obama in Pictures

    Fact: President Barack Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu wants to “figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” At the time he made the statement, gas cost $7 – $8 a gallon in Europe.
    Fact: Since taking office, President Obama’s entire energy agenda has made a gallon of gas more expensive:

    All of these policies raise gas prices at the pump by either: 1) decreasing the availability of domestic energy supplies, or 2) increasing regulatory costs on gasoline production.

    President George Bush was no saint when it came to free market energy policies either. He mandated the use of ethanol, put off opening up the Outer Continental Shelf till the end of his second term, supported the expansion of renewable energy tax credits, tried to subsidize the nuclear power industry, and caved into environmental pressure by allowing the EPA to begin the global warming regulation process.

    But as two time Super Bowl winning coach Bill Parcells says, “You are what your record says you are.” And the facts are these: during the first two years under President Barack Obama, gas prices have risen 55%. You can compare that to the 5% drop in gas prices during the first two years of President Bush’s term or the 2% drop under the first two years of President Clinton’s term. Neither President Bush nor President Clinton had perfect energy policies. But neither of them appointed an Energy Secretary who wanted Americans to pay $9 for a gallon of gas either.

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    67 Responses to Gas Prices Under President Obama in Pictures

    1. Kevin H, college par says:

      Let's compare DOW over first two years of BUSH and OBAMA.

      First two years of Bush – over 25% loss.

      First two years of Obama – over 60% increase.

      I think i'll take a 60% increase in economic markets if that means gas will go up over 50%.

      So funny how selective you are in all yoru posts – you try your best to shape things in attempt to show success under Republcians, but you simply can't. The numbers and facts don't lie.

      What about job creation numbers?

      First 2 years under Obama has created mroe net jobs than Bush's entire 8 years. How will you try and explain that? I'm sure you'll come up with some creative way.

      The best thing that ever happened to the Dems was losing the house in November. Now the Repubs have to show the American people what they are all about, and we've seen in less than oen week how they are aiming to add trillions to the deficits and have already violated the Constitution multiple times (on the day they were reading the Constitution).

      Love it that all these tea-partiers are now taking their seats in office and are now seeing what the numbers actually mean. Suddenly, all their talk is catching up to them as they realize its' not as easy as it seemed.

      Especially in the states. Repubs are jumping up and down over winning Govs and State offices, but i have no clue why anyone would want that job. The states are in such fiscal misery – and just wait until the federal help ends in 6 months. This will do nothing but show how the Repubs are all talk.

      • Bob O. says:

        Job creation under Obama… Errr, there is no job creation just record unemployment. You are talking about Barak Obama, right?

      • Dean says:

        Dude where do you get your information? Chris Matthews? The funny papers? Get serious, you are what they call a useful idiot.

      • tiffany says:

        Oh yeah, he's trying to make Republicans look good…thats why he included the fact that Clinton – a Democratic president had low increases in the cost of gas. He used the last few presidents as comparison……and of the past 2 presidents one was a democrat and one was a republican, BOTH had lower increases than Obama.
        As for job creation….really? What jobs?

      • This is now 90 weeks later, Im curious Kevin, HOWS THAT WORKIN FOR YA?????? ahhahahhah

    2. Grams Grafton, WV says:

      This is just what Obama wanted. He is going to make the price of gasoline so high in the next 6 months, we will have cars parked on the highways, and in our driveways. We will not be able to aford to drive. Just what he wants for the people of the USA . Our food is next. A Gallon of milk has gone up to $3.99. Look for the food police to tell you how much to can how to eat, when to eat, where to eat. It's time for the people to tell the GOP to stand tall and strong. We are ready for this. Come 2012 let see who stood for the People. An American who loves this country.

    3. Lee says:

      Vote them out!!! If we do not get these maniacs out of office in 2012 we will become just like Europe in our life time. $9.00 a gallon for gas. These people are nuts. We are not like Europe, you can drive acrossed Europe in half a day.

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    6. Michael, Washington, says:

      First off, a lot of things on that list haven't happened yet. Some were regulatory changes that haven't had time to have any meaningful impact on the market. Some have nothing to do with gas prices at all.

      Second and more importantly, the reality is that the U.S. provides a share of world oil supply in the low single digits. While it's true that small supply changes can have a significant impact in a tight market, the worldwide recession has depressed energy demand to the point where it's hard to see how this could be a major problem. The other side of that coin is that all new oil supply is getting more expensive and riskier – the cheap and easy stuff is gone or going quickly. If that's true, the only sane thing to do is start transitioning away, which takes time and resources and is better undertaken sooner rather than later. Seems to me that's what the president is trying to do.

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree that we need to find another means of fuel. I'm tired of being dependent on foreign countries, worrying about going to war over oil. Not to mention the environmental impact of drilling. It would be nice to have something more eco friendly and to be able to tell these other countries where they can put their oil :D I just wish there was a cheaper way to make the change, a gas hike is not what we need right now with the economy slowly coming back.

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    8. jane, TX says:

      Goodness, Kevin. Where DO you create those statistics? You think that tax-paid employees equals job creation? Kool-aid anyone? But then, you are in MD. Come to TX where we get 4 new Reps in Congress due to OUR actual job creation, which has absolutely nothing to do with Obama.

      Oh, yes, and it is no coincidence that Bill Daley, Mr. JPMorgan, will now be Chief of Staff. If you think for one second that the DOW is an example of free-market capitalism, think again. JPMorgan has been manipulating the market (with the help of Bear Stearns, et al), especially the silver market, just to keep Bernanke from letting you know that there is NO money behind all the paper he's been printing madly. It's a totally corrupt system and Obama is playing it like a violin. It won't matter that you can't afford gas. You can't afford a piece of bread.

      You will be in Shockville, MD when the truth hits the fan, comrade.

      It will take the sheer strength of flyover country, Tea Party, whatever you want to call them this week, to pull this nation back. You are naive for thinking otherwise.

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    10. Econ 101 Atlanta says:

      Sorry Kev, but you're "facts" aren't reflective of reality. Bush inherited the recession which started in the Clinton admin which really got going after he started. During the Bush admin, stock market went to record highs. It hasn't yet recovered to the levels achieved during the Bush admin. Pls remember the current recession started when DEMOCRATS took over both houses of Congress in Jan 2007.

      And I'm REALLY sorry to inform you that your jobs numbers are delusional. The BEST "net job growth" during the Obama admin has yet to achieve the AVERAGE job growth during the first 6 years of the Bush admin. We already know what happened to job growth when Democrats took over Congress.

      Finally, please explain your ridiculous statement that Republicans are "aiming to add trillions to the deficits and have already violated the Constitution multiple times". You can't really expect people to take you seriously when you launch a whopper like that without any specifics.

    11. Gordon Richens, Caym says:

      "First two years of Bush – over 25% loss.

      First two years of Obama – over 60% increase."

      According to Standard and Poors, 50% of the earnings of the S&P 500 corporations now from business conducted entirely outside of the U.S. – and 50% of the income taxes paid by the S&P 500 companies also goes to foreign governments.

    12. Eh Steve says:

      "First 2 years under Obama has created mroe net jobs than Bush’s entire 8 years. How will you try and explain that? I’m sure you’ll come up with some creative way."

      Hmmm….How about the fact that the 9/11 attack closed New York and grounded all flights for awhile and that whole dot com bubble Greenspan was warning about at the end of the Clinton administration. Do you remember that far back? The dot com bubble turned into the housing bubble in order to hold off the recession longer (bad policy, good politics)

      For that matter, Obama has plenty of time to shrink his Net Job total, and considering his unemployment rate has surpassed Bush's I really don't think that is an area of his you should be putting in his plus column.

    13. Steve, Nashville says:

      @Grams Grafton

      There was a little event during the first 2 years of the Bush administration. Perhaps you heard of it? 9/11?

    14. Mark, New York City says:

      KevinH: Good lord. Pot, meet kettle. Do you folks even listen to yourselves?

    15. NikFromNYC says:

      History is not a Hockey Stick. I dug up the oldest continuous running actual thermometer records that go back thee times as far as NASA publishes data for. They all show smooth gradual warming that has not changed in trend one iota in the recent past. Period. A lone voice I have been, pointing this out, as both sides of a smear war preach to their own choirs about the details of computer models and tree ring studies. http://oi49.tinypic.com/rc93fa.jpg

    16. Digg, Colorado Sprin says:

      Waahhh, "The best thing that ever happened to the Dems was losing the house in November." Really…I mean it…waaahhhh.

      Waaahhh. "Repubs are jumping up and down over winning Govs and State offices, but i have no clue why anyone would want that job. The states are in such fiscal misery –" because, you see, Democrats had run those states for the last twenty years, but I just can't figure out why the states are in such fiscal misery. And I'm happy to say I like people living in misery, because, you see, it makes everyone equal. And I like equality. Like John Lennon said, "Imagine all the people, living in povertyyyyyyyy".

      "I think i’ll take a 60% increase in economic markets if that means gas will go up over 50%." Just because I don't understand the solid, historic link between economic growth and low energy prices doesn't mean I can't cheer the Dow average recovering to a high that is still 2000 points lower than the high hit during Bush's presidency.

      Geez. What Barry and Kevin don't know about economics could fill a book. About the size of Das Kapital.

      I can't wait to hear what guys like Kevin H. are saying when they are in their high-earnings years and the trillions of dollars of debt that Barry saddled them with is eating up 50%-60% of their paycheck and they have to look at pictures of Barry back on the beach in Hawaii sipping drinks and giving $200,000 a pop speeches on why he was the greatest president ever.

    17. Mike_K, California says:

      Those charts illustrate Obama's plans for energy policy for the next 6 years. By that time, we will be in a worse depression than 1937. If they were approving nuclear power, at least there would be evidence of some realism. Instead, they think the economy will run on wind and solar. That is insanity.

    18. Gordon Richens, Caym says:

      Also, check out the rally in the US dollar since the Dems lost the house.


    19. Kevin, Florida says:

      Well, they wanted "change" and we're getting it (in more ways than one.) Hope the "changers" are happy. I'm not.

    20. Granny's watchi says:

      funny how Keith forgets to do the dip in the market numbers. :D Hey Keith can you do a chart for these? And don't forget to comment that the DNC was holding the purse strings since Jan 07.

    21. JoeBobe says:

      Sure stocks were down during Bushs first two years, what with the recession Clinton left for him, and then the impact of 9-11. In 2003 the market took off and it didn't require a trillion dollars of "stimulus". If you look at Yahoos DOW graph for the last ten years, Obama and the Democrat majority has proved to be a disaster. The market was slowly recovering, but the last 800 point gain on the DOW has come since election day.

      As for jobs, Obama hasn't created any. Claiming he has is absurd. The unemployment rate is hovering at nearly twice what it was five years ago. Claiming jobs were "saved" is the silliest political doubletalk I have ever heard.

    22. Leon Lundquist, Dura says:

      Obama's New World Order calls for Americans to abandon their automobiles, the Obama Plan is perfidy, not hope. My big point is that Obama has created a Dictatorship within the Administration, they are purposely destroying America's Industries. That isn't legal, that isn't Constitutional and the House Of Representatives must defund, deconstruct and Investigate these new Unconstitutional Forms Of Government. The Constitution never gave this kind of Power to the Government, to control the Oil Industry in the first place.

      It is so crazy that the Government makes more money on Oil than the Oil Companies do! And then "Oil Companies are greedy!" they say, but this new Communist Government is beyond greed! They actually want to destroy Industry. That's Treason! That's perfidy, and usurping Representation. Never more clear than in the Energy Sector, the failure to drill in ANWAR is tatamount to Public Policy in the Foreign Interest! Hugo Chavez depends on it, Putin benefits from it, and our Capital is driven overseas (therefor harming America). The EPA should be torn down and something sensible put in its place. None of these Agencies can be said to have the Mandate to harm Americans!

      I think House Republicans should defund whole Agencies of the Federal Government, get rid of all but essential services. Put small Agencies in their place without Czars, without Overregulation. Hey! Make them follow the Constitution (for a change!) It can't be lawful for Americans to be forced to pay for their own destruction.

    23. Tim M, Colorado says:

      Of Kevin, little things like 911 had nothing to do with the stock market. And i would love to see those Net jobs increases. I certainly do not remember unemployment in the high 9% are under Bush. Liberals need to learn that just because they something doesn't make it true.

    24. bill, oregon says:

      I don't know how kevin got his data but my calculation shows in the first two years, Bush down about 20% and obamer up around 28%.

    25. Tess. Drexel Hill, P says:

      Obama does not understand how AMERICA WORKS!

      Onemust remember that his first huge speech-ground,

      (the one with the ionic columns) was Germany.

      He thinks of the United States in terms of Kenya.

      We have a plethera of gas in and around this great

      country but OBAMA does not want us to use it

      because it would put us, again, in the contender spot!

    26. Sta, Michigan says:

      Kevin, LOL!

      First two years of Bush included 9/11.

      First two years of Obama included the devaluation of the dollar. Wonder why stocks AND oil have gone up? Wonder why gold and silver are skyrocketing?

      You can't print more money and expect the dollar to have the same value.

      Study up on quantitative easing and then come on back.

    27. Kenny's Shadow says:

      @Kevin H:

      The DJIA in 2001 was a little over 11k, by 3rd quarter 2007 it was a little over 14k.

      One YEAR after Obama took office – it dived to under 7k. But it's coming back up.

      As far as jobs go – I'm not sure how you fabricated the jobs picture but it certainly does not come close to reality.

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    29. hattip says:

      What an intellectually dishonest approach to compare the stock market in the first two years of Bush with the first two years of Obama. Have you forgotten 911?

      If Gore would have been n the WH we would have had a depression. Kevin, shame on you.

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    31. David H says:

      Kevin H, if you really believe a stimulus and QE inflated stock market is a good thing then you should go back to class and study harder.

      With respect to the Obama job numbers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in January 2009, the economy lost 598,000 jobs, the number of unemployed persons was 11.6 million, the unemployment rate was 7.6 percent, and the civilian labor force participation rate was 65.5 percent. In December 2010, the economy added 556,000 jobs, the number of unemployed persons was 14.5 million, the unemployment rate was 9.4 percent, and the civilian labor force participation rate was 64.3 percent. Do you really want to stand on Obama's job numbers?

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    33. Paul V, Spokane, WA says:

      What about job creation numbers?

      First 2 years under Obama has created mroe net jobs than Bush’s entire 8 years. How will you try and explain that? I’m sure you’ll come up with some creative way.


      LOL. Thanks dude that was a good laugh. Keep chugging that kool aid.

    34. Paul V, Spokane, WA says:

      First two years of Obama – over 60% increase


      LOL Again.

      Jan 20, 2009 Dow was at 8000. Today's it's at 11,600. That is an increase of 45%. Lemme guess you went to a public school and learned than 1+1 can equal 3 as long as you feel good about yourself.

      And hey what happened to "nobody cares about stock market values because only the rich invest in stocks" that I heard all during the 2000s from liberals? All of a sudden stocks matter but gas – which affects poor people a lot more than what the Dow does – doesn't mean so much anymore.

      Typical hypocrite liberal.

    35. Dave, Latham Ny says:

      To Kevin H. Does the date 09/11/2001 ring a bell? The stock market tumbled after that attack, it had nothing to do witht the Bush administration. And the increase for Obama's first two years is a direct result of the housing market crash which also made the stock market crumble. The housing market crash is a direct result of Barney Frank et. al who refused to stop Fannie and Freddie in their tracks and blocked tougher regulations introduced by Senator McCain. So much for selective posts.

    36. BigD California says:

      First my Great Grandfather left Sweeden because of the socialist agenda, he supplied the Oregon Trail.

      Many of our fore Fathers wanted you to have something they did not FREEDOM. From Monarchs Dictators and other such unwanted leadership.Including family run countries were you have to wait on the Smiths first.

      Your Country does not teach Americanism that is why more recently the new Congress read the Constitution inits entirety. We are not bound to being humiliated by having other countries coming in and demanding we give them our Jobs and Benefits that we earn. Just because there life in there country is not able too nor are we bound to let them run over our religon because they think they have a right to do so. Based on our present Government and some of there followers.

      And our economy would be much stronger if they were not sending the money they get home to some other countries. Does us no good.

      And last as long as you give away your money and your jobs and you Benefits you lose respect in there eyes and they keep taking until there is nothing left. Making America the 3rd world country. People have no problem teaching others how to suffer. Long before they stand on there own two feet in there country when then can take yours with out a fight.

    37. Rick Defer, Sacramen says:

      Create jobs by drilling for oil and gas in the USA. Off shore of CA in the Gulf and ANWAR AK. We now have had proof that the evironmentalists and liberal democrates have led Americans down a false path purposefully in order to control our lives. All the other forms of energy collection has been happening for over 30 years and we still need oil for energy independence and JOBS. Stop the BS and get to work on the simplist way to create jobs and lower oil and gas prices is to drill here. ANWAR is not prestine it is desolate and a Hilton will never be constructed in that area. The animals have increased in numbers and we were lied to by Al Gore and others in his camp of man made global warming. I'm a retired Fire Engineer and am not stupid as those listed above wish to make me.STOP!!! I used to be a Democrat but no longer.

    38. Grace, Midwest says:

      For the record, some of the "job creation" that Obama & his administration touted were actually "jobs created or maintained." Some of these jobs were simply a re-directing of funding made to look like job creation, and went towards currently employees in no danger of losing their positions.

      As for the gas issue, jacking prices substantially isn't going to fix the issues they are concerned about. America was founded & built on free enterprise, creativity, and ingenuity. People will be far more likely to come up with solutions that will be better for the nation and world if they have money to work with and aren't shelling it all out to the government.

    39. Bobbie says:

      Dear Kevin H, You wrote: the numbers and facts don’t lie.

      Numbers and facts don't figure on their own. People do and information produced can be honest or dishonest and it can be any one person that can cook the whole thing or many people to cover.

      Kevin H,, Name one net job created by Obama that is promoting economic growth? Name one. just one.

      The dereliction of the democrat party has created more work than necessary! They''ve destroyed enough. losing their seats lets democrats save or lose face.

      How are Republicans aiming to add trillions to the deficit, Kevin H,? Explain. Republicans already violated the Constitution multiple times? On the day they were reading the Constitution?! In what way? Name one?

      The states are in such fiscal misery due to previous democrat control, the Republicans have unfair burdens of government corruption to clean.

      The Republicans won because they are trustworthy, they don't look the other way when somethings wrong, they fix it. And address it. They show dignity and respect to this country, her concepts and to all Americans. They're conduct is mature! I've never heard a Republican attack another person's being without it being an honest defense. But it's always the truth when it comes from Republicans. Republicans don't exploit people or children. Republicans distinguish the Constitution to be the people's freedom from unlimited government but a necessary limited government in order for people to live free.

      We understand the damage created by the previous government house and senate, will not be without contentions and will take much to clean.

    40. BigD Folsom Californ says:

      A friend of mine told me along time ago just after gas went up and up. That Ronald Regan made a sweet heart deal with Margret Thatcher. To buy ARCO Gas the day after she took over gas went up around .50 cents a gallon and has not stopped since.

      If this is true and there are ceratinly record that our present Government has more contective tissue with England than it own people. Perhaps they should be looking at lobbyeist's that might be using there new wealth for re-election campiagns. So who would want to stop that certainly not your elected officals.

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    47. Lynn, Austin says:

      It is the role of the Federal Government to protect this country "from enemies foreign and domestic (won't go into how many in this admin are "domestic enemies") Other than that role, the Feds should get out of our lives and allow the people of the states to determine what works best for their individual states. The Feds need to be reminded of that and have their "power" rescinded. They work for the people and they seem to have forgotten that. They need to be reduced to what they are…..civil servants, not dictators.

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    51. Todd Rittenhouse says:

      The last months of president Bush being in office the price of gas was $ 4.00 a gallon.

    52. Kibber, San Francisc says:

      Econ 101 Atlanta just look no further than the "Patriot Act" to see how the Repubes has abused the consttution…

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    57. xfactor says:

      "Let's compare DOW over first two years of BUSH and OBAMA. First two years of Bush – over 25% loss. First two years of Obama – over 60% increase" – Kevin H

      20 JAN 2001 DOW closed 10,587.59. 20 JAN 2003 DOW closed 8,586.74 which is less than 25%

      20 JAN 2009 DOW closed 7,949.09. 20 JAN 2011 DOW closed 11,822.80 which is less than 60%

      What you fail to mention is that the DOW closed at 6,547.05 on 9 MAR 2009

      "I think i'll take a 60% increase in economic markets if that means gas will go up over 50%."

      It wasn't 60% and Gas prices have doubled under obama

      "What about job creation numbers? First 2 years under Obama has created mroe net jobs than Bush's entire 8 years. How will you try and explain that? I'm sure you'll come up with some creative way."

      obama lost 4.123 Million jobs in his 1st 2 years and Bush lost 2.302 Million from http://www.bls.gov/

      After Bush's 2nd Tax Cut was passed at its height created over 8 Million jobs. All verifiable at the above link

      What Legislation added Trillions? How did they violate the Constitution?

    58. Joe S says:

      Go to http://gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx and click on the 6 year trend. Gas prices were higher under Bush before the crash. Prices are high due to an improving economy (albeit slowly) and all the civil unrest in the Middle East, but that's the price for getting rid of dictators. I'll pay the price if it saves our soldiers lives.

    59. Dose of Reality says:

      "First two years of Bush – over 25% loss.

      First two years of Obama – over 60% increase."
      First two years of Bush – 9/11 attacks cripple the country's economy.
      First two years of Obama – Bailouts and vacations.

    60. Oh, God, let's get this guy out of office!!

    61. SO!!! America want Obama even if gas goes up to $10.00 a gallon!!!

      Liberalism is worth dying for, they say!!!

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